I came across this sight more out of curiosity than anything else although I used to poo my knickers by accident a few times when I was younger mainly at school when we weren't allowed to disrupt lessons & when they were finished it was a mad dash to the loo & a couple of time I didn't make it. I witnessed an incident several months ago when I went shopping at the local supermarket and noticed a girl of abouth 7 or 8 with her legs crossed holding her bum through her grey school skirt obviously needing the toilet. Her mother was chatting to one of her friends. The daughter went over to her mum trying to get her attention and I noticed she was rather annoyed with her for interupting her. I carried doing my shopping forgetting about the incident until the checkout when I saw the girl again with her mum just in front of me. By now the girl had become quite anxious and was getting really desperate. Her mother looked a little annoyed telling her to keep still and stop showi! ng her up. As there were no toilet facilities in the vicinity I doubt very much if she would hang on. As I went back to my car I saw the mother putting her shopping in the boot and noticed the girl was by now panic stricken. Suddenly she squatted down next to the car and in sheer deperation didn't pull her pants down and her face went bright red as she started to poo in her white knickers. I could see a large bulge appear in the seat as she strained at the same time she wet herself. Her mother shut the boot & saw what her daughter has done & really gave her a telling off and slapped her on the legs. She started to cry ushered into the car & drove off. I really felt sorry for the poor girl it really wasn't her fault if you have to go you have to go. I would have thought to mother had been more sympathetic towards her, plus smacking her as well.

STEVE and LOUISE, great news, and yes, itís about time! But still a while to go until Summer 2002. So there is plenty of time for some more of your entertaining and amusing pee escapades. Love to both of you from Rizzo.

BOB THE PLUMBER, that is interesting what you encounter in bunged up loos. I have done some repair jobs on our home toilet, but never because it was backed up. That only happens on board my boat when the diaphragm pump gets blocked by too much TP or when its discharge valve gets stuck.

ROBBY, yes, we are not old yet (I hope). I should have said that I am only twelve percent older than you in years. And that hardly counts. You sound like a kind and loving father, a welcome ally in helping to take care of Kendal. You have two daughters, we have two sons (they have already graduated BTW, both with masters degrees, an engineer and a scientist). You and I both enjoy this forum. In normal life outside this forum I would like to meet you, but as I have once said to Jeff A. (another very kind man), it is better to have met you here than never to have met you at all. Keep up posting about yourself and Annie, take care, love from Rizzo
PS, I have just enjoyed your story of the beginning of your and Annieís joint toilet ventures!

SUSANNE dear, thanks for your info about how you manage to pee in an evian bottle. You sound as if it would not be too difficult for you to use the standing pee method. If you doubt that women are capable of peeing like a man, then you should pick and read the posts of PV and Louise, who are experts and pee just as well as any man. They may not be able to wave their pee stream around as easily, but they can certainly pee a greater distance than most men. It is not allowed to give links to other web-sites here, but I can give you directions to a site that gives detailed instructions to women on how to pee standing. You may know it already of course. If the moderators have something against this, I will write it so that it is easy for them to cut.

Use your internet browser or navigator or whatever to go to the web site:
There you will find a link to A Womanís Guide on How to Pee Standing.

There, I will leave the rest up to you. Take care, keep us informed, love from Rizzo

MARGE dear, just as Steve said, do not hesitate to listen to PV. Read her posts. I think Simonís suggestion to drink more water will only make you suffer at shorter intervals. Or start to dribble uncontrollably. You should start to tackle your problem today. It is not that you are made that way! Something conditioned you to be like that. You now have to learn to pee on command! It takes time and patience! It can be done!Take care, love from Rizzo.

PV dear, thanks for another warm hug. Your are a wonderful person. I often think of your multiple beach wee story and grin to myself. I still wish I would have been a little fly nearby for a better view! May your poops soon return to normal high speed torpedoes (or bum shot ?) again! Love from Rizzo.

