Michelle (the flesh)

Yes it is true in most cases that women can produce larger, thicker, smelly stools than men. Our bodies are built to hold more, like an unborn baby for instance. I just had twins, and my God, I felt constipated for 26 hours! I had to take IRON PILLS for my blood and I dumped continuously.

To CC: You are not alone....I've watched my self poop many of times. It's fun and exciting isn't it?? I've squated over my bathroom sink and watched in the mirror then i had to clean up. I wish there was a mirror closer to the toilet, and i think when i get excited i start thinking about this and guys pooping there for i had a dream about a chinese boy on the toilet and i actully watched his poop come out. I had that last night

Hey!I don't know why my name didn't come up in my last post.I could've sworn I typed it in,but I'm the 14 year old black boy.Anyway I have another story.

The usual time and place.We were at my house studying for yet another Algebra Test.I ate ALOT last night.We went to the golden corral and had a feast..hehe.Well anyway I told her I had to take a big dump.I've been okay with letting her see me take a dump for awhile,but she's gonna have to repay the favor soon.We walked in the bathroom.I unzziped my shorts and peed and steady stream for about 18 seconds or so.Then I pulled my boxers down.She had an idea.She wanted to see everything so she she said.Poop standing and when it's about to fall aim good for the toilet.It seemed crazy but I tried it.She got behind to the side behind me waiting for the show.I pushed and started off with some stinky loud farts(zttttttt BRRRRR)She always laughs when I fart.So I farted a bit more and felt a turd ready to come out.I pushed hard.My butt quivered a bit.This one had to be unusually huge.Unusual for me anyway."nothings coming out.your butthole keeps opening a bit though"said my friend who ! will remain nameless.I pushed hard and some hissing started.Then the tip of a turd finally poked out.My friend laughed"here it comes finally"

I pushed hard the turd moved out VERY slowly.It was light brown,and kind of soft.My friend looked very excited.The turd was halfway out now.
it wasn't the usual knobbly,but smooth."it's about to fall move close to the toilet"my friend said.I did it just as it fell.Immediately after I did like a million farts.I pushed hard then a very knobbly turd moved out.My friend laughed as it twisted and turned here and there.I pushed and pushed,but it would'nt move any further.My friend started giggling. "That thing ain't moving an inch!need any help?"I pushed and pushed and nothing happened so I said yes.She grabbed my buttcheeks and spread them very wide.The turd was almost done so it slid out easily.She moved out the way and it fell in the toilet.I let out a few silent and loud farts.Immediately after,the smallest turds started ploppoing out.(plopplopplopplopplopplopplop)they fell out so fast I could barely keep track.My friend surprisingly said"man those big turds must have blocked those small ones"Finally the small turds stopped,and a huge poop ball shot out with a nice PLOP.My friend laughed at it's shape.I flushed ! the toilet.Farted some then shot out a few more poop balls.A few small turds plopped out."whoo it stank in here severely." said my friend as he rushed for the fan and got back behind me.I pushed hard.There was one more huge turd."no poop poking out your butthole yet.
Need some help?"I said fine.She spread my buttcheeks eagerly.It took her awhile to get a good grip.I pushed hard."it's poking out and here it comes!"she said as a light brown HARD fat turd began mvoing out with snap,crackle,and pop over and over.Until it was just about to fall.She let go and it dropped in the toilet with a loud splash.More small turds rocketed out,and a few poop balls shot in one fater the other(Plop plop plop plop)she laughed hard at this.I was finally done.She said she'd wipe me.She grabbed my butt with one hand and wiped with the other.It was messy.We had to flush a bit before throwing the paper in the toilet.
It took a good 7 wipes till it was clean.I said "wait I think I got some thing coming."I faced towards her and pushed as hard as I can and a very loud and long fart was the result(BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR brrr brr)some small farts accompanied it.She pushed my butt away giggling. I farted once more.She got the spray and sprayed around my butt with it holding her nose laughing.Like,I said though.she had to show me something soon,and she did too.Next time.

Ephermal: Good to see you posting again. You mean there's only one bathroom in the whole house for you five girls? I imagine it may become hectic at times using the bathroom, but I'm sure you will work it out.

Buzzy: Glad to hear you are all right. Our thoughts will be with you and everyone else in NY and those who knew someone who was lost in the Pentagon. I have a couple of colleagues and former clients who work very close to the Pentagon who could see it in flames from their office windows.

Buzzy, I actually thought of you when I had another one of my massive dumps and thought you might enjoy reading about it. On Friday I went home from work early, changed clothes and went out, and did some shopping at the mall. On the way home I had a sudden stomach ache and strong urge to poop. I was heading to the medical building where I usually had my dental and eye appointments. I went into the building and into the ladies room. As I got to the door, I let out a huge fart. Two little boys and their mother happened to be at the elevator, but I was too much in a hurry to see if they noticed. I rushed into a stall, pulled up my short grey corduroy skirt and pulled down my white panties and sat. Immediately I pushed out a nasty 20-second wave of soft chunky poop. As soon as it stopped, but not before blowing a huge booming fart, I flushed the toilet while seated, but the poop smell was already emerging. I push out two more nasty waves of soft gooey poop, flushing ! the toilet each time. I settled into a somewhat more relaxed mode, though I was far from finished. I pushed out a continuous solid motion of soft poop, the pieces breaking off as it hits the water, just like a soft-serve ice cream dispenser. The toilet was filled again, so I flush the toilet while seated.

