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I am soooo relieved; I'm finally getting better. I did have salmonella, and still do - I have still been throwing up but only about once or twice every few days. Before, it was several times per day! I really am feeling a lot better :-)

Oh god. My mom took me to the doctor because I kept puking, and it turns out I have salmonella :-( I am still throwing up every two seconds. I will keep you posted.

I haven't vomited recently, but there have been several vomit incidents that happened to other people this year and I just realized I haven't posted them! Here goes:
STORY #1 (time: right before school started in September 2000): A girl at my school was having a back-to-school barbecue. While the food was grilling, the girls went inside. One girl said she had to go to the bathroom, and everybody went in with her (except me). They were in there for AGES, and when they came out they told me that the girl had had diarrhea. The smell really got to another girl, and she threw up. Later, she went to the bathroom and barfed again. Sorry I don't have any details, but I didn't witness it!
STORY #2 (time: early October 2000): I was in homeroom. Halfway through attendance, I suddenly smelled vomit. I could also hear people down the hall yelling "yuck," so I knew someone had thrown up. It smelled horrible. I gagged, and suddenly I was the one barfing an orange-ish vomit. Another girl smelled my vomit, and then she started to throw up, her barf was light brown. About five kids puked one after the other, it was gross. Then, with all those smells combined, of course I threw up again. Not fun!
STORY #3 (time: late October): I was in math, when the science teacher came into the room and told us that if we had to go up to the second floor, to use the stairs to our right, not the ones to our left. I didn't know why, until later that day, a boy started talking about how this other boy threw up on the stairs. He didn't give a lot of details, unfortunately, but he did say that the puke had been chunky and pink. Ew!
STORY #4 (time: mid December): I was going upstairs to the bathroom. As I started to go up the stairs, I noticed this boy bent over on the landing, and a teacher standing next to him. I cautiously walked up some more, and my suspicions were confirmed; this boy was throwing up. The vomit was creamy and brownish, and he was making the loudest, most disgusting retches. I suddenly felt nauseous, and I gagged. I sped to the bathroom and retched some more, but nothing came up. I went back to class. The boy was sent home.

Thats it for today!

I get plenty of coughs and colds and sore throats, but I hardly ever get ???? bugs, and even when I do, I seldom vomit. The last time I vomited was a couple of years ago when I had really bad food poisoning - I'd been running to the toilet with explosive, watery diarrhea the whole evening, and though I was nauseous and hovered over the toilet bowl a bit, nothing much came up besides a bit of clear liquid and saliva. I took some charcoal pills and went to bed early. At about 2 in the morning, I suddenly woke up and KNEW I had to get to the bathroom FAST. I stumbled to the bathroom, dizzy and half-asleep, and projectile-vomited a horrendous greenish-brown waterfall, half into the bowl, half over the seat and on the floor. I kept on throwing up for about 10 minutes, then I got myself together and hosed down the floor and toilet bowl as well as I could, changed my clothes and went back to bed sick and shivering. I had diarrhea for about two weeks, but that was the only time I ! threw up during that episode.

I vaguely remember one episode of illness (when I was about 8, I think) where I couldn't keep anything at all down, including water, though I'd been pretty good at getting to a toilet or basin in time. I remember my dad taking me to a doctor, and when we got back I threw up all over the stairs before I could make it to the bathroom.

I used to - and still - get really bad coughs, but I've only ever thrown up from them once, when I was about 10, I think. I was coughing pretty badly after PE, but then I stopped, and all of a sudden, I leaned forward and covered my entire desk in vomit. It was strange because I hadn't even really felt sick. The teacher moved my desk outside the classroom and covered the whole mess up with newspaper. I had to share a desk with another girl. Luckily my classmates didn't make a big deal of it. I didn't even tell my mom when she picked me up after school.

I also remember throwing up in the middle of the school walkway when I was 7, though I don't remember why - and apart from some motion sickness that I've grown out of, that's about it as far as my personal vomit history goes.

I don't throw up when I have the flu, or a fever, because I don't eat. I do sometimes get nauseous, especially when I cough a lot, but there's never anything to throw up.

