hi everyone fisrt time posting! i wanna see more pee storiez on here. also, i am female, and i pee standing up sometimes. i stand with my legs apart above the toilet, and let it trickle out cuz if i push it'll go to the side and down my leg. it is fun. i also pee in the shower. i hate poop, no offense to those that like it. bbye buds

Hi my name is Alli and I just took the survey and read some of the posts which are interesting and some are really kind of funny in a good way. I had finished volly ball and needed to hurry to use the toilet and was hurry my friend kelly when I let go accidently a silent fart and kelly said aw Alli that is one ripe ripper. when we went in all the stalls were full and I began to feel a littlr desperate but luckily one came open within a few minutes a younger girl on the team, I went in and pulled my shorts and panties down quickly to my ankles and settled my butt on the warm seat and waited because the water was still gurgling it didn't take long before I passed a long fart that seemed to end in a burping sound ( i usually humm to cover the sound of farts)when I heard kelly who must have taken the stall on the otherside of me say " was that you alli, God you really have weird farts and laugh which caused me to also and then I could feel and smell my poop move outwards of my! butthole it was thick and felt sticky and kept moving until it broke off and the rest of the poop moved out(Kelly who never stops talking was peeing and passed two farts I think was saying she could hear me grunting and humming and that I sounded like some poop engine)I told hear sorry if I was stinky butI had more coming, I felt finally relieved and immediately peed and just sat there a little dizzy like and started to clean up front and back the butt part took quite a bit of cleaning and stood up and after pulling up my shorts I looked before flushing when kelly knocked on the door of the stall asking me what was taking me so long and was i ok, I was staring at the bowl and there was this thing about foot long and I'm guessing here two inches thick and where it broke off and wider yet,I let Kel in and we both just stared until I flushed it away.She looked at me and said that was a big one, are you ok I said sure lets go and wash but I was thinking of that monster coming out! and how lucky i was it was a painless birth.

Just curious, who here has a problem with only having to go once every several days? I don't care whether or not it ends up in accidents, but just curious beyond curiousity. Any care to respond? Just wanna know if I've got some supporters here.


Good day everyone. Tis me again. By the way, if anyone wanted to know, I'm a 16 year old female.

Anyway, I recalled an interesting story from my freshman year of high school. I attended a special occasion banquet with a friend of mine one night, you know, the kind where everyone dresses up quite nicely. During a presentation my friend needed to go to the restroom but didn't want to go alone, so I decided to go with her. So we got up and headed into the restroom, where several girls were checking their hair and makeup, etc. While my friend used the restroom I hung out near the sink and talked to some of my other friends who were in there. Before my friend got out the restroom emptied except for us. She came out and thanked me for waiting for her (she didn't take that long though) and we began checking our hair in the mirror. Just as we did so, a teacher came into the bathroom. She was quite big and kind of waddled when she walked. Nevertheless, she was pleasant most of the time unless she was angry. The teacher walked into the stall and we continued doing our hair and ! makeup check. The bathroom was silent until we heard a low grunting/grumbling, similar to the sound of someone lifting a heavy object. My friend and I looked at each other and attempted to refrain from laughing. Then we heard heavy panting and a lot of moving around. My friend and I were still trying hard not to laugh. We didn't want to embarrass her or anything. So the teacher walked out and her forehead was sweaty. She looked at us and said "Hello girls." We replied and she walked out of the bathroom. When we were sure she was away, we began to laugh a little. Not because she had relieved herself in a noisy manner, but because this teacher was just a funny/odd type of person. (You'd have to know her to see the humor in this.)

Some respomses-
TO is great to be regular-I did the fiber thing most of the summer and boy did I do some pooin'!Sounds like you did too!Doesn't it feel great when you really got to go like that and you sit down and let it rip-it's amaxing what comes out too with all that fiber-I couldn't believe some of my output with all that fiber and after a few days,i had to cut back on the fiber cause i was dumping 2-3 times a day so watch out how much you take!
TO PATTI-That's why I like to poop outdoors cause I always squat and it does make a difference-Sometimes if I'm in a public toilet and it is dirty,I squat over the bowl and I always dump more poop when squatting-Try it outdoors sometime-it's really great-good story
TO SUZANNE-Try those handi-wipes-they really clean you well with no irritation
Had a cool poop out at the beach the other day.I had biked down to the beach at about 8-9 a.m.and was on my way out to the main beach and I felt a cramp and had to poop rather badly and htere were no bathrooms around and at the time I was biking slowly past a small body of water(Like an inlet)and decided to go poo in the water.So i fould a spot under an old dock and took off my biking shorts and went into the water til it was up to my knees and squatted,spread my buttocks and looked between my legs as i let out a loud fart and all this chocolate-moose poop roped out of my anus and when it hit the water,it just floated on top and it looked like 2 brown snakes on top of the water and as i'm still squatted they started floating out-it looked kinda funny.Then I farted again and let out some squgglies that also floated and then I stradded to shore and wiped mysaelf as I looked at my poop floating out towards the middle of the bay-It was a clean wipe too cause when i was pooin! g in the water,i also pulled my cheeks apart and the wipe was real easy-I have to admit.that was fun to do-it was amazing how the poop floated too-it was pretty soft too and maybe that's why-then it was off the main beach to swim and I felt greatly relieved after that too-Godd stuff ,all! BYE

It's been an active summer for me, poopwise. It's been quite a while since I had massive bowel movements as frequently as I had this summer. It's almost reminiscent of my college days. I had one more major pooping session on Friday, this one a two-parter.

