To Eddie:
Your question asks how long can you wait assuming you eat a "normal" amount of food. Well of course "normal" can be vastly different for different people. I am a bit of a pig, and my normal amount is probably twice that of some others - if not more. I do go for a poo twice a day quite regularly, although I can hold on and then only go once, in the early evening. If I do hold on, I find the poos are more solid, and harder to shift, at least to start with, and of course there is more in the pan when I have finished. I have managed to hold on until the next day on a few occasions, and then there is a truly massive load, that takes quite a while to finish. I dont understand how some people can go 4 or five days without a dump. That must be incredibly uncomfortable, unless of course you don't eat much.
Bye! Jill

I am new to this, but thought I'd post. I don't have any good stories, but I'm interested in men peeing in public. Sometimes, it seems like I'm always on the lookout when driving down the highway or out on the town late at night. Any stories would be greatly appreciated.

Kaylia: I had such experiences in grammar school. Diarreah and vomiting are not fun. See my earliest posts. I never had to evacuate loose bowels on a roadway. Camp is a breeding ground for stomach viruses. Bad food, water and poor hygiene are harbingers. I worked in many camps in my late teens. I saw plenty. It is frightening for a child and for anyone to watch.

In my earlier posts, I had diarreah at an airport while waiting for a visiting cousin. It frightened me, I was about six years old. I kept running to the same stall again and again.

14y/o male boy: See my other posts regarding my high school and college days. I'll tell you more later.

Jane--you said you wanted to hear from the college students...well, I'm starting my third year. I'm in a house this year and thre are five of us to one bathroom (all girls). The bathroom is right by the main hall and common room and kitchen, so from any of those rooms you can hear all. Things are not very open between us as far as potty and showering go...but other than that (brushing teeth, etc) we pretty much leave the door open, more out of necessity (more than one person can brush teeth at the same time). So far I've only had one time I really needed to go and someone was in there. I had just woken up and had to "dance" around the kitchen for 5 minutes. I knocked on the door and she's like "just a minute" but it was 5 minutes later, but at least she let me use the bathroom before she showered because a half hour later when I was leaving the house, the shower was still running (I had pulled my toothbrush and toothpaste out just in case...had to use the kitchen sink (e! wwww) but better than stinky morning breath).
To Off Schedule--don't worry, it'll just take some time to get adjusted to your new schedule probably. At least you are regular. I've been fighting severe chronic constipation my entire life and still have the mentality that I'm constipated no matter how often I go. Taking a dump just isn't a pleasant experience for me because of the pain associated with it when I was younger and did "elephant poops" (you know the kind that you don't understand how something that big comes out of something so small). I think the longest I went was a little over a month at one point. And even when I can go now I never quite feel empty. So count your blessings.

I really don't seem to have interesting stories, sorry. I've also been awfully busy lately. Especially after this week...I've spent more hours crying and emotional this week than I can remember. I can only imagine had I known someone personally. I'm just drained and way behind on my work, but the professors understand. A special thank-you to all of the rescue workers (police, paramedics, firefighters, hospital workers). And here's to justice without the loss of more innocent lives.

aboy-I was the first one in so I got undressed and quickly

Hello, me again, I am having a bad month, I must tell you that I normally only have an accident or sort of accident about once or twice a year although I do have skid marks most of the time, but this month, what with not being at home as much and the nice weather I seem to be having a few extra. I am at the moment sitting in a pair of briefs that my grandma bought me for my birthday but there is poop in them from earlier this evening. I went to cousin's house to do a school project, and when we finished working on that we were playing on the computer but Matt's mom said that it was such a nice evening we should go out. We decided to go and play some soccer in the near by field. So we went back to my house to get my ball and so I could get changed into my shorts. Just before we went out both Matt and me went to the toilet, as I knew that if I didn't go I would probably need to go as soon as I got to the field. On the way to the field I farted a few times and I started to fe! el a very slight need for a poop. We played soccer for a while; I was running around so I knew I would need the toilet soon. I told Matt that I ought to go now but he convinced me to stay for a few more penalty practice shots. When I was in goal I really felt the urge to go so I told Matt we should wrap up the practice and go home but I left too late, as I crouched down and let my poop out slowly into my briefs. Matt asked me what I was doing and I told him that I was just waiting for him to get over to me. As we walked off Matt looked at me in a strange way, he said to me that he could smell something like I had farted. (I had farted and pooped a little more into my briefs) but, I said that I hadn't and it was probably a smell from the sewage works. When I got home Matt went on to his house so I put the ball away and headed into the house. When I got into the house I went to the bathroom to empty out my pants and finish my poop in the toilet. I am sure that there are plenty o! f 15, 16, or 17 teen year olds who read these posts and have encountered similar experiences if so please post them.

This is my first post, I'm a 17 year old female.

TV Fan - The only recent TV bathroom scene I can think of is at the begining of the curent Road Rules season 2 girls (i forget which) went into a bathroom and saw it was a squat type, and changed their minds.

I send my condolences to the friends and family of the WTC victims. I was actualy grunting out a constipated movement when I heard. I had been constipated for 4 days and now decided to take a laxitive. I was a bit frightfull of the pills, thinking that maybe my turds were softer than I thought (hadn't really been trying to poop) so I went to sit on the toilet right after I took them. My sister, 14 was taking a shower. We normaly wouldn't use the same bathroom at the same time, but we are OK with each other naked, so she let me in. I sat on the toilet and just waited. I started a conversation with my sister who was listening to a radio. I couldn't really hear what was on because of the water, but I knew it was B96 (in Chicago). I was begining to get impatient, plus I could feel a big turd up there, so I said "hold that thought, I think I'm gonna poo. Just as I was starting to really push hard and a turd was poking out, I heard my sister scream. With an exasperated sigh I st! opped pushing and ask "what?!" she said a plane hit the WTC and soon we heard about the second one. As we heard them report about the second plane, my butt finaly let go of the hugh shit. My anus spread wider than ever before and I started to feel it come out. I started to cry out in pain and my sister came out of the shower dripping wet to help me. She said "just breath, you face is all wrinckled and red" I finaly let out my breath and the turd went back in. I then put my feet up on the seat and shit asian style. My sister held my hand as I pushed out a 12 inch long and 6 inch wide poo. That was followed by a few medium sized turds that may have normaly hurt a little, but didn't because I was all streched out, and then some very liquidy diarrhea that lasted for almost an hour. I was very gratefull for my sister who comforted me the whole time and put up with the horrible smell.

