To Chrissy:
Yes I am the same one that used to write about using the train toilets. I am amazed you remembered. My job has changed and I don't have to travel so often, but I still get to "go" on thr train about once a month.
How about you?



I really like a certain cable program. Just can't turn it off.
Maybe you like watching Mike Meyers act like me huh? Anyway,
Keep up the good work!


Not to beat a dead horse, but remember you only have one
family. If you make a mistake you cannot undo it, and they will
never forget. I know this from experience, because several times
when I thought my life expectancy was getting short, I got pretty
aggressive with my desires for sharing bathroom experiences. I
took my same age cousin with me, my niece and her mom, etc.
None of them were offended, but now both my conservative
brothers will not let me anywhere near their kids. It's been four
years since I've seen them and it breaks my heart. Take it from me,
if you're gonna perv, do your perving with strangers.


Back to the brick Unisex. This time there were two
busloads of kids having a picnic at the park. Of course, after I
closed the door the young boys had to pound on it for a prank. As
soon as I would open it, they had run off. Two little girls came in
for a tinkle next to me, but they were both two shy to go together.
One of them may have pooped since her tinkling was short and I
heard no plops. It may have been a biggie. When they were done a
third one came in as I started plunking off my load. She heard me
and got silent as she listened. She was too shy to drop hers off till I
left. No college girls except for their teachers but they didn't have
to go :( Also, bad news, I think the circular bathroom is closed for
the season since it is connected to the pool. All is not lost,
however, as the other side of it is now unlocked and it has one
toilet with no stall, and a spacious curved bathroom with no door.
I may be able to do something with it, but I like mixed sexes
instead of same sex. Still though, if I get bored.........

Hi all,
I just want to say I am so glad I found this forum and the kindred spirits, therein. I had a rather normal motion this morning (darn). It pushed out a couple of 6 inchers. That is about it. I hope to do better in the future,LOL!!

Kendal and Andrew: My Cousin and I are only 1 year apart. I am 51 and she is 52. I know that sounds ancient. She emailed me and said that I was positively daft for putting a story about us on this forum (wink, wink). She actually thought it was a hoot. She is married and has 5 children. 3 of those are in the University system in Britain. I don't know where they attend. It was a Christmas eve. I was 16 and she was 17. We were driving back from the service at the local church and she suddenly said she was desperate for a poo. Our home was 5 miles from the church. She started squirming and panting. I asked her if she going bonkers. She just yelled at me to get on with it!! So when we reached the house she ran past her parents with her knickers down around her ankles. I followed her to the loo and slammed the door. She sat down and just bared down. The hilarious thing about this episode is that when she hit the seat she couldn't do a thing. She panted, she grunted, she moane! d. NOTHING!!
Her mum came to the door and asked if she were ok. She said she would be out in a moment. I was quietly rubbing her ????. Finally she pushed 4 whoppers out and sighed with relief. I kissed her and left her to wipe. Her father asked me if she had gone mad. I told him yes but she shouldn't be committed, yet,LOL. Well, she was pretty sore for a few days. I still laugh about that. Kendal, my dear, don't ever say forever. When Andrew goes to a University you may not see each other for a long time but you will keep in touch and see him again. Hope everything is fine with you, both! Love from Robby.

PV: What a story. I guess after a few days it would take a monsterous effort. I've had a few experiences of my own. Good luck. I enjoy your stories. Take care, Robby

Hi all,

Classic TV sightings -- this evening I watched an hilarious comedy on video, the 1973 Christmas Show of the long-running British series "Steptoe & Son." For American readers, this was the show on which "Sanford & Son" was based, a father & son partnership in the junk business -- only the original is a great deal more tatty, scabrous, poverty-stricken and, well, dirty! It's a show I've always been hooked on for its engaging, too-close-to-home take on how families behave, and the fact it's just agonizingly funny. But the writers, Ray Galton and Alan Simpson, also had a strong handle on "lavatory humor," a British mainstay.

