Hi,I'm new here.I'm black.Male obviously.and 14.Well I was at home with my girlfriend.Well not really girl friend.she's really a girl who's my friend!Not dating,but maybe soon.My oarents don't get home till later so we had a few hours.We were studying together.I told her I'd be right back,and she barely paid attention I guessed cause she did'nt answer,just busy with algebra.I walked in the bathroom and pissed for a bit then i sat down.I had'nt taken a dump in a while and it was ready to come out so I went for it.My long polo shorts and boxers were around my ankles.I leaned way foward and pushed.I let out a few nice farts(zzzzzzzzzzt)and pushed.I don't make long turds like some
people here,but I make fat and funky looking turds.I felt the turd ease out and fall with a was the usual knobbly one.I farted alot and then another knobbly turd moved out,but refused to drop on the end. I sat there for a bit and let it fall by itself.It got my butt wet.I waited and a one fat turd moved out.It was VERY fat really and it looked deformed.It was kind of long really.I could easily look behind me and see the turd fall out with a huge splash.I immediately let loose
a series of farts and a huge turd caught me surpise.It moved out and a bit then stopped halfway.I pushed with difficulty and with alot of hissing it slid out and fell with a loud splash.

I knew I was'nt done.I then heard my friend out looking for me.Calling my name, asking where I was.Before I could say anything she opened the bathroom door and saw me leaning forward on the toilet."couldn't you tell I was in the bathroom?"was all I could say."whoa it stank in here,what you eat?"She was holdig her nose."all the doors are closed,I was just looking through,it was hard to tell"she said.right then I farted and a hard turd eased out and fell with a loud KERSPLASH. "that sounded like a big one!"I farted and leaned foward again and tried to push out the fattest turd.I felt it up there,but it did'nt come.I pushed and pushed and pushed and I felt a tip of it move out."are you constipated?"
she asked.I told her no.By then I was kind of ok with her being there. She asked if she could see,and after a bit of talking and teasing i said fine.She went to the side of the toilet and looked behind me."that's a big one"she siad still holding her nose.I pushed hard making groaning noises(nnnn NNN)and the turd slowly made its way out and fell wetting my butt some more.

I let out LOUD booming farts right away which made her laugh alot and say how much I stink.I leaned forward as much as possible so she got a good look. "I think I see something coming out your butthole"she said as I pushed again.I felt the turd emerge,and move out a bit.I asked how it looked."that's one deformed looking turd"was all she could say.The turd moved out again with a little bit of urging and it fell with a loud splash.I let out a few more farts.Causing her to say I stink even more.My butthole spread VERY wide,and she saw too,as the most ugly turd began to move out. She described it for me.Very VERY knobbly with all types of wierd twists,and fat.It was a monster.My turds don't usually crackle but this one did,which made her laugh ALOT!I had trouble pushing this one out,and it wa surprisingly long.I pushed and pushed and pushed and the turd slowly moved in the bowl.I raised my butt a little bit and pushed."Dang that is one nasty turd,whoa it's still going"my frie! nd said.I was now basically standing bent over with my hands on my thigh pushing this monster out.My friend laughed at its shape.Finally the turd fell in with a loud splash.

"look at all them turds.When is the last time you went to the bathroom" I told her.she said it was too long.I sat down and leaned forward again.
I was sure I had something else up there.I leaned forward again.I pushed and pushed but onyl managed to make the loudest,smelliest fart(BRRRRRRRRRRR)which made her laugh hard.I asked if she saw something.She told me to raise my butt a bit.She looked in my buttcrack and said "nothing coming out that butthole"she giggled.I told her I'll wait a bit.So I sat back in my position.We talked a bit.She laughed everytime I did a real loud fart.I was determined to empty my whole system.I asked her one more time if she saw anything.She looked up my butthole and said no.right when she said that REALLY small little turds started plopping out one after the other(plopplopplopploplop)in rapid motion."Now I do!"she said laughing.I rolled my eyes.a few more small turds plopped out and I was done.We looked in the bowl.It was filled to the max,mainly cause of that huge turd.She asked if she could wipe me.

