Hey everyone. I was sick today and had to stay home from school. I had a 100 degree fever and some light stomach problems...mostly diarrhea, and lots of it. It didnt hurt much at all but i just stayed near the bathroom. At about 4 o' clock this afternoon Amy came by just when my mom had left the house. She said hi to her and came inside....she brought a friend, unbeknownst to me till they came in the house. I had just opened the bathroom door after a bout and amy just walked on in...our bathroom is rather large. I had just taken some aspirin and was washing my face in front of the mirror. Amy and her friend Kelly walked in and luckily most of the smell was gone but a bit lingered. Uneasy as i felt, i didnt care what amy or kelly thought. Amy asked "you just went didnt you?" I nodded yes and Amy laughed. Kelly giggled a bit also, i noticed. amy whispered something to kelly and kelly walked out of the bathroom. Amy bluntly began undoing her pants without saying a word. Just smil! ing. She sat down and peed a bit then began pushing a wave of really soft poop which splashed against the water then began splattering on itself from what i heard. She then paused for a second then grunted a bit then pushed and a real loud wet fart came with another load of soft poop which didnt even sound like it was touching water. Then she seemed to be done and stood up....her pile was damn large. it looked like a huge pile of wet crap that was rising well over the waterline. somehow....she must have been really aroused for some reason b/c she smiled at me in a sexy way and turned her butt to me and bent over...she handed me a wad of toiled paper and i proceeded to wipe her ever so gently....this was my 1ST time ever wiping a girl for any who are wondering.....i enjoyed it thoroughly. After about 7 or so wipes i tossed the paper and she wiped her vagina right in front of me....i almost fainted...this was incredible...I wasnt even feeling good to begin with. She opened the d! oor and we saw kelly, outside, on her cell phone talking to someone. Amy told me shed call me later and i said bye to her and kelly. They drove off and i took a nappy(thats the cute way to say nap) haha.

ME- There you have it. 1st time and you heard about it. I liked it...i didnt really think about it i see why people do it.

Silke- Hey babe. Hows things in your area? Still coming up on those filthy bathrooms? Id be curious to see what a bathroom is like in that condition.

Yo UPSTATE DAVE- i liked your story about janet and jill. Your posts are really cool. I like them a lot.

Kendal- Ive always wanted to tell you how much ive enjoyed reading your posts. You have a touch for description. I hope youll have a story for me one of these days.

Carmalita- Hey girly. I hope the movements have been coming out ok. Tell patsy and renee i send another wad of love and feel free to break off some for yourself...haha. I think i might tell Amy about this site. Shed like it i think. Shell like all the nice people here.

Kathy/RJogger- Thank you for the sweet comments. Its good to hear from some who remember me. I dont know how i get into these situations. Im glad as hell that i do. haha. its something i always have to look forward to in my life. Amy is surprisingly outgoing and loving. I wish some of you could meet her. She would love all of you.

Fat Woman
Thank you for your story about the woman at work. The way you described her, it could have been myself! I think heavy women like me (I am 48 and weigh 280 lbs)tend to have more of an ordeal on the toilet too. I wouldn't say that I personally get constipated. Sometimes the stools can actually be quite soft, but still regardless of their consistency, I have to grunt and strain for quite a while. I used to be shy about this but since reading this forum I have become quite liberal about my toilet habits. In public restrooms, I do not restrain myself when I need to "grunt it out". Also at home, although I am single, when I have family or friends over, I often leave the door ajar, or encourage them to accompany me while I have my bowel movement. I like to have company as I am always on the toilet for a minimum of 20 minutes and it's nice to have someone to talk to when I stop to rest in between my exertions. Anyway, as to why heavy women have a harder time, I've posted some theo! ries about this before. Probably has to do with the fact the we tire more easily, like we do doing anything else, and we don't have the stamina in our butt muscles to get things moving quickly. My mother who tips the scales at 300 lbs, is the same, and I remember many occasions spying on her thru the keyhole when I was growing up. I remember an occasion when I was around 17, so she was about 40 and just as heavy then. She had ensconced her majestic butt on the toilet for what I call her "weekend dumps." My dad had gone fishing and my sisters were out shopping. I think she liked to wait till everybody was gone because she likes her privacy. Unlike me she is embarrassed about her bowel habits, the grunting, her huge ass engulfing the seat. So she always picked discreet times to go, like late at night, where often I would be awakened by the starining sounds and muttering under her breath. that weekend, I guess she thought the coast was clear beacuse I was getting over the flu and! had been napping in my room. but the sound of her newspaper flapping her hand and her thundering footsteps awakened me and I knew immediately what was happening. I crept out of bed and down the hall to the bathroomn door, which was firmly locked. I bent down and peered thru the keyhole to see my mother just in the process of seating herself. She grimaced as she placed both hands on her knees and sat down carefully with an "UMPH." her underwear was stretched taut around her ankles, and she held the paper across her lap. All was quiet as she read patiently, waiting for things to get moving. She farted gently a couple times, but that was it for abotu 3 min. Then she gasped softly, and threw the paper on the floor, where it fluttered loudly. Quickly she got into her "grunting position", huge thighs spread wide apart, hands firmly gripping her enormous buttcheeks. "MMMM!! UUGGH!"
I watched as the pockets of cellulite on her thighs and butt jiggled with her effort. "UHHH! MMMM! AHHHH!' She continued her straining for a good ten minutes before anything was produced. This was typical of my mother to be constipated, unlike myself. Unfortunately I need to cut this post short as I have been interrupted. More later, Gruntly!