It was about 5pm, and I hadn't pooped since early this morning. By then I was building up an urge to poop, and my stomach began to ache. I got up to go to the ladies room. As I was leaving my office, I let go a loud fart and almost pushed out some poop. Most people had already left, so I don't think anyone heard it. I went to the ladies room and farted again as I went into a stall. I pulled down my tan pants and white panties and sat. I started to push out a large piece of poop that was as rough as rocky road. It took a bit of effort, but it finally plopped into the toilet.

After that, I started to push out soft poop. It didn't come out in an explosive wave, but it came out fast and hardly made any splashing or plopping noises. This initial wave was done after about half a minute. I spread my legs and saw a huge pile of soft poop at the bottom of the bowl. I started to feel a stomach cramp, so I flushed the toilet while seated. A poop smell began to emerge. I continued to push out more soft poop, quietly but in huge volumes. Soon the toilet was filled again, so I flushed the toilet while seated. I continued to push out soft poop, and my stomach was not settled. In fact, the cramps were getting worse. However, I was making only very faint plopping sounds, but the soft poop was coming out in huge volumes. I flushed the toilet while seated four more times before I was finally done. After I wiped and flushed a final time, I saw poop stains in the toilet and left behind a strong poop smell.

Unfortunately, a little while later, when I was about to go home, I was hit with another stomach ache and a strong urge to poop. I locked up for the day, grabbed my things and went to the ladies room again. I took the stall next to the one I was previously in. It was another quiet but massive pooping session, a continuation of the previous one. This time I flushed the toilet while seated four times. I left behind another toilet with poop stains in addition to a strong poop smell. I felt much better after that and was ready to enjoy the weekend.

RIZZO Sorry, that it takes so long time to answer. I think you want to know the part of the alps we usually are: In the german part, and next to the border in austria. How the pathes look like depends on how many people hike there. I wrote about a place where many people (including many children)hike at the weekends. Normally you're correct, but I always see many pee-puddles on that trails! In spain we used that dirty building, because of this reasons-the main was:We couldn't wait any longer ..hihihi. We have no problems being seen while doing, but this time a well used road was only some metres away with a complete view of most of the area! So we decided better to go inside.
LOUISE Yes, I like your stories,I'm waiting for them. What part of spain do you prefer? The reason why we used the building you can read above. But if I'm honest, I must say, that we often use buildings, ruins or something like that as a toilet. Because we often had here in germany the problem that we caught some bladder-trouble caused by the weather if we squat openly outside.And thats not a good feeling , you know I think. In spain we never had troubles with that, but we use them habitual.
MUGGS Thank you for the flowers ...hihihi

