kim and scott
hello all!
TO DAVE ND-hello there! thanks for thinking of me! by the way my boyfriend scott and I go to college too! we go to the same four year school as each other and we drive there everyday. sometimes we leave there together.we are both fully into campus life and I am a cheerleader there! and by the way I have not had one of my monsterous logs in my panties recently but since fans like you have demanded it I have tried it recently with my boyfriend scott. when scott drove me home from college recently I invited him inside. since my parents where at work and I had to squeeze out a massive bowel movement this was the perfect time for scott to come in and watch me squeeze out one of my enormous,horse sized logs. scott just loves watching me do this!haha. I then told scott my idea as we put old newspapers all over the bathroom floor. I then asked scott politely to get my camcorder. he did so. as I took off my white platform,sandal high heeled shoes, took off my white spandex top,and ! yanked down and slipped off my tight designer blue jeans.. I then knelt my body on the big bathroom countertop with my ass facing scott. I just had on an old pair of white panties. I wore no bra.. I wanted scott to camcord me having a log in my panties. and when my log fell onto the newspapered bathroom floor we could measure it!"are you ready with the camcorder babycakes?" I said flirtatiously to scott as I looked back and smiled.wiggling my ass at him."ready when you are kimmie! fire when ready!' scott replied holding the camcorder on me. I then started to push. I immedietly felt my ring and butt-cheeks quiver and expand as I felt an enormous log start to come out of me. I then pushed harder as my log grew bigger and bigger and my ring expanded wider and wider!. this was some log folks! my log was pushing out my poor old panties like someone was erecting a huge circus tent inside!haha. I then pushed even harder as my panties gave way to my huge log and fell from my butt-hol! e down my leg as my once big log grew into a gigantic log! this log was like a runaway freight train folks! there was no stopping it now! as I pushed even harder as my log grew still bigger! "wow kimmie! look at the size of that monster log your squeezing out! scott said excitedly as he continued filming. I then wiggled my log filled ass in his direction totally turning scott on!. I then took a final deep breath moaning "oooohhh baby. mamas squeezing out a great big one!" as I blasted an enormous log out of my quivering hole onto the newspapered I took my old white panties off scott got the measuring tape and measured my log at 20 inches long. a little over 4 inches thick.what a monster huh? no wonder my poor panties couldnt hold !haha. I then asked scott to hand me some toilet paper. he did so as I aroused him even more by wiping my ass in front of him,moaning in pleasure all the while. scott then took my used paper and threw it into the bowl. then he took some paper! with my log on top and dumped it into the bowl and flushed it all down. I then got dressed. as we then watched the camcorder tape of me blasting out my huge log! it was wonderful. soon after this scott had to leave for his part time job but we had fun that day though! thanks for the suggesstion dave. I hope you and the rest of the posters liked the story. bye now. love,kim and scott

cute David
Last Time I was at amall, I took a shit in a restroom with three stalls and one handicapped stall. I saw the handicap had a small sink. So I went in the normal stall and took my shit. Then I saw a young guy went in the handicap. Hwe quickly took his pants off, sat on the can with a big blow!!!!!!! Then he used TP and wet it in the sink. Then he wiped while saying aaahhh. Till next time more stories

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, everyone,

I'm sitting here in front of the computer, (obviously!), but I should really be sitting on the toilet and getting rid of all the shit which is bunging me up, but which hurts too much to do.
I suppose that unless I feel a strong urge to go and can pass it easily instead of it taking me over an hour like it did yesterday, then it can wait.
On the doctor's recommendation, I'm seeing the specialist very soon and hope I'll be empty enough for him to examine me, although I'd far rather he can instantly deduce what is wrong, cure it instantly, and advise me on diet and all will be well.
It's more likely that wonderful scenario is a dream, and that the reality is that I'll be suffering a bit more yet.
I'll trust his advice as the expert in these matters and hope and pray I'll soon be chatting with you all about the great BMs I'm having and that I'm living again instead of worrying about my next visit to the bathroom so much.

BTW, How is your wife now, COPROLOGIST? The last we heard she was recovering from a heamorrhoidectomy and having a rough time, so I hope she's completely better now.

I just read about FLUIDITY's problem on a bus and having an agonising need to have a wee and that when you eventually got the chance to go, it took a long time to get started and was, Ithink you said, painful while your flow got going.
That reminds me of an incident about 10 years ago, when I was driving a vehicle one freezing cold day when there was snow and slush everywhere and I needed to have a wee.
At that particular period, I used to have porage for breakfast every morning and as some may already know, oats are a diuretic and draw fluid into the kidneys. I didn't know that at the time and often wondered why every day when I had a break, I desperately needed a toilet.
This particular day, I parked up where there were a lot of houses, but as the weather was so cold, hardly anyone was about. As I really needed to go, I stood at the side of the vehicle to relieve myself.
Unfortunately, even in those conditions, I was too inhibited to be able to go, even though I desperately wanted to!
As I felt like my bladder would explode, and yet I just couldn't do it, I got back in the cab and with the door open tried to wee from the inside although the floor got a bit wet and it was probably the first time anyone had tried to do it in such a way.
As soon as the pent up stream started, I had this very painful but dull ache in what was probably my kidneys which lasted about 10 seconds, then went and I was relieved at last.
I think I probably took a risk of waiting too long so as the urine backtracked to the kidneys, although I don't know why I got this pain when I actually started to release it.
For those trying to hold on either for seeing how long they can go, or because, like myself, they feel inhibited at the time, or it's not convenient; take note of my incident, as it may be quite harmful to hold on too long.
In my case it was the cold air that was shrinking my bladder, and which is always a possibility when going out into the very cold after being in a warm place and with a bladder that's already full.
If you eat porage oats for breakfast and you don't usually, expect to need to urinate more than usual!

Another warning I can give that I learned from various travellers reporting in the media, was that off the coast of Brazil there are microscopic fish that are attracted by the smell of urine.
There have been cases of men swimming who have have weed in the water, these creatures have swum to, and actually UP the man's penis, and as they have an external skeleton which has spikes that trail from the head, Yes, sorry, but they're unable to swim out again, or be surgically removed, and that all that can be done is to have the penis removed.

