Billy L.
Matt, the only reason why I ever wipe someone's butt is because my little brother and our little cousins cannot wipe their own butts well. My mom says she saves like two bottles of bleach a week when we wipe my little brother's butt. When me and my brothers and friends poo together, we do it because it is easier when we go together. I mean, if we all went with no one else in the bathroom, then it would take like twice as long to get ready for school or church. Plus, we enjoy each other's company doing other things, like getting dressed, when we sleep and wake up together, when we eat and play together. So we might as well as enjoy each other's company when we pee and poop. It is not like we are doing something wrong or disgusting. Plus we are interested in how our bodies work. We definitely see how our bodies work. But wiping each others butts. No way. Now that is disgusting.

WHen we play sink the sub, we kind of break up the poop a little bit, but we call it sink the sub because turds are shaped like submarines and they are already mostly submerged. No, we don't really sink them.

One other thing. A while back, someone said someone said some kids peed together in a restaurant and left pee on the seats. May friends and me pee and poop together, but we always flush when we are all finished, and we always leave the seat up when we pee. I remember when I was real little, I needed to go pee and Kev needed to poo in a department store. My mom took us to the bathroom (it was just me and Kev). Kev pooped first, then I peed. It was one of those toilet sets with the gap in the front. So I did not know I had to lift it up. I didn't any pee on the seat, though. A few days later, we were eating lunch at home. When mom called us for lunch, I said I have to go to the bathroom and will be there in a couple of minutes. My mom said, do you have to poo? I said yes. My came in just before I sat down. She said, hold on. I said ok. She turned the water on, got some water in her hands and threw it on the toilet seat. I said, why did you do that? She said, just sit down. So I sat down. She said, how does the water feel? I said, it is cold and feels funny. SHe said, how do you think it feels to the next when you pee with the toilet seat down and get pee on the seat? I said not too good. She said, that is why when you pee, you always put the seat up. I said ok. I never forgot that. My mom is like that. She tries to teach you respect for other people. And she also tries to teach you to do things for yourself. I guess that is why she taught us how to poop in the woods. So that we can do this by ourselves. I guess this is why we want to wipe our own butts after we poop. Because we try to do things ourselves.

Kev told you about the Chinese kid in his class who got diarrhea. He was in class the next day. When we go outside for recess, there is a bathroom out back that is used for when there are other activities at school. They don't heat it much, except when there is like outdoor soccer and it is cold. So we rarely use it, except when we are at recess and can't wait until we get back in. Friday, at recess, I had to go poop. It was the first time that day. I went into the outhouse (it has regular toilets, but we call it that). Weimin was sitting there. I said, why don't you lock the door? He said, it is big deal. In China we either go outside or go buildings with like 10 holes in the floor. I guess the squat down like when go in the woods. I said, cool. I poop with my friends all the time. He just smiled. I said when you were sick in school, it did not bother you then? He said, no. A lot of people were sick this week. There is no reason why I should be embarassed. He wiped his bu! tt. I sat down and passed two large logs. He passed a pile of poo that my logs landed on. I have a feeling he is going to be good freinds with us.

After school, he invited us over for milk and cookies and to play games. When i was eating the milk and cookies, I said I have to go to the bathroom. Kev said me too. So he told us where the bathroom was. He older sister was sitting there. I said, excuse us, we can wait outside. She said she is mary, Weimin's sister. She said that we can wait with her. We heard two more plops and she said all done. She said, you missed most of it. Don't worry, I will make more. WE jsut laughed. She speaks good english. Kev said, I'm next. Usually when we say something like this, we really have to go. So I let Kev go. He said it was the first time today. I said I made my first poop with Weimin today. She said, yeah when Weimin goes, he really goes. I siad, it was a biggy. Kev made his poop. He made two long turds. Mary used a lot of paper to wipe herself, so you could not see her turds. I sat down, passed a big turd and a little one. While I was pooping, Weimin came in. He said he had to pee. When I was done, I said lets pee together. So the three of us stood there and peed. Mary was still there. She said, I wish I could join you. I said, me too. She looked in the toilet and said, you guys made as much as Weimin usually does. Then we flushed the toilet. We washed our hands and laughed. That was the first time I ever peed or pooped with a girl when we were both older than five. I think she was the first girl to see my weiner since I was five, except for my mom and some of my aunts and some of my friends' mothers (at my friends houses, we always leave the door open when we pee or poop). I asked her if she plays soccer. She said, yeah. I have a feeling that if she plays soccer with us, our outdoor poops are going to be more fun than they have been. Or at least differnt. It may be an interesting summer after all.

