Hola amigos!

We've been reconnected, yay! The move went really well, except for Jake, who fell off the truck and cut the back of his foot on the door latch. It was after the last load too! Poor Jackson, he was tired. The new house is great. Much better than an apartment. We've got our same ISP too! Our new house is gorgeous, a 4 bedroom. Renee and Patsy have a large room, and so do me and Jake. The third room we're making into an exercise room, and the fourth, a sort of guest/study room which is where I'm typing right now. When the baby comes, it'll be turned into a nursery. We also have two bathrooms, both armed with lots of spray deodorizer (because of me I'm afraid!)

So, how are all my special, beautiful people? Hello to Jeff A, PV, Steve and Louise, RJOGGER and Kathy, Rizzo (what a lovely note Rizzo, thank you!), Jane, Kim and Scott, Sarah T., Gruntly Bogwell, Austin, John VT, Sun Devil and I hope I haven't forgotten anybody. If I did I'm sorry!

Well, I suppose I should start off with a nice, stinky poop story, huh? My Saturday morning poop was a bad one! It was one of my biggest turds ever! The night before I was being a total pig, eating lots of fried tortillas with homemade refried black beans, cabbage, and feta cheese, and a mucho hot salsa on top! Mmmm-mmm! Jake said the salsa was too hot, so he only ate one. Anyway, the next morning I wandered into the bathroom, slipped my white panties down to my knees and sat my little brown butt down on the toilet. My hair was a bit crazy, sticking out in all directions from having just crawled out of bed. (My perm has gone, so my hair is long and straight now. I now have bangs in front. I like it.) I was also only wearing a T shirt and panties and with Fall coming, the bathroom was a bit chilly. My little chocolate nipples were poking through the fabric of my shirt brrrr! First I let out a gallon of hot piss. Man, did it ever feel good coming out. There's nothing lik! e a good piss, especially when its really built up. As the last drops tinkled into the water, I felt my butt opening up with a long hiss of smelly gas sneaking out. Pfffffttttttttttttt. Oh, whewy-pewy! Deadly! I then leaned forward, resting my elbows on my knees with my hands clasped together. Long, black tresses of hair tickled my thighs and brown knees. Within me I could feel the giant python turd moving. By the time my ass started giving in to this monster poop, the crackling was very loud with puffs of air which helped push it out. Pffff-fff-ffffff-kkrrrkkklllkk-ppfffft...It was big, I could feel it slithering out of me slowly. I grimaced and grunted hard "uhh-rrrnnnnnnn-oahhhh." The turd was getting wider and wider, and I had to grunt harder. My ???? was flexing, my bowels moving and my thighs quivered as the fat turd came out slowly. Poop smell, strong and yucky wafted up from between my thighs while my poop was at its widest inching out of my round, latina ass. Fi! nally, with a hard K-PLUUMMMP!!! it fell into the water. I sat for a few minutes resting because there was more poop in me yet. I heard a tap at the door, and it was Patsy asking to come in. "It stinks bad in here hon," I replied. The door opened, and the lovely Patsy came in, scowling and holding her nose, looking for her shoes she'd left in there the night before. It was cool because her robe was partly open in front, and I got to see her nice, big boobies. (She's a very healthy girl!)
Then more poop started moving. Nice, fresh turds coming out in succession, plopping and splatting into the water. They were mostly medium sized sausages. Patsy heard three plops then said "I have to get out of here, I 'll let you rest in peace for awhile." Then, Jake came in wearing his boxers only. He smiled at me, then said "God it stinks in here!" I didn't have any more poop for him, otherwise I'd have crapped a nice one just for him to smell! I stood up to wipe my ass, and what a sight! A huge turd, as thick as my wrist and maybe 20 or more inches lay folded in the water. It was so long that part of it was snaking down the hole! You all should have seen it, it was soooo fat! I couldn't believe it came out of my ass. It was light brown and began narrowing at one end. It's funny, it was shaped like my butthole at the narrow end. There was also 3 other turds, one stuck to the porcelain, all floating in a mire of yellow piss. "Carmalita is empty now and very, very hungry," I said to Jake, smiling while I wiped. He watched me tend to my ass, five wipes altogether. "Why don't you take me out to breakfast hon?" I continued. He did, and I filled up on blueberry pancakes and bacon. It was so much fun.

