This goes back a little way, but I just feel compelled to share it. I was an E.M.T. working ambulance 8. We were called to a 10-50I (auto accident with injuries) Upon arriving at the scene, I found a car with two injured college age girls and two standing outside, uninjured. Because this was called in as a multiple, amb 10 was also dispatched and arrived about 1-2 minutes after I did. The other vehicle was a pickup with a driver who didn't seem to be hurt. The amb 10 guys started attending to the passanger who appeared to be in shock and possibly had a fractured femur (thigh bone). I was taking care of the driver whose injuries seemed to be limited to a twisted ankle and fracture of the upper arm and possibly a sprained wrist. I applied a gentle traction to the elbow to set the fracture and placed it into a splint and put an ace wrap on her wrist and one on her ankle. As I was helping her into the ambulance she said, "I need a bathroom... like bad" I told her that we didn'! t have one on the ambulance, and she would have to wait until she got to the ER. About a mile down the road, she again started begging for a toilet. She was nearly in tears with her good hand holding her crotch for all she could. I told her to try to lay on her side, she might could hold it better. She said, "No way, I'll shit all over myself if I move one inch." She suggested I pull her jeans down and let her do it on the bed. I said no. She said "If you don't help me, I'm going to do it in my pants. Please don't hurt me by making me do that. I'm your patient and you're supposed to help me." I thought a minute and looked around at the bins and realized that there were some towels in one section. I grabbed one and unzipped her jeans and pulled them down. (She was in too much pain from her wrist and arm to try to lower them herself. She raised her ass while i slid the towel under it and asked me to help her raise her knees. I watched as she streched her ring and forced out a hu! ge terd shich started to form a round ball as it hit the towel. Pee was coming out the other end and she took her good hand and covered it so the pee wouldn't fly into the air. " Oh man, what a relief!" The pile just kept getting bigger and bigger. Pee was running around it down her ass cheeks onto the towel. I could hardly stand the smell so I took some Lysol and sprayed the bed and towel. When she felt she was done, I took the towel and pulled it out from under her, folded it and wiped her beautiful crotch and ass with it. I kept wiping and touching it to see if she was dry. She kept thanking me for not making her do it in her pants. We were approaching the hospital so I pulled her pants back up the best I could. She reached for my neck with her good arm and kissed me. I was about to expolde. I never saw her again. But I have re-lived that trip ever since. After we got her into the ER and turned her over to the trauma team, I wnet out to the amb and stripped the gurney and g! rabbed the towel and disposed of them all in the dumpster. My driver wanted to know why I didn't just put them into the laundry bin. I told him I would explain on the way back to the fire station.

Greg (from Kansas)
Hey Sara concerning your post about wiping your anus while in the shower, I usually lather up a washcloth and wipe that area immidiately after taking a shit. Why because I don't want my backside smelling afterwords! I usually take a soapy washcloth and dig way in for good measure. I'm just particular about that! Once a few years ago I had the honor of applying that technique to a lady I knew. She didn't seem to mind a bit. The only problem though at first I had to get her to just relax and quit scruntching up her hips so I could do a better job of washing her area. Soon after it became a regular thing for us. Now I know why I've always had a soft spot for Kansas University womenf!

When I was 11, I had a friend who was about 4 years older than me. I always seemed to have older friends. His name was John and he had a sister who was the same age as me, though we went to different schools. One day he asked me if I would like to see a strip show. I said yes more out of curiosity than anything else, then we went down to his house and he called for his sister. She must have known what he had in mind, because she kept blushing and wouldn't look at me properly. We went to a favourite place of ours where some weeds grew really tall on some waste ground and we pushe our way in to a very small clearing in the middle ehere we sat cross legged. This was a long time ago - the time when girls wore cotton frocks to play out in. It turned out that she was willing to show me her 'bits' if I showed her mine.She had seen her brother's thinglots of times and she said it was mine she wanted to see.I asked her to go first, of course. She pulled her skirt up over her knees and pulled her pants crotch to one side. I had never seen one before and was very curious. I got away with giving her a quick flash of mine - barely enough to see it properly, but I felt I had kept my part of the bargain.
Later she agreed to wee for us. She took her pants off altogether and sat on the ground with her legs crossed again. She nearly collapsed laughing when her wee squirted all over my foot. I didn't mind, because I was getting quite excited by it all. It was great to watch it coming out of her wee hole and dribbling down her buttocks as she finished.
Some time later she pooped for us too. I'll tell you about that another time.

