Poo Girl
Well, I have an experiance of pooping that might be good enough to share. So, I was sitting at a bar with my friend and I had a couple of beers and then we talked for a while. I then got the sudden urge to poo because I hadn't done a poo in about 4 days now. So I just hold it in while we talk a little bit longer. Then the urge is really strong now. I had on some dark black underwear, and black jeans, so I thought if I just let a little poop out it wouldn't be noticable. I fidget around a little bit and I then feel a turd break off in my undies. It wasn't too squishy, I decided that was all I had to let out at the moment and I didn't let anymore out. So, I stayed with my friend a bit longer at the bar and then the turd begins to release a small odor. Then I ask if we can go on to his house and watch a few movies. So, when we walk into his house I quickly go to the bathroom and clean out my undies, then I poo some more. I am just about to poo out another turd and it gets stuck, ! and I can't get it all the way out. (My friend is a guy if you are wondering) Then, my friend knocks on the bathroom door after a few minutes and asks if I am alright. I tell him yes. Then I strain some more, but the little poo poo just refuses to come out. I guess my friend was freaked by then, because he came in the bathroom and caught me pooing and said, "Oops, I'm so sorry, I was just worried." I told him it was ok, and asked him to join me a while in there. He then takes a seat across from me. I grin and let a little trick out on him. I grunt really hard and release the bomb that had been blocked up for quite a while now out of my bum. It's a 7 incher, very long. It goes KERPLONK! My friend, Jacob smells it and makes a face. I just laugh. I then lay out some toilet paper on his bathroom floor and Jacob asks, "What are you doing?" I tell him that it is a surprise for him. I squat over the paper and grunt and let out a huge load right on it. He says, "Now you're making me h! ave the urge to poop." I smile at him and watch him as he sits himself on the toilet. I don't know what it is with me, but I like to watch guys take a poo. It really turns me on for a reason. I hear Jacob let go of a massive one and smell it. He pees a minute and lets out more little turds and gets up. "I'm done," He tells me. I get back up and add to the little poo. I release a long brown monster on top of his turds. By the time we were finished the whole bowl was filled up with these long brown poops, we were proud! The Jacon adds his last contribution and poos out a small nugget on top of it and pees. That is a night I can never forget. Now Jacob and I are going out as boyfriend and girlfriend, and we love to watch eachother poo! I love to wipe Jacob after his poos, it is so delightful. He wipes me sometimes too. Anyway, that's all of that fantastic story, I hope you were as excited about it as I was!!

Billy and Kevin L
This weekend, we had a soccer game saturday morning, then we went to the cabin for the rest of the weekend. Mom mad us go to bed early friday. We got up at about 7:00 am and had breakfast. It was about 1/2 ride to the soccer place. We left about 8:00. Kev tried to poop before the leaving, but let out only two little turds. I did not have to go at all. About 5 minutes after getting into the car, I felt the need poop. Kev said to me that he would have to poo again at the field. We were are the field in the spring, so we knew there was a bathroom there. When we got to the field, we went strait to the bathroom. When we got to the bathroom, Mike from our team was peeing and Bob was pooing. Mike said he would be done in about 3 turds. You could here them falling from his butt. In about 1 minute he was done. He flushed the toilet. The toilet was in a stall, but there was no door on it. I told Kev he could go first. He said ok. He pushed out 3 turds. Mike and Bob were talking for a fe! w minutes while kev was pooping. Kev got up and I sat down. I pushed out 3 turds too. I got up and tried to flush. THere was no water. We went to wash our hands, and the coach from the other team came in. He went into the toilet and sat down. He said to us, don't you kids flush after you take a dump? I said, I tried, but there was no water. You could hear some crackling noises for about 5 seconds and some farts, and then the coach was wiping. He got up and went to wash his hands. THe toilet is one the way out. I looked in the toilet. The toilet was full. I heard the water start to fill up the tank and said, coach, the water is back on. After the game, mom asked us to take jermey and josh to the bathroom for a pee. After they peed and washed their hands, we went back out. We looked in the toilet. There was the coaches turds, but the water level was a lot higher. Plus someone pooped over them. Kev said to me, boy the coach blocked the toilet as we were walking out. The coach and! 3 of his players were walking into the bathroom. One of them said, I told you it was not me. The coach was turning red.

After dinner, we went to the store down the street for some soda and candy. It is about a ten-minute walk. Our friend who has another cabin was over for dinner. All of our friends back home are really open about pooping, but Keith isn't. When we got to the store, I really started to feel the need to poop. Keith is very shy about talking about pooping. I told Kev that I would need to poop soon. Kev said he had to go, but he could wait until we got back to Keith's (we were staying there over night). About two minutes after we started walking up the road, I said I needed to go to the bathroom and could not wait. I said I will go into the woods. Kev and Keith both said they had to go too. I said, Keith, we are not going to pee. He said, what you are going to do? I said, Keith, think. He said, oh. Keith said he had to go too and couldn't wait for us to finish and make it back home in time to keep his pants clean. We said you can go on ahead if you like or go with us. I said, do! whatever you want, but I am going into the woods now or else I am going to mess my pants. He said next weekend he is going camping with the boy scouts and he might as well learn to poop in the woods, becuase there are no toilets at the camp. We said ok. We went back into the woods, behind some bushes. Kev and I immediately dropped our pants abd started to go. I dropped about 5 turds, a little smaller than in the morning. Kev dropped a bunch of little turd balls. Keith dropped his pants and started to squat after we started to pass our turds. I was done in about 1 minute and kev took about 5 minutes (usually he is quick like me). Keith started to push out turds when I wsa done. His turds were really nobby. He also farted a lot. I was talking to my brother and Keith while they were gong. Keith finished about the same time as Kev. keith said look at this. He pushed out about 4 turds, each about 3/4 in. the first two were nobby, and the other were smooth. there was corn in two di! fferent turds. I said, how often do you go poop? He said once every 5 or 6 days. Wow. i said we usually go twice or 3 times a day. He said his big brother is like that. After we got back his cabin, we watched tv for about 2 hours and played games. His mom said it is time to get ready for bed. She had towels for us all. Kev and me were playing nintendo, so he siad he would shower first. He said it is ok if we go into the bathroom and started brushing our teeth and stuff while he is in there. ABout 5 minutes later, we were done playing. kev said he needed to go the bathroom. I was needing a pee because of the soda, and I thought kev did too. I said I did too. We got our clean clothes and into the bathroom. Kev got in there first and sat on the toilet. Usually, he does not fart much, but he did. He passed 3 more turds, about 8 in x 3/4. Keith was just turning off the shower when he said, good thing the fan is on the way you guys are farting. Kev said he is doing more than fart.! Keith open the curtian and said, you aren't kidding. I was done brushing my teeth and went into the shower. I still had to pee. Kev started brushing his teeth and keith was getting dressed. I was done in about 3 minutes and got out of the shower. Kev was standing in front of the shower. I stood on the carpet and kev got in the shower. I was drying myself when I heard keith mumble to himself I can't wait. He went and landed on the toilet. He dropped about 4 turds and really farted (he was farting all night). He got up, wiped himself. Then he said, that feels better. I siad, I hope that means you are not going to fart all night. He said, when he goes after he farts, that usually stops it. It did. I finally had a chance to pee. I peed and flushed the toilet. Finally, the air was starting to clear of the farts.

