Gaz: I'm a 14-year-old girl and you said you wanted some pooping stories. When I was about 12, my brother Pat (who is 2 years older than me) had his friend, Nick, stay with us for the weekend. I had a real crush on Nick and I made the mistake of telling Pat about it. Anyway, he told Nick and they kept teasing me. My folks went out in the evening and me, Nick and Pat were watching TV. We had popcorn and soda. After a while, I wanted to poop and got up to go to the bathroom. Pat asked me where I was going and I told him. Nick asked if he could go along because he wanted to pee. Because he was real cute I said yeah. I watched Nick pee and then sat on the toilet. Nick just stood there while I peed and also while I plopped. He watched while I wiped myself. Later I was sorry that I allowed him to watch because he told other guys in school about it.

Hola mi amigos,

JANE: Oh, thank you for such a beautiful compliment! It's nice to talk to people again. I've missed you too as I've always enjoyed your delicious stories!
PV: Thanks for the welcome. I've missed you!
ROBBY: Thanks for saying hi. I get a kick out of most of my situations too.
BUZZY: Hiya pal! I'm glad I'm still worthy enough to read in your own private library! I just realized that I won't be a seniorita much longer. In less than a month, I'm going to be a senora! I've missed a lot, how are things going with that hot gal you met in the woods? Are you two still sharing a roll of TP?
AUSTIN: You are such a sweetheart! But no need to be worried. We moved into a big house, and were disconnected from our ISP for awhile. We had to pay some bills off before we could re-connect. I like your stories, they make me laugh. I'll bet women just love you! Nice little story about the blonde latina sharing the unisex restroom. 2 questions: did she see you, and better yet, did she hear you plopping? Is this restroom open, or does it have partitioned stalls?
STEVE: Thanks for the beautiful greeting! I see that you're not only handy with your hands and Kung Fu, but with words too. Hey, Jake does some kind of martial art too. I'm not sure what it is, but I'll ask him. He works it out a lot. It looks kind of like a dance or something. I should have realized that you like pee stories as opposed to the other. You've got a beautiful honey to do such nice ones for you too. I always figure that men want to hear the poop stories. A woman pooping is such a rare thing for a guy to see (except when they're around me). I like pooping for guys if it turns them on so much. I never thought that peeing would be exciting too, but in a way, yes, I can see that it would be. I just figured that peeing was so common because it has to be done so many times a day, and dosen't smell bad, so it wouldn't be as embarrassing for most people. I logged on here early in the morning and had to pee really bad. After I got to your post, I decided to hold it unt! il I was about to burst. Here it is Steve, just for you.
I went into the bathroom, stretched my white hi-cut panties down to my ankles and sat on the toilet. I decided to hold my pee for a few minutes more. Knowing that you like it so much Steve, I got off the toilet, and stepped into the tub, squatted down and waited for the water to begin flowing out of me. After a second, or two, I felt my gates opening, and a hot stream of light yellow pee came out like a fire hose. It shot out in front until the stream quieted down a little. I have to admit it felt better than great! Squatting like that in the tub, the pee felt sensational, hot, and surging through me. I could feel it pushing its way out of me, more so than just sitting on the toilet. (I gotta get me one of those squat toilets, that's all there is to it!) I felt the piss, hot and soothing, pooling around the bottoms of my feet. It sounded like a small hose being sprayed on the tub porcelain. The more I went, the more came out. It felt so strong and necessary and warm as it ! gushed out of me. I gave a little shiver as it was almost gone. After a few seconds, another little burst came out for about 30 seconds. There in the tub was a warm pool of yellow, gradually flowing down the drain. It was really a nice, exciting pee because it felt so good coming out. I stayed squatted, and instead of wiping my black pussy, I just let it drip all the way out.

