I have an embarrassing story to relate. I went to have x rays the other day, and afterwards i waited in the waiting room for the pictures so I could take them to the doctor. Well, I had been out all morning and hadnt had my morning dump, so I went in the little unisex restroom, and sat down on the toilet. I had a nice poop, everything coming out fine. But--I pooped a LOT! Then I had to wipe about 10 times. So guess what? When I flushed, up went the water and over the rim, and all over the floor. I flooded their restroom! But I was nice, I told the receptionist. She said it was okay, and put up an out of order sign.

Electra! Jill! I'm a big fan of your stories, the ones you posted on that other board. It's sad what happened to it... anyway, i just wanted to say that i'm glad you can give us some new stories.

Billy & Kevin L.
Yesterday, after school, our cousin Billy, Bobby, Jamie, and Ken over after school. Usually, we play soccer after school, but it was raining. I made my usual morning poop at school, but felt the need for another poop. We started to play games. Billy, Kev, me and Bobby where playing monopoly while Jamie and Ken were playing video games. About 15 minutes after we started, mom asked us if we want some snacks. She cut up some apples and we had grapes and stuff. After the snack, Jamie said she was going to the bathroom. I said to use the guest bathroom because I needed to go too. She said ok. Kev, me and my brother Jeremey all needed to poop. And Boby needed a pee. Jeremy got there first and sat on the big toilet. I said sat down on the little toilet. We always leave the door open. Ken, said, what are you doing? I said pooping. He said, can't you wait for the Jeremy? I said, why? You have to go and the sooner we get done pooping, the sooner we can play. He siad, ok. Jeremy was done! in about 30 seconds. The little potty and the toilet are next to each other. He dropped 3 turds. He needed some help wiping, so I cleaned him up. Then kev sat down. By this time, Jamie was done. She came back to start playing video games. She looked in the bathroom. She said, billy, that thing is for little kids. I said, I just wanted to get back to monopoly. Then I finished pushing out my last turd and a let out a big stinky fart. Then I wiped. Kev was still going. Josh came in and sat down on the potty and started pooping over my turds. Jamie siad, that is better. The little kid on the potty and the big kid on the toilet. So when Josh was done, I helped him wipe.

WHile we were playing games, Jamie said how can you guys poop like that? I said, like what? On the little potty. I said, what is the big deal. We poop to get rid of waste. The faster we poop, the sooner we can do other things. It is like when we are in the woods or playing soccer and we poop in the woods so we can play faster. She said, ok.

Awhile back someone mentioned that women have larger bladders than men. I don't know whether or not that is true. but I do know that since I am badly pee shy with a very bashful bladder I am forced to hold a very full bladder a long time--sometimes 8-12 hours. I never can go in the girl's room at high school and at a date to the movies I never bother to try afterwards. Sometimes my boyfriend asks why I never visit the ladies room. After going to supper together and sitting in the movie for 2 1/2 or 3 hours he always needs to pee bad and goes to the men's room. He has commented on my great capacity. (One time recently we spent all day at an amusement park, about 14 hours. He couldn't believe that I didn't go all day. If we go back to his apartment after a date, I don't try to use his bathroom. If he presses me about it I finally relent and go there. I run the water. I flush a couple of times, but still nothing comes out. Finally after many hours he takes me home. Even in my own! bathroom, it takes me forever to get going. If I measure my pee after all day at school or after a long day, it is at least a quart and as much as a pint and a quart.I wish that I could get rid of this abnormal problem and pee normally like all my friends.

Any females out there who are to shy and embarassed to poop in public, or when someone is around?

big c
i would just like to know if anyone had any good female fart stories
also when gretel would do another post. thanks

Hello to all of you!