I continued to push out poop. Then I hear someone come in. In fact, it's a mother and her little daughter. She also has a baby, and I overhear her asking her daughter if she needed to go. She said no, and the mother asked her to wash her hands while she changes the baby's diaper. The daughter washes her hands, and she walks around. She gets to my stall and tries to look through the crack on one side, then on the other side. Then I see her hands on the floor, and she tries to go under the door and look up the stall. The mother screams at her to get up and get out of there. The daughter says, "It stinks in here. Is she pooping?" All the while I continued to push out poop and had filled up the toilet again. As they were leaving, I flushed the toilet while seated. I pushed out a few more pieces before I was finally done. I wiped several times, flushing the toilet along the way before I was completely done. I flushed a final time and saw I left a skidmark and som! e brown stains, as well as a strong poop smell. In fact, as I was getting into the car there was still a lingering poop smell.

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, everyone,

I can't remember if I posted and if it didn't show up or not as I'm totally distracted at the moment with my unrequited urges to shit and not being able to go, or if I do anything, it takes ages for a really small amount.
The good news is that apparently, I should increase my fluid intake by 50% to about 12 mugs per day! I thought I was drinking enough already but I hope and pray this works as I merely exist to try and use the toilet, it seems! Excretio ergo sum!

What I think I said on that post, if indeed I did submit one was just an update, and also to express my best wishes and sentiments to all those in the USA either affected by the recent tragedies, or who know people who were killed or injured.
It was on that day ironically, that I seemed to be responding to my modified diet etc, and felt relieved at last after several days, but such feelings of well-being were tempered by the news.

Anyway, as for my little problems, I'm again sitting here wanting to go, but knowing it'll be very difficult and I might either overstrain again or spend 20 minutes in getting rid of a turd the size of my thumb, so will try and get on with getting something minimal to eat, and maximal to drink, and hope to report better health next time.

Good health, Everyone, P P G

I know Steve wrote something about it all yesterday but we hope
everybody who writes here is all right and has not lost anybody in
the World Trade Centre. We were so shocked. Would it not be nice if
horrible things like this did not happen and people just got along?
Well that is what Steve and I think.

DIVARED - Read about my boyfriend Steve on the old pages!

SILKE - Thank you for your story and it does not sound like those toilets
you went in were very nice. You know if I had been you I would have
just done my pissing and shitting outside because it would have been
cleaner. I bet it was fun for your friend Susi having a pee in the sink
like that. It is fun usually.
I hope you are reading our stories about when we were in Spain.

RIZZO - Hi there guy!!! Oh yeah Steve played the keep my knickers in his
pocket trick again on me. I hope you are liking our Spain stories.

KENDAL - Hi!! Are you enjoying the stories about when Steve and I were
in Spain? I did not see the girl Steve saw who was your age and got a
smack on the bum for standing weeing with her feet miles apart. She
should not have got a smack, she was only having fun.

PV - Hi girl! That Vampire fish sounds a bit nasty and I bet it can not
just be flushed out by weeing. Oh no it sounds real bad.
LOL yeah Steve liked looking at mum and me from behind when we squatted
next to each other. My mum thought it was a laugh and she said to Steve
that she hoped he was not missing her wee, and no he didn't.
Oh and all of us came back nice and brown but we are a bit paler now.
Oh, my standing bent over shit on the beach? LOL Well I bet my mum was
a little bit shocked at me just doing that but I really really really
enjoyed doing it and the wee as well after. You know we saw about 4
other girls having a shit in our 2 weeks there and I think none of them
were older than 30. My mum did have a shit in the second week and well
Steve had not seen her do that before. She did one that was about 9
inches long and she took a bit pushing out her brown tail. I do not
think any other people saw her do it.
Steve told me I missed a bit of what happened with that little boy who
had that wild wee with his sister looking at him. Steve said the little
boy's sister did a big standing wee and their mum smacked her as well.
Well that is all my time taken up and I will write another letter soon!



Hello. I have posted before, but this is only my second post. I am a 17 year old lad from England and I am currently at college. I am wondering if there are any other lads of a similar age to mine who get turned on by girls pooping/farting. I have always found girls pooping/farting a big turn on, it goes back way to when I was a kid.

Anyway, I have a pee story about me. It all happened when I was a kid (i must have been about 8/9 years old). I was off on holiday with the rest of my family and we were travelling in the car. I didn't need the toilet at all before setting off. Anyway, after about half an hour, i needed to pee big style! I asked my mum & dad if we could pull over at the next service station so I could go, but they said 'no' and said I should have gone before. I had to hold it in painfully. I now started to get severe cramps and I was doubling up in pain. I still had to wait and wait, and I knew I could not last any longer. I was now in really bad pain, and then I just peed myself by accident as I just couldn't hold it in any longer. When we did get to the next service station, I managed to get to the toilets without any embarrassment and finish my pee off! That was one of the worst experiences of my life.

