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The kids at my school are really mean to the less fortunate pukers. Last week we where going on a class trip to New York Harbor or something. We went on a boat to the Statue of Liberty. When we got to the statue of liberty we ate lunch. On the way back on the boat. I start to feel really queasy. My mouth fills up with spit. Puke fills my mouth. I swallow it down. It comes back up again. This time it escapes my lips and lands on the girl next me's... everything. She throws up too. Then the next person and the next. That's when it stops. Every body else stops throwing up but, I continue to. My clothes are ruined and ever body (this past week) has been calling me Puke Princess.

yesterday i threw up for ten minutes stright in the classroom it was bad it was orange

Carla R.
Michelle. When I'm at home if I have time I tie my hair back with a rubber band and puke while standing up in front of the toilet, of course you have to bend a little. If I'm really, really sick I'm weak and so then I end up on my knees and hugging the toilet seat with my arms. Last time I puked the sound went something like boowerk! really loud. Most times I burp a lot first before the puke comes up. I can hold it back for a long time when I really have to like when I'm in school or wherever, but sometimes I still make the retching noises as I just can't help it and I cover my mouth and pretend like I'm clearing my throat. That's when I know I need to find a bathroom or get home fast. I get shaky and my palms sweat a lot. When I puke it has sort of a bad cheesey smell and really reeks so that's why I don't really like to kneel down so close to it like most people do on t.v.. Most of the time my puke starts out orange then turns clear and sticky looking right when it's almost ! over like when the dry heaves begin. Every time I puke I feel sleepy and have to lie down. Coke or Pepsi makes me feel better.

Carla R., Class of 2001 woohoo!

I remebered but hardly a real nasty spel wich came apon me when I was like 11. I woke up in the middle of the night and puked 'at least i think i did' on me and my sisters bedroom carpet.When my mom came in to wake me and Dakota up she sae the vomit on the floor. Me and Dakota both denied throwing up so my mom sent us both to school after having breakfest. On the way to school I felt real nauseas and by 3rd period ..I was in grade 6.. i told my teacher how sick i felt and it must have been me that had thrown up the year before and wanted to go home. She told me to go to the bathroom so I did. I took an bad shit and was sweating bad and panting and gagging and I think I passed out for a bit because my friend Ashley was coming to check on me and woke me up. After she walked me to the nurse were I slpet but when my mom came i knew I was going to throw up and after we got by the car I choked on my own vomit. I then remembered throwing up. My mum took me to the doctor and after I t! hrew up in the office. It turned out I had food poisining.

A few months ago we went to my aunty's appaartment and my brother was eating and looking down. He started to cough and before we could stop he threw up off the baclony. After like 2 seconds we heard someone scream. Cobly was laughing his head off even though hew had just thrown up.

There's a bulimic gurl at school. I think her names Danielle because she is slightly friends with my older sister Dakota. My sister told me she threw up after dinnerat the sleepover she went to and twice after lunch las!t week. My sister told me that Danielle says she has a "COLD"

How come i'm the only one posting i luv reading these stories pllez keep posting even post ur parents or childs or friends experiences

Bryanni - I know Gabby doesn't know us but do give her our love

Michelle- you are not wierd. I have really been enjoying the responses to your question and thought I would post one myself.
When I throw up, the position I like to take depends on how sick I am feeling. I always do my best not to vomit as I am slightly phobic of it so will fight it. If I just feel queasy then I head for outside as soon as possible, hoping the fresh air and deep breaths will clear it. If I am retching and burping I tend to walk around with my hand over my mouth stifling it. I make a lot of funny gurgling noises when i do that! If I retch more than a couple of times in a row, I put my other hand on my stomach and lean slightly so that if I feel anything coming up I can just remove my other hand and let go. If I start coughing while I am walking around, I do my best to stop as that will inevitably lead to retches and throwing up if I don't control it. but sometimes I throw up as a result of uncontrolable coughs - if that is going to be the case i head for a tree or a wall or something that I can lean against and then bend over. when i am coughing like this it is so violent that my! tongue hangs right out of my head and i sound like a dying dog. when it comes up it is a relief but i hate it before hand when my mouth is filling with spit and my tongue feels stuck to the bottom of my mouth.

if i am at home and can get to the bathroom then I do. as as said before, i will fight the nausea for as long as possible and not go near the bathroom for fear of settting myself off at the sight of the toilet. when it is inevitable and i know that like it or not i am going to HURL i like to kneel by the sink and hold onto the taps so the sick doesn't splash back up in my face. the only problem with that is when you are hurling chunks, especially in other peoples' bathrooms!

