Sara T.
Hey Louise! A Snapple bottle is about the size of Nantucket Nectar juice bottles, provided you know what those are? I'm not sure how to describe it.

Michelle, in reply to your post I used to pee the floor of my house when I was 6 to 10 years old. We had wood floors and I don't know why I did this, but every few months I had the urge to go on the floor and I did. Mostly in the dining room or living room. A few times on my bedroom floor. I outgrew it and took to going in the woods.

Michelle, I used to boo boo on the bathroom floor when I was little, even if it was soft, it wiped right up and didn't smell too bad so no one ever noticed. I would pee in the toilet then stand or squat and have by load on the floor. I sometimes did it on a paper towel but usually I did it right on the tile floor. I used the floor because it was really hard to clean up a container after going in it. One time I had a rather soft one and some landed on my foot. When I was done, I sat on the rug to watch tv and felt something smoosh as I sat down. Fortunately, no one was home and I knew where my mother kept a can of carped cleaner. The stain came right out with a little scrubbing. Where did you pee and boo boo as a kid? How did you clean it up when you finished?

Hi Michelle, I am a 15 male. I dont have any special spots in the house, but I do like the garden!

one time i had 2 pee REALLY badly. i was chatting on the internet and i didn't want to get up. slowly the pee came out and formed a pubble on the floor.

One sunday. lastspring with my lady friend-myrna - we rented a very SMALL motorboat and went up a large lake in Eastern Wa state with a picnic hamper. After a delicious lunch we went for a hike. Returning to our boat we started downstream. It was about four miles to the rental place and about a mile down the small motor actually came un clamped- and with no warning fell into the water! - so there we sat. We found the two oars which were okay for docking and so forth didnt work too well for propulsion and the oar locks kept coming out. About that time myrna told me she had the urge to go to the bathroom, "No 2" but would hold it as long as possible. Other boats had come along occasionally and I wanted to flag one to tow us. Nothing showed up after half an hour, and this area was isolated, and myrna really was uncomfortable. It was a warm spring day but water still very cold so I could not suggest she take a dip and "do it" that way. Finally she said she could hold no longer and would I look away// - which I did. She removed her pants and tried to squat over the side, hung there for a few moments - then screamed as boat lurched and she nearly fell in. I made a dive for and grabbed her just as she was touching the water and got her back in the boat. She said she already had peed, and would just have to finish the job on the mat in the boat bottom. I turned away again but she was literally in my lap. Finally she said that in spite of having to go, she was unable to relax and I could turn around. I saw she was squatting on the narrow board across the boat, facing me with her butt hanging down off the back. It was difficult at first but we started talking and she relaxed as time passed and she said, "I feel it coming now, but you don't have to turn around, just keep talking." Which we did - she grimaced as a large bowel movement emerged and plopped on the mat followed by several smaller pieces and small bit of pee. When she tried to wip e she found she needed to stand but that made the boat rock and scared her so she sat down. I told her to lift her legs, and when she did I picked up the stiff ruber mat and slid the poop off into the water, then dipped it a couple times and put it back down, and told her to just stand up long enoug to turn around. She asked why - I told her unusual problems call for unusual solutions. She stepped over the board and sat down again, this time her butt hanging down facing me. I took a clean rag from the hamper, gently spread her cheeks and wiped her- her bumhole was pretty crusty after the failed attempt so I had to rinse the rag out and wipe several times. She good-naturedly protested this but I told her we had to get her cleaned up before another boat came along, so she let me finish. I have to admit I really enjoyed it. She replaced her clothes and I guess it was about fifteen minutes later another boat came along, I flagged it and got a tow back to the marina. I told ! her, "just think if that boat had come along 20 miutes before." She agreed. Later that night during some intimate moments at home she said she did not mind what happened too much that day because I always seem confident even in bad situations, and she also said it really felt good "to be taken care of that way." I offered to do it again anytime, with the result that occasionaly when timing is right she gives me a "bathroom treat." The only variation now is she is quite graphic desctbing the urge to shit and how she feels her poop coming, how it feels as her ring stretches and it comes out, and other comments she knows are a turn-on for me. The guy at the Marina was even cool about his motor, said it had happened before because of vibration with a combination of a small boat and small motor, and it was an old motor and about worn out anyway/ A perfect day all in all, I'd say----