Hope u all liked the story.

I would also like to share some pee/poop stories with some girls of a similar age to me, if you want to talk personally to me my e-mail is:

To gyropokes:

My suggestion on how to find out our willing your new gf would be to poop in front of you is to set a good example yourself. In this case, action is much better than words.

My suggestion is as follows: Wait until you have slept together. The next morning, when she is in the bathroom, go in and take a pee nonchalantly as if it is no big deal. You will be able to tell immediately from her actions whether she approves of this or not. Hopefully if she doesn't run out of the room and/or make a negative comment, then she will probably be willing to follow suit. But give her some time if she needs it.

If you pass the first test, then a couple of dates later, repeat the above step but change the pee to a poop. Once again you will be able to tell from your g.f.'s actions if she approves or disapproves. Most likely if she approves, she will follow suit shortly.

With the above approach, you don't have to ask. A word of warning. If your g.f.'s actions indicate an adamant lack of approval, then the chances are good that she may never change. In this case you may wish to find another g.f. if this is important to you. Happy shitting. to DivaRed: One of the best places to watch men pee in public is at the Rose Bowl in Los Angeles (or actually Pasadena), Ca. I haven't been there is about four years, so I don't know if it has changed, but for years, the bathrooms there were very inadequate. At half time, lots of men passed on the long lines and pissed whereever they felt like it, none of the spots had any privacy. There was never any place to hide to take a piss. If a man drinks a lot of beer, you cannot wait in a long line. To the best of my knowledge the faciilites there are the same today. If you live in Southern Calif, it would worth a trip to go to a crowded football game at the Rose Bowl.

On UK TV Channel 4 the program "Holyoaks-Moving On" had an absolutely marvelous defecation scene!!!!!!

One of the male characters, Tony, complains about being constipated then we see him sitting on the toilet pan. We hear him go "OH! AH! but there is alas no "KUR-SPLOONK!" however as there is no toilet paper he gets up off the pan and one of his male colleagues comes in to the toilet for a pee. We DO hear the tinkling as this man pisses then he says something like "Cor thats a right load youv'e done there, it must have spilt your bum" We are then treated to the view of what I would call a lovely big fat solid jobbie lying in the pan. I estimate that it was at least 10 inches long if not a foot, and 2 inches fat and it had a tapered end, was mid brown in colour. Now either it was a very accurate model made of brown plasticine (modeling clay) or it was a REAL human turd. Tony even complains later that it wont flush away, so its a real panbuster! Now this is really breaking ground for UK Terrestrial Television to say the least! Only a few years ago even any mention of defecat! ion on TV would have been totally taboo here, so actually showing a real human jobbie is quite something. I would have been more pleased if one of the female characters such as Louise or Tara or Ruth had been been constipated then did the big jobbie but this was a first class toilet scene and had I known it was being shown I would have videoed it. Did any other UK viewer see this program?

the dude
hi ive never posted anything like this, but something about girls talking about poop, or their buttholes really gets me going. Certain things though i dont like to hear about, like diarrhea(sp?) i dont like having it, and its kinda sick, but whatever floats your boat i guess. Anyway, if anyone has any non-gross out poop stories (especially ones about females with other females) please share

Hi everyone!
I emailed my cousin, Annie, in the U.K about this site. As I have stated we enjoyed watching and supporting each other in our loo routines. I atayed with her for 2 years. We lived in Bath. She and I went to the same school. One evening her parents were out and we were watching the telly. She suddenly took my hand and took me out to the loo. I knew what was about to happen. She sat down and proceeded to push 4 large logs out. I was amazed that this small girl, she was 11 at the time, could produce such whoppers. We both laughed to boot. Then I sat and strained and strained. She was so sweet. She rubbed my ????. I finally pushed out 3 medium sized logs. My goodness, the pan was fiiled up. We flushed and flushed. Finally the mess went down. When her Dad came back from the loo the next morning, He asked how in the world the toilet could be so stopped up. Annie and I just looked at each other and howled!!! I know she will want to tell some of her own stories, here.
Carmalita, I love your stories of your situations. They are funny! I know it must be an adventure to see your movements, lol!!

Jane: I also love your stories. They make me laugh!! Thanks

Andrew (Lawn dogs Kid): You are a wonderful cousin to comfort Kendal in times of sorrow and rejoice with her in times of joy. Never break that bond!