Sunday, May 13, 2001

Michelle- I try to make to the toliet but halve the time i dont make it.

Gabby is having surgery on May 13 2001 and is getting out of the hospital on May 19.

Yesterday we had a bus trp...This girl Carrey put her hand up and told my teacher she felt really ill but before the words were outta her mouth she barfed this greyish yellow stufff that looked clear.I almost threw up too because Carrey made 6 kids throw up.Brianna (the snob one) said if Gabby was here she'd be throw chunks and I told her off and nialed her in the face...I am suspended for today.. But the best part is that I'm gonna see that snob with a bruise.

I'm beginning to feel better about the Gabby thing.

Bryanni is wicked
There are like 1 billion Jessikas at school or jessicas at school but there is only 2 JESSIKAS with K's one is my best friend and the other is like sickikd always throwing up...Well anywasy this morning I posted and now i got a call from Jessika "my best bud" saying that Jessika shes my friend ...but anyways had thrown up today in the hallway after seing puke and Brianna called Gabby the Glapers and Jesskia (my best bud) punched and is suspened tomorrow.

O weelll Wahts real funny is all my friends or snobs-enemies have similar or same names and brianna and jessika and jessika and i no Gabby whose name is really Gabriella and her sister bree real name is Briaella.

If you think I talk to much thats okay.. If you want me to keep posting tell me..if you think i'm to blaberring tell me

Friday, May 11, 2001

Lori B
Michelle: No, you're not weird. I asked the same question myself when I first posted several months ago.

When I throw up I prefer to kneel over the toilet. If I'm alone I rest my my arms on the seat and hold my head in my hands. Hopefully, my hair doesn't get in the way. When my husband is home, he generally holds my head with one hand and pulls my hair back with the other. I always retch (and never cough or burp) when I let up, and it sounds like UHHHHLAAAAT! I usually retch a couple of times before something comes up. Unlike Sickkid, it never comes up all on one heave, at least not since I was a kid. On those occasions when i haven't been near a toilet, i try to let up in a trash can, or I if nothing is available i bend over and grab onto something.

Recently, a girlfriend of mine stayed over while our husbands were away on a hunting trip. After we put the kids to bed, she informed me that she felt nauseated. A little while later she tole me that she thought she might vomit. After asking if she needed help, I led her to the bathroom. She knelt down, flipped up the toilet seat and spat. since she has short hair, i held her head with one hand and rubbed her back with the other. She retched eight of the deepest, most violent retches imaginable. It sounded like her toenails would be coming up. Then a tremendous volley of brown chunks came up for seemed to last for at least 15 seconds, after which she has gasping for breath. She let up three more times in this fashion at 45 minute intervals.

hope everyone gets better again.

the cause of this was probably because i ate an entire jar of rasberry jam.
i woke up in the middel of the night and started to cough. suddenly this sour stuff came up my throat. I put my hand in front of my mouth . it splashed out thru my fingers.
it was about a mouthfull of yellow-orange water, it sorta burnt your mouth. I felt more coming, so i ran to the bathroom (wich is beside my bedroom,thank god) but it was to late. i came out of my room and rasberry jam gushed out of my mouth, on the white rug that was lying there. i kept on retching and gagging, bringing up some yellow gunk.

The funny part is my parents never got the stain out of the carpet. there waz a big purple-pink stain on it!! hahaha! they had to throw away the rug! hahaha!

and i have got a pary coming up friday and i am going to schoolcamp soon soooo...



ps: I am a boy of 13 years old.

Bryanni I hope Gabby gets better really really soon!