Now, for the turd. Still in the tub squatting, I felt a huge turd inside of me slowly coming out. I stood up, and rinsed off my feet at the tub's faucet. I don't know why I did this, but I lifted the toilet seat, and sat on the bare, cold porcelain. If anybody remembers my friend Tesa, she spent some time in prison, (only 2 years, no major crime), and she often told me about having to sit on the toilet in her cell that had no seat, just the cold, steel rim. So, I decided to try it myself. It was very awkward, and I had to sit more forward with my knees together for balance. It's weird, but the poop felt so much better coming out in this position. I grunted hard, pushed with my ????, and a nice, long fattie came squeezing out slowly at first, then plopped hard half in the water, half on the bare porcelain above the water. It had a nice strong smell, though not as stinky as my usual ones. I grunted again, and a few little plops came out, nothing of any size, just little Car! malita droppings. My big turd however, was giant! Again, about 18-20" long, and maybe 2-3" thick. It was lighter brown, and very nicely formed like a solid log. I wiped my butt good and an additional little bit of pee came out. This was about 4:30 in the morning. I get up early to exercise since I can't afford the gym any longer.

Special kisses to all of my lovely friends here. You men are all exciting, and you ladies are just gorgeous! See ya!


Jane--Yes, it can get hectic at times, but luckily I'm the one with the "off" morning schedule (my classes are all later than the others) so the only times that can be crazy are if we are all going out one night or something. But we manage...

PPG--I know how you feel. I feel like that's the story of my life. Occasionally, I'll have some nice good poops, but usually it just feels like I"m struggling to get nothing out or I feel like I'm constipated and just don't have to go. I did have a nice (albeit inconvient) poop last night (had a houseful of company and the bathroom is in earshot of the dining room...while I was in there, I could hear people asking where I was...). I had an exceptionally large meal last night (as well as the night before) and all the food is just sitting like an iron brick in my stomach (it's too high to feel like intestines right now...) So I feel like I've got a huge poop coming, but who really knows, I'm just not predictable like that...

#2--I don't dip the paper before wiping. And I don't have a regularly schedule or consistent urge time, but usually I have to go in the afternoon or evening when I get home from classes and the rush of the day. But it varies.

Bob--I really like your method of beginning to share bathroom time. I think that it would not bother me, although I'm a very private person, and I could see it happening cause I always brush my teeth, etc with the door open...

JW--No, I never had a stool manually removed. Read back in the history cause I have some stories there. My parents made me sit on the toilet every night for "toilet time" and try to go. I also had to take stool softeners, mineral oil, agarol (they said it tastes like marshmallow but it doesn't), ex-lax, etc. and none of that worked so I had to get enemas a lot. It was not fun and I always did these huge monster poops when I did go that always hurt so I kind of have a negative association with pooping.

Mornin' all-have a bit of time-some respomses
TO PV-Nice poo hon-i really enjoyed reading that one-you must have felt wonderful after that unloading!
TO CC-i too have often watched myself poop with a mirror many times(check my older posts)It's a lot of fun to watch the turd come out of my domed anus when i really got to do a good load-I really enjoy the " scenic" route!
TO JANE-Thanks for asking-I'm Ok.I really enjoyed your latest unloading in the ladies room-I printed it along with PV's and JOAN"s posts and read them as I was doing a nice load of my own-I read yours this a.m as i sat on the bowl and let out a long fart and did some really long turds that curled around the bowl as they rapidly exited my domed anus-I let out my poop as I read about you doing those 20 sec waves of soft,chunky poop as i let out my long ropes of poop-I too did a nice load this a.m-filled the bowl pretty goo-i feel like we are pooing together-I love your stories! Hey JANE,you should try the mirror thing as you poop-that would be a real interesting view-I for one would like to see that!Godd stuff,honey!We should do a buddy poo deep in the woods sometime!( I Know I've told you that before,but doesn't hurt to ask again!)Good stuff!
TO JOAN-I also enjoyed your buddy poop with your friend Anna-I would ahve loved to ahve been a bug on a leaf to see you 2 do your thing-you guys must have had to go bad, huh-I enjoyed that one!later,all BYE

Hi all:
Someone asked how long a person can between poops.
If I go real good like on a weekend, and do a 6 incher
and then some the day after I then won't need to go
again until sometime until the end of the week.
I used to be a every other day woman but something
changed that. I don't know what. I also found out what
caused my pain in my retcum(sp) years ago that even a
proto doc couldn't tell me.
I never did get a answer from the women if any of them
ever left any poop on a seat while sitting with a full
skirt without panties on.