nick (canada)
my name and im a 13year old male i have been reading the stories on site for a long time but never posted anyy heres my story this summer i went to a camp ground one morning i went to the bathrooms for a dump as i was shiting i throught the door crack a little kid run in the stall next to me he was like 7 he sits down and lits out this huge wet fart and i could hear shit coming out and more wet farts and after about a minet he got up and run out with out wipeing
or washing and when i finished i lookin hs toilet and it was full of shit and some on the sides id hate to clean that up till nxt time nick

Hi JACK. I'd love to hear some more of your outdoor dumping experiences. I love crapping outdoors. I very often take an outdoor dump when I'm walking my dog. Never found anyone to buddy dump with yet. But I live in hopes. Who knows, I might just take the exit road on J47 in the spring. After all, it is a long car journey to West Wales.
Take care and happy dumping.

Ok this was awhile ago. My friend Marc and I went to a park and we just had dinner.(stir fry) Well we were talking and I told him Ihad to take a crap bad he said he had to too. Well we thought we could wait. Then in ten minute we had to go BAD. We had to use a port-a-potty. We raced to it but he got there first. I waited for 5 minutes then i was alloud to poop. I sat and a good 20 in. log came out. I wiped once!!! (I usually wipe 2-10 times.) I felt 20 pounds lighter. Then Marc sat down again and blasted like crazy.
Happy Poops!

Today I was walking in the park and I saw some people riding horses. While I was walking by I noticed that one of the horses was pooping. Man it crapped a lot.
Well Happy Poops!!!
Samantha B.-
How is Heather!!!!??? Is she ok???!!!! Please update us.

To Prince Morgan: Just wanna say hi back...tell u the truth i had forgotten about you.

To jman: That must have been embarssing. How old were u when you last saw your moms friend? How old were you when she pulled your pants down and began wiping your butt? How old are you now? You sounded too old for that...but i really don;t know.

To Peeping Tom: Don't know what the purpose of that sceen was if he wasn't going to be shown going to the bathroom.

To josh: I really have enjoyed all your stories...sorry that you have to move(and not be able to be on the net). Maybe some day u will come back here? Bye

Last night i saw this new movie called Me Myself and Irene. There was a sceen where Jim carry came out of his house one morning and his next door neighbor's dog was out side shitting. He says have you sceen my paper to the neighbor and he says his wife has it. Then a little later he comes home and goes in the neighbors house and gets his paper and comes back out and does the same exact thing the dog was doing. Jim Carry pulled his pants down and begain shitting right there in the neighbors saw poop coming out...but it ran over to the next sceen and it was really soft Ice cream that was chocolate. This part was funny. Any one see this?

Been very busy lately, still reading, nothing really to post. All the best to Heather, it really is so sad :(

I've been sick (bad cold) all week, so i've been drinking lots of water and it almost feels like I can't remmeber what it's like not to have to pee. But I"m still a bit on the constipated side. I've been having very small very difficult to pass motions that take so much effort on my half that I'm giving up before feeling empty. I have been drinking a lot, and eating as best I can. I tried all the tricks posted on here: the vaseline, the just doesn't work. I don't want to have to take anything because I never go to the grocery store alone and I don't feel comfortable buying something with my friends there...I'm sure they'd understand but it's just awkward. Also I wouldn't know what to get...I've been like this practically since I returned from break three weeks ago.
I went roller skating tonight and let me just tell you how difficult it is to pee on roller skates. I rolled into the bathroom and the toilets were smaller than usual in a very small stall. I thought maybe it was a kid's toilet (at that point I had to go so bad it didn't matter), but the others were the same size. I tried just squatting over the toilet, but was rolling away, so I ended up sitting on it (yuck) and peed that way. It's challenging.

Kendal--ya, i know the feeling. just wait unitl college when taking a shower or going to the bathroom means going downstairs and down the hall...not fun.
Have a good week everyone.