I would like to know how everyone cleans their anus while in the shower. What I do is this. I usally poo and wipe with tp right before I get in the shower. Then, when I'm in the shower with the water running, I lather up a bunch of soap in my hands and then I sort of "wipe" my butt with the suds as though it were tp. I do that along the crack a couple of times, then I make sure the middle finger of my right hand is very soapy and I stick my middle finger into my anus as far as it will go. I can usually get it up to about the knuckle. Ive been doing this long enough that I can relax my sphincter pretty well and I can get my finger all the way in. Also, the sphincter is already a little relaxed since I just pooped before getting in the shower. I sort of twirl my finger around inside to get any excess poop particles out and then I pull my finger out and rub some more soap along the crack. I generally use regular bar soap for this, but sometimes after I have washed my hair I will take a little excess shampoo and rub that over my anus to get it just a little bit cleaner and nicer smelling. When I follow this procedure, I rarely have any kind of skid marks or smelly butt during the day. If I have to poo later in the day, I wipe really well with tp and I usually spit on the tp to make it nice and moist. How does everyone else clean their anus?

This site is soooooooooo cool! I've been reading this for weeks now, and I finally have a story to post! Okay, this happened with me and my three friends this spring break. I was spending two days at a friends house. His brother was there but not his parents. He could care less what we did. We were playing truth or dare. Somebody asked someone if they had ever shit in their pants before. They said no. No one had. We all then told him we were spending the night in the tent outside. We took some laxative out with us. It was the harsh kind I guess. It was about 8. We all took some big gulps of it, and the plan was, we were all going to shit our pants. Well, as the night progressed, we all were talking and having a good time, when one of the guys started feeling bad. He said he needed to use the bathroom. We asked him if it was #1 or #2. He said #2. He said he wasn't going to go through with it. We all got mad, and made him stay. He started sweating and getting really angry. This was when me, and another guy stomachs started hurting. We were already at the point of no return. We had to go on with it. The first guy, he farted and it all came out in a smelly explosion. Everybody cheered, and it leaked out of his pants. His face was in a look of discust, but he started laughing. Then the cramps began to get to bad for me, and I let go. It felt weird! First, you hear a crackling sound, then you feel your underwear fill up wih warm goo. For me, it didn't leak out until the second time. Everybody else went except for one, who held it until the morning. None of us even changed. I think it kind of felt good. We all slept in the tent right next to each other. The smell was horible, but I grew closer with my friends. That was the best night I ever had.

I saw another girl have a poop mess today! I was in the mall, and this girl was trying on prom dresses, with her mother's supervision. The girl came out wearing a real short prom dress, and her mother was saying that it looked good, and then she handed her some shoes, so that the girl could try them one while wearing the dress, to make sure that the shoes matched with the dress. So the girl bent down to put on the shoes. And when she bent over, her panties were exposed. And there was a big bulge of poop in her panties! Her mother (after seeing this big mess in her exposed underwear) actually swatted the girl on her butt and said "shame on you! You soiled your panties!"

Also, I heard a weird rumor about the Brady Bunch show the other day. Apparently, the producers were extra careful to not shoot scenes where the camera would get an up-the-skirt peek of any of the girls - but only when they were wearing pantyhose. The rumor said that the producers could have cared less if the camera got an up-the-skirt peek of a girl when they were bare-legged, but were only extra careful when a girl was wearing pantyhose. This part makes sense, watching the old episodes on Nick@Nite. But the rumor concludes to say that the producers were afraid that the Brady Bunch girls might have had a messy-oopsie-poopsie in their pantyhose, and it would be very noticable if they were wearing pantyhose (that is, if they were wearing the pantyhose as their sole means of underwear, and thereby not wearing any panties). And the producers were afraid of this happening, because allegedly, Marsha took a big poop in her pantyhose in one of the first episodes, and had ben! t over while wearing a short dress, and the camera got a shot (which they edited out later) of Marsha's bare pantyhose-covered butt, with a big turd smushed into her pantyhose!