So far, all I've said has been quite medical, and gruesome so apologies for detracting from all the enjoyable toilet activities we all like to read about!

I read in one of MOIRA'S old posts,(I've been catching up on the old posts recently); that the older water cisterns in Scotland are usually of 3 gallon capacity. I've also seen references to ones in the USA having 5 gallons, although that would be the equivalent of 4 Imperial gallons.
One relevant factor in the efficiency of a good flush is whether the cistern is high up to allow greater speed of descending water.
My cistern is 6' off the floor and the capacity is 1. 7 gallons and even though I never, unfortunately!, do large turds, it always flushes everything away, except for the occasional piece of TP for some strange reason. Perhaps those in the USA who are having these silly laws imposed on them for buying only low capacity cisterns might find that the cistern being situated higher up on the wall might provide enough rush of water to flush the toilet.
Better still, if the conventional toilet can be retained or bought, if possible, and a high cistern installed to flush satisfactorily, subject to the powers that be accepting that premise.
More water has got to be wasted if repeated flushes is the only way to clear the toilet, but then we all know that anyway, and the US Government presumably doesn't.

KENDAL, Your lives at home sound so great and intimate, and how great it must be for you to see and hear Andrew on the toilet as he plops away! I wonder what percentage of the population is privileged to enjoy bathroom activities as you do, but what does he eat to make it stink? Keep a box of matches in the bathroom to strike a match and get rid of the smell. It seeems the phosphorus disguises the smell and the flame burns off the methane.

I heard not long ago about people complaining of a particular block of flats built in the 1950's (?) where every sound from neighbouring flats could be heard.
One lady said she could hear the people upstairs and always knew what was happening in the toilet as she could hear the plops in the toilet, or phrased a bit more delicately than that.
There must be quite a lot of people out there who, perhaps without having a previous interest in the subject, came to realise that a particular person next door or up or downstairs was on the toilet and became quite interested, and looked forward to some guy or woman regularly using their toilet.
I was once staying in a large house that had been made into bedsits, and as I was staying in a guest room, before going to bed and leaving this friend upstairs in his room, I went to the toilet and had a shit. as I was sitting there doing my thing, Ikept hearing these sounds from above but couldn't work out what they were. It eventually dawned on my me that my friend was in a toilet directly above and he was doing the same as I was! The sound of the flush after confirmed it, but the friend wasn't one in whom I was interested in seeing or hearing on the toilet, but there's an added dimension, I think, to not only hearing a guy next door to you plopping on the toilet, but to have someone right overhead doing it! Don't read anything into that as though I want to be under him while he's doing it, but the idea that someone's directly above and sitting on a toilet and I can hear it all does seem even more exciting! A hole in part of the floorboards might even help the acou! stics although pipes seem to be good sound conductors.

BRYIAN, Your grasp of computer technology is probably superior to mine but when you say your friend sends you videos online of himself on the toilet, how does that work?
Am I right in thinking he sets up the camera in the bathroom and that he transmits it to you "live" and if so, what's the picture quality like? Would it also be possible depending on where the computers are positioned, to both watch and hear each other simultaneously?
Like you, I share the same interests and always appreciate the same stories that you do!
I have looked in vain for videos of guys shitting in toilets on the internet, but all I've found is porn stuff and if you know of anywhere where toilet videos without the porn are available, perhaps you can give me a hint as to what to look for with a search engine.

So, an hour later and still no urge to go the toilet. Perhaps I'm going to have to consider using a suppository, something I've only ever had as a child, but by this time tomorrow, I should know what is the matter and what needs doing.

Until next time, Good toileting to all! P P G

At the beach in Santa Barbara, they have stalls with no doors. It is sort of cramped, so when I went in to take a dump, I had to stand in front of the large handicapped stall nearest the door while someone finished. As usual, I was wearing my sunglasses. There was a guy already using the toilet. He was probably about 28 or so, with red hair, and a goatee. He was not wearing a shirt and had his black shorts and white briefs pulled all the way down to his ankles. He was basically naked on the toilet. He had a very pink dick poking out from his red pubic hair. It was cool to see him so uninhibited. I discreetely watched as he wiped his butt from behind, shook off his dick, and pulled his underwear up. then he adjusted himself and pulled up his shorts.

I had to use the toilet next and also sat on it basically naked. The guy behind me in line was now standing in front of my stall. He asked if he could get some paper for his runny nose. I said sure, so he comes into my stall, and reaches for the roll. He is now just a couple of inches in front of me, and as actually hovering over my lap for a few seconds as he grabbed the paper. I had to lean back to give him room. I felt pretty exposed at that time. He cleaned his nose, and went back to the stall door. I crapped, pissed, and started to clean up. I usually stand for the last couple of wipes, and just as I did, the guy asked for some more paper. I just told him to go ahead, and moved to the side as he grabbed more paper. He blew his nose and tossed the paper into my toilet filled with crap. He said thanks and I finished wiping. I got dressed and left the stall.

BRYIAN: Thanks. I'm 24.

To Fiona,
How nice to hear from you again. Ha ha, it is also very nice of Julie to speak well of me as an efficient toilet guard. As for the time you and Julie had a wee together at her office, such things are wonderful. Enjoy them! Yes, and the other thing is that if you are at the moment uncomfortable with the prospect of having a wee outside instead of retreating to the bathroom to do it, then there must be a definite need for a suitable toilet guard. Of course, the matter of privacy from neighbours in your garden when you have your wee must be properly assessed, and a suitably experienced toilet guard would be able to advise you on this. He must be prepared to advise to retreat to the bathroom if in his judgement you could be on view, or to choose a suitable place in your garden to perform the task. If I were to be appointed as your toilet guard, I would probably advise that Julie accompanies you and wees with you, because not only would you have her company, I would be able to ! properly keep an eye on you both. I could also assist with the wiping afterwards should that be necessary.
I have indeed visualised you having your wee in your bathroom, and do not play down the effective description you wrote for me, as I enjoyed it very much. Do not think your white knickers are of lower merit than Julie's blue ones, I'm sure they must look good on you.
I hope I have proven myself worthy of holding the position of toilet guard. References include my girlfriend, Louise, a few of her friends and also her mother, as you may have read.
I know you will make the right decision, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

To Julie,
Hello there darling.
Your exam-nervous guts is a familiar problem to me. I have often suffered from it to some degree prior to tests I have undergone in my martial arts training. The fact I was wearing white trousers kind of concentrates the mind on the problem! As you say, in your case it was lucky you has a spair pair of knickers with you, otherwise you would have been emulating Louise <snicker>.
I hope I am offered the job as toilet guard for your mother as well as for yourself.
Take care until next time.