Hola mi amigos,

I am feeling such a terrible loss for those who have died in this national tragedy. I pray that none of our beautiful group of special New Yorkers have suffered.
BUZZY: I have thanked God that you are all right. I was really worried about you, and Diane, RJOGGER, Upstate Dave, and the others.
KIM AND SCOTT: I'm glad you two are okay! We can't have hot little honey like you hurt now, can we? I'm sorry I've missed all your great poop stories. Jake's fine, thanks for asking. He's walking normal, but had to have four stitches in his foot.
SUSANNE: Thank you hon for the hello! I'm glad you like my stories. There's nothing like a good pee huh? I agree that holding it in for a long time is kind of exciting and sometimes do it for a thrill.
RJOGGER: Hi hon, thanks for wishing us well! We're right here! We've been disconnected for awhile, but now we're back. Patsy, Renee and Jake send their best. Renee will write soon I'm sure.
JOHN VT: Well, my handsome honey from the beautiful state of Vermont. I'm glad you still like those smells because I seem to produce them, like it or not. This morning, I'm going to a big Mexican festivity at the center. I should have a real nice, big, stinky one for you!

My poops have been awfully big lately, I think it's because I've been taking in more protein than usual. This morning I woke up with a full load that desperately needed to come out. I grabbed a magazine because I knew there'd be some time invested in this one! We have a long mirror on the back of the bathroom door that I hung up so I could see myself when I'm taking a shit. My reflection was so funny: heavy black eyebrows thrusting downward into squinty dark eyes, a scrunched up nose, and thick lips curled into a frown from my heavy straining. This turd needed some serious pushing. Before the tip emerged from my brown ass, a half gallon of hot pee came squirting out. A morning pee feels so good let me tell you. I relaxed for a moment, preparing myself for the big turds that were ready to slide out.
As timing would have it, me and Patsy are on the same morning poop schedules. She knocked on the door, desperate. I said "I'm on the pot hon, can't you use the other bathroom?" "Renee's in there, and she's got the runs," Patsy replied. I knew mine was about to come out, and didn't know what to do. Patsy then said "I've got your white bucket, I just need a place to do it is all." So, I told her to come in.
She set the bucket on the floor, then stepped into the bathtub with her back to me. Bunching her robe around her waist, Patsy rested her nice ass on the edge of the tub, her cheeks aimed over the bucket by about a foot. "Don't you dare laugh at me!" she said. I put my poop on hold for a few seconds while waiting for her. Patsy didn't waste any time. I saw her cheeks quiver, heard her grunt hard three times, then, the tip of something dark brown came out. With loud crackles, four nice turds came squeezing out of her ass, plopping into the plastic bucket. One turd just kept getting fatter and fatter as it struggled out. She sighed heavily after the birthing, her head down, and elbows resting on widely spread legs. The smell was pretty strong too. After her poop she stepped out of the tub, and stood next to me wiping her round butt. I spread my legs wide and said "Here Pat, drop the paper into the toilet." She did, five wads worth. I told her I would take care of the bucket ! for her when I was finished. Smiling, Patsy thanked me and left me to finish my job. I began straining, feeling my shit come out inch by inch. While I pushed, I looked down into the bucket to see a very healthy pile of Patsy turds, blackish brown, thick sausages with a very ripe aroma curled into a nice pile. I looked over at the mirror at saw a tail coming out of me. A turd maybe 2 and half inches wide, light brown and crackling loud was creeping out of my ass. Man it was long! It came out forever. Suddenly, "K-PLOP!" Then, a bunch more turds came out in rapid succession. "plop-ploop-plop-plop-k-ploooop." I knew then that I was empty. Oh, it was a bad stink too! Mine smelled like a combination of fresh turd and boiled cabbage. The whole room was brown! I stood up to wipe, noting my reflection. Thick, black hair forming a triangle between my legs. A firm little butt being scrubbed clean by wads of toilet paper. Light blue panties holding my thighs together like a large rub! ber band, a lacy stretch band twisted and rolled. I had to flush my turds first. Poop number one was huge, again, maybe a 20 incher curled, then stuck to the porcelain. The others were healthy too, fairly large, and as usual, softer. So, after three flushes, I finally got rid of my poop, and Patsy's. Her turds splashed loudly when I emptied the bucket. Nice, solid logs. It was a real pleasure watching them come out of her ass. As weird as it all was, I stood for a moment, my hands gripping my panties about to pull them up when it hit me! Quickly I sat back down again as a barrage of soft shit came squirting out. This was semi-liquid, runny, poop. "Oaaahhhhnnnnnnn...." I moaned as the last plopped out. Now the room was really ripe! Doing the wiping ritual all over again, I was finally done. It was a very healthy dump! Oh well, I guess that's it.


Slayer Moon
Nope sorry I have the entire Devil Hunter Yohko series on tape and if there was such a scene I'd know about it. Hmm i may have to get my hands on Gall Force; Eternal Story.. best part is you can get the best price for it a Right Stuff. Anyway... I was surprised that were were such scenes and me not knowing about them.. I must be getting slow in my old age. Oh well. if you learn of any more please tell me.. I'll share a few manga that have such scenes.

Kendal And Lawn Dog's Kid
Linda is being punished for lying. she does not have black panties.. she never has.. she was just trying to impress a cute boy she likes. Thank you for bringing it to my attention whom ever asked her age.. she is grounded and tomorrow she will be hung from the neck until dead. I'm joking!!! Geez. She's just been a bit under the weather lately. She'll be back soon.

Anyway I saw a few ads on Mexican TV that involve going to the bathroom. One is a comercial for Sprite and their made up rival Jookie Soda. this nerdy guy drinks it and slowly he starts to become handsome.. after like 7 sodas he's completely changed.He goes into the bathroom to pee. You see him from the waist up as he pees and slowly changes back to his nerdy self as all the soda leaves his body. Elena gets a HUGE kick out fo that one. there's another for a laxative.i forget which one.. the woman talks about the unexpected results as her guy gives her a ring and she is all happy.. then she has a scared expression on her face as she grabs her stomach and runs off. The other one is an add for Glade as you see a little kid on the toliet.. with underpants at the ankles talking about how nice Glade makes the bathroom smell. I never knew they coulds show such things oon Tv.. guess they showed me.

Bob the plumber
I have seen more than a few stopped up toilets in the course of my work, and I can certainly agree with others here that women appear to produce bigger shits. I dont understand why, and it surprised me when I first encountered a massive thick turd, and realised it had been produced by a woman.
This is a cool site, and I love the posts I have read so far. (Found it while searching for equipment!) I have quite a few stories that people might be interested in.

MIddle Aged Person
A lot of people talk about the length of their turds, but I am more interested in the width or diameter (the distance across, not the distance all the way around). I am 45 years old, and my turds are about an inch wide at the most. When I have seen other people's poop, they also seem to be about an inch wide. The funny thing is that I seem to recall that as a kid, my poop was much wider. I have memories from 30 years ago that my poop was at least two inches wide. Now maybe part of this is that as a kid I used to hold it in a lot, and sometimes I would go a few days without pooping. But even as an adult, on the rare occasions when I don't go every day, I never produce anything two inches wide. If I go a few days without going now, my poop is still about an inch wide, it's just a lot longer. I have heard that as you grow older, your memories of childhood become distorted and you remember things being much bigger than they really were. I wonder if I just think my poop wa! s a lot wider as a kid. How wide is everyone else's poop. Is it closer to an inch or closer to two inches? Again, I am talking about the distance across (diameter), not the distance around, which would be circumference. Also, I'd like to ask if anyone who is my age has the same recollection that their poop was wider when they were a kid. Thanks!