LAWN DOGS KID, yesssss! It finally made it, your amusing story of you and Kendal. I laughed heartily when her second fart, the booming one, resulted in an involuntary poo that bombed a bird! Branchy Bottom. Well yes, it does convey the idea of a knobbly brown protrusion. It is not a very flattering name now, is it? No wonder her last gush of wee got you! Showery Shorts again, or could you say Showery Shirt this time? About you taking care of Kendal; you have totally convinced me that she is in the best of hands, no more need to be said! I have probably got on your nerves anyway by now, by badgering you to take good care of her. Then there is Kate. You think that she is too young? Dear Andrew, girls usually look, or better to say ogle, boys who are older than themselves by at least two years! Unless of course it is someone they know to be as kind and as caring as you are. Therefore I presume that you are probably beeing ogled by girls from 8 to 18, at least :-). Ask Kenda! l. - You mentioned the cartoons of Wacky Races and Stop the Pigeon - I remember seeing those with our sons. Both have graduated from universities in England. They were home between terms for holidays (even involving flights from Stansted, Heathrow or Gatwick in our case), so Kendal needn’t be upset by thinking so far into the future and worrying that she would never see you. Looking forward to your future lavatory exploits, love from Rizzo. Give Kendal a squeeze, will you?

CARMALITA dear, I really enjoyed your variation on the theme, the hot pee in the bath tub - did it soften the skin on the soles of your feet? - and the subsequent poop on the toilet with the seat up. Poor Tesa, two years for a minor offence? Sounds inhuman to me. And the cost falls upon the taxpayer in the end. But your story makes superb reading! I hope everything goes well with your wedding as planned! Give my love to Renee! Love from Rizzo.

KATHY, RJOGGER’S wife, whoah, you too can really write a crackling story! Great stuff! Twin toilets too! Made my day! Love from Rizzo!

ROBBY, I really liked your story of you and Annie rushing to the loo with her knickers down! It is beginning to dawn on me why my father was so fond of his cousin, one of my aunts. Both have died years ago. I looked at pictures of them in ancient photo albums and see them with different eyes now. They were certainly very close, they could have been like you an Annie for all I know. BTW, I am six years older than you are. Hope to read more of your Annie stories! Cheers from Rizzo.

Hi PV dear, those funny anecdotes made me laugh, especially the one with the wreath of holly left on the toilet seat! Ouch! And thanks for that lovely hug of yours, it brightened my day, I was feeling a bit depressed. Love and hugs from Rizzo.

VINCE, I too have encountered an amazingly long pee by a lady. I was a student at university at the time and had gone to skiing holidays with a group os students. After a copious breakfast with lots of coffee I had just missed a bus to the slopes, so I decided to walk. After three quarters of an hour a need to pee that had begun as a nagging feeling was now foremost in my mind, but then, just when I started to look out for a place for a squirt, a car passed by with skiers offering me a lift, skis and all. I accepted. It still took more time than expected because of a minor accident that held us up. It would have been quicker to have walked the rest of the way! By now the urge to pee had grown to a loud imperative in my mind! I propped my skis against the wall at the car park and started to hurry towards the public toilets with the doors on the far side some fifty yards away. At that moment I saw a pretty young woman come striding out from behind the toilet building, then t! urn about abruptly and stride back with quick steps. She disappeared round the corner of the toilets obviously to go to the entrance. By the time I arrived she was nowhere to be seen. I dashed past the ladies’ which seemed to be full, and almost ran into the gents’, and while a powerful spring banged the door shut behind me I undid my fly on the way to the urinals and pulled out my willie, squeezing it hard to make the remaining distance without peeing all over myself. Aaaaaaah! The relief! There was nobody in sight except somebody in one of the two cubicles who was pissing away noisily. By the time I had finished what seemd to me an endless pee, the tinkling was still going on in the cubicle! I zipped up and went out to linger some distance away to see what guy had to pee so much, and in a cubicle at that. My surprise was great to see the afore mentioned young woman come out of the gents’! Of course, the ladies’ was full of women, she had dashed out to see if there was anywh! ere else to go, had decided it was too far to the restaurant and hurried back to use the empty gents’ toilet. She must have peed at least twice as long as I had, having been going as I came in, and having continued all through my pee and my leaving again!

POOP WATER great story of the guy peeing out through a screen window! Where did it go?

CAROL dear, your stories also make fun reading! I grinned at your idea of Jobbie Doubles! Take care, love from Rizzo!

