Corpologist: I fart sometimes when I take a pee. That is pressure on the intestines. I used to do a lot of that. Still do.

Frank: When I was your age, I had a bad incident of constipation. See my earlier posts from last year or two. Dulcolax did it for me. Only, use it once in your life and eat a clean diet of fresh foods. No processed chemicals and fats. Drink lots of water and your troubles will be over.

Hey to Sara T.

I am a 17 year old male from Houston, TX and I'm like you, I enjoy peeing into containers. I have a male urinal jug that I keep in my room so that when I am on my computer and I have to pee I'll pee into it. Have you ever tried peeing into a female urinal jug? They are available at Walgreens, usually around $7 or $8. One of the reasons I enjoy peeing in containers is b/c I'm too lazy to get up most of the time (hence, the screen name TheLazyTexan). I've enjoyed reading your stories on here about you peeing into containers and peeing in a cup at the doctors office. How old are you and where are you from?


Sara T. -
It's funny to hear you say you keep a cookie tin in your computer room so you can pee in it without leaving the room. When my husband is away on business, I keep an old plastic washing up bowl by the bed so I can pee and poo in it in the middle of the night without going to the bathroom. If my husband knew he'd be disgusted! Also, I keep the bowl by the couch so I can poo in it while I'm watching TV without missing anything. I simply empty the bowl when my movie or show is over.

Coprologist--I often do quiet shits, some of them quite large, with no farting, deep breaths, sighs, splashes or grunting. I honestly don't know how people grunt and push at the same time, LOL, as you can't breathe when you strain.

Last weekend I went to a movie. I drank most of my slushie before the movie started. I was in such agony that I was almost tempted to piss is an empty popcorn tub.

Hope Heather recovers! Poor thing! These roads are getting so scary anymore.

Andre, interesting post. But I don't understand. If your wife was that uncomfortable and having so much trouble moving her bowls, why didn't you just give her an enema? No offense, but I would never let my wife suffer like that. In the future when you travel, at least take along some glycerine suppositories. We always do. On more than one ocassion, we were glad we did.

Prince Morgan
Hey, everyone!

Haven't posted in a while, but I've been around, reading all your great stuff! You are all still the kewlest!

Hi to my old buds Bryian, Casey and Buzzy! Hi also to Carmelita, who I've never talked to before! Your posts are WAY HOT!

I saw the question about any books with good pooping scenes. One of the BEST: "The Lords Of Discipline" by Pat Conroy. About midway thru the book, a whole cadre of military school cadets eats fudge laced with laxative. Great scene!

I'll be back to posting soon. Keep up all the great pooping and peeing, y'all! I love you!