Kendal: Times of sorrow can be times of support and joy. Cling to Andrew. My cousin, Annie, lives in Manchester. I email her every week.
Keep the stories coming and I know we shall hear from Annie, soon
I have enjoyed reading all the posts! I hope I can contribute a little,

Cheers to all, Robby

Hi again! Been the usual fun bathroom fun around our house for the last few months until this last weekend. A construction company hit the main waterline into our sub-division. This made for a fun situation for my husband and I since we had family in for the weekend! Since we had no water for 1 1/2 days our toilets filled up a lot! One after another we took turns doing our poops on top of each other. The other instructions that were given was to ask people to used the least amount of toilet paper as possible so that when water was restored, flashing would be more likely to occur. What that did was leave good amounts of fresh poop for everyone to see when they took their toilet turns! Some folks drove all the way to the next small town, but most did their part on filling up our once empty toilets! What a sight and smell!!!!!!!!!!!

Ephermal-- Would you please post some stories about your
chronic constipation? What did your parents doo if things
got really bad? Did you ever have a stool manually removed?
Thanks-- JW

West Coast Watcher
I haven't posted before, but here I go!!!
My wife comes home from work and sits on the couch and talks to me for a bit and then gets up and grabs the mail and leaves the room quickly. I asked her where she was going and she said, "I have to poop!!" Of course I follow her down the hallway to the restroom and she hurriedly unfastens her overalls, pulls them down, and explodes into the toilet- much to my excitement. The smell is overwhelming, but I am used to it, her poops are strong and wonderful. She exploded twice more before wiping up and checking the toilet to see that she had shit all over the bowl. She tried to clean it up, but it has taken about 3 days for some of the poop to drain off, and some of it is still right under the rim of the seat. I have other exciting stories, including the dirarreah attack she has on the way home from work about a year ago..

SanD: Enjoyed your recent post. Your stories are always great! Your last post reminded me of a recent experience I had in a park bathroom. I'd been jogging around the trail and had felt the need to crap, but kept putting it off. By the time I decided to go, I saw that the restroom was being cleaned. There was one of those yellow signs at the entrance saying "Restroom Closed for Cleaning." I decided to look in anyway. I saw two young Hispanic dudes in there. They were about 20 and 25. They had real short haircuts. One was mopping the floor and the other was cleaning the sinks. I asked them if I could use the restroom. They were a bit reluctant, but I told them I needed to go real bad. The older one told me to go ahead. There were two doorless stalls and I selected the nearer one. One of the dudes was in front of the stall cleaning the sink. I sat down after cleaning the seat and after farting a couple of times, I started to strain. The two guys did not actually watch me shitting, but they kept passing in front of my stall doing the cleaning. Eventually, the younger dude appeared in front of my stall and told me he had to replace the TP roll which was about 5/6 used. I told him to go ahead. It was one of those large cylindrical wall-mounted dispensers that was actually locked. He came and stood quite close to me as I sat on the crapper and tried different keys to get it open, but it was just above me on the wall and he was working at a bad angle. He was concentrating on it, but he must have heard my turds dropping with loud plops. Eventually, he just could not get it unlocked without being where I was and called his co-worker. The co-worker was also unsuccessful. He told me to go ahead and wipe and then he would replace the roll. They just stood there as I wiped watching me and talking to each other. I just went ahead and wiped from behind, but examined the TP as I went along. I could see they were both laughing at me, bu! t I kept my humor and just did what was necessary to clean my butthole. I then shook off my dick and then stood up to pull up my running shorts. The bowl did not flush completely and there were pieces of my logs still floating in the bowl, but I thought hey - that's what janitors are for!

D.R.E. (Digital Rectal Examiner): I'm a male nurse on a surgical floor. Some patients who have abdominal surgery have difficulty getting their bowels moving afterwards and I have to get things loosened up in their rectum to help them "go." I always use my index finger for this. Most of the patients are real old folks. Recently, we had a young college dude who had appendicitis. The doc removed his appendix. Anyway, after surgery he just could not take a crap. The doc wanted to dismiss him to go home, but could not do it before the dude had a bowel movement. Anyway, on rounds, the surgeon told the nursing group that one of us would have to do a fecal disimpaction on this dude. The other nurses are all chicks and were reluctant, so I volunteered for the job. The dude's name was Jason and he was a real cool dude with blond hair and a great build. He did not look at all enthusiastic about me shoving a finger up his butt, but he knew that was the only way he would get to ! go home. I put on my latex gloves with him watching apprehensively. I got him to lie on his side looking away from me and got him to bend his knees up to his chest. I lubricated my index finger, spread his butt cheeks with one hand and tried to insert my finger into his butthole, but he fought me. Eventually, I just had to push it in and his rectum was full of hard logs. I just went ahead and disimpacted it removing as much shit as I could and placing it in the bed pan. The smell was real bad. After that I got the dude to sit on the pan and push out the rest of his turds. I had some TP and watched him clean his butt afterwards. He looked real embarrassed about having the procedure done, but after that he got to go home and seemed real glad that it was over. Any other nurses out there with experience of doing D.R.E.s and fecal disimpactions?


Way to go dude! That sounds like something I would have done!


Great to have you back! I've been worried sick! You and I can count my
lucky stars!