By the way- we were a day later again in this building. We brought Dani and her husband to the airport. They had to be there at 8 a.m.. We drove with Susie and her husband behind the shuttle-bus. After we've said good-by to Dani, we drove back to our hotel. After the half way, Susie said that she had to shit very bad, and we better should stop at that building we were before. We stopped there, and it looked like deserted like the day before, and so Susie and I went to that building with a roll of tp in my hand. She farted, and said that we should better hurry up. We opened the mens side we were, but there was still a bad smell of our yesterdays poops, and it looks like some more people had used it- the last clean urinal was filled up with shit and two sinks were completly full of yellow pee. Susie would try the girls side and went in. As we went in, we saw that two of the dirty stalls were occupied! And we could hear two female voices: "I hope the boys will wait up there."! "They will, but how will you do your shit here? My stall is completly crapped""I've the same problem here."Susie gets nervous because she couldn't wait much longer."I think I'll try to hoover" We heard a loud fart and the crackling of shit."Damned, I hit the floor" And then we could hear the sound of a big stream of pee on the floor, and saw the pee flooding under the door, building a puddle in the middle of the room. The other girl said with a giggle, that she will poo directly on the floor, because she will not risk a messed shorts. They hadn't remarked us in this moment. But Susie was beginning her"poo-dance", and her face was pale. She pointed with her finger at a sink, went to it, pulled up her skirt and leans against it. "I've finished" said the one girl and unlocks the stall. I don't want to let Susie in this emberassing situation alone, so I quickly pulled up my skirt and took my position in front of another sink. As the door opened Susie had pushed out about 15cm of h! er turd. The girl, in her twenties came out, saw us using the sinks and turned into red. I don't know if it was because she had caught us, or because I could see her steaming pile on the floor. She wants to wash her hands and went slowly at the last free sink-and that was between Susies and mine! She stood there trying to open the water-tap and stares alternately to the right and to the left. I think I also must do something, so I started my pee. The girl stared a long time on Susies turd which hangs down long in the sink and was building a curve in it. After a while the girl stepped back, and waited for the other. In this moment the second stall was unlocked and the door opened:"I thought you had finished, why do you squat in front of the stalls again- it sounds crazy!" In this moment Susie farted between two turds, and the girl, she was not much older, but red-haired, looked up and saw directly Susies bum in the profile, pushing out never-ending turds. She only giggled and s! aid:"We better had do it this way, because it is more comfortable than squatting like we did. I had not enough space in front of this dirty bowl." She pointed at her turds, covered with used kleenex. "And I wet my shoes because I had to pee to much" She took her friend and they went out. We have no problems with such situations, but we sometimes had people that didn't like it and calling us bad words.But we always looked in their stalls, but none of them was clean or even flushed (.. who is without sin, should throw the first stone!). We started to laugh about this situation, and while we do it I also started my poo, because I couldn't hold it caused by the laugh. Susie had finished and was cleaning her arse as our men came in " Something wrong? We saw the girls coming out I heard some noise." We told them what happened, and they looked at the three stinky piles, then they also hang theirs Willies in the sinks and peed into them . They looked at me and saw, that I was still p! ushing, and so they went back to our car and waited for us.Susi waited for me and after 10 more minutes I had finished and we also went to the car.

We have the problem, that we usually shit before we drive to work ( 7 a.m.), but in our holidays we sleep at this time, and after we wake up, the "feeling" has gone, so we ever have to shit at complete unusual times, sometimes at a unsuitable time or place. Has any body else this problem?
Does someone know, why you have to shit more often and bigger loads, when you are in holiday at a warmer country?

Does any one have HBO? a new series called The Mind of the Married Man just started. There was a good piss scene where the couple are having an argument while geting ready for bed in the bathroom, and when they are done she lifts her robe and sits on the toilet and immediatly starts a loud strong stream of piss. It just keeps going and going untill her husband says "what did you hook up the hose to yourself today?" and the scene ends in mid stream.

Greg K.

Don't be a poor sport! If men want to listen
to and smell you while you're on the toilet, let
them. They'll enjoy it and you will find it
nice as well. Give it a try!


I have been coming to this site for 2 years and I love it.
I am not a big pooper or any thing but I want to become one. This is my first time posting here. I finnally did it. All of you guys are so talented with the way you detail your stories. Keep it up. I really enjoy Ms.Carmalita and crew. I love you guys. Keepem coming. I have not
been able to figure out any stories I can write about yet. I need some time. I have a couple I just have to but them together.


Jamie aka Sun Devil
It is really nice to be back here and see all the regulars. I really enjoy reading everyone's episodes!
My productions as of late have been a little larger than usual, on average about 4 or 5 turds and each about 4 inches long and about 2 1/2 inches thick, with an occasional 7-10 inch log.


Imagine being surrounded by people who have
no clue that you wonder if they are also bored, horny, or desperate?
(why is she squirming and why does he keep looking away?)
I still remember that girl in the loo line at the stadium show back in the glory daze of the 80's.
She just didn't care who was watching...
And then that chance encounter with another desperate female.
Wouldn't it be fun to be able to be able to just be able to speak what you are thinking?

This is my first time writing. I'd like to respond to the person who wanted to know if female nurses could put catheters in males. The answer is yes. I am a male nurse and I put catheters in both males and females. People should not be embarassed.

I just bought some ĎRegucolí from the health store, its Psyllium husk powder. I want to cleanse my colon and Iíve heard that this is good stuff, but has anyone ever used it? How long does it take for it to work? I took some yesterday and expected a big full motion at the end of the day, but I went for a poo about 3 hours later and it wasnít particularly spectacular. Iíve taken some more this morning and the great thing is it fills me up, maybe Iíll lose weight? I would like to lose about 10lbs, and if I can stop eating junk during the day it will be easy. Anyone ever lost weight by using psyllium? That isnít the reason I bought it, I got it because my poos have been quite small and sticky lately, and I feel tired and my skin isnít looking great. I thought a good clear out and lots of water would boost me up a bit.

Any information about psyllium husk powder and your experiences would be very welcome, thank you.

Also, my boyfriendís bottom is a lot better, remember he was very constipated and had got himself into a state with piles? Well Iíve been making sure heís eating fresh fruit and vegetables and wholemeal bread, and heís been doing regular motions without any trouble. Heís still embarrassed that I had to help him, but I donít mind taking care of him, I love doing it.