After a bit of teasing I said okay.She grabbed a roll.Kneeled down eye level with my ass,and spread my buttcheeks.She wiped a few times.On her last wipe I ripped a huge fart"you stank,that ain't funny"is what she said.She slapped my butt as punishment.I farted again to make her angry.
She put on the fan and said "I'll get you for that"I laughed.She grabbed some toilet paper though,and stuck a big wad up my butt letting it stick out.She laughed hard.Especially when I started shaking my butt around like I had a tail."that should clog up your butt,and stop those nasty farts.I had some fun and walked out like that.She could'nt belive and looked she would die from laughter.We could barely finish our homework.when she pulled it out I let loose another fart.when I put the paper in the toilet,the bathroom still stunk.That's not the only thing we did though.I have alot more stories to talk about.After that experience,I finally got her to take a dump.I talk about it later.

Sims; Keep them too busy to get to the bathroom, they have accidents. Let them get too depressed or stressed out and you won't be able to get them to use the bathroom. Accident are shown by a growing puddle with sound effects and emotional distress afterward.

Hi you all. As i said before i got to see quit a few guys shitting. i remember just a few years ago at church for a christmas breakfast a teenage boy amd his poop. I was walking after eating when i needed to pee so i went to the mens room and I heard a unnhh and fart together then a splash and another fart. the next year I saw him talking to some friends and then he left so again I needed to pee so i went and their he was silent but very smelly. He seemed pretty opened because I have seen him with friends on the toilet and they will be talking away. I have noticed I know a lot of guys like that so will post more later.let me here f
rom you all like the stories.

kim and scott
hello all!
TO CARMALITA-hello. welcome back girl!we missed you,along with jake,renee(who I share the blond hair,looks and body with)patsy and tesa.scott and I hope jake is ok.
TO JEFF A-hello there. I also hope that all our new york friends here are ok after the tragedy. scott and I live right next door in new jersey by the way.
TO JOHN (VT)-hello there. thanks for liking my latest huge poop in panties story.I tell you I think my logs are sooo big and powerful I dont think any of my bottom wear is gonna hold for long.but I will try more stuff like this in future.
TO PV-hello dear. hope your ok from your illness. and you really flatter me in being envious of my huge logs. I tell you I am very lucky to look the way I do and squeeze out the gigantic logs that I do. be well.
TO LOUISE and STEVE-hello there. loved your latest story. just curious louise were you a bit jealous of the lady checking steve out as he pissed?be well all our friends.scott and I love ya!

My greatest thrill is to hear a female poop.or smell the chair that a female has sat on,or talk with them about their bowels and in particular a recent bout of diarrhea./

Does anyone else out there share my turn-ons? I wonder what brought this about.

Thanks Eric and Roger for your explanations. I guess I have to take your word for it, but I shall try to check more often. The poos I did earlier today looked to be much the same colour, laid side by side in the pan. I am amazed you could remember my dumps were described as "elephant poo", by my husband!


i don't add a toilet and let the girls run around until they leak all over the ground

Outhouse scott, wasn't your ass iching like crazy? My ass itches when ever I don't wipe well.

Plopsy Pants
This is my first post and have been into pooping pants since I was about 6 yrs old.My first experience was at school.It was in the afternoon about 3pm and I felt the urgency for a poo.Being shy I was reluctant to tell the teacher I needed to go and also the boys toilets were at the otherside of the school.
I was hanging on for another 15 minitues and started to fidget.Suddenly the teacher saw me and asked if I need the toliet to which I said "No" she said "Keep still then". By now I was in a state of panic and very desperate to go. As it was aproaching home time I hung on for dear life
until the class was dissmissed for the day. As I got up from my seat I could feel it starting to come out of my bum and I clenched my bum tightly to prevent is coming out and held my legs together and shuffled out of class to the cloakroom outside to get my coat. I waited for everone to go and made my way to the toilets. Suddely a massive urge came over me to do it now and I couldn't hold on any more.I opened my legs slightly & let go. I stood there and a hard large piece of poo slid out of my bum into my white Y-Fronts followed by another 2 smaller pieces.
After I'd finished I just stood there relieved. It was pointless going to the toilet now. I don't think anybody saw me and I staret walking home. I only lived about 10-15 minitues from school and after a few minitues I felt it rubbing on my bum and it felt nice. I stopped ad did a wee-wee in my Y-Fronts soaking them.I opened my coat and saw a wet patch on my grey school shorts. When I got home I explained to my mum who was sympathetic and she ushered me to the bathroom and I took down my pants & dirty Y-Fronts. I could see the squashed lump in the seat of them and in a sort of funny way it was a pleaseant feeling. Ever since that day I have been doing it occasionally in my pants. I also like reading other stories of girls doing it in theirs as well. I used to do it in my sister knickers sometimes which gave me a thrill.