That’s it for today, good solid motions to all from Rizzo.

I've read about people using train toilets, but how about pissing out of a train? Years ago in my misspent youth I used to visit a pub deep in the English countryside. At closing time we would leave the boozer chock full of ale and get the train back from the nearby station. This was a small branch line and had ancient rolling stock, the separate compartment type with no WC. So, train starts moving, bladder starts bursting, what to do? Open door window (yes, the old strap job) and point Percy, that's what. And then watch half the stream come back at you, and the other half come in the open window downstream. And of course, once you start, you really have to finish. Result: soaked trousers and groin, and rainstorm in the next seat bank. Mind you the train still smelt the same, typical British Railways as it was in the old days.

I've also dumped on ships in extreme weather, when the anus and the pan are fixed in space but the turd in between swings with the ship! Some interesting impacts around the bowl result.

While working at sea I often got the job of cleaning out sewage units. These are interesting if only to see what builds up in the bottom. Undigested faecal matter maybe 4m long, 2m across and 0.5m high. And what's in it is a revelation! What do people eat? Gravel? (on a ship??)
It could only be cleaned out with a fire hose, which blew it back all over the person doing the cleaning. Yeeuch, and not friends for a week, it wouldn't wash off.

To Carmalita,
Oh wow! I tell you, you have some ability when it comes to descriptive writing. It was a lovely warm, sensual pee you had while squatting in the bath, and in my mind's eye I can picture the scene very well. I can just imagine the beautiful yellow stream squirting from between your lovely latina legs. The way you describe the sounds completes your story so well, and for me, reading it puts a picture in my mind that is to me pretty close to actually being there. I'm sure it would have been a delight to personally witness, though I would not wish to tread on Jake's toes, and I hope he would not mind me harbouring the mental images you have planted in my head. It had an effect on me, Carmalita, that you can probably guess at! Then there was the extra treat of another wonderful Carmalita turd, and what a wonderful size!
Seems like Kim has some competition!
Oh yes, I love the sight and sounds of women urinating. To see a girl urinate is a beautiful event, and there were many of them on the beach in Spain! Although I love seeing women in the act, if I had to pick one, it would be my darling Louise every time. Louise also has a fascination with male urination, particularly in my case, but on the Spanish beach she was in her element whenever she saw some guy relieve himself, so interest in peeing is far from being a male preserve.
Enjoy it, dear latina, and celebrate it. Oh, and once again, thanks for putting a delighted smile on my face!

To Rizzo,
Haha, yes. I think the boy, probably the type to enjoy a little outrageous behaviour anyway, realised that it would be more interesting to squirt his urine around a bit. It does appear to me that on nudist beaches, since the genitals are exposed anyway, many people just do not think an uninhibited wee is such a big deal. The first time Louise and I went, we were actually quite surprised that this was the case, and seeing some beautiful girls of around 20 years casually squatting in full frontal view and watering the sand was remarkable. Of course Louise enjoyed her own beach irrigations in such a carefree setting. On a non-nude beach, Louise has simply pulled aside her binkini bottoms at the crotch as she stood next to me looking out to sea at the water's edge to partly mask what she was doing. Similarly I have been able to take out my penis and relieve myself while she has been by my side.
On reflection, I wonder if 10 minutes is enough...

To PV,
I must have seen the 1973 Steptoe and Son Christmas show at least half a dozen times, and it still has not lost any of its edge in classic humour. The holly wreath on the toilet seat scenes, and the look of horror on Albert's face as he realises what a prickly experience Harold has just been through. It is a show that depicts such basic, crude facilities and language to match and it is so funny for that.
Interesting poo report, your last one. Three poos in a day?? You must be making up for lost time since your recent illness. I wonder if, in a way, it might be better if you had less frequent poos for a few days to aid the healing. A shame we cannot 'adjust' ourselves, isn't it?