Those of you who DON'T like nausea and vomiting, by the way, might like to try drinking warm ginger tea.

bitchy biddy
Did anyone get sick on St Paddy 's Day??????????????????

I am probably one of the youngest people here, I am only eight. Is there anyone else here who is younger than ten? Or am I the only one? I throw up pretty often, maybe four times a year. Just last week I had a really bad case of the flu, I felt horrible for a full week, seven days, it was awful. It all started two fridays ago. I woke up feeling terrible. I didn't feel nauseos (is that how you spell it?) yet but I was so tired I could barely move. I told my mom I didn't feel good, and she took my temperature. I didn't have a fever so she said I had to go to school. Well, on the bus to school, I sat in the very back because that was my assigned seat. Halfway through the ride I began to feel nauseos. Then the bus went over a bump and that was when I started to feel sooooooooooo sick. We went over another bump and I immediatly threw up a pinkish, creamy puke all over the place. I was really embarrassed because everybody was yelling that I was gross. I started crying, and then I th! rew up again, it was that same icky pink color. When we got to school I went to the nurse. She took my temperature and it was only 99 degrees, but since I'd thrown up she told me to lie down. A little while later I had to throw up again but I was so tired I didn't want to get up so I just threw up on myself. The nurse took my temperature again and it had gone up to 100.4 so she called my mom, who wasn't home. So I lay down again and a little while later my temperature was up to 101.9, and then it went up to 102.4. I was really nauseos and dizzy, and my stomach hurt and I had an awful headache. She still couldn't reach my mom. The nurse took my temperature AGAIN and this time in was 103.2. She called my mom again and she still wasn't home, and my dad was away for the week. So then the nurse gave me some tylenol, which helped a lot but half an hour later I did have to throw up again. By then I was really thirsty, so the nurse told me to go get some water from the water fountain ! and as I was drinking I gagged and threw up a stream of thick creamy barf. I rested in the nurse's office for a little while longer and then I was able to keep down some water. Now I was getting chills. So the nurse took my temperature yet again and this time it was really high - 104.3. The nurse looked like she was getting a little worried because I had such a high fever and she couldn't reach either of my parents. I was in the nurse's office ALL DAY, constantly throwing up. I tried to sleep on the little cot thingy there, but I kept having to throw up. Finally the nurse reached my mom and she came to pick me up. I was sick for a week. It was NOT FUN!!!

Most of my puke/cough up experiences in the last few years have been related to sinus headaches/infections. The past week I had a sinus infection which went down into my chest (seem to get these about twice a year.)This condition causes me to wake up several times a night with severe coughing fits, which suddenly cause a liquid-mucus solution to come out my mouth. When it gets too severe, I have to run to the bathroom and hack it into the sink.
As far as puking, certain foods I eat tend to trigger severe sinus headaches. I will wake up in the morning after eating the offending food with a headache so bad I wish I could cut my head off! Then I will start to sweat. What's so weird is that I never have a stomachache, but when the sweating starts I know that I will be puking soon. I don't even become particularly nauseous; my stomach will suddenly just seize up and I will vomit forcibly. But only one time and then I start to feel better immediately.
It's funny that my adult puking experiences are so limited, because when I was a kid I was always getting the kind of stomaches where I would get bad pain, nausea and repeated vomiting. One of the few memorable adult food poisoning experiences I had was in a seafood restaurant in Mass.. I ate raw clams, and immediately my stomach began getting the feeling that something was wrong. But I had ordered other food and thought the problem would pass..... After eating the rest of my order, I proceeded to stroll through the town, not really feeling puky, but like my stomach was slowly filling up with gas. By the time I got to my hotel I felt like my stomach might explode and felt a little nauseous. Suddenly my stomach clenched, and I went running for the bathroom where I puked my guts out. But as I said, I seem to have become lucky as an adult, because I only puked the one time and didn't suffer all that much before hand. After reading all the stories on this board I feel kind of ! grateful!