samantha b - tell Heather I hope she feels better soon! Tell her I love her posts and I will be really sad if she doesn't survive.
Tina - Actually you're not the youngest here, I'm only eleven! (I won't even be twelve till the end of September!) Do your parents know that you post on this site? My parents don't even know this site exists... I have a bad feeling if they did, if they knew I posted here, I'd be grounded for the rest of my life and my computer taken away!
Now a story of my own. The other day in school, we had this assembly that was soooooo long. It droned on and on and on. I did not count on the assembly lasting three hours!!! After about an hour and a half I had to go to the bathroom bad - REALLY bad. After two hours and fifteen minutes I couldn't hold it anymore. I asked a teacher if I could go to the bathroom and she was like, "No, you should have gone before the assembly started." Yeah, except when the assembly started I didn't have to go to the bathroom! So I went back to my seat, crossed my legs tightly, and squirmed. Ten minutes later, my stomach exploded in pain because I had to go so bad. So I just let go and it all came out. My pants got soaked and then it started seeping onto the floor. Then I had an attack of terrible diarrhea which messed up the floor completely. it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EMBARRASSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello to everyone! I noticed several comments about the photo at the top of the page. I agree that it is a little too posed but I love the way she is sitting, with her legs spread, this is just like me! I had not pooped since my last post, until today. After a long day of class, I decided to go to the student fitness center for a much needed workout. After about an hour, I began feeling a strong urge to poop. I was very happy that the need came at such a cool time where I could use the awesome restrooms in this particular building. I wiped my sweat off with a towel and trotted toward the nearest restroom. This is a pretty new building, complete with the latest "aero-dymanmic" toilets and butt-hugging seats. I also love going to the restroom without alot of clothing to remove, I was wearing a sports bra top and very short gym shorts. The restroom I went into had 5 stalls. I could have opted for the locker room restroom, but its usually hot from people using the showe! r etc. When I went in, I was the sole occupant. This made me somewhat disappointed. Nevertheless, I had to go pretty bad by now. I selected the first stall. Today, I decided to go ahead and remove my shorts and panties completely. I hung them both on the hook. I sat down on the comfortable seat, my cheeks spreading open as they sank down below the seat, gee I love that feeling! As usual, I assumed my "open wide" position. I feels much more free without clothes. I broke the silence with a very loud and long fart. After about a minute, I farted loud and long again, before it stopped another girl came in. I could barely hear her say something about the smell! She went into the 3rd or 4th stall and began peeing. After she finished, she continued to sit. I finally heard her pass a quiet but windy fart, followed by a splash. My poop eased into place at the tip of my anus. It quickly fell into the water with a splash. This was followed by five more poops each making! a splash about 5 seconds apart. Each was only 3 inches long and about an inch wide. I heard the other girl strain and could barely hear what sounded like a big log settling into the water. She began to wipe just as two other girls came in. One took the stall next to me, the other next to her. I guess this meant the other girl was in stall 4. These two new girls talked to each other as they lowered their shorts. One said to the other that she had to "go sooo bad." The girl next to me responded with "me too." The girl in #4 had began washing her hands at this point and soon left. I grunted a little and farted again. The girl in #3 responded with a VERY LOUD booming fart. The girl next to me said "no more mexican food for you!" They both laughed. I began to concentrate again and dropped six more poops, each about 5 seconds after the other, each making loud splashes. All were the same 3-4 inches long and inch thick. The girl next to me, strained a few times and I ! heard what sounded like about a big turd drop. She wiped a few seconds later and pulled her shorts up. She said to her friend that she would meet her in the locker room. The other girl said to give her about 20 more minutes! After the one girl left, I too began wiping and redressing. I noticed that the one girl who had just left did not flush, I was curious to see what she had left. I was nice this time and flushed my load. My job filled the bowl and I felt much better. I exited my stall and looked into the next stall's toilet. I saw a 15 incher floating on top of the water. It was about 2 inches thick and looked like a chore to pass! Anyway, maybe next time I can drop one that big. As I washed up, I could still hear girl number 3 pooping, she sounded like she was taking a very wet poop. I left her to finish in a very stinky restroom! I hope everyone has a good week, happy pooping to all!



Kevin L: Hi again! I real like your posts. It must be super to have so many brothers. I wanted to ask how I can get to poop as often as you and your brothers. You guys each seem to poop about 5-6 times a day. Do you take laxitives? What kinda food do you guys eat? Can you really sink a turd by peeing on it? It is real cool that you guys get to wipe each other's butts. I sure would like to wipe my cousin's butt, but he won't let me.

Last year our family took a vacation to Orlando. It was a very long drive and we left in the middle of the night. I was very tired, having been out late with friends the night before. I had slept for nearly 5 hours in the car. I was so sound asleep that I sleep through my dad buying gas and my entire family getting out to go to the bathroom. When I woke up my bladder was throbbing. Having slept through the rest stop I assumed that everyone else had to go too. After a half our of waiting I asked, "Can we take a rest stop soon?" My dad said, "Sorry Hun, we just stopped a little while ago, we need to make good time." I quietly sat back, I didn't want to raise a fuss, knowing how tempermental my dad could be. 10 minutes later I spoke again, "dad can we please pull over" "NO" "But I really need to go" "Alright, there is a reststop in 54 miles, you can get out there." I knew that it would be a strech to make it 54 miles, but if I said anything he probably wouldn't stop at a! ll. I crossed my legs tight and tried to hold on. I kept watching the milage markers. 46 miles to go. oh no! I had to hold on a little longer. I felt a spirt go into my panties. I shoved both hands between my legs. 34 miles to go. Another spirt came out. My panties were getting soaked. 21 miles to go. I could not hold on any longer. I begged for him to pullover and let me go in the woods. "No, and if you ask again we are not stopping until we get to Florida." I had my hands in tight. I could not sit still. With 5 miles to go i was doing every thing I could to hold on. I saw a sign, REST AREA 1 MILE. I felt so relived, I was going to make it. Then, as my dad slowed down to pull off the highway, I started to loose control. I peed every where. My panties were soaking wet. My pants were totaly covered in a yellow stain. I walked to the bathroom sobbing. All the people were staring at me. I felt so ashamed, who could imagine an 18 year old who wets her pants! . Has any one else had a similar experiance?