Today this girl threw up on the bus to school. She was in the back, complaining loudly that she didn't feel good. She is really snobby and will do anything for attention, so nobody thought she actually was sick. We thought she was pretending. We also thought she was faking the burp we heard a moment later, until we heard UUUUHHLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTT! and the bus stank of barf. It was so gross and she started a chain reaction. I did not throw up though, which was a big surprise to me. :)

Today at school lots of the grade 's were worried about Gabby. When me and Jessika and my sister told her some of them cried because they felt so bad that Gabby was throwing up all this time and no one knew it was serious bcuz her sister and mom have week stomachs. gabbys sister bree was not at school and isnt coming back till gabby is back to.

Pleez Reply

As I said I try to think of a puke story EVERYDAY to enertain everyone.

I remember in grade 4 i think this gurl Ashley and I were sitting on the bus and we were together. She told me she had to poo and now it felt like the runs. She farted qietly enough for me and her to hear and told me she just dirreahed her pants. I went to get a teacher and the teacher asked her if she was sick and Ashley noddded painfully so my teacher got a bag and put it in front of her mouth just in time. She barfed this what seeemed like I think it was (ketchup chips) she started spitting blood out to.

At least Gabby wasnt in my class that year or I'd probaly have to add to this story

Bryanni-I'm soooo sorry to hear about Gabby. i hope she gets well. i've never had a problem like this, but i bet it must be hard.

Monday, May 07, 2001

michelle - i don't think you're weird, i often wonder the same thing (so other people answer! :))

i haven't thrown up myself in about 11 years, but i can relate to other ppl's experiences, and try to describe my own.

the last time i vomitted was in a toilet. i was standing over it (i was 9 at the time, so it wasn't much of a height issue) with one hand on my stomach. i think if it were to happen again, i would kneel in front of the toilet while using my hands to support myself. that is optimistic though, as in my apt my bedroom is a long way from the toilet and i tend to freeze up when i think i'm about to vomit, so i doubt i would get to the toilet in enough time to do that.

i would probably rather be alone if it were me throwing up, but i have no problem taking care of others. i once held someone's hair back while she was doing it (she was kneeling in front of the toilet with her head resting on her arms). she was amazed that i could do such a thing without getting sick myself.

noises...last time for me, all i remember is burping really loudly about 15 seconds before the first volley. i never burp, so that was kind of odd. i don't remember making any other noises after that. but the girl whose hair i held back...she had eaten some bad food and threw up a LOT. the first couple of times, she just retched. then she burped up one. after that, she coughed and burped a few more times, but it was always in between vomits. finally she burped, said she was done, and asked me to get her a paper towel so she could wipe her mouth. The only part that really grossed me out was seeing the vomit in the toliet when she got up.

MICHELLE: If I barf in the toilet, I kneel and put my hands on the sides of the toilet bowl for support. If it's away from the toilet, then I just kneel. As for sounds, well it is different every time. Sometimes I retch or gag, sometimes I cough, sometimes I burp. Whatever I do, it only takes one of it to bring it all up. One retch, one cough, one burp, etc.

My friend got sick in school yesterday. She wasn't feeling well, and at lunch time, she gagged, and I went with her to the bathroom. In the hallway, she gagged again, burped, and threw up all over the place. It was so gross. When she finished she went into the bathroom, kneeled over a toilet and puked again. She got sent home.

where has sickkid been lately i luv her stories?

A few years ago I went with my friend Sasha to this camping trip where all her family is there. One morning (it was a seven day trip) my and Sasha went to this waterslide pool
with her cuzzin Keisha and Tianna. After gobbbeling down like large frienes burgers and shakes Tianna said that we should have swim races. After swimming a bit I got a cramp and came out of the poool. A few minutes later I heard Tianna go "Ooooo No (cough gag) and puked. I'm not sure about the colour but i think it was chunky. And worst of all the vomit was in the pool. It was sorta funny but not that funny.

On easter Sunday my mom took my sister Elizabeth and my brother Colby to visit my aunt and cousins.
But on the same day my dad took me and Dakota to visit my aunts and cuzzins Mark whose like 7 and Kaylee whoses like 12. Well anyways when we got there my aunt told us that Mark was sleeping and had been throwing up all night long (no details sorry) but we could play with Kaylee. After playing a bot with Kaylee she metioned she didnt feel well and went upstairs to sleep but she must have past Mark in the stairs cuz like right after that he came down feeling fine and ready to play. I didnt even really think of Kaylee till I heard her footsteps down the stairs. She went up to my aunt and whispered that she threw up this brown stuff. while she was talking she gagged and threw up (hee heee LOL)
on the salad which was are dinner. My sister Dakota went "oooo" and moaned. After we went home Dakota got sick in a bag and twice when we got home. I didnt get sick and neither did my dad.