To Kendal,
Hi, sweetheart, I hope you are well. About the film Lawn Dogs, I remembered the 'Lawn Dogs Kid' name Andrew posts under, and I just had the vaguest idea at the back of my mind that there was something of further interest in the film, so we watched it, and then there was the sudden realisation when Devon went near the car. I told Louise just to stay still and keep watching the television screen. When the windscreen became wet between Devon's legs, it dawned on Louise as well. Yes, she did enjoy it!

To Kim and Scott,
Yes, Kim, we are both pretty well tanned just about everywhere you could mention. It has been, and still is a little hectic with work and various things since our return from Spain, but I hope from next week, we will be able to write up one or two things. Actually, there are a few things we saw that we probably can't mention here, but there are still some that we certainly can. Watch this space.

To Sarah,
I will mention you to my girlfriend Louise, who also loves peeing standing up. You sound as if you have a few things in common with her, but you could be a little braver than she is, having used men's facilities far more often than she has. See one of my most recent posts when I describe her visit to an early 20th Century urinal. On a number of occasions she has accompanied me to the gents' toilets at our local swimming pool to stand alongside me and use the steel wall urinal in there, but so far she has never been caught by other men in that situation.
Have you ever done similar at a swimming pool?
A few times she has been squatting in an alley at night, having a much needed wee and has been caught and seen full frontal by the occasional guy. Not that she has done this deliberately - it is more the case that she has not minded being seen, and finds it amusing. Perhaps there is
something of the exhibitionist in her, but not too much so.

To PV,
Hi there. Glad your foot is near 100% once more. Louise is also wearing her heeled shoes again, and is easing herself out of the ankle support bandages she has been relying on for some time now. She was wearing some heeled shoes when she joined me in the urinal at Trawden. Her footsteps were quite noisy on the stone paved floor. She wants to do it again, you know!
Perhaps it is not too surprising that your time suffering from illness did not culminate in a dump of gargantuan proportions. If you have been eating less, then the production line cannot produce!
I'm fast running out of time again. I do hope that next week, there will be more time available to write up those Spain experiences!
To finish with, Louise's sister saved a video recording she made of a light hearted look at Australian culture and way of life. When it discussed beer, it commented that the two beers marketed her in England as supposedly the two main Aussie brands were not actually at all popular in Australia itself. One of the beers is apparently hardly even known, and the other is likened to piss, which brings me to my next point. The discussion went on to show a bar featuring signs for a beer brand called 'PISS'. There was the suggestion that this was a deliberate send-up of those other two supposedly popular Aussie beers. Can you confirm this?
I somehow cannot imagine myself asking (keeping a straight face), "A pint of PISS, please".



Slayer Moon
pboy: I generally prefer a wet *wash* myself. After a crap, I climb into the tub and rinse off.

But anyway, I'd like to point out how I came down with a bad case of culture shock over a year ago in the Czech Republic, where I was working as an English teacher. I was living in Karvina, a small city near the Beskids and literally within walking distance of Poland.

I noticed that guys there had hardly any qualms against walking up to the nearest bush and whipping it out when nature calls. I found the behavior strange, especially when they had easy access to a rest room. The only female I saw peeing out in public was a child. Her father was holding her with her legs up (and then shook her dry afterwards). Her mother noticed my dumbfounded expression, probably not aware of my American upbringing. That kind of thing usually gets you arrested here in the States.

Has anyone ever had run-ins with the law about outdoor biological habits?

JEFF A - Oh thank you, you are just the nicest guy!

KIM AND SCOTT - Hi! I hope we will try and do the newspaper thing this
weekend. Do not worry that I will wee and make the newspapers on the
floor wet. I know when I am going to wee, and while I am in Steve's
arms and having a shit, I know I will not wee. If I wee then it
usually happens when I have finished shitting, so I will tell Steve to
take me over to the bath so I can wee or he can put me down and I
can decide how I want to do it.
Oh yeah, we are tanned. My mum looks great as well, she liked being
there in Spain with us.

SARAH - Hi! I learned to stand and pee when I was 9 and I am 28 now.
My mum taught me so how did you learn how to do it?
Do you like the wall mounted bucket type urinals in men's toilets or
do you prefer the long wall type ones? I like both - they are both
fun for different reasons.

TRAVELING GUY - Hey, guy, are you saying Sarah could stand at the urinal
next to you but I couldn't? You never invited me or PV! giggle

PV - Hi girl! Oh I am glad you are better.
On the beach in Spain walking past near where we were having a lie down in
the sun. I bet the brother and sister where both about 10 or 11 years
old. Well, the boy stopped walking and got hold of his dick and raised
it and started squirting his wee around really wild. His sister
stopped as well to watch him and giggled a bit. We were near enough to
see it well and the mum sort of looked at us all embarrassed by her
son I bet because she hurried to him and sort of slapped his arm so he
let go of his dick and grabbed his hand and pulled him along and he
was still weeing a bit and spurting so he got his legs a bit wet.
I think she should have let him finish because my mum and me, we did
not mind seeing it but we think it was embarrassing for the young lad
and Steve says males need time to empty properly and that is why he
still kept weeing when he was interrputed. What do you think?
Do you know what? We saw the family later and the mum squatted and
had a wee in the sand, so what was wrong with what her son did?



I like the picture up tonight of the lady leaning back and obviously enjoying a good motion. She looks totally unconcerned about the lack of loo paper in the holder although it looks as though there's a plentiful supply of newspapers or magazines in the adjoining rack to use as an alternative.

Last night I had an urgent need for a motion and went upstairs to the loo. I did quite a panful of semi-solid #2 although what rather irritated me was that I messed all down the back of the pan. Inevitably getting it clean with loo paper, water and, eventually bleach, took a little effort as well as time. I like to leave the loo in a clean state for other people to use. Does anyone else - male or female - have a tendency towards hitting the back of the pan when they go for a motion? I'd be interested to know if it's a common problem.

