Fil: I'm real glad that you enjoyed my stories. I'm new to this site and I appreciate the feedback. You are correct - urinary retention occurs quite often after abdominal surgery. We see it mainly in older men who already have enlarged prostates. Sometimes, we catheterize them even before they have surgery as a preventive measure. In general, with older patients, both male and female nurses do catheterizations in patients of both sexes. I'm the only male nurse on the surgical floor at our hospital and it would not work if I had to do all the males. The female nurses, however, don't like catheterizing younger dudes, i.e., guys from 14-40, although younger guys don't usually need it. During catheterization there is a lot of handling of the dick, so younger guys tend to get erections although these wear off pretty quick because the procedure is real uncomfortable. You can't catheterize a dude with an erection, so the female nurses leave the younger dudes who need it for ! me. I also catheterize female patients including the occasional young, foxy chick. I remember one patient by the name of Joe. He was a body builder, blond with blue eyes, about 30 years old and in for a hemorroidectomy. This is a real uncomfortable procedure and he developed urinary retention after surgery. The female nurses were all swooning over him before the surgery. After surgery, one of them was assigned to catheterize him. Despite his pain he developed a hard on and yours truly was called on to finish the job. I covered him up and eventually the hard on subsided and I got the catheter in place. Liked your friend, I emptied about 1 liter of urine from him and he was greatly relieved to have an empty bladder. I removed the catheter when he was dismissed the next day. Joe told me that I was the first dude ever to have touched his dick, but that many chicks had touched it. I was happy to be of service! Take care!

Hey, Laura:

Loved your story, about the lucky-guy who was able to see you dump! What I want to know, is have you ever, or would you ever, allow your boyfriend or husband, to stick his finger up your anus, and into your rectum? In other words, to give you a "digital rectal exam", like D.R.E. likes to call it. I would sure love to, that is for sure. Please give us a physical-description of you, and tell us what you dumped out of your butt, in the story where the guy watched you, in the public-restroom. In other-words, please tell us what you had to eat, that had turned to poop, and was coming out of your butthole, during the story, where the male-janitor saw your "exhibition".



BRYIAN, RIZZO- Glad you liked my story. I appreciate the positive feedback!

Don't have time to post a story today, will have one very soon though!


I just started working at a fairly new JC Penney It's only been opened about 3 years. I was shocked to find the doors were removed. It was embarrasing to use .

I like the picture of the lady up top this morning (Sunday). Looks as though she means business!

CC. If you look through the archives I think you'll find plenty of female farting stories. I submitted one a year or two ago (although I don't know which page it's on) about an occasion many years ago when my much loved Aunt Anne was visiting and she did about half an hour's worth of pre-dump farting before eventually going to the loo. In the event she made it on time (luckily for her) but with seconds rather than minutes to spare. Also I posted about another incident involving a girl at my secondary school (also called Anne) who could fart a lot and once did some farts on the coach after a day trip. Similarly I had a teacher (called Mary) who once spent about half a period doing farts in class before going to the staff loo. Sarsen may be interested in this!

As a general rule I think women have historically tended to fart only when they've really needed to expel gas or been overdue for a poo whereas it's tended to be acceptable for men to let rip for a dare when with their mates. That said, I recently heard some young women using language on a bus which a generation ago would have been unthinkable. By extension I guess it's probably now acceptable for women to let off for a dare.

Carmalita. There's nothing unusual about being bunged up for a few days. It's quite normal. Renee will probably have given you an enema by the time you read this but I don't think it's anything to worry about. If you went for four or five days without doing anything I think a natural laxative such as fruit - figs and dates are particularly good - would be in order. However I don't think any kind of action is necessary simply because you've missed say 2 days.