Ashleigh W, Thanks for the confirmation that I am not the only person who's bum iches when not wiped properly.

To the unamed poster(the black 14 y.o) Cool story about you having to poop and your "girl friend" walked in on you and was man!

No new stories to report on(excpet i haven't pooped in a day or 2 thats it).

I feel heartened by the expressions of sympathy for our friends and citizens in New York, D.C., and Pittsburg. Being half English (my mum was English), I am very proud of my English cousins. I live in the central U.S.
Kendal and Andrew: I have been reading your posts and being an only child myself, I can relate to the bonding between cousins. I am much older than you but that doesn't matter. The story is that my cousin Annie, who is English, and I always used to watch each other peeing and pooping. We really enjoyed it. I would go first and then, she. She did enormous poos. It was really funny. Sometimes she would hold it until she barely got her knickers down. Our parents never found out. I really treasure those times. This is a "cracking" forum.

Tony: I assume you are asking about my mothers poo's. I have seen them but it is rare now. Last year we got a new toilet and the old one didn't always flush completely so I'd go in there after Mum had gone and sometimes saw paper. Upon moving the paper there would be a couple of turds and sometimes I would stick my hand into the water to try and get them out. Sounds disgusting doesn't it? I don't do that anymore for fear of getting a disease or something.

But to answer your question, of the poo's I did see, they seemed to be light brown but not very big. I remember one time going into the toilet and finding what appeared to be an unflushed load and there were several pieces of paper with skidmarks and a couple of large turds which were dark brown from memory. Unfortunatly, with the new toilet this rarely happens now.

The last couple of mornings I have woken up early and the need to poo has arrived fairly quickly. The other morning I went in and sat down on the loo and immediently pushed out a fairly big load. The other day I went at around midday and had a big poo, not in size but in quantity. I just kept pushing little pieces of poo.

I have a question for everyone: has anyone ever watched themselves doing a poo? I'm not sure if this sounds strange but I have done this several times. In my room I have a large mirror and in the past I have done a shit to see what it looks like. While on holidays recently I did this at the house we were staying at. The bedroom had a large mirror on the sliding wardrobe door so one morning I decided to watch myself. I got a large amount of paper from the toilet and placed it carfully on the ground. I squatted over the paper and watched my anus as the poo came out and fell to the ground, the only problem was that I partially missed the paper which left a small stain which became a big stain after I tried to rub it off. I had to go out and buy some carpet cleaner and fortunatly it came off alright!

D.R.E. (Digital Rectal Examiner)

To those of you who, recently, have talked about putting your finger in your partner's rectum while they are "sleeping"; way to go! I have been saying for quite some time now, about how-effective digital rectal examining is, in stimulating the bowels to move. Be they your own, or the bowels of the one that you love. It works the same. Although, I do concur, that it feels a lot better, to have the fingers of your beloved up your anus and inside of your rectum, w/ all the fecal matter that may be in it, than to have your own finger in your own-rectum. One question, though, those of you who engage in this practice, either w/ just yourselves, or w/ your significant-other, what finger(s) do you use the most? I have found the middle-finger to be the most-effective, personally. Any of you care to share your thoughts on this? If so, I'm all-ears. Also, the girl who talked about the episode of diarrhea, I, for one, would love to hear all about it.

Until next-time,

D.R.E.(Digital Rectal Examiner)

Hi all,

Been off for a bit, what with all the upsets and concerns in the world this week...

MALITA -- welcome home, darling! I am overjoyed that you, Renee, Patsy and Jake have come back to us -- we missed you!

STEVE & LOUISE -- wonderful account of adventures on the beach, I found myself seeing you and your Mom squatting together, facing out to sea and delivering a healthy gush to the sand -- a beautiful picture!

RIZZO -- Many thanks and a hug for your praise, I blushed with delight! yes, you're right, that's exactly how it was done. Turn a trial into a pleasure, first with the knowledge that legions of folks have o such difficulty and can enjoy the process, then, after discovering to my intense fascination and amazement that women had urinate standing up with ample forward angle, learning to do this once-unthinkable, gender-prohibited act. How well I remember the warm sprays in the shower as I first learned (re-wiring the feedback arcs with new sensations), then the fun of going on the back garden fence a few summers ago, then branching out to using men's rooms (more new elements to establish new reactions). It became a pleasure, each positive experience reinforced the next, and I was bemused to find the automatic reflexes that made life difficult were gradually retrained. They're not perfect yet, I had a closure the other week, but not a serious one, and I went easily enough as s! oon as a noise that disturbed me had stopped. I'm "chuffed" (I think that used to be the expression!) to know you enjoy my adventures so much, and I'll certainly keep you all posted as they occur!

TONY -- The Vampire Fish is actually a freshwater species that lives in the Amazon Basin, and evolved to parasitize large mammals in general, I think (wading across rivers or lakes, falling in...). You're right, tight clothing, a zip fly and such, help keep them out, and women would indeed be even more susceptible to attack. It's a terrible way to die, and while any creature has a right to exist, it's one species I'd be happy to see go extinct...

Best to all,


Gary and I send our condolences to everyone who had friends or loved ones lost during the terrible events of the 11th. We went out and gave blood, as did my best friends Carrie and Sara and their husbands, my younger sister Michelle and her husband, and many people in our neighborhood. My Mom would have also given blood if she hadn't already donated a couple of weeks before.

Carmalita! Hola amiga! Welcome back. Hello to Renee, Patsy and Jake, too! Good to see all of you back. This is the brightest spot in an otherwise sad week.

RJogger, thanks for liking my story.

Nature continues to call. The other day I had another late night dump at work. It must be my cleansing cycle, which has been vicious this summer. It was about six and I was still working on a report when I felt a need to poop. I went to the ladies room and into a stall, pulled up my skirt and pulled down my pantyhose and white panties, and sat. I farted loudly and started to pee. It began to smell, and I hadn't even started pooping yet! I pushed out a very long and very thick piece of poop, and it splashed into the toilet. It was probably a Kim-type banana. Then I pushed out a continuous solid motion of one piece of poop after another. It was banana-size, thick and a little soft, and it was coming out in rapid succession, plop, plop, plop, plop, plop, plop, plop, plop, and so forth. I couldn't believe how fast it was coming out, though it wasn't coming out in explosive waves. I spread my legs and saw that it was a full load, and the poop smell was very strong. ! I still had much to push out, so I flushed the toilet while seated.