Wile I was out shopping I so desperately needed to do a shit, I just lifted up my skirt and squated over the roadside kerb, strained and took a long shit into the drain below me. The shit log was about 8" in length and very solid. Unlike when I shit normally in my toilet, there was no smell evident. I pissed a gallon as well! I got a couple horns blown at me from passing drivers but I felt so relieved!

It turns out the accident I had this morning wasn't anything compare to what happened to me just now. I was in my room getting some clothes that needed to be washed when I had a enormous cramp. It was so big I couldn't move and I just stood there and filled my pants. I got some extra clothes and waddled to the bathroom. There must have been 2 cups of liquid poop in my underwear. I then took them off and the poop just started spilling all on the floor splatering everywhere. It took me 20 minutes to clean up everything including an additional 5 minutes to get the rest of it out of me. This is the second time I had an accident this bad.

I remember back a few years ago when I was at school. It was just before lunch when I had the urge to poo. I held it in for a while and the urge dissapeared and I went ahead and ate lunch without stopping at the bathroom. I was a little shy about pooing in school, so I didn't do it a lot. After lunch, math class had just started and I really had the urge this time. I managed to keep it in until math was over. I ran back to the men's bathroom and found all the stalls were full. By the smell of it, the guys in there were pooing too, and I thought it was going to take a long time by the looks of it. So, i just couldn't hold it in any longer, I went outdoors past the track to the woods behind the gym. Before I took a moment to think about what in the world was I doing I found myself a good spot begind a well hidden bush. Nobody would be able to see me from there. I pulled my shorts down slowly, and then let my briefs down and had a poo like I had never had before. 7 great big gre! en smally logs poured out of my tight bottom, and that wasn't all that was going to come out. I farted some and peed a little and relaxed a minute. Then the bell rang telling everyone science class was just about to start. I needed to hurry. I strained out more logs of thick poo. Then, that was when my poo-river began. I let out big gross green chunks and it was all very lumpy, and very smelly. I didn't have anything to wipe with, but I was clean enough for myself and I went on to science class without any more stomach cramps. Then when I got home I pood again. It felt awfully good, and I enjoyed that. Now I take me a real large poo about daily now if I can. But I am getting the urge to poo-poo again, so I'd better go to have my dump. Hope to be back later!

Slayer Moon
Re: pissing in animation.

You'll find quite a few in Japanese animation, since the Japanese are more casual about bodily functions, but it's always male pissing. :-( Now I don't object to seeing animated characters pissing, but I strongly object to its presentation as a male prerogative. (I am a male, BTW!) I also bristle at the pervasive but absurd notion that females can't pee standing up ... at least not without having it dribble down their legs. I for one would love to see Umi, Fuu and Hikaru (the heroes of "Magic Knight Rayearth," one of my favorite Japanese animation shows) yank their panties off to one side and casually piss away ... standing up, of course.

I know that holding the vulva open eliminates the dribble and provides a clean stream, similar to a male pulling back the foreskin, but I would think that this would also eliminate the need for subsequent wiping with the elimination of the dribble and the labia minora closing up on the drippage. Are there any female standers out there who can vouch for this?


Bad news :( !!!! The owner of the coffee shop with the two toilet no
stall bathroom doesn't like me! How could you have a bathroom like that
and not expect people to get creative? From now on he wants me to lock
the door, and he's a big Italian dude with no sense of humor. Rats! And to
make matters worse, they fixed the men's room at the park, so now the
ladies room with the jammed lock is no longer a temporary Unisex. My fun
is over without even a walk-in! With winter coming and nobody hiking and
camping, what am I gonna do for my saTURDays? I'm sure I'll think of
something. Anyway, no action today at the circular men's room, but the
same dad with his same daughter came in for a wee next to me at the brick
Unisex. Better than nothing I guess. Hopefully I'll have better luck next

P.S. I hope Carmalita is ok. I'm guessing since we haven't heard from
her or her friends that their computer has crashed and nothing more
serious than that. I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Well, either there hasn't been an up-date or Andrew's last message didn't get posted. He told me what he said, and I got to see him write some of it anyway when I finished having my shower and had got dressed for school and came and sat on his knee.

UNCLE RIZZO: Fancy thinking I didn't miss you ! Of course I missed you ! Here's a big hug just to tell you how much. I love my Uncle Rizzo, so now you're back, you better hadn't do any more journeying for a long time !! Love from Kendal xx

PLUNGING PLOP GUY: I know Andrew said something about me and Trent's bottom in his post, but he wouldn't let me see that. I'm going red now just thinking about what it might be ! Anyway, Trent had a very nice bottom, and it would have better still if he'd had a nice big wee before he performed that spectacular dive into the river off the bridge !! Love from Kendal x

ELLIE: There aren't any low toilet doors at my new school. I suppose I'm pleased really. But your school sounds so much nicer than mine. I had another encounter with the school caretaker and our low toilet partitions and doors just before I finished school in the village for good. The post I made about it didn't get on. But the gist of it was that I went to the toilet again while he was in there cleaning, except he finished cleaning the toilet next to mine and only had the one I was sitting on to do. So he had to wait for me to finish before he could do his job. It was so silent in there and I know he heard everything I did, including the plopping of my poos, because I could see his face the whole time. And then when I'd finished, I did something very naughty and asked him if he'd like to look at me on the toilet !! He didn't though ! Well, as it is such a nice day today, Andrew and I are going to walk to the woods so I can climb a tree and try and make a tropical storm! like Little Lou did !! I just know I'm going to laugh when I see the broken chair. I wonder if he'll shower his shorts again ?!!! Andrew will tell you all about it in his next post, seeing as it will be his turn ! Hope you and Little Lou and Courtney and Kev are all having a lovely weekend, with lots of shared toilet visits !! Lots of love from Kendal xxxx

LINDA GS: Andrew says his last post isn't here because there hasn't been an update yet. So that explains it ! But you got to go with him when he went for his morning ritual. And you and I didn't argue about who got to comb his hair, because we are both very grown up and agreed to take it in turns every half a minute !! And neither of us were forced to cover our noses because for once he didn't have a smelly one, well not much anyway ! Now he says fair's fair and you've got to take him ! Well only if you want to of course. He would never ever make you because he's a good boy and he loves you too much to betray your trust, just like me, you lucky girl ! It seems ages since you last posted, but then its probably just me seeing as I've been posting quite a lot recently. Look forward to hearing from my very best friend soon. Lots of love from Kendal xxxxx
PS Andrew has gone at the moment, but I'm sure he would be sending an XOSXOS, so I'll do it for him anyway !! Byeeeeeeeeeeee xxx