Hi I'm a night shift Janitor at a supermarket and therefore get to clean the women's room! How many women in this forum would walk in the bathroom and shit out a huge log or panbuster and wouldn't mind if a male janitor, like myself, stayed in there to clean as you did your business? Thanks

J. Scott
In order to use my franchise gym membership while living out of state temporarily, I had to drive 13 miles to get there. During a late work-out while using the stomach machine, I felt a sudden 9 on the Reichter Rectal scale of rumbling and bloating in the intestinal tract.
Just then, the gym lights shut off of it was already past closing time. No time to use the bathroom way at the other end of the facility.

As I proceeded to my car, I tried to figure out where along the long trip back to stop on a late weeknight in a not-so happening town. I got to the first stop light and heard another big grumble. I strained to sit tight. I was unnerved by the sudden violent warning farts. No place in sight.

At the second stop light the flood gates opened filling my loose sweats with hot semi-formed feces in a runny gel. My crack was at capacity with the mess as I struggled not smash down on it and still drive. The next light brought more mega-farts and another all liquid explosion. Now the mess was moving both up my tailbone. The next light it filled further and with no place to go, pushed up in my crotch area moving my balls foward. Thoroughly sullied and humiliated at this point; I moved the rest of the contents out by my own volition. Why bother holding it in anymore?

Twelve miles later, with no dignity left I arrived at my apartment, tired and with clammy, stained sweatpants sagging from the weight of its foul contents. The clean-up process trashed the whole bathroom and took forever. Needless to say - that was one aerobic intestinal work-out I could've lived without!

Infantry PFC
My team leader's father worked in the WTC. Last week (Sep 11)on his way to the WTC for work, he had to shit very badly. He did not think he could hold it in and make it to the towers without messing himself. He stopped at some shop about five blocks from the WTC to do his business. When he came out of the shop (20 minutes later) he saw the first plane crash into the tower! My advice to any one who post's here or reads these posts is that when you gotta go, go! Having a BM or peeing may save your life.
My condolences go out to all those who had family or friends that worked in the WTC. If or when I get the chance to bring the terrorists and only the terrorist organizations to there knees for their actions I will not let any smelly pooping american down! especially all of you.

To: unamed poster(14 y.o. black boy): I really enjoyed your story keep em coming!1

To Brad: cool story about those young janitors cleaning the restroom while you were shitting

To Keith: Thats totally cool that you got to do that to that young dude after he had his apendix removed. I enjoyed your story! Any more abouy young dudes??

To wetguy: I loved your story it was cool

To Golden Drink: What exactly did you eat to get a huge log like that? your story was good

I like that new picture
I haven't had to shit in about 3 days now...i hope to go today or tomorrow.
To cute David: Good storie. It would have been nice if your friend would have gone with you to shit