hello people
I feel terrible about heather :(
to Bryian: I had to get that urine sample because of a sever pain in my (cough cough) to the limit that I couldn't walk.
I am sorry people even though I haven't been here for long but this is my last post here :( I will MISS READING all ur nice posts! I am moving away and the area I am gonna be in doesn't have interent services even the free ones if i dial up, it's long distance. I used to read every single post everyday but that whole moving thing came up last week when my dad found a new job so we have to move out as soon as possible

No time to post now but will start with reasons to poo outside and then poos from my friend Linda and me. Poo coming on now!!!

Hi I am back. The picture on the masthead I think is a fake or if she did poop then a lot of wiping is coming up because the way she is sitting her cheeks are pushed together.
I will be a regular from now on so you better know who I am. I am a 46 year old South African farmers wife with two teenage kids. (girl and boy) We live on a sheep and cattle farm and so as I mentioned earlier a lot of pooping can take place outdoors. I am a brunette with a nice figure. (for the guys!!) My husband taught me to poo outside as I was a city girl and had never ever done it before. After we were married we were walking in the veld (counrtyside) one afternoon and I felt the urge and said to him we best go home as I needed to poo. He said nonsense do it right here in the middle of nowhere. I said what about paper and then stupidly people. He said he was the only one around for 15 miles. I reluctantly agreed as I was still a little shy. What an experience! I can still remember to this day pulling down my shorts and panties and looking around just to check that no-one was looking. My husband said stop right there. I said "why it's coming" You will shit on yourself he said. He instructed me in the art of the outdoor dump. Take off one leg of your clothing so that you can sit right down low rocked back on your heels, no bunched clothing at your knees and spread the feet to shoulder width and the knees apart. Down you go no pushing as you are already applying pressure to your abdomen and your ring is relaxed and open. You are able to pee slightly forwards so as not to splash your ankles and the poo just pours out. The breeze blows between your sweaty thighs and cools your labia and arse crack. If the heap is large you can move a few feet either side and go again. As for the smell. There is minimal as the breeze takes it away. Wiping is minimal as you have shat cleanly out of your ring, wet farts cannot attack you from below and you have not pushed a load between your cheeks smearing them with poo as it slides out. The shit literaly drops out of your arse. As you stand to survey your produce it is a turn on to feel the wind in your tush and the hot sun on your buttocks. I once sat for so long that I sunburned my bum. Ever since then I have used any excuse not to use the standard toilet which does not allow the bum to open all the way and then traps all the smell plus other peoples smelly bums in one room. No splashing, dirty seats, marked bowls and the best is your shit is biodegradable so after a day or two it is all gone. I have never had to push or strain this way and also wiping is minimal as your ring is clean. Usually one wipe is enough. Continual cleaning damages your ring. More on that later. I now do not wear panties if possible except during my period. My tush stays nice and clean and the wind stops it from sweating in a pair of panties. I must admit no panties can make you feel horny at funny moments. In a crowded lift if someone brushes his hand against your bum.
My friend Linda has said yes I may tell re: her loose bowels. She is the only one that I have ever dumped with except the jogger at the sea that wanted paper and then stood and watched me. Will start soon with the Linda/Penny episodes. She was initially shy so it took a bit of persuading. Hi to all especially Buzzy PV and Smith. Where in the world are you guys?

Are there any women that are too shy and embarassed to poop in front of anyone? And are excited by the thought of a male in the same situation?

Good day to you all!
My posts have not all come through because I probably strayed off the subject or because there was a problem with my server, I had no access to emails for a while.

Poor Heather, I hope she will get well! The news of her accident left me concerned. I will include her in my prayers.