Hi! I went to an Arts and Crafts Fair held in Tucson. There were a bunch of food vendors and a bunch of young dudes out for the day just hanging out. Most were Latino guys. The city does not put out portable toilets for these events so it is real difficult to find a place to go. Anyways, a small building near the fair containing three levels of stores has a real interesting bathroom on the basement level. It has a urinal and two bowls all in a row and separated by half partitions. The stalls have no doors. When you walk in you can't see if anyone is on the crappers, but if you stand at the urinal or in one of the crappers to piss, you can see over the half partition if anyone is taking a shit. I had to piss and went to the urinal. A real nice looking Latino dude was sitting on the crapper closer to the urinal. He looked up and asked me how I was doing. I told him just great and we exchanged a few pleasantries. He then leaned forward with his chest close to his thi! ghs to do some serious dumping. I heard one loud plop and then when I was almost done pissing another plop. Since he was leaning forward away from me, I could look over the half partition and get a real good view. He was wearing a white muscle T-shirt and this was pulled up over his back so I could see the upper part of his butt crack. Anyways I could not continue to stand there after getting done with my piss so I moved to the sink to wash my hands and could no longer see the dude. I was real surprised when he stood up to wipe his butt. I could see the upper half of him over the partition. Although I could not see him wiping I could tell that he was pulling paper off the roll and then bending forward a bit to wipe his crack. I waited until he was done wiping then started drying my hands. He came out of the stall still adjusting his pants. He also washed his hands and we walked out together. It is too bad that not many dudes take a shit in that bathroom - I guess b! ecause of lack of privacy. It gives a totally different view of a crapping dude to the one I get when I walk past a doorless stall. Also, you can't stand for a long time in front of a stall - here you get to see more of the action!

Yesterday when I was walking to my friends house I spotted some underwear on the side of the path in the trees and shrubs. They were filled to the top with poop. The path was near a school so I thought a kid might have pooped themselves in school and just trew the underwear into the shrubs so they wouldn't get in trouble.

This mornining I had a accident myself. It was my first one in a while too. I woke up this mornining with my stomach gurgling. I thiought I was just hungry and thought nothing of it. I then got on the computer. A few minutes later I felt a pain and I knew that I had to go I then went to the bathroom when I got a strong cramp and I lost it all in my underwear. I then pulled my pants and underwear down when I saw a whole pile of chunky and liquid poop. I then turned the water on in the tub andtook my pants and underwear off. I dumped the underwear out in the toilet and I then cleaned them in the sink. I then took a bath.

This is really becoming a problem but I haven't told my mom yet. What should I do?

Sick boy
I was reading an outdoor magazine yesterday and there was this article on how park rangers are getting fed up with the human shit in state parks they want people to use a bag it method or some thing like that. essentially what they want people to do is shit on a piece of plastic fold it up and bag it put it into our backpacks and throw it away at our earliest convience. I just have two questions how many of us would do this and as I asked annoyed Hiker awile back a question to wich he didn't respond! other than the toilet paper Humans use why is human shit anymore harmful than the enviornment than animal shit? by the way if any one cares the article I am refering to can be read here ad on this site


have any girls pooped themselves while wearing a thong or a g string

can u tell the story please

Wee Willy from Diaperland
The Toilet a private place.. with all the new laws on the books and public restrooms vanishing. No joke intented! The only place to go other than your home is at the places you shop. Gas stations hold the keys and by the time you get it, "your pants are wet!" Its all about money- customers only signs, restrooms in the rear of the stores. Buy adult diapers and beat the streets. Now where the heck do I find a changing table large enough for that! Try going before you get there, have you ever seen the lines at the fair or Amusement parks.
Kiss my behind, I stand in a line for a super ride, two hours, I gotta go now. Forget getting back in line or you'll get kicked out of the park. Tie it off and cork it.. One thing I have found is you don't miss the toilet until you can't find one.
Try driving down the highway, stop and try to look like your not peeing next to your car. Point and stare at the mountains while trying to zip your fly.. Mommy what that man doing?? Looking at the mountains dear!
Home is a lot better, your enjoying a good seat and book, out of the blue someone has to go. Girls tend to think putting makeup on is more important than doing your thing.. But when you walk in on them, darn look out buddy your doomed for the day.
I do feel sorry for the girls, having to sit after a man attempts to aim, only to miss it all together. There has got to be a cure all for this.

To farty - I know what you mean, it is the biggest turn on in the world. I try to watch or listen to pritty girls having a shit when ever I can.

Gruntly Bogwell
A few weeks ago I had an interesting turd letting session. I had this cold and was into my first day of taking an antibiotic. Feeling my morning urge just before I went unwilling to work, I went to the toilet lowered my light olive green pants and white Fruit of the Loom briefs to below my knees, flipped up the back of my tan polo shirt and lowered my skinny ass on top the commode, feeling my bottom push through the oval with my equipment dangling above the water. A slight concentration and push soon opened my nether hole and the head of a hemorrhoid tickling turd eased out. The lumpy part went past my disgorging sphincter and became softer. I relaxed and let the rest flow out uninterrupted, sighing with the relief as it snaked its way into the water below my bottom with a soft hiss. I felt my hole gently close up. Not quite finished I was obligated to squeeze out a turdy-bit that had got left behind the initial offering. Before wiping I peeked into the commode and ! what did I see but the reddish-tan poo looking like a water snake! The lumpy inch wide head was floating on the top, while the heavier softer tail, still in tact, curled into the water to rest on the bottom of the toilet, with the end of the tail a sharp point where my ass hole had squeezed shut…a 12 inch anal sculpture!

Question: What is the difference between a saloon and my hefty mother-in-law's fart?

Answer: The saloon is a barroom, while her fart is a BARROOM!