To steve: I enjoyed your story about being at your friends house and pooping in your pants. Couldn't you have showered and changed your underwear before your Mom came to pick you up and take you shopping..that way you would have advoided the embarresment.

To every one.....After next week i won't be around to read the posts im gonna be out of town. I leave next wednesday, i'll be gone a good 2 weeks. I'll be sure to post when i return :) !


To male nurse:
Do men get stiffies when you put in the catheter?

Hola, mi amigos!

JW, AND JANE: Thanks for your greetings and wishes.
ADRIAN: Two days is not normal for me, so when I don't go everyday, the red flags go up. I usually poop twice a day, one very large one, and later, just a small dump. But thanks for thinking of me though!
ROBBY: I'm glad you thought the bathroom peeping was funny. It was done to me at first, but I knew about it. That's where I got the idea. I'm telling that story today. You're a sweetheart.
PV: Thanks hon, you're always the sugar in the bowl you know that? Wow, I didn't know there was a name for that particular fetish. You're very intelligent I can tell by the way you write. Man, a two by four up the ol' wazoo huh? I don't ever wanna get on your bad side! It's okay about that incident, I learned a lot. However, it did instill certain fears in me. Maybe that's a good thing though.
SUSANNE: Oh, thanks for all your encouragement. You have a very honest way of speaking that's dependable and fun. You and I would be great friends in the world, not just in this forum. But, in here, I value you tremendously! Hey, is your problem with itching after you go poop? I used to have that problem myself. Are you eating lots of softer food of low value, like fast food? Also, beer can do that too. Beer consumption is notorious for producing "the shits". They ought to invent a "poop devil" one of those little hand vacuums for butts so people can save on toilet paper! I sure hope it gets better for you. Anyway, I hope you had a real nice, hot little pee there sweet thing.
MUGGS: Is that really you?!! Oh, how good it is to hear from you! You really delighted many people here on this forum. So where have you been anyway? I still talk to Tesa quite a bit. She's fun, and very sweet, and keeps me up to date on everything. She has a new girlfriend now and is doing wonderful. Wow! Selma, Amy and Michelle?! A regular poop fest for you hon! How exciting too, a nice outdoor poop under the romantic ambience of the tool shed light.
LOUISE: Thanks for asking hon. We're gettng married on October 14th. It's so close, I can't believe it. June, how romantic. Kisses to you both.
AUSTIN: A kiss for you too. I love your honesty. You are a very heartful man who isn't afraid to speak his mind. I admire that so much more than I can say.
KATHY: Hola mi amiga! It's always a treat to hear from you. Patsy likes you. Maybe she'll write something to you both soon. I think you're a real sweetie, and I love the both of you so much.
RIZZO: Hiya pal! Yes, I couldn't agree more. Renee is the most wonderful woman I've ever known. She's a great friend. I also think that you are a wonderful man. You more than likely attract gays because I believe gay people are sensitive, intuitive people who are attracted to good hearted and generous individuals whom they can feel natural with. I'm sure that you're handsome enough to make nice wrappings on the gift as well!
GRUNTLY BOGWELL: Hon, I hope you enjoy this little spy story!