Mgan (Susan)
Mgan (Susan)
I am working for a very popular and famous TV Channel as a traveler. I had traveled to various countries. I like to tell you one of my experiences when I visited Mongolia. It was my 3rd day at Mongolia and we were traveling through a remote village. In our Van there was our Cameraman, a production executive and a local old man as a guide. We filmed the beauty of the village and it was night when everything was over. There wasn't any hotels or inns nearby. We decided to stay that night in the open. I slept in the van and other three made a small tent and slept there.

In the morning I woke up with some discomfort in my stomach. I had a sudden urge to poop. I hadn't pooped for two days. I came out of the van and found the three sleeping in the tent. I walked down the mud road and went behind a small rock with some bush around. I stood behind the rock and unbuttoned my jeans. I pulled down my jeans and panties and squatted on the ground. Within a few seconds I started to pee. It was a long stream. I made a slight push and a long turd started to come out. I bend down my head looked at it. It was a thick long one of yellow colour. It began to curl and fell down from my ass hole. There came a loud fart and another carrot shaped turd fell down with a thud sound. I was waiting for the next one.

Suddenly I heard a sound from behind and saw the local old man shitting at a distance. He can see my ass. My face was turned red in shame. He shouted from behind "please carry on don't worry about my presence". Unexpectedly there came another fart pssssssrrrrpt and few small turds fell from my ass hole. I finished shitting and wiped my ass three times. While coming back from the bush I saw the old man still shitting. He had already made two big piles of turds and was doing the third one. I was surprised to see this 80year old man shitting like a horse. When he looked at me I felt shy and ran to the van. Any one of you have faced such an experience. Now I don't feel shy to shit in public as I usually used to do it as many countries don't have sufficient toilets in the village areas. Please share your experiences also.

I was pleasantly surprised to see I'm not the only one who spits on the toilet paper to provide moisture for cleaning. I always thought that was my little secret and that no one else could possibly do it. Actually spitting on the tp is a very handy thing, especially when you are in a public restroom stall and don't have ready access to a sink for water. It really helps with cleaning, and it also makes it easier tostick the tp into your anus. The only problem with this method is sometimes your mouth may be dry and it may be hard to generate a lot of saliva, especially if you need to wipe several times. I do something else sometimes which I wonder if anyone else does. Like most people, I tend to pee at the same time as I poop. Sometimes when I wipe away the pee, instead of throwing the pee soaked tp into the toilet, I will use it to wipe the poop from my butt. The urine works the same way the spit does in providing moisture to help cleaning. Now you may think it's gross! to deliberately put pee on your butt, but it really isn't. Urine is actually clean and relatively germ free, and it is certainly cleaner than poop. I'd rather have a little bit of pee smell on my butt than to smell like shit. Does anyone else here ever wipe their butt using pee paper?

JacobG--while your friend's theory about constipation and acid reflux would be taken as gospel in a lot of altmed circles, it's based on some completely disproven concepts. There's a more likely explanation. People who have acid reflux also tend to have abnormally long stomach-emptying times; food and water justs sits their in their stomachs for several hours before emptying into the small intestine. The lack of water causes their stools to dry out, leading to constipation (often alternating with diarrhea). The medication your friend's taking probably works by reducing the stomach's emptying time (thus reducing the pressure inside the stomach that forces the contents back up the esophagus). This would bring the water content of the intestines back to normal, which would in turn bring the stool consistency back to normal.

Metamucil Man
I haven't had a MOVEMENT since Monday night.

Tuesday night my old lady made me an American HOAGIE that MADE LOVE to my stomach.

Wednesday night I ate an entire STROMBOLI (pizza folded over) with extra cheese and pepperoni.

Thursday we ordered a quart of BROCCOLI and JUMBO SHRIMP from our favorite Chinese Joint.