That's right folks, she's was back for a short visit, this past week. Naturally she got up late, sat in the kitchen in her nightgown that comes half way down her fat thighs and stubby legs of her 250 pound frame. I was reading a book in the living room, while she puts around the kitchen, messing it up after breakfast was already done for the rest of us. Soon she padded through the living room with the crossword puzzle and pencil in hand. I though she was going back to bed to finish it in the guest bedroom off the living room. Instead she turned right into the guest bathroom. I guess she didn't see me or flat didn't care or more insidiously, in her passive-aggressive manner wanted to put on a show. At any rate, she didn't shut the door and I soon heard the toilet seat creak under her weight. Naturally, I couldn't resist the opportunity to peep in my passive-aggressive manner. The builder of our house managed to put mirrors such that if someone in the guest bathroom! leaves the door open, you can see seated on the commode, if you position yourself just inside the bedroom door. Since this was home turf, I had the advantage over visitors with this knowledge. Just then the air was split with a horrendous BAARRRROOOOM, from my mother-in-law's bottom that fairly echoed in the toilet and throughout the adjoining rooms. I peeked and saw her nightgown to her fat waist, buttock and thigh edges hanging out over the toilet seat, Pillsbury Doughboy fashion. She was leaning forward, elbows on her knees working the crossword puzzle. I was treated to this picture for several minutes, until another fart…BEEEUUNNTTT…rent the atmosphere. She didn't miss a beat with the puzzle, but her third offering caused her to tense up as it went BEEEUUNN…thunk, as what I surmised was a large turd cut it off and filled asshole. She straightened up, I could see where a belly fold crossed her upper thigh at the vee, she put her hands on her knees and grunted out a ! belly heaving PLONK-Sploosh turd. It must have splashed toilet water on her generous underside, because she reached for the paper heaved herself off the toilet, bending forward to see what she had produced, reached way under her to dab at her hole. I have to admit this action gave me a buzz. She settled back down, with a sigh, causing the toilet seat to again creak and immediately added more gas to the situation, with a PPFFEEEOOOUN and went back to her crossword puzzle. The smell was now, make its way of the bathroom. At least I was safe from West Nile Virus as a mosquito wouldn't have stood a change in that fog. Her hole soon went back to work, she raised up her toes and sat back, tossing the puzzle on the edge of the tub. This position must have lined up her bowels and her asshole, because I was treated to a crackling long one as her face became red with effort and concentration and an OOHHHH…aaaaaaaaahhhh grunt. Just then the phone rang, and my wife hollered down ! from upstairs, "MOM…its Aunt Irene for you!" I barely had time to duck out of the guest bedroom as my mother-in-law left the toilet without wiping or flushing and rushed into the phone beside the bed, plopped heavily down on the bed and began talking to her sister, long distance about her trip. Seizing the moment I walked back into the guest bedroom saying, "All the rest are in use can I quickly your bathroom,?" I shut the door as she said "Wait," but it was too late I was already inside, the smell was almost overcoming and I heard a muffled laugh from the bedroom and she confided to her sister on the phone that, "She had been on the toilet when she was called to the phone and was Gruntly in for a surprise." The she laughed again. Actually, I wasn't surprised, since I had witnessed her toileting session, but my obsessive-compulsive side had taken over and I had to see what she had done. I put up the seat and "OH WOW" a two inch by three inch yellow-brown oval bomb lay! at the bottom, with the seven or eight ragged turds floating on top of the water, at least 17 inches in total length. I pissed into the middle of this mess, breathing through my nose. The ragged ones came apart under my pee stream and clouded the water brown. I couldn't believe she hadn't wiped…her hole had to be messy. It took me three flushes to get it all down. I walked out of the bathroom and said, "Thanks for the present," rolling my eyes. My mother-in-law, interrupted her phone conversation with her sister and said, "I tried to warn you," then laughed and began telling her sister what I had said as I went out of the room, the odor of my mother-in-laws poo still hovering around me…I went outside to let the wind blow it away. Unfortunately, my golfing buddy was just walking into the garage and said, "Damn, Gruntly…did you just shit your pants?!" What could I say? So you know who had the last laugh…

Sunday, September 09, 2001

Where's Sarah T., Becca, New Girl, Sandra and Jessica from Canada?
Have you gone to the bathroom on anything good lately?

Althea: I forgot to mention last time that I hope you get well soon. Nothing is fun when you're sick, not even using the bathroom. Take care of yourself.

I was working late last night in my office. I had an urge to pee and went to the ladies room. Usually I pass by the mens room on my way to the ladies room, and when I passed by this time, I saw the cleaning lady come out of the mens room as she was finished with her daily routine. When I got to the ladies room, I saw a cleaning guy come out as he was finished cleaning up. I shook my head as I went in to pee. That was the strangest thing I've seen. I don't know if that was a one-time occurrence or if it's a growing trend that cleaning crews assign people to clean the bathrooms of the opposite gender.

Julia O.
I am new to this forum and I hope you will enjoy my story. This evening me and my friend Chelsea went to the elementry school park(we are in grade 9) and I had to pee and Chelsea goes well go. And i said i dare us to go by the kindergarden entrance doors and she said no and goes in a bush. But i had another idea I told Chels to turn around and she said okay and i pulled down my navy blue skort and pissed down one of the slides. After we laughed and stuff and i said if i tried i cvould push poo out of my bum so i did on the twirly slide and a few turds came out. Chelsea got a stick and mushed it all over the slides and rubbed it in the monkey bars.We were laughing and hanging over the flip bars whyen we saw Chelsea's mom and younger sisters Casey and Christy coming and we told them some pig did the washroom on the equitment. So Chelseas mom took her daughters home and me and Chelsea left.

I had a bad incident in school last week. I was sitting in class when the food I'd had for lunch caught up with me. We have a twenty minute break at our school in the afternoon, so I went to dump at this time. All through class I was sitting with my legs spread and my buttcheeks clenched together. Every few minutes little squirts of poop would leak into my panties. I could barly walk straight on my way to the john. When I got to the john I went into the stall and pulled down my jeans. My green thong followed them. I dumped for five minutes straight. I felt so bad the rest of the day I couldn't even have sex with my boyfriend that night.

Electra - Good to hear from you again! I've missed your descriptions of your "elephant poos" and I'm sure you must have some memorable ones to share with us. As I enjoy pooping my pants, I've had the opportunity to see my poop close up many times and I've seen two-tone loads a number of times, but never thought to look for an official explanation. I just figured it was different meals creating different colors.


I want to see my girlfriend pee, but I'm afraid of how to tell her my interest. I really like her and don't want her to think I'm weird or anything. Any suggestions?

Steve: That remindes me of when I pooped myself in math and got away with it. How old are you anyway?

Jordan: Thanks. It was a cool experience.

A general question to all of you who has the computer game "The Sims" bythe people who did Sim City. The Sims is a family in which you control the people, telling them what to do and when to do it, or not do it. Down to the level of going to the bathroom. And so the question; what do you do to your Sims???

Eric in Chicago
Electra--The most likely reason your three logs were different shades of brown is that they had spent different amounts of time in your colon/rectum. Generally the longer poop has spent inside you, the darker it gets because bacteria are converting the yellowish pigment urobilinogen into the reddish pigment stercobilin, and because your colon is removing water from your poop which also darkens it.

Jane: Thanks for the answer back. I am still at home with a sore throat. I am working on myself to return to work Monday. Today, I moved my stomach twice, in the morning and afternoon. Each time I evacuated a 12 inch banana. They had black speckles. Psyllium sweeps the intestinal lining clean. I saw an intestinal cleanser at the health store. I will buy it. I want to further get my digestive tract on tract.

Julie: Thank you for anwering, also. I was never caught short in high school. But, I was lucky to go when I had to and had plenty of bathrooms with privacy. I ran an AV department. So, I had keys to the school and to every bathroom. If I wanted to be alone, I took an unused bathroom. I could be silent or noisy, depending on the circumstances. None of the girls ever messed themseleves. They knew they had better go.