This one-hour special featured several gags I'm sure readers here will enjoy:

Firstly, with Christmas just round the corner, Dad (Albert) was putting up decorations, including in the outside toilet. A paper streamer overhead -- a sheaf of wrapping paper in a bulldog clip on the wall within handy reach ("A bit shiny ... but festive!"), and the piece de resistance, a huge holly wreath. He goes to nail it up but drops the nail in the loo. He puts the wreath on the seat and reaches in for the nail, but pricks himself on the wreath and decides to come back later to finish the job... It's nearly dark, and Son (Harold) is just arriving home from his rounds, but Albert gets busy on the tree and forgets about the wreath -- until there's an agonized scream from out in the yard. He rushes out to find Harold coming out of the loo with the wreath in one hand and his pants at half-mast in the other, displaying pink undies.

Albert: "You didn't...?"

Harold: "I did! From a height of two feet!"

Albert: "Are you in pain?"

Harold: "Yes! So would you be with a bum full of perforations!"

A bit later, Albert asks if they should get some wine, a cheap Spanish red, with the Christmas shopping: "81pee [i.e., pence] a liter... I dunno if that's the cost or the effect it has on you."

On Christmas cards, Harold outlines the one he got for Albert: "There's a picture of a horse on it, and when you open it up a cut-out of a big pile of manure pops up..."

And to round out the toilet fun, the fruit punch for their party was mixed in a large Victorian chamber pot!

I'm sure there's plenty more from other shows -- I have some peeing-in-the-face sightings to relate next time!


poop water
I have never posted anything here but have been a reader for a long time, so I figured I might as well start now. Today I will just be telling a quick story from this weekend. A few friends and I were having some beers and at about the same time both me and another friend had to pee. The bathroom was already in use so we decided to wait. I made a joke about peeing out the screen window if the bathroom didn't become free soon. My friend walked over to the window and I thought he was just joking but then I heard that all familiar sound of pissing coming from his direction. Needless to say he peed through the screen window of the second story apt. we were in. You could see a darkened area on the screen from where the pee went through. Sorry this first one's kinda lame, its a lot funnier if you were there and a little drunk but I got better ones coming in near future.

Keith: Your post was real cool. I feel like a real ignorant yahoo, but I've never heard of fecal impaction before. Could you explain what it is and what causes it? Why can't you use a laxitive for this condition? Is disimpaction a painful procedure? I'll bet that dude was reluctant to have your index finger up his butthole! When you were done with the finger and got him on the bedpan could you see the rest of his logs coming out and did they come out easily or did the dude have to strain?


Thanks for the advice. It sounds good to me. Would it be possible to do this before we sleep together? I don't think that's on the horizon for a while, as we are both pretty young. I will try it without the sex part. Thanks again. :)

Hello all. It's been a while since I last posted, but not much has happened. My fascination with women possessing large bladders just received a boost yesterday.

I went out for lunch to a local deli/pizza joint (one of my usual places), and decided to take a seat different than the one I usually do. It was close to the women's restroom, but I didn't think anything of it right away. That is, until I realized I could hear everything that was going on inside. One woman of Asian descent, quite beautiful in fact, entered the restroom. I noticed that her walking pace was a little hurried, but not the desperate run that one might assume would be the case. I heard her enter a stall and start her business. I glanced at my watch. She must have put her pee off forever, because it was 1 minute, 26 seconds before she stopped. She did not go too loudly, but did not trickle either. I was amazed.

I can only ascertain that, since she was dressed smartly in business attire, she may have been running too late and not been able to pee before leaving for work. It is surprising what the bladder can do when pushed to its limits. Women and have told me about situations like these before, even back in high school. Any other women here have a similar story to tell?

A word of wisdom: Have fun in the bathroom! We all have relieve ourselves every day. Why not enjoy it???

Good pees and poops to all!