STILL WETTING: Yeah, that sometimes happens to me. I was sort of half asleep, and just vaguely felt that I needed to go to the bathroom. I fell asleep again, and it really felt for all the world like I was on the toilet, so I peed, and peed, and peed. I jerked awake because I was soaking wet. Thats when I realized I'd wet the bed REAL bad.

Ring Stretcher
Rizzo: In "Lost" what was the reactions of the others as the guy pulled the turd mass out of her? Was she screaming? Was she grunting loud before trying to push it out?

Luciane and 18 year old male -
Since I stopped wiping by bottom after pooing a few months ago, I have skid marks on my panties by the end of the day, although I put them in the laundry hamper in the evening. And yes, once in a while I have smelled a faint poo odor during work. Nobody has ever mentioned it - I don't think they'd dare! Now the warmer weather is coming, I'll soon stop wearing panties (which makes for easier and quicker public poos) so I may start wiping again as I don't want to really stink at work!

I have certainly had dreams of going to the bathroom and actually have peed the bed because of it. Also, I remember dreaming about sitting on the toilet and have woken up to find that I have pushed a turd half way out. I go into the bathroom to finish but by then I have messed my pants a little. This happened once when I had a friend over....I was embarrassed because he could smell it.

I am trying to do more shitting in public to get over my anxiety. In fact, I have to poop now but I think I will hold it until I get to campus and do it there.

Lawn Dogs Kid
LINDA GS: I'd better start calling you by your full name, seeing as we have another Linda hear posting now. Don't worry, I can take a hint ( although Kendal would say I never do ! ) So when you think you need to visit "there", you actually mean "come along and bring that comb with you double quick sharp " !! The pictures seem to be changing daily. So I bet you won't see the picture I'm talking to you about now, the one of the lady with the black felt-tipped dress having a jolly good pee ! I'm sure they only have to use the felt tip when more is being revealed than the Moderator would be allowed to show ! Thus, I'm convinced that this lady is actually starkers under the felt tip ! Actually, complete nudity on the toilet doesn't do anything for me. I'd much rather there was more left to the imagination, a nice dress flipped up at the back, and the front positioned carefully to protect modesty. ( And a nice pair of mint green pampies hanging from the knees !! ) I'm with y! ou. More baby Kendal stories please !! Also congratulations about the twins. How long did you have to flap Kendal's tea towel over the faces of Elena and Cousin before they woke up from their faint ?! Look forward to my princess' next trip "there". Take care babe, love Drew XOXO.

KENDAL'S UNCLE RIZZO: No worries man ! Kendal is loved to pieces here and will never want for love and attention. And it seems she won't want for love and attention from her favourite Uncle ! ( or her Aunty PV ). Its funny you should mention Kendal's comment about Uncle Rizzo and Aunty PV not being married. She's a little worried at the moment because she has been summoned up to Cumbria to see her Mum and meet her Mum's new man this weekend. The only reason she hasn't met him before, and also why she isn't living with her Mum is that the new man supposedly put his foot down saying he didn't want her kid hanging around. Strange there should be a sudden change of heart ! Anyway, Kendal is being brave and is going with an open mind. Which means disappointment for me ( of a postponed variety ! ), because Kirsty ( Kendal's friend ) won't now be visiting until Tuesday morning instead of arriving on Saturday. I've been looking forward to finding out whether she was serious about a sit on knees wee ! But then, arriving Tuesday, Kendal's Dad will be at work ..... !