Hi CARMALITA querida, oooh! What a lovely story of Renee helping you with bucket and sweet words to rid yourself of all pent up turds! No wonder I like Renee so much, I would feel completely at ease in her presence. No need for any, not even for the slightest pretence of having to show off, she being a lesbian. Iíd feel comfortable and safe. My wife always says that I attract gays, be they women or men, children, dogs and cats. It can be a nuisance and sometimes quite embarrassing. Anyway, Iím one of your many fans here. Blow Renee and Patsy a kiss, love to you and Jake from Rizzo.

Bye everybody, good pees and kersplooshes, Rizzo

tim-I just wrote a story like that about a week ago if you want to read it.

I have been staying over at a friendís house, Friday and Saturday night; there were 3 of us staying over. We all went over my friendís house on Friday. We were all playing on his Playstation, it was my turn and I was doing really well but I really needed to go poop, then I couldnít hold it any longer and I started doing it in my pants. I was wearing my white shiny shorts. After a bit my friends said it smelt of poop in the room, which it did a bit. Paul said, smells like somebody needs to go poop but we all said we didnít. Then we went to play football so I emptied my pants out into the toilet before we went. Anyway went to bed in my t-shirt and briefs as normal that night, nobody noticed a thing, we went down to breakfast the next morning we ate it, and then led in front of the TV. Then my friendís mom came in so I quickly pulled my t-shirt over my underwear. I had to go and put my shorts back on then as my mom was picking me up from the house to go shopping for new gym c! lothes. We went into the shop to get the clothes and my mom said I had better try on the shorts and top to make sure they do fit ok, there were no changing rooms as they were be worked on so she said just to stand in the corner and she would stand around me. I pulled my shorts down and my mom must have seen my briefs, she said, oh you havenít and I said what, but she said nothing, anyway we bought the shorts and top and she took me to another shop and bought me a pack of 3 underpants and told me to go into a toilet and change into a pair. She said I donít know what you did in the pair you have got on but they are very dirty. Anyway so I went and changed them and bought the other pair out with me, and went to the toilet at the same time so it didnít happen again. Anyway, my mom wasnít very happy with me and she still hasnít managed to get my undies completely clean.

Yes CC, I agree that she has your number, so be very careful. Although I doubt at 20 years old if you would get a whacking like a kid, but there could be a lot of nastiness if she got fed up and confronted you over your listening in and you could be kicked out of the house and be estranged for a long time from your family.

Now I have often listened through the wall to the sounds from an adjoining Girls or Women's Toilet. I first did this at Primary (Grade) School when I was about 7 or so . This was an old school where the toilets were outside in the yard, brick built blocks with the Girls' Toilet cubicles back to back with those in the Boys. During break time there was so much noise in the playground that you could only hear the guy in the cubicle next to your own if he was doing a motion. However one time I asked out to use the toilet for a pee during class and this teacher was quite easy going about this. As I approached the Toilet Block I saw a girl from an older class, of about 10 or 11 going towards the Girls Toilet. When I entered the Boys Toilet myself I could hear her footsteps as she entered one cubicle the other side of the high brick wall. The Toilets had a tiled roof with skylights (windows) to allow daylight in and for ventilation. There was a gap of a couple of feet at the top! of the dividing wall, which was too high to allow anyone, even an adult to see over, but which did allow any sounds to be heard. Now although I only needed a pee I went into the cubicle backing on to hers and listened. As the other pupils were in class it was silent outside so I could hear the rustle as she hitched up her skirt and pulled down her knickers, the tinkle as she did a wee wee, a loud fart then with an "OO! UH! there were two sounds "PLONK! PLUNK! another grunt OO! NN! UH! then after a gap "KER-SPLOOSH! KUR-PLONK!" as she did two big jobbies. I was to hear such performances quite a few times after that.