Tony, Adrian, CC, thanks for your remarks and Im glad you all enjoyed my blow by blow, or should it be plop! by plop! descriptio of the big motion I did.

Yes Adrian, I do get a bit bunged up from time to time as most women and girls do from their teens. Maybe this is related to hormonal matters. Certainly reading this Forum and its old posts would confirm that many women have a tendency towards constipation. It doesnt worry me, I have a motion when I need one, and dont tend to go every day. Sometimes 2 or 3 days will elapse, but occasionally, if I have been eating a lot, say at Xmas or I have been out for a large meal, I will do 2 motions in one day, a very large one say a 12 inch long and 2.5 inch panbuster with perhaps another smaller log then later that day perhaps in the evening doing a smaller though still reasonable sized motion say a 7 incher equally fat as its earlier counterpart. My turds are usually quite thick and knobbly at the start then it becomes a bit smoother at the end. CC you could easily pick up one of my jobbies out of the pan, (Ive done it!) and it wouldnt break or fall it bits, however like Tony I don! t recommend this. In my case it was to stop it clogging up someones toilet pan who unlike the posters to this forum would NOT have appreciated a big fat jobbie stuck in her pan. It was a 16 incher, solid as a rock and fat. I took it out of the pan and put it in a plastic carrier bag and of course washed my hands very well although it was my own motion. Later I dumped the bag in a litter (trash) bin outside.

Tony, I also saw Hollyoaks- Moving On last night along with Keith and we enjoyed seeing the character Tony doing his motion and seeing the big jobbie in the pan. Keith said, "Here Carol, that's like the one you did an hour ago!", and which, like Tony's in the TV programme, was too big to flush away. After the programme we went to have another look at my jobbie and indeed it did look like the turd on the TV, only I'd say ,mine was slightly longer as the last 3 inches were sticking up out of the water, it was a "beacher". Im glad like Tony from Scotland, that British TV is becoming more open about defecation and natural functions than it used to be. I too wonder if they used a real turd or made a model. If it was real who did it? An actor or actress, a camera man or part of the film crew? How many takes did they have? I can just imagine the Director "CUT! CUT! that ones too soft, or too small" Then "Great, that's a wrap!" when a suitable turd was produced. I have heard of b! ody doubles, will we now have "Jobbie Doubles"? Keith found this very amusing and suggested I offer my services should one of the stars have to do a poo on some film or TV programme. In the credits at the end of a film you often see , "Animals supplied by xxxxx" "Miss Hurley's wardrobe by ******" so would we see "Motions in toilet scene produced by #######?"

Keith did a nice big easy one this morning before going out to drive his Taxi. To Bob I agree BTW about the best way to find out if Gyropokes GF will let him accompany her when she does a poo. Keith and I have never had any problem here, we are both open about such matters and enjoy defecation. Anyway, I was doing a wee wee only, then he cam in wearing only his grey Speedo Briefs and said, "Carol, are you finished your wee or do you need a motion as Im bursting for a poo!" I had just stopped peeing and there was nothing in my back passage after last night's panbuster, so I got up off the pan and let him sit down. As soon as his panties were down and his bum was on the seat I heard the crackling as this big easy but solid, formed, smooth jobbie slid out with a "FLOOMP!" then he did a wee wee. Finished he got off the pan and we looked at his big curved jobbie, a light brown, smooth sausage. I wiped his bum (anus) with a moist wipe. His jobbie is stuck halfway round the bend ! but it will go away after a few flushes . I probably wont do a motion myself today and I dont feel the need. In on late shift so may do it in the Ladies Toilet at work if I do need, but I think it will be tomorrow when I next have a big dump.

Hello to you all!

A pretty girl in the masthead, good perspective, possibly in the middle of straining out a decent sized jobbie! I bet she will have difficulties wiping with those finger nails of hers!

AUSTIN, I have never sailed an Ensign 23, but they sound like fun to sail, especially towards the end of the day and with large bladdered nurses in need of a pee on board!!!