TINA: Referring to comics about bathroom episodes. I have not come across any among the comics you can buy, but as I don't buy any these days that does not mean that there aren't any around. When my sister and I were children, comics were forbidden at school because they were said to use bad grammar and or bad language. The same rule was applied at home: no comics for the same reason, we were supposed to read books. What did we do? We made our own! We had great fun with the drawings and then colouring them with crayons. Our stories used animals similar to Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse as childrens'comics do, but our stories usually started with a big feast, the subsequent need for a toilet, making it in time or not and usually ending in gigantic porcelain splitting crap explosions, farts that left pants in rags and such like. We became very creative, very good at drawing (my sister later went to an art academy!), but had to keep quiet about our artistic activities. I rememge! r the fun we had colouring some drawings under the bedcovers by torchlight at night! Brown became a favorite crayon colour :) Sometimes it gave us giggle fits for days and our parents wondered what we were laughing about.

Bye bye and happy reliefs everyone,

Hi I have a story. When I used to live in a small house 8 years ago, we used to have a neighbor there that was very good friend of ours especially my moms. Of course I wouldn't really know because I was really young back then. She came for her first visit after 7 years because she couldn't find our address and my mom lost in touch with her a long time ago but we found her number and my mom called her and invited. she came and visited. She told me that i never had a clean underwear they were all stained. I was a bit shy to hear something like that from a stranger. She said she wiped my butt me everyday she comes. So I was like "whatever" and left her and went in my room. She went in my room and showed me my underwear we forgot at her house when we used to live there. It was so tiny and it was stained alright! we ate diner i went to the bathroom. When I came out i came out, she was going in. Before she goes in, she told me to turn around so i said ok then suddenly she pulled my ! pants and my underwear down. then i am like "whatta" then she is said that i am better than I used to in cleaning my bumba! DUH! I started sorta laughing but I was a bit shy too but the best thing is I don't really care who am i naked infront of. She got some toilet paper and told me to bend over, i did and she wiped my bum. I thought that was dumb of her but it was funny. It brought back memory to my mom and all my family including me and her started laughing! it's been a year and she is coming next week so I thought I would tell you people about that. This time for sure nothing like that will happen again lol!

Yeah when I get home from trips I spend like one hour on the john.
Samantha B.
I pray for Heather to goet better.

Not so good dumps lately.

Happy Poops!!!!

hello people
I feel terrible about heather :(
to Bryian: I had to get that urine sample because of a sever pain in my (cough cough) to the limit that I couldn't walk.
I am sorry people even though I haven't been here for long but this is my last post here :( I will MISS READING all ur nice posts! I am moving away and the area I am gonna be in doesn't have interent services even the free ones if i dial up, it's long distance. I used to read every single post everyday but that whole moving thing came up last week when my dad found a new job so we have to move out as soon as possible

Tina, I dont know about now, but a long time ago there was a ren and stimpy cartoon where stimpy and some other guy were playing a game called dont wiz on the electric fence and Ren came in a pissed on the came.
You didnt see anything but it could be heard.
Thats the only cartoon I know about

I woke up this morning to read evrybodys post. As i sat on the toilet to read Carmalita's post i let out a few good smelly farts. as in her story i can remeber backpacking and pooping outdoors in the los padres national forest.several time what I did was climb a tree and sit on the edge and let the poop dangle till it hit the ground. speakeing of poop i am createing a masterpeice now.wew i think i need a gas mask. this ones got to be a winner so far been here ten minutes sitting and grunting and still comeing out.this ones got to be a clogger approximately 12inches long with swirls. this is the first time i ever spoke about toilet habits in public. keep up the good work i am now a frequent reader. And to carmalita i am a 6 ft 195lb male who can make the loggs but where no glasses.

Coprologist, I always have a loud fart when I sit on the toilet pan whether for a wee wee or a motion, most people do. If you cant fart on the toilet, where can you fart, and your bum (butt) is brought into firing position.

Somebody asked if anyone had been embarrassed when doing a large motion if someone had heard them. No I havent been embarrassed as such matters dont have that effect on me, I will however tell you about an incident which occurred when I was a teenager, about 16 or so.

I had been needing a motion at the end of the schoolday but I didnt go to the Girls Toilet at school as I was getting a lift home with a classmate who's Dad had picked her up.

