Annie (Robby's cousin)
Hello to ALL!
Well, here I am. I finally made it. I am over here across the pond on business and am staying with Robby. His daughters and my twin sons won't be in until tonight (friday, 28th). I am 52 years of age. I have 5 children. 3 of them are attending universities in Britain and two are at schools in the U.S. My mum lives in the Northeastern United States. I try to get over here as often as I can. Since Robby has told you a story on me, I will tell one one him! Oh, no, he is giving me that "OH PLEASE" look. I will write on despite that, hehehe!
By the time I was 17 and Robby 16 we had seen each other quite often on the toilet and thought nothing of it. He was still staying with my family in England. One evening my parents were out and Robby and I were just sitting around reading. Suddenly he let out a tremendous fart that shook the foundations. As was losing myself with laughter, he suddenly shouted "I've got to go, NOW"! I had been needing to poo for awhile as well. We bounded to the back loo. He crashed his bum on the seat and let out, it seemed, a ton of poo. It really stunk up the place. I was between cracking up with laughter and feeling sorry for him. I told him I would rub his shoulders. He farted and let out another round. I asked him what he had eaten. He said had eaten just what I did. With that my ???? started gurgling and I told him to get off the seat, fast. I pulled down my jeans and knickers. I sat there and pushed out a whopper of a log. I shook and produced another one. At this time Robby jumped! in the tub and squatted. He wasn't finished. I was pooing, he was pooing. It was a mess. Then we heard footsteps and we realized my parents were home. Well, they didn't know about our toilet exploits. My Dad pushed open the door and there we were. He just stood there with his mouth open. Then he said," Pardon me, carry on". Robby and I just looked at each other and burst into howls of laughter. We cleaned ourselves and the loo. The smell lingered for hours. My mum tried everything to get it out. When we were alone I told my dear cousin I loved him and he kissed me and said I was special. I hope you liked the story. Robby is so dear to me.

Kendal: Robby has told me about you. You sound like a sweet, level-headed young lady. I also know about the heartache you have been through. I must tell you that Robby's wife and my husband died within 8 months of each other. It was a brutal time in our lives. Robby and I clung to each other. Both my mum and Robby's father understood our closeness. We have been this close for 43 years. Keep Andrew near you no matter where your lives go. I am looking forward to reading more of your stories. By-the-way, I have a surprise for Robby (whisper,whisper) I will share this with you, soon! Take care, my dear. Love, Annie

Andrew: What a cousin you are to Kendal. You are like Robby. A caring, loving young man. I have read some of posts that you wrote about your exploits and closeness with Kendal. As I have told her; Robby and I have been close through thick and thin for over 40 years. I am looking forward to more of your stories. Take care, Love, Annie

Rizzo: I read your last post to Robby. I know you a caring, loving man to your family. Two sons with Master degrees! I raise a toast to you. I hope I can be a support to Kendal, Andrew, or you here. Loo stories? I've got tons of them. I won't take all the fire from Robby, though! Take care, Love, Annie.

PV: It is wonderful that Kendal has an aunt in this forum. You must be a wonderful person. I've enjoyed reading your stories. I am looking forward to sharing some of mine. I am staying with Robby until about the 15th of October. Take care, Love, Annie.

To all of the other members. I enjoy this forum. I didn't think I would EVER read or post on a forum like this. TAKE CARE! Annie

G'day everyone.
I am a male from Melbourne, Australia. I would like to share a few experiences with you all. When i was younger i was having a shower and i had a stomach cramp so I positioned my arse in the drainhole and let out a log that turned out to be about 1 inch wide and a foot long. About 2 years ago i returned home from the coles supermarket, when i entered the house i had the urge to poop so i ran to the bathroom and on the room before the bathroom i pulled my pants down and did a piece of poo on the carpet so i left that behind, sat on the stall and did the rest of my business. Afterwoods i cleaned up the carpet by picking up the poo with toilet paper and use chemicals to clean the brown stains. Whenever i have a bm i find it takes heaps of wiping until my bumhole is clean and end up finishing the role of toilet paper, can anyone tell me why or anyone have this experience? i am always afraid to take a bog at school because i don't want any other students to find out i am having! a crap. i hate it when i do a log and i wipe my arse and it is clean because it is a waste. i love those stories from the girls keep it up. see you later.