Bye for now,


CuriousD: I've taken a shit in a public restroom while a male janitor was cleaning there. Whether I would do it again with you there depends on what you look like and how old you are. One evening I stayed late at the office and ordered some food sent in. While working at my computer I realized that I needed to poop. I went to the nearest restroom and walked in. I was real surprised to see a male janitor in there since there was no sign that the restroom was being cleaned. He was a guy of about 22, a bit unkempt and unshaved, but he looked kind of sexy. He gave me a broad grin. He told me that he would be done in a few minutes and I could come back later or just go ahead and use the facilities. I decided to go. I went into one of the stalls and closed the door. I pulled up my skirt and pulled down my panties and took a pee. I heard the guy outside and could see him glancing at me thru the crack in the door. I did not pay any attention, but went ahead and slowly sq! ueezed out a large log followed by three other logs. I then wiped myself including my pussy with the janitor now openly watching me thru the door crack. When I came out to wash my hands he kind of leered at me, but I just smiled and said goodnight and went back to my office. I am not much of an exhibtionist, but it is kind of fun to pee and squeeze out a large turd with a hunky guy watching.

Hey Marge where did you go? I miss your stories.

Infantry PFC: My grandfather had a similar experience to your team leader's father during WW2. He had to leave his dug-out to relieve himself. While he was away the position was shelled/bombed and, when he returned, he found his mates had been killed.

Electra: I'm still jetting about, when i have time i'll tell you all about the pooping experiences i've had, on the ground and in the air! Any stories with you? Work? Home?

Hi all,
here's a story of my ex-gf.
We'd gone away for a weekend together and had just returned from dinner before going out. I was getting ready, fixing my hair, that sort of thing in the bathroom. Well, in she comes and proceeds to sit on the toilet and begin peeing. This was no big deal as I'd seen this plenty of times before(even the night we met). I'd always told her how cute she looked sitting on the toilet, though she'd never taken a dump in front of me because she was always too embarrassed, particularly about the smell.
I thought she was done but she just sat there and asked if I was finished in the bathroom. I told her I was nearly done. The next thing I heard was a couple of very light plops followed by one big one. I was very suprised and she got a bit embarrassed, though the smell wasn't too bad. I was gently teasing her and she said 'I swear you're enjoying this!' I could see she was very embarrassed by now so I made a hasty exit.
She must have had an upset stomach because she made several trips to the toilet throughout the rest of the night while were out and most were for a number two.
Happy posting!


in response to ur question, an evian bottle has a reasonably wide neck, when i stand in a kind of squatting position, my pee falls straight out of my urethra. I do get pee over my hands or legs normally but i do loce the sensation of warm pee against my body and on my clothes full stop, sometimes i can hold my pussy upwards and pee out in front of me but not straight out obviously, many woman say they can pee like a man but im not sure

Carmalita, ur stories are getting better hun, i love em cant wait to read the next one

love Susi xx

To Megan: I liked your story about your bros friend wanting to watch you cool.

To CC: That is totaly cool...i get so excited too watching my logs come out in fact i did it last night it was fun but my logs weren't that big at all. I don't have too many dreams about people going to the toilet. In fact that was the first one i ever had where i was watching someone poop. When i have dreams about going to the bathroom im usally in a strange place and all the toilets are out in the open. Those are the types of dreams i have from time to time. I've never seen Lock Stock it sounds intresting. Did they show the guys shit coming out??

To Dakota: Cool story about being uncut

To Cody: I liked that story about geting paper for your friend Jason so he could

Do you have any stories about your friend Tesa and her pooping in prison that you could share-the thought of women prisoners pooping in toilets with no stalls and being watched by others is so hot.

Jim, fecal (faecal) impaction occurs when the stool is compressed in the rectum and even higher up in the descending colon and becomes very fat and hard and painful to pass. I know as this condition is one I have had since my teens from time to time. Luckily, my anal sphincter is well able to stretch to accomodate my elephant turds, though occasionally I will take a tablespoonful of Liquid Parafin, or insert some vaseline or KY Jelly to lubricate my back passage and ease it out,and I ensure I eat enough fibre to pass nicely formed and solid jobbies, large and fat but not too difficult to do. I dont usually strain but sit on the pan and let it do itself. When I was a teenager I did have a barium enema, ( a horrible procedure I can tell you!) and this showed that I have an enlarged rectum, a hereditary condition as my gran and one of my aunts have this, hence the big fat turds they and I pass. It isnt a problem to me, Im well used to it and enjoy doing a nice big poo!

