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What's This?
I was eighteen years old and in my senior year of high school. I had been saving money from my after school job for several years to go to college. I had the opportunity to study for a while in France. To live with a French family, go to a French school and experience French culture. I decided to spend some of my college money and go to France. My first few days were very comfortable. I spent my nights in motels and the travelling was very easy and slow paced. When I finally arrived at the home of my French family, I was shocked! Their shower was in their living room and the toilet was in their back yard! I had been on the road most of the day and needed to go to the bathroom badly. I went to the outhouse and immediately was assaulted by one of the most horrid odors I have ever experienced. Now, I have been in and used out houses before, but this was the most rancid smell ever! I could only stand it long enough to stand and piss...barely...let alone try to sit down! Unfortunately it was the start of the weekend and I was stuck with the family and had to do what they wanted. And with my luck, they wanted to stay at home! Every time I had the urge to go to the outhouse for more than urination, I suppressed the feeling and held on. Well, soon I was so constipated I no longer had the urge. The next week, my French brother and sister decided that they wanted to take me to a nightclub for a few drinks and dancing. I got out on the dance floor with an incredibly good looking lady and we were dancing and having a great time. After a little exercise I began to get the now unfamiliar urge to take a dump. And it wasn't something that I was going to be able to stop. I left the dance floor and went to the men's room. When I went inside I saw an "L" shaped room. Along one wall was standard urinals and along the other wall, the one that faced the freaking door, were urinals that went all the way to the floor. Being a "stupid" American, I asked the only guy in the room where one would take a dump. He gave me this pathetic, incredulous look and pointed to the urinals that went to the floor! I could not believe my eyes! He left laughing and I was embarassed beyond belief. I went to the "urinal" and saw that the bottom was shaped the same as our toilets but there was very little water in them. The urge to go was pushing me beyond any vanity I might have had and I quickly undid my pants. I had to put my back toward the wall and squat! I could tell that I hadn't gone in over a week when the start of my turd reached the bottom "floor level" before it broke! I must have lost about five pounds! To top it off, the gal I was dancing with left with another guy and I was laughed at when I came out of the bathroom. But I didn't care! I definately took a load off of my mind!