To Susan: I have been taking Psyllium Husks on and off for years. In answer to your questions, they won't make you lose weight, but will keep you very regular and you will produce large, soft and smelly turds, the kind that require a lot of wiping. I notice little granules on the paper after I wipe. It usually takes about three days for the husks to start doing their thing, and start slowly because until your system gets used to taking them, you'll feel gassy and bloated. But after a while, you can build up to higher levels. It is an extremely good source of soluble fiber, will increase the "transit time" of undigested food products, and will "sweep" your colon out continuosly. I try to take about 25 grams a day (about four teaspoons), which is the equivalent of four or five apples. You can also buy pills, which are a bit more palatable, but kind of pricey.

If you regularly sit on the bare porcelain to shit, leaving the seat up, you will soon get to prefer it. For the last 4 years, I always shit with the seat up sitting on the pocelain. It is cleaner (as long as you check that no guy has pissed over it) and as you say, the angle that you sit at is different. I now find it much more comfortable to do my number 2 in that way, even if the toilet has a stainless steel bowl.

I always shit once or twice in a morning, but about once every two weeks or so, I get an additional message in the afternoon. It happened yesterday at work. After feeling uncomfortable for an houir or so, I went to the mens' room, locked myself in a stall and pulled my pants down and sat on the bare pot. Immediately three significant turds, quite soft as mine always are came out and a gigantic piss began. This was followed by four of the biggest and loudest farts I have ever let while sitting on the pot. Normally farts in the pot are quiet and muffled, but these were ear-splitiing. Pity there was no-one outside to hear them! Then two more small tuds before I was done. After wiping with TP, I nowadays usually finish off with a baby-wipe, which I did.

Saw a real interesting episode of Yes Dear Monday nite. It was about
toilet training little boys. The funniest part was when the Mom and little boy were trying to get a good look at the Dad peeing into the toilet. Then the Mom's sister walked in and got a good luck herself.
Peeing is becoming more and more visible on network tv.

s. He said he did and that he was still going. So there I am trying my best to hold in my poop and pee. As soon as I got in my house I lost it. So I rushed off to the bathroom and Matt went off to the other bathroom. I dumped out the poop and threw away my briefs. Matt borrowed a pair of my briefs and also put on a clean pair too. Thank god my parents weren’t home or else we would have gotten trouble for our accid! ents.

My other story is from today I went to my grandmas with my family, on the way in the car I felt a small urge to wee and poop so I started to fidget a little. When we got to my nanas I was fidgeting a little more because I did need a pee and poop my mom told me go to toilet when I got out the car in front of my nana and sister and dad, I can't stand being told to go to the toilet and my mom knows that, so I said that I didn't need to go so she told me to stop fidgeting. The problem was that I did need to go. It was a hot day and we all went out into the back garden, there is nothing much to do at my grandmas so I started sun bathing on the back lawn with my sister. We were wearing jeans, I didn't realize how hot it was going to be and my sister probably didn't either so my mom said we ought to take our jeans off and tan our legs. My nanas back garden is secluded so I did take my jeans off but my sister didn't want to, I got my jeans off just in time as when I did a little b! it of wee and poo in my blue briefs leaving a wet spot on the front and a little bulge in the back so I rolled on my back, luckily it was so hot that my pants didn't take that long to dry out but it did leave a slight stain on the front of my briefs. By lunch I put my jeans back on because they were dry. After lunch I remembered I needed to poop so I used my grandmas toilet this time and I had skid marks on my briefs from the earlier poop. I must go now, keep up the posts as I enjoy reading them.

Having an early morning cuddle, I could hear my boyfriend’s ???? rumbling. I put my hand on his ???? below his navel and I could feel it bubbling, it was giving really low rumblings, like his motion was moving down. I asked him if he needed to go to the toilet, fearing that he was holding it in because he was scared of it hurting again.

