Hello to all of you!
Ií am back from zig-zagging around Europe by car.
In the South of France we set up tent on a camp site with unisex toilets. These were of the normal sit-down type. The toilet block was built with the doors to the cubicles on the outside and the tops open Ė no ceilings. A common roof about three feet above the separating walls covered the whole toilet and shower building. So everyone shared their tinkles, hisses, plops and grunts! It was quite a concert in the mornings even though it was off season (September) and very few people there! I am just trying to imagine what it would be like when the place is fully booked!!! Possibly less embarrassing because of the cacophony of so many going or waiting in line talking.
We had had a beer before crawling into our double sleeping bag (two bags zipped together) in order to fall asleep more easily in unfamiliar surroundings. It was full moon and very bright. The next tent being fifty feet or so away had a little dog which growled as soon as it heard any movement. Our dog just raised its hackles silently in response, which is very unusual, because it is of a vociferous breed. Well, shortly after midnight a cat on the prowl ventured too close and our dog bounded Ė or tried to bound- after it out of our tent. Doggie landed in the mosquito netting and was thrown back on to us waking us up. After we had calmed our dog I was thinking about taking a pee. I did not really need to go, but just the knowledge of having peed makes falling asleep again easier. My wife said that she was thinking on the same lines, but the thought of going all the way to the toilets would mean getting dressed, as our attire or lack thereof could have been deemed indecent ! in the very bright moonlight by other campers still about. So we turned over and dozed off.
It was some time later that I awoke again, this time by my wife getting up. Itís no good, she said, I have already started to go to the loo im my dreams! Iím going to pee behind the tent. I persuaded her not to because of that dog over in the other tent which would wake the people over there, and they might see my wife in full moon light watering the plants with her loud hissing wee! What shall I doo? Shall I have to dress and walk all the way to the loos? No, I had an idea. In my back pocket of my jeans I still had a few doogie-poo-bags. These are dark brown plastic bags I have mentioned before, which are used to gather up your dogs do-do for disposal in the provided green bins. I showed my wife how to hold the bag with her index and middle fingers of each hand under the turned down rim of the bagís opening. I told her to kneel (the tent being too low to stand in) and hold the bag to her vulva with one hand from the front and the other from the back. She giggled following! my instructions and when she managed to let go, her pee hardly made any noise at all! I suppose that her labia are pulled tight when squatting to produce the loud hissing sound. Standing, or rather, kneeling in an upright position let her wee come out unobstructed. Iíll get her to try the standing wee one day!
Anyway, after she had finished I took the bag carefully to avoid any spillage, and finding it only half full, peed in it too! A serial buddy pee in the bag! After that I looked out past the tent flaps and found a litte pine tree within reach where I dumped the bag to spill its contents. My wife still giggles when we mention that particular camping site!

Hello KENDAL, my favourite cyber niece! (By default, you being the only cyber niece of mine). Reading quickly through the last posts I find that you do not seem to miss me as much as during my last trip, wich makes me glad! To me it means that you are settling down in your new life. With school starting again now in your new school you will have so many new and exciting impressions, that there will probably be very little time for missing anyone of us! What about Andrew? How about his exam results? I hope these did not furrow any brows but produced smiles all around! I have not yet seen the film LAWN DOG, but I will look in the video rental shop if it is there. Bye for now, love from your uncle Rizzo!

steve: Yeah, I have shorts just like those. Also did your friend notice your accidents?

Wednesday, September 05, 2001

Hello everyone

STEVE: Hi there, Julie has just made me go online and reply to you. I'm sorry for taking so long, but I couldn't remember the site address. In answer to your question, I would have to see whether you were suitable to be my toilet 'guard'. I know that Julie is very taken with this idea and often mentions you, particularly when she is on the toilet. Goodness knows what you must think of me particularly given the goings on when Julie and I had a wee together in her office - I assure you I'm not always like that! Julie also told me about her experience with Judy which she has detailed in her last post. I thought the whole thing was hilarious, although I'm positive it was all entirely innocent. Between you and me Julie does have a tendancy to over react and think that things are always far more exagerated than they are!

Anyway, moving on as I know we must stick the point. Unfortunately my toilet habits, particularly when Julie is not about are not particularly interesting. I did have a wee yesterday which I can tell you about as I know that certain gentleman amongst you seem fascinated to know what we girls get up to!