Okay, here's that spy story! I figured out how easy it was because it was first done to me! When we were kids, me, my sisters, my brother Cruz, and some of his friends would sometimes play spy games. I used to look at my brother's friends peeing out behind the garage. I remember it giving me a curious thrill. When I was thirteen, I found out that one of my brother's friends had figured out a way to hide in the bathroom. Once I knew this, I had to give him a show.
Our story takes place on a very hot New Mexico day in the summer of1991. This was a day where dogs did nothing but sleep, and the sun did nothing but shine and young girls like Carmalita did slow, steamy poops for boys hiding in bathrooms. I knew Juan had figured out the linen closet. It was tall, with two opening doors, and six shelves for towels and sheets. He could hide on the third shelf, sliding in on his belly. Pushing the towels to one side, he'd be able to lay in the dark, spying on his prey. He knew how to get a good angle, and stay quiet, but what he didn't know, was that I was on to him.
Standing in the hallway, I loudly explained to my visiting friend from down the road that I had to go to the bathroom. I said it would take me a few minutes, clearly suggesting that I had to take a poo-poo. I knew he'd be in there with the doors ajar. Just a crack, but enough to see the whole toilet. I was wearing white shorts, and a light blue tank top. My hair then, was long, silky black and tied into a pony tail with a slash of yellow ribbon. Underneath my shorts, I was wearing white cotton panties with tiny pink roses on them. I was just a girl and still growing, but managed to fill out fairly well. Entering the bathroom, I locked the door behind me, then stepped over to the toilet. Very slowly, I unbuttoned my shorts, pulled the zipper, and lowered them just below my knees. Standing there in my young, form fitting panties, I was trying to decide whether or not to actually go through with it, or just let him see my butt. A moment of decision passed quickly as I slid! my undies down to the wadded up shorts below my knees. Juan got a good look at my ass as I bent down to sit on the toilet. My vagina was fully sprouted, visible, and quite enticing. I peed, hard and good, sighing sweet relief with every pulse of water. After a healthy pee, I leaned forward, rested my elbows on my knees, then cupped my chin in my hand. I knew he was going crazy in that closet. I could hear his labored breathing. "You don't get off that easy," I thought to myself, "You need to smell some of my poop." A hiss of air came out of my butt. Crackling, like old wax paper began. I grunted softly "unhh...nhh.....uhhh...." Next, I folded my arms across my ???? and leaned forward more. The crackling started in again, louder than normal, and preceded a nice turd that came out slowly, plopping into the water with a nice splash. I listened to my thoughts telling me what to do....Give him a few minutes...Let him smell my turd while I cook up another one. The second log ca! me out easy with no effort, but I put on a good show just the same. I pushed furiously, grunted hard and with false effort "Nrrrnnnhhhhhh!" ssppprrrkkkllll-K-plop! "aaaahhhh," I sighed. "Ssssppprrriittttttttttt..." some soft poop started dripping out. By now, I was finished. Perhaps Juan was too. The smell was terrible, very strong. He could watch as I wiped. My young butt took a nice bathing with toilet paper. I inspected the tissue for brown. Lots of it, yuuuck. Another yard of toilet paper was pulled off the spool, then yet another as I scrubbed at my ass. More brown poop. Hmmm, not clean yet. More paper, less poop on it. Another peice, light brown stains. I pulled off one last piece while the odor of fresh poop tainted the room. I wiped very thoroughly. Then, it was time for my vagina. I dabbed carefully at it, holding my shirt up so he could see it all. I stood up and took my time pulling my panties up. Then came my shorts, and a slow buttoning, fluffing, and general! girl-getting-herself-fixed up in the mirror ritual. I hadn't yet flushed the toilet, and looked down to see three extremely healthy logs and some loose crap in the bowl. As I flushed, everything swirled, and a log left brown skids on the bowl. It was the beginning of a great career. It wasn't long before we were both on to each other, and knew we were spying on one another. I spyed on him several times. The second time I spyed on him, he pooped, then decided to show me something more than just pooping. An activity that I can't discuss here. After those days, I've always had a thing about guys and girls pooping.
Hey all, Renee, Patsy and Jake send their best. Tesa called me last night and she's doing well. We've been working on the baby's room getting it all perfect. It's still a sort of study room right now, but not for long!
Bye everybody!


Billy & Kevin L.
The thing about the overflowing toilet reminded us of when we were in camp. We went to a camp for kids with asthma. Some of the kids were 4 and 5 years old. Whatever they had for dinner one night made a lot of kids poop the next morning. I think there were 2 toilets in the boys bathroom and 3 urinals. At camp all the boys peed outside. Anyway, when we got to the bathroom, there were about 5 little kids in line to poop. THey were mostly 4 or 5. They would poop and wipe but not flush. When it was our turn, we flushed when we were done. When i flushed, the turds would go down, but when kev flushed, there was a flood. Turds and everything came over the rim. We ahd corn for dinner, so there was corn in the turds too. It was funny. One of the counselors came in. He really neeeded to poop. There was 3 or 4 kids ahead of him. One more kid pooped, but he couldn't wait. So he ran outside and pooped in the woods.

PEEPRINCESS - Hi! Join our Women's Standing Pee Club! Just write
another letter and tell us about how you do it.