Jeff A
Hi all, I was really very sorry to hear about Heather. Iím hoping that sheís going to be okay. I hate to hear about anything bad happening to anyone on this forum. Youíre all such a nice family, and should be spared any unnecessary misfortune. I absolutely loved the picture of the girl that came before this new one! She was gorgeous!!!! Iíd intended to print it out, but lost my chance I guess. Any ladies in here look like that? The one thatís up there now is very ridiculous, but the pics can be hard to come by, so I hate to complain.

BUZZY: Great story about the menís room. There are so very few good menís room stories, that I look forward to the good ones.

MELISSA NY: I would have to agree with David, that you are quite incredible! Any gal who can do a 25 incher is wonderful! Not just one, but three of them! I also love your stories. You sound like a dynamite gal!

CARMALITA: First of all happy birthday sweet seniorita! We're neighbors too, I also live in the Pacific NW. I loved that description of you sitting on the toilet half dressed with a bra, nylons and high heels. For the record, I also find your stinky dumps to be very arousing. I wish I was there to smell one! I think itís great when women leave a scent! Maybe Iím the oddball, but I still love it. I've been loving your stories like crazy! I print them out, and have what I call "The Carmalita Collection". I hope you're having a great birthday, with those sisters of yours!
I don't know if I qualify for your fantasy or not, but Iím 6í3Ē, wear glasses, am usually in need of a shave, and sometimes read magazines on the toilet. Iím good for about two pounds worth of heavy plops, sometimes many, sometimes just one huge one. This morning I got up, and I usually have to go first thing, so all I had on were a pair of boxers. I went in, set the seat down, and got my boxers down to my ankles. The first thing I usually do is adjust the old hose so it pees downward, and within a matter of seconds Iím usually pooping. This morningís was about three long fellows, maybe 12-14Ē apiece, and very thick. I am like you in the fact that I believe working out physically gets everything moving better.

PV: Itís good to read your posts again, Iím glad your still here. I donít get to check in as often as I should, but when I do itís quality time believe me.

KIM AND SCOTT: I also have been a big fan of your stories since you first came here. Some of those mall stories were great! Iím glad youíre not affraid to grunt, and really let go in public. I'm also glad that you still post here.

Anyway, hereís that motel/maid story I promised. It was in September when I was travelling down US 101 and stopped at a coastal motel for the night. I went out drinking, and eating the night before, so by morning I was pretty full up. It was around ten in the morning When I got up, put some sweats on and headed for the bathroom. Anyway, there had apparently been some mix-up, and the manager thought my room was empty, and the one next door occupied. It was just the reverse. So the housekeeper came in with her pass key, and I could hear garbage bags being shaken open from behind the door. Iíd just dropped a few good healthy ones when all of a sudden, the door swings open, and Iím looking up at this Mexican woman probably in her mid 40ís who was just as shocked as I was! At that moment I was having a release of about 6 soft plops in a row, and they were splashing as she gawked momentarily. She seemed so shocked and disgusted, then covered her eyes and closed the door, mutteri! ng something in Spanish that I didnít understand. Before she did, I saw her helper, a younger girl, maybe 18, or 19 staring from the living room. At first she couldnít believe it. She then went ďEwwwwwĒ and started laughing and covering her mouth. After the door closed, I could hear her the younger girl say to me ďWeíre so sorry, we were told this room was empty!Ē I just hollered that it was okay from behind the door. It all happened fast, but after I had a chance to think about it, it was fun. It's weird though, when it actually happened, it scared me to death! Isn't that weird? Now I wish she would have lingered a bit longer.

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing great, and my best to Heather, wishing her a speedy recovery.

Carmelita and Penny
Enjoyed your outdoor poop sessions. I am constantly amazed at how international this site is.

I heave written before about my early experiences discovering the fun of pooping outdoors when I was a teenager in New England. After a long drive to our house from New Jersey the first thing I would do after we arrived and unpacked was to walk down the lane from our house inot the woods, find a secluded spot, take my pants off completely (unless the bugs were too thick) and squeeze out my saved-up logs. I tried to lean as far forward as possible and look between my legs to see the turd come out. Once I took a video camera with me so I could relive the experience when we got home. I saved that tape for years...