I'm sure Renee will probably write soon, she's just been very busy. She's getting nice and ???? like a mama, and very beautiful. Little Malita is doing fine, growing inside of her. Anyway, it sure is great to be talking to all of you again! I got a chance to read posts for the last few days. It's nice to know that people still care about me! Patsy made potato salad and fried chicken and I am stuffed! I figure I'm probably going to take a nice, healthy dump in the morning! To my lovely friends, Hasta luego.


Eric in Chicago
Sick Boy--My guess as to the reason that the authorities are getting more uptight about people shitting in the woods in the state parks, etc. is simply that a whole lot more people are using the parks now, and the parks' ecosystems can only handle so much shit. Shitting in the woods is one of those things that just doesn't "scale up" very well; it's one thing if a few hundred people a week shit in a particular area, but something else entirely if ten thousand do. The problem is that more people shitting doesn't make the shit decompose any faster, so it starts to build up real fast, and that throws the ecology out of whack. Sad but true.

Long time reader first time poster. I'm a 30yr white male. I will post on my high school years. I had a friend who pooped after every meal so I got to see him quite often. he didn't seem to care who saw him or whatever because most of the stalls in the dorm didn't have doors or only had curtains. He was a farmboy and had a little bit younger brother so that probably had something to do with it. I remember a few times of him being desperate and such but I will post more about them later. He seemed to even talk about shitting often I even heard him once say it was like a party. well I will post more about him when I get a story writtendown so i can copy to make it more interesting. I have lots of other sories to but no time to tell right now. Bryian,do you have any siblings haow old? please respond one and all. I'm a heterosexual but like poop stories. Especcially from those younger then me. bye fo now.

Hi all,

My, what a terrific masthead of the girl performing a hovering opening! I've done a few like that myself, and they're always fun, both ways!

PPG -- I think the South American fish you're talking about is the Vampirefish, and it's not microscopic, it's quite large. It's the only vertebrate parasite of mankind, and perhaps the most terrible... The first time I ever read about it I nearly fainted from shock (really). In college I remember a marine biology lecturer, after describing it, saying to the class, "why are you bothering to write this down? I'd have thought you'd have nightmares about it for the rest of your lives!" Apparently the fish migrates upward until it actually reaches the kidneys. Penectomy is a way of stopping it... SHUDDER.

STEVE & LOUISE -- I'm sorry, Louise, I missed the bit in your previous post about that delightful poo on the beach! Gee, that was wonderful, it must have felt so incredible to be uninhibited that way! What did your Mom think? I smiled as I read it, and could see you in my mind's eye, bending over, knees bent, easing away that last beautiful log! I also grinned when I read your account of the little boy getting creative and pissing patterns in the air, and his Mom being cross with him. I think it must have been the mere fact he got ambitious and drew attention to himself, and by extension, the rest of his family, with his antics, if he had just paused for a moment and enjoyed a big wee without making a spectacle she would probably have had no problem with his actions. His sister might have joined in. Certainly if his mom had a wee in plain sight later it was not the act itself she was complaining about. Discretion goes a long way, even when in an uninhibited setting -- ! think of my last nude beach foray, the family nearby whose young sons had a wee at the edge of the sea, quietly, in the midst of play, so nobody really noticed. I was half expecting their mom to go too but she seemed a bit more inhibited, for instance she was the only one of her whole family to actually keep her knickers on, so she was perhaps unlikely to relieve herself if she was unwilling to take them off.

I loved that Trawden urinal adventure, no wonder you want to do it again! Oh, envy! And I do look forward keenly to the write up of your extra beach adventures -- you three must be really brown by now! Hugs, honey, and I wish I'd been there!

Steve, I'm pretty much over that foot injury, though my foot aches a bit after I've been wearing heeled boots for a few hours. And yes, I ate hardly a thing for days, so it was no wonder there was nothing to come. early in my illness I produced a full, healthy emptying, but that was the previous day's intake, and after that there was almost nothing! I passed my first 12-incher in six weeks yesterday, easy and pleasant, so I must be about back to normal.