I continued moving my bowels, pushing out more banana-sized pieces in rapid succession. The poop smell was very strong. Soon the toilet was filled again, so I flushed again while seated. The rapid succession of pieces of poop subsided, but I still felt the urge to push out more poop. I sat for a few more minutes and pushed out a few more pieces before I was finally done. I had to wipe several times. I got up and saw a few floating pieces and a few pieces settle at the bottom of the bowl, but the water was otherwise relatively clear. I flushed down this final load and saw a few poop stains. Of course, there was a lingering poop smell, and it was rather strong. I felt much relieved after that.

Ben: Amen to that.

Another visit to the swap meet this weekend. I walked in and saw that there was actually a line waiting to use the toilets. I looked down the line of stalls and saw that one had the door open. I wondered why, so I walked down to it and saw that it didn't have a door on it. There were 2 guys standing in front of it but not using it. I asked them if they were planning on using it and they both replied no. I went ahead and entered it, wiped off the seat and turned back around. Since there was a line, the guys in front of the stall kept standing there, just watching me. One guy was Asian, probably in his 40's. The other guy was probably about 22, bleached blonde hair, really cute. The Asian guy turned to the side, but the blonde guy just kept looking forward. I dropped my shorts down to my ankles, then my briefs. I went ahead and turned back around to place a seat protector on the seat. Then I sat and crapped away. It wasn't too noisy, mostly crackles and plops. The Asian guy took! the stall to my right as it became available, leaving the blonde in front of my door. It was sorta weird having someone so close while I was taking a dump. But it was cool. He just stood there the entire time. I always wipe from the front, so he got an eyeful as I started cleaning up. Pretty soon, he took the stall to my left as it became available, and a latino guy took his place. I pulled up my briefs and shorts and went to wash my hands. I don't think anyone took my stall after I left it, though. Too shy I guess.

Adrian, you would have loved to have been a fly on the wall this morning in my toilet at home about an hour ago. I had been constipated for a couple of days, not an unusual event for me, especially as I had just finished my period yesterday.

Keith and I had breakfast and as we were drinking our coffee I felt things start to move in my belly and let out a loud fart, "PHARP!" which filtered through the double gusset of my white cotton briefs filling the air with a the smell of a solid poo. Keith laughed, "Phoo Carol, it smells like there's a nice big jobbie wanting out of you!" I asked him to come in to the toilet with me. I hitched up my black skirt revealing my white panties, full high waist briefs from Marks and Spencers, pulled these down to my knees and sat on the pan. Keith rubbed my ???? as he and I like and I started to do a wee wee with a long sustained tinkle and a hiss. As the wee wee came to an end, "diddle, diddle, diddle" I farted again, "Phweep!" a squeaky, smelly fart then felt the first turd start to emerge, "OO! NN!- PLONK! a fat ball dropped into the pan, "NN! PLOONK! AH! KAPLONK! AH! AH! KA-SPLOONK! Hard knobbly balls varying in size from a golfball to a goose egg came out of my back passa! ge. Keith found this amusing and commented " Carol's laying her eggs!" I retorted, "Its okey for you, you did a nice big easy sausage when you came home last night, Ive been constipated!" but I wasnt really annoyed with him, more amused myself. I got my breath back and knowing that there was a lot more to come down, I sat on and did another short wee wee, "diddle, diddle, diddle" . I then felt a big turd slide down and my sphincter dilate. "Keith, here comes the big one!" I gasped as I went NN! OO! AH!. There was the crackling sound as this fat, knobbly log slowly slid out of my back passage, NN! AH! OH! with Keith encouraging me "Try hard Carol, that's a clever girl, do a nice big jobbie for me!" I felt it taper off and then it dropped into the pan with a KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP!" and PPG will love this, the big splash wet my fat bum. I felt another jobbie on its way, this one smoother and easier, which slid out with a "FLOOMP!" . AHH! I got my breath back but felt that there was s! till something up there. Sure enough I then passed what I have read here that the Scots call a "mick" a small jobbie the size of a Mars Bar which went KAPLONK!". I was now finished, gave another fart, "PHWARP!" and I stood up off the pan with my knickers still at my knees and Keith, as he usually does, wiped my bum for me with a moist wipe. I pulled my knicks up and we had a look at my motion. There were the hard knobbly balls, then the really big fat log. It was shaped like a naval shell with a pointed end and compacted and knobbly for most of its length but smoother at the end. It was about 12 inches long and 2.5 inches fat and dark (chocolate) brown like the hard balls. The second big jobbie and the mick were a lighter (toffee) brown and smooth and the big one was curved and about 8 inches long but as fat as the harder turd. The smell from this motion was strong but not nasty. When I pulled the flush the two bigger jobbies stuck and they are still there in the pan, I will t! hrow a bucket or two of water down the pan later to send them on their way to the local sewage works. I must say I felt really good after getting that lot out!, and Keith was turned on.

Adrian, Tony, CC, PPG and others, I hope you enjoyed this account of my big motion today as much as I enjoyed doing it and Keith did in accompanying me. BTW CC of Australia, be careful. I never had any problem with my son or daughter, (who have now both left home and live with their respective partners), listening when I did a motion or even coming in and looking, we are a very open minded family about natural functions, nudity (we have often gone on naturist holidays) and our bodies. As an example both of my kids were well aware as they grew up that I had a monthly menstrual period and that this entailed bleeding and the use of tampons and sanitary pads, thus my daughter had no fears when she started her own periods and my son didnt have the usual boys smutty attitudes and for that matter fears and revulsion that too many males have towards this perfectly natural occurance for women. I sense from your posts however CC, that your mum might NOT be so easy going about her ! excretory and associated matters and that if you were caught you might get a hard time of it from her and your dad. Also I hope you password protect or otherwise block your computer from access by others who might find that you are posting here.

I know it's off-topic for this forum but, with the Moderator's permission, I would urge everyone who posts here to spare a thought and, if they are people of faith, a prayer for all who have been killed, injured or bereaved as a result of the terrible events of Tuesday. May those who died rest in peace and rise in glory!

On a happier note, I like the picture up top this morning which, I know, has been used before. She looks as if she's having a no-nonsense poo of the good solid variety and reminds me rather of how my Aunt Anne would have looked on the loo about thirty years ago. She's since matured in to a nice grey-haired lady.

Eddie. Your biology teacher is absolutely right. If you put off going for a motion for long enough your bowels will empty of their own accord and the same is true of your bladder. Not that I would advise waiting until that happens, mind you.

male. Your interest is perfectly normal and nothing to be ashamed of. Rest assured that you're in good company.

I've been feeling a bit bunged up and windy for a day or two. It's an occupational hazard of having IBS I'm afraid. This morning I did a good big motion which eased matters considerably. That said, I think I may be in for one or two more before the day's out!

Yesterday I talked to a chatline girl about her toilet needs and she peed heavily into the waste bin under her desk for me. She needed to pee real bad and when she started I didn't think she was going to stop. Eventually she did though, and her relief was obvious. Drinking a fair amount of tea and coffee went with her job as she had to keep her voice on the go and, with busy phones, opportunities for comfort breaks were infrequent to say the least.