Hi everyoner. thought you might like to know what I did last night after reading the postings.
I felt a good poo coming along and I needed to wee as well, so I decided to do something different. I got my waste paper bin and lined it with a couple of plastic bags, then pulled my trousers down and sat on it. I peed a little into a medicine container, then started to push. To my great disappointment I only managed to push out a few logs they can't have been more than an inch long each and yet I knew there was a lot more to come! Anyway I wrapped it all up in plastic bags and dropped it into the bin outside, looking forward to a good poo in the morning.
However in the morning there nothing doing! I couldnt believe it! Then this evening I suddenly felt movement, and a lot of it too. I was at the computer and I knew I didnt have time to get the apparatus out like the night before so I just went straight for the bathroom, pulled my pants down and out squirmed two huge logs 6" and 8" long respectively. For me that was pretty good, and man did I need it, that poo had been keeping me waiting for a whole day! Pity I didnt unload it in the waste paper bin the night before but it was good anyway. Cheers!


The "Cross my Heart" scene is pretty subtle, I think I
even missed it the first time I saw it. I'm not very good
when it comes to names, but if you say it's Annette O'toole
then I believe you. At any rate, just before she hops into bed
with Martin Short, she goes into the bathroom. The first cut
shows her standing at the mirror doing her make-up. The
scene then shows Short getting into bed. After that, there is
a waist up shot of Annette, presumably sitting, and relaxing
while having a cigarrette. When she krinkles up her nose
and reaches for the air freshener, there is no guessing about
what she's doing.
The "Josepha" one is in most foriegn film sections of
video stores. Movies aren't usually too good when it comes
to sounds during bathroom scenes (After all, they are actors
and they're faking it), but this one does have some faint
tinkling noise and maybe a tiny "pfft" if I recall correctly.


I have been wiring massive computer networks for
the internet for about a year now. We often times end up
working on construction sites as buildings are being built.
Obviously the plumbing doesn't work yet. Normally we
have the hellish ol' porta-cans but I've seen a new type of
receptacle. For high rise buildings, the porta-cans are
impractical because they sit beside the building and you may
have to travel 35 stories down to get to it. The solution is
pretty unusual. There are porta-cans with wheels on them
that are small enough to roll onto an elevator and pushed to
the job site. They are about twice the size of a wheel chair
and have a small set of "saloon" doors in front of the toilet.
The person's feet and shins show underneath when seated.
The "Stall" around the chair is about shoulder height to the
person seated. It would be easy to have a chat with the
person using the device. In the back of it there is a short,
stubby open stall with a urinal. This way you can have men
and/or women using it at the same time. If they are kept
clean they look like they would be fun, and create some
unusual new people situations. I didn't get to stick around
because I had things to do, but construction workers are
very bold and I'm sure some of them had no problem using
it. I was curious to see if any of the women construction
workers would use it (they are certainly not the timid types,
and they may be covered in dust, but some of them are
pretty attractive). My friend also told me that he was using
the urinal right when a tour of well dressed business men
and women came through. I don't think anyone fretted
about it.