Aurora, CA.
Heya, I've been reading this site for a while, and I finally decided to post a story or two.
I worked at a Chevron station about 2 years ago. A huge amount of puke-fests happen at gas stations sometimes. The puke-fests at this particular station are 3 times as bad, because it's right by a major freeway AND located in the parking lot of one of this city's largest and most popular night clubs. Needless to say, I had to clean up puke on a weekly basis. Sick people going to Yosimite, sick people coming from Yosimite, sick tour bus people, and puking drunks at Beer-Rush(a 2am phenominon in California, "Last chance for beer!!").
Here goes, I'll tell you about the exeptional puke-fest:
One time, when I was alone and working Saturday night graveyard, a stumbling drunk man wandered in and locked himself in the women's room. Disgusting noises echoed as other drunks bought last minuet beer and nachos at the 2am rush. The drunk girls were stuck using the men's room or puking in the parking lot. One lady erruped in the doorway, she just stood there barfing gallons of alcohol(probably wine coolers) on the tile floor I had just mopped. I gagged and averted my eyes as I asked her to leave. As soon as she got past the doors, I pushed the automatic lock button. Some of the people outside tried to get in to no avail. They began to pound on the doors. I ignored them. Now it was just me and the drunk guy who locked himself in the women's room. I tried not to puke as I found the keys to the women's room secondry lock. I quickly locked the second lock, then used the radio to call over the security gaurds from the club. I moved to the front doors to assess the damage don! e, but the stench of the drunk-puke got to me. A wave of nausea hit me like an anvil. I found meself doubled over and vomiting violently before I knew what happend. When I finished wharfing, I looked out the window to see the lazy-ass security people finally arriving on their *gasp* golf cart. The burly men quickly rounded up the stragglers. One of the gaurds must have seen me spew, because he headed strait to the front doors and hollared to me to see if I was okay. I yelled back and told him about the drunk guy in the ladies' room. I made my way back behind the counter (slipping in my own barf on the way) and unlocked the front doors for him. I tossed him the ladies' room keys and let him deal with the guy. Turns out that the drunk passed out after spewing and was snoozing in his own puddle of goo. The gaurd dragged him out and left me to clean the foulthsome mess. I spent the next 2 hours of that night cleaning and retching. The bonus in that was, I didn't have to deal with! the freaks-that-crawl-out-from-beneath-the-rocks-at-3am type people. The up-at-4am-and-happy-about-it people had the audacity to tell me that the store and coffee I made smelled like puke....


Hey all, I cannot remember a single time in my life when I have been sick enough to barf. I will post if I ever do!


I posted about a week ago saying I hadn't barfed in my life... well, that has ENDED!!! I have been so sick the past few days it is unbelievable. Just a moment, I think I have to puke again... okay I'm back and yes I did just throw up. Anyway, this all started on Wednesday. I woke up feeling crummy. I had a headache and a REALLY bad stomachache, but I was not feeling nauseous yet. I didn't want to go to school, but my mom said I should. So, I had only been at school half an hour when I began to feel nauseous. My headache and stomachache were also getting worse, and I needed to go to the bathroom badly. I went to the bathroom where I had awful diarrhea. I felt so nauseous, but I went back to class. Fifteen minutes later I felt so nauseous I wanted to die. I must have looked really bad because the teacher asked me if I was okay, and I said, "I don't feel really good but I'll be okay." I didn't think I would throw up because I never have before! I little while later, I started to ! feel a lot better, and by lunchtime I even felt hungry. So, when we went into the cafeteria I started to eat. Halfway through my sandwich I started to gag. My best friend asked me if I was all right, and I managed to say that I thought I was going to barf. She got up and took me to the bathroom. I gagged again as she pulled me into a stall. I knelt down and as I gagged again, she started to rub my back. I felt unbelievably nauseous, and I kept gagging, but NOTHING would come up. I felt like crying. My friend said, "it's okay, go on, it's okay to throw up when you are sick." I dry heaved some more, and finally felt it rising. I gagged once more, and a fountain of brownish vomit came gushing out of my mouth. After that, I couldn't stop throwing up. An endless gusher of barf kept cascading out of my mouth. I was crying, too, and my friend kept saying, "it's okay, it's okay." I choked out that I had to have diarrhea but I couldn't stop puking. She told me to just pull down my pant! s and have the diarrhea. I felt uncomfortable doing that but I did. As I kept on barfing, all the diarrhea poured onto the floor, and some of it got on my friend's shoes. She didn't seem to mind though. I was finally able to stop, and I cleaned up as best as I could. We were walking out of the bathroom when suddenly I heaved and threw up all over the place. Finally, my friend told me to go back into the stall and she would get a teacher. She did, and the teacher helped me to the nurse. I was puking the whole time, leaving a trail of vomit along the hallway. The nurse took my temperature; I had a fever of 103.2. My mom picked me up and took me home, where I continued to barf at regular intervals. I got NO sleep that night because I kept throwing up.I have been throwing up since then, but not as often, about three times a day for five minutes each time. I am STILL barfing today, as I already said. I've only barfed once today though... I think MAYBE I am getting better. Has anyon! e else had an experience like this? PLEASE REPLY!!!