Another quickie in the brick Unisex. This time a pretty young
hispanic girl about 21 came in next to me. She wore jeans and a pinkish
T-shirt and she had long sandy blonde hair. She sat down and had a
nice long tinkle. She then paused a second, and started a second
stream. Then one last little dribble before she flushed. My own motion
was huge. Normally I go once a day, but since I've been doing door to
door sales I get dehydrated and only go every other day. This makes
my load enormous. It's enough to go half in the morning and half in the
afternoon if I'm doing a saTURDay tour. It felt great to drop it off one
heavy plop at a time. That's it for this time!

P.S. My condolenses to all fallen Americans and their famlies.

Kaylia- I am a 16 year old guy. Do you have any stories where you peed your pants. I have wet myself on a few occasions. Would love to exchange stories.

DivaRed-I have a story for you. Last winter i was at a basketball game in Boston with my father. I was wearing light blue loose fitting jeans and a fleece. I had drunk a large cup of coke during the game, which the Cektics lost as usual. The game ended and we got up to leave. I didnt have to pee, but knowing we had an hour drive in front of us, I wanted to anyway. However, the line was out the bathroom and into this large crowded lobby. I decided to wait, thinking i could waitd it till we got home. So we went down to the bottom level of the parking garage where out car was parked. Anyone familiar with this particular underground garage knows it takes a real long time to get out of. So we made our way up to the 4th level of 5 when i got the urge to pee. This concerned me, since we weren't close to getting out and we had a drive in front of us. I tried to hide my increasing need from my father, knowing he'd be angry for me for not going in the arena. Also, being a normal 16 ! year old guy, I didnt want to admit to my father that he was right and that i was bursting for a piss. We were two floors from the top when i got a tremendous urge and had to lean forward to prevent leaking in my boxers. It was then that i was forced to tell my dad that i had to go to the bathroom real bad. He figured i had to go only a little, so he was surprised when i told him how desperate i was. Unfortunately, we were still stuck in the line of cars in the garage. Now that my need was out, I was doing everything i could to avoid a humiliating accident: leaning forward, crossing my legs, and even pressing down on my crotch when my dad wasnt looking. I was in great pain, and several times i almost leaked a little. At long last, we made it out of the garage, but there was nowhere open for me to pee and it was too busy for me to go by the side of the road. So we got on the highway and planned to stop at the first rest area. To my dismay, that was 10 miles away. I told my fath! er i was nearly doing it in my pants, but he told me to try and hang in 'til we got there. It was terribly embarrasing, being 16 and resorting to squeezing my dick and bouncing all over the seat in desperation. Despite my efforts, i started squirting into my pants about 5 miles from the rest stop. I didnt tell my father, and apparently it didnt show on my pants. He kept asking how i was doing, and i always said fine (i wasnt going to admit i was wetting my pants). I was counting down the miles to the rest stop and trying desperately not to pee anymore. It was as desperate to pee as i've been in a long time. We were one mile away, and i tied myself in a knot around my crotch to hod it. However, it wasnt enough, as i peed a few long streams into my jeans. I pressed down with all my might, trying to stop peeing, and finally did. I could feel the wetness on my legs and my butt. I knew it must be visible by now but i couldnt see from my vantage point. Well, we finally reached the r! est stop and i jumped out and headed for the bathroom. I looked down at the front of my pants at the wet spot, and in so doing lost another squirt. I now had a baseball size wet patch. I finished in the bathroom, and came out. My father asked if i made it, and i said i did a little in my pants but was fine. It was a lesson in teenage humiliation i am not likely to ever forget.

Hope everyone liked it! Hope to post more!


Hi everyone,

Poop report! I had a terrific poo yesterday -- it was actually the third of the day. The first two were fairly normal, but the third was veru insistent. I held off a while as I was busy, but then had to go quick!

As my ass hit the seat I plopped the first short length away, then very quickly I delivered a snake that broke off as it hit the water. I spread my legs wide to watch carefully and judge sizes, and after that 10-incher came a second identical log, launched at amazing speed.

Then two 6-inch logs in rapid succession, then a 5-inch and probably a 4-inch, they came so quick it was hard to tell. Then a few chunks to finish off with. Allowing for errors, in probably less than twenty seconds I passed the better part of four feet of poo! The bowl was pretty full, though none above the water. Also, there was limited volume as no piece was more than .75" thick. But I felt GOOD when I finished!

My anus is still sore, until a couple of days ago I was still getting blood flecks when I wiped. Hopefully I'll be fully back to normal soon -- as it is I would be bleeding if I tried to pass anything that stretched my anus much over an inch wide.

Happy pooping all,


It's tmie to brake out the Osama bin Laden TP. He needs to
right down the toilet. FLUSHED, with a wipe.

Just having a quick read ! ( & Reply ).

