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I have reasons to believe that women puke more then men also. In my house my sister Elizabeth suffers from this sickness where she throws up once a month for no reason. everytime at school when i go to the bathroom there is practially always someone throwing up and my best friend gabby always throws up it is sooo bad.

Please reply R

I just thought of something. When my older sister Dakota was six and i was 4 (colby and elizabeth wernt born yet)
we lived in an appartment and me and Dakota shared a room withbunk beds. My sis had been complaining of a stomach ache.
After we went to bed and she was on the top leaning over moaning i arched back to face her and said "Dakota are you gonna be sick" before she could answer she threw up and it was all in my face. I screamed and some fell in my mouth. It tasted like the dinner we had. Chicken soup.Which u could see cunks. Salad (literaly see the slad leavees) and spagatti ( the noodles (one which fell in my mouth) we in my hair) its was greenishs white with noodles. I leaned over and threw up to. Me and Dakota were both crying and i was throwing up the same kinda puke (if someone had to guess whose puke was whose no one copuld guess" As i was bending over splat. Dakotas vomit was now in my hair. Ewwww.
My mom had to wash my hair which was making her gag. It wasnt a fun night. The reason why Dakota was complaining was because of salad. Too much Italian dressing i guess.


Today at swim class we got kicked out because someone...ages 13-17 had direeha in the pool. When I got to the change room puke splatters were everywhere it was all orange and smelled like cloreene 9is that how u spell it?) this girl Amanda was puking her guts out. Ewww i feel sick.
I'll post if I do get sick (I;m going to bed"

is it normal to like reading about sick and looking at pictures about it (with one eye shut!) but to be absoloutely terrified of doing it or seeing it myself? I only have to hear the words "i feel sick" to feel like i have to get as far away as possible.

Person who hardly ever pukes
About 2 weeks ago i came home from school on thursday with a sore throat and feeling sick i ate some cmapstew and went to sleep then at school i felt terrible but didn't have a temp and skipped pe and later that night i was barely awake and was sucking a nasty tasting cough drop and then suddenly i cough some phelgm and swallow it back down and my sotmach starts hurting so i go to the batroom and barf up an orangish colored subtanst i was barely awake and took 2 anti vomit pills and went o sleep then on saturday i ate some spaghettie and vomited it back up later and then when a =i swalloed some thing it felt like my tonsils were a knif e i had an infected thraot and stomach virus as it turns out but now i'm fine

My friend Gabby always gets sick... Not because of sickness because anytime without failure if she hears smells or sees vomit see slurges herself not alot but enough but then after she is okay and can eat... Her older sister and her mom r like that too but anyways..

Two weeks ago my sister woke up and puked this nasty oprangy stuff and we found later it was the stomach flu.My mom wanted to keep her home and any other day i would have said yes but even though I felt pukey I said 'No today my class is going on a trip"
So when I got to school I ran to the bathroom and puked a little but didnt tell anyone. When we got on the bus me and Gabby sat together but alomost instantly I leaned over and spat. Gabby looked at me and I told it was just horky sh*t stuff but by my green face she didnt beleive me at all!! She ran and got my teacher (thank god a female) and gabby moved over and the teacher put her arm around me and told me i was okay "u r okay Bryanni" she was ussering me but after five minutes I coughed and threw up all over her it was the same orangy stuff as my sister I was crying to bcuz its not a good mix crying and puking which i threw up two more times crying hyserically . Gabby turned green and threw up two which was no surprise for anyone. when we got to the music centre Gabby ran off and did something feeling fine but I sat with my teacher (she is so so so so nice ) even though I'm 12 she held my hand and rubbed me back a few minutes later Gabby came in she had actually got the! flu and was puking hysterically. Just like any old mom Ms Dazier calmed us down. It was soooo bad but Now I'm 14 and I still visit this teacher when I can. The only sad part was that for almost a month after the incident me and gabby were known as the "Barf twins"

I have tons of stories so if u want more tell me.. I have tons bout Gabby but I woulnt ruin her fun... I have this reallly sadish funny one:

My little brother is 4 and recently we found he was allergic to cynomin (did i spell that right) Well he goes to this babysitter lady for 3 years now and my mom totally fogot to tell her about his allergie. After school me r one of my sisters picks him up and today was my turn when I picked him up the babysitter looked flush and told me that my Colby(my bro) was puking up forever when I asked her wat he ate she answered with pride "my special extra cynomin ginger snaps"
It wasso funny but it wasnt funny when Clony threw up on my shoes
wanna here more tell me pleez
My name is pronuced Bree annie and my sisters names r Elizabeth and Dakota
elizabeth is 9 and Dakota is 16 and colby is almost 5 and I'm 14

I have harly ever threw up three times at school once at gymnastics(which i dont take anymore) once at swim class at the doctors and on a street once. The funny thing is i only puked at home 5 times before ouking anywhere else...Those incedents have been since i was six or five so about 11 times in like 8 years...!!!!