Ben In Iowa
I have returned after a longgggggg absence. I couldn't find time to get a response because of school and football.

To Jordan: I'm about 5'4 and wiegh about 150 pounds.
To aboy: hope you feel better.
To Steve: I'm glad your friend didn't regonize your accident.

My prayers are with the people in the World Trade Ceter and thier familys.

More Later

Slayer Moon: she was on the jon, for a very long time, btw i think there are some in the Devil Hunter Yohko series too but im not sure.

Work is still driving my boys and I crazy. It has been continuous, non-stop, nights, weekends, including Labor Day Weekend. I haven't had time to write anything, as I really have not been doing anything except work. I just got a chance to read some of the recent posts, and I am going back to work, but this time from my home computer. I hope to have something to post soon.

I just want to say some quick hellos to Buzzy, Rizzo, Jeff A, Diane (NY) and Helen of Troy.

Some brief comments:

Kim and Scott - I see that you haven't missed a beat there, young lady, as you are up to your usual tricks. That last story you posted was great, I had to read it quickly, but I loved it. Take care.

Jane - This latest event with James was funny. I remember the story that you wrote about him watching you poop, when he was 5. SO his little tag along, Gretchen, thought that you stunk it out, and James chimed in that the last time was worst. Kids are something else. That you talked about pooping with 2 10 year olds is very funny, although I detect a bit of embarrassment in your tone. Mentoring 2 future visitors to the sight? Now, that is funny. You take care, Jane.

Last thought - Hello to Carmalita, Renee and Patsy, where ever you are.

Hello, everyone!

What a wonderful surprise! Camalita's back! Three cheers! And an EXCELLENT welcome back story, too! I wanted to see and smell that
python turd (good imagery!) SOOOO bad.... (Alas!) But the great news is
YOU'RE BACK!!! We can all look look forward to more of your great posts!
Lucky us!

Ashleigh W
In Reply to OutHouse Scott

Im 16 now, but when I was 14 I was away at a Guide Camp and I didn't wipe my bum for about 4 dumps. It was ok but did u not notice that your bum started to really! itch and that If you moved about a lot it left marks on your underwear? It got really annoying then about the 5th dump into the fortnight I really started cleaning myself throughly.

Kendel: Thank you for your response to my questions about you and Andrew.I am suprised but so far not many responses about my mishap at school last week. The only one who brings it up is my best friend and that will ware away after time. I am really suprised that so many school students have problems holding back their poop. Have you or Andrew ever had this problem? My life is normal for the most part I have some good friends one guy is a best friend we do most things together except buddy dumping that will come in time. Keep up your good stories about you and Andrew.----Nosja-Jason

Have any of the ladies who post here had a really big poo just lately? A panbuster I mean. It's a long time since Anne (the former bus driver) posted and I used to enjoy hearing about her jobbies. However if any other ladies have done really big ones lately I'd love to know about it.

kim and scott
hello all!
TO JEFF A-hello there. scott and I are from new jersey right next to new york. and yes I hope all our NY friends are ok from that horrible new york disaster!and scott and I hope that you are doing well too.
TO PV-hello there. thanks for flattering me on the size of my logs saying your envious and all. it makes me feel good that you like my posts so much.scott and I like your stories too!
TO JOHN (VT)-hello there. thanks for liking my posts. and your right my panties are no match for my huge logs. neither are any pants that I wear!.I am afraid. I will probably try dumping in my spandex shorts later but it will be the same result!haha.bye john
TO CARMALITA-hello my friend. welcome back! we missed you and the gang and hope jake is ok from that accident.
TO LOUISE and STEVE-hello there! love your stories. were you a bit jealous when the girl checked steve out peeing? more stuff.well bye all scott and I are in a bit of a rush today. keep up the good posts all!

Lawn Dogs Kid
Kendal and I just wanted to express our very deepest sympathies to our dear American friends over the terrible incidents in New York, Washington, and near Pittsburg. Kendal especially feels very upset about her comment to Plunging Plop Guy about blowing up the house if she tried to burn off the smell I was making. I've told her that was written and sent long before the terrorists struck, and that no one will hold it against her.