He said no, but he felt full of wind. I told him to let it out then, and he said he couldn’t, and he didn’t like to, it’s not nice for me. I told him not to be silly, I didn’t want him all bunged up again. I told him to relax and just let it go. I massaged his ???? for him, rubbing his soft skin between his navel and his pubic area, and he sighed and spread his legs apart. He raised himself up a little and let out a good long satisfying trump. “Ohh, that feels better”, he said, and I said I bet it did, try to do some more. He said was I sure I didn’t mind, and I told him that of course not, just get rid of it.

I kept on rubbing him, I put some lotion on his ???? to make it easier, and every couple of minutes he broke wind, it didn’t really smell too much, there were long noisy ones and lots of soft relaxed gassy ones. After about 20 minutes he said he felt like he needed to poo. I asked him if he wanted me to come, and he said he’d be ok. He trotted off to the bathroom and was in there for ages, so I went to check on him and he was just finishing, passing his last motion as I entered the bathroom, I heard it flump into the water. I asked him how he’d done, and he said it was hard at first and then it had got easier, he didn’t need to push too hard.

I asked if he wanted me to clean him and he said if I didn’t mind. I filled the basin with warm water and had him lean forward, and I gently washed his anus with a sponge. He’d done loads of poo, the first ones I could see were really thick and dark brown, and the last piece was much thinner, quite sticky looking and pale brown. There was quite a bit of staining around his anus but I washed it all off for him. Then I patted him dry and took him back to bed. I told him to lie on his side and draw his knees up. His piles are much better now but I applied a little bit of ointment just to ease things for him. Then we snuggled down and had another hour asleep before we had to get up for work.

I never had a lot of accidents growing up so I guess I'm more fortunate than a lot of posters who had to endure awful punishments from parents for pooping accidents. I do remember once when I was in 5th grade and I was at school. It was during class,I didnt ask to go to the bathroom,because I was very shy. Well,in my school they had break,where the teacher took the students to the bathroom. Anyway, I had to poop right from the start of class, but no matter how bad I had to go, I was determined to hold it in. Well, in the class,I couldnt hold it anymore,and I had pretty bad accident in my pannts. My teacherdidn't seem to know from the smell in the room (although I sometimes wonder how the teacher didn't notice), but when I got out of the my seat the teacher notice the big brown stain in the back of my jeans. Well, my pteacher really flipped out at me. I couldn't believe how mad she was especially since it wasn't like I did this all the time. The last time I remember it happ! ening before this was the summer before 1th grade. But I guess it was stupid of me not to go during the game and it was quite shameful at that age to totally poop your panties and jeans. I did lie and say that I didn't have to go when my teacher asked me at the break. Anyway, Teacher made me go up to the bathroom and wait for the nurse,so she could change me. I pull down my stained jeans and totally soiled underwear in front of her. She made me sit down on the toilet and I had to sit there for over an hour. In that school we had to bring extra pairs of underwear,pants,shirt,because if we had accidents,and for changing after P.E. She kept yelling at me how disgusting this was and that I should be ashamed of myself. Believe me, I was!!! The worst, though, was when she made me take off my panties and then she made me cleaned them. She held the panties there while she took her other hand behind my hand and pushed my hand made me clean it. She'd hold it there for a little while (sc! reaming "clean it" "clean it" - "clean what you did in your underwear").First, she gave me a washclothe and made me clean the mess off of myself. It was really bad, too - all over my behind and even down on my thighs. Then she made me dump the load out of the panties and scrub them clean in the sink. Finally, she made me rub out the stain in my jeans as well and put them into the wash. Her incentive for me to get the stains out of the jeans was the promise that she was going to show it to the whole clas. Suffice to say, that I got them clean even though I had to scrub them for almost an hour. Finally as punishment (if that wasn't enough already), I was not only made clean my underwear and pants,that day I had forgot to bring an extra pair of underwear,and the nurse put me into a pair of diapers. I never went in my panties again (and I've even use school pottys since then), but I always felt sorry for myself for what I went through that day all for one stupid accident.