Of course I had my daily HEAPING of Cyber Fiber with all these meals. I've been PEEING a lot this week, but no DEFECATING. Last night I was in bed with the Mrs. She was reading while I took a pre-sleep snooze. I sleep NAKED and she loves this; I got up to PEE and came back to bed. I got on all fours for a moment. Then I pushed back on my knees and let my RECTAL WALLS relax. She closed her novel with widened eyes as a deliberate inter tube sound hissed from my BACK CAVITY. She stood 5ft 2 and got her camisole on. She mixed me some Cyber Fiber. I told her I had my HEAPING this morning with my leftover BROCCOLI and JUMBO SHRIMP. She sat behind me, watching and listening to my HORSE WHISPERS. Suddenly, this feeling of FULLNESS moved down in me; my RECTAL WALLS stretched, then the sensation stopped. The GASES ceased to pump. I lay down and she rubbed my STALLION BACKSIDE and my ROPY LEGS. She told me to go walking tomorrow.

That's what I did today, but I just PISSED all day. I just hope this MOVEMENT won't result in a visit to LABOR & DELIVERY. Has anybody else had a long HORSE WHISPER before a KEN-STUCKY DERBY?

Cyber Fiber.

Hi people!!! I haven't been here for a while, busy with lots of stuff and puter problems thrown in for good measure!!! Just to let you guys know I'm still here especially Plunging Plop Guy and Kim who by coincidence both called out for me on the same day last week!!!

I just love that pic up top right now, it would have to be the best I've ever seen here....fantastic!!!!

Anyway, no time to post anything now but there will be a good report on my latest arse splashing shit very soon.....

May all your shits be just the way you like them.


Had one of those wake-up urges in the middle of the nite BM's but something funny happened to me-I guess it was about 2-3 am or so when I awoke with some serious cramps and my ???? looked bloated as i stumbled to the bowl in just my undershirt-I then sat on the bowl and pushed and let out a long dry fart that went on for about 5 seconds-that's long for me!I looked at my ???? which is usually flat,and it was distended and i felt like i really had to poo-i pushed again and let out another long fart-it felt great just to get this out of me-then I sat back against the toilet tank to wait to poop and suddenly i fell asleep!Then the next thing i know i was dreaming about biking in the woods with some pretty girl i never saw before and suddenly we were both squatting to poo in the woods-we were across from each other as we saw each other poo-I was pooing as i saw her do some big ones as she was about 2 feet across from me-ut was great!Then just as she looks like she is going to wip! e herself,I woke up sitting on the bowl again-It was so weird-then I thought I guess i feel asleep and i'd better get on with this and get back to bed and just then i felt a cramp and my anus exploded with just watery poo and a lot of farts and all of a sudden i felt sooo much better-so i decided to wipe my butt and when i did i looked in the bowl and saw a big load of all kinds of poop!then i realized,i had pooed in my sleep!I guess when i was dreaming about pooing in the woods with this mystery lady,i was pooing in the bowl as i slept!So i looked in the bowl again and saw 2 long turds wrapped around the bowl and 2 piles of pudding in the middle-it was a big load-and i did it all as i slept!Now that was a first for me!A few times before,i almost fell asleep on the bowl,but when i started to dump i always woke up! WOW that was wild.Then I wiped and stumbled back to bed and when i woke up yesterday a.m.I thought the whole thing was a dream til i saw that i had not flushed my lo! ad from the nite-yeuchhh-i hated that!So i flushed and then realised that that was not all a dream!Has this ever happened to anyone else?I felt so cleaned out that I didn't poo at all yesterday all day-it's now 8 a.m. and i feel like i'm going to dump sometime soon this morning ,but maybe i'll hold it for the gym-weekend mornings at the gym are filled with morning poopers so maybe i'll trot off to poo along with the other guys!I just love to do that as we all do our dumping of our morning loads!BTW-interesting pic at the top-looks like she is going to do her thing(looks like she is going to pee)on the floor-or maybe she already has!good pic!Must go-feel some cramps coming on-want to get to the gym-if it is a good one,i'll post about it-Hi to RENEE,MELITA,JANE,SANDRA and all you lovely ladies today!- BYE