This is a really gross page but since I do have a story i might as well post it. I work at a YMCA as a swim instructor. I was teaching a preschool class last night and one of my kids starts to cough. He said he swallowed some water but he was fine. I said alright and we got back to swimming. We got to the other side of the pool and he starts to REALLY cough. He then started to choke and he threw up a bit in the pool. (not much about a mouthful). I quickly lifted him up on the deck in case he was going to throw up more. That was a VERY good choice on my behalf. No sooner as he was out of the pool he threw up what seemed to be twice the size of him, himself! It was so gross. It smelled terrible and it got ALL over me. I was in a bathing suit, i'm female if that has anything to do with it, i was just REALLY nasty. But being in charge i had to clean him up the best i could. I couldn't find his mother anywhere so i had to find someone to take the rest of my class and take him to the bathroom to shower. We finally found his mom and she took over, leaving me to clean up the mess on deck. I never knew so much could come out of such a little kid. it was all tan with cunks of cherrios in it. my friend and i went to go get the chlorine to dilute it with. Luckly the kid got it over the drain so it wasn't THAT bad to clean up until we had to pick up the stuff that didn't go down the drain. that was gross. i almost puked myself. only good thing?? i got paid for an extra hour.

Last week a good friend of mine came down with a stomach virus and called and asked if I could come over and take care of him. So I went over and he was really really sick. And he was coughing a lot. so he was sitting in bed talking to me about something when he coughed really hard and gagged and threw up all over the place.

Had a near vomit experience today in the local newsagents shop where i had gone to buy some cigarettes which i thought people might enjoy reading.

I was waiting for my credit card to go through the machine, taking a long time like it usually does. I was aware of a man with two girls around the ages of 8 and 10, the younger one was on rollerblades. She had a really HORRIBLE cough, you know one of those really deep ones that end in a little retch. Well she was coughing like this almost constantly and her family seemed to be practically ignoring her. She didn't seem particularly bothered either, more concerned with choosing the sweets she wanted. At one point she was bent over double coughing and then retching over the floor. In between coughs she was quite happy discussing the relevant merits of different types of sweets. A couple of times when she coughed, she really hacked, and ended up burping a few times. Some of the burps were real vomit burps and I was anticipating hearing the splat of vomit on the floor. She chose her sweets and then had a big coughing fit at which point her father asked "are you going to be sic! k again?". she nodded yes, coughing and gagging and still clutching onto her sweets. he told her sister to take her outside to be sick while he paid, and I saw them through the window, her bending over, coughing and retching. My credit card then went through so I had to get into the car, but even inside the car with the radio on I could hear her hideous cough.
Felt rather bad being interested by this but she didn't seem to mind her impending inevitable spew so why should I?!