I love all your stories, you are a nice bunch of people, I feel like Iím amongst friends hereÖ Carmalita, you sound like a very loving person, I like hearing how you take care of each other in your house.

Outhouse Scott
Hey all.

First, let me give my condolences to everyone who has been affected by the attrocities committed in NYC, DC and PA. I have an uncle who's a NYC cop, an uncle who's a NYC firefighter, and an uncle who worked directly across the street from the Trade Center. All were there when it all happened, and by some miracle all are okay. I also have relatives in both Washington and Pittsburgh. Everyone is okay. I consider myself to be very lucky. I know many people weren't. My heart goes out to you all who have lost someone.

Anyway, I have a few questions for both the men and women in this forum.

One. Are you comfortable peeing and / or crapping in front of other people, particularly of the opposite sex?

Two. When you close the door to go to the bathroom, is it because you don't want anyone to see you peeing/crapping, or out of courtesy for the person/people who are present?

Three. Are you more self conscious about crapping then you are about peeing when there are other people at your home, or when you are at someone else's home? Why or why not?

Just curious. Personally, I have no real problem going to the bathroom infront of other people, regardless of their gender, but I assume they don't want to see me peeing or sitting on the toilet, so I usually close the door. I suppose I'm a little bit more self conscious about having a BM then peeing when I'm at someone else's house, but I don;t care at all when I'm at my house.

By the way, here's a little secret for those of you who tend to have loud BM's when people are around. Put the toilet seat up, clean off the rim and sit directly on the rim so your ass is IN THE TOILET. What this does is turn your own ass into a sort of sound muffler. Any excessive farting and splashing is muffled. Just a little tidbit.

Take care and God/Jehovah/Buddha/Allah/Mohammud/Bob Dobbs Bless America.


Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. Its pouring rain here this morning. I got my computer problems taken care of so now I can post more often again. I got caught up on the posts that I missed. Great stories by all. Robby that was a good story you posted on your early first experience. Im sure there are more stories to tell about other secret times.

My post for today is another time I went back up to my old hometown. I had not been up in quite awhile. I rode my bike and had a nice ride. I checked to see if Mike and Matt were home but they were not. I went over to the store and got myself a cold soda and sat out on the steps enjoying that ice cold soda.

While I was sitting there Janet and Jill came walking over. Both of them were in thier bathing suits. They both gave me a big hug. I told both of them go in and get something to drink and we can get caught up on what had been going on. I gave them the money for thier sodas and they went in got them and came back out and we sat and got caught up on what had been happening in our lives.

We had chated for almost an hour. Janet and Jill said; Lets go over to our secret spot down by the creek. Ok with me I said. So we walked down to the creek and crawled under the old sighn. The old "potty" chair was still there but another chair and table had been added to the fu
rnishings. Janet was wearing a two piece suit and Jill a one piece suit. Janet told me she had some thing to show me she had been working on. This produced a loud giggle from Jill.

Jill told Janet to wait first because she had to use the chair. Janet told her ok but hurry it up. Jill peeled her suit right off and sat down on the old "potty" chair. She let a loud fart rip. Brrrapp!, ftttt,ftttt her rear hole went. She was laughing after that. Slowly with a crackling sound a poop emerged from between her cheeks. It was quite lumpy and a tan in color. She was pushing quite hard and grunting with long ungths as she pushed. She pushed out a fat eight to nine incher wich fell to the ground with a heavy thud. She then let the front flood gates open with a strong flow of piss that arced outward and with a lot of splashing as it hit the ground. She kept up that flow rate for over a minute. She stopped after a small lake of piss was there on the ground. I told her that I had never seen so much pee from a 11 year old. She giggled that she had to go before we had met at the store and the soda added that much more. She wiped herself and asked me if her backside w as clean which I replied yes.

Now Janet dropped her bottom and kicked it off. She walked over to the chair and stood over it with her legs spread open on each side. She put her hands on her hips and gave a slight push. A steam of piss shot downward. I thought Jills stream was flowing hard, Janets was even harder. Hisss it went as she stood there. With what Jill had left before and what Janet was adding to it there was now a river flowing out of the lake that was flowing out from undernieth the sighn. Janet pissed like this for a minute and a half. Then her fliw slowed and stopped. She said to me I have been peeing standing up now for quite awhile. I even do it in the bathroom at home. I told her that she did a good job of it. She put her bottom back on and we left our secret spot for the next time.

