I have been lurking on this site for about a year. I felt compelled to post because I have found something that really helps in having excellent bowel movements. It's a platform that fits over the toilet (after putting up the seat) and allows one to squat to evacuate. I've had it for about a month but couldn't get up the nerve to try it. This morning, I finally put it together and decided to give it a try. What an amazing difference in my bowel movement! Usually, I sit for a while just dropping small pieces until the major load comes out. I've never felt completely empty. This morning, I squatted over the toilet, gave a little push, felt my anus dome out immediately and a large poo began to emerge. The peristalsis was stonger than any I've ever felt and gravity just pulled that sucker down. I was in seventh heaven as the largest, longest poo I've ever done kept coming out faster and faster. I heard the tip hit the water (since I was sitting up so high) but I was sti! ll going. My anus was stretched to the limit but didn't hurt; it seemed that the squatting really helped that too. My poo was very solid, a little lumpy and emitted a stong smell but not really stinky. I looked between my legs and saw that it had begun to curl on itself and I was still going. Finally, it broke off with a loud "flump". I just continued squatting and looking at what I had produced with amazement. I just had never done any bowel movement this large! My anus was still domed out, so I just waited and enjoyed the feeling. I thought I was done and as I got ready to "dismount", I felt the peristalsis again, this time much stronger. Before I could even think about it, another poo began to crackle out. This time, it was much lighter in color and very smooth. Again, like the first one, it just kept sliding and sliding, gravity making it easy. This rope also hit the water and was still coming out. I could literally feel my bowels emptying completely; this had! never happened when I just sat down. Finally, the tip of this monster emerged and my anus pulsed with relief. Again, I looked between my legs and now the toilet was full of coiling poos like long snakes. The juxtaposition of the lumpy, long, fat dark brown torpedo against the light brown, smooth curling sausage was just amazing. As I stepped down off the platform to wipe, I still could not believe what I had just produced. I didn't measure them but with a seamstress's eye, each one looked to measure about 15 inches, about 1 1/2 inches in diameter. I was completely empty and light as air. I flushed but of course, all of it did not go down so I waited until the tank filled and flushed again. I felt so light, I put on my gym stuff and went out for a long run, on empty. I am a true believer. Squatting is the best way to have a bowel movement. I can't wait to try this again!

Billy & Kevin L.
About 4 months ago, we went with our dad to the hospital. Our dad is a pediatrician. He had 2 kids to see and then we went to McDonalds for breakfast. We sometimes do this on weekends or days off. We left at about 8:00. There is a bathroom in the nurses station that we use. We went in the playroom and played with Mike and John, two kids with cancer that we know. About 8:45, dad said he was almost done that we should clean up. We were playing monopoly and mike and john said they would continue. we both had to poop so Kev and me both went into the bathroom in the nurses station. There was a turd floating floating in the toilet and some skid marks in the hole goint to the drain. I sat on the toilet and pooped. I dropped about 3 logs and wiped. Kev then pooped. He pooped out a bunch of little turds. I flushed the toilet and it overflowed a little bit and about 4 of his little turds ended up on the rim, but didn't make it onto the floor. We went and told the nurses. Jenny, one of t! he nice nurses, grew red in her face. Another nurse said, see you should have put a sign on the door. Jenny said she used the toilet just before we did and backed it up. A janitor was already there, plunged the toilet and cleaned it up. It took him about 2 minutes.

Hola mi amigos!

First of all, God bless America.

ROBBY: Hi sweetie. Yes, after I'm married, Renee and Patsy will still be around and life will go on as it always did before. We moved into a much bigger house so we'll have more room! Thank you Robby for all of your sweet words and thoughts. You're a treasure.
GRUNTLY BOGWELL: Oh, thank you for welcoming me with all your heart, that was so lovely. Muchas gracias. I liked your double whammy as well. You are such an excellent peeper my cool friend. So, what do I like best about you? Hmmm, I can't decide between your beautiful writing style, or your peeping exploits. The two seater outhouse gig, huh? Been there! I sure wish you could have peeped on me, that would have been very fun. I sometimes try to picture you on the toilet. I'll bet you look really good.
STEVE AND LOUISE: Oh, I am so excited!!! You're getting married? Tell me when pleeease! Louise you're such a beautiful woman, I can tell by your postings that your heart is strong and good. I'm so happy for you. And Steve, I am happy for you too. You're both such a beautiful couple.