One Thursday, a new girl from China joined our class. She was pretty and friendly. She followed me everywhere. She knew I had keys. She asked me on a free period to let her use a vacant girls toilet. I let her. We were alone on the 5th floor. There was shortage of toilet paper in the city. The vacant lavatories had paper. We took adjoining stalls,let our pants down. My pants were light blue and black Maidenform panties, she was wearing black jeans and white band leg panties. I took a long piss for 30 seconds. My friend started grunting and pushing. I wiped myself, flushed leaving the stall. I looked over on her. The stalls were low. She then asked to be excused. I knew what was coming so I let her have privacy. After, she came out she fixed her clothes and thanked me. She told be she was shy about making #2 with someone nearby. I heard the toilet flush behind her.

Another time a black girl in my class got caught short. We were entering the 3rd floor girls toilet. I was a junior and I was not shy anymore. Her name was Debbie. She asked me to let her get in first. I let her. She lifted her orange dress, white slip and let down her pink nylon panties as she headed for the stall. In one motion, she sat and I heard this explosion of chunky doo-doo, followed by a wet fart. Debbie said, "Thank you girl. I held this all day long. Damn, my stomach is never this loose." Then I heard another wave of chunks fall into her toilet. I had to take a piss only. And talked about a history test we took in the morning. Many times Debbie and the girls would hold court while sitting on the school toilet.

first time poster
Hey everyone, I just though I would share a sort of funny story with you, well I think it is funny but my wife doesn't. Two weeks ago my 32 year old wife had been complaining about stomach cramps after dinner and said she had to go to the bathroom. That is what she always says because even after 6 years of marriage she still gets embarrassed if she even farts in front of me. Well she had a pretty bad case of diarrhea and I was joking with her about it and she was getting kind of mad because she is so modest about her toilet habits. Later that night while we were in bed she let out a couple of really bad farts that were silent and she didn't think I would know because whe thought I was sleeping. I didn't say anything because I knew she would get upset but all of a sudden she got out of bed and ran to the bathroom. I realized then that she wasn't just letting out SBD's but she had a bad diarrhea attack in bed with me about 3 inches from where I was laying. She came back i! n the room crying and mortified. I tried to joke with her about it trying to make it seem like it was not that big of a deal but she was so upset. Now I've been with this woman for 13 years and she still runs the water in the sink when she is pooping so I don't hear any of her personal noises so needless to say this was the most embarrassing thing that ccould of happened to her. My question is how can I get her to lighten up about pooping and farting around me, I mean we have been married for 6 years and she is still embarrassed to fart? Also she uses about a full can of air freshener with every shit she takes.......any advice, thanks

Billy and Kevin L
We like the picture. You can see the turds floating in the toilet.

This morning, out little brothers Jeremy and Josh got up at the same time we did. We all had to pee before breakfast. Our brother Mike just got off the toilet and left a pile of turds in the toilet. We peed, washed our hands and went to breakfast. After breakfast, Jeremy and Josh both had to poop. Jeremy got there first and took the big toilet while Josh used the little potty chair. They both pushed out about 5 turds. You could see a lot of corn stuck in the turds. We brushed our teeth. Jeremy was done and Tom came in and started to poop. So I guess he got to empty the potty chair thing.

After we got to school, Kev and me had to poop. Kev and Jeremy are in the same part of the school. (Jeremy starts kindergarten -- he goes from 8 to 12). We were taking Jeremy to his classroom. We stopped at Kev's classroom to poop, but it was closed. So we went to Jeremy's and dropped him off. Then we went to bathroom for older kids. Cousin Billy was on the first toilet. We said to him good morning. We had about 10 minutes before homeroom. I Billy was still dropping turds. I couldn't wait, so I sat on the middle toilet (the handicapped one). There was already two poops in the toilet (two piles of turds with a some paper between them so you could see that it was two different people). Ken was on the 3rd toilet. Kev said hurry up please. I said I am going as fast as I can. I dropped about 6 logs, about 6 inches long. I wiped and tried to flush the toilet. There was no water. Bob was came in for a pee and said there no water. A janitor came in a minute later and said the wate! r would be on in about 2 minutes. I looked at my turds and there was a bunch of corn in them. I said to kev he should wait until someone can flush the toilet, but he said he had to go now. So he sat down. He was plopping away. He pushed out about 20 turds, about 3 in. They all floated. By the time he got up, the water was back on. To my surprise, all the poop flushed. We washed our hands and went to class.

After school, we went to play soccer. We went to a field behind the school. I had to poop and so did Kev. We said we would be there in a few minutes because we had to go to the bathroom. We ran into the woods. Cousin Billy followed and so did a couple of other kids. We squatted and pooped. One of the kids said how can you do that? We said, you squat and poop. He said I see that. But shouldn't you go to a bathroom or something? We said we always do it this way in the woods. We said it takes a lot less time. Besides, everyone poops. What is the big deal. We finished (I made 3 turds, one big one about 10 in and two 5 inchers). We wiped. He looked at my turds and said, is that corn in there? I said, yeah, from last night's dinner and lunch. He said, what? I said the food you eat that you cannot use comes out in your poop. He said, ok. We were playing about 90 minutes. Kev and me and Billy were going to go to my house to watch TV and play games. The kid said oh no. What's a mat! ter I said. He said he had to poop and couldn't wait until he got home. I said, just go in the woods. He said, could you show me how? So i went with him and helped him go. He pooped over kev turds. When he was done, he had to use leaves to wipe. He looked at his poop and said there is corn in there too. I said, yeah, I told you. Then we went home.

Golden Drink

I had to do my laundry this morning, but decided to make it a little dirtier before the wash. Since I haven't peed yet today, I loaded the washing machine, then hopped on top! I aimed my penis down into the wash and peed my ENTIRE bladder worth into the clothes! It was a LOT too, since it was my morning pee, and a dark yellow too.
The dryer just stopped so I should go check on them. I've done this once or twice before and the clothes turn out extra soft in the end. I don't use fabric softener, so maybe my pee acts as the fabric softener? Also, for anyone wondering, yes, after I peed, I added detergent before I turned the Washer on.