Curious D, I often do a panbuster in the Girls Toilet in the school where I am an NTA (non teaching auxilliary) and the male janitor gets to see it. It doesnt bother me, Im not self conscious or ashamed of what I do, far from it! You might be interested in what happened a few days ago. I needed a poo and went into the Girls Toilet at lunchtime . Now some teenaged girl had already done a whopper in the pan I used and I suppose it was a bit naughty of me but I decided to buddy dump mine on top of hers, then again it was better to clog one toilet which was already bunged than block up another. The jobbie already there was a nice 12 incher of about 2 inches thick, smooth and curved. I slipped off my lab coat, hitched up my skirt and pulled my yellow panties down to my knees. I did a wee wee then sat and let the big fatty come down. My ring expanded and when I felt it start to come out I gave a little UH! NN! to get it moving. As usually happens it slowly emerged but I was in n! o hurry. I felt the lumpy jobbie grew in length then it tapered and dropped into the pan with more of dull "thud!" than anything as it hit the other big jobbie already there. I was finished, wiped my bum, pulled up my knickers and looked down the pan. On top of the unknown girl's jobbie lay my own, 8 inches long but 3 inches fat for most or its length then tapered looking all the world like and the size of a British milk bottle. It was a mid brown in colour. I knew that pulling the flush would do very little but did so anyway but both jobbies, mine and hers, stayed put. I left the combined load and went to wash my hands. No doubt the janitor removed it as next day that toilet pan was clear and in use.

CC seems to me she is on to your listening in if she puts toilet paper down to prevent the Ker-plonks! so be careful. This seems as very unsporting thing to do, I have never been bothered if someone else hears the sounds of my doing a motion, often the fatness of my jobbies means that they make a really deep sound if done into a decent sized pan like the one we have at home and you can hear the "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP! echo round the house.

You might think that someone like myself wouldn't ever have an accident in her panties. Well, I have had this experience. A few months ago I needed a poo but the big fat lump wouldnt come out. I inserted some KY Jelly to lubricate my back passage and got up off the pan, pulled up my white Sloggi maxi briefs and left the toilet. I suddenly remembered that I had to pay a bill and the Post Office closed in half and hour. I walked down to the nearby shopping parade, and as happens there was an awkward customer wanting to send a parcel to some foreign country and only one position open. Eventually I got served and by this time felt something moving down below. Now when a turd that big wants to come out its difficult to stop it. I started to walk home, there is no public toilet nearby, but soon felt the jobbie start to emerge so I stood still and let it come out into the seat of my knickers, glad that I was wearing a skirt not jeans. I felt it push away the seat on my panties an! d soon it had made a big bulge. As it was solid I had no fear of it squashing up and leaking out so I walked home with a slightly waddling gait. On getting home I went straight to the bathroom and slipped off my skirt. I could see the big bulge in the seat of my knickers, but when I stepped out of them I saw that the big turd, the same dimemsions as the one I describe above, hadnt squashed at all as it was very firm. I tipped it out into the toilet pan and put my skid marked knickers into the washing machine then had a shower and changed into a clean pair.

Tony, I didnt see the programme you mention but it sounded interesting. I wonder if they will mainting this coprological theme in later episodes?

I have been experimenting with incontinence pants. I put them on and then dressed in my favourite brown leather trousers and jacket. I visited the local shops and waited until I needed to shit. Just as I felt the urge to poo I passed my favourite leather shop. I went in and began looking through their leather skirts. After I'd been there for a minute or so, an assistant in a tight red leather mini dress came to see if I was ok. We began chatting about the leather skirts and I slowly pushed my first poo into my pants. I decided to try on a full length leather skirt, and did so in the changing rooms. I came out to get the shop assistants approval and whilst chatting released 2 more logs into my pants. I changed back into my leather trousers, paid for the skirt, passed a final log into my pants and left.