Sarsen. Points noted about teachers and students being subject to similar rules re leaving the classroom. So far as the incident when you were taken short and had to leave the classroom is concerned, it's certainly true that if you'd stayed put and messed yourself the kids would probably had some fun at your expense for a day or two. However, I don't think you'd necessarily have lost their respect. If you were a popular and well liked teacher I think you'd have survived the experience professionally. Then again, perhaps I'm being naive and over optimistic about human nature! Have you had any interesting experiences during the summer holidays, ie big motions or close calls? Also, do you find that you do more/bigger motions during the holidays as a result of a different daily routine or perhaps eating differently? I'd love to know.

I once went to a bath house in California and went to use the toilet. It was located near the locker room and shower. I walked in and saw there were two toilets in a small room with no divider between the toilets. I wasn't sure of what to do. I decided to take the toilet furthest from the door. I sat down and took a shit. As I was sitting there, another guy comes in and sees the setup. He stops for a second, then decides he better just take a shit as well. I still remember what he looks like. He was an attractive Latino, probably about 25 or 26 years old, wearing a black tank top and jeans. He wiped the seat and then pulled down his jeans. I remember he was also wearing black briefs that he pulled down about mid-thigh. We didn't really look at each other while shitting. I do recall hearing the crackling sound of a turd exiting his ass. I finished my shit and wiped my ass. He did look over as I stood to pull up my underwear and pants. Since it was such a small room, I had to tu! rn sideways to get past him. It was pretty cool to take a shit like that right next to someone. The next time I went, there was a partition up, unfortunately.

A couple of buddies and I went on a ski trip a few years back and we were sharing a cabin. One morning, I was taking a shower and my friend Chad came in. He was a good-looking blonde kid, about 20. He had just woken up and was walking around in his underwear. If I recall, they were white Jockeys. He started talking to me as I was showering. I turned off the water and opened the curtain. There was Chad, sitting on the toilet, taking a crap. He just yawned and said that he really had to shit. I just toweled off, and kept talking to him. He even left the door open and another buddy came in to wash his face. Chad leaned forward to wipe once. He flushed while seated and the toilet got stopped up. Luckily, it didn't overflow. He just said "shit" and reached for the plunger next to the toilet. He stood there with his jockeys around his ankles while he plunged the toilet. It was actually a very funny sight to see. I guess he wasn't finished wiping. He got it unplugged pretty quickly, ! and then grabbed some paper and wiped his butt again, this time while standing. He looked kinda annoyed. Probably because we were laughing at him. He flushed again and then jumped in the shower to finish cleaning up.

Saturday, September 08, 2001

Althea: Oh my gosh! You remembered that story of my Dad and me? Of course, I miss him dearly and think about him every day. My Mom is still a little down but keeps her spirits up. She is busy getting settled in her new house, and Michelle and her husband is staying with her so she can enjoy her new grandchild.

Quick hellos to Kim & Scott, Rizzo, RJogger, Jeff A., Buzzy, John(VT), Gruntly Bogwell, Philippe, Alana and everyone else here. What's up with you, Michelle in Lousiana? Quick hellos to Carmalita, Renee and the bunch to let them know we haven't forgotten them and that we wish them the best. Speaking of dads, I was also thinking about Kendal and Lawn Dogs Kid, hoping you guys are doing well.

Also thinking about College girl Lizzie, Summer, Laurie, and the other college students as they start yet another year. Hope to hear from you guys again.

Nothing too terribly exciting lately, poopwise. I went through Labor Day weekend relatively unscathed despite having my share of cookout food. I'm not feeling constipated. In fact, I continue to go regularly, at least twice or sometimes three times a day. Lately it's been mostly healthy, solid dumps, some on the soft side, and a couple of hard dumps. Of course, if anything unusual happens, I'll let you know.

Hi Everyone!

Just a quick post today as I'm really busy at work, but I owe a few replies.

TRAVELLING GUY: Hey man, thanks for the advice. On reflection it was probably nothing and I apologise to the moderator for being a bit off topic.

ALTHEA: I know what you mean about being scared. That happens to me. When I was at school if I ever had to do exams (I hated exams) I would always spend most of the hour running up to the exam on the toilet. I remember my Maths GCSE (I was hopeless at maths), the exam was at 9am and I got into school at about 8am and almost immediately needed to go to the loo. I went into the girls toilets, and straight into a cubicle and shut the door. Almost as soon as I had got my skirt up and my knickers down I started to poo, and it was so messy and extremely smelly too! Good thing it was quiet in there! I wiped about 5 or 6 times to clean up and then went into my exam. About half way through I could feel my stomach gurgling again and I tried to get comfortable by squirming around in my seat, but did break wind a few times which did make a bit of a smell.

As soon as the exam was over I went straight back to the toilet and had another long session of messy poo. To make things worse I had messed in my knickers during the exam, not a lot but it was a bit uncomfortable and liable to smell. As a result I decided to take my knickers off and disposed of them in a bin. Fortunately I had a pair of gym knickers which I wore under my gym skirt so I put them on for the rest of the day.

Love Julie.

Dave-ND, originally Dave-NY
Just wanted to say hello to everyone, and since I started college a few weeks ago, I won't be posting unless there's something particularly interesting that I feel I should respond to. Oh, and by the way, Kim, have you tried doing one of your monster logs in your panties again? If you have, please post the story, and if not, would you mind doing it again? LOL

Happy motions to all. Dave-ND


Just out of curiosity, does your family keep that measuring cup in the bathroom for the purpose of measuring bladder capacity or are you the only one who uses it. Also, what kind of cup is it, how big is the opening and how do you pee into it? I've always been fascinated, so to speak, about girls peeing into cups. By the way I am an 18 year old guy from Houston, TX.