Please forgive me for rambling, but I love to post all
this stuff. Today's story is a new one. I realised last week
that most of my stories are several years old and I needed
some new material to keep up with the Johnses. The
opportunity arose when I saw a pretty young hitch-hiker on
my way home from work. Sunny had chocolate brown hair
of medium length, blue reflective "Lennonish" sunglasses
and black T-shirt and pants. She was not at all dirty or
grungy and looked well kept after her long walk. She was
heading about 50 miles south to see her parents, but her car
had broken down. I quickly took a liking to her and
decided to drive her the whole distance as a badly needed
break from my recently boring life.
I had already developed both bathroom urges even
before I picked her up. As we left the big city and started
out across the plains it just got worse. I must admit, I
wanted use the bathroom in some exotic way to score some
points for the home team. As our conversation went on, she
told me that she had her own cleaning business and it was
clear that she loved to meet unusual people. I knew that she
had cleaned the worst, and there was nothing I could do to
make her disgusted. Conditions were "GO".
With my growing urges, I began to tap my foot.
We continued to chat and a few minutes later, I put my
hand suggestively on my ????. Now there was no doubt
what I needed to do. She didn't seem shocked at all and we
continued to talk about all kinds of things. She had a habit
of using the "S" word every other sentence. It was after her
lastest "I couldn't believe that shit" that I added "....speaking
of which" and put into words what she already knew.
We passed the only clump of trees for miles and I
commented that I should have stopped. We both knew there
was nothing but flat grassland for miles. I told her if things
got much worse I would have to pull over and think of
something. She said she was a little shy about having a
dump in public. I then told her that if you put some thought
into it, you can do it right out in the open without people
even knowing. She agreed.
Sunny commented that an exit was coming up in a
few minutes, but I could tell by the tone of her voice that
she was dying for me to pull over to see just how wierd I
would get. I naturally had to pull over so as not to
disappoint her (Ha Ha). My truck came to a stop and I tried
to think of the most exotic stunt that I could come up with.
Pooping my pants was out because my seats are cloth and
would be hell to clean. My solution: lay the black plastic
from the camper on the passenger floorboard and put one
cheek on the seat and let go. We opened the passenger
door and she stood politely about 20 feet away. I asked her
to come closer because the door only shielded my left side
from view and I needed her to stand on my right. She came
to my side and I put my feet on the ground, pulled down my
jeans and began to pee. I wanted to relax and take my time,
so I asked her for a cigarette. She turned around and
obliged me, then took some glances when she saw I was not
shocked at her gaze. I've found that women are plenty
curious to see a man having a dump. Other than the women
that visit this site, most are'nt turned on by the visual
stimilation, but by the boldness of the event. I think they get
a charge out of the sheer guts it takes to sit down and go for
it in an unusual situation. Of all the unusual experiences I've
had with women, I've never sent one shocked and screaming
off into the night.
I peed and peed and peed. It must have lasted 2
minutes. We both commented on how long it took. Next I
began to give birth to the monster turd. It was huge.
Unfortunately, she reminded me that two highway patrol
cars had already passed and I didn't want to explain to some
helpful officer what I was doing, even though I don't think I
was violating any laws. So, I rushed through it and landed a
12 inch J shaped whopper. Sunny snuck some more glances
but wasn't too interested in the final product.
We continued on our voyage and let her know
we could accomodate her if necessary. Three times I
smelled sulfur and thought that I had somehow missed the
plastic. It was only later that I realised that they were from
her, but she never asked me to pull over. After reaching her
parents house, we exchanged phone numbers and talked
two hours. She really wants to go camping and we really
have some electricity brewing. I think she loves to try new
things and I may have some stories to write about her soon.
So until then, have fun!

Hi all.......I was just coming here to check the latest posts this morning and as I started to read them, I felt a huge poo move down and push hard against the inside of my anus. Oh how I love that feeling, knowing that very soon I will be on the toilet and excreting a few nice big arse splashing logs!!!

Anyway, as I was naked at the time (which I normally am at home when the weather is warm enough) all I had to do was plonk my arse on the toilet, tucking my dick between my legs as I sat down. Getting settled down and comfortable, I relaxed my rather full bladder and let out a nice long golden stream. This must have gone on for nearly a minute, slowing down at the end until it slowed down to a dribble and stopped. I squeezed the muscles in my groin as I do at the end of a wee to let out a few more dribbles.

I sat there for another minute, just savouring the full feeling inside my rectum. Ever so gently I gave a little push just to get it started as the tip of the poo swelled up my tight little hole. I was in total ecstasy now as I could feel a nice firm poo slowly sliding through my hole. I didn't push, just let it come out under it's own weight. There must have been three or four inches hanging out of my arse when I decided to suck it back in a bit. This felt REALLY good, so I gently pushed it out and sucked it back in a few times. I was so turned on by this time and had an erection to prove it!!!

Finally, I decided to let it go and moaned as I gave it a big push, it slid out quickly and landed in the water with a huge PLOP!!! Instantly I felt a huge blob of deliciously cold water splash right up my quivering ring, plus lots of drops all over my buttocks, balls and dick. I was in toilet heaven!!! I still had more poo in me, so pushed again and did the first of about half a dozen little poos that felt about the size of golf balls. Each one of these splashed me on various areas of my toilet parts. By the time I was finished, my bum was pretty wet and my anus was tingling in a very pleasurable way!!!