hi aboy

This is a story about my finals last year. We all were told to hit the boys and girls room before the test and everyone went and came back and sat down. I got a good drink of water. We had a series of tests and they took a couple of hours. No bathroom breaks were allowed at that time because the teachers and principals were concerned about picking up answers in the rest room from another student, smoking, and notes left behind and so on. Near the end of the last test I started to feel the need to pee rather badly. I was sitting at the desk and I could feel the need of a pee coming on and it almost seemed like I had pee at the very tip of it wanting to come out. I was holding my crotch with one hand tying not to be noticed. I also felt a lot of gas build up in my stomach and I tried to avoid leaving a fart, as the room was rather quiet. I eased a little gas out and with it come a little bit of poop too. So now Iím holding both off not wanting to mess my pants in front of th! e whole class. Finally the bell rang and it was all done for the day, for the year! I headed out the door quickly to the boys room holding my pants and tying not to fart again. I got to the boys room, opened the door and suddenly got a real strong urge I couldnít control. Like almost my bladder knew the urinals were in sight and it wanted to let go before I got all the way into the toilets. I hurried and stepped to a stall and went to shut the door, and as I did, my bladder wouldnít hold anymore and my pee just gushed down my pant legs thru my shorts and all over the floor. It was so horrible! To make matters worse, my butt opened up and out slid a long hard log into my briefs. I doubled over trying to stop it but couldn't, the pee rushed into my briefs and I felt a second and third hard log drop into my briefs as well. I tried to drop my pants and briefs all together but they were stuck at my waist so here I am 16 years old and peeing and pooping in my pants. After I was done! I was able to get them undone. I took some toilet paper and cleaned out my underpants the best I could, wasnít too bad then. My white briefs were stained a yellow from the pee that drenched it all over in the front and back. I left them off and wrapped them in toilet paper. Pulled up my wet jeans, dabbed them the best I could and waited until the bathroom was empty. I went and wrapped my briefs in paper towels and stuck them in my bag. I live about a mile and half from the school, so I waited until almost everyone left and started home walking by myself. There was a path thru a park that was a walking shortcut to the street where I lived. I went thru the park and ran into this boy from the school about 4 grades below me. He marched up beside me and we walked thru the park together. He noticed my wet pants and asked if I had an accident. I thought a second and didnít answer real quickly. He then said, repeated his question, did you pee in your pants like I did last week? I fin! ally said no, I had gotten into the boys room and got splashed when flushing a urinal. The boy said, oh, I had an accident at the blackboard trying to do a math problem. Said he couldnít think because he had to go so bad and the math problem was like a blur and then he felt the warmth spread down his legs. He said the teacher sent him to the nurse station then home. Well finally I made it home, went to my room and ripped off my clothes and hid them in a clothes hamper. By now I had to go pee again and strange enough had to make another poop. I guess I got away with it this time, but if I had to do it all over again I would never had drank a lot of water before the tests like I did. I know other students were in need of the toilet too at the end of the tests, but I was the only one pooped my pants

Hey everyone. I hope that nobody has lost a loved one in the WTC tradgies. We morn for those who were lost.

I woke up this morning in complete dire need to go pee. I sat up and quickly crossed my legs in trying to prevent an immediate accident. I then remembered the "game" one had posted on in reducing the need for a pee. In placing my blanket between my legs and squeezing tightly, i managed to hold out for a few minutes (which was much more than i had thought). Upon rolling over onto my stomach in hopes to make it to the bathroom in time, the pressure of the blanket became unbearable, and my tightly tensed bladder released its contents all over my bed. I would like to tell those of you who havent tried this yet that it is very sucessful normally, unless of course the need to pee is at its very bursting point (as it was in my case), where holding it any longer is not as easily possible. I would like to suggest this meathod to those of you who have had easily avoidable accidents. It works in many of those cases!
New Bed wetter

Kathy (RJOGGER'S Wife)
Hi, everyone, Rick and our 2 boys have been very busy assisting their clients in the recovery of business software, since last Wednesday. They have been working 12 to 15 hours a day, and have not had a full day off since the 12th. My husband and I have seen little of each other recently, but I made sure to give him a sendoff this morning. I just want to say some hellos first