Sunday, September 16, 2001

I was in the park again today and went to my favorite restroom to take a dump. I was in the stall and another guy on a bike comes in and takes the toilet across from me. He looks to be about 32 or so, with olive colored skin, wearing a ball cap and orange shorts. His t-shirt was tied to the handlebars of his bike. He had a nice, toned build. Anyway, he puts the seat down, wipes it off, and sits down. He pulled his shorts and underwear (white briefs) down to the floor before he sat. I noticed his dick and balls were a little bit darker than the rest of him. He looked naked on the toilet. He leaned way forward on the toilet, spreading his knees apart as he crapped. A few loud farts. Then he sat back up and held his dick with two fingers as he took a long piss. He then shook it off and reached for the paper. He folded the paper a few times and leaned forward to wipe. He reached for the paper and wiped about 5-6 more times. Then he wiped his dick off with some paper. As he stood u! p to pull his briefs up, it looked like he must shave his balls and trim his pubic hair. It was a pretty cool sighting. Not too many people are that open with their dumps.

TV Fan
I haven't seen Real World in a while, and I was wondering if the show ever addresses bathroom issues on the air, particularly involving the women. In one of the books about Real World, two of the girls from the Seattle show (Janet and Lindsay) both admitted they got severely constipated on the show and had trouble pooping in the house due to cameramen constantly following them around and the doors being very thin. One girl (Lindsay) said she actually snuck door and used the bathroom at a nearby hotel to shit. Can anyone tell me if there have been any references on the air to bathroom matters -- especially poop issues and especially involving the women?

Does anyone use their unfinished basement as a bathroom?

I am a 16 y/o female blondy. Recently, i had bad experiences outdoors. Here goes. One day when i was walking home i was walking by a road when suddenly my stomach started to get cramps. So i hid myself in some bushes and i squatted there. As soon as i lift my skirt up and my panties down, a torrent of bad diarrhea flew out. then the case got worse as i started throwing up. I squatted there for about 1 hour. When i was finished i wiped with some leaves and i saw my two disgusting pile of diarrhea and puke. it smelled awful. I felt really sick afterwards then when i was almost home, i felt the cramp again. I tried to hold it but i just couldn't wait and i just yanked my pants and just let it flow on the path. I knew many drivers would see me but there are no choice.
Another time when i was in school camp i had a near accident. I think i had too much of the fruits at breakfast. After breakfast i felt the need to go but i don't think it was serious, so i held it. I just talked with the girls in my lodge waiting for our first activity. but 2 minutes later i really couldn't wait then i hurried to the bathroom but the only two stalls were taken, so i to wait. I ask the girls in the stalls to hurry and they said that they were almost done. One of them was constipated. When the other girl came out i quickly rushed in. I yanked my pink panties down and as soon as i sat on the toilet, liquid poop came out, i must have pooped gallons. After 5 minutes 3 other girls came in and wanted to use the toilets but i was far from finish. the other girl in the stall was just feeling better. 1 minute later 1 of the girls named Jennifer said she couldn't wait and longer, so i quickly wiped and flushed since i was done. I came out of the stall and Jennifer q! uickly rushed in. I could tell that she was having the runs too because the whole room is reeked. When i finished washing my ands i my stomach cramped the worst and there was no avaliable stall. The two other girls waiting were asking me if i was alright and i said no. So i pulled my jeans down and i pooped all over the floor ( the other two girls were watching too). both of them made nasty comments but i said i was feeling sick and i couldn't wait. I squatted over the floor for 3 minutes then the two girls who were waiting couldn't hold it and those stalls were still occupied. So the two other girls squatted near me, one of them letted out a gush of pee and the other one pooped alot and peed too. afterwards 3 of the girls got to the first activity while the Jennifer and i are in the stall pooping our little hearts out. when they came back we were resting on the bed looking very sick then they told the counsellers we were sick and 1 of the counsellers look after us while the 3! girls were at activities. At night i was starting to feel better only had to go 3 more times but Jennifer is real sick, she went 6 times through the night and threw up on her bed and she was sent home.

Did anyone had any terrible experiences like me?

I just want to tell JEFF and all you other folks here i'm OK cause i live in NY-about 35 miles east of NYC-this is a sad day for all of us and my prayers go out to the thousands of families who have lost their loved ones-I had 2 friends who worked in the world trade center-i hope they are OK-I had biked out to the beach and from a certain point i could see all of downtown NYC burning from about 25 miles away-it was a terrible sight-God help us all-This craziness has to stop-enough said--

A special for Luise: A story in Spain
We often fly to the canarie islands if we have holidays in Spain. We fly 2-3 times a year for one week. But it's very difficult to time all 6 Persons on one date. So this august we stayed the first 3 days with Dani and husband, 1(!) day all three couples and then the last days with Susi and her man. On the day we were alltogether we decided to go an island round-trip with two cars. Around 10 or so we had a stop at a typicall picnic-barbecue-area (many of them are on every island). They sometimes have toilets, so we all want to relieve ourselves.
It was a monday, and the people there only use this areas at the weekend, so we were alone. We get out off the cars, and walked in the direction of a building which seems to be the toilet. Both doors were open, but it stank inside like horror. There were four stalls and three sinks inside the girls side. We looked inside the stalls but all potties were unflushed, full with shit, and in one stall laid a big pile of poop on the floor, and flies were around it. In another one, a fat turd was lying half on the seat, half in the bowl. In a third one, somebody has vomited over the bowl,the seat at the wall and on the floor. Infront of all bowls were dried puddles, tons of used tp and kleenex, used tampons and such things. Even outside the stalls were about ten dried puddles with tp and somebody had shit diarrhoea down the wall while leaning at it. We decided better to use the boys side. As we entered the boys room we saw Dani's husband with his shorts down bending forward a litt! le with his arse over an urinal. He pressed out a fat turd that plopped loud into it. He holds his dick and pissed with a big arche in front of him on the floor. While he pushed out more he told us, that the stalls are all dirty, and then the others came out the last two and said: Here is the same. They saw us, smiled and asked if it is the same in the girls room. Susi jumps from one feet to the other and said: Don't talk so much, I'm bursting . She lifted up her skirt, and brought her arse in a good position over a sink.Only a second later a strong peejet hits the sink. I do the same at the sink besides her, and at the third sink my husband was looking at us while he pulled down his shorts and peed on the floor, than he sat down on it and farted lout. Then we could hear the crackling sound of shít coming out. Dani uses a mini-klistier, because she don't want to go the next day on their flight home.I also pressed my hands into my stomach and pushed out a big load. Susi also p! ushed, and a big very hard turd came out like a torpedo. I have never seen such a long one before, I think it must be 40cm long and 6cm diameter. As it laid in the sink, it almost goes from one side to the other. She let out some gas and made some more on the top of this monster and everywhere above this sink. ...I haven't shit 3 days; she said. Susis husband stood guard at the door, and as Danis husband had finished his job, they changed roles and he squatted over another urinal and dumped in it. Dani's laxative began to work, and she told us, that she won't have any risk of skin contact with anything inside here, and she went in the middle of the room, pulled up her skirt bending forward, and also started her shit. A long, but medium sized turd came out and splashed on the ground, followed by a monster piss about 3 minutes. One turd follows the other, and we had all finished while she was still at her job. We looked at our piles: they were all big and stinky but no one was a! s big as her. We went out, and had to walk through a lake of her piss- but we had all shoes on, and so it was no problem for us. She still shits after 10 minutes as a another tourist car arrives and stops at the parking. We all hushed into the building and told it Dani. I can't stop; she said: I hope they won't come here.
She had luck, because this people haven't seen us. They get out the car, talked some minutes, and than the woman squatted besides the car, and the man getting out his dick and pissed on the ground. After 2 minutes they get inside and drove away. Dani has finished and asked for tp. I brought it to her. I saw her big pile on the floor and her pee was still floating everywhere in the room. She cleaned her bum, let down her skirt and we went to our cars.
More tomorrow(!?)