Jim: Sorry I did not explain more clearly. Fecal impaction means when a lot of hard crap fills up the upper part of the rectum resulting in obstruction of further fecal movement. It occurs in folks on prolonged bed rest, after surgery to the abdomen and in severe psychiatric diseases. Patients have nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and distension. On digital rectal examination hard crap is detected. You can't use laxatives for this because the crap is acting as an obstruction and the laxatives will make the abdominal pain worse. You can try enemas and we used these in that young dude, but they did not help because there was so much crap in his rectum that the fluid would not flow in. Fecal disimpaction means trying to break up the hard crap in the rectum using a finger. Yeah it sure can be painful and we use it as a last resort. I did that in this young dude. After that I placed a bedpan on the edge of the bed and helped him to sit on it with his legs hanging over th! e side of the bed. I had to help him since he could not move easily because of pain from his surgical incision. It was a bit difficult for him to sit up and I told him to put his arm around my shoulders to help keep him stable. I sat next to him on the edge of the bed. So I could not see the rest of his logs actually coming out. He could not strain much because of the incision, but I had put some lubricant in during the disimpaction and the logs slowly moved out. I held the TP roll for him when he was ready to wipe. I took the bedpan away when he was done so I got to see his logs. As you might imagine, there were a lot of them - all long, thick and dark brown. Hope this clarifies the procedure for you!

Bryian: I'm real glad that you liked my story! Unfortunately, as I mentioned, most of my patients are 70 years or older and they are not much fun. I don't have many stories about young dudes. However, I remember a guy from about 6 months ago. His name was Kevin. He was about 14 years old and he had been admitted to the surgical floor for repair of a hernia and partly undescended testicle. Usually, this is treated at an earlier age, but he was a farm boy and I guess his folks neglected things a bit. He was not my patient, but I saw him on rounds. He had dark brown hair and hazel eyes and a real nice smile. The day of his surgery, one of the young female nurses came to me all embarrassed and asked if I would do her a favor. She said that she had to shave Kevin's groin and balls for the surgery, but that every time she got near him he sprung an erection and she asked me to shave him. Again, I was happy to help! When I arrived with the equipment, his hard on had subside! d and I joked with him asking him why he was getting fresh with the female nurses. He was not embarrassed at all. He just grinned and said he could not help it because they were so cute! Anyway, I shaved him without incident. He had his surgery the same day. He was confined to bed for a while after surgery and when he saw me he asked if he could use the bathroom. I told him no and that I would bring him something to use. I thought he had to pee so I gave him one of those metal containers to pee in. He just grinned and said that he also had to do #2. Anyway, I brought him a bedpan and just kind of hung around while he used it. He squatted over the bedpan. I heard him fart and then piss loudly. I could not see his logs coming out of his butthole because his balls and dressings were in the way. I gave him a roll of TP to wipe his butt and watched him do it. He kind of stopped before the paper was clean and I made him clean up properly because his incision on his b! alls was not far from his butthole. I took the bedpan away and he had real nice logs. There were about 5 of them, all about 5-6 inches long and about 2 inches in circumference. I guess being a farm boy, he was real natural and did not seem to mind me watching him take a crap. When I get time, I'll post about some of my experiences moonlighting in a lab where we collected urines from employees for a big company for drug testing.

Well, Andrew and I are going to Cumbria this weekend to see my brother Thomas, and Kate and Emily of course. Now that Kate knows what we get up to, I just know she will laugh when she hears the stories about Andrew and the chair, which we feel we can tell her about now, and also my tropical storm. I'm so pleased that Andrew's story finally got posted !

LINDA GS: No calling me branchy bottom !! GRRRRRRR ! Just kidding. I can hardly tell you to call Andrew showery shorts if you can't call me branchy bottom ! I do hope my dearest on-line sister is feeling better by now, and I hope you have been enjoying the recent events of Andrew and me. By the way, we have both told each other off for teasing you too much lately. We hope you get your own back ! (GRRRRRRRRRR !) Well, have a lovely weekend with Cousin and Elena and Lynda and Kendal. I shall be nappy changing Thomas this weekend when I see him ! Lots of love from Kendal xxx ( XOSXOS from you know who !! ).