Louise and and I would like to say that following my announcement of our engagement, we very much appreciate the congratulations we have received. Thanks to those fellow posters. Cheers!
I must say that the prospect of being able to speak of Louise as my wife is a very pleasant and comforting one. Our engagement is insignificant in global terms, but I think it is important to remind ourselves from time to time that such beautiful events are what life should really be all about. A pity not everyone in some parts of the world agree.

To Kendal and Andrew,
I greatly enjoyed the story about Emily's standing up wee. It was an absolute cracker. You know, for me it does just sum up how girls are mentally 'programmed' when you say how Emily's sister Kate was shocked. For Kate to say Emily was being 'rude' really does get to the heart of it. I'm sure the future 'Mrs' Louise would be interested to hear how Emily got the idea to stand. Perhaps it is not something you can freely ask, but it would be interesting to know if she was taught, if she saw someone else wee in that style, or if she simply realised for herself that it was possible.

To Carmalita,
Hola, senorita. Thanks again for the pee stories you've written lately. I think you would be absolutely delightful to witness in action. I'm sure Renee (she also sounds an absolute stunner) must have had a great view while holding the bucket as you took a great dump as well. I rather like your black stripe!

To Julie,
Hello, sweetheart. I am very happy to read that you have some new male company. And there I was, thinking I would always have you to myself <wink>. No, I'm very happy for you. I read Louise's reply to you post, and I think she was a little out of ideas, but I have one if you have an interest in luring your man into the bathroom with you. Early stages in the relationship, huh? Okay. Perhaps you will be going out with him for a drink some evening? And perhaps you will need to have a wee on the way home. Also, there could be a convenient alleyway somewhere that you could use to squat in? Would he like to guard you??? Use your own judgement over how he will respond to you weeing outside, sweetheart, because I wouldn't want you to ruin your relationship if by some chance he could think less of you for being quite so open with him.
Now then, you wanted me to tell you one of those stories I promised. When a lovely young lady asks, how can I refuse? I'm sure some of our fellow posters will also enjoy it, so here goes...
Around two weeks ago, Louise and I were out for a drink one night, and out in town we were walking when we saw a group of women standing around talking on the street corner opposite. Judging by their slightly tipsy manner and the pair of red horns clipped on top of each of their heads, they appeared to be on a hen night or similar. I couldn't see who the bride was among the group (I assume they hadn't lost her!), and their ages ranged from early twenties to around the late thirties. They seemed to be discussing which drinking establishment to visit next, and were in some state of indecision. All were in very short and skimpy evening dresses, and I noticed two of the women shifting their feet around slightly, and with one of them there was another absolute certain giveaway as to her bodily needs. To touch and slightly lift the hem of her dress at the sides was to telegraph to someone like me that she had a very strong urge to urinate. I could see that in her head, she was ! wishing that she was hitching up her dress ready to squat. Well, Louise and I slowed down a little to see what happened next, if anything. It did not take long for one of the women, then the other, to make a quick dash around the corner. Louise and I resumed our walk, and we saw the two young women side by side, dresses hitched up around their waists and knickers around their knees, both pressure washing the pavement with surging streams squirting from between their legs. Copious amounts of urine ran down the pavement, off the kerb and into the road. There were a few comments from their companions, but I have to wonder how many of them went without doing the same thing later
that evening?
Amazingly, Louise didn't urinate outside once on that evening. For once, she was a good girl <snicker>

To Rizzo, Kim and Scott, Ephermal and of course the lovely PV,
Once again, cheers! Apologies if I have missed anyone out of that list!

Bye for now,


MARGE - Please do what Steve says and write to PV. If you are really
nervy about weeing if anybody is near you then it is spoiling your
life and stopping you do things. PV was like you but she is better
now and she can wee in all sorts of places.