Michelle: I've got a real little bathroom, with the bathtub right next to the toilet, so when I need to throw up, I sit on the bathtub and lean over with my head over the bowl. Like you, I usually like to be alone, 'cuz I feel messy and gross when I'm being sick, but if my boyfriend or my mom are around, I let them help me by holding my hair back so I can put my hands on the bowl. If I'm alone, I hold my hair with my left hand and use my right hand on the rim to balance myself or, sometimes, to stick my finger down my throat if I'm really, really nauseous but I can't throw up on my own and I really need to vomit to feel better.

Right away i'm gonna say that this is Bryanni but once i tried to post two stories at different times during the day and it didnt work out.

I was just looking at some pictures from last summer when we went to a fair and there is a picture with me and Dakota with r arms around each other. No big deal right were sister. Whats funny is in the backround u can see a lil boy puking. By the looks of the picture the burfi stuff is brown.

When I was In grade 6 one morning Gabby threw up because she saw a pool of vomit. A lot of kids make fun of her about this so later after lunch this snobby gurl Brianna (so close to my name) said really nasty stuff out loud about puke and singing a song about chunks of orange vomit.
This was enough for Gabby's stomach to handle and she threw up. She was crying while Brianna and her snobby friends laughed. My and Jessika and this other gurl who I longer dont know Dantee told her off and Brianna threatend to make Gabby sick. It was soooooo bad.

But on a good note or a bad note we found out that Gabbys mom and sister just have weak stomachs but Gabby might have a problem with puking. Something like Bulimia.I'm not sure. i'm sorta upset becuz Gabby and Jessika are my best buds and we wouldnt be able to live without her.

umm i have lots more bt i dunno if i can use a lota space

pleeeeeeezz reply i luv stories

Bryanni is sad !!
I've already told u bout Gabby and her stomach problems well Friday at school she felt REALLY nauseated. She needed someone to throw up to make her sick because thats how bad she was hurting. I tried to make her throw up and so did Jessika but it wasnt working. We were n an assembly when we heard a boy goo "Ooooo" and then heard a splat. Gabby went to get up but fainted. Puke was falling out of her mouth it was brown but it was sooo bad. She had her eyes closed and was puking. It was like her stomach had stored this food in the last year to make her sick. I was crying and so was Jesssika (weell duh were her best friends. since me and my sister Dakota go to the same school she and Gabbys sister who is the same age as Dakota came over. When they saw Gabby ,Gabbys sister Bree didnt even throw up because she was shocked. Like 10 teachers were trying to help her but Gabby was like unconsisous. I had puke all over my pants but sobbing hysterically i called 911 for an ambulance. Gabb! y was literaly rushed to the hospital. I didnt here from her dad till this morning. He said that Gabby was okay but they have to do sugery (there taking halve her stomach out) and they have to put her on perment subsciption bcuz of er stomach. I am so sad to see my best friend sick.
But knowing she'll be outta the hospital in two weeks raises my spirt. I still see pictures in my mind of her vomiting (as sick as it sounds) and Jessika cant even eat.
Pleeeez reply to help booost myt spirts I'm reallly sad.

I have another story which sorta makes me laugh. My sister Elizabeth had a sleeepover last night and her and her friends were talking about vomit and mixing foods in there mouth and running down the streetsspiting it up mixed. One of her friends was laughing so hard at this milk and pizza mixed stuff and puked herself. She didnt even go home.
I was mad at Elizabeth for doing the puke thing. She knows that Gabby gets sick easily but doesnt no bout her being in the hospital.

Well anyways the phone is ringing its Jessika.

Person who hardly ever pukes
Also the Monday that i came back to school in Math class this girl named Cassie was fine one minute and when we lined up for lunch she puked up some kind of yellowish egg like crud the funny part is my best friend Mitchell yelled WHOA because he was right beside her and i know she faked it i saw her shove her finger down her throat PS Matt and Luci iknow how you feel i never get sick from it i start shaking and hyperventilating sorda and shaking and get out of that place as soon as I can .