However, the worst bit was while all the reports were happening on the tv, and one reporter made a comment about how many poor children will have lost their mummies and daddies in the incident. Kendal sobbed her heart out as I'm sure many others did over that comment, including myself. We just hugged and hugged. It was then that Kendal decided that she didn't want to stay with us tonight. She wanted to go back to her old home for just one night so that she could feel closer to her Mum and Dad. We still have the keys because it hasn't been sold yet. My Mum and Dad were very doubtful about this, but they relented on the condition I went with her.

When we got there, she wanted to sleep in her Mum and Dad's bed, and not wanting to be on her own, I slept in the room with her. In the middle of the night she awoke, very upset again, so we talked and we hugged for over an hour. Then she decided she wanted the toilet and I had to carry her there because she didn't want to stop hugging. Once in there, she asked if we could have a sit on knees wee to keep hugging. I wasn't about to refuse her. So I sat on the toilet, and she sat on my knee facing me, and we continued hugging while she softly tinkled away. When she had finished, I decided to have a wee myself, so we both listened to my wee.

It didn't take 20 minutes, but we stayed sat together on the toilet for 20 minutes, talking, and I could feel her mood improving to the point when I was able to hear my little princess laughing out loud again as I reminded her of the occasion when I went and sat on Kirsty's knee in the dark, completely by accident, on this very toilet !! To those of you who don't know, Kirsty is Kendal's friend and there was one night when the three of us were staying over. Unfortunately, there was a powercut, and I got up to go to the toilet in the dark, and not wanting to wet the floor, I decided that I would have to sit to wee, not knowing that Kirsty and Kendal were already in the bathroom, Kirsty on the toilet having a poo, and Kendal sat on the edge of the bath keeping her company. Both the girls knew I had come in, but didn't say anything ! They thought I would be able to notice Kirsty, and especially as she was wearing what Kendal likes to call "her luminous panties", that would ! have been glowing in the dark around her knees ! However, still feeling sleepy, and it being dark, I didn't bother opening my eyes. I made my way to where I thought the toilet was, turned round, pulled down my PJs, and then felt behind me for the toilet seat. Problem was even though I felt warm leg under my hand, the shock caused me to lose balance, and poor Kirsty had to contend with my bare backside sat on her knee while she pooed !! Very happy days !

I made a post about Kendal's tropical storm. Unfortunately, the moderator didn't like it, so I have asked to be told which bits offended, and I'll write it again. I'm sure Rizzo, PV, Linda GS and especially Ellie and Little Lou can't wait to be told the story ! So I'll tell it soon, pending the words of wisdom from our moderator.

Love to everyone, particularly our American friends, and especially to LINDA GS. Kendal and I are very upset for you babe, and your family, and sincerely hope that this whole outrageous episode will not distress you all for too long. I really hope America founds out who did it, and gives them a good sorting out !!

Friday, September 14, 2001

Fat Woman
So what happened with your mother-in-law (sounds alot like me)? Did she go back and finish her effortful dump after talking to her sister on the phone?

Julia O.
I dont know if you liked my story or not but i have another one. Yesterday i went to Chelseas appartment and she has a neighbour witha lil girl Darcy and Darcy still wears diarpers and there wuz a pile of diapers for Chelsea lil sister Casey who wuz just recently potty trained. Chels said she has an idea and puts a diaper on. After she peed in it and got it all over her black knickers.

Today i pissed on the curly slide at the same park.Chelsea laughs. After Chelseas middle sister Christy and two of her friends Geri and Eric came and Eric went down this piss slide. After we filled a slide with rock Chelsea shit on it.

Thatz all 4 today

Julia O.

This weekend Gary and I played parents for a couple of days. We were taking care of my cousin Cory's son James, who is 10 years old, while Cory and Cindy were out of town. I posted once before about James witnessing one of my massive pooping sessions (page 649). On Sunday, I took James to the movies to see Rush Hour 2. Gary had lunch with us but had to go to his office to resolve a problem and later went to the airport to pick up Cory and Cindy. Also going to the movies with us was Gretchen, a neighbor of ours who had been by the house and happened to meet James. She's also 10, and I think they're smitten by each other, but that's a whole other story. Anyway, we all enjoyed the movie. However, because we stayed until the end of the closing credits, we found the restrooms crowded, especially the ladies room. I just remembered that my office wasn't very far from the cineplex, so I suggested to the kids that we go to my office, that it would take less time going there th! an waiting in line at the ladies room. Gretchen and James were OK with that idea, so we went to my office. Although I originally had only an urge to pee, by the time we got to the office, I felt a need to poop, too.