RIZZO -- Hi there, Kendal's Uncle! Many thanks for your concern, yes, the acid diarrhea was a nuisance! Immodium stopped it, thankfully. I lubricated paper with saliva and wiped very carefully, and took ointment to the toilet with me every time, but until I used Immodium I wasn't getting a chance to heal up. But since then, a fortnight ago, there has been no more bleeding -- phew! I think I'm okay, but it's one of those occasions when it would be nice to have the assistance of a concerned soul to do the wiping, in fact washing with a warm cloth, and to work the cool ointment into all the sore places. Toiletting conventionally is a solitary and lonely affair... A bidet would have been perfect, yes! A wash backing up to the sink would have been good too, but for most of the time I didn't want to get wet, just get clean and curl up under a blanket again until it was time to go some more! (Hugs received with gratitude!)

KENDAL -- how's my favorite niece? Are you enjoying Louise's beach adventures? You're on the team, darling, all this fun is yours too!

KIM & SCOTT -- another horse-shit, Kimmie, bringing tears of envy to my eyes! How I wish I could do-do what you do-do! GRIN! Hugs from Aus, redhead to blonde!

My best to all,


Hi, everyone!

Kim: Loved your recent panty poop story. Those panties were NO MATCH
for your huge log! I would have LOVED to have seen that video clip...
(sigh) Oh, well... Hey Kim, how about trying it next time into a tight pair of SPANDEX shorts? That might give your log more competition!

Gretel: Where are you???

Didn't want to wait a day or two to post ! But I'm not stopping long because Andrew wants his desk to do his homework.

UNCLE RIZZO: I sincerely hope I don't get caught short !! Although I bet there will be some people out there reading this hoping that I might do and that the story will be posted here !! Now as for black panties not showing the skid marks, well I've only got one pair and I can't wear them every day. So looks like I'll have to guess the days when I think I might have an accident and wear them then !! That was an interesting routine you devised for me. I'll have to see about it though. Andrew has a lot of work to do now that he is starting the two years leading to his A levels. And I seem to get twice as much homework now as I used to get. So given that this site seems to be updated by the time I get to see it in the morning, I think I'll alter your schedule for me to read what has been posted in the morning before school, provided I'm ready in time of course. The school bus won't wait !! The description about your toilets was very funny. Especially telling Alana that s! he would have to set the flush going at maximum before beginning her massive poos ! Now I don't have a problem with big poos, but if I did, there's no way I would sit on a toilet that roared at me. I would have to keep getting off to make sure it wasn't doing anything it shouldn't under my bottom !! Love from Kendal xx

AUNTY PV: Are you better now ? I hope so ! Lots of love and hugs from Kendal xx PS Just wait until you see Andrew's post about me trying to emulate Little Lou's tropical storm !!

NOSAJ: Hello Jason spelt backwards !! Well I'm 11. I'll be 12 on the 12th January, and Andrew is 16, so he's a year older than you. I felt sorry for you that you had your accident at school and got teased. I like school, and it would be horrid to think that I would want a whole year to go by quickly because of an accident ! You'll have to let me know if you want to know any more about me and Andrew ( Lawn Dogs Kid ). Maybe you can tell me more about you ?

PLUNGING PLOP GUY: Andrew eats pretty much the same as me. But it just seems the rule. He's got a smelly bum, and I haven't !! Well, nowhere near as bad as his anyway ! Now as for lighting a match to burn off the smell, I think not. I suspect my Aunty and Uncle would prefer to return to a house still standing rather than one half blown up by Andrew's morning ritual !! Love from Kendal x

ELLIE, LITTLE LOU, COURTNEY, & KEV: Andrew now has a new nick name for me. I won't spoil his story by telling you what it is, but lets just say that I think you'll find the story of my tropical storm just as funny as Andrew and the chair !!! Lots of love from Kendal xxxx

LINDA GS: How are my little cousins then, my bestest on-line sister ?! I hope you're still taking care over my bottom. I don't want a nappy rash ( that's baby Kendal !! ) Hope you and Cousin and Elena and the babes are all well. Please post again soon so I know you are all ok. Lots of love from Kendal xxxxx

G'day everyone

I've just come back from a 6 week holiday in Darwin, at the top of Australia. I really have missed this site, I was able to get onto it a couple of times since where we were staying (a friends house) had the internet but it was risky.

I can't say that anything too out of the ordinary happened while there although my poo was slightly hard after travelling up there (a 3 day drive).

One day my Dad and I went to a fair and after we got out of the car in the carpark I noticed a kid doing a wee in front of everyone, he had no worries about privacy it seemed!