Last weekend I went down to check out my 43 foot sailboat which was hauled out at the boatyard. I was doing some work in the engine room when I realized I had to do a number 2. I didn't want to use the boatyard's bathroom which was pretty gross, but what to do? I found a plastic garbage bag and figured "any port in a storm". I took the bag, spread it out on one of our "heads" which were out of commission, of course, unbuckled my jeans and sat comfortably on the head. "phhht" I farted first softly than "Braaaaat", a loud one. I felt the turd start to open my back hole slowly. It was a majestic log. Came slowly out a few inches then broke off and flopped into the bag. Pushed again 'uunghhh" and the rest of the monster moved slowly out. Felt sooooo good....tapered off and "flop" onto the first log. Wiped myself and then checked out the bag. What a wopper! About 14 inches, fat and lumpy. I lifted the bag out of the bowl, felt like over a pound of poop. Disposed of it in their! toilet and took two flushes to get rid of it.


Hey, think of me as big sister, who'll be there in spirit as Renee is for real! And may I add what a wonderful session the two of you had in the woods -- a delight to read.

PEMMY -- many thanks for your intro and description of your first outdoor pooping session. There *is* a technique to it, isn't there?! Looking forward to many more memories from the veld!

ERIN -- You know, if there's something I'm sick of, it's parents who inflict embarressing accidents on their kids. How dare your father do that to you?! What was the matter with him? He didn't see fit to wake you up when you were at the gas station, so it was his fault! I'll just go someplace and have a scream! (I think I'd have peed on the carpet in his car...)

STEVE, LOUISE, KIM & SCOTT -- Hi dears! Well, I've been promising some new adventures for you and everyone here, and a couple happened as if by magic. Last week I had what has to be one of the mightiest poos of my life! I have no idea what brought it on, except that I'd been holding for a time, if without discomfort.

I knew I needed a thorough opening but when I sat and relaxed I felt something major happening. A few pieces plopped free, then the main event began to grow... I measured the distance between the water and the approximate height of my anus from the surface, and found it to be about 11 inches -- my poos have probably been bigger than I thought. I watched it come, a medium-dark brown snake that rushed out, quite soft and smooth. I kept the pressure on and waited for it to drop. When it touched the water i though "11 inches! Yeah!" But to my amazement it didn't drop, but kept growing. The tip reached down through the water, touched the bottom of the bowl and turned at once... Crossed the bottom and began to disappear around the bend!

It was still issuing from my bottom all the while! I watched with amazement, and when it finally dropped, collapsing like a dead snake, I guesstimated its length: a conservative estimate would be 16", and 18" is not out of the question. Depending on how much disappeared around the bend, an optimistic estimate of 20" would make it the biggest turd I've ever launched!

Now, before anybody files me with darling Kimberly and the mighty Melissa (NY), I'd better say it was fairly thin, probably didn't exceed 3/4th inch anywhere along its length, though it was quite regular. It was thus only a few percent the mass of Melissa's vast logs, and still pretty insignificant next to Kim's full-bodied production numbers.

Still, it was quite something, and if dietary care is exercised, maybe I can add consolidation and mass to the length, and deliver a major event of my own one day!

A couple of days later I had another experience. I was walking home after dark and passed across a park, we call them a 'reserve' in Aus, a bit like a village green used to break up housing estates. It was well dark, and I wanted a wee, so I did it in the park.

I stood by a huge tree just to block the wind from blowing my urine around (some did blow onto my legs), drew my shorts aside, moved my thong and relaxed, and in moments I was having a really nice standing squirt on the ground, a big crackly puddle-maker by the base of the tree. There were no bushes, no cover of any sort, I was in sight of two streets of houses, but I'd checked carefully and there was nobody around. I really enjoyed weeing in the night air, and the thought crossed my mind that I could have pulled my pants down and had a quick turn-out too, but I didn't need to go, and didn't have any tissues with me to wipe. I wiped my lips with my fingers, slipped everything back into place, and walked on for home.

I hope you enjoyed my little adventures, and I'll post more as they happen!

Cheers to all,


....... Hello Penny!

I'm still around - its just my studying, its playing havoc with my dodgy shitting, what with irregular meals.

Still, as me and my girlfriend study in the library, we choose to snack on fruits and vegetables; its better than eating refined sweets and crisps, plus i can expect a better productive shit!!!!

I look forward to more of your shitting experiences, and about your friend, Linda. Tell me, can you remember the last time you did the longest ever fart? How powerful was it? Was it wet and what do you think caused it?