There was no else around in the building. I showed James where the men's room was. James said, "Couldn't I go with you guys?" I was about to explain to James he was old enough to go by himself, but Gretchen immediately protested, saying, "No way! Boys don't go to the girls room!" I said, "Sorry, James, the men's room is that way." James said, "Oh, all right," and went to the men's room. Gretchen and I went to the ladies room and took adjacent stalls. Gretchen started to pee and ended up taking about a minute, so it was a good thing we went here. I lowered my tan short shorts and white panties and sat and started to pee. Then I started to push out a long thick piece of poop that splashed into the toilet. By this time Gretchen was finished, flushed the toilet and went to wash her hands. After the initial piece dropped, I started a long motion that started as solid but got a bit softer and more gooey as pieces didn't exactly fall off but broke off as I continued t! o push. This went for about a minute, and Gretchen dried her hands. A strong poop smell began to emerge, and I spread my legs and looked underneath and saw a few sausages floating as well as a few banana-sized pieces at the bottom on top of a huge brown mass of poop. The poop smell became even stronger, enough for Gretchen to smell it. She said, "Wow! What a smell! I thought I did some smelly poops. Are you done yet?" I said, "I don't think so," and I flushed the toilet while seated. Gretchen said she would wait right outside.

I continued to do a solid motion, albeit a bit soft and gooey, for another minute. It came out continuously but was breaking off when it hit the water or midway through. The poop smell was incredibly bad, so I flushed the toilet again. I pooped a couple more pieces, and I was finally done. I had to wipe several times and had to flush once more before finishing. I flushed the toilet a final time and saw a faint skidmark at the bottom of the bowl, but the strong poop smell remained. As I was finishing washing my hands, Gretchen burst into the ladies room, with James not far behind. Gretchen said, "It smells even worse than when I was just here," and James said, "But not as much as it did the last time." I said, "What are you doing in here, James? Let's go now." As we were leaving, James said it smelled all the way outside. As we came out into the hall, I did detect some lingering poop smell. Gretchen said James told her about the time he was five and how I made h! im see me poop and that he thought I pooped a million pieces that time. We spent the whole time on the ride back to the house talking about pooping, including many questions about my pooping. I guess I'm starting to mentor two future visitors to this site.

Plunging Plop Guy

Hi, Everyone,

Yesterday was quite successful for me and with some effort and a bit of straining, even though I shouldn't, I was relieved and felt much more comfortable.

Unfortunately, a much more serious issue was affecting thousands of people in new York and Washington, and my satisfaction at my improving health was put in the shade by the events of Tuesday morning.
My love and best wishes to anyone here who might be affected by what happened and who know of people caught up in all the carnage.

However, on with my own personal story. By the afternoon, I still hadn't been, but was beginning to feel the urge, and even had the old familiar slight feelings of a stomachache!
Could this mean I was going to go seriously at last? I got rid of a medium sized turd with no pain and felt a bit lighter at 3PM, then later on knew I was ready! I rushed to the toilet as soon as I got home, and immediately started to push out a reluctant turd that wanted to come, but was fighting back, but I HAD to do it, and so with careful release, pulling back, relaxing, massaging my stomach, and all the various techniques of pushing out reluctant turds, I eventually dropped all that had been waiting so long, and was now going properly again!
I had, in fact, strained too much and so had the prolapsed feeling, but so what! That would soon pass if I sit quietly, and so it did, but I'd dropped several medium sized logs and my ring was no longer feeling burned by loose shit, and it was easy to wipe and it looked like a man's shit ought to and not like pellets.
It was very hard to do some of them and they felt massive, but weren't but were getting rather hard I suppose.
Today, I went and it was slightly easier, but still constipated and a bit too much work put into it, but I'm getting better!!
So, cleaner, firmer, less frequent urges, (I just went once today!) and feeling relieved, so things are "working out " for me really well!

BRYIAN, thanks for the info. about sending videos by file. A simultaneous bathroom live recording between two people would be great though if such technology exists!

GUY, I loved your description of you dropping your big lumpy brown bomb which splashed your arse on that toilet but why the embarrassment?
That was something to be proud of!

JR. I'd be interested to hear about your friend's reports of his visits to the toilet. As you say, there must be something about being brought up on a farm that prevents inhibitions about bodily functions!