hey all!.


so good to see you back, even though im not one of your contacts and you maybe dont know me but i find your stories simply the best! u have the best entertaining and real life manner of writing ur pee and poop stories, i love em so much and i think u could write a book their so cool.
Today ive been peeing into an evian bottle just to see on average how much i pee per day and the different colours and so on, here are my findings lol

when i really hold it till my knees are crossed and my vagina starts stinging, i can pee about a litre and its quite yellow in colour, when im round the house and doing physical stuff it tends to be yellow and if im watching tv or have been asleep its clear. Im sure it depends on what u eat and drink etc but this is what i have found if i drink water.
Im just peeing into my pants now as im going for a shower but heck its warm and my joggies are soaked around the bum etc and around the front is running out, im still peeing as i so need to go, my white panties are yellow stained and the warm pee is running into my shoes and onto the kitchen floor, mmmmm what a good pee in my pants it kinda stings but feels nice, must go now and change and mop the floor etc but happy crapping my pooping friends


Tony the Scots Motion Master here.

Southwest Mike, I think if you look through Old Posts you will find lots of information about women and girls passing larger motions than men and boys. This has definitely been my experience over the last 45 years and Ive seen a lot of big jobbies done by both genders in that time. I have observed that while many males can pass turds as long as females produce, by and large women do fatter jobbies, all other aspects such as build, diet, health, etc being equal. Long may the lassies continue to pass their lovely big whoppers! On that subject, I just loved your post Diane, and tell us more about your big fat beer can sized jobbies.

Gruntly Bogwell, that was a lucky experience seeing the big load your mother in law produced. I had a similar experience recently when Theresa's mum, who is a very active 65 and like her daughter, quite ???? came to visit us. She stayed overnight and we heard her get up in the morning to use the toilet. Both of us listened silently as, after a long wee wee, she went "NN! OO! AH! and did three solid jobbies which came out quite quickly one after the other "KUR-SPLOONK! KER-SPLOOSH! KU-PLONK!" Now as luck would have it, no doubt thinking us to be asleep, she DIDNT pull the flush but tiptoed out of the toilet. We waited till we heard her start to snore, (she's a very heavy sleeper), then we both tiptoed down to the toilet to have a good look. A strong fecal smell hung in the air and when we lifted the lid on the toilet pan and moved the piece of toilet tissue with the brush we saw her three turds. The largest was about 9 inches long and 2 inches thick, smooth and easy, the s! econd and third of similar thickness and solidity but 6 inches and 5 inches respectively in length. All 3 were curved and interestingly had rounded not ragged edges so it wasnt a single big soft jobbie that had broken up as it came out. All were toffee brown in colour and we could see some undigested peas from the meal we had all eaten the previous day embedded in the jobbies. All were floaters. Of course we didnt say anything to her when we got up later.

CC nice to hear from you again. Tell me, apart from listening do you ever SEE any of her jobbies, or do they always flush away? If so please give a description.

Althea, nice big poo you did there and by the description what I would call a "classical girls jobbie".

PV and others, on the Vampire Fish issue. I had heard about this nasty creature but thought it was merely an Urban Legend like the "vanishing hitchhiker" etc. One thing puzzles me. If it is attracted by urine voided in the sea I would have thought that females would be as much if not more at risk than males. Unlike the long and thin male urethra encased in the penis the female has a wider and shorter passage and therefore this parasite would be able to get into its victim a lot quicker in a woman than a man. Also unless the swimmer is naked I would have thought that the fabric of knickers, underpants, swimming trunks or costume would have blocked this creature from entering the body. BTW, I assume and hope it is NOT found in British waters!

Hi Everybody

First of all, let me say how horrified I was about the recent events in the US, and my thoughts are with all our American friends.

I must however share this event with you all which happened to me yesterday afternoon.

After work I decided to go into town to do a bit of shopping and needed to get some new shoes. So I headed into a big shoe shop and started trying on shoes etc, like you do! Anyhow, I was sat in one aisle looking at various pairs, and there was another lady there with her daughter who was about 5 or 6 I guess and wearing her school uniform, grey skirt and green jumper. Anyway the Mother was trying on some shoes and the daughter suddenly said in a very loud voice "Mummy I want a wee wee". The Mother told her that she would just have to wait until they got home.

I carried on looking at shoes, but did notice that this girl started hopping about and pressing her crotch through her skirt - she was obviously quite desperate. A few minutes later the girl repeated her plea for the toilet to her Mother who seemed indifferent to her daughters needs and told her to stop making a fuss. I did actually feel quite sorry for the girl, although I suppose there wasn't a lot the Mother could do.

After a little while longer I had found some shoes and went to pay and found myself queing for the checkout behind this Mother and daughter. By now this poor girl had her hand up her skirt and desperately wanted to wee. At one point, whilst the mother was paying the little girl pulled up her skirt and put both hands in her knickers out of desperation and I saw that she was starting to wet herself a bit. Once the transaction was completed the Mother snapped at her daughter to put her skirt down and behave. She then walked off. I paid for my shoes and went outside to the car park. As I left the shop I saw this poor girl squatting in a corner near the shop in mid wee. I tried not to stare, but felt sorry for this girl who was litterally squatting on the pavement in full view of all the passers by.

I walked back to my car and as I was leaving I caught site of this girl once more as she was pulling her knickers back up. I don't know about anyone else, but I thought the Mother should have been nicer to her daughter and at least tried to shield her whilst she was weeing. Has any other Mothers on this site had anything similar happen?