Sunday, May 06, 2001

I was watching Real World Road Rules Challenge the other day and it was a gross out competition. The first one was to eat this animals brains and stuff. Most of them ended up puking a lot because they could not stomach the food. Julie was the only one who did not puke.

OMG a lot of ppl luv my stories i am soooooo happy.

Umm I was thinking about the last time I threw up and that was a couple of nights ago after reading these so I
thought about the time before and I think that was the first day of high school (already posted) but then I thought about Jessika this gurl at school who probaly pukes more then 'sickkid'. Gabby pukes the most bcuz anyone who pukes in front of her she retches too.

Well halve my stories about ppl puking usually ends up in Gabby throwing up to. But this story doesnt

Well anyways a couple of weeks ago 18 selected students got to go to this Play. Well me and Jessika were two of them. During the playshe whispered in my ear "I'm gonna hur--" and then spattered this nasty brown chunky stuff all over her dress. A little got on my shoe but I am not Gabby so i didnt throw up to.Well anyways she got up and ran but fell over and started to puke this yellow stuff up. She coulnt get up. My teacher had to practically carry her out and since we r 14 that doesnt look right.

Well anyways I gtg
plllleezzz reply I luv hearing from every 1 i hope u like my stories. Eeeeewwwwwww OMG i swear on the holy bible (and i'm christian) that my sister Elizabeth just threw up "I dunno why but she just did" It is white and yellow. Gag gag.
At least Gabby isnt here!!!!!!
LOL c u tomorrow

this may seem like a really odd question but I would like to know. I also like talking about this kind of thing which may make me wierd but oh well, you must all like this kind of thing of you are reading this forum anyway!
what position do you like to be in when you vomit. Like do you like to do it in the toilet, or in the sink or a bag or somewhere else? and if you do it in the toilet, do you kneel or bend? do you like people helping you when you are sick - holding your head or hair or anything?
When I am sick, if I do it away from a toilet I like to bend right over and put my hands either against a wall and brace myself or on my knees. I fall over sometimes then though!
If I am at home, I like to kneel over the toilet and put my arms across the bowl and rest my head on my arms. I usually prefer to vomit alone as I make a lot of burping noises which i find embarrassing. But if good friends are with me and they don't mind helping me, (and I will only let them if they don't get nauseated themselves by vomit) then I either like them to put one hand under my forehead and rub my back with the other hand (takes a really good friend to do that!) or just to sit behind me with one hand on my shoulder. I find that really comforting as well.

Also, I would be interested to know - what kind of noises do people make when they are sick? Is it always the same one? I usually do a couple of low coughs, followed by two high coughs, a vomit burp and up it comes. I am glad it is like this because I always know when I am going to be sick - if I just retch I can usually guarantee it will be a dry one.

Well, I'm back from our choir trip and I'm sad to say I have no stories to post that really mean anything, except when we went to the mall, me and my best friends Holly, Shelby, and Leslie all got on this virtual reality roller-coaster with three other girls from our choir-Bridget, Brittany, and Michelle-and three guys from another school that we had never met before(and they were HOT!). When we got on, the guys are all like, "I hope I don't throw up." Leslie turned around and goes, "You'd better not throw up or I'll turn around and puke on you!" They laughed and Michelle goes, "You guys, I'm scared. I shouldn't have eaten that ice cream before I got on." It turns out EVERYONE but me and Holly had had ice cream before we got on, so I was like, "Great, I'm gonna have hot guys puking in my hair before this stupid thing is over." All throughout the ride, the girls were shreiking and screaming and Michelle kept going, "You guys, I think I'm gonna be sick." Well, after we went backwards after going frontwards, the ride stopped with thankfully no puking incidents, but we all staggered off the ride and were walking around like drunks, lol. Well, no one threw up, but the girls in the back of the bus(I was in the middle) were talking about puking and laughing and making gagging noises. It was really gross, actually. But, overall, it was a pretty good trip(except for the fact our choir made a 2 and this b*tch in Deb's at the mall caused me and my friends a lot of trouble)and I'm looking forward to next year's trip. Sorry I didn't have anything better to post, lol.