I might be getting annoying but i luv pukey stoires its sorta funny. I was just at the mall yesterday and for fun me and Gabby and this gurl Lisa were the (soory gabs but)
we went to tis really fancy store u know where thise clothes cost 500 bucks and this lady threw up a clearsis batch of puke on a 12oo dress and gabby threw up two on the flooor

u seem to get sick alot

I may be vey annoying
Manda ur stories r funnny keep posting

Um kelsey keep posting

Ummm i jjust remembered somethin
for some reason my sister Elizabeth gets sick once a month
just like a woman gets her period once a month.. Well anyways last night we were eating dinner and she threw up at the side and kept eating.. Its like this perfctly normal tinbg she doesnt no when its gonna happen and after shes' fine...

Last week I went to this Earth Day carnival and there was an all u can eat contest out of 6 people who entered 4 threw up it was soooo funny

Yesterday My older sister and this girl Rebecca ( whol ives downstairs from are appartment) came in shreiking and moaning I asked whats up and instead of a answer Rebecca pulled me down her hallway and to the elavator. When we got in the elevotor someone had thrown up a little but thats not what I thought she was talking about. When we got to her floor puke patches were everywhere . We turned down the halway and i almost threw up myself BIG ENORMOUS puke patches were everyere it was sooooooooo discusting!!! O MY GOD Rebecca lives at the end of the hall and could walk down bcause puke was literally eveywhere It was this puffy puke stuff and it was chunking brown and the some yellow then some white .... The funny part we later found out it was Rebecca's older sister who puked!!!

I went to this kool fair with my older sister Dakota and my twin sister Britney. I was so scared to go on this upside down ride called the zipper with my sisters but Britney was slurping a surpie saying "Dont be a baby" She got on the ride her self and when she came back she was shaking from side to side and all the sudden threw up for the longest time....It was green and yellow and stank like bad.

Okay this is my first time posting but I got a story thats funny and sick. i am 13 years old and on my first day of grade 8 i felt queezy but i figured it was just butterflies in my stomach because I always get that. When I got to the school I went to my class and sat down next to my best friend Janette. I was real shaky and my face was white but I manaed to say hi to others in the classroom. When R teacher told us to get up and introduce areselves I could sooo wait for my turn bcuz i felt like i was gonna barf. Just when Danny Waikors was telling us about his trip to Oleans or whatever its called I doubled over and puked this creamy pink stufff with cherrrios or something in it. I was gagging and puking but I coulnt stop it was sooooo bad. My teacher looked pale and ran out to throw up to i was crying and felt so bad,

Brandy keep it up
Sickkid How many times have u got sick at school
MANda your the bomb keep posting

sickkid wannabee
How many times a year sickkid (DO U GET SICK AT SCHOOL??)
hee hee lol (just a friendly quetion)

i feel real bad because my friend Hailey is soo nice when people throw up but if she does i squirm and end up throwing up.
One day I was do gymnstics on the playground when i just threw up this green stuff. It was sooo bad. Hailey was at my side .
the other day hailey rushed outta classs to throw up.. I was asked to check on her and i went to the bathroom and listened while se threw up saying uneasily hail u k and after i heard another splat i ran to the toliet to throw up myself

Okay I have been reading this for a while but now i can participate. Yestersay I was at school and this girl Ashley looked absoutly pale. I knew she was gonna throw up so I turned away and as it happens i was right she puked. All I heard was splat splat. 5 times. I wasnt even looking I already Felt nauesous. But of course my teacher asked me to take her to the bathroom and when I turned around I saw it. It was this light brown stuff that looked like choclate
milk with this yellowy mush that looked like bananas and redish hotdog stuff cut up. My eyes shot put and I doubled Ove and threw up this Yellowy Watrsih smallbut okay puddle. Crying I managed to take her to the bathroom ( My teacher didnt no i threw up) When we got to the bathroom Ashley ouked in one stall and I puked in another. It wass soooo bad. I couldnt stop. Some of it got on my dress but i told my teacher it was Ashleys. Ashley went home but I stayed. The teacher thought that Yellow puke was Ashleys. She hasnt come back to school yet.