Feeling empty now, I lifted my wet, tingly bottom off the toilet to see what I had produced. There was the big one, about twelve inches long and two wide, surrounded by half a dozen little pebbles golf ball size and smaller all soaking in a marinade of pissy yellow water!!! I grabbed a bit of toilet paper, starting off by wiping off all the water that had splashed all over my nether regions. Next I went to work on my poo hole, I usually start by cleaning around the anus and working my way in with a spiral pattern. I looked at the paper and it was pretty clean, my poos being firm clean ones. I grabbed some more paper and this time inserted it in my hole to give a thorough clean. Only a smear of poo on the paper this time as I inserted more paper up my bum just to be sure. Clean this time, so I flushed the toilet, watching it all get pushed down the S bend with a forceable flush. I sat back on the toilet as I still had some "unfinished business", then cleaned myself up, wa! shed my hands and went back to the computer so I could tell all of you guys and girls all about it!!!

Hope you all enjoyed it, happy plopping to you all!!!


Hi Rizzo,

Okay, it's settled, I can have Kendal at weekends! (GRIN!) I'm delighted to be an ally -- a distant aunt, shall we say? (Pun!)

Yes, I'm 5'6" -- a nice medium height. My jeans have 28" inseam! My sink is far too rickety to sit on, though I've seen some that would be okay, and the kitchen sink is an old steel job -- very sturdy! (What a noise it creates -- hee hee!) That's an interesting technique your good lady wife uses, I must try it! Just for variety, and to say I've added one more peeing posture to my repertoire.

I showered this morning and had some fun. I stood at the shallow end of the bath, as far back as I could, and peed for distance. With normal pressure, I squirted an arc up and over, and I swear most of my stream was hitting the plug hole at the other end! A few pulsed squirts at the end actually hit the far wall of the bath!

Ahhhh, the simple joys of maidenhood...



JEFF. A --

Sorry to hear of your accident, bud, I hope it wasn't too painful and that you'll be A-okay after the docs have had a go at you!

The low ones are for the handicapped? Gee -- all the short blokes must feel discriminated against... In Aus we have seperate handicapped loos for wheelchair people, and boys use the same urinals as grown men so... They MUST use the low ones, or hire foot stools to take in with them! Whatever, your compliments are accepted with smiles and warm fuzzies. And this gal has lifted her little dress and pished a stream into the low ones often enough to have it down to a fine art -- one day I'd love to show you.

My best,


Hi everyone!

KENDAL & LAWN DOGS KID that was a really beautiful story about the two of you having a wee together. It was so lovely to read. Craig and I tried it too, at his house. We're in the same class at school, and we are working on our art project together, so I've got a good excuse to spend loads of time at Craig's. His mum's at work until 6pm, so we go straight to his after I've walked Little Lou home. Before we started work on the Art project, Craig gave me a huge glass of coke, which I drank. I was really thirsty as we'd had PE last lesson. A little while later, I really needed to wee. Craig said I could only go if I'd have a sit-on-knees wee with him. I said ok, and then he said that Lou told him about how she sat facing Kev and could we do that. I said yes. I left my school skirt on, but took my knickers off. I tied my hair back, as it is very long, and I didn't want it getting in the way. We both sat down and kissed each other. We cuddled each other, and started weeing.! It was very nice.

Kev and I have stopped arguing. We just don't speak any more. The arguing was upsetting Little Lou too much, and I couldn't be responsible for upsetting her. I've made it clear to her that she's still to be friends with Kev, however he's been trying to turn her against me. So far he hasn't told Mum about me and Craig, and I don't think he will, cos if he does, he'll have to spill the beans about the weeing together, and he won't drop himself in it. He was so unkind to me though. One day at school, I was with Craig, and his cousins, Alistair and Elliot. Kev was being really rude and spiteful. I ended up in tears, and when Craig and his cousins defended me, Kev turned on them. He was so insulting. But the arguing got to Lou so much that we agreed not to speak and to forget that we were brother and sister. I know it's sad that it came to that, but he seemed almost jealous of me and Craig, and he didn't want me going to the toilet with Craig, sleeping with Craig, and even seei! ng Craig outside school.