Good day to all you fans of the Toilet!
I am still reading up on the posts of the past weeks. I am sad to find that Carmalita, Jake, Renee and Patsy are not able to post any more. Hopefully we will be able to welcome them back one day! Their leaving is a big loss to this site.
A special greeting to Jeff A. , Jane, Julie, Buzzy, Plunging Plop Guy, Steve and Louise, Austin, Penny, Kim and Scott, Traveling Guy and Hiker (great story of your very cold poop on the mountain) RJogger, Althea and all of you I have missed.
During my travels I had two or three chances to use a computer at friends’ and relatives’ houses, but visiting this site with someone breathing down my neck would have been as embarrassing for me as if I would have been caught in the act of peeing in their most cherished potted plant! I admit that I neither have the nerve nor the pluck for such a thing.
Dear PV, I have just read about your health problems. I do hope that you are all right again! Having the acid runs is horrible. After AB treatment the wrong type of bacteria must have multiplied in your intestine. Even ointment won’t relieve the burning senstion very well. The best I have found out, is washing the anus with luke warm water instead of rubbing myself raw with tp, and then applying ointment. The trouble is that for washing your backside you ideally need a bidet. If not available, you can always stand at the washbasin in the scissors way to wash yourself! This position not only serves well for peeing in the sink! Who was it to suggest standing on the scales for the extra two inches of height? The other alternative, which I think you have mentioned yourself, is wetting tp with some pee for a wet wipe. The trouble with diarrhea is, that because your body is losing so much fluid, your pee becomes concentrated and may burn too! Well, you did say in your last post ! that you were practically back to normal, so you are hopefully fit enough to receive a big hug from the other side of the globe from Rizzo without any accident!
Hi KENDAL my dear niece, I have just read that you did miss me after all! I am very sorry about that!
But as you can read above, I was too much of a coward to post from my friends’ computers. And contacting you otherwise, which I would not mind doing in your special case, would only be fair if I revealed my identity to you and Andrew outside this site and with your consent, or we would be breaking rules. Anyway, just to know that my meager contributions here to help stave off depressive thoughts, and to help in lettting you feel loved and less lonely after what you have been through, makes talking to you one achievement in my life I may be proud of. But I digress. Back to toilety things. Good to read that your first school day was interesting, toiletwise! You will soon see that your body will adjust to the new times for a poo! Home from school, tea time, poo time, home-work time, play time (and possibly a time for a peek at this site?) – probably in that order! And aren’t you lucky to have such a fine sixth former for back up and protection! I bet Andrew-Sho-Sho-XOXO :)! will not only admire your new smart outfit but also your black undies! They are more practical anyway, don’t show skid marks! This could be important during these the first days of getting used to the new daily routine when you might be caught short! Oops, am I being rude?
So much for now, have a good weekend, loads of love and a smooth (not stubbly for the moment) kiss from your uncle Rizzo.
I am also glad to see that our budding violinists ELLIE and LITTLE LOU and our youngest member and expert of the WSPC, dear little Courtney, are back on site with a yellow rain squall by Little Lou from a tree top!
That’s something I enjoyed doing when I was a little boy. Only that I did it often and on purpose from a chestnut tree overhanging a path! But that’s a story I’ll remember for future use.

During our travels we managed to meet with both our sons – a family reunion. Family meetings and holidays take place in a wooden house with an upstairs and a downstairs toilet. The upstairs one has the water sump at the back and eleven inches below the top of the seat. The water is four inches deep. It would be Plunging Plop Guy’s pleasure! Flushing is done by pulling up a white knob on the top of the white cistern mounted on the wall directly behind the bowl. If the knob is pushed down again before the cistern has emptied, the flush will be interrupted with a loud metallic snort! This reverbrates through the wooden structure of the house, signalling to everyone who knows: someone has just used a short flush for a pee. The cistern then refills silently until the last few seconds when the valve closes with a very loud sigh, which can also be heard well.
The toilet on the ground floor is of the the same dimensions but different make, and the water at the bottom is five inches deep (Plunging Plop Guy’s Delight), a real bum splasher! The flush is different. Behind the toilet, at a height of about four feet from the floor, there is a valve with knob with sprockets just like a tap mounted on the wall. From this a one-and-a-half inch pipe with little holes drilled right at the top next to the tap leads downwards. After a few inches the pipe reduces its thickness to one inch and curves into the back of the toilet bowl. To flush you turn the tap smartly half a turn to the left. This produces a terrible roar and an enormous and very efficient cataract of bubbly, foamy water in the toilet bowl! The principle is that of a jet-vacuum pump – air is drawn in through the little holes at the tap and mixes with the water.
To finish the flush you have to turn off the water at the tap! It shuts off with the squeal of a piglet being pinched! It is possible to flush as long and as powerfully as needed, which is enough to dispatch the most recalcitrant log. Kim, you are welcome to come and test it!!! (Give the valve a whole turn for maximum turd fragmentation power). To Alana I would suggest turning on the flush before starting to poop, and to keep the flush roaring until having finished completely!
So there’s your choice – the toilet with the snort and a sigh or the one with the roar and a squeal! Both can be heard very well all over the house and even at the end of the garden!

So much for now dear Toileteers, have a good weekend, cheers from Rizzo.

I have been reading this form for a long time but have never posted until now. This is the first week of school for most kids I am in the 10grade and am 15.I usually poop before school most of the time. The other day I did not have to go. My first class is gym I know then I was going to have to pee and poop but there is vary little to get from gym class to my second class so I waited. During second class I was in trouble I needed to pee poop and pass gas. I don't like to ask the teacher to the bathroom other kids always have some smart thing to say. I thought I would try and pass some of the gas slowly was I wrong the fart came out with a bang along with the tip of the log naturaly everyone laughed so I sat there with the fart and a small log in by underware while the rest of the class was fanning themselves. At the end of the class I went to the toliet and finished the job.I am now marked until the end of the year I hope this school year goes fast.
Andrew and Kendel i enjoy your posts how old are both of you?
Nosaj---Jason spelt backwards.

LOUISE: I still think your story about the urinal is the funniest thing! I have these visions of you perched up against this nasty toilet thing hardly at all befitting us ladies! I also thought your shit on the beach in Spain was amusing. It seems you've progressed from the standing wee to the standing poo!!!! I'll have to try that one - probably better to be outside though, in case it misses!

RIZZO: I thought your buddy pee in the bag at that campsite was really funny. I can just imagine the situation. Must have been really difficult for your wife to aim into a little bag like that. I definately think she should try to wee standing!

By comparison I haven't done much of interest recently. However Rizzo's post talking about France, reminded me of my recent business trip/holiday a few months ago, and a little incident which I don't think I've already posted - apologies if I have.

I was staying in a hotel and went down to breakfast one morning. Anyway, for some reason I didn't have a wee when I got up, and after a cup of coffee and orange juice, I was beginning to feel like I could do with going to the toilet. So, no problem, I headed back upstairs to my room, with plenty of time for a wee before heading out of the hotel. However, on returning to my room, I found that the cleaning lady had arrived and was in the process of doing my room - probably my fault for getting up late. By now I was quite desperate and went into the bath room, and tried to explain to the cleaner that I needed to use the toilet.

She spoke reasonably good English and seemed to understand. However, she was cleaning the bath at the time, and didn't make any moves to leave but just carried on with her work. I tried asking again, but she seemed to think that it was fine as she had already cleaned the toilet and didn't grasp the fact that I wanted some privacy. By now I was in danger of wetting my knickers so I gave up trying to communicate with this lady, and decided it wasn't that much of a big deal to go in front of her anyway.