Well, I didn't need the enema after all. As of about 20 minutes ago, I just did a major dump. I told Renee that I was going to need the bucket and asked if she could help. It's awfully hard to hold the bucket under me because the tub is rounded at the bottom and it won't sit flat. First of all, I had so much poop built up in me that it was desperate to come out. Jake was playing basketball with some friends, and Patsy was on the sofa reading. Me and Renee went into the bathroom, and she took out the plastic bucket from the cupboard under the sink. She ran just a bit of water in the bottom so my poop wouldn't stick to it. I pulled my hair back into a pony tail, then pushed up the sleeves of my sweatshirt, ready for action. A fart that wouldn't wait escaped from me giving previews of things to come. Sliding my khaki shorts and beige panties down to my ankles, I lowered my brown ass down on the edge of the tub. Renee positioned the bucket under my ass as I scooted back a l! ittle.
"Just make sure you don't pee all over the floor," she said.
Oh, I could feel a monster log inside of me. It was slow, and needed pushing. My vagina rested on the cold surface of the tub's edge. Black pubic hair like silk poked trimmed a narrow V on my crotch. Because of the awkward position, my ass cheeks were spread a bit.
"I swear hon, you have got the cutest little butt," Renee said, smiling.
"You might like my butt, but you won't like what's gonna come out of it," I returned. Positioning the bucket very carefully, Renee scooted closer to me on the edge of the tub.
"Okay girl, go potty," she said. I folded my arms in front of me, cupping each breast with my hands because even through a bra, my nipples felt cold. Anyway, I could feel it moving, oh it was big and it was hard.
"Are ya' going?" Renee asked.
My hole began to hurt and my heart pounded with each abdominal thrust. The bathroom, bathed in the pale yellow glow of a single hundred watt bulb, was warm and cozy. Everything was nice, the wallpaper, the formica sink counter, the mirrors, then--
"Oh,'s big and it hurts."
"Sssshhh," she said, lightly brushing my hair with her left hand, "Ya just have to get the hard tip out. Keep pushing."
My teeth clenched, and I looked up to see our reflections in the mirror hanging on the back of the door. I looked kind of gross, leaning forward, my legs spread, face contorted from grunting, and a comely stripe of black pubic hair between my legs. Then--
"Spppppllffffffff....kkrrrkkl--sppff--crrrkkklllrr--Oh, it's coming...."
"Shit girl!" Renee said, shock in her voice, "It's huge, one of your biggest!"
I was light headed from pushing, and the perfume of fresh poop drifted from between my thighs to my nostrils. It was a healthy stink, rich and brown.
"I'm sorry for being so smelly."
"It's okay hon. Everybody stinks when they shit," Renee soothed. A heavy chunk of turd broke off and thumped the bottom of the bucket.
"Ohhhh, that was a big one," I puffed. Then another turd came out quickly, huge, fat and long. I grunted, my face got hot, my butt was hurting from the strain, yet the poop kept coming.
"Oh, yer doin good hon, 'getting it all out," Renee said. A few good grunts gave way to one final length of turd which coiled into a brown rope on top of an already massive pile. I hung my head down with exhaustion. The shit smell filled the room. Looking over at Renee who'd helped me, was a real treat. She was a beautiful sight with blonde hair parted to one side, dazzling blue eyes and a smile that could blind a person. I think it should be illegal for a woman to be as naturally beautiful as Renee is. Most men absolutely refuse to believe she's a lesbian. With a row of white teeth, and sparkling eyes, Texas oozed like syrup from her voice when she asked
"Are y'all empty now, baby?"
"Uh, huh," I half nodded, half grunted.
"Yew set n' relax, an' I'll wipe ya clean."
"I have to pee right now," I said, and moved over to the toilet. I spread my legs wide because Renee really likes to watch me pee. It was a good, hard flow too. It was orange-yellow and lasted for about 20 seconds. After the drips stopped, we heard Patsy calling from the living room.
"Did she take a dump yet?"
Opening the door, and fanning, Renee laughed
"Man, did she ever! Come in here and look at these turds!"
"I'll pass, thanks," Patsy said, then returned to her book. I think she conveniantly forgot that she made quite a sizeable poop deposit in that same bucket a few days ago, while I crapped on the toilet watching. Renee then put the bucket on our bathroom scale. Almost 4 and a half pounds. Anyway, sitting on the toilet, I leaned forward, giving Renee access to my ass. She wiped it very clean, then brushed my hair out after. Such spoilage huh? She didn't say a word, but I know she was staying in the bathroom for the smell. It was one of my good ones. On the old Carmalita stink-o-meter, it was a 10! It was such a good pile too, a real mountain.
I love you people.