Lou has been coaching our little cousin Courtney to do a standing wee. Her Mum was the Irish relative who died, and her Dad left, so Courtney will be staying with us for the forseeable future. She's only five, and she doesn't really understand about her Mum. She can actually wee standing up without using her fingers to direct the wee. It seems she learnt how to do it in Ireland, as all her friends were boys and she copied them. Children have no hang-ups about weeing outside in that part of Ireland as it is very remote, with lots of open space. She'll have to learn what's appropriate here though. We had gone for a walk through the lanes leading away from the vilage. Next thing we knew, she had her knickers down and was going at the side of the road. Kev is very jealous of her, but me and Lou are both delighted with our new 'little sister'. Although Lou will always be my best baby sister!

Well, bye for now, love Ellie xxx

Traveling Guy
RJOGGER: Great story about the locomotive engineer spotting your wife in action. PENNY's report of the chap who said he was at "full throttle" would definitely apply to her in this case. Who knows, with rail lines being so remote in some places, train crews may see more of that than you'd think - hikers, etc. I sometimes rode the train from Puno to Arequipa when I lived in Peru - fantastic scenery, going over a 14,000 ft. (4,300 meter) mountain pass. Anyway, there were a lot of communal "dumping grounds" along the tracks outside towns and villages and it was common to spot people of both sexes and all ages taking a poop or a pee without the least effort to hide themselves from view. I never waved at them, though.

ANONYMOUS POSTER - People's sweat glands work differently. Once in a while when I can't shower because of camping or whatever, I have the same butt odor problem. It can also happen when you have to take a dump badly but need to hold it back, so you sweat a lot in the butt. All I can suggest is that when you bathe or shower, take special care to cleanse the whole buttocks area very well.

STILL WETTING - Have you thought about getting professional help? Your situation could be organic or emotional. It's a bother either way but there's help available.

RING STRETCHER - You're struggle to pass that big one makes me feel guilty. A "workout" indeed! Mine are usually so easy. Had a big spaghetti dinner on the weekend, which meant a really big dump yesterday. After I got settled in, I just let my intestines do all the work - no bearing down. What a reward I got. Besides some generous pasta farts, there was just one, long log, but thicker than usual. As it pushed my ring open, a fantastic tingling sensation shot up through my arms and out to the fingertips, then it moved through my scalp. I couldn't keep myself from moaning. A dump that good happens maybe one time in a hundred, but when it does, it's great.

Greetings All.
It is good to be able to post early in the day for once.

To Kendal,
Hello there, I hope everything is fine with you. Yes, Louise's friend Jackie seemed comfortable with me seeing her having a wee in the bath, and Louise was too. They do both have the same fun loving attitude, and yes, it was a nice thrilling surprise. I guess after I first saw her having a wee in an alley with Louise and another of her friends, Jackie realised she _enjoyed_ being watched. Well (haha), you won't find me complaining.

To Jeff A,
Nice to hear from you. I expect I will do my Aikido 3rd Dan test in a couple of months, probably at the same time as my closest friend as we usually do. Over a period of 22 years we have somehow maintained parity. Not that there is any undue competitive element to it, but there is a strong ethos of mutual help, which is as it should be.
For some reason, my guts seem to have a greater tendency to produce loose stuff in the summer. Possibly it is not the best time to take such an exam if I am at increased risk of my arse exploding, but we will have to wait and see, and I will let you know how it goes!
Your mention of the Aikido master's wish to be buried in his white belt strikes a chord with me. In fact it brings a tear to the eye, because it reminds me of someone else who I did not train under personally, but was a wonderful man I respected greatly and is badly missed. On his headstone, the word "SIFU" is enscribed very large, and that just says it all...
I was interested to read about your wife being a six footer. Indeed you sound a lucky man! Louise has always considered herself to be taller than most women at 5 feet 9, but at the mention of the recent poster Alana, and now your wife, she made an amusing comment that she was "only little".