Just returned from vacation in Italy and was intrigued by the toilet configuration. After eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, not to mention breads and pastas, my stools were wonderfully full and voluminous. I was taken by the toilet in our room. It seems as the stools dropped, they hit the side of the "pan", not dropping into the water directly, as is the case here in the US. The result were some absolutely monstrous skid marks, some of which were removed by a very powerful shower of water at flush time which poured directly onto this porcelain landing platform. But there were usually some residual skid marks which weren't removed entirely by this shower of water. There was a brush by the side of the toilet, presumably to remove the skids, but when on holiday, who wants to do this? I am wondering why the Italians, who are masters of industrial design, would design toilets that foster these monstrous skid marks!!! Is there a reason why there is so little water! in the bowl, but so much water is released during flush? It seems like our American, low water toilets are more efficient in removing the residue. Any thoughts?

Hi all,

What a delicious new masthead! Yes, a fair few of us must be able to relate to that one, at some time we must all (girld at least) have squatted to wee into a container of some sort, a chamber pot or whatever. Very nice shot!

CARMALITA & RENEE -- well, I said the other day I'd take a dump in your honor, and I certainly did. It was a BIG one! I held it for a while to be sure it was time to go, and when my bottom touched the seat I relaxed and felt a major mass moving. I dropped a chunk at first, and wondered if I was about to bomb the pot with bits and pieces, but right away I felt a long, smooth snake begin to appear. I looked and saw it drop free just befor it touched the water, so it was around 11 inches. At once another began to move down,and this one dropped at 10 inches. But lo and behold a third cut loose and when it dropped into the bowl it was another 10-incher! Then a few more chunks... Most were around 1 inch thick, the first length a bit more. So, including chunks, I pooped around 36 inches of shit in a matter of seconds! It was fun, but I wish it would last longer! There, your poop-in-honor-of!!!

LOUISE -- hi hon! Fortunately Australia seems to be getting over the floods, though to be fair we're only just entering winter! I'd love to have done a bit more outdoor peeing but there's not been the opportunity. I have this yen to wee over the edge of a sea cliff, and I have a pretty good idea which one, but finding time to go do it is the problem!

Your hit-the-drain game sounds fun! In the shower today I tried the Jackie-style -- put my foot up on the edge of the bath and let it all flow! No water in the bath, thoughk, so I missed the sound efects!

Good idea about not using the gents -- you don't need a reputation amongst folk who might not appreciate your "hobby." But it's a pity all the same, it's so much darn fun!

I've not tried going through a fly yet for that very reason -- slipping and soaking my jeans! I'll have to have a go one of these days, though!

Great to hear from you, looking forward to next contact,

Hugs from PV

Liz: I'm a 14-year-old guy and your story about how your older brother and his two buddies made you shit in front of them was real cool! I get real excited by watching girls my age taking a pee and a dump. One day me and two buddies, Jim and Justin, stayed the night at another buddy Kevin's house. His sister had a friend staying overnight - she was about 11. Kevin's room was next to the bathroom. When we saw this girl heading for the bathroom, Kevin asked if we 4 guys could come and watch her on the pot and she said yes. We stood around her as she pulled down her panties and sat on the pot. We heard her fart like crazy and then heard her turds dropping into the pot. After that she peed. She stood so we could look into the pot at her turds. We all enjoyed watching her wipe her butt and her pussy. When Kevin's Mom heard about this she was mad as hell and after that we no longer got to see any of his sister's friends or his sister on the pot.

Has this ever happened to anyone? I once had a case of diarrhea that was so bad I couldn't keep it in me while I was asleep. I would wake up with my underpants full of shit, and it was just so gross. I didn't know about Pepto Bismol or any of the other cures, so I just suffered like that for a few days. Thats the only time in my adult life that I couldnt control my shit.

Does anyone have any stories about celebrities shitting? I think I saw something about a year or two ago about Mariah Carey suffering food poisoning and having really bad diarrhea. And there was an article last year about Farrah Fawcett taking a crap on someone's lawn while she was at a party and the bathrooms were full. Anyone else have celebrity shitting stories -- especially involving women?