On another day I sat down to watch some TV and they had some kid's educational programs on. One was about science and they got onto the topic of urine and bodily waste! They did a comparison between two women who had to wee into jars. One drank a litre of water and one didn't and every half hour they did a wee and placed the jars on a table. Needless to say I was quite aroused. One woman had very little urine in her jar and the other almost filled it! All they showed were the women going into the toilets but obviously you didn't see them doing the wee (How I wish we did!).

When travelling we stayed in motels and I always tried to hear if there were any action in the bathrooms of the rooms next to ours. Unfortunatly there were none. I did hear my Mum go (she came up for a couple of weeks) when she went one day. My Dad had left for work (he was up there for work) and Mum announced she had to go. Naturally got right up to the door and saw a side view of the toilet and Mum's feet. She sat on the toilet and immediently there were two plops but she got some toilet paper to mute the noises.

For the most part of the trip we stayed at one of my Dad's friends house who was on holiday. One day after returning from shopping with my Mum I went upstairs and heard her go into the ensuite bathroom in the master bedroom. The bathroom door was a sliding one and as I crept up to listen in (she only did a wee) I noticed a large gap between the wall and the door when it was fully slided over. By this time Mum was finishing up so I didn't get a good look. Having discovered this, I planned to sneak in when Mum went for a poo. However I thought it would be too risky as you could see through the gap from the toilet.

Apart from that, nothing much else happened toilet wise. I'm going to try and post here more often.

Have a good one. :)

I'm not sure if you're talking about me when you say that "annoyed Hiker didn't answered" to a question you made, but if that was the case, let me apologise; maybe I was out and didn't saw the post at all (that happened sometimes in past weeks). So, I will be pleased to rsepond you, if I can.
And...thanks Rizzo fot your words.


Molly, I often do really wide poos, as you ask. Im small 5ft 2in tall and quite ????, in my mid 30s and have since I was a kid passed very fat turds. A typical motion for me would consist of 2 solid well formed fat knobbly jobbies, the larger one about 9 inches long but 3 inches fat and the smaller the same thickness but about 6 inches in length, what someone in Old Posts described as "Beer Can" jobbies, though sometimes there are some tennis ball lumps as well. The sounds are really something like depthcharges "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP!" "KUR-SPLOOSH!". My turds are usually toffee brown in colour, compacted and lumpy. The feeling as they come out is quite something. When I feel the need for a motion I will go and sit on the pan, do a wee wee then let it stretch my ring and I feel it slowly slide out of my back passage as I give an "NN! UH! OO!" to help it on its way. I can feel the knobbly texture as it moves past my stretched ring and grows in length before the big jobbie drops into! the water with a "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP! then a slightly shorter one will come out after it, "KUR-SPLOOSH!" and occasionally another short fat lump "KAPLOONK!" My jobbies are usually sinkers and dont have too much of a smell, a bit like a strong dry fart according to my husband David who, like many men mentioned on this Forum, accompanies me to the toilet when I have a motion. He does big poos himself but his are longer, typically 12 inches and 2 inches thick and smoother, easier jobbies than mine and darker, chocolate, brown and a bit smellier . Like many women and girls I am usually slightly constipated, but this doesnt bother me at all, I go when I need, usually 3 or 4 times a week.

Sarsen, I work as an Auxilliary (Non Teaching) in a local School and the kids are allowed to put up their hands and ask to use the toilets when the need to go, and are not usually refused. The teachers aren't stupid, and soon realise those who are abusing the system to get out of lessons and act accordingly. Also two Prefects, girls and boys as appropriate are on duty in their respective toilets to prevent horseplay and vandalism. I have to say that the pupils Toilets are clean and non vandalised although ours is just a fairly standard Secondary (High) School run by the Local Council with pupils of both genders from 11 to 16. I often use the Girls Toilet and have seen some big whoppers in the pans, and often do my big fat jobbies there as the main Girls Toilet has 20 cubicles while the Toilet for female non teaching Staff such as myself has only 4 and I dont want to clog up one of the pans and inconvenience my co-workers. With our School's enlightened policy we dont have ! many kids having accidents in their knickers or underpants although this does happen occasionally.