SILKE - Hi! Well we like the east coast of Spain, it is really nice
there. The things we did there were fun and it is good if other people
like reading the stories. Maybe you liked the one I told about my mum
and I standing for a piss by the sea. There was a man there who was
pissing as well, but we pissed further than him.
Oh yeah I see why you went in the building to go to the toilet, because
if you didn't then maybe many people could have seen you.

CARMALITA - Hi again! On the spanish beaches we saw a lot of people who
looked like tourists like we were, but there were some Spanish looking
ones as well. You know once we saw a Spanish looking couple, I bet they
were about 25, and they stopped walking a bit in front of us. The guy
held his dick and pissed all over a tree he stood next to, and his
girlfriend went the other side of the tree and bent over. She did this
little dribbly pee. I did see Steve liked what he saw because she had
her back to us. I bet the boyfriend was not interested in his girl's
peeing because he did not really look.

KENDAL - Hi! Yeah I did like your story, and you are so right for saying
Emily was not being 'rude' for weeing standing up. I bet it was a
really good fierce wee as well. Oh yeah ure, Emily can join our WSPC!
Mrs Louise? LOL Oh no I know my surname will change, but I do like you
to call me Louise. It was really nice of you to write and congratulate
us on our engagement. Thank you! Love Louise xx

RIZZO - Hi guy and thanks for your congrats. Hey, it is like Steve
said to me, getting married will not stop us having some good pee
escapades you know. We do have some more stories and things to write about
when we get a little bit more time. You know because we have got
engaged and everything, we keep getting people coming to see us and stuff,
so we have less time than normal. I bet Steve will write tomorrow

JULIE - Steve says he is very happy you have a new boyfriend and that
he will write tomorrow. He wonders if he still has his job as your
tiolet guard. LOL


Does anyone know if the HBO series "Real Sex" has ever talked about pooping? I remember one episiode where peeing was discussed a little, but I don't remember if pooping was ever discussed. It seems like a natural topic for the show, doesn't it?

Hi, again, all!
I had an astounding experience the other day. I work in the entertainment industry. My assistant has been with me for 8 years. We have a good professional relationship but often help each other with person situations in our lives. She, along with Annie, really supported the girls and I when my wife died. Well, we were working on a script and she had to go to the loo. The toilet is just off my office. Suddenly I heard the loudest fart I have ever heard! It sounded like BBBRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW! It lasted for, it seemed, ages. I went to the door and asked her if she was ok. She shouted no and would you PLEASE bring me some toilet paper. As I got it out of the cabinet I heard several other farts and loud grunting, moaning, and cursing. I had never seen her in the loo before. I opened the door and she was sitting there red as a beet and straining. She said she not gone for several days and was constipated. I offered to rub her ???? and she replied YESSSSSS! After seve! ral rubs the first log came out and it was a whopper. She moaned and said her anus hurt. Now, she is married to a wonderful guy and I didn't want to get too personal but I figured I already had crossed the line. I started telling jokes and she laughed and that started and "ball" rolling. She pushed out 8 large pieces and she finally sighed and let out another hugh fart. I just broke up laughing. I couldn't help it. This poor girl sitting there in misery. It struck me funny and then she got the giggles and we sat there and laughed for 5 minutes. I left her to wipe and she came back into the office and said "I hope you enjoyed the show". She then thanked me. I just told her to let me know if she ever needed any help in the future. She then said, and this is the topper; "I have an idea for a great story line". What a day!!! Cheers from Robby

JANE: You certainly did have a massive jobbie. Loved the story!! Take care, Robby

SILKE: When we were on holiday with my family my wife used to need to pee or poop always when there wasn't a bathroom available or there was a long line at the loo. It was amazing. Take care, Robby

KENDAL: Thank you for your kind words. I do care for you and Andrew. I really enjoyed the story of your first experience with Andrew. I am looking forward to Andrew's story. I am glad that you have friends like Emily and Kate. Also, I know that you are excited about having a brother. He must be a treasure. I thought that the weeing story in the woods was great. I know that eventually Kate will come around. It will take some time. I also enjoyed the story about Emily saving her poo for you and Andrew. Do you think that Kate secretly enjoys watching but is too embarrassed to say so? Tomorrow I will be off to Dallas to fetch Annie from the Airport. She will be in for about a week. She said she has a surprise for me. I can't wait. The girls will be in this weekend. It should be a wonderful time. She said she would write to you and Andrew on friday or Saturday. Take care, my dear. Love from Robby.