It was mid afternoon I was sitting out in the garden, like you do, and as happens, needed to have a wee. Now, I'm not as brave as those of you who wee outside (yes it did occur to me!), so I headed back inside to the bathroom. I went in and shut the door, more out of habit than need as there was no one else about anyway. I then hitched up my dress and the white slip which was underneath and pulled down my tights and knickers to my knees. I'm also not as adventurous as my daughter re underwear, my knickers are simply plain white. I then sat down to have a wee. (Steve I hope your picturing this especially if you want to qualify as my guard!).

I wee'd for about 30 seconds, and then reached between my legs to wipe myself before pulling up my knickers and tights. I adjusted my dress and then flushed before going back outside.

Ok, so it's not exactly gripping stuff, but that's me!



My foot seems to be pretty much healed, I can wear my high heels again without discomfort, for the first time in a month. And my subsequent illness seems to have cleared also, with after effects of antibiotic being the most persistent. The Immodium stopped me for 48 hours, and I was afraid there would be some hard 16" moster up there to be vaquished with a serious round of combat on the pot, but when I sat yesterday morning a series of small, smooth sausages plopped free easily -- I was relieved in more ways than one! :-)

I'm dying for the full stories from Spain, and I'm absolutely thrilled that your Mom was able to eventually relax and enjoy the nude beach to the full. I loved that description of her very first squat in the sun, and can visualize it clearly!

MARGE -- Dear Steve is right, you have Avoidant Paruresis. As a sufferer who has very nearly beaten the condition outright, I would be delighted to offer you my advice and support -- you already have my sympathy. Just by being here you've taken a major step: it was by finding and using internet forae that I beat the condition, because I met lots of wonderful people who made it clear in friendly and sympathetic ways that a person's life does not have to be dominated by this "demon on your back," but that only the individual can throw it off. Your case is not something to be ignored -- so please, let me help.

All my best,


euro hiker
On tonight's BBC TV local news for London, there was an update on the mobile street urinals used by Westminster Council in the Soho and Covent Garden areas of London, where a lot of people go drinking. The street urinals were introduced to tackle the problem of 'wet spots' in Central London. These include the National Gallery where the stonework of the walls is being damaged by urine.

The four-man mobile street urinals are put out at weekends and each holds 100 litres of pee, so even PV couldn't fill one! A spokesman for Westminster Council said that in one weekend, they collected a total of 140 gallons of wee. Westminster Council have even produced a credit card size toilet map for drinkers in Central London and the BBC have put it on the web site for the BBC 'London Live' local radio station.

There will soon be a fine of 500 UK Pounds ($700 US) for urinating in the street, although I am not sure whether this is a local Westminster Council bye-law or whether it applies to the whole of the UK. I think that this is unfair to women because the street urinals aren't intended for them, although I expect that some women will use them. That could be interesting, I must visit Soho one Saturday night!

To aboy: Good must have been desparate to poop

To Susan: I liked your story about your drunk boy friend and that you stuck your finger up his anus

To Gustav: Liked your story about your friend having to shit and then showing it to !

To steve: I liked your story about your friend paul. I got a question did you once post that story along time ago? It sure sounds familar, if not have you ever posted any other stories about your friend Paul on here??

To SanD: Loved that story about that young dude shiting in a doorless stall while you were going too. I must admit i love all your stories. How old are you??

To Zach: I liked your was cool you got to watch your friend shit. You aren't the only one that gets turned on by guys shitting, i get turned on by guys shitting all the time. Especialy when my friend online sends me videos of him shitting. You aren't weird

To Zip: Loved that story about the dude in the gas station and the one about the mall. cool!

I had to dump last night right before bed for the first time in 2 days. It was huge.....1 big log...the first part was harder and dark brown and the end was a bit softer and light brown(color # 614). It is unusal for me to have that color poop

That girl on the can looks unhappy for some reason. Well thats it for now, as this is a long post any way

Plunging Plop Guy

Hi, Everyone!

Some great posts to respond to, especially GUSTAV! What a perfect arrangement with a bench to sit on outside the toilets as you can wait for and listen to your friend John on the toilet!
His first in 3 days and what a session to hear with loud plops, grunts, farts etc. I'd love to hear more from you and any more sessions you hear. Which country do you live in? the toilets seem to be good for acoustics!

CUTE DAVID, That's the way to do it! to open the unlocked door of a cubicle and see a young guy in the process of dropping one, he smiles and doesn't mind you seeing him, then you hear a loud plop! Perfect!

More great stories from SAN D, ZIP, and BRAD, with more open plan toilets, and I loved the one from San D (?) whereyou sat opposite the other guy as you both had a shit. To be next to someone has got to be cool, but sitting opposite face to face as you do it must be the ideal way to buddy dump!