COUSIN: My goodness, you scared the living daylights out of me when I first started to read your post. I was having visions about having to fight you off my lovely on-line sister to stop her from being hanged for an offence of saying she wears black pampies !! So was it just the punishment that was a joke, or has she really not got black pampies ? If she hasn't, then I shall feel silly for going out and buying some myself. But then again, why should I ? Andrew likes them when I'm on the toilet ! Love to you and Elena and the girls ! xxxx

LINDA GS: So which cute boy were you trying to impress with black pampies !?! He does like them though ! I'm sorry to hear you've been a bit poorly. I've been a bit fragile myself recently, but it was more feeling sad than poorly. I'm feeling much better now, especially now Cousin has written. Look forward to when you can write to me again ! Lots of love from Kendal xxx

NOSAJ: Andrew hasn't had problems with holding back his poos at school. That's because he never needs one ! He is as regular as clockwork, pooing after breakfast, before we go to school together. Now I suppose I could have a problem in the future, being used to poo after school, and I don't get home until about an hour later than I used to before I changed schools after the summer. But most times, I still poo after tea. Its just the odd occasion that I've needed to go earlier. Love Kendal.

ROBBY: Thank you for telling Andrew and me about you and your Cousin Annie. Andrew and I are very close, and obviously you were with your Cousin. Like you say, it doesn't matter how old you are now. Andrew and I would love to learn more about what you and Annie used to get up to. Is there much of an age gap between you ? There is a bit between Andrew and me, just over 4 and a half years, although it looks like 5 when I say he's 16 and I'm 11 ! I think I must be a little unnormal in comparison with most ladies on this site. Most seem to have big poos while I only have quite small ones in comparison. As Andrew says, dainty poos from a dainty girl ! But my friend Kirsty is not that much bigger than me, and she has a few whoppers. And as for my new friend Charlotte, well, she's a little bigger than me, and judging by the big poo she had at school today, I'm definitely not normal, and Andrew's adage about dainty poos for dainty girls isn't very true, except for me ! Do pl! ease tell us some more adventures you had ! You obviously cherish your memories very much, and I hope you'll share some !! Andrew and I are living for the moment, because when he goes to university, we'll be apart for a long time, if not for ever ! Welcome here anyway. Love from Kendal.

UNCLE RIZZO: My poo schedule is working out very nicely at the moment, thank you ! And I particularly enjoyed your scratchy hug. I don't get those much off Andrew, because he's still a bum fluff face !! By the way, he will re-tell the tropical storm story, but it will have to be heavily edited ! The moderator never replied to him, but then with what has happened, we are just so pleased that the site is still being updated regularly. I expect you will have read by now how Andrew looked after me when I began to feel very sad after the terrible incident in America. He definitely does love me very much and he is very mature ( even if he is a bum fluff face ! ), because I know he does get stick about his little cousin holding his hand. But then I bet they don't have anywhere near as much fun as Andrew and I have together, going to the toilet !! Andrew says he is a bit busy tonight to try and post the story now, homework and all that ! But he will try again soon. Then yo! u can find out my new nick name !! Take care Uncle Rizzo. Lots of love from Kendal xx PS Kate liking Andrew ? Hmmm, I bet you're right ! Shall I start a betting book on how long it will be before she lets him watch ?!!

ELLIE & LITTLE LOU & COURTNEY & KEV: Please be patient ! Andrew will tell the story soon. What am I talking about ? It's me who has to be patient ! I'm bursting to tell it myself, but I'll let him ! Hope you are all ok ( and Craig !! ). Lots of Love from Kendal xxxx

LINDA GS: That cute boy who was very impressed with black pampies ( whether true or not ) has told me off because I didn't add his XOSXOS to you. This time the S stands for smoochies to help you feel better !!

Louise and I would like to pass our condolences to the people of the USA following last week's shocking events, and our thoughts are with the families of the victims of all nationalities...

This will need to be a fairly short post, but I would like to acknowledge a few people...

To Carmalita,
A very warm welcome back! While it is always a fine thing to read of your heavily aromatic anal emissions, I do very much enjoy you mentioning when you pee. If you can do so, I would be very keen on reading about times when you squirt a good volume of yellow. Once again, welcome back, dear latina.

To Rizzo,
Hello, my friend. Glad you enjoyed the Trawden urinal story, and how I kept Louise's knickers in my pocket. Do you know she still hasn't let me off the hook for that one yet? <snicker>

To Jeff A,
I wish I could 'entertain' for 10 minutes the person responsible for giving the order!

To Julie,
Hello, sweetheart. I did once see something similar to how that little girl you saw had to urinate in full view, and I do share your sense of feeling sorry for her as it is a tender age to have to do something like that. It is just young enough to be some way acceptable to do it publically, yet more importantly, it is old enough for the girl to feel acutely embarrassed, and that could stay with her. There is a big difference between that and the many more mature girls in their late teens, twenties, thirties and even beyond that I have witnessed hitching skirts up and dropping knickers to squat and give the pavement a late night wash.
I have a story or two to tell you, but I hope you will forgive me if I save them for when I have more time than I have at the moment. ;)