I'm sitting here with that familiar feeling of pressure building. I'd love to take a very long dump, I mean have it take real long to get it out with a lot of grunting and grinding. I'd like even better to watch some gourgeous guy do the same thing first, preferably he would be reading the newspaper while making his BM. And he would know I was there, but act oblivious to my presence. Maybe he would take close to a half hour to complete his pooping and then I could go for a long time too. Anybody else like taking poops that take a long time, with grunting and grinding?

kim and scott
hello all!
TO JEFF A-hello there. havent talked to you in a while. hope everything is ok with you.your a very sweet man who always says something nice. be well.
TO MUGGS-hello there sweetie. loved your last post. you are something with all those ladies that you have. be well.
TO LOUISE AND STEVE-hello there.I know louise will make a beautiful bride to handsome groom steve!scott and I wish you the best. we love ya! be well.
TO JOHN-hello there.thanks for saying the nice things about ladies that you did. your a sweet guy!
TO LAURA-Hello there. love your stories girl! I hope you like mine too!I am a cheerleader in college and I have blond hair and blue eyes boyfriend scott and his friends say I am a hottie too! I love to shit nude laura .so my boyfriend loves it when I strip nude and sit on the bowl and squeeze out a huge log for him! it really arouses him and often leads to other fun things if you know what I mean!!haha..ever since I was a little girl I have always had enormous bowel movements. I love it! and love to leave them in the toilet unflushed for other people can admire it!I have done this from gradeschool on! and people cannot believe that a pretty little blond can squeeze out such monsterous logs but I do!haha. by the way my boyfriends brother is a marine.maybe we have some other things in common with each other then that and our blond hair. be well laura its beern nice talking to you. love,kim

Lawn Dogs Kid
Kendal's being a lazy bottom today and has only just dragged herself out of bed ! She's missed my morning ablutions, and is now complaining like mad that I've left a bad smell which she is going to have to put up with while she has her wee and her shower !! Heheheh !

RIZZO: I shall never tire of your advice my friend. Glad you enjoyed the tropical storm. So you don't think branchy bottom is a very nice name then ?! Well we only call each other showery shorts and branchy bottom when we are playing around and want to antagonise the other into some reaction. Like a bash on the head with a cushion, or nicer still, a very big hug ! Just changing the subject to Kate, I think she probably has got a thing for me, but she's not going to be 13 until April. She is a really lovely girl, but I think I really would be accused of cradle snatching ! Kendal is convinced that Kate is going to take me to the toilet on our own one of these days. If she is right, then Kate and I are going to have to have a long talk, to make sure she would not be doing it just because she thinks it will impress me into becoming her boyfriend. If she still wants to take me to the toilet with her after that, well, I will then have died and gone to heaven !! Love from An! drew.

ROBBY: Thanks for your care and attention to Kendal and me recently. I shall enjoy reading about your daughters, but particularly about Annie, because it is the relationship you have with Annie that so closely reflects that which Kendal and I have together. Kendal has been badgering me to tell you about when I saw her poo for the first time ! It was actually a Sunday morning I remember, and we were all going to be having Sunday lunch at Kendal's house. However, as normal, I couldn't be bothered to wait for my Mum and Dad to get ready to go with them, and skipped off the short walk down the road so I could spend as much time with my little Cousin as possible ! Now our toilet activities are secret and were only done when we were sure that we would not be discovered, and Kendal's Mum, after I arrived, went out into the garden to cut some vegetables, a 10 minute job. Kendal immediately grabbed me by the hand, and we rushed to the toilet together. I had a wee first, and then! Kendal took her turn. I remember she had on the most lovely blue dress which reached just below her knees. Kendal loves her dresses ! Anyway, she pulled down her panties and sat on the toilet, and then gathered her dress together so she could hold it all high over her ????. Kendal has this phobia that if she doesn't do this, then her dress might droop into the toilet water behind her ! This particular day, I remember her wee beginning, gently rolling down the inside of the toilet bowl because she sat so far forward on the toilet seat that her little bottom was only just perched on the edge. She did this so her feet would touch the floor so she could keep her balance, thus freeing her hands to hold up her dress ! This gentle wee went on for about 10 seconds and then I saw her ???? kind of pushing and her wee went ever so fierce. I thought she was just doing her wee as quickly as possible to make sure we didn't get caught by her Mum, but after 5 seconds of fierce weeing I ! saw her ???? relax, and her wee became a steady flow again. It was then that Kendal sniffed up her nose, several times in quick succession, a bit like a dog sniffs when it is investigating some object, and then she said to me "can you smell my poo yet ?". Now I was completely taken by surprise, and mumbled rather like you said you mumbled to Annie on that first occasion ! The mumbling eventually materialised into a "no" ! Kendal continued "well it's all coming out", and so it was. She made 3 most beautiful and delicate sounding plops with no more visible signs coming from her ????. She was trying to make the moment last as long as possible. Each plop was about 15 seconds apart, and all the time she stared at me, watching for my reaction I suppose. I did have a reaction, an embarrassing one which I was ashamed about at the time, but which Kendal knew nothing about, I'm sure caused by the intense anticipation of plops ! How loud would they be ? How many would she have ? ! You know the score ! As Kendal pulled the toilet roll, we heard her Mum coming back into the house. There was enough time for me to kiss her and whisper "thank you", and as I looked into Kendal's very serious eyes, she whispered back "It'll be your turn next time" ! I was 13, Kendal was 8, and it was to be over a year before I got the chance to return the favour. Maybe Kendal will tell you about that one Robby, if you ask her nicely !! Take care, love from Andrew.