IF you like these reply.
SICKKID how many times have u puked at school?
and at resteraunts/

To R:
I'm not real sure who pukes more men or women. I know in my family the men throw up more then the women. I have'nt thrown up since i was really really little and my mom hasnt thrown up as long as i've lived not even when she was pregnet. My older sister throws up but more from eating too much then from bugs or motion sickness. My little brother and dad throw up more then any of us girls though.

I'm only 9 years old and dont get sick often but last yearin class I told me teacher I didnt feel good and she told me to go to the nurse so I did then after my mom picked me up but even though I felt sick I had a gymnastic class to go to and todays practice was back walkers so I was very panicky especiaclly becuz my sister who is 11 Rhian said "Kelseys gonna puke all over Brenda (brenda is the gymnast coach) Anywaes I manged to do 4 walkers and Then I started to shake the next thing I knew My puke was all over my new gymnast suit Rhian Brenda the floor and this little girl keisha who was crying but I was lying on the floor dazing in the light and I sat up and told everyone I felt better. Then my mom took me and Rhian to see my older bro's school play and during a real sad part I puked this nasty stuff up and all I heard was clear the aile this girl is sick my puke was orange then green i puked 8 more times then i started to puke nothing at all and started to cry I was pukin! g air so my mom rused me to the hospital and I had to eat and eat until i coulnd throw up anymore and i went back to school 4 days later.
anyone wants to hear more stores tell me please

I have 7 brothers and sisters they all got the flu in this order,,, Lindsay Kyle Colby Cassandra Brianna Daniel who at the time was just getting over the stomach flu and poor Megan who was just getting it... So i told my poor mom that was olding heads over the toliet for like 2 weeks now that I'm gonna spend the weekend at my friend Tiana's house. That night was a blast but after an hour all my stomach was saying was " Well Shawna u did it now pretzels pop going up" and like that I was puking sooooooooooooo much all over tianas room . Tiana was nice about it espesically bcuz that night she was puking a storm but her older sister Helen was freaking bacuase she coulnt stay with my sister bcuz the flu was at my house ...A few days later I heard oin r schools sound system "Carataker to room 211 Helen was sick"
I was sooo happy

This is my first time posting. I am thirteen years old and today I had a really bad accident on a class trip! It was so embarrassing!!! We were going to the UN, and it was an hour long drive. I had to go a tiny bit when we left, but just the tiniest bit, so I figured that I could hold it. Normally, I would have easily been able to, but I had the flu as well. So, about halfway through the trip I start having to go worse. I still thought I could keep it in until we arrived at the UN. But shortly after, I realized I was getting the urge to have extremely bad diarrhea. I squirmed. My friend, who was sitting next to me, asked me what was wrong. I told her that I had to go to the bathroom SO badly, and that I didn't think I could hold it any longer. I also told her I had to have diarrhea, and that I felt sick. She called the teacher over (who, luckily, was female - I would have died telling a male my problem!!! - no offense to males of course but I'm female), and I told her that I f! elt sick and had to GO!!! She told me there was nothing she could do, that she was sorry but just try your best to keep it in. I told her that I felt like I was going to throw up, so she went up to the front of the bus and got me a plastic bag. I held it in my lap for a few minutes. Then, as the bus turned a corner, I gagged, pulled the bag over my mouth and nose as fast as I could, and puked into it almost continuously for almost three minutes. My friend held my hair back, while other kids on the bus sneered at me unsympathetically. Vomit was pouring out of my nose, too. The teacher came over, took the disgusting bag, filled with orange-ish puke, and threw it in a wastebasket at the front of the bus. She came back and asked me if I felt better. I said no, I still felt sick and there was no way I could hold my poo in for any longer. She sighed and told me once again there was nothing she could do. "I don't want to go in my pants," I moaned. "And I can't hold it!" She brought ! me another bag, and I almost gasped. But which was better - going in a bag or going in my pants? If I went in the bag I'd have to PULL MY PANTS DOWN in front of EVERYBODY. But I didn't want to go around in smelly pants all day, either, did I, and also my pants would get the seat messed up. My friend blocked the seat from the aisle as best she could, so no one would be able to see me. I made myself as small as I could, took a deep breath, and pulled down my pants. I held the bag over my butt and vagina, and let go. Relief!!!! Diarrhea splashed into the bag, urine came gushing out. I then pulled my pants up quickly, and tied the bag shut to minimize smell. My teacher came, took the bag and threw it away (bless her soul!). She put her hand on my forehead. "You're burning up, Steph," she said. "Do you need another bag?" Embarrassed, I nodded yes. She brought me another bag. Where did she get all those bags, anyway, I wondered. But who cared? I threw up again, another batch of orange barf. The teacher threw it away. At the UN, she showed me a place to sit down. At the end of the day, we went home - I puked twice more. When I went home, I went straight to bed. My mom took my temperature, which was 104!!!!! I have never been so sick in my life.