JOAN, great story of the beach buddy dump with your friend, shy (no more) Anna!

JANE, I always enjoy your ďemergenciesĒ, they too make great reading!

WET GUY, your story of desperation was contagious - it triggered an immediate urge! I hope you post again!

Hi SILKE! Quite a story about your hike in the Alps! You said that it was too cold and windy to relieve yourselves outside, so you used a shelter as a bathroom. But then the weather seemed good enough for you to have a picknick outside afterwards -- was that because you and others had pooped too much in the shelter? Making it too disgusting to use for what it was originally intended? From what you have written, the part of the Alps you hiked seems quite disgusting to me. In the region of the Alps where I usually go hiking, there may be the odd piece of tissue behind a rock or a bush if you look out for it, but I have yet to come across such piles of excrement as you described. Then there is the story of the facilities at the picknick place by the roadside on the Canary Islands. Good story, but I do not understand why anyone would want to relieve themselves in a totally crapped-up toilet building! Yuck! I think that in such a case it would be better to go outside and wh! ere nobody will step into what you leave behind!

SUSANNE, how do you manage to pee into an evian bottle? Do you cut off the top to make a wider opening? Or have you mastered the art of peeing into a narrow bottle neck?

LAWN DOGS KID, Your account of Kendal feeling upset was very touching. Poor Kendal! (It made me think of little Courtney. I hope she too is being well taken care of by her family.) Whenever an occasion arises when the realisation of the loss of her parents hits Kendal, she will be very upset. What happened in the US could not be forseen. And you may tell her, that it is not possible to blow up a house with the smell of poo of one person, even if that person be you! It would need farts in industrial quantities, I mean inflammable gas in the dimension of cubic feet, to pose some danger of explosion. I know she didnít mean it literally. It just upset her to have mentioned explosions at a time like this. There will however be occasions such as school activities where parents are involved, Christmas festivities, Kendalís birthday and other times for which you should be close, because I think that you are now the most important person in her life. We, her friends on this forum,! can help with words, give her the feeling of being loved, but it is you who will be there to hold her. Of course your parents are important too, but you are closest. So continue to take good care of your dear little cousin, Iíll try to give you all the support I can. Give her a hug from me, let it be a smooth one, with my favourite after shaving lotion Antaeus by Chanel (if you have a fair complexion, try it the next time you have a chance to go to Boots, let Kendal have a sniff), because I have just read that Kendal refers to you as sporting a ďbum fluff faceĒ! Love from Rizzo.
And KENDAL my dear niece, wasnít that b-f-f-remark a bit rude? Itís funny though, and I know Andrew will laugh too. He should enjoy every single day he does not yet need a shave!! You will still have him around for two years before he goes off to university! And then you should not worry about your producing only dainty floppers! It is the way you are! Floppers and all! Some produce massive jobbies, others do not. From the posts you can see that many would like to make bigger turds than they do. I do not think that bigger is necessarily better. The most important thing is feeling well and healthy. Looking forward to the re-edited story of your gusher from up-on-high, love from your uncle Rizzo!

STEVE and LOUISE, yes, I enjoyed reading your Spanish beach episodes! Great wees! And a standing poo by Louise! Steve, I envy your vantage viewing position three feet away and at ground level from two lovely women in action! About the little boy waving his pee stream around - because it is so boringly normal for a boy to pee upstanding, the next step to make it more fun is to pee your name in the sand or to wiggle your willie to produce a wavy pee stream in the air, or other pranks. The thing that gets me wondering is that people seem so much more uninhibited on nudist beaches when it comes to relieving themselves. I suppose - and having read posts confirming this - that people pee in the sand on normal beaches too, but in a discreet way, behind a wind screen, pulling obstructing textiles to one side under the cover of a towel, or even pooing into a hole in the sand without anyone noticing! As I donít like beaches, only rarely go there to swim - to much sand, too many ! people, too much sun and usually salty water - I get the enjoyment of beach life from your posts! As you know, I prefer to sail the seas! I do my swimming way out at sea when it is calm and where the water is warm and deep. And then there are the nightly pees from deck into a sea aglow with marine phosphorescence. That is truly a great experience!
And Steve, I can just imagine the 10 minutes of entertainment you have in mind for You Know Who. The before and after could probably be compared with the process of preparing scrambled eggs. Cheers from Rizzo.