This is my first posting,Im14 and in the 8th grade and today after school at the lockers i was talkin with a bunch of my friends and one of them rip's one,so me being a oneupster goes oh ya listen to this,next thing u here is a short fart followed by loud cracling noise
I had pushed a big log into my briefs,they all started laughin and sayin u crapped ur pants.i said no i just farted one of my friends say's well theres a buldge in the back of ur jeans then he kick me in the butt smashin it!!!! and say ya he did i felt it.they said thats cool man it's real funny thoght and i laughed too.i kinda liked the way it felt and it gave me a woody>>>>>>>

Has anyone pooped there pants by acident and liked the way it felt PLEASE LET ME KNOW????????

Has anyone pooped there pants at school????????

TO STEVE<ABOY<AND BEN I realy liked ur poop acident story's please post more

Kevin & Billy L.
This morning I (kev) poop just before gym class. Becasue the weather is nice, we go outside. The bathroom we use is downstairs. There are two toilets, but no stalls. I got on the handicapped one. Kenny comes in says he has to go. He sits on the other one. Mike came and Rob came in. Mike said he needed to go real bad. I was still pooping, but Kenny was done. He wiped. Mike sat down and had diarrhea. It really smelled. I was done. I passed like 3 logs and a little small stuff. I wiped. Then Rob peed in the toilet. Mike said oh no. He got up. The water level in the toilet was rising. He said, I still ahve to go, what do I do? I said sit on the other toilet. He said ok. He sat there for one minute more, and then wiped. We washed our hands. Then the one toilet started overflowing with the diarrhea stuff coming out. It got worse, with little turds and toilet paper coming out. We told the gym teacher. We went back with him. He had a cell phone and called office and told them what ha! ppening. We found out later that some people working on some pipes. They crushed a sewer pipe when they were filling in the hole. They just dug the pipe out and fixed it.

This afternoon, we had soccer practice. After soccer practice, we both really needed a poo. So did Mike. Our parents were not there yet, so we went into the woods. We dropped our pants and started to go. Mike's mom came back and found us. She said, what are you guys doing? I said, look at us. We ahve our pants down and there are brown piles underneath us. I would say we are moving our bowels. She said why? I said, well, if we wated much longer, we would be moving our bowels, but into our shorts. She said, ok, I guess. Kev and me passed normal turds, about 5 in. But Mike passed little mushy turds and then had some diarrhea. Mike said, would you want me to do that in the car? She said, I guess not. We had some tissue and wiped.

Upstate Dave
Good Morning to all. I have been quite busy and my computer is down at home. But when I can I do try to read the posts here. I hope all here are well. I took a trip to Chicago a couple of weeks ago on the train. It was a nice trip but did not go without an incident.

We (my family) left in the early evening hours from the train station here. The train had reached western N.Y when I went up to the lounge car to have a smoke. There were a few people in the smoking area talking and drinking. One guy from Montana and two females were power drinking.

The one girl left shortly after I got there and the other two were still going strong but getting drunk after I left the car being there for an hour. The guy from Montana was in the car behind us and the girl was three rows behind me and my wife in our car.

Later in the night railroad security went to the car behind our car. I had a radio that I could listen in on them. What had happened was the fellow from Montana had striped naked and peed all over the seats in the car he was in.(the seats were empty).He was arrested and put of the train at the next stop.

Later the girl three rows back from me went back up to the lounge car for a smoke. I also went up for one also. She was feeling no pain either. After an hour we both left at the same time. We had to walk back through 5 cars to get to our car. She was not to steady on her feet so I helped her along.

We got as far as the third car and she stoped and said something like Im not going to make it. She put her hand down on her shorts pant leg and pulled it over. She started to pee as soon as she did this. It splatered on the floor and ran under the door and outside. She peed for a good minute. Once she stopped she pulled her shorts leg over and smiled and said lets go. She got back in her seat and fell fast asleep. The trip went whith no further incedents.

Me: I'm please you liked my story. I'm a 23-year-old with blonde hair, blue eyes weighing about 125 pounds. My friends and boyfriend tell me that I look real sexy. My boyfriend, Shane, is an ex-marine. He still has the marine haircut and a body to die for. He is also a real sex dog and we cannot get enough of each other. To answer your question, he has never stuck a finger up my butt, but he often shoves something else up there - if you get what I mean! Man, that is heaven! He is real well-equipped and the feeling is great. He is not much into toilet activities, although he is often in the bathroom when I go in to take a dump and it is real cool to have him standing there shaving in the nude while I unload my turds. I often walk in while he on the toilet and that is cool with him also. With Shane around, I don't need other dudes, but that young janitor was a hunky kind of guy and it was a real turn on to know that he was watching me while I pooped and peed. My diet ! is just like anyone else's - plenty of fast food and a lot of ????. I would let Shane stick his finger up my butt, but he has never expressed an interest. I might suggest it to him - thanks for the idea! He is the kind of guy who is open to anything and I mean anything!


I could rant and rave about your posts for hours but you
already know what I think of you. As for your question about the
blonde hispanic girl in the Unisex, I think I was being quiet at the
time. Sometimes I try to stay perfectly silent until they make their
first plop so that they can't chicken out and leave once I start
plopping in mine. Plus they don't know how sound travels in there if
they are a first time user. Since she only peed I saved all my cargo for
the next girl to come in.