Kendal's Dad
Well I'm back from my conference, its around lunch time, and the first thing to greet me on the kitchen table was a little jug containing a single daffodil and a card from Kendal saying how much she loves her Daddy and that she was sorry for going to bed late. Little did I know how late until I came on this site and read her story and Andrew's post !! I wouldn't mind that much really, but I did phone and tell her to go to bed at gone 9.00pm, and it was a school day today as well !

She brought a tear or two to my eyes with her latest story together with Andrew. I ought to be angry with him for rummaging through my personal things to find that dressing gown. But I just can't be. He did it to ensure that Kendal had such a wonderful experience last night and I find myself wanting to thank him rather than telling him off.

COUSIN: So the trade war has taken off in big fashion hey ? Loved the story about Elena, and of course the latest story about Linda. I'm also humbled at your expression of respect towards me and my daughter about what she said re- the caretaker incident. All I can say to you is that Kendal is an extremely sensible little girl, much like your Linda I suspect. If she is happy to think that it would be nice for you to accompany her to the toilet, then I have no objections. Kendal ( and Andrew ) are of the opinion that something as personal and meaningful as going to the toilet together is a very special experience that must be shared happily by both parties. No matter how much she might like you to be with her at the toilet, she wouldn't want you to unless you were completely comfortable with the situation and wanted to be there too. I choose not to accompany Kendal myself unless there is good reason like she is not well and really wants her Daddy with her, and she respects! that. Neither does she come in with me when I go. I choose to let Kendal make up her own mind about things. Practice makes perfect as they say, and she will have plenty of decisions to make in her adult life ! I only ever intervene where there is clear necessity to do so. There is none where you and Kendal are concerned. After all, we have to get a grip on reality here. Its not as though its actually possible for you to go with her is it ? But sometimes, opting out of reality for a while I think can be a wonderful thing, especially if you return to reality in a far happier state of mind. Thats why I don't stand in the way of Kendal visiting here. Its safe as houses, and the excellent Moderator(s) ensure that my daughter doesn't get to read anything particularly gratuitous. And she so looks forward to reading posts from her friends, particularly your family ! So Cousin, don't mind me ! You hold Kendal's hand while she goes if she wants, and if you can come to terms with y! our own emotions about the subject.

Now, The latest Kendal story, let me think ......... Oh yes, this is a good one ! A punishment for letting me down by going to bed so late ( don't know whether she'd rather be grounded than have this story told, but she won't get a choice in the matter, for a change ! ). Kendal's Mum had Kendal toilet trained well before she was two years old would you believe. Of course, there were plenty of accidents at such an early age, but by the time she was two, they were few and far between, and more often caused by her interest in whatever activity she was up to, taking her mind away from her impending need ! However, there was also the odd pig-headed accident, where she refused to admit she needed to go. I remember one day watching Kendal play in our living room, toys all over the floor ! Eventually I spotted the tell-tale signs, holding herself between the legs etc.
"Kendal, do you need the toilet"?
"Are you sure"?
"Yes you want to go"?
"No !".
"Alright then, but make sure you tell Mummy or Daddy when you need the toilet".
"Don't need the toilet !"
"Alright Kendal, thats fine, you don't need to get in a strop about it"!
Five minutes passes by. Kendal holds herself again.
"Kendal, do you need the toilet ?"
"No !!".
Kendal gets up and walks over to where her Dolly is laid on the floor. She squats down to pick up Dolly, but before she does so, her face takes on a "oh crickey" look, and there is a huge WWWWWWSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHH noise, and her wee gushes forward through her panties, spraying all over Dolly, and our living room carpet ! "Daddy, I having an hoo hoo" !

She got a telling off from her Mummy for that one, but she got a cuddle from her Daddy when Mummy wasn't looking !

Traveling guy: Hey, I missed you hon! Not much has been “stinkin’” with me, ‘cept the same ol’ stuff! Thanks for saying hi to me.