Cross posted...

I work at this store like 7-11 and the deal is pay for ur pop or slurpie and drink as much as u want for an hour or just leave the store and one day these three girls about twelve or thirteen came in. Two insisted they'd try a challenge and 1 just bought a slurpie and a magazine and sat and waited while these two gurls one whom was chugging coke down and one who was experimenting with all the slurpie selections all i heard was "You can do it Angela"
"Shutup Olivia your not even doing it and "Erica stop it with the coke you look sick " about forty minutes after Erica or whatever her name was stopped and stummbled over to Olivia and Angela who stopped long ago and green faced told them she was done but need some food so grabbed a candy bar and paid for it all of the sudden she puked and it was fizzing. It was so nasty and i had to clean it up because my co worker Natialeah was freaking out. Now R challenge is buy one get one free..

I have a lot of really bad stories.
The first was at a baseball game I went with my mom and my brothers and sisters and dad and my dads friend Tony. We got theses really close front row seats and there is a balcony over us like 20-40 feet. I was to busy talking to my sister when all of the sudden we heard WATCH OUT and this really nasty yellowy organgy stuff splatterd all over my dad and his friend and some got on my shoes and my sister
Amy's pants and on (hee hee) my borhter Kyle's head the only people in my family that didnt get sprayed was my mom and my sister Rebecca and brother David.

The second was when I had to pick my sister Rebecca who is only seven from gymnastics me and my sister Amy who is 16 walked in the stadium to see that my sister was (very proudly I should add) walking down the balance beam and all the sudden fell off. She looked like she twisted her ankle and kept crying when Amy came to see if she was okayRebecca puked this pink stuff up !! it was so nasty

The last one is me .. I was in class when all the sudden like that i threw up so i went home. The next day I came back and threw up .. this happend for like 2 weeks and when i got home i was fine i just threw up once a day around the same time always then after i stayed home for 2 days and didnt get sick once so we went to the school and we found out i was allergic to my teachers perfume so i had to go home for the day but went to tell lmy teacher this and when i got to my class i threw up 8 times tis big brown lumps were coming out ...MY TEACHR felt so bad

I'm back, folks! I just went on a car trip to New York... well, I don't even need to tell you what happened, you know, don't you? I got carsick - doh. Plus, I had the flu. Now, I get motion sickness all the time. This was my second worst experience EVER - (in first place is the airplane story I posted a while ago). So anyway:
It was gonna be a half hour drive, but of COURSE we had to get stuck in stop-and-go traffic. Sigh. We were just INCHING along, stop, go, stop, go. I already knew what was gonna happen. I was feeling worse than I normally do during motion sickness, because of my flu. We were next to a small, enclosed stretch of grass, hidden behind dense bushes, so I asked my mom to please pull over and she did. I ran behind the bushes. I gagged and retched, but for once nothing would come up. I was miserable; I was nauseated worse than you ever want to be. After a few more unproductive heaves, I clutched my stomach and applied pressure. That sure did the trick! I barfed like I had never barfed before. My mom had to support me to keep me from falling over. Wave after wave of chunky, brownish vomit came pouring out of my mouth like Niagara Falls. Back in the car, before I could do anything, I choked and spewed all over the car! It was horrible.