ANDREW: Looking forward to your story of your first poo with Kendal. Hope you are fine. Take care, my friend. Love from Robby

RIZZO: Thank you so much for the words of kindness. I am honoured to be able to help take care of Kendal. You obviously are a very caring and kind man. I know you are proud of your boys. My daughters are my treasures. My younger daughter told me she wanted to go to law school or major in political management. Her sister will graduate in the spring of 2002 with a Juris Doctorate. Gee,I hope they can support me in my "old age", LOL!! They will be at home this weekend when Annie is in town. I agree with you that it is better that we know and support each other on this forum than in the "normal world". I will get Annie on this forum on friday, hopefully. The girls are still rather embarrassed that I posted a story about them. I told them that no one knows who they are so they accepted that explanation for the time being. Take care, my friend and I definately will be here for some time to come. Love from Robby.

LOUISE: CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement to Steve!!!
Cheers, Robby

Outhouse Scott: I liked your questions. I enjoy taking a good shit and for me the enjoyment is greater if there is someone else around at the time. I have a list of restrooms with doorless stalls and I usually hold on to my crap until I get to one of them. I can then enjoy the turds slowly emerging and see the reactions of other dudes when they are waiting to use the stalls on a busy day. When I use a public restroom with stalls that have doors on them, I usually close the door. This is not out of modesty, but other dudes are likely to think it strange for a guy to leave the door open. Usually, however, I leave the door ajar and unlocked. It can be real funny to see how embarrassed some dudes are if they walk in on another dude on the crapper. I'm more careful about crapping than pissing in other people's homes. I guess most folks don't enjoy seeing others shitting and I don't like to offend people who I am friendly with.

Tony: Thanks for the advice. The problem I usually have with listening through the walls in public toilets is that I get excited and I end up looking like I've been for a 2km run! (ie Sweaty and red faced) As you can imagine this is quite embarrassing and it doesn't take people long to realise what I've been doing. This apart, I've had good and bad experiences doing this, a couple of times I've heard plops from women. On the downside I once had a security guard come into the stall after I'd finish. He looked around and I presume he thought I was doing drugs or something because I spent too much time in there. Foolishly.

On my recent holiday I encountered a toilet block that you described (similar to the school one). It was in some small town petrol stop. Inside there were probably about 7 cubicles. Imagine the height of an average cubicle wall, the dividing brick wall between the mens and womens was only about 2 feet higher. There was a massive gap between the wall and roof so I'm sure you could have heard a lot! Unfortunatly I couldn't stay and listen as my Dad was waiting.

I have to admit I've stopped going into public loos for the sole purpose of listening through the walls. Occasionally I still do it but I feel bad when I do, I just think 'Why the hell am I doing this!?". So I'm really glad that this site exists and that people don't find it weird to have this interest, I basically feed my interest with this site, my imagination and other internet sites.

Recently I got stuck on the in a traffic jam desperate for a pee. I had been out for lunch with friends and had been drinking cokes as I was driving. I was absolutely desperate, and in the end I started to let out a little of the pee in my pants. I was wearing a dark suit so it didn't seem to show too much. However, once a started I just couldn't stop, I peed all over the car seat. When I eventually got to some toilets to get rid of my underpants, I got out of my car and my trousers were steaming, I quickly put my jacket on but there were a couple of guys in a car beside me, I heard one say quite loudly 'you won't hide it that easily mate,' I looked at him and said 'thanks, I've just been caught short' (I don't know why I said it as I think he was having a laugh at my expense but there was no point denying it). I went into the toilet and tried to dry my trousers on the hand dryer, but it made little impression, and I was already late for a meeting. Eventually I just went back ! to the office as I was. My boss was really annoyed that I missed the meeting, though I made excuses. However, the worst thing was that a young guy who is temping in the office noticed my wet trousers and asked if I was OK, I admitted I had wet myself though I pleaded with him not to tell anyone, he said he wouldn't. I had another meeting next day and had to wear my suit again though I don't think it noticed once it was dry, I took it straight to the dry cleaners when I had a less formal day!!

To Steve 16
Steve mate - if you wear see through shorts you are going to be in bother - I suggest dark shorts or trousers - and good well fitting briefs. I do not know how you manage to do small pees and small lumps in your unerpants - I normally end up with a complete load. I have only ever seen to strangers poo their pants - one of them was in very lightweight sports trousers and his shirt and underpants were clearly visible as was the ever growing load he dropped in them. I wa so facinated I followed him down the street watching it moving around between his thighs. He had no idea that people could see and I felt so embarrased for him
I like your stories - keep them coming