Love Julie.x

Off schedule
Has this happened to anyone else? I used to have perfectly regular bowel movements -- every morning I would wake up and go to the bathroom, and my poop would come out nice and smooth and easy. No problem. After I went, I would wipe as best as I could, and then take a shower to get clean and I was set for the day. Recently, though, I started a new job which requires me to wake up one hour earlier. Now you wouldn't think an hour would make any difference, but it did! All of a sudden, I wake up and I can't poop! No matter how hard I try, nothing comes out. So I go ahead and have my shower and do everything else I need to do, and the poop urge starts to hit me just as I'm getting ready to leave. Sometimes I have time and will just poop and leave. That's ok, except that I really prefer to go before my shower so I can get good and clean. it's a real pain to have to get clean with tp when you're in a hurry and already a little late for work. But what often happens is the u! rge just hits me so late that I don't have time, so I have to leave for work. Then I have to decide whether to go at work where there's not a lot of privacy, leave work and go somewhere else during lunch hour to go (usually the library, which is a block away), or just hold it until I get home. All becauce of getting up an hour sooner! Any ideas on how to fix this?

i just got a new gf. she's really cute, and kinda big and really nice. We spent 3 hours talking online before we became a couple. a couple of times we broached the subject of toilet habits and she doesn't seem too uptight about it. I was just wondering how I can gauge how open she is to such things as letting me watch, and talking about her motions. I know a lot of you have experience in this area, and if you could help, i'd appreciate it. or how i can get to see her dump or wee (with her consent of course :) ). i really like this girl, and i don't want to screw it up with too much directness in this area. please help.

Hi folks, it tooks a long time before I came back. Perhaps some of you remember my stories I send month ago. Well, a lot changed since then. I moved, get married and found new friends. I think my best friends are two girls from my sport club. Me and my husband are often stay with them and their men. We are all very open with our bodily functions, and so after all the months we are friends, we often had toilet-situations outdoor. I hope I will have enough time in the future to write some of them.
The first I will write is a story that happened last weekend, when we made a hike in the alps. We had to stand up very early in the morning, because we have to drive some hours to our favorite hiking area. We want to hike a mountain so we had to start at 6 a.m. at the basic area, for returning the same day. One couple owns a van, so we only need one car. After we had entered the car at 3 a.m. (!!) we all were very tired and sleep on the way, only the driver was awake and heard music.
After two hours we started to awake, an looked outside the window.
Susi, my younger friend had to pee, and so we had a stop in a wooden area. She gets out, went some meteres on a path, pulled down her pants, bend a little bit forward and let it go. We all had a complete view of her. There was a real big puddle on the middle of the path after she had finished. She wiped and came back.
After we had arrived at our parking, we put on our backpacks on, and started our tour. It was still a little bit dark, but there were more than 7 cars at the parking. In one car sits a man smoking a cigarett.
We went to the starting point of our trail and started our walk together. I was at the first position. As we started the man looks like he grows nervous- but I don't thought about this. In the beginning area the trail follows the course of a little river. Right hand a big wall of rocks and left hand the river was about 2 m deeper. After the first 100m the first curve came, and as we went round it, I had to stop. Our boys were grinning, because directly behind this corner we saw to woman- a mother with her 16 year old daughter. The mother was still squatting directly on the path-and hadn't remarked us. She was moaning and farting and a fat turd hung like a tail out of her ass. Her daughter had finished and was pulling up her pants. We could see a big pile of poop behind her with dirty toilet paper, and a big puddle between her legs with the pee runinng into our direction. It was a horrible smell there on the path. The mother pushed out a big load and than a long pee. The da! ughter was the first who see us and she seemed very amberessed that strangers saw her shit. The mother still pushed, and in the next moment she also remained us. Her face turned intored, and she stumbled something like:I'm sorry...but couldn't wait... no other place..etc. . She couldn't stop, so we told her that she should squatt until she had really finished. My husband used this brek for his shit, and the other men got out their dicks and washed the rocks. Me and my other friend who hadn't peed this morning, made a puddle on the path.
Th e daughter didn't know where she should look to (I think she looked on the dicks! hihihi..). The mother had finished, cleaned her ass and pulled up her pants. As they went back they had to pass my husband who still shits. They made some acrobatic to pass him and went round the corner. My friend has changed her tampon after the piss, and it seems to be unconfortable for the mother that she chad seen this.
It was a strange situation- in front of us to big piles made by strangers, behind us my husband with big turds behind him, and between us our puddles floating the whole path, one with a used red headed tampon, and all was stinking and steaming in the cold morning air.
After my husband had finished. We restarted. We get higher and higher and it became a little bit colder. I really had to go bad, but it was to colsd for me outside. After 2,5 hours we arrived at a shelter-hut.
My friends also get the urge meanwhile and we looked around for a warm place shielded for the strong wind one of the boys squatted behind the hut, but this place was to uncompfortable for us girls. We searched for another one. I walked around and as I came back he was nearly finished. I brought him tp from our backpacks-and took another roll for me. I started to get nervous because I had to go so bad. I thought about squating over the pile of the boy, but I decided to warm myself first in the hut. My husband got out his dick and watered the wall. And I went in. It was a midsize room with some wooden benches and two tables.
As I went in a fart emerged and I knew that I had to go right now. There were some fresh and dried puddles and used tampons inside and the smell of piss hang in the air. But I found no turd or pile. It doesn't care me, because otherwise I had shit my pants. I stood on one of the benches pulled down my pants lent a little bit forward and hang my ass beside the bench. In this position I could look outside a window and was wondering why my friends made wild signs. I was so lucky that I could start - so I started to push out a large turd . In this moment the door opened and a woman with her little boy came in. The door slammed, and the boy asked his mother: Look mum , the lady makes her po-poo. I couldn't stop, so I decided to look out the window and maintain my business as usual. Th mother said: The lady has to go very very bad, be a nice boy and don't disturb her. He said: okay. And I heard the mother pulling down his zippers, and moments later I heard pissingsounds on the ! wall. I couldn't hold it any longer, and i let out a loud fart and started my shit. Between the turds I let out big gushers of pee, which hit the wooden ground with a loud tickling sound. Look mom,she makes brown poopoo and yellow peepee very much. The pile looks like the one you made in the shower last summer. She said : pssst. Turned to me and said: yes.your correct. She pulled up his zipper and send im out. Then she came besides me, so I could see her face, undies her pants and peed on the floor. We were in France, and no toilet.... so I used the shower;she said. She still pulls up her pants as my friends came in. They had the urge to, and the womans saw it: Don't be shy, come in, and do whatever you need. My friends looked at my ass and see that I was still shitting and pissing, and they pulled down their pants and squatted besides the door. Boah, last second... said Susi while she let out a stinky turd which falls with a loud plopp on the floor. It 's the same with me;sai! d my other friend we called Dani.
While the woman sorted her clothes she peed and had a soft-poop explosion. The woman went out and said: be careful not to die in this gas-attack....hihihi Good bye. We finished, cleaned up our asses and went out. We made a picnic outside, and in during this time another woman went in the hut with tissues in her hand. Short time later she went out, smiled at us and shut her jeans infront of the hut. We all pissed some times more this day, but all was unspectecular besides the path.