I'm sorry folks, All work and no play makes Blake a dull boy......:(

Psycho Mantis
To *~*GreTaL*~*:Hey!!!!!!I love your story posted on page 665,it is extremely great!!!!!!I have been reading posts at this site for a while,and that is the greatest story I have ever read!!!!!!

Hey, Muggs:

You lucky-guy, you! Please, do tell us, exactly how many times that Amy has allowed you to watch her. Also, have you ever wiped her, yet?



Kathy (RJOGGER's Wife)
Hi all, it's Kathy. Rick's schedule has eased somewhat, he is running again (Thank God!, he was driving me nuts about how much weight he thought he would gain!), and I think he will be back here soon. He asked me to say HI! to all of you, and how much he misses corresponding with you. I just want to send some hellos myself.

Carmalita - It is really nice to hear from you too, dear, and thank you for your concern about Rick. Your stories are so exciting, and it is nice to see that another petite lady like me enjoys crashing out noisy monsters into the toilet. I like your "Spare the Grunt, Spoil the Turd" philosophy, it is very appropriate. Yes, Rick is really sweet, and I do love him, although he still carries on like a 17 year old. It seems that life is sometimes a never ending prank with my husband and his buddies, but he does keep things interesting. By the way, you did not make a typo. My husband is called "Rich" by his friends and associates, and "Rick" by his family. He uses both names, depending on his mood. I hope that we hear again from you soon, until then Rick and send our love and best wishes. Please say hello to the gang for us.

Rizzo - I am glad that I made your day! Rick and I have been keeping each other company in the head, since the "duals" were installed in the master bath 17 and Ĺ years ago. Sometimes it is the only time of the day the we share, other than at night. Rick and I are looking forward to hearing some more of your terrific boat and pee stories.
Jane - Hi, thanks for liking our latest post. Rick and I certainly do enjoy reading about your adventures, and they do seem to be adventures. Your latest AM dump in the office was a short but sweet story.
Muggs - It is sooooo nice to hear from you again. Rick is going to be thrilled when I tell him that you are posting again. We both love your stories, and we were concerned when you did not post for awhile. But you are back, and what a story. Not one, not two but three little maidens pooping and peeing on your lawn. That must have been a delight for you to see, but do be careful with the drinking. You sound like a very nice and responsible young man, and we do want you to be around for a long while. Be good, Muggs.
Buzzy - I am dying to hear one of adventures. I hope that you have time to post one real soon.
Kim and Scott - You and Scott deserve nice comments, as you two are a very nice young couple. And yes, my husband is right about you being a dare devil. Imagine, squeezing a monster log out, with a young guy around, and with your legs up to your chin. WOW! That is impressive, Kim. Leaving your deposit for that young janitor and teasing him was great. Most guys love it when a pretty lady crashes out a log and leaves it behind for him to inspect. I know from experience, as my husband and his friends just love it when my girlfriends and I do that. Take care, hope to speak with you again soon.

Well that's my 2 cents for today. Rick may be back this weekend, and I hope that he and I will have an adventure to post by then.

Bye bye, everyone, take good care.


To Muggs: Good story. You must have enjoyed watching those girls poop cool!

Hollyoaks - movin on Definatley one to watch!Not only did they show the poo but also spoke openly about it,and as for the farting it was non-stop!I know someone mentioned it before but all I can say is grat we want more!!!!!!!!

AUNTY PV: You made me go all red ! I don't know if I'm a cute little angel really, but Andrew tells me I am ! As for the WSPC and the GPT, I think we had better make room for a new member. Andrew and Kate and Emily and I went for a long walk after lunch on Sunday. Steve took us of course, but elected to stick to roads with the pram and Thomas, while we wanted to walk some paths. We arranged to meet up a couple of hours later. While we were walking through some woods, and being reminded because of the woods, we told Kate our adventures with the chair and also the tropical storm ! She laughed so much she said she was going to wee herself ! Then she left the path to hide behind some bushes while she did a wee. When she came back, Emily decided she needed a wee as well. So we all decided to go. Funnily, Emily decided to wait while Andrew and I went. There was no one about, so I just pulled down my pampies and squatted on the side of the path, while Andrew got out his willie, ! and weed up a tree. ( Kate watched Andrew do his wee this time. The relevance of that will be known later with the rest of my post !). Only when we had both finished did Emily take her turn. She looked very carefully around to make sure no one else was there, and then she began to take off her shoes and socks, and then she pulled down her shorts and panties and took them right off. Then grinning from ear to ear at all three of us, she thrust her hips forward with her hands clasped either side, and standing with her legs apart, she let rip with a fierce stand-up wee ! Kate was utterly shocked at her sister, and proclaimed about how rude she was being ! Poor Emily's face fell a mile until Andrew and I backed her and told Kate not to be such a prude ! I told Kate that I wished I had known that Emily was going to do that, because I would then have kept her company and done it myself ! Kate went quiet after that, and with renewed confidence, Emily finished off her wee. Only wit! h the last squirt did she lose control, and a little dribbled down one leg. But Andrew came to the rescue, producing a clean tissue which he used to wipe Emily's leg for her, and then handed it to her so she could wipe "there" for herself. Andrew and I can't tell you how proud we are of Emily, and even Kate decided to say she was sorry. It wasn't the sort of thing she would like to do, but she understood it was up to Emily if she wanted to wee like that. Now that is real progress !! Emily had a piggy back off Andrew until we got to a stream where she could wash her feet, because she had well splashed them with the force of her wee, and didn't want to put her shoes and socks back on like that ! Hope you enjoyed the story Aunty PV ! Lots of love from Kendal xx