Hi.all-been just too busy with work to post lately,but have been reading all the good stuff from you guys-some responses-
TO SUSAN-Your story about you and you boyfriend reminded me of when I went out with this Dancer some years ago and we had some good poo sessions and sometimes while lying in bed she used to put her finger up my butt as i was asleep I think to wake me up and kinda get me going sort of speak-I used to do it to her also with good results-As she was sleeping,i would insert my finger up her anus and after doing so for about 5 mins,I would feel her rectum start to fill up and she too would pass gas around my finger and as soon as she woke up she would say"Oh man-I gotta dump now and we weould go off to the bowl and she wouls sit down amd lean fowward as i saw her anus right away open up and do a ton of poop-i think my finger thing would induce her to go-when she did it to me i too had to poop as soon as i woke up and sometime we would poop together with me dumping in a bedpan and her on the bowl-it was great-we had a whole bunch of fun,i'll tell you!- SUSAN,you should explore th! is thing further-i'm sure you will have a good time-let us know how things "come out"
As for me pooing-i go every day but been to busy with work to really enjoy a good feeling dump lately-did a nice dump out at the beach a few days ago-i was on the beach and had to poo out of the blue and just dug a hole cause there weren't too many people on the beach that day and jsut squatted over the hole and let loose with a bunch of watermelon/fiber induced soft stuff and as i was unloading i was just watching folks go by and no one knew! it was kinda fun-then went into the water to clean up-it was nice-did a few woods dumps but nothing new to report-BTW I really like the post on the masthead of the girl looking like she has just dumped a good load of poo in the bowl and she looks like she is not finished by the look on her face-great pic-More photos like this guys! Hi to RJOGGER,JANE,KIM & SCOTT,PENNY and the cast of thousands on here!hope to post more soon! BYE

Joan. I enjoyed your story about going in the showers on the camping trip. Frankly I'm not surpised that Anna did such a lot though as she'd not passed anything for three days. No wonder she was backed up! My guess is that she certainly felt better for it. Generally speaking I wouldn't advise doing #2 in showers though on account of the difficulties of getting rid of the mess and, more importantly, out of consideration for other shower users. However, Anna was obviously desperate and when you've gotta go you've gotta go! Urgent calls of nature wait for no man - or woman. Also I wouldn't be surprised if she'd had a lot to eat during those three days. Most of us are tempted to eat more when on holiday than we normally would and what goes in one end must eventually come out the other.

Kendal: If you wear black panties, how old are you? I started wearing black in ninth grade.

No time to read the posts this morning. Andrew and I are getting ready to catch the bus to school !

LINDA GS: He's sitting on the toilet at the moment creating a stink that has filtered into his bedroom here already. Just a sec while I pull my sweat-top over my nose..... Ahhhh, that's better ! I was going to suggest that you go and comb his hair for him, but perhaps not !!

I've just been to peep at him, and he's sat there with his trousers and his undies down at his ankles reading a book. He looked up at me when he realised I was outside ( he didn't bother to shut the door now that his Mum and Dad have gone to work ) Then he started to laugh when he saw my nose covered by my top. And then plop..plop..plop..plop..plop and he continued to add to his stink !!!

He tells me he's wiping his bum now, so must finish up ( so to speak ! ). Love you my friend xxx

Hi to everyone out there, especially Aunty PV and Uncle Rizzo ( where have you gone ? I know you're on your travels, but I hope to hear from you again soon. It'll be nice to have a hug from my cyber Uncle when you get back again, even if it is a stubbly one !!! Miss you, love Kendal xx )

The toilet has flushed, so love to Ellie and Little Lou and Courtney and Kev as well !!

PS, LINDA GS: Andrew says XOSXOS, and where were you when he wanted his hair brushing ! Told you ....!!

Billy and Kevin L
3 of my favorite far side cartoons have pee or poop things.

One is some spiders. One of them is wearing a paper bag over his head. Another one is standing there looking at him. Out of his back side is a long string of spider web stuff. The spider with the bag over his face says did I scare you or what? (It looks like he really pooped).

ANother one is a kid playing a tuba or something behind an outhouse (so it sound like the person in the outhouse is doing a noisy poop).

There is one of a cowboy coming out of an outhouse with some a piece of toilet paper stuck to his boots. The piece of toilet paper is attached to a roll of TP, so he is unrolling the toilet paper.

Finally, there is one of how birds see the world. Everything has a target on the top (so the bird knows where to poop).

This morning, when I got to school, I really had to poop. It seems like I have to poop soon after I leave home. I sat down on the middle toilet. Ken, the kid who asked why I poop in school, was on the first one. I sat down and pushed out a huge turd, about 2 feet long. Then a bunch of ploops. My brother kev came over (we go to the same school, but different sections) to give me some money for lunch. I was wiping my butt when he came in the bathroom. He looked in the toilet and said wow, you did all that? Ken was still plopping away. Ken said, that is a lot. Kev said he needed to turd, so he sat down. While I was talking to kev, one of the teachers came in. His classroom is accross from the bathroom, so he usually uses the regular bathroom instead of the teachers bathroom. He sat down. He really started to stink up the place. Kev was wiping his butt, and got up. Ken said, you did all that yourself. Ken was done, and got up. He had a huge pile of little turds, like 1 inch lo! ng. The pile was sticking above the water. The teacher said boy, you probably didn;t go for days. Kev flushed the toilet, washed his hand and left. Ken did the same. Bobby came in for a pee and said, did someone die in here? We said it was the teacher.

Jeff A
STEVE: It was good to hear from you! I agree with your thoughts about Carmalita, and I miss her so much it's unbelievable! Her latina spice surely put a smile on my face. Your trip sounds like fun, I think I need to take a trip somewhere. I'm kind of in a rush right now, but I'll get on shortly. I just wanted to answer you.

LOUISE: Hey, I loved your story (as always) and think that you are just delightful! It sounded like your bigger log was ecstasy. That's the way I'd feel if I were around while you did it! You're a sweetheart you are.
Like I told Steve, I'm short for time, but will get back hopefully by the end of the week.

Has anyone ever caught their poop in a wad of toilet paper and then smelt it before throwing it into the toiletL

I have always had a fetish about girl's pooping as lomg as I remember. This turns me on above everything else. Anyone else?

Has anyone ever caught their poop in a wad of toilet paper and then smelt it before throwing it into the toiletL

I have always had a fetish about girl's pooping as lomg as I remember. This turns me on above everything else. Anyone else?