Ok. Quick question. I would like to hear peoples opinion. Do women puke more often then men, or do men puke more often then women (on advrage)? Personaly, I believe that women puke more often the men. I am a custodian at a local college and I know that if I am called to clean up a puke mess in a restroom, 9 times out of 10 it ends up being in the women's restroom. But that is only my experance. what do you all think???


one day when i was really young about 5 i woke up and barfed. i don't even remeber it! i haven't barfed seics!!! is that a good thing? should i make my self barf? i mean its been about...9 years thats a long long time

i barfed last night every 15 mins all night till 5:38 am

did anyone see Brookside last Friday - Anthony Murray sticking his fingers down his throat so he would not have to go to school - wish they had shown more but I guess it would be unfair to make an 8 year old boy throw up for the cameras!

since i see that this board isnt deserted, i will tel some story's. When i was about four years old i puked at kindergarten. i barfed all my apple juice over all the other kid's schoolbags. I got sent home. at home i barfed this brown creamy stuf with little orange lumps in it (probably the orange i had..)i tried to stick my hand in front of my mouth, but it all came out of my nose. a couple of years ago i had ice-skating lessons. at the lunch break i had a bottle of cold orange lemonade . at breakfast i had a pancake. when the lunchbreak was over, i got a bit of a headache, and started to feel a bit sick. when i was skating i got a bit dizzy, and i fell on my knees. i instantly spewed some orange watery vomit with a few lumps of pancake in it. i walked to my mum, who was chatting with another mum sitting on the bench at the side. i sed i puked, and she took me home. i thougt it was over, but at the tram stop i barfed about 3 liter of orange water with more lumps in it. al the! people on the tramstop jumped back (there were about ten people there) . at home i barfed a couple more times, each time the barf got more chuncks.
well, thats it for today i will post another story tomorrow

Rachel- Thank you so so so so much for that story! I had no I'm guilty of being one of the ones that would like to see Nick Carter puke. It's weird, I know, but I'd like to be there to hold his hair back. I just kinda think that's romantic-holding their hair back for them. I know, I know, I'm twisted, lol. But, poor Nick. I feel so sorry for him, that had to be really embarassing. I hate people knowing(especially the WHOLE world) when I throw up, imagine how he was feeling. If I had been there, I would've held his hair back, lol. But my boyfriend might have gotten a bit jealous...Oh well. Anyways, once again, I feel sorry for Nick. And those fans who said it was gross should be ashamed of themselves! How would they like it if they had thrown up and Nick walked past and was all like, "Eeewww, gross!" I'll guarantee they wouldn't have felt any better about it. Anyways, your friend's lucky. Tell her I said that. LOL.

One more thing, I was reading an article about Nick's most embarassing moments and he mentioned something I thought some of you would find interesting. "At a party, this guy who works for our record company keep telling me to try his delicacy escargot, which is common food in France. They serve it in this ???? garlic butter sauce. I had some and was trying not to think about what I was eating. But later when I realized I had just eaten snails! I had to run to the toilet to vomit. What a vile idea! Leave the poor things in the ocean. Next, someone will be on my case to try chocolate covered ants!" That was straight from Nick's mouth! I thought you guys might enjoy that...

Oh, and no more personal puke stories yet peeps, sorry. But, lots of school trips are coming up, so I may have a few later(in May). Today during class, we were talking about the eighth grade promotion trip and one of the guys-Mark said, "I want to go to Wonderland(the amusement park in Amarillo, Texas) because you can do a lot more than swim. At Wonderland, you can ride rides, eat a lot, ride rides again and throw up, and meet hot chicks!" "And throw up on the hot chicks..." I muttered. LOL I just thought you guys might want to know about that conversation, lol.

This really nasty girl got the flu in school and who should she happen to give it to but yours truly. I have been throwing up for a few days, but I'm getting better now, though I still feel sick. On Monday, this girl was complaining that she felt nauseous, and then she suddenly barfed all over her desk, it was soooo gross. I wasn't worried about catching it, I never am, but when I got home I was feeling a tiny bit sick. I wasn't nauseous, but I had a slight stomachache and was tired. I didn't think much of it, but I did go to bed early. When my alarm went off in the morning, my head felt so heavy I felt like it was impossible to lift it. I swatted at my alarm clock to turn it off, then puked all over myself. I stumbled to my parents room, covered in puke, and told them how sick I felt. They took my temperature and it was 102, so of course I stayed home. I changed into a clean nightgown and fell asleep. When I woke up five hours later, I tried to force down some food but soon h! ad to throw up again. I barfed constantly till mid Tuesday, when I started to feel a teensy bit better. Today (Wednesday), I puked once, but only a little and I am feeling pretty much better. :-)

LUCY: I'm glad you're feeling better... salmonella can be very serious. Hope you never barf again!