Hello,all-glad to see some of the regulars posting again with some good stuff-it's benn real busy with me lately and haven't benn able to post too much lately,but i've been reading the forum every morning and printing some of the really juicy ones and bringing them to the bowl with me as i poop-i have a few stories that I will tell you all as soon as I have some time.had 2 meetings in the woods with Donna and a bunch of dumps out at the beach toilet that were pretty fun,but just been too busy to post them-hopefully soon-BTW good pic on the masthead with a girl hovering above the bowl and you can see her poop in the bowl-good stuff! more pics like these!Say hey to RJOGGER,JANE,CARMELITA,KIM & SCOTT<PENNY and all the rest-I'll have some of my own stories soon to tell you all and maybe some of you will print them and take to the bowl with you to enjoy!Must go to work! BYE

PPG--I don't think that soft stools are part of my condition. I think it started because when I was little I would not take the time to go and pooping was a very negative experience for me in the vicious cycle that I would hold in it and then it grew so big it would hurt and I would be afraid to go again.

Steve and Louise: CONGRATS!!!!!! :) Health, happiness, et al.

Yesterday I was very sick (asthma attack) and kept drinking and drinking and drinking. I had to pee like every 20 minutes. It was horrible because I spent my whole day coughing, drinking and peeing. I ended up having to go to the ER too, but I'm doing much better today. I'm just so drugged up. Does anyone know if steroids have any affect on going to the bathroom? Just wondering to know what other syptoms I should expect...

kim ands scott
TO STEVE AND LOUISE-hello there. congratulations on your engagement.more stories from spain please.and thank you both along with fellow poster julie in your sympathy for the great tragedy in america!
TO CARMALITA-hello there. thanks for the nice comments about scott and I. we appreciate it.
TO KATHY(RJOGGERS WIFE)-hello there. thanks for the nice comments that you and your husband give us. we appreciate it .we like you too!and I do exercise alot with scott. we swim,lift weights,jog and do other cardiovascular well.
TO CURIOUS D-hello there.I probably would take a huge dump while you where in the ladies room cleaning up. and since I love to show off my huge logs I would probably leave it there unflushed so you can admire it for size and length. I think if I did this you would like what you a few years ago I went to a party for a friend at this public place. when everyone was leaving I stayed late to clean up a bit. I suddennly felt the need to have a huge motion so I walked into the bathroom. I opened the door and I saw a cute,young janitor in there that was also muscular.he said I could use the toilets while he cleaned so I did. I quickly went into a stall. and since I am a bit of an exhibitionist I left the door slightly open. as I quickly stripped everything off except my gold chain saying "kimberley!' around my neck..I then sat my ass on the bowl and put both hands on the back of my legs,raising my legs up,bending my knees to my chin .I use this position because it gives ! me leverage to crash my logs out plus I wanted to give this guy a real show!. I then pushed as my ring and butt quivered excitedly and expanded as a large log started to appear from my ass. I pushed harder as my log grew bigger and bigger and my ring expanded wider!I then moaned "ooohhh!" as I pushed really hard as my once big log grew gigantic!I then took a final deep breath as I pushed real hard"OMIGOD!" I moaned in delight as "BOOM!" I exploded a massive torpedo into the bowl. my log landed into the bowl with such a splash the water came up and splashed my quivering ass! I then looked into the bowl and saw a huge brown missile in there. half of my log was in the bowl hole while the other half stretched all the way past the bowls water up the porcelain! I then took out my measuring tape and measured my log at 20 inches long. 3 inches thick.I then wiped myself,held my used toilet paper and did not flush. I wanted this hunky guy to see how fantastic I went into the bowl! he ! was looking at my performance the whole time!!I then got dressed. left the stall. and threw my paper away and washed my hands. as I was leaving the janitor noticed I did not flush so he wanted to check out what I did."see anything you like!!" I said flirtatiosly as I heard him say "ooohhh my god!" in shocked surprise and great arousal. I think I made that guys day folks! hoped you liked the story all. be well.

I used to go to school in wallington a suberb of London. The teachers were not allowed to let yu go to the toilet except at breaks and so most of used to have accidents - usually wet in my case but sometimes a bit messy with follow through farts that stained my boxers badly. At 15 we had our exams and I was late on the bus and things went badly wrong and I wet myself before I got to school - left a lake on the floor of the bus and my clothes were soaked from half way from my knees right over the top of my trousers. At school I had the ultimatum - exam or toilet - I had to go to the exam in my wet pants. Then I had to hold back a poo. I knew it would be stiff but I did not want to do it in my pants in the exam. At the end of question 4 I had no option and raised by bottom ff the chair and the forst lump smootly slopped into my briefs - not boxers thank God. I stood up at the end of the exam the rest slipped in. The final push was moist and went up my back through the to! p elastic of my pants. I had to walk home!! I shall be back with more tals of school life soon.