Bye, bye everbody, Rizzo

Bryian: I have to admit I do get excited watching my poo come out. Interesting about the dream you had, do you have many dreams of people going to the toilet? Over the years I've had a few, all of females. In a couple I've spyed on my Mum through a hole in the wall (even there isn't one in our house), and other times I've dreamt that Mum has taken a poo and I will go in after and see these massive turds, much larger than anyone could produce.

Has anyone seen the series 'Lock Stock'? It's based on the movie and last night they had the final episode where the 4 guys go to jail to get a key from a crim. The crim has the key hidden up his arse so they mix some laxatives into some soup. By this time they were locked in the kitchen because of a siege and they feed this guy the soup. Of course, now he needs to shit real bad so he goes into the pantry and they show him straining with farting noises. The 4 guys need that shit because of the key so they put some paper under him to catch the turd, but another guy grabs it to throw it out. They actually showed a picture of the turd, it was light brown and only an inch in width or so. Anyway, the guy wraps the turd in paper and throws it out the window. Later on they get one of the guys to get the turd. In another scene before all this, they show the crims cell mate in the middle of the night taking a poo. He's sitting on the toilet straining and you can hear the plops of h! is poo. I was surprised how graphic it was!

Lawn Dogs Kid
RIZZO: You bet your life I look after Kendal ! She is dearer to me than anything else in the world. And far dearer than any flack I get from mates ! Actually, despite some of the teasing, I think one or two of them secretly wish they had a little sister / cousin like I've got. Call it big brother syndrome or whatever, but there is something distinctly wonderful about having a little girl depend on you, particularly such a beautiful person as Kendal. But then I know you understand that, and would agree with me. If you didn't, you wouldn't be Kendal's Uncle Rizzo, and she wouldn't be so fond of you as she is ! Now as for Kate, get away with you !! She's too young for me anyway ( I think ) But certainly not too young to listen to on the toilet !! I so love the mystery, I sometimes hope that I never get to see her. Who am I kidding ! I would kill to see her !! Her little sister Emily is extra-ordinarily cute sitting on the toilet. So I bet Kate is too ! However, none will ! ever match the cuteness of my Princess Kendal ( although I do know a certain lovely young lady in the states who claims to wear black pampies, who is proberly Kendal's equal in the cuteness stakes on the toilet ( XOSXOS to you babe ! ), oh, and my hair brushing skills are exclusively reserved for she and Kendal only !!). Kendal is definitely the epitomy of cute on the toilet. Just yesterday arriving home from school, I had to rush around because I was supposed to be meeting up with a mate to go to the football. So I was in and out of my bedroom and the bathroom, while Kendal sat on the toilet enjoying a leisurely plop ! She knew I didn't have time to stop and be with her. But she was quite happy with my constant comings and goings. However, once I was ready for my mate to pick me up, I came out of my bedroom, and couldn't help but stare at Kendal sitting there, her grey school skirt held high above her ????, and her white panties pulled a little over half way down her legs (! the poo position ! ). She smiled one of her sweet smiles at me, which widened when the poo she was having just at that moment fell into the toilet with a distinct plop. Kendal loves it when her poos plop ! As I watched from outside the bathroom, and pondered on how lucky I am, the doorbell rang out. I quickly nipped into my bedroom for my scarf, and then into the bathroom where I planted a kiss on Kendal's forehead, took one last look at her on the toilet, and departed for Exeter ! Take care Rizzo, love from Andrew.
PS The Mutley squeek is something I've perfected. My Dad grew up watching things like scooby doo, wacky races and catch the pigeon. He's still a big kid, and has just about every video made of all those cartoons. Consequently, Kendal and I have seen every episode about a dozen times I expect by now ! In fact Kendal does a very reasonable impression of penelope pitstop, especially her "hhaaaaaaayyyyyyyllllllpppp" when being chased by the hooded claw !!