Hey, first time poster. Im a male incase you want to know. Love the posts by Alana, Kevin and Billy, and that black kid who is fourteen. Im 15, any other girls around my age?? Pls tell poop stories. I just got done with a turd about 7.5 inches long and 1.5 inches wide.

Carmalita-- Don't be worried about an enema, they can be a great relief
if taken when really needed. I'm sure Renee will take good care
of you.
Kathy-- You said you husband doesn't grunt much, does that mean that you do? Do you enjoy hearing a man grunt on the toilet? One of the
things I enjoy most about being in the bathroom with a woman is hearing
her grunt as she strains to get her poop out.--JW

Im a big fan of the WWF and wrestling, and i noticd that they all take alot of bumps, and i wonder if any of the wrestlers mess or piss themselves during matches. Please tell me what you think. THANKS!!

cute david
Hello everyone
Cody: Where are you from?
I have a story when I was in year 7. I strongly wanted yo shit but we were in a middle of a class discussion where everybody had to stay something. We had to stand when we answered when I stood, I felt a rumble then my ass opened. All shit mixed loose and normal came out. Luckily the dismissla bell rang and we were let out. Now body knew about my accident! I went to the toilet and sat on it while cleaning my mess. I pissed then out came two logs plus some mushy stuff.

I was hurrying up to shit while in a restaurant. Luckily I was alone. So I went and sat. But I was hurrying up so bad that I forgot to lock the door. A guy pushed my door open! He said sorry man. Then I wiped and left, do you have any stories?????????????

To Poop water: Intresting story about having the change in your mouth and accidently swallowing it. Why did you have it in your mouth to beging with? I take it your mom found it? What happened if you had to poop while out in public(like your mom wasn't around?)?? And were you embarresed that your mom saw your poop??

To Fred: Yep we seem to have the same kind of bathroom dreams. I've always wanted to find a bathroom that was out in the open. In my dreams i never had the courage to use the open toilets. Have you?

To Jacob G in Florida: I liked your story i thought it was a bit funny when your friend said he needed to crap and you said do it outside as a joke.

To Susan: I liked the story about you helping your boyfriend with constipation. It was a very intresting story.

I haven't been up too long this morning maybe about an hour...As soon as i woke up and sat up in bed i felt something brewing in me. I went to read the paper in the kitchen then i get online when this huge urge to poop hits me. I ran to my bathroom and sat down, i wasn't in there too long. I pushed it out then i stood up and took a look it was really soft and mushy and the first end was hard and the rest of it was really soft. I wiped about 10 times and then i flushed and came back to what i was doing online

your name Whizzer
Does anyone remember which page or date the post is on about a girl with a skintight dress on, thong panties and she had to go in her boyfriends apartment or home. It was a long post and I dont remember who the girl was. I didn't write the page down. i also remember she had a hard time getting the dress up because it was so tight.


Hey everyone! I've been a long time lurker, and I do mean long time, but this is my first post.
There's a funny bathroom scene in the movie Detroit Rock City. These three guys are skipping class in an attempt to win KISS tickets. To avoid getting caught they run into the girls bathroom and hide in a stall. All three of them stand on top of the toilet so others will not be able to see their feet at the bottom of the stall. While standing, they peek over at the stall beside them and see a pretty cheerleader sitting on the toilet. She farts a few times while peeing and they're trying not to laugh. Then all of a sudden the toilet they're standing on collapses, as well as all the stall walls in the bathroom. The girls screams when she sees the guys are responsible for the walls collapsing.
It's probably one of the funniest bathroom scences ever.

I have a question for everyone out there: What do you think would be the most embarrassing public place to have an accident?