KENDAL, re. the film; I'd have thought that Trent would have a toilet arrangement outside and that the one in his cabin was a spare and not in use. Perhaps he used it recreationally! He'd certainly look good on it judging from his muscly bare backside when he jumped off the bridge!

PETER & DAVE in AZ, I really appreciated your wishes for my return to good health as I was really suffering yesterday.
Today, I think the laxative is starting to work, and I'm much more comfortable, and seeing the doctor tomorrow.
Even though I had a long time on the toilet yesterday and it was painful some of the time , and Iended up with 'roids again with all the effort, I still enjoyed the sensations at times of working hard pushing out what felt really big turds, even though they were fairly small.
I don't want to become dependent on laxatives, and after all, I'm not struggling to push out big hard impacted ones, so hope to come off them soon.
I don't enjoy pain, and especially not the feeling of prolapsed haemorrhoids after, but I have to say the feelings of pushing out what felt like big turds was something I've been missing out on!
All best wishes to you two, and I'll report what the doctor says.

Somethingthat occurred to me the other day regarding privacy in cubicles or stalls. Given the choice of having my face obscured when I'm on a public toilet, and my lower half on show, or my lower half obscured and my face on show, I think I'd opt for privacy of my face.
Thatway, no one would see my embarrassment if anyone was staring, nor recognise me, and I could still be seen sitting on the toilet.
If I was outside such a cubicle, I could look at a guy without either of us being embarrassed. Is that the whole issue of desiring privacy? Not our more intimate bodily parts and functions being seen,but who we are and making eye contact?
I'd be interested in other people's opinions.

That's it for now, Happy, healthy and comfortable plopping everyone, P P G

LINDA GS: Well I'm like you now, my friend... back at school ! My first day wasn't anywhere near as bad as I thought it might be. I have a very nice form teacher, and I've made a new friend already, called Charlotte. Kirsty likes her as well, so I think we shall all get on just fine. And Charlotte looked all goggle-eyed at Andrew when I introduced her to him at lunch time ! Well he is a very good looking boy !! Had my first school wee at lunch time. All 3 of us squeezed into one cubicle, and after first Kirsty went and then me, Charlotte went as well without any sign of embarrassment. Apparantly she has got 3 sisters, all younger than her, and only one bathroom in the house. They all just go in front of one another without even bothering to close the bathroom door. She says the only time the bathroom door is closed is when Dad has a poo ! And that's because he stinks the house out otherwise !! When I got back from school, I was really bursting for my tea-time poo. I'm ho! me now nearly an hour later than I used to be when I went to the village school. So I suspect that on some occasions, a school poo will be required ! As we rushed in the house, I had to climb the stairs carefully so as not to lose control ! Andrew came in with me so he could see me do it wearing my new school uniform. That is a grey skirt, which you can wear black or grey tights with ( I didn't bother today, still too warm yet ! ), a white blouse with a maroon and grey stripe tie, and then either a maroon sweat-top or blazer. I decided on the sweat-top ! Now while I was shopping the other day, I made another purchase to surprise Andrew with, and I wore them today, so he got to see them while I pooed ! Yep ! Some black pampies !! Oh, and just for the record, it was two big poos, both floppers though, disappointingly. (sorry MR PLUNGING PLOP GUY, no wet bums today !) And no hair brush either ! Pity, it has been quite windy today, and my hair had become rather untidy !! ! Andrew says he's saving his skills for your hair at the moment. So HURRY UP and take him "there" ! There's a queue for the brush at the moment !!! I love you my friend, and lots of love to Cousin and Elena and Lynda and Kendal as well xxxxxx

STEVE: I'm glad you and Louise got to see Lawn Dogs. Funny how it didn't twig about the significance of this film until after you started watching it ! And I'm pleased Louise enjoyed the bit where Devon weed down the car windscreen ! Now you'll both know what I looked like when I did it for Andrew to see ( and Ellie, and Little Lou, and Courtney ! ) Love from Kendal x

ELLIE, LITTLE LOU & COURTNEY & KEV: So ?.... What happened ?....... Did the teacher say anything ? I bet she didn't. She has probably forgotten all about it ! Hoping the weather won't be too bad this weekend, because I've decided to try and wee from a tree for Andrew ! We'll go to the same woods that we had our last big adventure in. It was so funny. Do go back and read the story. It's on page 675. I told it to Linda GS. I promise you, it'll be worth while, and you'll get to find out why I've been calling Andrew "showery shorts" recently !! Its so good to have you all back again. I missed you very much. Take care all of you. Lots of love from Kendal xxxx.