LINDA GS: I've got a bus to catch, but I couldn't possibly write here and not include smoochies and a few strokes of the hair brush for my dearest on-line cousin !! Take care babe. By the way, Kendal says she wants to get some pampies the same colour as Kate was wearing. They were the most wonderful blue colour. I don't know if you're into motorbikes, but the Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird is available in that colour ! Kendal says that she can't see why Cousin would object to that colour and that you should go and get some !! Hmmmmm ! Love from Andrew XOSXOS.
PS: You must have had some good gushers and also some real tushie stretchers since we last heard from you. So come on ! Tell Kendal and me all about them !!

Debbie. I was really annoyed as a mother of 2 teenagers by the attitude and action of the mother of the young kid you mentioned who had a poo accident in her knickers.

Firstly, it was the kid's mother herself who caused the child to do a jobbie in her knickers as you describe it, by ignoring her when she tried to tell her that she needed to go to the toilet and continuing her conversation with another woman. I know that when my kids were still a bit young to go to the toilet by themselves I would instantly have terminated any such chat and insured that my child was attended to. Most big supermarkets have toilets for customers where she could have either sent the child or safer still accompanied her. To actually cause such an accident then slap the child for something she couldn't help was cruelty in my book! My son and daughter did have the occasional soiling and wetting accident in their knickers even as teenagers, and I have had these myself even as an adult, who doesnt? I never reacted harshly but comforted them, and helped them clean up. As they say "shit happens" and even the high and mighty such as the Queen (of England) and Marga! ret Thatcher, (when addressing a meeting in Santiago, Chile when she had food poisoning) are reputed to have had a big poo accident in their panties, and President Bush (Senior) had a similar accident with vomiting once at state banquet while sitting next to the then Prime Minister of Japan. It has also happened on air to some celebs, Suzy Quatro being taken short in her famous leather trousers during a concert. I remember watching the TV news early one morning a few years back when I had got up to make Keith's breakfast when he was doing an early session with his Taxi. The female newscaster for our local regional news looked a bit flustered and the bulletin was abruptly cut with a return to the anchorman in the studio. He glossed it over by saying she was suddenly taken ill and read the remainder of the regional news items from a printed script. When 30 minutes later the same slot came up a substitute newsreader handled it and assured viewers that the normal presenter had a ! "???? upset" but there was no cause for concern. Sure enough a couple of days later she was back on screen and thanked the many viewers who had phoned in about her. Keith and I were of the opinion that she had been taken short and filled her panties on air.