RACHEL: That is so cool about Nick barfing! I can't believe someone actually put the photos on the web! Imagine all the fans that saw the photos (not to mention the ones who were there in person!). Thanks for posting!

I know what you mean about nick. ive seen it before, he gets sick really easily. just during this tour he had the flu really bad but they had a show that night. well he went on with it anywayz *they can't really get out of shows unless its extremly serious* he looked like hell but about half way through the show he went off to the side of the stage towards the back *if anyones seen how the stage is set up this tour* and he started puking all over the floor. he continued with the show but he had to stop TWO more times! at least he made it all the way backstage that time cuz the first time it was within viewing distance! lol

SWIM GURL - thanks for showing your concern., anyway I'm fine now... back in school.

All right I noticed a couple of you peeps on this site said you always wanted to see Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys throw up in public...wait til you hear this one. Last year during the Into the Millennium tour Nick was really sick with pneumonia (I think that's spelled wrong but oh well). A friend of mine was waiting outside the hotel that the boys were staying in and she noticed Nick get out of the van. Of course he looked really pale and sick, I mean the poor boy was practically dying. Anyway some fans were jumping all over him while he was trying to get into the hotel. I guess it was too much for him cuz all of the sudden he leans over these bushes and starts spewing his guts out. Most of the fans that were there were like oh my god this is so gross. Other fans were feeling sorry for him but then there were some who were actually taking pictures of this thing. I couldn't believe it! Anyway a couple of months after the "incident" I'm surfing the net and I find this site that had the pictures of him puking. I was like no way! I looked at them all and showed them to some friends. I guess she got a lot of hate mail for it cuz she eventually took them off. Anyway that's my story. Not very interesting I know but I thought I would share.

Has anyone seen "JACKASS" on M TV? Sunday nights @ 10:00 Huge vomit scenes.
One guy in a jock strp sticking his finger down his throat and another three people doing a "how fast can you drink a gal of milk test". They all puked volumes.

Okay, finally I have another story to post, but it won't be too long or detailed, sorry 'bout that. Anyways, my brother Jordan was really really sick last Thursday and Friday with the beginnings of strep throat. He got up at 6:30 Thursday morning a few minutes after I heard him cry out from his bedroom, and went to my dad and told him he didn't feel good. My dad made him go back to bed, but when my dad left for work, Jordan got back up and went and laid down on my mom's bed and moped around for awhile until my grandma came to pick me up for school. After he got sympathy from Nana, she took me to school and I sat in class, getting these weird feelings that Jordan was throwing up. I guess it was just premonitions or my best friend's psychic stuff wearing off on me(he seriously thinks he's a psychic, and lemme tell ya, the boy's good!). Well, when I got home, I was watching re-runs of The Cosby Show with him when he got up and went to the bathroom. I heard him coughing really loud and hard and I thought he was throwing up, so I told my mom and she was like, "Again???!!!" Well, he came in the living room and told us he felt like puking, but couldn't, then went to sleep on the couch. Well, me and my mom didn't want to disturb him while we were watching 7th Heaven, so we went to her bedroom and he came in, in the middle of the show and told my mom he had puked. Well, he didn't throw up anymore as far as I know, but he didn't get his appetite back until Saturday. Sorry there weren't too many details, but I wasn't aware of most of it when it was happening.

I may have some more stories soon considering Coach Phillips has been making us run 7 laps lately.

I've got a few of them, but I'll start with this one. When I was about 11 (I'm 24 now) my family went to Mexico. One day we took a ferry ride. The ocean was pretty rough and lots of people were getting seasick. I felt sick myself, but I didn't puke. One lady who was seated fairly close to us was especially pukey. I have always been intriuged when someone throws up, so I was keeping an eye on her, even though I felt pretty bad myself. She was at a table with a man comforting her, when all the sudden she shot out of her seat and puked over the boat rail. I couldn't actually see the puke, but she was retching pretty loudly and I could see her back contorting with each effort. She stayed there for quite a while. Then she went back to her seat and the man brought her some water and a lime wedge. I was watching her suck the lime wedge when she gagged and threw up a mouth full of clear, wattery looking puke down the front of her red sundress and into her lap. Later when we were getting off of the ferry, I saw a little boy blowing a pile of orangish brown chunks onto the deck. He was leaned over a roped off part of the boat one hand on his stomach one on the rope. Some of the puke had splattered ontu his shoes and legs (he was wearing shorts). There were lots of other people leaning over the edge, but those two people stick out the most vividly. The whole boat seemed to smell like puke, especially the bathroom.