I have also found that in many Public Toilets the walls between the Ladies and Gents Toilets are quite thin and it is easy to hear women doing their motions. This is especially true in works and offices and I have often heard the KUR-SPLOONKS! when some woman is doing a poo through the wall from the Mens Toilet. Pub Toilets too can be good for this where the Ladies and Gents toilets are side by side. There was one pub, alas now demolised, that I used to use where the Ladies and Gents were outside in the yard, and a bit like the School Toilets I described above , with the dividing wall stopping about 18 inches short of the roof so all sounds could be heard from Ladies to Gents and vice versa. I was often able to see an attractive woman go to the Ladies and hear her doing a nice big jobbie. I have also posted in the past about a holiday I had earlier this year where the ensuite toilet attached to my room was through the wall from that of the next room and I could hear the fe! male guest therein doing a motion. The best experience in this regard I had was a few years ago when I was in charge of a big project at a customers premises and was given an old box room as an office and lockable store for computers, software etc. Now this was by sheer good luck through the wall from the staff Ladies Toilets and three cubicles backed onto the wall. I was able to sit at my desk and listen to the women doing their wee wees, (not a lot of interest to me), and of course every so often their motions which of course DID give me a buzz. I did notice that there were two peak periods, some women having a motion in the morning about the time they started work at 9.00am but the period of really heavy traffic was at about lunchtime with many first class depthcharge sounds coming through the wall.

Now someone else said in an earler post on your experiences CC that its better to listen into strangers than to one of your family where offence may be caused. I tend to agree. If someone is unaware of your listening then you cannot offend or upset them but if they DO know and find your proximity disturbing in such circumstances then really you should think again. I was lucky I didnt have your problem in this case, but I dont think one should do anything that distresses or disturbs the other person. Perhaps you should lay off listening in to her for a while or stick to listening in to other women defecating who are blissfully unaware of your presence. Again Im lucky, my wife Theresa is also turned on by defecation and is only too happy to let me accompany her when she has a motion and happily discusses such matters. Likewise my friends George and Moira are kindred spirits in this regard. I think its like anything else "intimate and personal" as long as it doesnt hurt or up! set others then fair enough.

Bob the Plumber. Im not surprised about the big turds you see in the pans in the Girls Toilets. I was quite friendly with the Janitor at my Secondary (High) School which was co-ed and he told me about some of the huge, long fat jobbies he often saw too big to flush away in the pans in the Girls Toilets.

CARMALITA - Hi!!! Yeah, Steve and I will be getting married in June we
think and hope we get nice weather for it.
Well thank you for saying such nice things about us. Did you say when
you and Jake were getting hitched?
Oh and I liked your latest story when Renee held the bucket for you
to have your shit in. I know Steve will like it and I bet he will
like reading about when you had your wee as well.

KENDAL - Hi! It is good that you like our beach stories. I will write
about another one later this week but I just do not have the time to do
it now. I hope you will look forward to it. LOL I did not see the little
girl have her standing wee with her legs spread but I bet she had fun
doing it until her mum smacked her bum! I wish I had seen that.
Oh I will tell you about the time when I did something a little bit
like it.
Well my mum and I both wanted a wee and we saved it up until we both
really really wanted to go. Steve stayed where he was while I walked
to the edge of the sea with mum. There was this man about 25 yards
away and he had his dick in his hand in the middle of having a wee
in the sea. Well my mum and me, we stood with our feet apart and we
just let rip. This guy looked over at us but he did not seem to care
that two ladies were having a wee standing up. My mum reached down to
her pussy with her hand and lifted with her fingers so her stream
squirted out in front. I did it too and we were like that for about
a minute. We liked the tinkling sounds we could make sometimes. You
know what, I do not think the man liked us doing it better than he
could. LOL. Mum and I finished our wee and we ran back to Steve and
he told us we looked really beautiful when we stood by the sea like
that. It was really great, and he was a gentleman and wiped us with
the towel.