Carmalita - Welcome back, dear. Rick and I missed you guys so much, and it is great to see you posting again. I read your latest stories, which were great, as usual. I printed them out for Rick to read, and when I told him that you were back, his eyes lit up and he said "The Seniorita is back? Wonderful!". We are both looking forward to hearing from you soon. Please say hello to all of the gang for us.
Jane - Rick and I really enjoy reading your stories, and they do make us laugh quite a bit. You poor thing, someone always seems to interrupt you, or makes a comment while you are are trying to poop.
Buzzy - It is good to know that you alright, after last Tuesday's disaster. Rick and I hope to hear some of your juicy stories soon. Have you seen Donna recently?
Kim and Scott - Hi to you two fine young folks, I see that you are still crashing out Wonder Woman sized logs, Kim. That is terrific, you must be in excellent physical condition.
Jeff A - How are you, dear fella? Rick and I have not heard much from you lately, we hope that everything is OK. Here's hoping that you post soon.

This morning, Rick got up about 6:30, an hour later than usual, as he has been working late and has not run for a week. He missed a 10K race last weekend, and he has not been happy about it. I was waking up myself, and I watched as my husband stood up, walked to the front of the bed and stretched. He did his usual 3 minutes of stretching (he sleeps without a shirt in all kinds of weather, so I get to see his well developed torso close up), then went into the master bath. No surprise there, because Rick usually lets out a king sized dump shortly after he gets up, his "pre-run purge", as he jokingly says. I watched thru the bathroom door, as he took off his shorts, and sat naked on the toilet with the picture of the little boy over it. Unfortunately, my husband does not grunt much and his poop seldom makes any noise, but I knew what he was doing. As he started to pee, I walked into the bath, as Mother nature had put her hand on my lower abdominal area, and I had to answer th! e call. I walked over to Rick, kissed him on the head and said "Good morning, dear". He put his hand on my face, gave me a little peck on the cheek, smiled and said " Top of the morning, Love". I proceeded to remove my shorts, and with just my top, I walked over to the "Hers" toilet, turned my back to Rick, and sat sideways on the bowl. I used my hands to raise up a little, then I bent forward some, giving Rick a good view of my dark underside. I felt a rather large movement coming, as I had eaten quite a bit over the last 2 days, and I did not go much the day before. Since I am the noisy one, I didn't disappoint, as I let out a hissing fart. Rick laughed softly, and I turned to see him shaking his head as he wiped. "Same old Kathy, let's everyone know that she is coming". Then, I started to strain gently, and I felt my asshole stretch, as a good sized poop started to poke its way out. It crackled, gathered momentum, and started on its way into the bowl. It felt like it was ! taking forever, but it eventually fell off, I grunted with relief, then sat back to pee. Rick cautioned me to be careful where I sat, as he said the poop was quite long and was sticking up. I looked to the side, and sure enough, a long, thick one was sticking up. I shifted a little, then peed a hot, vocal stream. When that was finished, I looked over at my husband, who was watching intently. I noticed that his privates were rather aroused, and I then turned around, and plopped three more decent turds into the can. I felt wonderfully empty after that, and then I asked Rick if he would wipe my ass. "Anytime, sweetheart, you don't even have to ask", he said. He has gotten so good at wiping me over the years, that I look forward to it. He did two "dry" wipes with toilet paper, then one with a wet pad. I wiped my vaginal area, then stood up to admire our work. Rick had done his usual almost 2 foot man-sized log, and it was about 2" around, and half sunk and half floating. There w! ere 2 smaller poops in there, with the monster. We looked at my doings, and just laughed. The poop I had done was a little thinner than my usual, maybe 2 or so inches, but it had to be over 2 feet long. It sat curled like a "U", in the water, and sticking up out of the water. Without hesitating, Rick got 2 old hangers from the supply that we keep on hand. We took turns breaking up our poops, and after 3 flushes in each toilet, only the skid marks remained. Rick disposed of the hangers, we washed up, then got in the shower, and that is where this story will end.

Hopefully, Rick and the boys will ease their schedules soon, and he and I will have some stories to write about.

Bye Bye, everyone, stay healthy and poop well.


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