Bryian- I have never post on here besides those 2 times

At school last week I had a little accident. It was in my science class, I had just done gym and as it had taken so long to get back to the changing rooms and get changed that I didn't get chance to go to the toilet, I needed a wee and a poop, so once the science lesson had started I asked to go to the toilet but my science teacher said that I should have gone before the class and can wait to the end, I think this was because I am not very good at science and don't really like it. About 3/4's of the way through the class when I was doing an experiment I let a little wee leak out, luckily I had my black pants on and so it didn't show. About five minutes later my poop started forcing it's way out and a bit broke off into my briefs. People around me were saying who's farted and someone said the smell was coming from me; I just laughed and said I may have let a little one out. With 15 minutes to go I was worried I would be found out by the end of the class as more wee leaked o! ut. At the end of the lesson the teacher told us to sit down and write our homework down in our diary, as I sat I felt the poop in the undies. As soon as she said we could go I walked out the class so no one would notice my pants and headed straight to the toilet, to my surprise there was only a small stain in my briefs

Slayer Moon
I am a graduate student returning to California State Polytechnic University at Pomona as of this fall, but I'm living with my parents in Moreno Valley, CA for the summer, and I've been making treks into Pomona on a nearly weekly basis to get some stuff taken care of. In the morning, I usually take a four-bus trip with transfers in Riverside, San Bernardino and Montclair.

Usually, I find myself having to pee upon arriving in San Bernardino, but the county building is a quick run across the street from the stop. The restrooms are open to the public and well-maintained, which is good considering the long stretch en route to Montclair.

Montclair is another story. There is a clean bathroom there, but only for bus drivers. (It's locked! GRRR!) For the passengers, they have these disgustingly odorous portapoopers set up. They're sometimes impossible to use from their stench, but even when I do have to pee there, I usually run down to the Taco Bell about 500 meters down the road and use the restroom there. The bus I take to Pomona usually has a long layover, giving me ample time to run to TB and back. I usually have to pee by the time I arrive at the University as well.

Yes! The trip is that long, but I usually take the Metrolink train back to Riverside in the evening. The commuter trains have clean onboard toilets. I'd take the Metrolink both ways (and I did once), but I'm usually pressed for cash.

To aboy: I loved your story... Please post more soon.

To Ben: Where are you? I see you haven't posted in a while.

So many posts since I was last here, its been difficult keeping up.


Lawn Dogs' Kid: Yes, I'm aware of the rules about revealing personal details on this site so I appreciate your vague reply. I wasn't really asking where you were, just curious if you were near the Dart because I suspect my experience is quite common around there. Yes I was at Dartmouth.

BTW I too saw Lawn Dogs on TV the other week. Realising the connection with your nick-name as soon as I saw it listed, I couldn't miss it could I. Not sure how he managed to fill that drink cup while seated without spilling!

Adrian: You're right, I was in the navy before a change of career to teaching (a change I still regret from time to time). As for pupils and teachers having the same rules about going to the toilet, well in effect we do. If anything (as I've said before) the rules are probably tougher on teachers than pupils because we are simply NOT supposed to leave the class unattended. The time I just had to 'go', I had to ask another teacher to watch my class while teaching hers - not something you can do often. The alternative, filling my trousers, would have probably been the end of my career in that school as no kid would have any respect for me after that.

You suggest that fairness demands that pupils and teachers be subject to the same rules, I don't necessarily think so. Teachers are adults, they have done thier time as pupils when they were young, they should expect the some treatment/rules as any other professional.

Anyway, term has started now but the kids aren't back yet as we've lots of building work going on. They're due back later this week, which will be interesting as the toilets haven't been finished yet. In fact, the pans are lined up at the front of one classroom. Could be fun if they left them there, at least it would solve the problem of needing to 'go' in a lesson!


LAWN DOGS KID: I haven't laughed as much in ages as I did when I read your story about why Kendal calls you Showery Shorts! Very amusing for everyone else, but I bet you didn't find it quite so funny. Still, I expect you're starting to see the funny side now though! It must be nice having Kendal at the same school now. Kev always looks out for me. In our school, the classes are very small (8 or so in each class), so sometimes, Kev's year class joins up with mine for things like art, PE and drama. It's only a small village school, so everyone knows everyone else, except for the townie kids who come in on the bus, but even then I like being at the same school as Kev and Lou.

KENDAL: Glad to hear 'big school' is ok!When we went back, we discovered the Music room had moved down to the Juniors end of the school. No problem, except the toilets are titchy, and the doors are so low there's no point in trying to lock them, cos people could see over anyway. I'm only 4 ft 4 which is quite small for 14, and even I can see over them, so I feel sorry for the year 11's!

Bye for now, Love Ellie xxx

Thursday, September 07, 2001

To Traveller and all the others who responded to my problem of pee shyness thank you for your encouragement. I have looked up paruresis and found some more help. I am glad that I am not alone. The longest I have ever held on was on a school, all day outing. Iwas 14 at the time. I couldn't pee for 14 hours (8 am to about 10 pm). At the end I was in agony. It took me several minutes to get going at home. Then I was scared thinking maybe I couldn't go at all. We keep a measuring cup that holds a quart in the bathroom. I measured my capacity that time. It was about a quart and a pint. Usually in the morning I pee about a pint and a half. Also when get home from school after holding all day, it is nearly 2 pints. I hope I get some help soon.

I have just been on a camping holidaywith my husband and one night we had been out for a meal and lots to drink in the local village.
By the timewe got back to our tent I was desperate for the toilet but didn`t want to go back out to the public toilets so told Tony I would use the "potty" that we used for emergences.
I was really feeling full and Tony helped me by holding it for me while I squatted drunkenly.
I peed so much thatthe potty was almost full and Tony was laughing because when I let out a massive "log" the pee splashed all over and started to overflow, I farted and a wet stream of almost liquid poo shot over the bowl, most of it missing and hitting Tonys hand who groaned and put it on the floor!
I had stomach cramps and continued to squirt out more arks of diarreh as Tony watched facinated , the Potty now overflowing onto our ground cover .Luckily it was plastic and Tony helped me clean up drunkenly afterwards!We had a few more outdoor scenes if anyone is interested!