I hiked up my tight black skirt and lowered my knickers just enough to be able to wee but at least preserve some privacy. I was by now cursing my choice of skirt as it was so tight I had to pull it right up to my waist. At least with a pleated skirt I could have reached underneath and pulled my knickers down and just lifted the back. However, as soon as I sat down, I started to wee and it seemed to make loads of noise and I'm sure I was blushing by now even though the cleaning lady seemed totally disinterested in what I was doing. Eventually I stopped weeing and finally the cleaner disappeared off to do something else. At least I was then able to wipe myself in peace. I quickly pulled my knickers back up and lowered my skirt before making a quick escape!

I'll write more after the weekend.

Love Julie.x

Brenda...Hi i'm a 35 year old women and i always have skid marks in my panties i wear whit cotton ones a lot and i cvant get them clean what can i do

Thats an intresting picture

To Steve: I guess that story you orgianly posted sounded familar,maybe someone else posted one simular...oh well don't remember

i took a dump last night, it was fairly soft....nothing else to report on

Slayer Moon
Farty: I once heard of a guy who peed in a cp and tasted it, but I never heard about sniffing turds.

Hi everyone, Jane,I espically know you are my friend here because you always acknowledge me thanks it means a lot you are so kind to me.well any way I had been constipated until the other day.I guess all that cook out food just pushed everything on down because I took a whoppingly huge shit yesterday.After eight hamburgers and three slabs of ribs I had the ordacity to eat thirty eight deviled eggs,a mountain of potato salad and a dump truck load of beans.All kinds of beans,navy beans,pork and beans,baked beans...a true feast,all topped off with peach,and cherry cobbler,so much of it I am embarrased to say how much I ate on this form.The next day I was at a resturant with my new boyfriend Ed,he's so sweet.we were having breakfeast and the coffee and pancakes must have made the motherload come down because I got a terrible cramp and then the most severe urge to defecate came over me.I mean I felt a huge BM comming on and it was so big and so sudden I didn't think I could make it! tho the bathroom.I asked the waitress where the washroom was and she said "the lady's room was out of order at the moment because someone threw a sanitary napkin in the commode and stopped it up but the bus boy was working on it.I looked at her and said it was an emergency.She said "well I guess you could use the mens room."This was a first for me.Hmmmm..I thought here I have to take a seriously major dump and I have to do it in a crowded resturant in the mens room no less.I was in no mood to argue,off I went.I found the mens room went inside looked at the urinals which had cigarette butts in them and bolted for the second stall of which there were two.After slamming the door shut and unbuckling my pants I figured I would pull them down around my ankles and if someone came in and looked under stall door they would be no less the wiser as to the fact a woman was in the mens room taking what amounted to probably a much larger dump than they themselves could muster up.And let me! tell you when you do not have a bm for a month and eat a huge meal with the amount of beans I ate you are in for some real fireworks.None the less my bm started out with a bang as a loud booming fart that turned into a hissing and alternating poof fart followed by a heavy plug of thick bm about four inches long that plugged up the bottom of the toilet instantly.This was followed by a coiling snake of a turd that folded on top of itself four or five times,it was only about two and a half inches thick but seemed endless.After it broke off a long loud rough sounding fart that sounded like someone moving heavy wooden furniture across a wood floor echoed throught the room and I was now eliminating a horrendously large amount of fresh hot creamy excrement!And I mean a lot of it.I would push and about two to three feeet at a time would roll out,and I would squeeze my spinchiture muscles to pinch loaf after loaf of of the foul smelling filth out of me followed by more powerful farts.! The turdes were about the size and consistency of eckrich sausages and I began to shoot out deluge after deluge of sausages about three to four inches long,numbering in the hundreds.then all of the sudden another long creamy snake would come out.I was enjoying unleashing all of this stuff when the door flew open,a gentlemen walks in and comments"Whewww hhhoooo...I'll wait till I get home."another gentlemen was walking in behind him and he told the guy"Forget it buddy,it's a full house in there,smells like twelve people going in there all at the same time,man..."I quickly got up and looked into the commode and yes I had done a huge job the excrement was about an inch below the rim of the toilet and there was a pile of golden turds on top that ewre past the rim and if it hd not been for the toilet seat I would have been sitting in excrement.Well all I could think about now was the fact that I still needed to use the washroom,I was not finished so I pulled up my pants,and waddle! d over to the only other commode in there,sat back down closed the door and got back down to business as wave after wave of thick hot creamy bm raced out of my loins at an incredable rate finally I finished,it was very messy and took half a rool of tp to wipe up my butt.I got up and flushed the toilet but left the mother load for all to see in the other one. I raced back to the table where Ed was and told him to just leave twenty dollars on the table and lets go home fearful some one might have notic

I enjoyed the letter about poking partners rectum whilst sleeping, my boyfriend did this to e for a while when we were drunk and didn`t realise I was awake!
I would feel him sliding a spit wet finger between by cheeks and slowly twist it till it was knuckle deep i my ass, then he would start to rotate it till he could feel something and thenplay with it.
I would be trying to pretend I was still sleeping but he would carry on till I farted and then when he slid his finger out Iwould ned to go and poo.
He would then produce a "potty" and say it was a shame for me to go all the wayto the bathroom and would hold it for me while I pooped into it.
He loved to coment on the size, texture and once I had diarreah that caused real problems ifanyone wants to know, post a reply, ok?

Hi all,
I`ve been reading back on this site and it seems cool to now talk about getting turned on by poo!
My husband has been into watching me for a long time and how I realised was I got a bad bout of gastric flu.
I was in a lot of pain and distress and had to take pills to make the diarrea stop!
They sure worked and for days I suffered bad constipation.
Tony was sympathetic and talked about it asking if I had managed to go everytime I came back from the bathroom.
After five days my back ached and I could hardly sit, I was panicking because it felt such a solid lump I thought I would burst.That night I couldn`t sleep and Tony said hed read somewhere that a piece of soap stuck up the but had an almost instant effect.
I was desperate and complied when he offered to insert it for me.
I lent over the bath as Tony shaped a bullet out of a piece of soap and gently put it to the entrance of my anus. He told me to take a deep brath and then slid it in, almost immediatetly he encountered resistance and explained he wanted to position it further up and gently rotated his finger round the "obstacle" till it was further up. I then felt the most amazing stomach cramp and my bowel felt like it was going to turn inside out. I groaned for Tony to leave the room but he said hed stay to make sure I was ok.I was too uncomfartable to sit and could just squat down , my anus wouldnt open enough but there was a definite movement and I was aware of Tony putting a potty under me.
He said "ok darling, bare down its coming" and I feltas though I was giving birth. I encountered an almost orgasmic sense of relief as coil after coil of loose shit flowed out after yhe innitial thick log, that crumbled as it hit the bowl.
"jeez, your filling it up , stop a second as I empty it" said Tony and I forced my self to stop as he emptied the full potty into the loo.
He then held it and told me to startagain and a torent of almost liquid poop sprayed into the bowl and onto Tonys hand!
I was so embarressed but it was such a relief. When I finally stopped my battered anus was wide open and Tony gazed at it brathing hard.
I was almost sobbing with emotion and as I turned to hug him realised he had his erection in his hand!
That was how I came to realise how much he enjoyed watching!
Hope this was not too long.