Anyway, happy shitting! (oh yeah, with the idea that you are an experienced mother, can you provide me with any suggestions for what to eat in the library - with the aim to move my bowels of course, as my lack of excercising concerns me - and I am against those artificial laxatives from the chemist! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!)


You need a husband like me who doens't think that pooping is so bad. I personally would enjoy watching you use your bowl. I can't get my wife to let me share a poo for nothing. I tried to get her to go in her pants the other day when she was really desperate. I was driving towards home from the shore and she had to go so bad it was killing her. I said, "Go ahead and relieve yourself; I'll help you clean up when we get home." She just wouldn't do it. She held until she was in pure agony and her sides hurt. When we stopped to pick up a piece of equipment she ran for the toilet inside. I personnaly enjoy pooing when I go. I sometimes make a fun production of it, even sometimes going in my britches and pretending I'm with a beautiful girl who's doing the same. She found a piece of poop in a pair of my jeans one day and thought it was the cat's work. I would condsider myself crazy if it weren't for reading this site and seeing that I'm not alone. I guess our Great Creator made ! us all different. By the way, my ddad always kept a coffee can by his bedside so he wouldn't have to get up at night. Really m,ade my mother mad, but they survived. They both lived to be 87 and were married for over 50 years, can or not.

Movie fans. There is a short toilet scene in the movie From Dusk to Dawn. A border patrol officer walks in on Juliette Lewis while she is on the pot. George Clooney, the bad guy, is standing in the shower watching. Both him and the border patrol officer looked turned on. Too bad she wasn't having a good one like Harry on Dumb and Dumber. Aside from that scene, it is a good movvie too. I had to pause half way through to set out a load. That was maybe the third like in my like that I have actually left "Streaks" behind. Have you ever had a dump that felt hot coming out? Like so hot it should be steaming? Oh yeah, While I'm on movies, Eyes Wide Shut has a really quick pee scene in the first minutes of the movie.

TO SUMMER-Nice story about your"community"dump-You sound like my kind of pooper-are you a big girl?More stuff
TO PENNY-Listen,I'm am the king of pooing outdoors and it's the best-It's good your husband could show you the right way to poo outdoors-A lot of times when I go outdoors,I go to a remote place and sometimes I take off all my clothes and find a big log or something to perch on and sit down and let it rip-It feels so good sitting there naked and pooing in the woods-esp when you got to go bad and it's a big load!(Check some of my old summer posts i think you may enjoy them and maybe get some ideas for yourself!))I really enjoy your stories so bring 'em on!
Hey,another crappy pic here-what is this a fashion mag cover or what?I can buy Mcalls or teen magazine and get better pics than what I've seen here-Hey,just my opinion-P.U-later for this kind of stuff-Anyway,have a great weekend all-Luv you, ladies on here!Super stuff,lately!BTW didn't poo today,so nothing to report!BYE

Hi Guys I am new here,love reading ur stories. I really am into listening or seeing other guys shit. Yesterday I was at the mall and had to go to toilet. They put in new bathrooms. There are 3 stalls,I sat in middle one,the last one has real shiny tile. U can see all. I had such a great time seeing some hot guys sitting on toilet. One real hot guy came in a nd squatted, I could see the shit coming outta his hole and his piss. It was awesome. I will go back there alot.

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, To all my toilet friends!

Thanks, MARK for further clarification and yes, I suppose it would look a bit obvious to lean too far forward to see under the 18" gap in such a stall, but sitting and leaning slightly should tell you a lot about the guy next door. Hope you find many like that!

I agrre with what you said about the dramatic quality of seeing and hearing a guy with constipation trying to drop his turds. Even the long intervals between his efforts to drop the next one can be charged with enjoyment!
I knew a man who shared this interest and wrote me a very detailed letter of introduction before we actually met. He told me he had had ayoung lodger staying with him who would be on the toilet for at least 10 minutes every day, during which time a lot of "superb pushing sounds" could be heard until usually about 5 minutes after he started, there would be a really loud PLOP and just a few more smaller ones after. I asked this friend if the lodger was well-built as I used to assume the best sounds to be from big men, but he told me the that the guy was thin as a rake. I was now realising the build of the person wasn't an indication of their shitting prowess!
A demonstration of this is that my friend who often had a shit at my place and used to like me to be in there with him was also quite thin. One day, while he was staying with me, he'd left home for work after I had and when he returned home, I told him that he'd dropped three whoppers in the toilet that morning! He looked at me amazed and asked how I knew. I told him that there were three really heavy skidmarks in the bottom of the toilet,( and how I wish I'd been in there with him when they plopped out of him!)