To PV,
I've read Louise's account of how she squatted for a wee alongside her mother, and I remember it well, I know the instance she must be referring to. Mother and daughter each let loose a torrential blast into the sand between their feet. What a view I had, as my head was pretty much at ground level and only around three feet away from their bums. They had NO problems getting started, and it was a case of "3 2 1 GO!"
Yes, I thought you would enjoy how Louise used the Trawden urinal. You would certainly have liked it, despite the ripe smell. I think the smell was made worse by the warm, sunny weather we had at the time. When it rains, the floor is open to the water, which may to some extent have a cleaning effect. A heavy rainstorm might kill the smell a little.
On the incident in Spain when the young boy getting 'creative' while urinating, I think you could be right about his mother not wishing him to draw attention to himself, as he was certainly doing that. Louise and her mother were both watching, as was his sister, and also some other girls of a similar age belonging to a nearby family group. Louise forgot about that group, but the girls appeared amused enough by the display! There is something else that Louise didn't tell you (I think she missed it) - that the sister of the boy performer put on an act of her own a little later on. She stood in a wide horse riding stance a little way from the other two, and weed a steady stream in that manner. The mother objected to this as well, got up and smacked her daughter on the bum quite hard, I thought. The girl moved to a squatting position after the interruption, and finished quite tamely with a few weak dribbles. As Louise commented, when the mother squatted and urinated, she was q! uite unconcerned that she was on full frontal display, so it seems likely that she was more worried about how her children were urinating in ways that drew attention than merely the fact they were doing it at all.
In keeping with the custom Louise and I observe, I will inform Louise of your latest postings so she can reply.
Take care until next time, and I am very glad to hear of your recovery from illness.

Bye for now,


CC thanks for your prompt reply.

Now as long as the person who has passed the turds wasnt carrying some disease, you didnt have any cuts or open wounds on your hands, and you ensured that you washed your hands well afterwards before leaving the toilet with some medicated soap if possible then no harm should come to you from touching her jobbies, however it would make more sense to use a bit of stick, cane, plastic rod etc to move the toilet paper and bring the turds into view. I sympathise that the new toilet pan in your home doesnt leave any jobbies behind. As you will know well from my posts in the past the slow filling toilet cistern in my home as a kid often meant that I got to see other people's jobbies and was always turned on when women or girls had done them. I would again add to Carol's warnings that you must take care not to be caught, and to password or otherwise protect your computer as I too feel that your parents would NOT be tolerant of your interest if they found out.

Electra, I agree that holding it in for any length of time can be difficult and as a kid I filled my pants on one occasion when I tried to hold a motion in to do it at home instead of going in the Boys Toilets at school when I felt the need and had a big, thankfully solid, accident in my white cotton Y Fronts on the way home.

Sometimes however external factors can affect the movement of one's bowels such as pain killing or cough medicines, being laid up in bed, a woman being on her menstrual period, can have constipating effect. Nowadays I have about 4 or 5 motions in a 7 day week on average and pass nice big solid jobbies, often panbusters, when I do. I have to say that I eat a lot and what goes in must, eventually, come out. My wife Theresa also has a similar pattern, except when she has her period and also does big fat turds.

Middle Aged Person. You are about the same age as myself but I think that as with other things, one's turds seem to be fatter when you are a kid but are were really no bigger, possibly thinner than you now do. I can remember when I was about 7 or 8 at Primary (Grade) School I considered that if I passed a jobbie that was 7 inches long and 1.5 inches thick (across) then I felt I had done a fairly big jobbie though of course it was small compared to the big fat 12 inch long by 2 inch thick jobbies done by various adult females that I saw unflushed in our toilet pan at home. It felt big to me as obviously I was just a skinny little kid then and if done in the scaled down toilet pans in the School Toilets then it would look a lot bigger than if done in the full sized pan at home. Since my teens and I am now about the same age as yourself, I have done really big turds, a 12 inch long jobbie that is 2 to even 2.5 inches thick is quite common for me. Like you I would be intereste! d in other's comparisons of their childhood motions with what they now produce as adults.

Bob the Plumber, yes please! Tell us your stories of big fat jobbies you have seen stuck in toilets you have been called to fix and whether they had been done by women or men (if you have known). Also any tales about knickers or underpants flushed down toilets.

Carol I loved your description of doing a motion, it was almost as if I was in their with Keith watching and listening as you did it, only the smell was missing! Please post some more such stories and also to Diane, let's hear more about your elephant poos!

Golden Drink

You have to hear what just happened to me! :) I was in this computer lab on campus (sitting at the same computer I am now) and felt a VERY URGENT need to use the toilet! So I quickly logged-off the computer and went to the next building where they have nice toilets.

Sat down, and all of a sudden it came! I watched a thin, VERY LONG poop come out of me and coil around into the toilet bowl beneath me. It was amazing! I've only ever heard of that happening to women before. I didn't know a guy could make so much! It must have been at least 3 feet in length before it broke off. Then I proceeded to make some MORE!

I think it came out that way because yesterday I ate some laxative-effect-generating foods. In the morning I ate some of Uncle Sam's Cereal (the real name of the brand) which acts like a natural laxative. In previous uses, it usually takes a couple of days to work. But in the afternoon, I ate some bread dipped in Olive Oil and Spices. That's what works REALLY good!