swim gurl
This happened to me in 7th grade and it is quite embarassing. I was on a school field trip. We were going to see a play. I woke up feeling fine and was looking forward to my field trip. I put on my pretty dress cause it was a christmas play we were going to see and we had to dress up. I had no clue that this field trip I
was going on was going to turn into a nightmare. Well on with the story. As I sat on the bus on our way to the performing art center I started to feel a little sick. I figured it was just motion sickness and it would pass. Well, we got to the place and I took my seat in the theater. I did not feel any better infact my nausea was getting worse. I debated on getting up and telling one of my teachers but I am one of those kids who thinks oh it will pass. I am not going to puke. I sat there trying to enjoy the play but I just couldn't. I could feel the saliva building up and my breakfast starting to rise in my throat. I was just about to get up and run to the bathroom but instead I couldn't move. I was just frozen there and all of a sudden it just came and vomit poured out of my mouth. I couldn't stop. I just kept puking in my lap. All the kids around me were jumping up from their seats. I felt so helpless. My teachers came along and tried to help me. Once I stopped throwing up they took me outside to get me some freshair. My dress was covered in puke and I was crying. I was so humiliated. My principal called my mom. I sat outside with my teacher until my mom came. My mom came about 20 minutes later and she took me home. When I got home my mom put me to bed but soon I was up and puking again. I was sick that whole day. When I finally went back to school everyone was asking me if I was feeling ok. Some people asked me if I was afraid of heights cause they thought that was why I threw up. I was sitting very high up in the mesinine section but I told them no I had the stomach flu. Some people teased me for a while about it and others were sympathetic. I would have to say thiswas one of the most embarassing things to ever happen to me. The only good thing was the kid that was sitting next to me I did not like and when I puked it got all over him too. Keep posting your stories everyone. I will be sure to post more in the future.

Last year, I went to A????? Steakhouse for dinner one night and it was not a pleasant experience! I went with my mom and dad, my two second cousins, and their parents. I don't remember what everybody else ordered, but I remember I ordered garlic bread and steak. Well, first of all, the food took an hour to get to us, and I tell you it was like CRAP. The garlic bread was the only thing that was even decent. So, anyway, the steak tasted horrible, kind of funny, but I ignored it. I began to feel nauseous on the hour-long drive home, and within five minutes of my house I threw up ALL OVER THE PLACE!!! When I got home I still felt really sick. Half an hour later I ran to the toilet, knelt down and puked for five minutes. I had repeat performances several times that night. If anybody is thinking of going to Alexus Steakhouse, please don't, unless you wish to end up with a nasty case of food poisoning.

This past Sunday, we had a Purim celebration at Hebrew school. We played some games, and in one game, a teacher filled two cupcake holders with whipped cream, and gave one each to two people. Then he would say "Go" and, with their hands behind their back, they would eat the whipped cream. Whoever ate it the fastest won (don't ask me what that all had to do with Purim!) So anyway, this one boy ate his cup of whipped cream practically at the speed of light. Then he threw up all over the place. It turns out he was allergic to whipped cream... it was nasty. The barf was light brown, and it was so disgusting that I gagged and puked, too. Yuck!

Well, folks, here I am again with two more of my awesome motion sickness stories!:
This one happened just yesterday, when we were driving to Manhattan. So, we got stuck in a huge traffic jam on Canal Street. Unbelievable stop-and-go traffic. Now, my stomach just cannot take stop-and-go traffic. If we are stopping and going, I will puke. Period. And that is exactly what happened. I kept swallowing, desperately trying to keep the vomit down, but to no avail. I choked out to my mom, "gotta barf" and she quickly passed me a baggie. I put it to my mouth and BBLLLUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGHHH!!! I threw up what seemed like fifty gallons of pinkish vomit. I gagged and barfed again. Then I was done, so I tied the baggie shut and threw it away when we got out of the traffic jam.

Here's another one:
Okay, this one was bad in more ways than one. Me and my mom were on vacation in Pennsylvania, kind of near Pittsburgh. We were coming back from a restaurant, and this idiot on a motorcycle cut across two lanes of traffic so close to our car that my mom couldn't stop before the car slammed into him. Luckily I was wearing my seatbelt, but when the car jerked forward I threw up all the mexican food we had just eaten. Trust me, you do not want to throw up mexican food, it smells so horrid and tastes so bad coming back up. Also it looked really nasty, I could see the refried beans and the rice and the tortilla and cheese from the enchilada I got. The smell made me so nauseous, I barfed again. Everybody in passing cars who saw me looked extremely disgusted. The vomit smelled and tasted SO bad, I could not stop gagging for ten minutes, and the gagging kept making me throw up. I threw up six times in ten minutes. Yuck. Oh, and in case you're wondering, the idiot motorcyclist was o! kay, he just got badly scraped in a few places.

You will be hearing more from me soon, I have TONS of unposted stories still.