MEGAN: I'm sorry that you fell for that boy Nick. I know what its like to have a crush on a boy and to let him in the toilet with you, and then he blabs ! That happened to me once when a friend of mine, Chloe, had her cousins to stay. The boy was really nice to me until I finally fell for him and let him watch me on the toilet. Then he became really nasty to me, calling me names and things, and I know he blabbed to all his mates, telling them every little detail about how I go to the toilet and wipe and everything ! Thankfully, he didn't live near me, so none of his mates knew me, and I didn't have to suffer the extra embarrassment of a load of boys knowing me and knowing all the intimate details as well ! Thats why I only let people in with me who I know I can really trust now. I hope telling us all about it didn't bring back too many horrible memories. Other than that, I thought it was a good story and I enjoyed reading it. Love Kendal.

ROBBY: I liked your latest story about you and your cousin Annie ! So you are actually younger than her. I don't know why, but I had imagined that you were older, like Andrew is older than me. But that doesn't matter of course. Neither do I think that you're ancient. You're not as old as my Grannie and Grandad, so therefore you're not old at all ! I'm going to really enjoy swapping stories with you and hopefully Annie as well. Have you read all the old posts, or shall I tell you how Andrew and I started watching one another ? Love from Kendal x

AUNTY PV & LOUISE & STEVE: Yes, I'm enjoying being a member of the club ! And I have been enjoying the stories from Spain as well. I think you're right. The little girl should not have had a smack bottom for having a wee, especially when her Mum did it as well !! But I suppose it was because of the way she was doing it. If you stand with your legs apart and let rip so to speak, I suppose it isn't very discreet ! I don't think I could have done it like that. However, I bet my old friend Kate who used to post here a few months ago would dare to do it like that. She was a real dare devil, always weeing in public where people could see her !! Love from Kendal xxx

AUSTIN: I liked your story about the kids in the park having a picnic and using the toilets next to you. If I'd been one of the little girls and I heard you dropping your load, you can be sure that I would have tried to do the same for you, although with my generally floppy poos, you would have had to listen hard to me !! Love from Kendal.

UNCLE RIZZO: You really are a kind man ! I suppose Christmas will be the next time I get upset, but I know Andrew will comfort me and hug me on his knee and make it feel all better for me. If anything ever happened to my cousin Andrew then it really would be the last straw for me, I can tell you ! One day, when I'm grown up, I know I'll be able to manage without him. Hopefully I might have met a nice boy by then who will willingly take Andrew's place. But whatever, Andrew has been the absolute best thing ever in my life and I thank God for him. Sorry, I need a hankie ..... Right, that's better, now I've had a good blow of my nose ! Of course, there are other best things as well, like my dear Uncle and Aunty who are letting me live with them, and Thomas, and Kate and Emily, and Kirsty, and now my new friend Charlotte too ! And my dearest on line sister Linda GS. And last, but not at all least, you and my Aunty PV, and other friends I have here. In some ways my short l! ife has been very unlucky. But in lots and lots of other ways, I am incredibly lucky. And the best of the lot is Andrew, who I love with all my heart ! On the subject of him going to university which I discussed with Robby here, Andrew says that he will make sure that I am able to visit him at weekends just as often as I want ! But that is two years away, and we will make the most of each other until then, I guarantee it ! And you will get to know all the stories of course !! Lots of love from Kendal xx
PS I wonder if Kate will let any of us see, yet alone Andrew !! Emily whispered down the phone to me that she is going to save a great big poo for Andrew ! He's a lucky boy !

ELLIE & LITTLE LOU & COURTNEY & KEV: So now you will have been able to read about my tropical storm !! I hope you all enjoyed it, and my new nick name ! Speak to you all soon. I bet there will be a story from Cumbria to tell !! Can't wait !! Lots of love from Kendal xxxx

Thursday, September 20, 2001

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