Hi ppl,

Just wondering whether any1 can list down those movies that have the scene where the girls/ladies taking a shit, taking a shit after a laxative or having upset stomach..

I love it when women are frank and admit to their toilet habits, farting and pooping, instead of pretending that they dont' ever do it to be "lady like". It is tremendously cool to have a girl talk freely about her body and its functions, it IS ladylike because she is a lady!
I love the sensuality of a woman. email me at to say hello and have a great day!

Hey, all:

I am a lady, who values my privacy, more than the thought of seeing/hearing a gentleman on the loo. Although I do find that exciting. The other day, our boss informed us that we were going to have a unisex-loo! I told Stuart "You can't be serious. Any pervert can stand on a toilet seat and look over the cubicle wall while a woman is sitting on the toilet. Give us some privacy please." We've yet to see, if my plea has fallen on deaf-ears.




Hell girl, its not like u at all not to be launching out a big log with the world of farts and gallons of gushing pee, i am jealous that way sweetie cause my bowel movements havent been great lately, even though on average i poop once a day, i never seem to drop a real heavy load anymore and im not sure why that is. Im sure in the next short space of time u will need to poop real bad and heavy and i so cant wait to read about all the shit thats been stored up! im sorry if u do have to have an enema hon, such an unpleasant experience but im confident ur extreme movements shall return baby!
I have a little problem of my own at the mo, after i have a dump, i always seem to be wiping for ages, it takes half a toilet rool to get me clean and even after that i always seem to experience itching now everytime i poop, i so wish someone could tell me why? its so irritating and as a result i dont enjoy my poops as much as i used to so if anyone can shed any light id be made up?

must go pee now, take care Cramalita, have faith and hang in there our much loved pooping queen! everyone else- Grunty Bogwell, Julie and Billy and Kevin i so love ur great stories and to all my dear friends happy pooping!

love Susanne xx :o)

KENDAL -- Hugs, dear -- you're having some wonderful fun, and it's so great to see you happy! Your tropical storm was delightful, and I was grinning as I read about you popping out a poo as well! I know it would have been embarressing at the time, but I thought it was as cute as the angel involved!

Hey, how about Louise's adventures? Are you getting into the spirit for summers to come? This is the WSPC -- and the Girls' Pee-Team! We've got some wilderness to water (and walls!)

STEVE & LOUISE -- CONGRATULATIONS! But I'd have been stunned if you hadn't -- really! I hope you have the most gorgeous wedding and ... all of it! Yes, everything you could possibly want! Words fail me -- sniff, sniff -- so there's another of this board's favorite daughters (and sons!) a-gittin' hitched soon!

I'm delighted you know the show I was talking about -- I LOVE that one, I know the script backward! They were past masters at lavatory humor, but in a context that was both hideously natural and still this side of "blue." It's hard to think both those actors have been gone for many years, they brought laughs beyond number, and I can think of heaps more "bog" and "po" gags from other episodes... I agree, the holly wreath was agonizingly funny. As soon as Albert put it on the toilet seat you KNEW what was going to happen, but the rest of the scene was played just long enough, with enough fresh gags, for you to *forget* about the wreath -- then the scream!

I've pooped twice daily for a long while -- three was excessive, yes! But for several days while my anus was healing I managed just once a day, which was a relief in a whole other way! Thanks for being concerned (here's a hug!)

MARGE -- I'd like to echo Steve's words -- you have a serious case and if I can help you, please let me. Just yesterday I stood casually behind a fence and had an easy stand-up wee, starting and flowing naturally despite there being another woman doing the same not far away, in plain sight of me. A few years ago it would have been utterly impossible, today it seemed not such a big deal. YOU CAN DO THIS TOO!

FRED -- Your story about cleaning the sewerage tanks on ships reminds me of a story told by an old friend (now deceased) who was a bomber pilot in WWII. He was stationed at Morotai way up beyond New Guinea, and it was HOT. The latrine pits were fetid, as you would expect, and the only way to keep disease at bay was to sterilize the pits twice every day -- with flamethrowers! I rememebr him once remarking that isolation and privation did strange things to folks. He saw a man sitting there on the latrine comode (rows of open pots, I guess), who seemed to be reading the blank toilet paper, as if it was a letter... Whilst having explosive diarhoea. Still, they got used to roughing it: he was a B-24 pilot on 15-hour missions, and the loo was a 45-gallon barrel located amidships. During hard manoeuvres while under attack from marauding Jap fighters, if the waist-gunners shouted "Shee-yit!" that usually meant the barrel had broken loose...