ROBBY: Welcome to you my friend ! I see Kendal has already spoken to you, and it is wonderful to have someone here who clearly has experience of the kind of emotions that Kendal and I have for one another. We both very much look forward to hearing stories from you and Annie in the future. I've already enjoyed your first story about Annie dragging you to the loo for a shared toilet clogging session ! Are you both the same age ? It seems, just like Kendal and I, that you two enjoyed many a happy time in the toilet together, and I really hope that Annie decides to post as well, especially about that first time you went to the toilet together. It would be good to hear the same story from her perspective ! Take care.

ELLIE & LITTLE LOU: The tropical storm, censored version I hope ! Kendal and I walked to the big wood where we hoped to find a tree that wasn't too difficult for Kendal to climb. She brought with her some juice to drink on the way rather than having an enormous drink before we left in case she couldn't last out on the walk ! When we got to the wood, we deliberately avoided the clearing where the broken chair was to avoid us both having an "accident" ! Eventually we found a suitable tree, and Kendal decided to take her jeans and panties off before climbing the tree so as she wouldn't feel unsafe trying to take them down in the tree. However, once she had climbed about 12 ft or more and had sat with her bum poking back over the branch, she decided she wasn't quite ready to go yet, so I climbed up to sit with her for a while. After around a half hour, she announced that she was now ready, so I descended the tree, and took up a 'safe' position away from the impending 's! torm' ! And what a storm it was ! Water cascaded in absolute torrents, some splattering amongst the leaves, some onto other branches, and some direct to the ground, where it hit with such a force I had to retreat a little to avoid being splashed ! Now Kendal had been swallowing a lot of air on the journey to the wood in the hope of being able to fart it out in the tree to add the hurricane to the rain storm !! However, she finished up constantly burping, with none making its way down below ! But once up in the tree, she tried again, and I remember collapsing to the ground when I heard the tiniest musical fart, barely enough to have moved a single leaf yet alone create a hurricane ! However, not content with that, Kendal strained harder, and was rewarded with one of the most resounding farts I've ever heard from her, a total contrast to the first effort. However, as that one sounded, I heard Kendal exclaim "Oh God, Andrew, what do I do "! As I wiped the tears of laughter ! from my eyes and focused on Kendal in the tree, there was the strangest sight. The tree had grown another branch it seemed, until I realised that the new branch was in fact a six inch poo poking out of her bottom ! Dear Kendal was very patient with me while I collapsed on the ground yet again ! Eventually, I managed to control myself enough to find out if that was all the poo she needed to have. She told me there was some more, but she didn't want to poo any more outside, and could hold the rest. So I had to advise her that the only thing she could do was just let the poo she had already made fall to the ground. I saw her wiggle her bottom as she attempted to rid herself of it, and then it tumbled down. But not to the ground ! It landed on a branch below, and this bird that had been there flew away in fright ! Now I howled with laughter again, and had to explain to Kendal what was so funny. It occurred to me that the bird which flew away could have been the bird that plop! ped on my head when I had been sitting on the chair the other week ! And now Kendal had inadvertently taken revenge for me by plopping on its head !! Kendal found that so funny she finished up weeing some more from the tree, unknowing that I wasn't exactly out of the way below. I leave the rest to your imagination, except to say that I had showery shorts again !! Oh yes, and Kendal's new nick name.... branchy bottom !! Take care you two, and love to Courtney and Kev as well from Kendal and me. xxxx

14 YEAR OLD BLACK KID: We still don't know your name !! Great stories about your friend watching you poop. Now don't keep us in suspense. I for one am dying to know what happened when she let you watch her !!