EPHERMAL - Thank you! I hope you are getting better. Love Louise xxx

KIM AND SCOTT - Oh yeah there are some more stories to tell. We just need
a bit more time. Hey I hope you like the latest one I wrote about in
this letter to Kendal.
Oh and thank you lots for your congratulations! Steve and I are very
happy and I am really looking forward to being his wife.
Steve and I were very upset by what happened in New York and it just
still makes us that way.

JULIE - Hi! Oh well you have just met each other, yeah? Well good for
you! You know I was a bit like that with Steve when I first met him
and I was worried about sharing the toilet and stuff. Well maybe you
should wait a little bit longer than just a week and it may be that
you will be able to tell if he will like seeing you have a wee.
Steve is my only lover ever and I waited until we made love before he
saw me have a wee but I wish he had seen me earlier. I do not really
know how to handle the thing of weeing in front of a boyfriend I have
not been that close to so I can not really tell you what to do. I mean
if you are in the bathroom together then all you do is go to the toilet
and wee, right? I mean that will not be hard to do if you are in there
doing something else!
I will tell Steve you have written to him. He is a bit busy in
the evenings until Wednesday because he has some classes to look after
and stuff but I bet he will write to you then.

PV - Oh thank you thank you. You know we are very happy about our
engagement. I know it is months away but I worry that I will shit
myself during the ceremony because of nerves, and with a big dress on
how easy will it be to go for a wee? Well I tell myself that I will be
okay and just to grow up and not be so childish but I still think maybe
I will get nervous like that.

I will write again to everyone tomorrow because I have not caught up on
everything in all the letters yet!

Love, esp to Steve.


Tuesday, September 25, 2001

Bob the plumber
Hey Fred - great story about pissing out of the window on the way back from the pub. Never tried it myself, but I have heard others describe it too.
There was a time when the company I worked for had a maintenance contract on several offices and comercial premises, and I used to get called out quite often to deal with blockages and toilets that wouldnt flush. Whenever it was a blocked waste pipe it was almost always due to women flushing things they shouldnt be flushing. There were many times when I lifted the lid of the inspection chamber to find a mountain of shit and paper. And some of those women really knew how to shit! One of the most amazing sights I can remember was at a girls boarding school. The blockage was quite near to the toilets, so it couldnt have been there too long, but the smell was incredible. When I lifted the lid there was a mass of huge turds - the size of rolling pins! I dont know what they fed them at that school, but it certainly made them shit a lot.

Kathy: Hi to you and RJogger. Thanks for liking my stories. That was a cool one about you and Rick pooping in tandem.

Quick hellos to Carmalita, Buzzy, Rizzo, Robby, Ephermal, and everyone else.

Yesterday I was running late and didn't have time to do my morning poop. By the time I got to work I was building up an urge, so after I got to my office and dropped my things, I went to the ladies room. I went into a stall, pulled up my skirt and pulled down my pantyhose and white panties and sat. I farted and pushed out two medium-sized sausages and peed. After peeing I pushed out a large thick piece of poop and was startled to follow up with six more large thick softer pieces of poop. After farting once more I was done and wiped a few times. It didn't start to smell until I got up and flushed the toilet, so no lingering smell this time. It was a relief and got myself going for the day.

I have been evacuating the same as me. I have been taking psyllium with water at my meals. Along with green salads, I have been evacuating these huge brown pieces of doo-doo. Today, I had three evacuations within 5 hours. I stopped in a truck stop after a race. I pulled down my black running shorts and white FOL briefs. I short wave of doo-doo loosed from my intestines. When I spread my legs and looked, a pile of brown fiber was at the base of the water. That was last night's salad and this morning's fruits. It is good to be regular.