swim gurl
hey bryanni
I have already posted my barfing incident at school but it was really embarassing. It was on a school field trip, My friend often get's motion sick and a few years ago on a school trip she barfed all over the bus. Well I am going to bed now but i will be sure to post more if i have another story. Keep posting Bryanni. Yeah, where was the strangest place where you have thrown up? Mine was in a theater.

swim gurl

I have another story this happend last year when i was in eighth grade. I live in Pennsylvania so at the end of eighth grade before everyone goes to high school we take a class trip to hershey park. Me and my friends were getting ready to go on the Canyon River Rapids and for those of you who have ever been to hershey park the canyon river rapids is one of the most popular rides there and the line is ususally 2 to 3 hours long so me and my friends stood there for like the next about 2 hours waiting and waiting finally the five of us were the next up in front of us was a little kid and his family and as they were standing there the little kid threw up so of course it take the people like thirty minutes to clean it up and it was like all over the place so they didnt let anyone else on till it was all cleaned up!!!

i felt sick in the supermarket today and started retching. I was retching so much that i had to kneel down so i didn't fall over. I was retching into my shopping basket. I wasn't actually sick though. good thing really as the basket had holes in it.
have felt really sick all day but was only sick a few minutes ago. it was only a little mouthful of sick and i feel worse now that i have done it. i am going to go and kneel in front of the toilet now and try and be a bit more sick so i feel better. will let you know what happens.

Bryanni - love the stories

okay a few things i need to cover.
(The firts story i posted said two weeks ago then later it said i was 12 then and now i'm 14. I meant to say two years ago.)

To answer the question i puked in my teachers lap (already posted)I threw up at a swim meet in the pool and the meet was cancled. I puked on my cat when i was like 3 (my sister told me that) but really no embarassing place or weird. school home pool kinda thing.

Today at track i came in first place for the 100 metre run. After i felt nausesous so i told my teacher and she told me to sit in the shade. I did and i was coughing a little and felt this puke in my nose.I told my teacher i felt like fainting and she told me to get a drink. When i did that schools waterfountion had never tasted so good. Ewww . I never threw up though.

Umm i will try to post a story everyday if i can think of one?

I threww up a couple nights ago after reading detailed stories on this

pleeeez reply

does anyone know of any movies with puke scenes in them. I have seen several movies with puke scenes that you coudl tell were totally fake I am after movies with good puke scenes in them.

Thursday, May 03, 2001

Bryanni, where is the strangest place you have thrown up?

Couple of days ago our class went on a trip somewhere else in town (i live in amsterdam, the netherlands) we had to go with the subway. Since there was not enough room for me to sit down, i stood in the back. Suddenly my teacher ran to the back holding a girl by her arm. My teacher made another kid that was sitting there stand up and stuck the girl there. She looked VERY pale. And then he said: Do you think you ar going to throw up? she nodded. Then the teacher ran of to get some paper. The sick girl said 'oooow no!' and gagged. this was enough for me and is said 'euww' and ran off. as i walked of i saw her gag, after the gag came a gurgling sound . I turned my head and ran of. Then i looked behind me an i saw on the floor, the spot were i was standing, a small chunky puddle (hamburger?) at that moment the teacher ran to her and putting some paper over it.

plz reply

I have threw up 3 times in my school year. Once I already posted. The other two times. One isnt so bad ..on my first day of high school i threw my cornfalkes(in the toliet) up.
I was fine after it was just my nerves.The other time was on the bus at school but does that count? if not i only threw up twice. And one time wheni was 7 i threw up in the classroom. It was ........? i think it might have been blue(i had a blue beery juice blue popiclie and bluberries for snack. It was so ggrrrroooos!!!!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was crying and throwing up at the same time.


okay quickly bcuz i just posted umm in my first story about me getting sick on the bus i wrote "two weeks"i meant to say "two years"


Hey all! I'm back with yet another one. Last night I was talking to my little brother and he was telling me about these kids at his school that pick wild onions on the playground and eat them. He said one of them ate one and it made him sick. I tried to dig for details, but Jordan had none, so he told me about when we went to Wal-Mart on Sunday. He said he just walked in the bathroom and saw this stall door closed, but the guy in it was standing up, turned towards the toilet(he could tell by his feet). Well, Jordan said just as he was about to use the bathroom he heard the guy go, "UUUHHHLLLLAAATTTT!!!!!" and water splashed out of the toilet and under the stall door. Needless to say, Jordan finished his business and high-tailed it outta there! He says he had his suspicions that the guy was hung-over, but he didn't know for sure. You never know! LOL
More stories to come later(only three days until we go to Wonderland, I'm sure I'll probably have a story for there).