Someone who got sick on Valentines
Hi everybody. I'm back again with a new report. First I want to thank everyone who defended me here when someone called me a dumbass, ect. a couple of months ago about my Valentine's day stomach trouble. Today at work I didn't feel so great. I thought I was just tired but at around ten I got really queasy so I went in the bathroom to vomit and I had to wait for like ten minutes over the toilet. I started feeling worse and worse and then I finally puked. It was gross orange and had a lot of meaty lumps in it and smelled a little like oregano and garlic because I had Italian for supper last night but mostly it had that nasty puke smell. I got all of it in the toilet neatly at least but it seemed to take forever for the dry heaves to end. When I was done I got permission to go home after I started crying because my stomach hurt so bad and the manager agreed that I looked pretty awful. After I got home I hurled some more but this time it was this stuff that was more like a lot! of thin snot and water. I feel better now but I feel pukey off and on every couple of hours and I've all but turned my guts inside out at the other end if you get my meaning. I probably picked up the stomach flu because my best friend at work went home the day before yesterday after she got the same symptoms. She wasn't lucky enough to make it to the bathroom and so they had to mop the floor. She's so embarassed she's thinking of quitting and I don't blame her. I can't sleep so I'll probably just surf the net all night and call in sick tomorrow.

didn't anyone get sick on st patrick's day???????????

For about half a year, I felt constantly nauseous but could never puke and kept getting really bad coughs and sore throats. I was put on a few different medicines (like prilosec) none of which did anything. My mother decided I was faking after 2 weeks of constant nausea and so did the rest of my family and a few of my friends. I didn't miss school once because of it. It was really starting to distract me and finally(when I refused to move because I felt so bad) I was taken to a gastroantromologist(sp?) (a doctor that specializes in the stomach and intestines) who decided I should get an endoscopy (they put u to sleep and stick a camera down your throat to look in your stomach). There were bright red spots in my stomach and esophagus so they took a tissue sample and found out that I had a yeast infection in my esophagus which had been there 4 about a year since I took Augmentin for a really bad cough. It hadn't completely cleared from my system. They treated it and I got ! the first relief from nausea and stomach cramps for half a year. I got 2 stomach bugs the month after it was gone - like my system was making up for all the time I hadn't gotten one.

I was on a ferry (The Cat) on the way back from visiting Nova Scotia on a family vacation (I live in New Jersey) I was annoyed about the long trip (12-20 hours)but I knew I'd be OK cuz I don't get motion sick. The ferry is called "The Cat" because it's a catamaran (prbly spelled wrong)a catamaran floats on 2 hollow beams so it rocks a lot and most of the people on the boat get seasick. I knew I'd be seeing lots of people puke (although nothing could prepare me for what was coming) but that didn't bother me so I wasn't worried. I wouldn't get seasick if I sat or lay down or stayed out on deck so I was pretty confident. The first thing that happened was the boat suddenly jerked very strongly and they announced that one of the 4 engines had stopped working. The 3 hour trip would take about 5 and a half - 6 hours. The boat was being thrown about wildly without the right front(i think) engine supporting it. I still felt fine, and eventually fell asleep. It was much more smo! oth when I woke up but many people were puking. I decided 2 go out on deck and watch the water for whales and just watch the sun's reflection. It was a beautiful day and since that engine was out, it wasn't spraying salty water up onto the deck. My mother was afraid that I would get hurt from the wild bouncing of the boat, so after watching the water for a while, I went in to assure her that the railing was high enought to keep me from falling overboard. I went back out and only partially noticed that someone who had been sitting before was now standing over the rail. I'm guessing she was in her mid 20s. I had just turned 11. I guessed that she was watching the beautiful reflections on the water like me and paid no attention. A couple minutes later, I felt a "splat" againt my light rain coat and a little hit my face hair, and the shirt underneath(the jacket wasnt compleatly zippered). I looked down and to my horror, found myself covered with bright orange vomit that s! melled like wine. I was completely grossed out and ran inside. Everyone saw me and looked at me like I had puked all over myself. I burst into tears and shouted loud enough 4 everyone that saw me to hear that someone has thrown up all over me. my mother helped me remove my jacket(being careful not to tough the front of it) and I ran off to the bathrooms to completly soak my hair, face, and shirt. I had to wear the shirt for another hour with the remains of vomit still on it (it was either that or walk around in my bra). I was in complete histerics by the time I had finished cleaning up. When I finally managed to calm down, waves of nausea hit me. For the whole rest of the boat trip, I fought of nausea while some people sitting near us compimented me on my strong stomach. They said they were afraid to walk around because of what happened 2 me. My mother said that if it had happened to her, she would have thrown up instantly. That made me feel worse. When the trip was! finally over, I raced down to our van on the lower deck(you're not allowed there while the ship is moving) and changed my shirt. I didn't care that my 14 year old brother was staring at me. I had to get away from it. I never did puke but it was pretty close and I refused to eat for 2 days after that and then had fun grossing my friends out.