RIZZO -- Have another hug, you're a sweetie of a man! Thanks for enjoying the story of my four-footer, it's not often that I feel really GREAT when I get up, but that time it felt like I'd performed a near-miraculous clearing. At my second go today I passed twin 11-inchers, easy as can be.

CARMALITA -- Hey, I love your pee stories too! They're sweet! You're sweet! You're all sweet! Now, you're bunged up, and by the time this is posted to the forum you'll probably have had your enema. I hope it didn't hurt and that it was completely effective. Renee obviously knows how to do it, so the experience should be as gentle as may be. I know how to give one, and would be delighted and honored to help a dear seniorita in difficulties. All it takes is the proper things, some warm water and a gentle touch, and you should be filling the toilet with enthusiastic expulsions in about half an hour. As I always say to folks, it's a bit scary at first, but there shouldn't be anything to be afraid of, and some folks absolutely swear by them.

You know, I am still absolutely furious that you were beaten up by some ape of a guy who wanted to enemarize you for his own entertaiment. Okay, Klysmaphelia is a well-known fetish, but it takes two to tango, and no means no. "When it comes to abuse, there ain't no excuse" is a saying I live by, and his bevahiour was vile. I wish I'd been there with a two-by-four, he'd have been the one with something introduced to his rear! Please accept a warm, smothering hug from your girlfriend in Aus. Now -- please let us know that you're okay!



.....I LOVE reading all the great to be so open....I've enjoyed listening since I was a kid...really enjoy hearing a good loud poop*big constipation stories..pushing, grunting....keep's great....I'll post a few of my own experiences real soon....

Hi everyone,
This is the story of how Annie and I started watching each other.
I was 8 and she was 9. She was visiting my family in the states one summer. My mum always thought she was a little on the wild side. Little did she know about me (teehee). One afternoon Annie said she needed to go to the loo. I hadn't ever seen her in there before. At that age there is the mystery of the human body for children. She asked me if I wanted to watch. At the time I was quite embarrassed but tagged along anyway. She pulled down her jeans and knickers and sat on the seat. I just sat on the edge of the tub and watched with amazement. She started peeing up a storm. Then her face got red and she strained and grunted. Now I was truly embarrassed but intrigued. She started pushing out a real log. She relaxed and then strained again. Mind you, she hadn't pooed in 3 days. This went on for it seemed donkeys years and then she sighed, took some paper, and wiped. She turned to me and asked if I had enjoyed it. I was so overcome that I mumbled something. Then she asked for ! me to do the same. I looked around the corner to see if any of our elders were coming and I took down my pants and sat. I strained and strained but couldn't do anything. She giggled and I giggled. For this was forbidden in our home. She kissed me on the forehead and said that it was ok, this would be our little secret, and that she loved me. I will never forget that. That was the start of our toilet bonding and our closeness.

RIZZO: Did I understand that you have 2 boys and they either graduated or are in school at British Universities? My eldest daughter is in law school and my other daughter is a freshman in college,here in the states. I'm nearly broke from "send me money Daddy", LOL!!

CARMALITA: HOLA! Your last story just had me in stitches! Hiding in the linen closet, eh? I did that, too!! You are wonderful!!

KENDAL: I will stop my sermonizing. You and Andrew know what to do to hold on to each other. Like you said, it is 2 years so you have time.
Hope you are doing well. Are you going to get to see your friend Kirsty? She sounds like a wonderful girl. By-the-way, Annie is all British and she can get a little posh at times,LOL! She did in her last email!! She can really tell me off when she wants to. I will really enjoy swapping stories with you. Love from Robby

ANDREW: Hello, my friend! Hope you are doing well. I probably will add some daughter stories along with my Annie stories. My cousin is still a little shy to write. She is supposed to to visit me for a few a days, here around the first part of October. She will be over here on business. Hope I can get her to share something then if not before. I will give her a ring across the pound today. Take care of yourself and I know you will take care of Kendal. Cheers and love from Robby.

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