Another thing the friend who wrote to me and had the lodger, told me about; was that he had been at public sshool( To those not living in Britain, Public school actually means private or non-state school)and that the toilets there had no doors on the cubicles and that boys upto the age of 18 could be seen and heard every day "in various stages of plopping and arse-wiping"!!
So, even in Britain upto the 1970s there were toilets in schools without doors!

To COPROLOGIST, Re the silent shits we unfortunately witness in public toilets. Could it be that the person has neither a shit or a piss but does the other thing men do in private and which needs a bit of toilet paper after, or, perhaps the guy thought he needed a shit, tried, had a silent fart and being rather fastidious, wiped his arse as a customary thing?
Unless he has a soft whopper that is so big it just flops in the toilet, I can't think of anything else. There are lots of mysteries I can't solve regarding sounds in toilets. I've often heard one young guy in particular who until recently, always took a packet of sandwiches and a bottle of drink, or a chocolate bar in with him and have a very long lasting shit. About one small plop every 20 minutes!
I've also heard on several occasions, two young guys talking as quietly as they think is unlikely to attract attention as they smoke or inhale illicit substances. Also men who use the cubicle as a changing room after having bought some new clothes, and other sounds that I've no idea what's going on. Now and again, it's all worthwhile when I hear exactly what I should be hearing!
Glad you liked my recent posts, I love sharing all this!

To DM, It seems to me here in England, that the authorities in the USA aren't sure what tactic to use if their intention is to reduce drug taking or "other activities" in public toilets. Open plan toilets get the partition and doors makeover treatment, and yet other previously private toilets become public. It seems like an ongoing experiment. One toilet I go to, had a 6" gap under the partitions and a lot of note-passing and wandering feet nuisances. The gaps are now seeled with metal plates and there's no bother with persistent behaviour from others. What, I wonder, would be the situation if there were 18" gaps, no doors, or no partitions? The philosophy of the various American authorities would seem to indicate that the more public- the less "suspect behaviour" and perhaps when there are no complaints, the toilet is "re-Privatised".The system here is in the reverse direction, and yet that too has worked. A toilet I visited some time ago on a regular basis had wire mes! h installed over the top of each partition upto the ceiling, presumably to prevent men looking over the top. I soon noticed sections of it had been cut so as to still allow looking over. The gaps under the partitions were not touched so it all seems arbitary and in response to any complaints received.
That particular convenience was at a bus station and what I liked about it was that the 6 cubicles were separate from the urinals and wash basins so you knew anyone walking past your door was obviously going to a cubicle,also, the electric light bowls were reflective and you could see someone walking along. I heard a few good sessions in there, several guys at different times watched under the partition as I dropped some big ones in the toilet, and it got a lot of use being at a bus station. Unfortunately, it eventually had muzak installed and to try and have or listen to a shit with brass band music as sometimes happened, put me off the place for good. Before the muzak,(and I hope it's gone now) I can remember one day a street musician in there playing a violin!
Well, I suppose if you spend enough time anywhere, you can see anything, but I just wish I could find the ultimate public toilet somewhere in Britain that gets a lot of use from guys who shit really well, where the toilets have a good long drop to the water with a good size water trap, where the partitions and doors allow you to know exactly who you're listening to, there's no frequent urinal flushing, clean and comfortable seats, strong toilet paper, and no hassle from dick watchers or attendants, where you can enjoy a shit in company!

I once used a toilet in a park that instead of having TP, had a nail on the door of the toilet with squares of newspaper threaded with string! Apparently this was the Victorian way of wiping up, but I found this about 20 years ago. I remember wondering if my arse would get printer's ink on it, but would like to have used some with the picture on it of a certain lady prime minister we once had!

Great shitting, everyone and good luck to JOSH who has said goodbye for now. P P G

Next week some news show is going to try to capture footage of women giving birth in the hospital. I wonder if they will show the women getting enemas beforehand or passing stool during birth? My guess is that they will show a side shot or facial shot only of the event.