Anyone know of peeing scenes in cartoons or other animation?

I am home sick with the flu. In September of all months. I will be out until the rest of the week. Anyway, the bentonite and psyllium worked well. I am evacuating heavy. I mean heavy. And they are coming out easy. I evacuated 30 inches in broken pieces. I am taking lots of vitamins. They have loosened me good. I am out of the laxative biz. The chemistry was harsh and brutal. I went to the variety store in my neighborhood to buy rubbing alcohol for my fever and body aches. I saw Carter's panties for women. Carter's only sold up to teenagers. They were a nice white cotton. I'll buy a package. They will look nice on my black skin around my ankles when I sit on the toilet at work.

Bette: Sorry about your incident. There are other toliets in the school. Even if you must go to another floor.

Jane: I once was on a flight to Detroit to a distant cousin's funeral. I was 15. I was scared for some reason and my bowels loosed. I told my Dad and excused myself. I went to the lavatory, locked the door, lifted my navy dress, and white slip and yanked down my white Carter's briefs. In one motion, a loud wet fart happened and liquid doo-doo spilled out of me. That was all that happened. I sat and waited for 30 minutes. Thankfully, no one cmae looking for me. I then wiped myself good with lots of paper. Then I fixed my clothes and flushed.

I remember you told about your dad and you in restaurant. I was a girl scout. After meeting, my father and I went to eat. I ate these 3 giant hamburgers and french fries. After that, my father was still eating his one and only burger. I told him I had to go. There was this water closet in the back. I closed the door good, lifted my uniform dress, took down my green panty hose and green flowered briefs. As I sat on the bowl in this little room, seven large pieces of doo-doo slid out of me. Then I started to urinate and another small piece shot out and I farted. My father was concerned after I did not return for 20 minutes. So he and the waitress came looking for me. I cracked open the door. It was obvious. My dad asked me if I was hurting. I told him a little. I was nine at the time. I reached for paper to wipe and he left me alone. When I flushed and fixed my clothes, I ememrged and my dad rubbed my ???? and hugged me. I will remember him for that.

Like a lot of people I finally feel like posting something after I have been visiting this site for quite a while now...
Like many who post here I have been interested in peeing and pooping since I can remember and it is great to see others feel the same way.

One of my earliest memories is watching the boy from next door, who was my playmate at the time using the toilet. We played the usual games when we were about five, trying to see the other's privates and we also liked to watch when the other one had to go. I recall really enjoying it to watch his poop coming out when he was on the loo or watching him peeing in the bushes when we where playing outside. When we grew older we became more embarressed and later the friendship broke off and we found other mates. It feels weird though as I have not seen him for all these years now, but it might well be that he sometimes recalls watching my poops and pees as well, as it was one of his childhood impressions as well.

What I would also like to post though, is one of my recent experiences as an adult, which I found worth charing with you:
This summer I went on a camping trip through Europe with my girlfriend and we stayed at this camping site in the north of Italy. We put the tent up at night and went for a meal. When we came back from the meal we both had to pee. But the toilets where so dirty and disgusting that we went down to the nearby beach and peed behind some rocks.
The next morning we went to the washrooms for toilets and showers. The state of the toilets had not been improved plus there was also a queue now. Going to the beach again was out of question as it was quite busy there with broad daylight. So while we where joining the queue I had this idea and I quietly suggested to Anna to go to the shower directly and pee into the drain as these toilets honestly seemed a danger to anyone's health. She looked a bit uncomfortable but agreed. So we went into one of the showers together which consisted of a little tiled room you could lock, with a drain in the floor and a small partition to leave your cloth in. I completely undressed apart from some rubber shoes
and squatted over the gutter. With a sigh I let out a fart followed by a hissing stream of piss which splattered on the floor and ran down the drain. I also felt a need for a motion coming up, but I was able to hold it back and just enjoyed the feeling of finally being able to empty my bladder, which is always very full in the morning especially after some drinks the night before. After I finished Anna had also undressed by now and squatted at the same spot. She still looked uncomfortable. I thought it was because she felt it was not right to wee in the shower, but it turned out that her need to poop was much bigger than mine, as she told me later she had not been for three days! She still did not say anything as she probably thought she just could postpone it a bit more and was desperate to pee as well. So she started pissing forcefully. She farted and suddenly her stream broke off and she did hold her ???? like having bad cramps. I asked if she was ok and she just m! ummbled: "Shit", quite appropriate for the situation...She looked at me in shock and desperation and said really embarrassed: "I don't know what to do, I think I am going poop I cant't hold it. What shall I do?" I felt so sorry for her and just said: "Just do, what you need to do, if you are so desperate..." Then I had this thought and quickly reached around the corned to get the plastic bag we had carried our shampoo bottles in and emptied it out. But by the time I turned back she already had started as she could not wait any more and this big long turd crawled quite quickly out of her anus. I grew longer and longer and kept coming while it was already touching the floor tiles. It curled and she was still pushing more and more out. It finally broke off and she started pissing again. With her eyes closed half because of embarressment half enjoying the relief she mummbled: "I might as well finish now..." So she pushed again and added unbelievable 9 (!) thick short sausages to ! complete the biggest pile I have seen so far (and I can make big ones myself)...She dribbled a bit more pee and got up. She shyly looked at me and appologized again and again while she grabbed the plastic bag and tried to clean up. So I just said: "Look, don't be sorry, if anyone does not believe you where desperate to get THIS lot out, I woldn't know..." We then both laughed cleaned the leftovers on the floor and ourselves with the shower and chucked her stinky load in bin on out way out, after tying the bag up as good as possible.
Back to myself: I was a bit tempted to add my own contribution in the shower, but in the end I gave the honour to a nice and sunny little spot in a pinewood after a good lunch by the seaside.

Bette - How emarrassing it must have been to mess yourself in public in such a big way, I hope you made it to a nearby toilet and cleaned yourself up quick time.

Has anyone else seen the new wet wipes despenser that goes over your regular toilet paper roll? It is made by Cottonelle. Works well.