Well, I have been reading all of the messages posted here for a few months now, but never had anything to contribute until now. I almost never throw up. The last time that I actually vomited was like 3 years ago (up until this morning that is). I usually go to bed around 12:30 am. But I wasn't feeling too good lat night so I went to bed around 10:00 pm. I had diarrhea all day yesterday and by the time 10:00 rolled around I was feeling chills. Basicaly, I felt like crap! Now, ny stomach was a little tender not nothing like nauseated. Anyway, I went to bed. I woke up at 2:00 am and I could't believe the feelings in my stomach! I laid there of about 10 minuets wondering if I was actually going to throw up. Finally I decided that the warning signs were strong enouch, so I got out of bed and went into the bathroom. I hated having to do that because everyone else in the house was asleep and I was afraid that if I started throwing up I would wake everyone else up. I got down infront ! of the toilet and waited. I waited and waited an eaited. NOTHING! I still felt increadably sick but nothing was happening! (I HATE that!) Now, like I said I hardly ever actually throw up. There have been plenty of times just like this when I would feel like I was going to vomit, but wouldn't. So after spendind about 5 minuets infront of the toilet I decided to go back to bed. As soon as I got back to my bed (I hadn't actually climbed back in yet) it REALLY hit me! My mouth FILLED with saliva, my throat bagen to feel like it was opening up of emptying out (I don't really know how to explain it... but it was weird) and my stomach jumped. I SPRINTED back into the bathroom and lunged atthe toilet! I barrly made it! My stomach heaved, I opened my mouth, and instantly this huge stream of vomit just exploded from me and splashed into the toilet! I couldn't believe it. I am kneeling with my head in the toilet thinking "Oh my gosh, I am ACTUALLY throwing up!" The second heave was even ! worse. I griped the toilet seat for all I was worth and more vomit gushed out. But this have was like 3 times as hard as the first one and I had diarreha fill my pants! I was soooooo grossed out. But I couldn't help it!!! It just came out! I was soooo embarressed! I heaved a third time and once again messed my pants! I wanted to stop sooo bad but I couldn't! I tryed to stop the next heave, but that only made it worse and missed the toilet and sprayed the toilet lid and floor with uses hotdogs, potato chips, and rootbeer! (GROSS!). All in all, I spent about 15 minuets throwing up!!! After I was FINALLY done I flushed the toilet, took off my now really messed up sweatpants and took a shower. Whle I was in the shower I felt it comeing on again but this time I only dry heaved so I just stayed in the bath tub until I could regain control of my now very sore stomach. I have been throwing up all day today. I hope this ends SOON. Well, I feel yet another bout of nausea. I think that I! had better go for now.

I was sick a couple weeks ago. It started when I was talking to my boyfriend on the phone. I had been feeling pretty lousy all day and finally at about ten it was getting the best of me. I was telling him how sick I felt when I needed to vomit. I put the phone down and ran to the bathroom and puked for like twenty minutes. My boyfriend got upset because I wasn't back yet and he decided to just come over to see if I was okay. He got there and I was laying in my bed freezing. He let himself in with his key and came to my room. He spent the night with me. I was puking all night. I hadn't eaten anything all day so it was just water and bile. I felt so awful. He kept getting up with me and rubbing my back. I was so glad he was there with me. Remarkably he didn't get sick at all. He is just fine now and after a few days I was fine too.

i'm kinda embarassed 2 tell
it's my first time posting here so tell me if u like my story. so here goes

One day i was feeling really crummy after camp and i was just like 'oh my god i feel like up gonna vomit' (i had been on the twirly tire thing twirling around for a long time) then the feeling came. that real weird feeling u got right before i vomit. i was watching the tv next to the bathroom luckily and i rushed in there just in time to spew my guts out. Ok now here's the weird part...i spewed but i only spewed a lot of saliva which was really unusual... then i started screaming and yelling for joy saying things like 'oh my god' and 'i did it' and '<squeal>'.

is something wrong with me or what?
please post and tell me if u still want me to post i got plenty more stories.