kim and scott
hello all!
rats! summer is officially over in the U.S. OF A and scott and I have to go back to college soon. scott has also gotten himself a new job that will keep him very busy.we both will be. well at least we have friends on this site to keep the good times rolling!
TO PV-hello dear. thats good that you will be on the mend soon. scott and I love ya girl!
TO GRUNTLY BOGWELL-hello there. love all your always seem to be at the right place at the right time!
TO JOHN(VT) hello there. congratulations on your huge log!thats wonderful!and thanks again for being such a great fan of ours!
TO LOUISE AND STEVE-hello my friends. good to see you back from spain. are you both tan? cant wait to hear all your the way when scott held me up as I had a huge log on the newspapered bathroom floor. that felt great! and it is easier to measure your dump while your log lays on the newspaper! you and louise should try this and see how you like it. but I was thinking since louise pees much more than I do the newspaper probably would get rather both should try it and if you dont like it just go back to the other way you where doing it! who knows you may find an even newer better way and tell us something!haha. well be well all!scott and I give many hugs and kisses to all! especially to our good friends on this site!bye now.

Hello everybody!

We're back! I wrote a letter yesterday but it did not get put on.

JEFF A - xxx Thank you for saying such nice things, guy!
When we were in Spain I had a shit specially for you. I was having a
walk down the nudist beach with Steve and my mum and I felt like I
really needed a good clearout. The beach did not have a lot of people
on it then and I just went near this tree and I just bent over with
my legs apart. My ankle is a lot better and I thought I could stand
like that and not have my ankle hurt. My knees were a little bit bent
too and I had a few little lumps pop out of my bum and fall in the
sand. Then there was this bigger lump that I pushed hard to get out.
I bet it was about 10 inches long. I bet I was seen doing it by a
middle aged couple a way away and then I just had a wee as well just
so I was completely empty. It was not a really big wee but I bet I
got seen doing it. It was really nice just looking out to sea and
letting rip like that. My bum was not messy and I was happy about that
too. Did you like that story? Love Louise xxx

JULIE - Hello!!! Steve wrote about my wee at the urinal at Trawden.
It was a bit gross in there because it stank but it was still
a lot of fun. I weed on the iron panel and I did some straight down
on the floor as well and I really enjoyed it. I did a really big
puddle and it didn't go down the drain. We will have to go back and
do it again.
Oh no I bet you must have been a bit embarrassed by Judy! Well you
should have taken Steve with you to keep her away!
Well that has happened with me but if it has then I have just been
real cool and business like just like if some guy has been trying to
ask me out. So if I had someone trying to attract me I just mention
how I am soon going to meet Steve if being cool does not work.

KIM AND SCOTT - Wow I read how you tried the in-the-arms shit. When
I want to do it and we have time, we must try it with the newspaper
but I will need to know I will not do lots of little spheres because
they will roll about all over the floor won't they?
We have some stories from Spain. You do not have long to wait now!

PV - How is your foot? I hope you are not sick now because I want you
to read all the stories I will be writing.
In Spain, the first time my mum needed a wee on the nude beach, she was
like me when I went to Spain with Steve the first time and I was shy.
She was just bursting and she squatted in the sand while Steve knealt
down in front of her to hide her a bit from the front and he was sure
not to look so she could get going. She got a bit desperate by then and
made a big hole in the sand with the big stream she did.
I will write you some more tomorrow! xx



I know this has been asked before, but I haven't seen an answer:

Can someone list the RECENT movies that have female poop scenes? I mean movies that came out just this year.

Also, are there any RECENT TV shows from this year with female POOP scenes? The only one I've heard about was on "Yes Dear"


Ben In Iowa: I'm still here. I've just been gone for the last two weeks.
By the way I read your story and that was nice.

Jordan: You were just as nice as Ben too. There should be more people like you two int the world.

Tuesday I had my first outdoor pooping experience. What happenned was my parents weren't home and I didn't have my key to the house after coming home from school. At this time I had to go pretty badly. Finally I couldn't wait any longer and I went to the side of the house and crawled into the metal cylinder that covered the basement window. There I pulled my pants done and let all my poop out. I then took a plastic bag that was blown down there and picked the soft poop up and threw it away.

I had the worst experince today at school. I had been constipated for days and completely blocked up the following night, so I dicided to take one or two laxatives before bed.