Marshall (Denzel lookalike)
Hey, Andre:

You answered one-question, but left me/us hanging, regarding another-one. Specifically, I asked you, if you would help your wife, out of her "predicaments", using your middle-finger, like me and Donny, do for our significant-others. Why, or why-not. Could you please answer that one, for us? I/we would sure-appreciate it, @ least I am sure that the guys on this board would. By the way, what country are you in? I don't believe that I have ever been told-that. I do-appreciate the response, though. Just try to give us all the "gory-details".



I know books that talk about peeing and pooping with pictures too. The series is called Smelly Old History.
Happy Poops

Hi, everyone!

Carmalita and Renee: SUPER outdoor show! I really wish I could have
been a judge for that intense competition! From the description, it
sounded like Renee's was really "beautiful" (your word, I think,
Carmalita?), but then if you did one as long as your forearm on top
of it... it could be tough to pick a winner... I DO think you'd have
the winning TEAM pile though, against other two girl teams challenging you that day! Looking forward to round TWO of the competition!

Have any of you guys seen the new movie "Head Over Heels?" I have not seen it, but I read a review. The reviewer said that a "dreadful" bathroom scene in the movie offers proof that scatological humor won't be any less crude in 2001 than in 2000. Probably for most at this site it won't be dreadful, but may be great! I wonder if this scene is as good as the shit scene in "American Pie" where we saw a guy on the crapper after he was fed a laxative and could hear the farting and dropping of a loose dump? Please post a description of the scene if you have seen it and let us know whether it involves guys or gals.

I'm a 34-year-old guy. I live in Arizona. I'm divorced and my 16-year-old son, Jason, lives with me in my apartment. We both do construction work. I've always enjoyed watching other guys take a shit. Because I'm in the construction business, I often get the opportunity to do this. Anyway, my son is a real cool guy. He often has other guys his age visit with him at our apartment. I'd like to hang out with them, but my son says he wants his space and gets real mad at me if I come to his room when his buddies are there. One Saturday night, Jason came home with two buddies. I said Hi to them when they came in. One was a tall thin blonde guy and the other an American Indian guy with long black hair. They went to Jason's room and shut the door taking a couple of 6-packs with them. I fell asleep. When I awoke the next morning, I heard voices and realized that Jason's buddies must have slept over. We have one bathroom. I took my morning shit and then started to shave. The bathroom door was open. The American Indian guy, whose name is Andrew, suddenly appeared at the bathroom door and asked if he could use the bathroom. My face was covered with shaving cream, but I told him that I would wait outside and he could go ahead. He said that I should stay and that it was no problem. I thought he was going to take a leak, but he pulled down his boxers and sat on the john right next to the washbasin where I was shaving. I heard a loud fart and then he started to strain. He was obviously having a hard time squeezing out his turds and said: "F***, I'm real constipated!" Eventually I heard a loud plop as his first turd made a landing. This was followed by 4 more plops with a lot of straining in between. He power pissed into the bowl during and between passing his turds. At the end he unloaded what sounded like several small pellets. Eventually he was done and stood up to wipe his butt. I kinda looked into the bowl out of the corner of my eye and there were some real large logs, dark brown, obviously hard and knobbly. He wiped his butt standing and used several sheets of TP. After he'd flushed, I told him he should try a laxative and gave him some Ex-Lax that I had in the Medicine cabinet. It was a real turn on to watch this athletic, dark-skinned rangy guy struggling to pinch off his logs. He was also cool and relaxed about shitting in front of his buddy's Dad.

Mark, I agree with you 100%. Seeing a guy's face contort as he take a dump is so cool. I remember once looking through a hole in a partition at a beach and seeing the face of a guy in his 20's. He was looking straight ahead. First a grimace, then a real look of agony as he obviously pushed hard and it must have have opened him up wide. This look very quickly changed to a sort of blissful look, then a smile and then a sigh as it all came out. All of it in about 6 seconds. Have you seen any other guy's faces as they dump? Daniel

To Penny: Thanks so much for your guide to outdoor dumping. You are obviously very much the expert!
I was watching "The Mole" on TV last night (UK channel 5), and a group (mixed) were stranded on an island overnight in a rough shelter (this is fact not fiction). In the morning as they got up one of the women was clearly heard to say how badly she needed the toilet, and by her body language she meant a number two. I got the impreseeion she held onto it until they got back to the ship, because once they were back on board she appeared much more relaxed - having released her load into the onboard toilet. I guess she didnt like doing it outdoors!

Sunday, February 04, 2001

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