LAWN DOGS KID & KENDAL, Avoid matches then! Perhaps the old and simple opening of a window for a few minutes might reduce the smells!
Since I've changed my diet over the last few days, my smells in the toilet are definitely more like they should be, but up till recently, it was sometimes like rotten cabbage or strong and ripe.
I much prefer a healthy toilet smell like it is now!
There are some varieties of silent but deadly farts that have made me feel sick, so hope it's not that bad in your bathroom!

ZIP, Yet again you find a great toilet to visit, intersting reactions of your fellow toilet users!

All for now, Good Health and Happy toileting! P P G

Outhouse Scott
Hey there.

What's the longest anyone's gone (unintentionally) without wiping their ass?

One time, I went for two days without wiping. I was in England for a semester of college. I really had to take a dump and went into the bathroom at the Wimbeldon museum. It was a massive dump, but didn't come easy. I really had to force it out. I was in there for at least ten minutes, and finally one of the men I was with leaned in and asked if I was okay. I said yes. A few minutes later, one of my female friends actually came in the bathroom, knocked on the stall door and told me to hurry up, the bus was coming. I said okay, okay, I'm almost done. One more monster log squeezed out, then broke off and splashed my ass with water. My female friend leaned in again, and shouted that the bus was leaving with or without me. I didn't wipe. I just jumped up, flushed and ran out, pulling up my pants as I ran.

What happened next was a chain of events that amazes me to this day. First we barely made every mode of transportation we had to take to get to the airport, two of which had no toilet, and one that did but had no paper. Finally we got to the airport and I didn't have time to go to the restroom, we had to board the plane right away. Of course I wasn't allowed to use the plane toilet until we were in the sky, and we ended up sitting on the runway for three hours, due to maintenence problems. I was so exhausted I temporarily forgot about my ass and fell asleep.

By the time I woke up, we landed in my hometown and it had been about forty hours. I had to pee and crap and went to the nearest restroom. I pulled down my pants and saw that my tighty whiteys were smeared with shit. I took some TP and wiped before I started shitting. Turns out I had spent the entire time with a decent sized chunk of shit squashed between my cheeks. Yuck. I took my dump and wound up wiping myself for about ten minutes. I had to flush the toilet five times.

I removed my underpants and threw them away, and spent the rest of the trip home without underwear. I took a shower, washing my ass thouroughly, and went to bed.

I've spent hours, even a day after shitting without wiping my ass, but never again for that long a period of time.

My high school once fought back against spitballs not having toilet paper in the boys rooms. Normally I'd just hold it il I got home, but one mornng I had a vicious attack of the shits and took a big liquid dump. I ended up spending the entire day with gooey, sticky diareah remains between my cheeks. That was a close second.

Anyone else have similar experiences?

Take care and happy crapping!



First, a little bit of news. At the parking lot of a convenience store
today, I saw a snaky pile of poo. It was in a spot that meant the person had
pulled over off the road, and dumped it in front of everybody. That means
they also were so desparate that they couldn't make it into the store's
restroom. Sorry I missed that one!
This story is from years ago. Two friends of my mom were nurses
and their friend said they could go out on his sailboat if they could find a
skipper. It just so happened that you know who got invited to pilot their
boat for them. It was a lovely boat with no cabin (an ensign 23, Rizzo). I
had a great time sailing it around as it was much faster than my old tub.
Later in the day, the potty issue came up, and since they were used to
helping their patients go potty, they were very open to new ideas. One of
them suggested we use a plastic bottle to wee in. The older one stuck it
between her legs, pulled her shorts aside, and let go a gushing stream. She
peed a liter and a half or so, then dumped it overside. An hour later, it was
my turn, to the tune of a liter or so. The other nurse never asked to use it
and we finished a nice day of sailing.

Slayer Moon
Anime Mann: I stand corrected. So there are female examples. It's only the male examples I ever got to see, like Gohan from DBZ. On Gall Force, was Rabby sitting on the john or was she squatting in the great outdoors? Just curious.