For those who are constipated, try to find this spice. It comes in a plastic container - like a salt and pepper shaker - but has 4 chambers, one for each type of spice. You use 1 teaspoon of spice to 2 tablespoons of olive oil and then just cut up some Italian bread into little pieces. Then just dip away and eat - just make sure to keep some water or something else nearby - the spices are salty, but very good!

Take Care,
Golden Drink

Carol: Thanks for the advice. You are right, my Mum does seem quite reserved about toilet habits, in particular doing a poo. If someone else is around she usually puts toilet paper down to mask the sound. I'm not sure how she would react if she caught me red handed listening to her but she wouldn't punish me or anything (as a 20 year old I'm past getting sent to my room :) ) but I think it would have the potential to be more damaging to our relationship. Certainly, in regards to my fascination with womens toilet habits, I am very careful not to reveal it. I always keep any files on the computer hidden and always delete any internet history.

BTW, I love your posts! You're lucky to have someone close to share your toilet visits with, something I wish to be able to do in the future.

Steve: I'm 15 and I have many accidents

I have been reading the posts here for quite a while and this is my first post. I am 16, white male, living in the US, and I have been interested in female pooping for many years. I love this site, because not many people are interested in toilet habits. We all do it, and yet, many people are so private about it. Does anyone know when or why people made it private? We are making it less private these days though.
Anyways, I was wondering if someone could please help me with this. I have this female friend (not a girlfriend yet), and I really like her. She is somewhat gothic in a way, and has interests that other girls do not have. I don't know if she is interested in toilet habits though. I would like to ask her about it, but I don't know how to go about doing so. Should I just ask her directly, or gradually, or wait till we're a couple, etc.?
For any fans of female pooping in movies, there's a scene in "Big Momma's House" (I don't know if this was mentioned before here). Near the beginning, an overweight African-American woman rushes to the bathroom in her home to release a huge wave of diarrhea. You can hear and see her on the toilet almost the whole time (no poop is shown). Martin Lawrence (I think) is hiding in the shower. While she is still sitting, she turns on the shower. After she finishes, she gets naked and takes a shower. Martin sees her naked butt and gets disgusted. The scene is very funny, because she says some funny things while pooping and you can see Martin disliking the moment.

cute David
Hi there! A friend went to my house for a sleepover. I ate alot the day before he came and for some reason, I didn't feel the urge. I normally feel an urge every morning, then an urge ( If I need to shit) at varied times. I felt the first urge at about 8:30 PM that night of sleepover. I wanted to know if my friend (male) was interested in pooping so I asked him if he wanted to listen to me take a shit. He said no, thats discusting. So I went to the crapper and sat. I had my underrwear in my ankles, leant forward and relaxed. Then, I felt the shit comiong out. I farted loudly first, then a long piece of shit came out followed by a vocal aaaah. Then, my friend said, what are you doing? Then I said, taking a shit. Then I farted again and I passed out gas and a few long turds and another aah. It was messy and it took me 8 times to wipe. Then I came out.

The next day, in the morning my friend was still in my house. I felt an urge at 7:00 but I held it in. Then at 9:30 I tried to shit but I managed a fart only. When he left, I went to a local shopping centre, I felt the urge ot shit. So I sat down, nothing came out. Then a man about 49 or so, went in and took a piss on the urinals, infront of the rows of four toilets, I was sitting at the end toilet. Then, tree people took the other 3 stalls and suddenly started to shit. I could see the pissing person because the doors on the stall had wide side partitions. Then, I was wondering why I couldn't shit, I gave it a push, then there was aloud bang and splash, a combination of different kinds of shit and wet farts. Then I saw the pisser look at my stall with a funny smile. Then I gave out more shit with a loud aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!*** Then someore shit came out then I went, oooh aah. Then I wiped about a dozen times. It was hard to clean. I looked at the bowl and there was! skid marks everywhere, even after flushing.

Please send stories with a very good descriptions. Send me an email of pictures of shitting people of both sexes OK.

Shy guy
Hi. I am a 20 year old American male. I'm not gay or anything but I noticed that most American males are circumsized. Me being different (uncircumsized) makes me feel very awkward in the bathroom or shower when I'm around other guys. Because of this I'm not as open to using the bathroom in front of other people like I notice a lot of posters are in this forum. I was wondering if anyone was in the same shoes as me or had any advice for me. Thanks.

f th Stt
Well hello all... i've been reading for sometime and i have to say WHAT a great forum!! I just love reading through it all... some pretty hot stories!

The amount some of the women here poop is just phenominal... and Billy and Kevin L... how do you manage to poop that much in one day? 10, 20, 30 inches of poop at a time?

No matter how much i eat, i only seem to poop once in the morning, usually only 6 inches or so and not that fat... i'd love to poop more.

Anyways... just though i'd make my first post and say keep up the great literature ;-)


Jane, I really enjoy all of your stories, above all of the other posters on this site. Tell me, if you don't-mind, how do you poop so much? Do you eat three times a day? Also, could you give us curious people a breakdown of what all you eat, on an "average" day? I would really like to know.


Monday, September 17, 2001

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