On the matter of doing a motion while outdoors on a country walk etc. Ive done often done this when walking or fishing with my husband, and David has done likewise and no we dont put it in a plastic bag or take a spade along to bury it. Most English people, if going for a walk, dont go equipped with spades etc. With the exception of some longer walks such as the Pennine Way performed by serious hikers, we just want to have a gentle stroll through the woods or countryside, about 10 miles or so at most. Its not like the Appalachian Way in the USA. I agree that like animal dung, a human's turds will be broken down and eaten by coprophageous animals and insects and fertilise the earth. Obviously any decent, responsible, walker wont do their motion on the path for others to tread on and mess up their footwear nor do it near a watercourse nor a picnic area etc. If Im fishing with David I go off into the woods or countryside well away from the river or lake to do my poo. I leave! my fat turds for anyone who does stray off the path into the bushes to find and admire if they want and have sometimes seen other people's jobbies in convenient places with some screening bushes etc, off the beaten track.

Jeff A
My God such horrible news! RJOGGER, Diane from NY, and anybody else from there, please tell me you're all right!! What a terrible disaster in your beautiful city. I want to know that all of our NY friends are okay! My thoughts are with you all.

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, Everyone,

Perhaps soon I'll be living up to my name again, as after seeing the consultant, my problems could be at an end!
It's a load off my mind, even though I'm not relieved of all my shit yet, but here's the basis of his diagnosis.

He gave me a digital examination which I wasn't looking forward to as my ring is painful and I wasn't empty. Anyway, it took only about 10 seconds for him to realise my rectum was full of loose semi-liquid feaces that are constantly leaking and causing skin irritation and because it's so loose, I can't easily push it out, thus straining and all the discomfort that results from that.
I'd written out a list of my usual diet, and he felt certain that it was all due to having too much fibre, as I'd suspected but was too cautious to reduce it.
Apparently, my intake of beans and pulses was the most significant factor causing the trouble, and recommended I immediately start eating more vegetables and less fruit. Also a colon cleanser to take and drink only water. I was overjoyed, but that day, still couldn't do anything, and felt quite bloated that night.
The next morning, I was so concerned about not being able to go, I went to see a nurse at the clinic, who advised me that suppositories or enemas would be of no help as I didn't have impacted stools, and that water would do the job of keeping it moist enough to pass when I felt the urge. She also emphasised on no account was any straining to be done; if it didn't come out easily, then either wait, drink more water, take laxatives if need be, but definitely NO STRAINING!
During that day and the next, I did have frequent urges to pass something but never much at a time and sometimes a minute fragment of stool, and with a lot of soreness sometimes as the more slimy and probably acidic material inched out.
I must have passed enough yesterday to feel less bloated, but haven't been hardly at all this morning yet, but still don't feel as full as I did, but have to trust I'm doing the right thing, and that it'll come out as long as I keep drinking.

Whether this discomfort or ordeal has ever happened to anyone else, I don't know, but I sincerely hope no one has had to go through this, and all due to misadventure with the best of intentions!
So, nothing serious after all, but what misery if I hadn't found out and had continued the vicious circle of eating too much fibre at each flare-up and exacerbating the condition.

Thus, the term that is used so often, "High fibre diet" should be taken very carefully as I have discovered.
I'm still feeling anxious about my next few visits to the toilet as I still try to pass this mush that burns as it comes out and hope it soon returns to normal. Then I will be extremely happy, comfortable, healthy and really enjoy again what we all enjoy so much!!
Thanks to all those with siggestions and support during this saga of my alternating good, and then bad, BMs!

RIZZO, Hi! Yes those toilets you found sound great and perhaps I'd soon be able to have done them justice if I was to use then when I'm better! The flushes sound very unusual, but powerful, and an 11" drop into the pan must have great splash potential!

LAWN DOGS KID, The corr! factor regarding Trent in the nude as he walks around on the bridge must be how cool to hold up all the traffic and with no inhibitions as he shows off his toilet muscle!

Great story again from SAN D about the open plan toilet and friendly guys using them, and from DAKOTA, That was great too!
I like to acknowledge all the reports of uninhibited and friendly guys on toilets and just wish that would happen here!