Hey peoples Its been a REAL long time since ive posted and ive missed hearing from a lot of you. Ive been reading the posts though. I got a good story for tonight. Not much has happened since ive been around. Amy and I are still together and she still lets me in when shes on the can. This story happened about a week ago on saturday. I was at a friend's house for a birthday party and there were a LOT of people there. Half of them were from schools that we knew nothing of. People were stumbling around drunk. I wasnt for some reason. I guess it was b/c i had eaten just an hour before i arrived. I had a lot of beer. I know im still only 17 but its a teenger party thing. Anyway after the party I was ok to drive so i took Amy, Michelle, and Selma to my house b/c my parents were out of town and My friend Mack(birthday guy) was bringing a few of the guys and the keg over later. 5 minutes into the car ride i smell a fart.....I look around and notice michelle with a half smile and so i ! decide to be real considerate and ignore it by asking "hey michelle did you fart?" She said "yep" Then Amy and selma began whining about stomach cramps. I thought "ohh geez i know where this is going" Then Amy farts loudly" and i can smell this one instantly. About 15 minutes passes and i already have the windows open and we're getting close to my house. I somehow figured these girls had eaten a lot b/c i didnt get to the party till about an hour after the girls did. So i figured they must have eaten a lot of food and bad food at that. I somehow assumed theyd be taking dumps later. When we pulled up to my driveway(parents were out of town) Amy jumped out of my truck and walked about 10 feet into the grass and pulled her pants down. The toolshed light was on and i could see perfectly. Michelle and Selma were laying down in the back of my truck and i stepped out of my truck and walked a but closer to amy. She began farting loudly and started to pee forcefully. Then i saw the ine! vitable. A HUGE log began to poke out of her butt and made a loud slippery crackling noise as it lowered to the grass and began to curl as the log just continued. about 10 seconds of movement she was finished and asked me to give her a tissue. i reached into the glove box and brought her some taco bell napkins and watched her wipe. She stood up and pulled up her black jeans and i saw a 18 inch curled log that was 3 inches thick. She kissed me on the neck and headed into my house. Michelle and selma stumbled over to where i was and one of them said "hot damn theres a big one....and its about to get bigger." Michelle began to unbuckle her jeans and slowly slid them off along with her black and red thong and squatted down over Amy's log and began pooping instantly. I heard the crackling and selma and i looked down. Michelle was griding out a 2 inch log that went on for ever! it must have been about 30 inches long and then some soft poop on top of that. This pile was getting big. ! Then she wiped with some paper amy left behind that was unused and wiped herself. Selma began undoing her pants and i said "ahh hell dont tell me you have to go too" She said "sure do....*hic" So michelle and i watch her as she pulls her blue shorts and red underwear down and she squats down over this alrady enormous pile and begins to let loose with this soft poop that lasted for damn near 1 minute. These gobs of crap just kept coming and coming and coming.....this pile was out of hand. there was 2 unreasonably large logs covered by a HUGE pile of soft poop.' Jesus' i said this is nuts. Then Mack calls my cell phone and tells me its gonna be a while before they get there b/c he got a flat tire that he was in the process of fixing. Michelle, Selma and I walked into my house and just chilled out till Mack got there and the party continued. Amy was all over me most of the night till she passed out. I put her in my room and didnt let anyone else in. (protective guy i am) I went t! o check on her in the morning and gave her a kiss on the forehead and she responded with a fart. Badazz night?....I think so.

Carmalita- The hot one. Glad to see youre back. Tell patsy and renee i said hi and that i send my best wishes. Tell tesa to call you next time she grinds out a huge Carvel. Tell Jake i say you need to notify him of your BM's. If it would me id wanna know ...haha. oh and push out that big one still waiting to come our for me when you can.

Gruntly- Hey yo. Like them posts man. Keep em going.

Kathy- Hey ive always like you and rick's posts. Tell that cat to get back on the computer soon. We need to hear from him.

Silke- your stories have been some of my favorites of all time. I think i speak for everyone when i say I cant wait for your next post

Comments/Stories/Replies/Sarcasm/Insults welcome

Peace to the Bowels......

Lucky Guy,

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