Swim Gurl
Hey Lucy, I hope you are feeling better soon.

i puked a huge puddle today. i didn't even know that i was going to throw up because i didn't even feel sick before it all started. i have had a bad cold and sore throat for about a week and have had a bit of a cough. i was just going to the bus stop when i coughed. and coughed some more. and suddenly the cough got really bad. it was not like i was choking becaues i could breathe and everything, i just needed to cough and every time i did the cough got a bit deeper. i then started to do a little burp at the end of each cough and realised that i was probably going to end up making a bit of a mess on the street. people were looking at me as well because although i had my hand over my mouth and was trying to stifle the burping noises i guess it was pretty loud and my throat kept on gurgling too. the burps got longer and longer and i started to taste bitter stuff at the back of my throat. i ran down a side street and found a tree and leant forward slightly, bracing myself again! st the tree with my hands. more burps and coughs. by now i really wanted to be sick so stuck my fingers down my throat. this did not work. a lady came up behind me and asked if i was alright. i could not answer because i was burping and coughing too much. she stood behind me and put her arms round my stomach and i leant forward putting pressure on my stomach from her arms and suddenly...a huge groaning burp that seemed to go on for about 10 seconds and I let loose a huge stream of brownish creamish puke all over the pavement. it splattered everywhere - up the tree and on my shoes. i was just glad none of it got on the nice lady who was basically letting me hang over her arms while i spewed my guts up on the street. i was really embarassed when i finished but the lady was nice, gave me a tissue and told me to go home. i went home, spitting out little mouthfuls of sick ocassionally and then knelt in front of the toilet for what seemed like hours while i coughed and burped. i was! sick again once later but not as much as the first time. i feel fine now but still have a bit of a cough. i really hope that doesn't happen again, or if it has to, not in public!

I've started throwing up at about 1 AM this morning and have been doing it every hour since then. Uh Oh. I'm going to go again. be back later.

I have been reading this forum for a little while now and finally decided to post. Two days before Christmas 2000, I woke up in the morning feeling a little bit nauseated. I didn't think anything of it because sometimes you wake up feeling lousy, and it goes away once you get moving. Anyway, we were on vacation for Christmas, and I just stayed in bed most of the morning. It was around 11:00 when I knew that I was going to throw up, mind you that I hadn't thrown up in about four or five years. I had the all-to-familiar mouth-filling-up-with-spit episode, and got out of bed to go to the bathroom. Just my luck, someone was in there. So I wandered around a little, then I couldn't take it anymore, and went to my room, sat down with the trash can between my legs, and puked. It was gross, there was nothing in my stomach except for bile, and all that came out was this watery, yellow stuff. After I did it, I took the bag out to the garbage, and went back to my room to lie down. This! episode repeated itself a few times.
Later that afternoon, my parents called me into the family room. I found both of them lying on the couch, and apparently they were sick, too. I hadn't told them about me being sick, beacuse I really like to be alone when I don't feel good... anyway, they told me that I had to go to Walgreens to pick up this anti-vomiting and diarrhea medication that the doctor had called in for them. I went, feeling awful... I must have been a sight in that Walgreens... I was just hoping that I wasn't going to lose it in the car or in the store. Luckily, I got back home without incident, and took some of the medicine for myself. My parents had finally figured that I was sick, but there wasn't much they could to about it bacause they were, too. I slept most of the night after that, getting up to throw up a few more times. Luckily, it was only a 24-hour bug, and by the next morning, all of us were feeling okay except for being pretty exhausted. By the way, I ate one of those Pedialyte popsic! les... not good at all! They made me feel pukey because they tasted awful... kind if bitter...

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