ADRIAN, regarding skidmarks on the back of toilet pans.
Sometimes a poweful gassy shit can spray quite high up in the toilet and leave small marks, the pebbledash effect, but larger stains on the back above the waterline are due, I'd think, to sitting forward so as the angle of anus is towards the back.
My biker friend sometimes sits like this, with the same results, but he usually leaves some impressive skidmarks at the bottom of the pan when the heavy ones land.
I often find my toilet has stains on the sides of the pan due to the fact that the Tp when I chuck it in is usually dirty and leaves some residue when it touches the side.
I've never used a toilet brush, as I don't like the idea of spilling dirty water on the floor when I replace one in a holder and so another flush later, or putting bleach down once a week is enough to keep it clean.
Leaving really heavy skidmarks in a toilet, especially above the water level can be a great way of making a statement, though!

I'd hoped to have got the call to leave this and sit on the toilet and really get rid of a load, and report my relief and satisfaction to everyone before I finished posting, but it's not ready to happen but, I must be patient!

All best wishes to everyone, and Happy and healthy toileting! PPG

I went to the Swap Meet this past Sunday. As usual, I stopped to use the restroom. The Swap Meet uses the adjacent sports arena restrooms. I went in and saw that all the stalls were taken. The stall area is a separate room that has an entrance on both sides coming from the urinal and sink area. I walked past all the stalls to go out the other end. As I passed the last partition, I almost stepped on another guy taking a dump on a toilet next to the last stall. Apparently, the management at the sports arena decided that they needed a large handicapped stall so they simply closed off one entrance to the toilet room with a door and a canvas curtain and added a toilet. The canvas curtain closing off one side of the stall had been apparently torn off. The guy on the toilet was probably about 32 or so, wearing shorts and a t-shirt. He was actually standing and flushing the toilet as I walked in on him. I said excuse me and just walked out the door on the other side. He came right beh! ind me.

I decided to use the same toilet this guy was on. I closed but didn't lock the door. As I crapped, I had a couple of guys walk in on me. One guy was following his 2 or 3 year old kid and said "sorry". Another was a teenager/20 y.o. who gave me a confused look and started giggling as he took the next stall. (BTW-I could hear his turds crackling as he sat in the adjacent stall. He was on his toes as he crapped.)Another guy just walked in through the unlocked door, looked at me, and then walked out the other side. It was fun. I'll have to try it again sometime soon.

SLAYER MOON - Hi, I am a stander. Yeah you are right, if the lips are
spread a little bit open then you get a good clean piss stream. I
do not always spread myself though. Sometimes I just stand with my
legs apart and just let rip using no hands, but if I want to aim it
forward then I will use my fingers. I think I am a bit lucky really
because my labia are quite long but I do not get much trouble with
dribbling down my legs or anything and I think that is because I piss
quite hard. Spreading does help with the drips but I do wipe if I can
because I do not want to get infections down there so that is another
reason for doing it. When I have pissed on the beaches in Spain I
have wiped with a towel. I think you guys should wipe too because you
get piss drying in your foreskins. I sometimes aim my boyfriend for him
and he wees a lot better if I draw his foreskin back a bit for him,
but when he has finished and I squeeze dry his foreskin I know he is
cleaner if I wipe him.

JEFF A - Hi guy. You know I just remembered a little thing you wrote
to Steve about me pointing his dick when he wees. Well you know if I
want to do that then it is better to do it about 10 minutes after we
have made love then other times or if he wants to get it done quick
like when I sneaked into a men's room with him once where he works.
He was too nervy to go hard.
I had a nice shit for you today and I wish Steve had seen it. I got up
out of bed this morning when he had gone to work. Well I went naked
into the bathroom and lifted up the toilet lid and seat. I wanted a
good piss first so I stood in a horse stance over the toilet and I
had a good wee like that. I bet you would have liked watching me do
it. When I finished I turned around and I still stood in a horse
stance. Steve always goes on about how important a good horse stance
is and I like calling it the pissing stance because it makes him laugh.
He says "noooooo it's called the HORSE stance!" I know what he means
because when he is in a stance I can not make him move.
Well I bet you would have liked watching me now from behind, Jeff,
because I pushed a nice 9 incher a little bit out so I had a brown tail
sticking out of my hairless bumhole. I just liked feeling that for
a few seconds and then I pushed it all the way out and it splashed
in the water. Well I wiped, flushed and then I had my shower.
I hope you like that one, Jeff. xx

JAKE - Did your girlfriend ever see you pee? You know she might let
you see her pee if she likes watching you do it. I do not think you
should like openly ask her to look at you but if you let her you know
catch you eh?