I got home from work tonight, and Patsy was over. Renee was taking a nap, and I grabbed my Marie Claire magazine and went into the bathroom. I got my skirt up, and pantyhose down, and settled my brown ass down on the seat for some serious pooping. I could feel my ???? bulging because I didn’t go yesterday. I noticed that I had a little mud in my panties and never realized how close I came to pooping all the way in them. I guess a little turd was touching my undies. That’s how bad I had to go! The first turd was the biggest. It was really, really fat and came out slow. I had to lean forward and grunt and push like crazy. It ended up just hanging out of my ass. Everytime I pushed, it would inch out slowly. I was getting upset because it was stuck, and my guts were still full of poop that needed to come out. I called out for Patsy to bring me a little bit of oil from the kitchen because I needed to plunge myself with my finger. When she came in, she smiled at me on the pot with my skirt up around my waist and my panties and hose up around my thighs. Part of that big turd broke off and splashed loud. The room smelled like poop too, but not as bad as my usual ones. She said to me “‘You plugged up baby?” and I nodded. I always use vegetable oil on my middle finger for this. First I rub around my hole, get it lubricated with the oil, then insert my finger. Patsy poured a capful on her own finger and said “Can I try it?” so I said ok. I couldn’t believe how gentle she was! God it felt so gooood!!!!! I pulled my hair to one side and could feel her hot breath on the back of my neck while she worked on my little brown hole. She said “I feel a big chunk a somethin nasty. You a poopy girl!” Just then, after several seconds of her working me, that fat turd crackled and spit really loud and came shooting out of my ass. Patsy goes “Ooooooh looky the size a that thing!” I grunted a hard, painful moan as about 18” of solid, fat turd hit the bowl. I was out of b reath over that one! I then began crapping normal turds and Patsy stayed and talked with me while I did it. I’d plop a few, grunt, then do some more. My poop really began stinking good when she started to plug her nose. She just laughed at me and called me a little latin stinkbomb. I crapped some green, wet turds that really reeked and she finally had to say adios to me. Renee was waking up, and I guess she could smell it clear down the hall and said “My God, Malita, what have you been eating, anyway?!” I wiped after I pooped, and washed my stained panties in the sink. Before bed, I needed another big shit. That one stunk too. Renee came in and combed my hair, and kissed me on top of my head again. I love it when she does that! That's all for now! Jake wants to take me out tomorrow night. Hmmm......

Hi, everyone!

Kim: A very entertaining pool game sandwiched around your
latest awesome creation! I thought the buddy dump girl was
pretty cool, too, but... you didn't stick around to see hers!
Darn! I bet if you had told Scott, HE would have wanted to!(LOL)
Oh, well, there's always next time!

Alana: Thanks for another entertaining story! You're absolutely
right about some guys (I'm guilty!) getting more turned on by a
massive female BM than by sex... I would have been in the same situation as Dan after your incredible post-spaghetti explosion, believe me! More stories, please! I'm an official fan! And I swoon to think of the possibility of posting pictures on the net to prove
your output... if THAT happens, I'll TRULY be in heaven!!

Hi all! I am getting better at pooping in public. I went into the mens room the other day at college and saw that there were 2 other people pooping. One of the guys grunted a couple times and was breathing heavy then I heard a plop. I sat down and felt a fart ready to go. I held it for a moment because I don't like to fart in front of others when I poop and then I thought what the heck. I pushed and a fart that sounded like a machine gun came out. I pushed a turd and it splashed out and then while the second turd was coming out a fart slipped out with the sounded like an air break. I wiped my butt and flushed. One of the guys had already left but the other was just wiping. I got a little nervous and hurried out the door..he never saw me.

I have a story similar to the one I told about the kid at Walmart. I was working in a souvenir store once when a kid came in with his mother..he was about 10 I would say. He kept nagging his mom that he had to go to the bathroom but she told him to knock it off. He asked me if there was a bathroom in the store and at the time it was for employees only. After about 10 minutes he asked again and I decided to let him use it. Him and his mother went in and I kept hearing the toilet paper roll spin out of control. Apparently the kid had an accident in his pants as well as on the seat. I gave her paper towels to clean up and she told the kid to stay right there while she bought new pants for him (we sold clothin too). It was a small store and stunk very bad.

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