kim and scott
hello all!
TO LOUISE AND STEVE-hello. scott and I love all your stories. keep them up.and I know louise that you will make a beautiful bride to well.
TO JEFF A-hello there. havent talked to you in sometime.I hope everything is ok with are such a kind man!!
JOHN-hello boyfriend scott and I have a very open relationship with each other. scott loves to see me strip nude and sit on the toilet as I squeeze out a huge log for him.scott even camcords the events sometimes. when we do this sort of thing this often leads to more fun things!!if you know what I mean!be well.
TO LAURA-hello boyfriend and I love your stories. and I hope you like the way I am a cheerleader in college. I am also an attractive ,blue eyed blond with long hair whos boyfriend loves to see me squeeze out my huge logs!it really gives my man a thrill see an enormous log coming out of my pink quivering butt-cheeks! ever since I was little I would often leave spectacular bowel movements in the public toilet bowl at school so other kids could admire it. what great fun! !most people could not believe such a petite blond like me could squeeze out the monster logs that I do but I do!!.nice talking to you laura, keep up your great posts.and be well all!

Buzzy: I have also been on a high fiber diet for quite some time and have managed to have at least one serving of fruit or vegetables for every meal. Unfortunately, I haven't controlled very well the mechanisms that trigger my internal cleansing cycles that produce the massive pooping sessions I have had, though I suspect that adding red meats, which I have drastically cut back, is one possible cause, as well as excessive dairy products like milk. I also read RJogger and Kathy's fiber regimen and might try it. So far, the last few days have been "normal" for me, with only a few pieces of poop at a time.

Yesterday the daughter of a co-worker came to see her mother. She had on her cheerleading uniform and was at practice before coming over. A little while later I went to the ladies room to pee. As I got there, there was a strong poop smell. I noticed the tennis shoes under the stall and figured it was the cheerleader daughter. I took the stall next to hers and peed. I could hear a few plopping noises. I was done and flushed the toilet. I washed my hands and was drying them when I heard a fart and four successive plops from her stall. The poop smell was getting stronger as I left the ladies room.

I do a lot of driving in my job. My most recent accident was yesterday on the drive back from Glasgow. When I left I had a nice nagging poo feeling that was giving me good warm, quiet farts that smelled. I also had a need to pee but thought that that could hold off until a break later. Every few miles I did a long soft and rather smelly fart and gradually my need to go got beyond a nagging feeling but became a bit serious. However I was enjoying myself by now so I avoided a service area to wait for the next one. This was a mistake because traffic was slowed by an accident and then came to a stop. I had to take some action so I undid my belt on my trousers, unzipped my fly and placed a copy of The Guardian under my bottom. I started to pee and managed to hold it again after about 10 seconds which was enough to make me very wet though by opening my trousers at least the front of them was not wet. I was able to resume farting. I did not want to poo myself because I stil! l had a long journey home and I thought it would be quite soft. I had to complete wetting myself - I held the front of my underpants and the pee squirted through my fingers like a little fountain and soaked through The Guardian. I farted again, a long and warm one that I suddenly realised was more than that when I felt moisture spreading up the small of my back and something pushing forward around my balls. I looked down and saw a chocolate mousse poo seeping through the elastic on the legs of my briefs and spreading down my thighs. It spread in every direction that it could. I did up my trousers again and once the traffic began moving spent the next 3 hours covered in poo. When I got home and looked at myself in the bathroom mirroe I laughed. My pants, once white were totally brown and there was poo right to the knees of my trousers and halfway up my back where it had pushed at my briefs waist elastic. I did enjoy those lovely warm farts at the start of the journey th ough. It was one time when I think boxers might have been more comfortable.

At school my best mate always wore boxers and one day he and I had a farting competition round at the garden at his house. He did a really superb long one that I was well jealous of and then held the back of his trousers and went a bit red. He said he had messed himself and as we walked back to his house a lovely hard turd dropped out of his trouser leg. He shook his legs some more and then the rest fell out. It was all quite stiff and he got away with it that time but I am always a bit worried when wearing boxers and prefer the security of a nice standard pair of Calvins or Y fronts that have good fitting legs and space to hold a reasonable quantity without it all forming a big and obvious bulge for all the world to see.

I've just come back from my holidays in Spain. In the hotel there was this realy good looking German guy there with his wife and kids. I kept watching him aroung the pool. He was blond and tanned and had a perfact body. Any way one day I headed off to the mens room for a piss and when I got there there was a queue, the blond german was standing in front of me wearing only a tight pair of speados. He was obviously in some discomfort as he kept moving around and at one point put his hand over his butt as if to stop something coming out. The queue was not moving at all when all of a sudden he let out a small moan and then I heard a crackling rasping noise and a intense smell of shit. I looked down and saw a bulge in the back of his trunks getting bigger and bigger. I was incredable. It just kept getting bigger until it started to sqeeze out the side of his trunks. The shit was running down his legs by the time he finished and then just as I thought the show was over he suddenly l! et go of his bladder (probably thought he had nothing else to lose) and pissed all down his legs. When he was finished he turned around ans smiled at me in an embarressed way then slowly walked out of the toilet.
I can tell you I thought about it a lot for the rest of the week and just couldn't keep my eyes off him. I still think about it now.