JULIE - Hi girl! Yeah it was good weeing against the urinal. I just
stood about 2 feet away from the panel thing like a guy would do and
I just aimed and pissed. I thought my wee would run away down the
hole at the end but it just sort of stayed there in this big bubbly
puddle. I had to take one step backwards to stop my shoes getting wet
I pissed so much.
Standing poo? Well yeah I was sort of standing but I was bending over
a bit at the waist to help me push the crap out. When you try shitting
outside just be sure you take my Steve with you LOL!
LOL I liked you letter about the cleaning lady there while you were
weeing. Steve will like reading about your wee making a lot of noise!

RIZZO - Hi guy I liked your letter about the weeing in plastic bags.
I do not know if I would risk it! Love xx

Well I want to tell a little story from Spain.
My mum and I, we both wanted to wee quite strong. We were stretched
out in the sun with Steve. There was this group of teenage girls and
there were a couple of boys with them. Well we watched when all
the girls got up from where they were sitting and they just squatted
in a row facing the sea. They just had their bums facing us and we
saw all these girls weeing yellow streams into the sand. The boys
were put in a state about that and well it was just like seeing
the girls weeing made mum and me want to go even more. We waited
about 10 minutes more and then we decided how we were going to do it.
We did not know if we wanted to squat like those girls or we wanted
to stand or do it backwards bending over. Well we asked Steve what
to do and he thought for a minute. He said why not squat next to
each other like the girls and so that is what we did. My mum and I
squatted and we let Steve watch us from behind us like he enjoyed
seeing the girls. Well he liked what he saw because he could still
see our pussies when we weed like mad into the sand. My mum thought
it was a giggle with what Steve could see! When we finished he handed
us our towels to wipe with and we got back down with him. Well I think
the boys in that group saw us doing it but we did not look at them.
It was funny when Steve wanted a wee because he turned around and faced
these rocks. My mum and I were there standing near him and watching
him while he held his dick and started pissing at the rocks. He got
a surprise when a woman came to stand at the top of the rocks and she
got a really good look at Steve pissing full speed! She smiled all
embarrassed for a bit because I bet she liked what she saw because
Steve is a good looking guy but then she went away!


Tuesday, September 11, 2001

to miami-yes there was a female poop scene in A.I., the mom was sitting on the toilet reading a mag with her panties puled down when the little robot guy walked in. she just looked up frm her mag, stared at him for about 10 secs then screamed GET OUT and looked really freaked. it was funny.

I want some good wide poo sotries that dont barly fit i your ass. I also want stories about other woman peeing BYe im really clogged up so i may not be posting for a while


I pooped in my pants for a friend when I was 12 years old. Susan (not her real name) and I were in my backyard playing monopoly. I farted loudly, and we both laighed. She said"Can'yt you do better than that, I told her I thought it was pretty good, and dared her to do better. She stood up and gave a hard push. There aws a soft fart followed by a crackling sound as her face reddened and she started to cry. I asked her what was wrong and she told me she just pooped in her panties. I told her it wasn't a bad thing to do, and I'd do it too if it made her feel better. She told me to go ahead , so I stood, spread my legs and pushed until i had filled my pants too. Then I walked her home.

I was babysitting last night, and the children were young. I didnt want to leave them alone. I had to go to the bathroom, but i was sure i could wait till they were asleep. As the pressure continues to build, I convince myself that i will be fine for the next hour. As it gets worse, I told myself, half an hour. When i got up to tuck the oldest one in bed, i thought i was going to wet myself right there. I said, ok this is silly, just go to the bathroom, but something was telling me not to...I managed to hold on unti lthe child was asleep, and then i ran to the bathroom. As i closed the door, i squirted. I raced faster, and got my pants down. As i sat down, i squirted again. Finally on the toliet, i let it all go. I timed myself, and i peed for almost three this alot or a little compared with you guys? It included 4 waterbottles and then 3 hours of waiting...please respond...
-Hold - a - lot

Anime Mann
to who ever posted about wanting to know about peeing in cartoons, in Gall Force Eternal Story, the main charicter (Rabby i think) is either peeing or pooping while having some flash backs, also in Dragonball, Goku is trying to save Bulma from a Dinosaur and after he kills it she falls and he throws his quarter staff and catches her on a cliff and she wets her panties.

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