When I got in I went straight upstairs to the bathroom. I was sat on the pan and was doing the jobbie. As usual it was a nice big fat one, very firm and I was going "OO! NN! AH! as I passed it. Suddenly the door opened, (I never put the bolt on when I use the toilet), and my Mum said , "And this is the bathroom....." She was showing some people round as we were thinking of selling the house. The door was wide open revealing me sitting on the pan, my grey pleated school skirt hitched up round my waist and my navy blue knickers at my knees and at that moment my big jobbie plunged into the pan with an almighty "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP!". Mum and this couple in their forties stood there in the door, then she stammered "OH! that's my daughter Moira" and I grinning replied "Oh hello" before Mum closed the door and proceeded to show the couple round the rest of the house. Now I dont know if seeing me doing a big jobbie had any influence but they put in an offer and bought the house and w! e moved to a larger nicer one. Needless to say this was an item of amusement for many days in our family. Has anyone else had such an experience and did it affect any other matter such as an interview , selling a house or the like?

To the person who asked about defecation scenes in books try James Joyce "Ulysses",(the opening chapter), also a book called The Fermatta and Gabrial Garcia Lorca'a "In Praise of the Stepmother" all of which have graphic descriptions of people doing a big solid motion.

Hi there at the toilet!
BUZZY - thanks for enjoying the story. I don't know if it was really 15 lb but it was certainly a lot!...
MARSHALL/DENZEL - my wife's name is Ireen, and she is 42 years old. I will ask her about why she applies the "finger method" exactly the way she does. It could indeed have something to do with "secondary benefits", if you catch my drift - but then, why would she wait for a dump situation? I am certain that it is not an inhibition to touch excrement, since she works in medical care and is confronted with shit all the time. I'll be back with an answer as soon as I have found out.
Good poos and pees to you all,

Peeping Tom
Bryian I saw that Lizy Maquire show and I also thought
a scene with him rushing to the toilet was come up.I was so
disappointed when he didn't.I bet thay were going to have the scene
but edit it out. what was the purpose of the scene if not?

Matt don't ask your brother that you may be sorry.

ANONYMOUS: You are right, I did say I would try to measure how much wee I do. I still don't have anything I can measure it in though, or at least not that I would want to do it in ! Andrew says he might have an idea when I see him at the weekend !

KIM: What a fantastically enormous poo you did. Andrew says that your poo was nearly 500cc in volume. I think if I had a poo that size in little me, then my ???? would look tremendously fat, or stick out a lot anyway ! Love from Kendal x

EPHERMAL: Thanks for your support. It isn't that a stand-up wee is worrying me, its just I'm too lazy to be bothered sometimes. A sit on the toilet can be quite restful ! Love from Kendal.

SAMANTHA B: How awful ! I'm so sorry to hear such bad news about Heather. Is everyone else in her family ok, or is it just her ? I really, really hope that she gets better soon. I shall miss her good stories ! Please send her my love. Love from Kendal xx

KATE: What a good story you told last weekend ! A poo out in the open with an audience. You are brave ! But I still thought the best bit was where Matthew actually let you see him poo on the toilet. I'm so pleased for you and him. That was lovely the way you held hands with one another. Andrew and I do that sometimes. I would like to try this sitting on knees idea. Andrew and I have talked about it a lot, discussing what the best way to do it is. Have you any suggestions Kate ? Love from Kendal xx