Lawn Dogs Kid
I've been enjoying the various discussions regarding the film where I get my handle from.

SARSON: You're dead right mate, there is no way that he could have been busting for a pee and done it in that plastic soda cup at the angle he began with. He would have had to move much further forward in the seat to allow it to drop. Great sound effects though ! And what about when the Security man took a sniff of the contents of that cup ?! Strong soda hey ?!

PLUNGING PLOP GUY: Kendal is in the bathroom at the moment. When she reads your comments about Trent's backside, she'll squirm with embarrassment. That's because when she saw it on the TV ( the video version we had previously seen had him still wearing underwear ! ) her mouth dropped open, and I swear I heard her say "coooorrrrrrrrr" !! And she pretended to hide her eyes when he walked back to his van and you got to see his willie ! She can't deny this, because Kate and Emily were sat with us watching it on the tele as well. And they both shrieked with laughter when they heard Kendal say "cor" !!

ALTHEA: Kendal is 11 years old. She'll be 12 in January.

JANE: How lovely of you to be thinking about Kendal and I. Kendal was rather sad yesterday and this morning, thinking about how proud her Dad would have been to see her starting her new school. It's very nice that she has someone here at the site who has suffered the loss of a father as well, who she can relate to. She has coped with everything that has been thrown at her so well. It has only been a little over 4 months since Uncle John passed away. But she knows that whenever she feels sad, she can come to me for one of my famous hugs better. Last night, we hugged for an hour non-stop ! Many thanks for your thoughts once again.

ELLIE: Wonderful to hear from you again. My goodness, you are small for your age at 4ft 4. I always thought that Kendal was quite small, but she is an inch or two taller than that. Kendal's grannie is a small lady. She always says that the best things in life come in little packages. I know she's right with Kendal. And there's no doubt its right where you and Little Lou are concerned as well ! Tell Lou I still remember her as my little Kendal substitute from when she had to go away that time ! And as for when she offered to give me her teddy, well that still brings tears to my eyes ! You are both wonderful people. Is Lou going to write herself soon. Kendal and I would love to hear from her too. Having Kendal in school with me is brill. Not only does it help her with settling in, but it's wonderful to have my little cousin there at all after what has happened. We haven't been to school together since I was in year 6 at the primary school and she was in year 1. Smashing d! ays they were, walking my cute little 5 year old cousin back from school. Now I get to walk her back to my home (our home). She still likes to hold hands even if I am 16 and she is 11 now !! You seem to have a wonderful school environment where you are. Small classes, a large age range. I should have thought it would encourage a wonderful caring attitude amongst the kids with such a range in ages. Now Kendal will well relate with you about the toilets with the low doors ! Remember her escapades with her school caretaker ?!! Now as for the showery shorts story, don't worry. I found it funny right from the word go ! Otherwise I would never have showered my shorts ! And after I did, still laughing, the only reason they didn't get a complete and utter soaking was because I pressed my willie down to wee on the ground between myself and my shorts. So glad you enjoyed the story. kendal told it so well. Did my little Kendal substitute enjoy it as well ? Take care, all of you. Lo! ve from Andrew.

KENDAL'S UNCLE RIZZO: Very glad to see you back again my friend. You had Kendal wishing that she had read the posts before she wrote yesterday, especially when she saw that you thought she hadn't been missing you when she had. She's waiting to go to school with me now, sitting on my knee, and she's saying "where's my stubbly hug ?" ! That's hers, not mine of course !!! Loved your serial buddy pee in the bag story ! Excellent ! Look forward to hearing more of your adventures. Talking of ablutions, now Kendal is sat on my knee, it means she's finished with the bathroom. Time for the morning ritual ! Take care my friend, love Andrew.

LINDA GS: Coming with me, babe ? You'll have to be quick ! Kendal has rushed off to her room, and if I know her, she's gone to fetch the hair brush ! Now no arguing ! You can each have a turn !! XOSXOS
PS, when's my turn with you ?!

Hi all

I have been reading the posts here for a while and reccomended a friend of mine to come here as she was having toilet troubles and needed some advice fortunatley it seems to have solved the problem but enough about her.

I am a 23 year old female who has found no embarrassment for doing what I think is natural and have quite often done poos and wees in front of both friends and relatives.

I have a story to relate to you all but I am not sure as to whether its like has been heard before but here it is I had an "accident" in the shower a few weeks ago and it was just that an accident I remember rushing in to the bathroom that morning cause I was late for work (office stuff not exciting) and hurriedly showered all the while looking at the time I wash myself with a showergel that I thought was all natural products but am not so sure now.. Anyway I was rubbing soap on my but cheeks when I slipped on some suds on the the floor and BANG! I realised that when I stumbled I had inadvertantly stuck my finger up my butt!! yeah yeah laugh it up but I ask you this have you ever gotten soap up your butt I can tell you it was not a pleasant experience. Of course my finger didn't go all the way in either just the forefinger and whilst I was quick to pull it back out but something didn't feel right in my nether regions I thought I was going to be sick when I realised too lat! e that it was coming the other way so dashed out the shower to my toilet (which fortunatley was only the other end of my bathroom)not far away when I had the misfortune to slip on the floor again (wet feet) anyway I stumbled and fell hard on to my hands and knees the next thing I knew I felt an enormous heave of my guts and with a loud wet sounding fart I sprayed liquid poop all over my bathroom!! on the towel rail, the bottem of the sink, my showerscreen and all over the floor and the back of my legs....... I was mortified when I looked over my shoulder it was like some had gotten a bag full of poop and burst it all over my bathroom, the sheer amount was what amazed me it was light brown in colour and a thick liquid in texture with bits of sweetcorn and other partially digested food in it most of the lumps weren't bigger then my pinky fingernail I felt weak in the knees and started sobbing quietly when I tried to stand I felt what was on my legs run to my feet and my butt oo! zed out a few more chunks without me bieng able to stop it I ended up calling in sick to work that day a spent the morning cleaning up the mess I had made (and it took all morning)when I wasn't cleaning I was on the loo as my butt hadn't finished yet and still felt weird I had soup for lunch that day which I resorted to eating on the toilet as it literally went straight through me hitting the bowl with wet splashes and plops I told my boyfriend (Who's a dietician)when he got home and he was quite sympathetic he told me that I had inadvertantly given myself an Enema that forced my bowels to relax and expel thier contents I thought that only laxatives did that and told him as much after he explained that it could have happened to anyone I felt a little better but not much....

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