However, the next morning I still had no luck or relief and was then forced to go to the bus stop to catch the bus for school. Once on the bus, I felt very uncomfortable and couldn't help letting of some juicy farts from the back of the bus.

By the time we got to school, I was starting to feel a heavy weight in the pit of my stomach and immedaitely headed for the girl's room thinking that things were going south, but only ended up letting out several long bouts of farting.

I then went to 1st period English and then back to the toilet during the break without success. The same continued to happen right through until lunch, when I felt as if I was going to explode.

It was during 5th period Maths that I felt a massive gurgle erupt in my stomach and suddenly felt things beginning to move slowly. But things started moving faster than I wished, as I quickly found my butt filling up with crap big time.

I managed to hold out until break and ran to the girl's room in a hurry, only to find the toilets jam packed with a long line of other girls. I waited in the line, but the bell for the next class rang and so I headed of to 6th period Physical Science.

By the end of that period, I was in real discomfort and even pain, because everything was threatening to erupt out of my ass in one go. I just managed to hold my ass closed until I could get into the bathrooms, but to my anguish, I found them just as busy as before.

I was by now dying to pee extremely bad as well and begged the other girls to let me go in front of them, but they refused. Unable to do anything else, I continued to wait, even as I felt the piss starting to run down my legs and then suddenly I felt the most horrendous cramp squeeze my bowels. A second later, piss and crap exploded into my pants, filling them in seconds. I tried to walk away, but my legs caved-in as the last wave of crap ripped out of my ass and shot down both legs and into my shoes.

The whole room full of girls burst out laughing hysterically and I dragged myself to my feet and ran out. I was humilated infront of the other students and don't know whether I can face them tomorrow. Even my mother got mad at me...

We guys get that way some times too. I've been on long bus rides when I was younger and became so full that it was utter torture. There was no risk of leaking since I was shut completely tight. I just had to sit there and suffer. I remember the bus finally making a stop. Crazy with pain I got up and went to the front to try and get off to pee but I was told they were just looking for directions. I went back to sit down frantic to releive this pain (I thought of this when you described having to leave the toilet with your bladder unrelieved). When we finally stopped and I found the toilet I could not go at all for many minutes of agony. Finally a little trickle that lasted forever, slowly building in intensity.
With that experience, the next time something like that happened I didn't go to the toilet when the bus stopped because I knew I was locked up tight. I just walked around until I knew that I could begin a nice strong stream.
So this is not pee shyness but the effect is the same.
You will get over it, and despite the great discomfort, it is something that might come in handy for you.

This afternoon I did a dump in my pants on the M1 in a traffic jam. I had to stand by my car and look at the moon but it was great as three good stiff lumps slipped in my Y fronts. They went straight to the crutch and weighed heavy. I spent the rest of the journey sat on a matrass of poo. When I got home I had a really good pee to end a super day.
Hope the site get going again - I need to know I am not the only one out there having accidents. My poo was really an accident - the pee was deliberate

I learned to pee standing up when I was about 14 (I'm 26 now) and this has proved to be a real benefit to me, as anyone who has seen the queues outside womens toilets will know. I still use the ladies when I can, but I've used mens toilets on countless occasions in pubs and clubs. Usually I've managed to not be spotted, but on loads of occasions I've been standing at the urinal squirting my pee out when a bloke has come in. Usually at first they don't realise, then it becomes obvious. The reactions are both amusing and varied, but most men seem keen to unzip and try to let me see them pee. I admit to being a bit of an exhibitionist, and if it feels safe, I make a big thing of letting a man see my genitals as I do myself up again. I've had some comments but never any complaints. It makes me feel lucky to be female because obviously a man could never do the same - he'd get locked up, but I like to think that men who've come across me in their toilets get a kick out of seeing! me there.

I'm back again. Today I've been a naughty girl and pooped and wet my blue denim overalls just before I typed this. Man,do I STINK! Gotta go take a shower and wash my clothes.

Hi All,

The most embarrasing thing has just happened to me, not sure whether to laugh or cry, so I thought I'd just come here and share it with you all.

I've been to visit a client this morning which essentially involved me being in a small office with a lady called Judy who runs a small IT company. It was a new client, so I was smartly dressed in my Navy suit, white blouse etc to hopefully make a decent impression. She was about 30 I suppose and did seem rather proud of her cleavage which she wasn't making much effort to hide.