Vomit phobic???
I enjoy reading about people throwing up and also imagining people I know being sick and being able to do something to help them without running away screaming which is what I do in reality. Myself, I have not been sick for years. I am 26 years old and the last time I remember being sick was aged 9 in hospital with concussion after I got hit on the head with a tennis ball! I have thrown up since then but only once with alcohol poisoning and do not remember anything about it. I rarely feel sick and when I do, even if I retch, nothing ever comes up - it is like I have some kind of block against being sick. Is there such a thing as a vomit phobia, and if so and if I have it, then why am I so enthralled by reading and thinking about being sick!
Or am I just weird???!!!

I just want to tell you all that I think that your stories are very entertaining, and to keep them coming! :)

WOW!!!!! I just checked this site and there are more new posts than I have seen in a LONG time! I am glad to see so many new people... whoever posted about that horrible case of food poisoning from a hamburger that they ate in the school cafeteria a couple years ago, and Susan - I love what you posted!!!

Excuse me, Matt, but I don't think it was quite right to jump on "Someone Who Got Sick On Valentines Day" 'cause most people like Valentines Day candy, and you cant really blame them if they got sick from eating too much of it because it was just a gosh darn mistake, everyone makes mistakes, I am sure "Someone Who Got Sick On Valentines Day" will not overeat like that again...

Amy C.-
Well, I don't know Shawna very well, so I have no clue if she's bulimic. I do know her brother but I don't like him, so I never speak to him. If I did know her well, I'd try to see if she's bulimic, but I don't. I have no clue how old she is(all I know is she's a girl in high school in the choir). Mrs. Jackson, the choir instructor, is very good at catching people who might have eating disorders and if there was any doubt in her mind about Shawna, I'm almost certain she would have said something to her. Mrs. Jackson pulled a few girls who have been losing weight rapidly out into the hall and asked them if they had been eating lately, I heard and saw it! If I see anymore warning signs pointing to bulimia with Shawna, I'll inform somebody, though. Thanks for warning me, bulimia really never crossed my mind. But, you never know, she could just be a big eater(my ex-boyfriend was like that and he was skinny as a toothpick, but I knew him like the back of my hand, so I k! new he wasn't bulimic, we ate together all the time and he never excused himself afterwards).

Well, people, I have a story, surprise surprise. My very best friend Heath, came into 2nd period late today, sweaty and red and out of breath. They had done agilities in athletics and our teacher is very rude and she knows we work hard in P.E. and athletics and we get hot and sweaty, yet she keeps the room at a very high temperature. Even I wasn't feeling so good because the heat was getting to me(in P.E. we have to run 7 laps and it really overheats a person). Well, Heath fidgeted uncomfortably in his chair for about 10 minutes until he finally felt so ill, he had to get up. He went to the teacher and said, "I have to go to the bathroom, I'm gonna throw up." Well, she certainly didn't want him to throw up all over her nice carpet, so she allowed him to go. Heath didn't return for 15 more minutes, and during that time I was convinced he had gone home or he was in the nurse's office. He ended up coming back to class, but during lunch when my other friend was complai! ning about the P.E. class having to help arrange the tables in the cafeteria, and Heath said, "Well, we had to do agilities in athletics and I ended up puking my guts up in the bathroom." That confirmed it. I had been wondering if he'd gotten sick. Well, he obviously did. Now I don't feel so bad about throwing up at school because of overexertion(I hope that's the right word). I used to be scared of throwing up at school. I guess I'm not so scared now. I know, it's weird. Well, gotta go.

One more thing, Matt, what you said to Someone Who Got Sick On Valentines Day was just plain rude. Sometimes we overeat without knowing it. Plus, someone asked for a story about getting sick on V-day, and she had one, so she posted it. In here, we are considerate of others and you are not showing too much courtesy. You don't see others posting such rude things, do you? Go on, say whatever you want to me in reply to this message. I'm just speaking the truth.


As a man, I LOVE watching a man vomiting! Hearing the sounds, seeing it fall to the ground and splat, and seeing the different ways the body and face can contort in anguish.
Of course, I HATE it when I do it. I will do anything to avoid it actually.
Great posts, just found this place and will definitly be back to read more!

Love these posts! SCott UK keep em coming (or coming up as it were)
I puke rarely (like maybe 10 times in 35 years, but when i do, I'll let you know.

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