LINDA GS: I hope you're feeling better soon, babe ! By the way, who is this cute boy that Cousin was referring to that you were trying to impress with black pampies ?! Do I need to get jealous ?!! Hope I haven't embarrassed you too much with what I wrote to Rizzo above ! You look after yourself, and get well soon. XOSS. (one S for smoochies better, and one S for stroking your hair with the brush, assuming I've been allowed "there" !).

Wednessday, September 19, 2001

Shy Guy: Hey dude, I'm also uncut, but it has never been a problem for me. You don't say how old you are. With real young guys and teens, being uncut can cause some teasing, but most guys who are cut are actually real curious to see the dicks of uncut guys. I'm now 22, but at school I showered with other dudes. Obviously, I also pissed with other guys and we had open shit stalls so I would often take a shit with other guys. When I saw other dudes looking at my dick, I would say that I was uncut and show them how I could move the skin back and forth over my dick head. Most dudes were real fascinated. Many guys told girls at school about my dick and they got curious too and I was never shy about showing it to them either. I had a bit of teasing, but it was not a problem. So don't be shy - be proud that you are one of the lucky few who are uncut! You may even luck out with the chicks if they get curious!

For shy guy: circumcision (note spelling) in the USA is both religious (Jewish and Muslim men) and cultural--about 85-90% of men are circumcised as babies. Older boys, adolescents, and others are circumcised for various reasons: tight foreskin, infection under the foreskin, aesthetic reasons, etc. You could join the crowd of men. Or if you don't need to and can retract your foreskin when you pee, no one will know the difference. Some uncircumcised men retract their foreskin until it stays back. This is a custom in Japan. If not being circumcised bothers you so much that you are pee shy, then go to a urologist and ask him to circumcise you. It is not a difficult operation. Healing is rapid. I had a close friend who did this to join the majority of American men.

Hi Cute David: I'm sure glad there are other young dudes at this site. I'm 14. At our school, the boy's room has got about 5 stalls. The stalls have doors, but they are kinda low so if you look over them you can see other guys pooping. The other day me and my buddie went to the boy's room together during break. I had to pee, but my buddy, Jason, went into a stall. I could see he was taking a crap because I could see his feet through the gap under the door. He talked to me while I was peeing. Suddently, he said oh shit, there ain't any paper in here - can you check for some in the other stalls. I found some and looked over the door to hand it to him. I saw him on the toilet and he reached forward to take it. I kinda just stood there while he wiped his butt and he went on talking to me. It was real cool. I don't often take a dump there because other guys sometimes throw things over the doors at guys while they are pooping. I'd sure be glad to hear other stories fro! m you.