I had a great dream last night! I was in this house with a really pretty girl, she was gorgeous. Anyway she made her way to the toilet, it was like a large share house because there were two stall in there. I followed her in and she gave me a surprised look. I watched through the gap between the stall and the door as she undid her jeans and took them off. I then looked over the stall door (which for some reason had shrunk enough so I could do so, remember this is a dream :) ). She had a surprised look on her face as she sat there on the toilet. I think I said something to her at this point but can't remember. Another girl came in and took the stall next to her so I had a look at her too. "I'll watch you" I said to the girl who'd just come in and was seated on the toilet. "And I'll watch you too" I then said to the original girl. Both of them looked shocked!

I then looked at the original girl and she had a concentrated look and I said "Are you shitting!?" to which she nodded. Funnily enough there were no sounds. I can't remember what happened from there on.

Bryian: They didn't actually show the poo coming out of the guys arse, but like I said they showed a picture of it. Earlier in the episode, the four blokes are searching the guys cell for the key and they find a bucket which they show the contents of, it was a turd in some piss. They only showed it for a split second though.

Diane: You might be right about my Mum putting down paper because she knows I listen. In previous posts I have posted how, when creeping upto the toilet door, sometimes the floorboards creak. After all these years I know where they creak and don't creak so most of the time I'm fine but there is the odd occasion where I get caught out. It's not so bad when the fan in the toilet is on because you couldn't hear it then. My Mum is also a bit shy when it comes to this sort of thing.

Austin: I know what you mean about only having one family. Compared to a few years ago I don't spy as much as I used to. There was a time when I'd sneak upto the door just to listen to a wee but now I only do it if I think Mum will poo. You sound like someone who likes to spy in public toilets, I'm like that too although I try not to do it much these days. If I need to poo while out, I'll always try to listen to whats happening in the ladies room through the walls. It got to the stage though where I'd go into public toilets solely to listen in, even if I didn't have to go myself.

Sunday, September 23, 2001

STEVE: Hi there! Do tell my dearest? What are these stories you are keeping from me? I look forward to hearing them. If you like, you can tell me whilst I have a wee!
LOUISE: Sorry for not writing a lot recently but I have something to tell you! I don't have a lot of time now so I'll save details for another time, but the short story is that I have pulled! My question is this. I love the way you and Steve can share things and be open about going to the toilet. I've only known this guy for about a week (his name is Mark), and I don't know what his views are on such things, but it would be really nice to be able to go to the toilet etc together. So far he seems quite reserved about such things.Any ideas?

Vegetable Medley

That is an interesting story about flooding the restroom. It's a good thing you did telling the receptionist. how old are you? why were you getting x-rays? do you have any other stories? i think it'd be better to flood and tell then flood and leave and everyone know you flooded it and didn't tell.. doesn't everyone here agree? plus you make the janitors' jobs easier, i imagine it would be easier to clean up sooner rather than later.... did any of your jobbies come up over the rim too? that is my worst fear... that someone will see my overflowed poo on the floor. anyway, have a nice day