Luise, I also have some stories from spain- I will write them later. Hope to hear more of yours!

Julia O.
How many freakin people are you realted to that post here?

No stories today except tomorrow me and Chelsea are going for a hike with my sister Laura so hopefully i have a funny one

Slayer Moon
Outhouse Scott: I almost always go without wiping, but that's because I wash off instead. I remove my pants and back my ass up under the tub spout, the only expedient bidet that I know of besides sitting on a sink. Believe me. Toilet paper is no substitute for soap and water.

I have seen many videos on the internet that show women pooping. What always amazes me about these women is the sheer volume of poop that comes out. In order to go that much, you would have to literally go several days without having a motion. My question is this: if you eat a relatively normal volume of food and liquid each day, how many days can someone go without pooping? I'm not talking about a situation where you have serious constipation and you just can't go. I'm saying your poops are normal, but you just suppress the desire and refuse to go. My biology teacher told our class once that if you continually ignore the urge to defecate, eventually it will just come out whether you want it to or not. Is that right? I'm just wondering how long that would take? The longest I have ever gone while eating normally is about 3 days, maybe 4. Whats the longest anyone else has gone without pooping?

Steve: Cool, also how did you avoid getting caught in the locker room.

Oh, what most horrific scenes did I see on the news! I had half expected this forum to be closed. My thoughts are with the staggering number of people who have disappeared. I hope and pray that none of our friends from NY are involved.

I had prepared the following on floppy, so here goes:

Marilyn, what an accident, what an explosive disharge - a real craplosion! I have to admit I laughed at first when reading it, because it is the sort of story I used to draw in the form of comics when I was a boy, to the disgust of my parents, but using animals as characters instead of humans. To you it was not funny at all, but painful. But it is certainly a very good narrative of an incident of the unusual kind. Please post again!

Dear Marge, you certainly have your inner reflexes out of order, and your mother seems to have suffered similarly all her life. You should certainly follow Jeff A.'s advice to turn to PV. She managed to recondition herself with persevering patience to be able to relieve her bladder whenever she wants to. In my view she managed to turn the act of relieveing her bladder from something unpleasant which was put off until it became painful, to a pleasure to look forward to. PV dear, correct me if I am wrong!
As I see it, PV approached her problem from a different angle by learning to stand to pee. Her adventurous nature and her courage must have helped her to succeed. (As you can see, I admire her very much). Because the standing pee method is first practiced in the shower for obvious reasons, the sound and feel of running water and/or the thrill of trying something some people find outrageous could help release the nervous blockade. You might need to use meditation and breathing exercises. I don't know if there is a Tai Chi exercise for conditioning the bladder voiding reflexes. Maybe there is something along that line. Try to search the net for it. Best of luck, keep us informed about your progress, others could profit from your experience, and cheers from Rizzo.

Hi Steve! Oooh! I enjoyed the account of you and Louise giving the historic Trawden urinal the works! And again you "forgot" to give Louise her knickers back! Tut, tut! Cheers to both of you!

To Lawn Dogs Kid, yes, I see that you are taking good care of you dear cousin and feel happy do so. Many boys your age would feel embarrassed in front of their peers by the presence of a little girl, be it a sister or a cousin. She is lucky to have someone like you. I find you far more mature in this respect than the average boy in his teens.
I am still reading up on posts when time permits and thereby discovering interesting and amusing items, such as you straining your ears to listen to Kate perform on the loo! I agree with you that the best part is what goes on in your head! You are very much like me in that respect! Then you supposed that I spent all the time in Southern Europe getting tanned? That is not quite the case. I don't go there to seek the sun, I even try to avoid the sun - get more than plenty when sailing. It was a combined business and holiday trip. The place I stayed for the holiday part is the one with the noisy toilets I described. I can safely say that it is not in Southern Europe but within sight of snow, even in summer.
I did enjoy the scare you gave Kate when she was perched on her toilet in Cumbria! Especially the part about all you pranksters snickering in voiceless Mutley-squeaks. But because you apologized and told her you did not really mean to intrude into her privacy on the loo, were just pretending, you seem to have somehow gained her trust. That is something very precious but fragile. (She slapped you on your arm with every syllable? Ahaaah! She likes you very much!) Who knows, one day she might join in the toilet fun! Let her take her time.
Ah yes, something else; Andrew, I suggest you keep an extra hair brush in a handy place for immediate use ;)! Wish you all the best my dear friend, love from Rizzo.

Gruntly Bogwell, I just l o v e your Vickie episodes!

Hi Julie! Thanks for liking my buddy pee in the bag story! It sure was fun! To pee in the mentioned brown doggie-poo-bags is not difficult at all. I flattened one on a table and took measurements so that you can visualize one of them: fifteen inches long and seven inches wide. The opening is at one of the narrow ends. The thing to do is to fold over and outwards about two inches of the opening and hook your index and middle fingers of both hands under the fold. It is then easy to pull the opening into a rectangle. With one hand from the front and one from the back the rectangular opening fits over and covers the vulva completely. It is impossible to miss the opening with your stream. However, great care must be taken when removing the bag. The best is to close one hand to a tight fist to avoid slippage, and then to let go carefully with the other to bring the bag forward. If you do not pee more than a quart (imperial), and that's quite a lot, it is still possible to tie a ! not in the neck of the bag for later disposal. Or you just tip out the contents like I did.
I always carry one or more bags in my back pocket and I keep some in the car, because I usually walk our dog. Bag dispensers are placed conveniently where I usually go for a walk. I do not know about the UK, because we never take our dog with us when we go there. It was not possible to do so for short trips until quite recently.
Dear Julie, I really do enjoy your stories of being walked in on the loo, or getting into most embarrassing situations with children, also on the loo! I laughed and grinned for hours. Children seem to like you! You find this to be quite a nuisance at the moment, but one day you might find it to be a blessing.
To your incident with your client Judy I think the best thing to do is to ignore any advances (play stupid) and just be as nice and polite as I gather you always are.
Take care and nurture your very special relationship with your mum, love from Rizzo.

Bye everybody, Rizzo
After all the terrible news from NY I felt so drained and sad that I omitted to welcome Carmalita, Jake, Renee and Patsy back. Carmalita you reentered the forum with a great poopy fanfare! I am sooo glad!

And Kendal, my dear niece, I am still savouring your heart-warming hug. Thanks, it made my day! You may of course alter your daily poo-routine as you wish. The one I mentioned is similar to what I did when I went to school. I have not seen Andrew's version of your tropical rainfall pee from a tree yet. Take care, a scratchy hug from your uncle Rizzo (scratchy, because it is late and because we had a two hour power cut. Ever gone to the bathroom with a candle stick?)

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