aboy- i am 16

here's my story

Hello there, I was at school the other day, it was last lesson and I had just got changed into my gym clothes, I was wearing a white t-shirt and white shorts, the shiny sort of material and you could see my light blue briefs through them. I normally wear white briefs when I wear these shorts but they were dirty. We all went out on to the field, the first thing we were told to do is run round the track twice after we did some warm up exercises. When I was doing the exercises I felt a need to go poop, which I had earlier but went away, came back, I started running round the track. Every time I moved I could feel poop moving closer and closer to my underpants, then I thought I felt the poop coming out so I squeezed my bum together and grabbed the back of my shorts to check none had come out. I couldn't feel any in my underpants but as I carried on running further I felt poo sliding out again, by the time I stopped it I had done quite a bit of poop in my briefs, but it seemed ! solid, also when my poo came out some pee must have leaked out as I had a dark blue patch showing through on the front of my shorts. When I finished running and stood with my classmates I kept my hand over the front of my shorts so people didn't notice I had a wet patch. The teacher started talking to us but somebody else was talking at the same time, she asked who was talking when she was but nobody answered so we were all made to do 10 push ups. After that she told everybody to divide into two groups and start playing basketball but she asked me to stay back for a moment and I didn't know why. When everybody had gone she said to me did I need to use the toilet. I actually didn't any more as I had done enough in my underpants, so I said no, I was still holding my hands over my wet patch so wondered why she thought I needed the toilet, she asked me I was sure and that I could go if I wanted to, but I said no again. She then said I could go and start playing basketball so off I! went. Near the end of the lesson we went inside to watch a video on basketball tactics, which went fine and I sat at the front and could smell my poo a little bit, Matthew, my friend, who was sat next be me asked if I had farted or something, I said, I thought you had and nothing else was said otherwise. At the end of the video as we left the class the teacher stopped me again and accused me of lying to her as she said it looks like I did need the toilet as the front of my shorts are a little wet. She said I should have gone when she said and not to be embarrassed, I agreed and walked off and got changed, I was pleased that she hadn't noticed I had done a poop in my pants. When I walked home with Matthew I stopped as the rest of the poop was coming out, as I did a little more I farted at the same time. Matthew said was that just a fart or have you pooped your self again, I said a little poop may had come out. When I got home I scrapped the poop out of my pants into the toilet! and put on another pair of pants, not clean, as my mum might wonder why I had worn an extra pair of pants in the week, I put on a pair that only had a few skid marks in that I had taken off the day before.

Mr. D
I've been lurking here for quite a while now so I figure it's time I posted.

MARILYN I wouldn't worry too much about it just so your missing work wasn't too consequental. Rest assured you're not the only one who's done this. I did something similar a few months ago, only in my case it was hardly an accident! If I drink a lot (soda in particular) while eating a lot I'll often get a short bout of diarrhea a little while afterwards. I had just gotten home after eating out and wasn't at all surprised to have a case of the squirts coming on. Only this time I thought it would be fun to have diarrhea while standing up. Not only that, I stood facing the bathroom mirror which is sideways to the toilet so I could see it. Why I didn't just do this in the shower which is on the other side of the toilet and in full view of the mirror anyway, I don't know. Anyways I ended up completely missing and the chunky-salsa was not only all over the floor between the toilet and shower but also all over the toilet and wall and shower (and the towel), and small splatters just about everywhere else on that side of the bathroom. As we all know, when it's your own (pee, poop or farts) it's not nearly as bad then if it were someone else's. If this had been someone else's mess I'd had to clean up I certainly would have been gagging on it the whole time.

There's been a fair amount of talk recently about the proper disposal of waste outdoors. In and around any area that get any regular human traffic it's always best to dig a hole and bury it and put a rock on top to keep animals from digging it up. A couple reasons: first, it really is unpleasant to, as a column on I once read said, "step around a tree and stumble on a pile o' poo with it's brown and white striped flag flapping in the breeze" (so far I've been spared of this); and second, humans (via feces) can introduce diseases normally not indigenous to the lcoal animal population which in turn can cause problems. In very high-use areas, packing it out is really the most appropriate thing -- a given area of woods can only be pooped in up to a certain limit before it starts becoming a significant problem. And in places like rocky areas (mountain summits, etc), always-frozen area and especially caves, packing it out is a must. If you don't you might as well have everybody crap on the floor at the local mall. It's basically the same thing.