Hola amigos,

KATHY: Oh, how nice to hear from you again! You absolutely delight me! Rick is such a sweet man, you must love him silly. (I've been calling him 'Rich' , have I been making typos all this time?) I take it that he's been affected by the disaster, but my prayers have been answered that he is safe. I worried about Buzzy so, and also Upstate Dave and Diane whom I haven't heard from yet. I pray that they have survived. So, Rick sleeps without a shirt huh? Does he sleep without anything else? (hee-hee, just teasing!) Kathy, that was such a hot story! I had to read it twice. I think you and I have a lot in common when it comes to pooping. I also make lots of exit noise as well as grunting and straining. My philosophy is: 'spare the grunt, spoil the turd'. I forgot that you two have the dual toilets in your bathroom. I wouldn't have minded sharing them with you at all! You are such a sweetheart. I'll get the girls to post here. Renee is always busy, and so is Patsy these days, but! they do get a chance to read in here, sometimes over my shoulder.
CURIOUS D: I'd do it for you anytime!
RIZZO: Hi sweetie, I've really missed you! I'm glad you liked my pee in the tub. I didn't notice any softening on the soles of my feet, it just felt warm and good. Yes, Tesa is an absolute sweetheart who wouldn't harm anybody. She just ran into some bad luck with the wrong people is all. Thanks for thinking about her, I'm sure she'll read your comments. She still comes over to visit.
STEVE: I'm so glad you liked my pee-pee hon! I'm honored that it delighted you in that special manly way. Jake says he loves your compliments and not to worry. He likes you. I'll try to do more pee stories just for you and anybody else who likes them. I never thought they were very popular. Here's one that I think you'll love.
Last night at the community center, the one with the doorless stalls, I had to do one of my big pees because I'd been drinking pop like crazy there. I was wearing jeans, a navy blue sweater, and my white platform Skechers. I slid my pants down, wiggling my hips with anticipation. With pants and panties below my knees, I sat down and let out a bunch of gas which fortunately, didn't smell. I had to pee so bad it almost hurt. It took the water a few seconds to finally find it's way out. Once the flow started, it splashed really loudly. Oh, it felt soooo good! It tingled my toes as my stream got harder and more furious. There was a warm feeling crawling all over me, even tickling my breasts. The pee kept coming and coming, and I felt relief with what felt like every gallon. I sat for a few minutes as the last drops left my body. Pulling off toilet paper, I was about to wipe my vagina when another rush of yellow squirted out. I let out a tiny sigh of relief at the extra water l! eaving me. I then grunted hard, felt a giant turd wanting to come out and pushed like crazy. Then, nothing! I couldn't poop! I still can't this morning, and I'm all plugged up and miserable! Renee has already warned me that when I do go, to use the bucket because I'll be crapping an awful lot. She said if I can't go by tonight, she'll be worried about me, and insists that I have an enema, which she'll administer. It'll be my first one, and I'm a little nervous about it. I had a bad experience a while back where some guy beat me up because I wouldn't have one for him to watch.
LOUISE: Hi hon, I just wanted to see how you were doing. Having read about you for so long, I can certainly see how beautiful you must be in real life. Just reading about you here gets my heart beating! I'll bet Steve is a happy man having you around. I hope you can tell me all about those Spanish men peeing, I'd love to hear that. I often watch Jake when he does. He dosen't hold onto his penis, but just lets it hang down. He says it dosen't need any help from him LOL! He usually just puts both hands on his hips, or if he's been drinking lots of beer, he'll put one hand on the wall and lean over the toilet. Rrrggghhhh! I hate that! How about Steve, does he hold onto his?
EST: Tesa told me that it's okay for me to tell anything about her here. Yes, she's told me many, many pooping stories about her prison experience. Her first few days were the worst. Their toilets are just mounted on the wall with no seat, and no flush handle, only a button that you push. Their cells had doors with a window in them, and guards could look in and see everything. She did tell me one thing that was pretty interesting though. Her cellie (cell mate) was a black girl whom she says resembles Patsy a great deal. Anyway, this girl was always good for a morning shit. Tesa would lay in her bunk pretending to be asleep, watching this girl take a big dump every morning. Tesa would pull the blankets up around her nose to avoid the smell, but would watch the rest of it. Anyway, that was just one of the stories she told.
SUSANNE: Thanks hon for your support. I'm a little worried about getting an enema. I know I'll have to have one. Renee is very insistent upon it. It's been two days since I've pooped, and I'm miserable. I hope it dosen't hurt. Oh well, I can take it.

I don't know why I thought of this, but when I was 13, I hid in the bathroom and spyed on one of my brother's friends when he took a shit. We had a tall linen closet, and I was inside, peeking through the door that was slightly ajar. I should write this up for everyone to read. But for now, I have to get ready for my day! Hasta luego!