Anyway, the meeting went well, and once it was finished and I was ready to leave I asked Judy where the ladies was so I could have a wee before heading back to the office. She took me to the ladies, and followed me in, well I guessed she wanted a wee too. I headed into the nearest stall and locked the door behind me. I heard Judy go into the adjacent stall. I then proceeded to lift my skirt, pull down my knickers and sit down for a wee. I was quite desperate so peed for a good 30 seconds or more before wiping and pulling up my white lace knickers and lowering my skirt.

When I came out of the stall, Judy had already finished was perching on the edge by the basins (it was quite a big room with about a dozen stalls). The way she was sat her legs were slightly apart and I could see up her knee length skirt, but I thought no more of it and went to wash my hands. Judy asked me if I felt better whilst I washed my hands. I just politely replied, going a bit red thinking she must have heard my gushing wee.

Anyway, she showed me out and I then reflected on the whole situation and I was driving off, it suddenly occured to me that there were a few things which were odd. Firstly I realised that Judy went into the stall, but I never heard her having a wee or flushing. Then I reflected on her mannerisms. Aside of the incident in the ladies, I recalled that when we were sat in her office, aside of her cleavage, she had also not been over careful about how she was sitting and thinking back she brushed against me once or twice.

Of course it could be and probably is nothing, but I'm absolutely paranoid now that this women fancy's me! It wouldn't be too bad, but I have to go back in a weeks time for a follow up meeting. What am I going to do? Has anyone else been in this type of situation, or am I just overreacting.


HI everyone...This is my first posting & i've been reading all the postings. Very interesting. I'm 22 & a male from San Francisco.

Anyway, once i remembered one of my Indian friend saying that people in India poop outdoors. I'd just like to hear from anyone from India that have pooped outdoor (preferebly the girls).

The other night my boyfriend was really drunk, and I woke up in the night to find him lying on his side right at the edge of the bed, pissing on the floor. He didnít wake up, just let loose with gallons of the stuff. I really enjoyed hearing him do it, too.

I do have a fascination with my boyfriends bowels, though Iíd never tell him. This morning I was cuddling him in bed, I was lying behind him and holding him round his ????. My hand was low down on his ???? and I felt it rumbling, then doing that really loud low down sound, as if his motion was moving through his colon. His bare bottom was against my thigh, and I felt him pass warm gas against my leg. He must have wanted to go to the toilet really badly. He was fast asleep, and I managed to sneak my hand down and I rested the pad of my index finger against his anus (which was a bit sticky). I waited a few minutes and I felt his anus dilate and a little pffffffffffttttttt of gas escaped. I was surprised that he didnít wake up, and then it happened again, his anus pooched out and a warm blast of air passed out of him. This time, when his anus closed up again, it kind of sucked my fingertip inside him a little way. I had to be careful to take my finger out of his bottom! in case I woke him up.

Hi Molly, Sure did enjoy hope you will be posting in the near future wlll be looking forward to it.

Hi folks. It's been quite busy for me these days. Besides work, we're busy helping my Mom move to a new house. It's a smaller house, but she doesn't need as much room, now that my Dad is no longer around, having passed away in March. The house is not too far from our house. Also, my younger sister Michelle, her husband, and their newborn are in town.

Poopwise, it's been very quiet for me. I go regularly, but I haven't had the massive poops that I had been doing during most of this summer. Michelle and I were talking last night, and the conversation got into travel, which she had been doing quite frequently with her job before she went into maternity leave. She mentioned one time she was on a coast-to-coast trip and went back to use the lavatory, and she said there were four lavatories, all were occupied, and all had strong poop smells emerging from each.

This reminded me of one time a few years ago I was on a relatively short flight. Shortly after we started to take off I had a sudden urge to poop. Usually I took care of any needs before boarding the plane, but this was unexpected. As I waited for the seat belt sign to be turned off, the urge became quite strong. As soon as the pilot turned off the seat belt sign, I bolted for the lavatory, almost knocking down a flight attendant. I managed to grab the last available lavatory. I yanked down my jeans and white panties and sat. I had a massive loose bowel movement, consisting of several waves of soft chunky poop. I was on the toilet for several minutes and almost made the fatal mistake of flushing the toilet while seated, which is a definite no-no due to the powerful sucking action. When I was done I saw the whole deed. The bowl was almost filled up, and the poop smell was very strong. I flushed it down, and I left some poop stains behind as well as the poop smell! . As I came out of the lavatory, a girl was waiting, and I heard her scream, "Phew!" before locking the door. About five minutes after I got back to my seat, the pilot started the final descent.

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