I had a terrible stomachache yesterday. I must have eaten something that didn't agree with me. I ate at a luncheonette downtown with a friend and I had a hotdog with everything, a bowl of chili, and two pieces of cheesecake. By 2:30 I felt queasy and on the verge of throwing up so I took an empty coffee can in the car with me when I went to pick my son up from school. I sat in the car waiting for him to come out and by that time I had filled the can nearly two thirds full with puke. I felt a lot better. I put the lid on tightly and put it in the back seat so he wouldn't see but the first thing he said when he got in the car was "it stinks in here; it smells like somebody threw up". I laughed and told him I did it. He wanted to see it so I opened the lid to let him look and he said it looked like diahrrea and thought it was funny. As soon as the smell hit me I puked in the can again and put the lid back on and left it in the parking lot, nearly full. I puked some more when I go! t home. Ever since the incident my son has been almost constantly imitating the sounds I made when I was throwing up. I hope he's not doing that in school!

Tuesday, May 01, 2001

No one is replying to my sick storie. Well anyways i got a few small funny ones. The firest is last night ..after reading these stoires i felt sick and puked a little orangish vomit with red stuff.

Story#2 I told u about my sister elizabeth getting sick once a month. While last summer we went to feed the ducks at a pond by are house , Elizabteh was having a fun time when all of the sudden her spell hit her and she threw up this light brown (choclate milk stuff) i went to clean her up. Well a few minutes later these girls came in and one was shreieking and the other laughing but looking pale. I figured it was the puke so i said "If you gotta porblem with vomit the dont come to this park" the girl looked me striahgt in the eye and said "Hi I;m Mallory and for ur 411 the ducks are eating the puke"

Story#3Last month this girl Kassy felt so sick she couldnt move and went into convulsions. The teacher went to calm her down. Kassy sat right up and puked this cleary white stuff into this techers face.

Story#4When i was four and in kindergarted i remembered this boy threw up all over my lunch because he was sitting next to me. I was bawling my eyes out and the boy just comtinued eating his lunch.

Everybody's asking me how many times I've thrown up at school its funny 'cause all these posts were posted on the same day and they all ask the same thing! Did one person post the same question under multiple identities? lol :-} Well anyway to answer the question, I never really counted but a lot of times, thats for sure! Probably about two or three times each school year, sometimes more (like this year... I've had a bad year). I have a really weak stomach.

hey im back again only because we're running the mile in gym class yay!!!!!!!! half the class did it today me includecd and the other half will do it on Friday. Nobody threw up but my friend told me her stomach hurt afterwards and she tasted blood but all the bad runners run on the last possible day so im hopping i will have a story to share.

Lucie: I Am Also Terrified Of Seeing Someone Throwing Up, Every Time Someone Pukes Im Jolting Out Of The Room,Because Im Afraid Someone Will Spew On Me.Ciao.

I've been readng these for a few weks when something came on my mind. There is a girl at school whose really nice but she is a teachers pet. She brings the teachers apples to school. It is sooo dumb. And the way she dresses is so 70's.
one day in grade 5 (i'm in 8th now) my friend Christina said it beee so funny to see this girl throw up. Well anyways one morning this boy brought all these snacks to school. (Chips pop pretzels cookies and cake) for a birthday celbraton. Well anyways after. Mary Catherine (even her name is boring) ate a little and while the rest of us were parting,she studys for a science test. All of the sudden we her "burp cough ahhhhhhhwaaaabluurrah" mary catherine threw up this brown stuff with even darker brown lumps and a trace of her breakfest ...Cheeros? she ran up to the front of the room and told r teacher and sobbed in her arms. A nice teacher like her asked her if she was gonna be sick agian and mary catherine nodded. So my teacher held her two braids back while mary catherine gagged and gagged the only thing that came up was one solid chunk of was a smalll orange chuck.

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