STEVE & LOUISE: Hope you enjoyed the story above as well. And congratulations from Andrew and me about your engagement. I will then have to call you Mrs Louise then !! Love from Kendal xx

PLUNGING PLOP GUY: I was so sorry to read of your continuing troubles, until I got to the end of your post and read about your "ball-splasher". Of course, not having any of those, I can only imagine the delight that brought for you ! No, its bum splashers only for me, even if only rarely, or only when I'm sat on Grannie's high toilet with the furry seat ! Lots of love from Kendal x

ROBBY: Thank you for telling Andrew and me about your first time with Annie. And thank you for being our friend ! I don't mind your "sermonising" at all. It makes you just as caring as my Uncle Rizzo. And I'm glad you've managed to read back as far as all the anguish I've faced over this past few months. Now you'll understand just what a relationship I have with Andrew. I look forward to more daughter stories as well. That first was excellent ! I can imagine why they were upset because they didn't know you were watching. But if I'd been your daughter, I would have been totally happy about my Dad seeing ! So, to the story you asked for ! Andrew and I never watched each other poo for quite a long time, only wees, so the first time I let Andrew watch was only a wee. I can beat you for age as well, because I was only seven !! I remember making plans to let Andrew see me ( why is it the girls who always have to start it like Annie did with you ! ). I wasn't sure whether h! e wanted to or not though. I knew he listened outside when I went ! So one day, I made a plan. I decided to wait to have a wee until we happened to be both outside the bathroom door. Then I announced I needed a wee and went in, but I didn't shut the door completely. The bathroom at my old house has very shiny black tiles, and if you stand in the right place behind the door when it isn't closed properly, you can get a really good reflection of the toilet ! But obviously, when you are sitting on the loo you can see out as well ! I actually left the door open enough that Andrew could have peeped round it if he had wanted to. But anyway, I sat on the toilet, and I looked hard at the spot on the tiles that reflected him back to me. I was so excited, I thought my chest would burst ! I remember that he had his back to the door to begin with, which was disappointing, so I tried to make my wee come out hard with a loud tinkle, and then I saw him turn ! I just knew he was looking a! t me, although it isn't like a mirror of course. You can't make eye contact. However, I definitely knew he was trying to look when I saw him get down on his hands and knees, and he was moving about all over the place to desperately get a better look !! Now, with my heart really thumping, I made sure he knew I wanted him to see me on the toilet, because I said to him something like "You can come in, I don't mind. You don't have to watch my reflection "! I saw him jump with surprise and then I watched as I saw his hand reach out to push open the door, and he looked at me sitting on the toilet, and he smiled, and I smiled, and we've watched each other ever since ! Andrew says he will tell you the story about when he first saw me poo another day !! Hope you liked the story as much as I enjoyed yours ! Lots of love from Kendal xx