ADRIAN: Hi, thanks for the comments on our little shower incident. I am sorry I have not posted for a long time but I had a relative staying with me for a while...
You are right in your statement that it is not a good idea to poop in a shower, but I can reasure you that my sweet Anna would have never done such a thing if she could have helped it. I have had another girlfriend a few years ago, who was quite cheeky and would have probably enjoyed this. Maybe I post some of her stories another time... But Anna is very shy about things like this and as I said we cleaned it up as good as possible.
In fact her shyness about such things was propably the problem that helped causing the accident. As you assumed rightly we had been eating a lot, as one tends to do on holidays, especially pasta,pizza and salads. Then there is also exercise like swimming and hiking, which let to quite a few good dumps for me in the time Anna had been constipated and saved up for the big pile that morning. Her problem is that she can not do anything on an unclean toilet. Neither can I, but I really like to find myself a good spot outdoors, where I do not bother anybody and nobody bothers me...
Anna was very hesitant about pooping outdoors before the end of our camping trip. The thing in the shower was such a big shock for her that we had to spend a lot of money on cappuccinos in expensive hotel bars the next days, so she could try to unload on some cleaner toilets.
Mind you, these coffees and drinks, were worth all the money in the world to see her happy face, after she was finally able to drop her load.
One day we had a really nice outdoor buddy dump though:
We had been for a long walk trough some hills and along the beach in Tuscany. For lunch we sat on some rocks by the seaside and had sandwiches with hamm and tomatoes, olives and some grapes. It was a wonderful spot to sit and eat and drink and stare at the sea with our feet dangling just above the water.
After lunch and eating a bit more than we should have I felt the familiar urge build up. I got some tissues out of my bag and excussed myself to find a "toilet" spot. "Are you going to poop?", came Anna's question. I was a bit embarrassed cause she asked me so directly. So I replied that I was sorry but I might have to. She said she was sorry to ask but she needed to as well and was just not sure to do it here and what if someone saw us. I said that they'll probably look away. Well, I guess Anna learned her lesson to listen more carefully to the calls of nature and also grapped some tissues. We both climed down the rocks to a narrow sand strip by the waterfront where the rocks sheltered us from the views of any possible bypassers while squatting. We both pulled down our shorts and bikinis and squatted on the sand. I sread my feet apart and pissed a hissing stream into the damp sand. The pee formed a hole in the sand where it remained as a little puddle and then disappeared! . I did not have to push much but just opened my anus and let my pile drop, which was a succession of still firm but rather soft turds which crept out quickly one after the other. They were followed by some mash and I was done. I got up to whipe and looked at the corner of my eye how Anna was progressing. I had also heard her starting to piss until the sound was interupted by a loud fart. Then she took a deep breath and started to push. She was struggling and moaning a bit as her turd seemed much more difficult to push out. When I was already whiping it was still hanging as a thick long poop tail out of her cute ass. She finally let the big sausage drop in the sand and with a sigh of relief she started to piss again. Then she added two thinner but not much shorter turds on top which came out much quicker. She also whiped and we kicked a bit of sand over our piles and left then to be washed away by the sea. When we climbed up those rocks again we both agreed that outdoor poopi! ng is not such a bad thing after all. Unfortunately our holiday was over a few days later and there was no other opportunity, yet, to share such an experience with her.

Best wishes to all

Hi,all-still been busy with work and the WTC thing has me a bit upset,but good news-my 2 feiends that worked there were away on vacation,you believe that!thank god-i think a lot of folks that worked there were eithere off or away cause it would have been 10-15 thousand folks killed-well enough of that-some responses
TO CARMELITA-Good to hear from you again-yes,i'm fine and thanks a bunch for asking-I missed you on this forum,as usual,i really enjoyed your poop story and I printed it and read it as I let out my morning load yesterday a.m.Don't you just love the scenic route( looking at yourself poo in the mirror)-your posts are really enjoyable to take with me to the bowl,senorita,but this post way a great one!!By the way that was a really good dump you ladies took too!I felt relieved just reading it!
TO MIDDLE AGED PERSON-I,too feel the same way as you-i am about your age and I too remember when I was a kid doing some really wide one too,but now like you I do 1 inch wide maybe an inch and a half at best,but they now are really long(10-15 inches) and on the soft side-hey i guess we are losing our minds!LOL
When i have more time I'll post some stories of my own( I have a few good ones)God bless America

Tuesday, September 18, 2001

Carol. It sounds as though you had one really big motion the other day! I thoroughly enjoyed reading about it and I'm sure others did too. If you'd not been for a few days it's hardly surprising that you dropped such a load. Is it fairly usual for you to get bunged up like that? Anyway, I like to hear about your performances. Keep them coming.

Many of your stories are quite interesting. I find it absolutely amazing to read about the massive quantity of shit some of you manage to produce (especially the women).

Just a couple quick questions:

How many of you out there actually dip the toilet paper in water before you wipe?

And for the ladies:

During what time of the day do you normally get the urge to poop?

Thanks and keep up the good work!

I haven't posted for along while, but I've noticed a name that has re-appeared, Electra ( Jill). Are you the person who liked to poo on the Train? I'm the air hostess.

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