Adrian, yes, like many women I have a tendency to being slightly constipated. My stools are normally firm and a bit lumpy, but not usually too difficult to pass once the first few inches are out of my back passage. A typical "Carol Jobbie", like the one I did this morning at 8.00am, would be 2.5 inches fat to begin with, blunt at that end, knobbly for about 4 or 5 inches then getting a bit smoother, tapering to a rounded end or a gentle point, like a naval shell as some posters would describe it, 10 to 12 inches in length being quite common for me to achieve. Colour depending on what I have eaten but usually a mid brown not too light or dark. Definite faecal smell but not nasty, at least Keith doesnt find my poos have an unpleasent smell. If I do it at home then as we have a nice old fashioned large toilet pan the sound effects would be a nice "KUR-SPOOL-OOMP!" or the likes but if I do it in many modern small pans it wont make any sound apart from a quiet "Floomp!" if tha! t and may be a "beacher". As I have said in previous posts my turds often stick in the toilet pan, even the big pan with a powerful flush at home will take two or three flushes to get it to go away, and most of these gentle flushing modern pans havent a hope! BTW I have left this morning's jobbie in the pan for Keith to see when he comes in for lunch. He likes to know what I have passed and has even phoned me on his mobile to ask if I have done one when I have been constipated. Once I turned the tables and phoned him while I was sitting on the pan actually doing it and he could hear all the sound effects. Luckily he was alone at the time ranked up with an empty cab, so I could give him a blow by blow or "plop by plop" commentary as I did it. Anyone else ever done this?

In Old Posts I read that many people, especially women, compare the sensations of doing a big solid jobbie with those of giving birth. There are similarities and of course it often happens that a woman in labour will defecate, what is called "code brown" by some nurses etc. In the bad old days when pregnant women were shaved down below they were given an enema to prevent this but modern Obstetric practice no longer subjects the woman to this indignity. I didnt have shaving or an enema for either birth and did code brown a short fat lump when I was bearing down when giving birth to my son. I apologised but the nurse said, "Dont worry this happens a lot" and cleared it away and cleaned my anal regions. Childbirth is a messy business anyway. It is interesting that some of its terminology is now being applied to defecation, eg "crowning" which occurs when the baby's head is dilating the vagina now being used to describe a fat jobbie stretching the anus, and of course someone t! alking about "birthing" a big turd. Has anyone else come across such terms being borrowed for defecation?

Hi everyone

It's been a while since I've posted, But I read every day.

There has been lots of discussion about techniques females use to pee, like making a V with your fingers and spreading theie labia to aim.

But, what about us guys? I'd be interested in a survey of how gous hold their penis to pee. I usually hold it between my first and second fingers, kind of like how you might hold a cigarette. that way I can aim easily, and at the same time keep my clothing out of the way.

How about it guys?

Plunging Plop Guy

Hi, Everyone,

This is my last one for a few days as I'm going away so won't have access to a computer for nearly two weeks.

The continuing saga of my bowels-
Not bad at all earlier this week, then constipation again, inevitable straining-(What else is there to do???) then this morning it was quite sore as I pushed them out, then on checking what I'd done, I saw there was a lot of blood in the pan.
You can guess on my morale now, with going away tomorrow as well.
At least, it should have reduced the pressure and I hope I don't need to go again today so as to give things a chance to heal.
The weather is pouring with rain and I'm getting ready to go away, and I don't exactly feel very happy about things, but I'm doing all the correct things. What would I be like if I did all the wrong things?
Excuse my mood, but perhaps very soon, I'll be OK again as I often am when on holiday.

SUSAN, You really showed a lot of compassion and practical support for your bf in his ordeal, and I'm delighted to hear he's doing much better now with a healthier diet, (Wish I was!)
I'm very squeamish about seeing piles, especially when inflamed,with prolapse, and all the unpleasant symptoms you saw. I've never looked but I've probably been almost as bad as he was, and I don't know if I'd have been able to do what you did. What a caring person you are!
You also asked about psyllium husks. I was advised to take this and am doing so now. The idea of the compound is to cleanse the colon as well as bulking up the stools, and perhaps the mistake I'm making is not drinking sufficient water, although I drink as much as I think is right.
The dosage is 2 heaped teaspoonsful in half a pint of water, immediately followed by another half pint of water. No mention is made of water to be drunk during the day, but from the general consensus of opinion; approx. 3 litres or 5 pints of pure WATER is suggested.
This amount should not include water drunk with a meal, and tea or coffee are not counted as they tend to dehydrate.
Anyway, I hope he goes on all right, and doesn't suffer like that again!