To PV,
I've enjoyed your comments on Jackie's bath wee, and I liked reading how it awakened a few memories for you. When I have more time than is available to me (hopefully tomorrow), I will fill you in on a couple more bath wees Louise and I had at the weekend. I think you will find them interesting.
Jackie's own wee I think was born out of a little fanciful idea that Louise and Jackie both seem to share. Even though they would not really take up such an occupation, both girls have a fascination with the idea of being table dancers. I guess that I seem to be lucky enough to be considered a safe outlet for this little playful fantasy that they both harbour, and <snicker> I have no objection to being exactly that! Obviously weeing in front of me in a bath is to go much further than that, but if it gave the lady a bit of excitement and Louise is a part of it too, then I am happy enough with that.
Sure, I will try to keep some stamina in reserve <snicker>. I only have enough for one girl, and for another lovely lady I will have to limit myself to giving you a tight hug until I've had a good rest ;)
I'll try to post again tomorrow, PV!

Bye for now,


Plunging Plop Guy

Lots of people to reply to as I've just been catching up on the last few days' posts.

As for myself, Yesterday's visits to the toilet were two in number- the first in the public one with a bit of pain at first, a medium size turd, then I had to sit on a bench for about half an hour until I could walk home as piles were again in action.
Later on I felt the need to go again and late afternoon I had a marathon toilet session at home-at least 2 HOURS never feeling finished until at last it did feel I'd done all I could, then piles again which are still with me 16 hours later.
it seems piles with me are directly proportionate to the effort expended in trying to go. It wasn't the quantity, but the time taken in doing it.

I've bought a bottle of stool softener, although when I used that before once I had very urgent and loose ones but that's got to be better than this. At least gravity will work for me even if my gut's not pushing things out for me. I never realised before how important is the role of the bowel in being a pusher-out as well as a canal.
If the present condition doesn't improve soon, I'll be forced to demand some satisfaction from the doctor, or see a specialist again.

SHAWN, Sounds like you're doing well in initiating yourself into going in public, but no need to walk out of there feeling ashamed!
Anyway, next time will be better and that's exactly what guys go in there for! Be proud and rejoice in your body's good health and enjoy it!

BRYIAN, Your recurring dreams are very similar to ones I have now and again. In mine I'm usually about to use or I am using a toilet with no door, and hoping someone will come in but not someone who wouldn't appreciate it! In one dream there was a combined waiting room/toilet with open plan toilets in full view of waiting passengers. In this dream I wanted to use a toilet but as no-one else was I didn't want to be the first.

MATTHEW. The toilet in Italy you describe sounds neither like a typical Southern European or Eastern European one, but similar to one I once saw at Doncaster bus station 15 years ago.
This had a slope from the back to the water trap so that all the turds landed on the slope then slid into the water rather like the way you describe. Certainly not one for those of us who like a good splash. On my next visit there, these toilets had been replaced. Perhaps the one you used was an import or experimental one. I too don't like the idea of toilet brushes; I think they're very unhygienic, especially in the home dripping dirty water as they're replaced in the holder. Another flush later on, and occasional bleach down the pan is what I do.
Hope the other toilets you found there were more enjoyable to use!

DECLAN, Hi! Good to hear from you again and yes I take your point about public toilets sometimes seeming to be taken over by men who want to use them for other purposes. I too would rather they use other places that are traditional places for such meetings, but I'd better not suggest anywhere but there are several well known open spaces in London, and there are lots of ways to meet with clubs etc.
Lately though, since the toilets I use were fitted with metal strips under the partitions to prevent notes being passed under and straying feet, I've had a lot less attention from others, but now there's a fair bit of drug taking instead although that only happens at specific times, it seems to me.

The irony is that it could seem to others that those of us who visit toilets are there for other reasons and when I used to receive notes from men asking me what I liked and I told them- they wanted to argue about it! If I didn't say, they persisted thinking I was after the same activities!
I have certainly felt a bit uneasy at times, once in a toilet in London, ALL the guys at the urinals turned and watched me as I went to one of the cubicles to have a wee. I wouldn't have been able to wee with these other guys watching me!
Once in London, I walked into a toilet and again walked into the cubicle to wee, and the guy who watched me as I came in stood outside my door and sang the Shirley Bassey song "Hey Big Spender" to me as I was in there! Men who haunt toilets certainly feel very much at home there!