Billy & Kevin L
Yesterday I did not have to poop at all. I could feel there was a big load, but I just did not have to go. At school, I had lunch, then I had to go. The bathroom is next to the caf and the people from the school office use it. The girls room was closed for cleaning. You could some puked on the floor at the door. I went into the bathroom, and was about to sit down, with my pants, around my knees. A mother and little boy about 3 came in. She said is it ok if we come in so he can go? I said sure. The boy sat on the toilet and peed. Then he pooped. The whole time the mom was fartign really smelly farts. HE got up and she wiped him. There was one turd, about 1/4 in by 6 in floating in the toilet. He said, mom are you going to poop too. She said, yeah. I can't wait. She sat down on the toilet. She farted real loud, and push a bunch of turds, like 10 in 5 seconds out. Then she peed for about 1 minute, and wiped. She wiped like 4 times. She got up. There was a huge pile of poop, about! 10 turds 4 or 5 in by 1 in. THey were all floating. While she was wiping, I started to wipe. I only need to wipe twice. I looked at my production. There was about 3 big turds, maybe 6 in by 3/4 in and then about 50 little turds on top. We both flushed, washed our hands. She said sorry about that. I said sorry about what? We all have to go. She siad yeah.

After school, we went over Jamies house. We were playing video games and I had to go poop again. Sometimes when I have to poop, I start really farting. This was one of those times. Her mom brought in a snack. After the snack, I said I need to use the bathroom. Jamie is very open about her pooping, but her parents aren't. Jamie said, you better put the fan on. I smiled. I went inot the bathroom and put the fan on. Bob said he need a poo too, so he went in too. Bob said I'm first. We usually say something like that only when we really need a poop, so I let him go. He sat down and pushed out 3 logs. He wiped. Then I sat down and pushed out a pretty big log and then two little logs. I was about to wipe when Jamie came in. I said, won;t your mom be mad at you? She said that she ran out to the store for some cerial. I said ok. SHe said, are you done? I said, yeah. I got up. She looked in the toilet and siad billy you really had to go. I said yeah. Then she sat down on the toile! t. She peed a bunch, wiped her front and got up. We washed her hands and left. About 1/2 later, her little brother got home from his friends. He went right into the bathroom and peed. He flushed the toilet and washed his hands. He said to us, you guys should flush the toilet when you are done. You left quite a load.

When I was on a trip with two of my aunts we shared a hotelroom together so after we unpack one of my aunts went to the toilet to doo doo but I did not know that she had the door open until I went to get a glass of water and saw her on the toilet and she ask me for a cup of water and I gave her a cup of water and after she flusht she told me that is the way they use the toilet with the door open so the next day after we ate we came back to the hotel and I felt a dookey comeing and went to the potty and as I sat on the seat the dookey came pouring out and while I was steal sitting both of them came in and started to get ready for bed as one of them came into the bathroom to take a shower while I was still on the toilet so she toke off her clothes and she got in the shower. ps and that was the greates trip I have ever tak! en.

Poop water
Rizzo - it went out the window right by the entrance to the apartment complex, but it was late so no one walked by while he did it.

Here's another story I have up my sleeve. It was near holloween and my friend and I were still in elementary school. It was the weekend and we were planning to go to the local holloween event, but before we left both of us had to pee. So we decided to play swords (thats what we called peeing and crossing streams). While we were peeing I accidently turned and peed on him. I don't know why I turned, I just did.

and another story. I was riding bike back from our local department store and I had some change in my mouth, this is also back during elementary school age. I hit a bumped and swallowed one of the pennies. My mom took me to the doctor and gave me some digestion stuff. So I had to poop in a bowl for the next couple days while my mom checked the poop to make sure the penny made it through my system.

and lastly. It was second grade and we were doing some school work. I had to crap extremely bad but the single bathroom in our classroom was taken. So I waited until it was open but as soon as it was someone else took it. This happened a couple more times and finally I ended up crapping my pants. I was wearing long underwear since it was cold out so it hid it fairly well. But thats not the end of the story. I thought no one had known about it, but at recess some kids came and started asking if I crapped my pants. One of my friends came to my rescue and actually put his face toward my butt and smelled. He said he didn't smell anything. So I got away with it for the most part.

I got a few more stories left, I will post them later.

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