This is partly for "First time poster" but also anyone else who deals with somebody's excessive modesty towards toilet-usage. Generally I'm not uptight about going to the bathroom, but there are a lot of situations and objects that I find exceedingly disconcerting if they get associated, physically or otherwise, with using the toilet (among other unrelated things) or if they're physically present or nearby when I'm in the bathroom. Think of this as a conflict of sorts between them. Examples would include: I don't like having certain clothes on or near me while in the bathroom (while taking a dump in particular), I don't like plants and flowers in the bathroom or patterns thereof on my t.p. (!!!!), ditto for really "cutesy" things, pictures and such, certain audible songs will be a problem depending on the moods they evoke (while other songs are fine), and so forth. Other people observing me in such a situation would probably see me as being overly modest when in realit! y it's just the assoiation and resulting "conflict" that's the problem that I'm wanting to avoid. I've always found body functions interesting, but it just has to be in the appropriate environment free of uncomfortable associations. What I'm getting at and wondering is: does anybody else here find certain associations uncomfortable like I do? And for those dealing with somebody's excessive modesty, there could be a chance that it's just that the person is currently in an environment or situation where toilet functions are "off limits". Just something to consider.

As for accidents, I guess you should hear about mine. I've been pretty much spared from any bad ones (wetting the bed doesn't count) and I really only remember two worth mentioning. When I was 9 or 10 (I'm in my 20's now) late one night I realized I had pooped my pants in bed and I didn't expect any mercy so I took care of the worst of it in the bathroom then hid my soiled underwear under the matress where it went undiscovered until we moved several months later! By that time it was a non-issue--I had pretty much circumvented any embarrasment. The other time, once in 4th or 5th grade I had to pee bad and the teacher wouldn't let me go and by the time lunch came around I had "squirted" enough that my pants were wet in front and I ended up getting some ribbing from classmates and, worse yet, getting taken gome to change. No mercy: I was berated for "not asking to go". Uhh, yeah I did. But it was pretty much forgotten by the following day.

WAPIYA: I haven't played The Sims before. What happens if you don't let them go? Enquiring minds wanna know! There's also that one game (I don't remember the name--it's the new-ish one with the "poo monster") where the lead character can pee on things. I haven't seen it in action yet.

Southwest Mike
Why is it thst women's bowel movements seems to be much larger than
guys? Is it true? Filling the entire commode. MAybe some of these
women need to eat more fiber or something. To Marilyn sorry about your"accident" How horrible To all happy pooping

To Dakota: cool story about that latino guy shitting in a doorless stall

To Plunging Plop Guy : Well my friend sends a file over the net and it's not live. The picture quality is pretty good. No it's not possible to watch each other simultaneously. I really can't give you a hint i don't know of any. I think this is enough said i don't want to get this friend upset and she/he is lurking

To SanD: Cool story again about that guy coming into your stall cool u are 24...u are a few years older than me (to be exact 4 20 btw)

To Zip: Cool story about your friend chad having to shit while u were in the shower. did you see alot?

I like that pic....gotta run now

Just the other day I had to take a huge dump. I was at work minding my own business and then I went out for my afternoon lunch break. I had 2 double cheeseburgers and some large fries and a coke. I went back to the office and started on some paperwork for my boss and I had a really strong urge to poo. I went back to the bathrooms and got myself a stall and sat down. There were just a few other people in the stalls around me, so I knew I had to make my little poop quiet. I wound up in the bathroom for over and hour and a half. When I got in there and sat my booty down on the toilet nothing came. I kept waiting and waiting, and then got up about to give up on myself and no sooner than that I had to sit back down. My stomach was rumbling pretty bad and it hurt. I couldn't stand up like that!! I then just decide to strain, no matter how loud my grunting and farts will be. And boy did that ever stink! I stay down on the toilet still straining and finally after 10 minutes I am succ! essful. The turd is so big I can barely get it out of my butthole, and as I slowly lower it down it the toilet it all ends with a great huge kerplomp, and even the bomb is so much some water splashes up to my butt. I take out some toilet paper and wipe myself. I hear the person in the next stall coughing because of its smell. I pee a little and fart some and get up and look into the toilet bowl to see my poo masterpiece. Big brown and lumpy, and very smelly if I do say so myself! I flush it down reluctantly and return back to my office to do my paperwork. That's all the poops I have today, maybe more later, I dunno.

Jane: Thank you for your get-well wishes. I am going to bed early tonight. Do not be surprised to see janitors cleaning bathrooms of the opposite sex. There is a shortage of workers in the United States.

I have been enjoying good regularity. An hour ago, I let down me jeans and FOL briefs. The urge was gentle. I evacuated a 12 inch torpedo. It was brown and 2 inches wide, with a tapered end tip. As I sat, I felt the push of another. This was a 2 inch piece, shaped like a shotgun shell. Today was my first day to work.

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