Well, perhaps one day we could be sitting next to each other in a toilet, I still find it hard to believe that in America it is not only fairly common to find doorless toilets in some parts, but even ones with no partitions. When I first started reading this forum's posts I thought it was fantasies about a misconception, but so many have confirmed it's true- Men do shit together in full view of each other sometimes and are often quite happy about it!

DAZZ, Welcome back and hope your computer is sorted out!
Looking forward to hearing more about your shits on your toilet and the great bum-splashing plops you get! You really are as keen on that as I am and it's always great to hear about where the water splashes up. Are you just as happy when you've had a long piss first and get an almighty splash up the bum knowing it's the piss as well as water that's wetting you? I have recently thought that quite a turn on, whereas I used to flush the toilet first.
The incident you described of your schoolmate who had a good plop, and you used it after him; I think if he'd had a piss after he'd flushed and gone out, I'd have loved to get my bum splashed plopping into the water with his piss in it!
It seems that though I don't like shitting on top of someone's turds, I don't mind dropping mine into some yellow water as a way of male bonding!
I was asking you and others for advice on diet some time ago but it seems that diet isn't after all the problem so it appears my colon needs re-educating (a term meaning to start working properly again), then I should be going as well as you do and getting the same results! Big splashes every time!

All for now, Bye! P P G

PPG: I was looking thru postings and was real sorry to see that I'd missed your questions about my posting about the two evangelists who tried to recruit me while I was dumping in an doorless stall in a beach restroom. It was a bit embarrassing at first, but they were real nice, friendly guys and I soon felt comfortable with them. It sure was difficult, however, to concentrate on their pitch while I was trying to squeeze out a large constipated log! I told them that I would listen to them after I'd finished shitting, but they just hung around outside the stall and I was cornered. After I'd unloaded my logs, I just sat on the crapper and listened to their pitch. I got a bit bored after a while and started wiping my asshole thinking they might take a hint that I was not interested. They still hung around until I'd finished wiping. They followed me to the sink and after I'd washed my hands, they both shook my hand and I escaped. Hope these further details answer some o! f your questions. If you still have questions about this incident please post and I'll sure do my best to answer them. Take care, Kyle

Tuesday, April 03, 2001

Ring Stretcher
Do any of you gals have to shit real bad during bad menstrual cramps? I do! Is that normal? It's like an impossible urge to bear down.

I had an 19 incher three inches thick yesterday (I measured) and it was horrible to pass. It took me almost half an hour and came out in jerks despite steady pushing. Why can't mine come out as easily as Kim's? BTW Kim,love your stories the best. I was grunting and moaning the entire time. Boyfriend wasn't around to help me and I had to try several different posistions. Afterward my long dark brown hair was wet with sweat and my face red. The doorbell rang with someone dropping off some paperwork and the guy asked if I had been working out. I told him yes, hehe. Imagine his face if he saw my production. I bet his face would turn red, too.

Livvie and Robert (Texas Couple)
We have been reading this site for a while now and enjoy everyone's postings. Livvie and I live near the Texas Pan Handle and live on a farm. There is a real cool pit in our back yard that must have been a fire pit at one time but we use it for other means...we both like to take our dumps there and pee too.

I just came back inside after taking a major shit.......they were 4 huge logs and Livvie being the sweetie she is knelt next to me and held my hand as I pushed and pushed. Then she wiped my poor tender backside afterwards. She only needed a pee tonight so I watched and held her hand for that.

We look forward to posting many more stories here.......Luv Robert and Livvie

Hi !

I would like to Know if anyone let "skid marks" in your panties, because I do it ... and sometimes I am very shy about it ...

Thanks ! Please, Reply ...

popin guy
Im a 12 year old male have you ever had accidents in
public after you were potty trained tell me

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