UNCLE RIZZO: Now your story ! Just as Emily promised, she saved a big poo for Andrew ! It happened on Saturday afternoon when we had all been to Emily's school for an open day. So she had to go in her school uniform. As we were all driving home, I saw Emily lean and whisper something in Andrew's ear, and from the way he grinned, I just knew she told him she had to poo ! So we all piled into the house, and straight up to the bedrooms. As Emily stood outside the bathroom which seperated her room from Kate's, she turned around and with a very serious look on her face, she announced "Quick, its nearly out in my pants". Andrew and I dashed in with her, and she quickly flipped up the back of her school skirt, downed her panties to below her knees and plonked down onto the toilet. With big wide eyes, she puffed straight away, and panted, and with a strained "ohhhh" and "Ahhhhh" there was a loud crackling noise, and a huge splosh, followed quickly by two more loud plops whil! e Emily screwed up her face and announced that the first one had splashed her ( MR PPG !! ). Then a short silence before a torrent of wee splashed out. Then we saw Emily's expression change to one of surprise, and then delight. And we heard her say "Come in Kate, I don't mind" ! And Kate had apparantly peeped around the door on her side of the bathroom. Much to our surprise, she did come in, trying to look uninterested in what was happening, although maybe that was real. But she definitely wanted to feel included rather than excluded from our little club. After Emily wiped, I quickly announced "my turn" and sat on the toilet. Kate looked at me from time to time. It was perhaps a little early for my tea-time poo, but I could feel something there so I waited for a while, pushing to see if anything happened. Emily asked if I was pooing as well, so I told her I thought I might, but it wasn't there yet. Then I felt some movement, and with some more pushing, sure enough, I knew I ! was going to poo. So like a sports commentator, I began to announce all that was happening ! "I think I might be able to poo......... There's something there...... yep, I can definitely feel it....... Yep, its on its way guys !.......
There was such an air of anticipation and silence, you could have heard a pin drop !! And then "flump"........"plop" ( quietish, but definitely ploppy sounding ! ), and I was done ! A nice buddy dump on top of Emily's ! Then without any hesitation, or announcement, Andrew undid the fly on his jeans. Kate turned red with anticipation, and then went quite puce when Andrew continued to unbuckle his belt and pull his jeans and his pants ( them horrible lime green ones again, LINDA GS !! ) down, and stood and had a wee on our poos. I thought she was going to get up and go out, but she was mesmerized by Andrew's bottom ( visions of Lawn Dogs, PPG, and Trent's nice bottom on the bridge ! ) Emily and I were more interested in the other side, and crowded round him, one either side of the toilet to see him wee some poo off the side of the toilet, and wash off some toilet paper that was also stuck on the side, but Kate never tried to come and see this action. Once finished, Andre! w flushed the loo, with the assumption that all was done, and we all turned to leave, only to find Kate standing and asking the question "What about me ?"! I think I did my fish impression, opening and shutting my mouth several times while I tried to think what to say ! But Emily clapped her hands and said "Yeessssssssss", so pleased that her big sister was at last going to join in !! Or so she thought ! Kate made her way to the toilet and lifted the lid back up again. Then she lingered for several seconds with her back to us and said "I only need a wee" before flipping up her dress at the back, revealing the brightest blue pampies ( I want some of those LINDA !! ) and she pulled them down just a little way before turning and sitting in almost one action. She was actually sitting at an angle on the toilet, not straight on, not quite having turned round properly before she sat down, and she kept her head bowed and her hands pressing her dress down on top of her panties, hid! ing them away, except for the bit which could be seen round the sides of her legs. She was sat for no more than five seconds when she suddenly stood up and rushed into her bedroom, pulling up her panties as she ran out. She was in floods of tears. Emily and I felt terrible and didn't know what to do, but good old Andrew did. He went up behind her and put his arm round her. She pulled away at first, but then relented. Emily and I couldn't quite hear everything he said to her, but it was something like that we were all very sorry if she had felt pressured to let us watch just because she had watched us. None of us minded her being there, and she was welcome anytime she wanted because we all loved her and trusted her enough to let her come in. But she was not to feel that she had to let us see as well. Only when she was good and ready, and it didn't matter at all if she was never good and ready to let us see !! She turned and gave Andrew a big hug, and when that happened, Emily ! and I went and joined in, just like the tele tubbies !!! Then we all left to go downstairs when Andrew said to Kate, "Right, we're off to leave you to have your wee in peace. We'll see you downstairs". Kate, obviously desperate to go, smiled and made her way to the bathroom door, and watched us all leaving, except for Andrew, who stepped back again and said "I even promise not to sneak back and listen !". We heard Kate giggle, and Andrew came out and winked at us both ! As we passed by Emily's open bedroom door, we could hear the tinkling already, without sneaking back ! Andrew put his hands over his ears, so as not to break his promise ! That made Emily and me laugh out loud ! Later, Kate asked why we had laughed, so Emily and I told her. She looked at Andrew who was not privvy to this conversation, with such loving eyes ! Uncle Rizzo, You are definitely, definitely right about Kate and Andrew !!! And I bet you anything that she will take Andrew to the toilet with her! before even I or Emily get to see !!! But it hasn't happened yet ! Well not in full anyway ! But I know Andrew thinks she was definitely cute on the toilet for the five seconds he got to watch this time. Squeeze back to you ! And love and hugs from Andrew and me ! Love from Kendal xx

LINDA GS: You'll have to make your move soon before Kate gets there first ! I suggest that black pampies and a hair brush will do the trick. And if Cousin wasn't joking, and you really haven't got any black pampies, then pretend again ! Oh, I really hope you come back soon. You've been gone for so long now, and I'm really missing you, and so is Andrew. And this isn't joking anymore !! I want to talk to my on-line sister again !! Love you loads, love from Kendal xxxxxxxxxxxx

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