PATTI, You sound well pleased with that attachment that allows you to squat on a toilet, and you had some good results!
With my recent difficulties in passing soft stools that wouldn't move without a lot of pushing, I found I was adopting the usual way of pushing out difficult stools and leaning really well forward so that my upper body was nearly parallel with my thighs.
In doing this, I must have been in the same position I'd have been if squatting, and so wouldn't this posture have exactly the same effect?
If not, then gravity must be a factor, the bowel therefore needing to be in a downwards position.
Any thoughts on this?

KENDAL, Well, I go from bad to worse to good to bad, and let me say I was in excellent health only two days ago, so I'm that close to being and feeling great!
Perhaps if I lived in your household or one like it where there is so much harmony in the bathroom and people have good BMs consistently, I'd be having a good session every time!

Nothing to report from any public toilets lately, my reason for using them over the last few weeks being just to relieve myself and hearing any good sessions by others on my off days would have made me very envious and frustrated! I've not even listened to those tapes of my biker friend on the toilet, and he is BRILLIANT on the toilet!
I'm getting some dietary advice soon, and am trying to drink the optimum amount of water with my psyllium husks, eating normally, but without too much in the way of fruit, and am going away, to forget my worries for a while, so with nature and my will to improve, I have to think positively and so anounce that I am well NOW!

All best wishes to all you kind, fascinating and uninhibited people with whom we all share so many aspects of out toilet interests, and toilet problems too.
I hope everyone has great times on their toilets, alone, with friends, with strangers, being heard, seen, hearing and seeing others, and pleasant times out in the open, and enjoyable pissing, and look forward to joining in the fun again when I'm back and able to say how well I am!

The news here in Britain the last few days hasn't been very pleasant with threats of serious harm by those with a lot of hatred for society. This has a very unsettling and worrying effect on many people, especially those who believe every reported threat is inevitable.
All I want to say is,if possible, let's assume all such very angry and misguided people are perhaps expressing extreme fear for the world, and I'd like to be able to love evil out of existence.
Holy books teach tolerance and Peace. Only mankind has misinterpreted that message, especially many of those who have read them. Peace to all. P P G

Friday, September 28, 2001

Susan and Buzzy: Psyllium is good. You will see the results in the size of your stool movements. I am taking it for the next 6 months. I am cleaning out years of junk food and harsh chemical laxatives in my system. Last few weeks, I have evacuated some heavy long pieces, too many to count. I have 3 evacuations daily. They are easy and predictable. Crampless. It is harmless. It scrubs your intestinal tract, good. Eat quality foods, no junk food, just lots of meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, fruit and clean water. You will see and feel the results.

Debbie: I feel sorry for that liitle girl who had an "accident" in her school clothes. Her mom should have asked the supermarket manager to let her daughter use the toilet. I was never caught that short as a little girl. I know girls in grammar school who urinated on themselves. Then they busted out bawling. A few girls in need of a bowel movement especially, would run out of the classroom. In 2nd grade, a girl could not wait anymore and she took off out of the classroom. Gone for minutes. The teacher sent me after her. I climbed an adjacent toilet stall and stood on the toilet and looked down on my classmate. This girl had her dress and slip up, panties at her knees. Her behind was half on the seat. I saw a 13 inch brown stool, 2 inches thick. The girl said she could not wait anymore.

Jamie: Welcome back. It is good to hear you're evacuating good. Psyllium has been doing that for me. I was at work last week. I had to go about 10AM, Friday. I went to the ladies room, hung my pants on the stall door, pulled down my white Hanes Her Way cotton briefs to my ankles. When I sat, I pressed out a 9 inch long 2 inch thick brown stool. After a few minutes, later I thought I was going to fart when a 4 inch piece broke from my anus in two. I reached for the paper and I wiped clean in one motion.

Outhouse Scott: Depending on the person and place, I have no problem peeing or crapping in front of anyone. Well, depending on man or woman, time or place.

I close the door at a total stranger's house. But, if I am at an intimate friend's home, I will leave the door open so to speak.

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