Hi everyone! I won't take too long. My dear cousin Annie is looking over my shoulder. Hellos to Kendal, Andrew, Rizzo, PV, Jane, Louise, Carmarita and all the other on this forum! Now I will turn it over to Annie! Cheers and love, Robby

Annie (Robby's cousin)
Hello to ALL!
Well, here I am. I finally made it. I am over here across the pond on business and am staying with Robby. His daughters and my twin sons won't be in until tonight (friday, 28th). I am 52 years of age. I have 5 children. 3 of them are attending universities in Britain and two are at schools in the U.S. My mum lives in the Northeastern United States. I try to get over here as often as I can. Since Robby has told you a story on me, I will tell one one him! Oh, no, he is giving me that "OH PLEASE" look. I will write on despite that, hehehe!
By the time I was 17 and Robby 16 we had seen each other quite often on the toilet and thought nothing of it. He was still staying with my family in England. One evening my parents were out and Robby and I were just sitting around reading. Suddenly he let out a tremendous fart that shook the foundations. As was losing myself with laughter, he suddenly shouted "I've got to go, NOW"! I had been needing to poo for awhile as well. We bounded to the back loo. He crashed his bum on the seat and let out, it seemed, a ton of poo. It really stunk up the place. I was between cracking up with laughter and feeling sorry for him. I told him I would rub his shoulders. He farted and let out another round. I asked him what he had eaten. He said had eaten just what I did. With that my ???? started gurgling and I told him to get off the seat, fast. I pulled down my jeans and knickers. I sat there and pushed out a whopper of a log. I shook and produced another one. At this time Robby jumped! in the tub and squatted. He wasn't finished. I was pooing, he was pooing. It was a mess. Then we heard footsteps and we realized my parents were home. Well, they didn't know about our toilet exploits. My Dad pushed open the door and there we were. He just stood there with his mouth open. Then he said," Pardon me, carry on". Robby and I just looked at each other and burst into howls of laughter. We cleaned ourselves and the loo. The smell lingered for hours. My mum tried everything to get it out. When we were alone I told my dear cousin I loved him and he kissed me and said I was special. I hope you liked the story. Robby is so dear to me.

Kendal: Robby has told me about you. You sound like a sweet, level-headed young lady. I also know about the heartache you have been through. I must tell you that Robby's wife and my husband died within 8 months of each other. It was a brutal time in our lives. Robby and I clung to each other. Both my mum and Robby's father understood our closeness. We have been this close for 43 years. Keep Andrew near you no matter where your lives go. I am looking forward to reading more of your stories. By-the-way, I have a surprise for Robby (whisper,whisper) I will share this with you, soon! Take care, my dear. Love, Annie

Andrew: What a cousin you are to Kendal. You are like Robby. A caring, loving young man. I have read some of posts that you wrote about your exploits and closeness with Kendal. As I have told her; Robby and I have been close through thick and thin for over 40 years. I am looking forward to more of your stories. Take care, Love, Annie

Rizzo: I read your last post to Robby. I know you a caring, loving man to your family. Two sons with Master degrees! I raise a toast to you. I hope I can be a support to Kendal, Andrew, or you here. Loo stories? I've got tons of them. I won't take all the fire from Robby, though! Take care, Love, Annie.

PV: It is wonderful that Kendal has an aunt in this forum. You must be a wonderful person. I've enjoyed reading your stories. I am looking forward to sharing some of mine. I am staying with Robby until about the 15th of October. Take care, Love, Annie.

To all of the other members. I enjoy this forum. I didn't think I would EVER read or post on a forum like this. TAKE CARE! Annie

Hello to you all!