Hi ho you doing?ALl my stories really happened a while ago and now I have a really cute boy friend anmed Devon.This is one of my faviorit stories of what weve done together.We live out in a not to well developed suburb of Chicago and there are some abandoned farms on the way to our houses back from school.We take alot of classes together.

Its about the last 5min. of school and Devon sits next me and I took some laxitives before school so i felt uncomfurtable and went to the bathroom and got nothing but load long fartsAnd some piss.

When school ended Dev met me at my locker and helped me pack up my backpack and we headed down the stairs and i explained the laxitive thing and he said"Are you ok,you were squirming around alot and went to the bathroom to times."I hadnt relized it but it was true.I said"Let me stop in the restroom and see if i can get ANYTHING acoplished"

So i went in and waited about a minute and got in to a stall and locked the door.I than proceded to pull down my pannties(clear in fornt not in front)i pulled those out from under my mini skirt and flipped the back up and sat down. I wigeled a bit and pushed and let out a little liquid,only enought to wet my but and than i wizzed a bit and got up and pulled my undies up and washed my hands.Devon was waiting and after about 10 steps asked how i did,i replied zip.

We wer passing a fairly inused road with barns far apart,some abandoned.Halfway there i really had a bad urge to poop and pee.I asked devon deszperetly if he any TP(i dont usully wipe but i felt a messy load coming and he said"Yes,here."I ran into a luckily abandoned barn.Devon ran with me to make sure i was alright.We ran threm a missing board hole into a place with some hay as floring.Devon helped me get my skirt and panties off.I amediditly started farting really loud and pissing a solid stream at real high flow rate.I pushed a litttle and BOOOOOOOOOM,Blipity drip,drip,Brrrrrrrrrriiiiiiip.A pure black flow of liquid poo.It splashed up and got on my butt.That flow litteraly lasted 2 min.Than a soft snake 5 and 1/2 feet long.Devon described it as"The next Leanardo Devinchi."I laughped and devon wiped me and we left to go home and when we got there My mom was gone and DEvon came over. We started our math and halfway through he had to go and i said giggeling"If i can! watch ill show ya where it is. He was compleatly aroused and he went and we made out(safe kind)We are gona get married when we can and thats it!


Some Guy
I don't know if anyone posted this, but in Eminem's video "Stan," after Stan (Devon Sawa) finishes doing his hair like Eminem's, his pregnant girlfriend (Dido) sits down on the toilet and sings the hook for a while. This with the Sum41 FatLip mark the only video female toilet scenes I've seen.

Billy and Kevin L
We started school last week. In 5th and 6th grade, we use a common bathroom, while the little kids (like kev) have bathrooms in their classrooms. Anyway, I have been pooping when I first get to school each morning. There is one bathroom with 3 toilet and 4 urinals. Over the summer, the high school students ripped down the stalls, so the toilets are out in the open. Yesterday, I went in and walked to the toilet. One of the new kids said how can you go to the bathroom like that? I said, watch. I dropped my pants and sat down. For some reason, I did not poop on Monday, so when I pooped yesterday, it was a huge one. I grunted out a huge turd (about 15 in) and then two little ones. I wiped once and then said, how's that? I said, what's the big deal? We all poop. Today when I went in for my poop this morning, Bob was sitting on one toilet, and the kid was sitting on another. The one in the middle has handicap bars around it. It is a little higher than the others. I sat down and star! ted to poop. I said to him, see, it is not a big deal.

Some years ago I spent a winter holiday on a wonderful Carribean island. With the winterstorms causing real high and dangerous waves, swimming was not possible. So everybody was just relaxing in the surf, torpedoing in with the waves, wading out a little and so on - and enjoying the hot sun. There were serveral guys in the water doing so.

Suddenly, a huge dude next to me, about six feet eight inches tall and sure above 220pounds, screamed: "Hey, just stay out of my way!", gave a grunt before the next wave hit his backside and then he finished laughing that this was wonderful because he sure didn't need no t.p. here... Now I knew WHY he needed some space!

Although the rough sea sure did the same with his BM as a fragmentation grenade would do, I was a little embarrassed about this experience.

To all who are into the holding-back-your-pee thing - and especially to the wonderful girls who take a leak of one litre or more (must be fascinating to watch such a beautiful waterfall cascade down...): Please make sure you're not holding back while driving in a car. In case of an accident, even with a fastened seat-belt, you risk that a real full bladder will burst and cause you an extra lot of pain and trouble. Have fun!

Traveling Guy
Hi, all! It's been ages since I've posted, I know, but I think about you all a lot. I see there's a "TRAVELER" posting here and just wanted you to know that I'm still around, too.

BTW, TRAVELER, I appreciate your informative comments on Japanese squat style toilets.

Yes, MARKUS, I've used squat-type toilets, but in South America and southern Europe, not in Japan. (Never been to Asia, but hope to go someday.) I know the squatting position seems awkward for many westerners, but once you get used to it, it's very natural and healthy. The trick is to fully relax with your thighs resting against your calves. As for clothing, I always find that if I drop my pants and briefs to somewhere between mid-thigh and just above the knees, and then squat, I never have a problem with poooping on them. In places where the floor is wet, it's a good move to roll up the pants cuffs before dropping trou.

JULIE - It's a little off-topic here, maybe, but I'm a straight guy and have had to nip some male advances in the bud when guys somehow got the wrong signal (but never in a rest room). If this client shows any more signs of interest, just withdraw a little more each time. If it comes to more than that, tell her, "I'm sorry, but I feel uncomfortable when you do that." She should get the message and still be able to be professional with you. BTW, escort yourself to the ladies there next week, if need be, now that you know where it is. Better yet, go before you get there.

SARAH - You can use the urinal next to mine anytime. I'd be delighted.

GRUNTLY BOGWELL - A supurb story about your nanny, Vickie. Thanks!!

SUSAN - I'd say your boyfriend is a lucky guy, though I think I'd be a bit startled to wake up and find a gf's finger in my anus. If you want to pursue your interest in his toilet habits, why not casually walk in on him sometime while he's taking a dump? Just go in to brush your teeth, wash your face, whatever, and act as though it's completely natural for you to be there. Watch his reaction - women have such a good radar for that - to see if he minds your presence. That way, you don't have to say anything to him about your interest. Maybe it will open the door for you, so to speak.

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