KENDAL, dear niece, you have no idea how heart warming it is to have received a story from you dedicated to me! I feel all warm inside! Almost like just having dropped a big load while squatting amongst fragrant pine trees. Thank you sooo much! And then your story of Emily’s pee in the woods was really fun to read! You are right, she is certainly another member of the club! And Kate, she later tried so hard to be part of the “gang”, which meant gathering up all her courage and try and have a wee in front of you including Andrew. Good of Andrew, you and Emily to calm the ensuing waves of emotion. She could have become pee shy like Aunty PV! But she obviously did not. Yes, she is certainly very (imagine: upper case letters, bold, italics and underlined) fond of Andrew. How can she resist, he being such a fine and caring lad and prankster at the same time? Then I enjoyed your story of the first time you lured Andrew into the toilet. Why is it that girls take the first step, ! you ask? I suppose that boys often feel unsure on how to articulate their wishes, above all they are afraid of being rejected, naturally shy, insecure or maybe even out of respect. So, dear Kendal, take the initiative when it comes to anything to do with boys! You give the orders - in a discreet and tactically shrewd way if need be! --- You are sad that Linda GS does not post often enough. I do not believe one moment that Linda does that out of carelessness. She may not have that many chances to use the computer. It takes time too. So you have to be patient with her, even if it is hard and you miss her very much. So much for now, here’s your hug (Stubbly? Hmmmm? No not yet) and love from your Uncle Rizzo.

SUSAN, who needs a doctor with you in the house! I found it wery sweet of you how you took care of your boyfriend’s constipation and piles, poor chap. He is certainly a lucky guy to have you around! Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

To KATHY, Rjogger’s wife, glad you enjoy my boat yarns and pee stories, not all made it past the moderators though. I was probably to explicit in parts, overstepped the borderline so to speak. It doesn’t matter, because I am glad the moderators prevent this site from degenerating to crude porn. I still have some stories left! I always found yours and Rick’s stories great to read! And the way he describes you (with the Mohawk glare, was it?) makes you sound like you are the kind of person men like Rick or myself need for guidance! Love from Rizzo!

SUZANNE, no the moderators did not like the way I wrote the name of the web site. Find out about . Cheers!

Hello SILKE, never mind even if it takes you a month to answer! Your story of your second visit to the “facilities” by the roadside was great fun to read! The cleaners will need high pressure washers to get the place back to being usable! Back to the Alps. The region I usually go hiking in is the NE of Switzerland. It’s no big deal, because we can stay at friends’ and relatives’ homes. This Summer my wife peed at 2840 m above sea level and exactly on the border to Austria. As it was a level spot the pee in the puddle could not decide to which country it should flow, so it soaked into the ground. The view from the puddle (in statu nascendi) to the horizon was fantastic in all respects! Well I hope to read more of your amusing stories! Cheers!

UPSTATE DAVE, Hi! Your stories are also ones I enjoy. The scene on the train with the girl just pulling her shorts aside to release a gusher standing next to you just goes to show what happens after too much drink. I wish I had been there, sober of course! But the other chap’s behaviour ... pathetic! One should never drink that much alcohol. Well, I have to correct myself here. One should get drunk once in life, just to find out how awful it is to be sick as well as experiencing a hangover.

TONY, I liked your story of your early experiences in listening. My experiences were similar (and continue!). I remember during my times in boarding school my parents came for a rare visit. We had supper at a nearby pub. The toilets at the end of a lengthy corridor had two doors, one for ladies and one for gents, but inside it was one single large and high room with a partition wall in the middle. The partition left a gap of two feet to the ceiling so that all noises from each side could plainly be heard everywhere. The cubicles too had partitions which left a gap at the bottom and at the top. I went in the gents for a poo. As I was the only person in there, it was very quiet. Only a tap dripping on the ladies’ side went plip..plip..plip.. I had finished my business, was just about to get up from the seat, when “blam” the door slammed on the ladies’ side. Tap, tap, tap.... squeak,.... wham..clack! Somebody had walked in and taken a cubicle, locking the door. Then followed! a rustle, a swish, the creak of a toilet seat and a deep sigh. And nothing! I strained my ears. Another deep sigh, and then a tiny tinkle. This soon increased in volume to become a loud splattery gusher. It went on for a while and died down. I heard TP being torn, the sound of wiping, pulling up of knickers followed by a “thwump” of a dress being patted smooth. Ah! I thought to myself: low heels, and a thwump: one of the school girls! My imagination turned to a girl I had a crush on. No time for that! As soon as the flush sounded over there, I quickly got my pants up under the cover of the sound of rushing water. After the door of the other side had banged again, I flushed the toilet I had used, and quickly went out to see who had unwittingly entertained me. It was not the girl I had had in mind, but just as good: the head master’s youngest daughter, a cute blondie who was part of the group of girls I supervised on Saturday afternoons when riding (horse-back) in the country s! ide. She turned round and said “Hi Rizzo, how lovely to see you here! “ Or something to that effect. I had mixed feelings, felt guilty as if I had wronged her in a way. That made me try to be extra kind to her in future. This in turn caught the favourable attention of the head master’s wife, who covered up for more than one of my pranks! I only found out about this many years later.

Bye for now to all, Rizzo

Wednesday, September 26, 2001

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