LINDA: You'll see at the top of this post that I've thanked the Moderator. Andrew has access to his own email address, which I don't. He therefore decided to be brave and ask the Moderator why my post was deleted on Tuesday. It was deleted due to the fantasy elements it contained. That means the story I told about you, Kirsty and I. I bet that is why some of your posts have not made it. Well, I say never mind ! We can still be best friends ! Lets keep our stories to what is happening in our own worlds and tell each other about it. So long as the stories don't break the other rules of the site, I'm sure we'll be fine ! I'll tell you what really happened at the weekend now, leaving out the pretend bits with you in it, other than what I actually did. Kirsty didn't have any pampies with multicoloured hearts on them, so we went out to buy some ! She couldn't get any multicoloured ones, so we settled on some white cotton pampies with just red hearts on them. We went to MacDo! nalds for something to eat. While we were there, I got a sudden urge to poo, and I knew it wouldn't wait while we got back to Kirsty's. So Kirsty and I decided to go in the restaurant. When we got in the ladies, there was no one in, so we sneaked into the end stall together. My poo was very urgent by now and was half out of my bottom and I hardly had time to get the belt on my jeans undone and get them down before the point of no return ! But I made it just in time and my poos made three good plops in quick succession. After I finished, I pulled up my white cotton panties with the multicoloured hearts on them ! Then Kirsty had her turn, and she pulled down her panties and sat. However, I pointed out she wasn't wearing her new panties. So she got back up off the toilet, and changed into them ! And then she did something that for some reason I thought was really funny. She pulled the new panties right up and smoothed down her skirt. Then she stood in front of the toilet, and p! ulled them down again to go ! I thought she would just put the new panties on up to her knees and then sit down again. Anyway, while I laughed uncontrollably, she did a single poo which I missed ! After that, I went and sat on the toilet again and pretended to be you, making lots of straining noises and giving a running commentary about what was happening. Kirsty was really embarrased and tried to shush me. Then just as I made a really big NNNNNNNNHHHHHHH noise, someone came in ! I looked at Kirsty, and the horror on her face about whether the other lady had heard me made me burst out laughing again. But in my attempt to hold back, the result was that a made this huge raspberry sound through my lips, which sounded as though I had blown off big time Linda ! The other person went straight out again, and even Kirsty had to laugh at all that ! Ohhhh, we had such fun, and Kirsty was amazed that someone could make so much noise, and take so much pleasure about having a good poo! p ! Later that night before we went to bed, Kirsty needed another poo. And I think she is finally getting over her inhibitions about noisey toilet sessions, as she did a mean impression of my impression of you ! Not that she could have many inhibitions left anyway after having a poo with Andrew sitting on her knee the other weekend ! I see from Cousin's post that Elena and the baby are doing fine. Hope you are keeping well too my friend. Love you loads, love from Kendal xxxx PS, don't forget, no made up stories !!

COUSIN: Thanks for telling me about Linda's major poop while she was mostly asleep ! She is so lucky to have you to help her. It must be so strange to help a sleeping person to poop, having to hold onto them so they don't fall off, or bang their heads on wash basins etc. Take care, and thanks for being such a wonderful father figure to my friend ! Lots of love from Kendal xxxx

KEV, ELLIE & LITTLE LOU: I hope you are all friends again now. Please come back and tell us what is happening to you all. I miss you very much. I hope Ellie's rib is much better now ! Love from Kendal xxx.

NICOLE & SUZY: Where have you two gone ?! Andrew is particularly sad you have gone away. He liked the descriptions you gave about going to the toilet together. Are you still weeing through your knickers on the grass at school ? I really hope you will both come back again soon. Love from Kendal xx

Big Al
SANDRA: Re. you inquiry about books with good pooping scenes...I assume you mean fiction (novels), but here's a non-fiction one you may find stimulating.
Author Nancy Friday has published several books that collect women's sexual fantasies. One of these is entitled WOMEN ON TOP. About two-thirds into the book, there is an extremely graphic description of two girls buddy dumping. (Many pee-fantasies in this book also.)
Always find you posts extremely satisfying, by the way...

CARMALITA: Your fantasy male--tall (yes), needing a shave (well, sort of, I have a beard, does that count?), reading a newspaper (magazine ok?, pants around the ankles (yes), taking a long dump (yep). Do I fit the bill? Let me know, and if so, I'll tell you all about it...

PPG: Hi! Great to hear from you. Regarding the usual 18" gap under partitions of stalls in public restrooms. You can usually see the feet and lower calves of a guy shitting in the adjacent stall. I guess it would be possible to see a guy's thighs and butt. This would, however, necessitate getting one's head real close to the floor and I won't do this in public restrooms where the floors are often real dirty.
Dazz: Your story about the muscular oriental guy taking a shit was real great. I enjoyed every minute of reading it. I liked your point about how orientals often squat over the toilet bowl with their feet on the rim of the bowl. I once followed an Oriental student into the Library restroom of my College. I went into the adjacent stall. When I bent over to look under the partition I saw no feet in the adjacent stall, but I could hear farting, plopping and later wiping. It took me a moment to realize what had happened. I later asked an oriental friend who is born in the U.S. about it. He told me that he also squats over the bowl when he dumps with his feet on the bowl rim. I asked him so many questions about it that I guess he thought I was weird. He eventually said that next time he needed to shit I could come along with him to see how he does it, but he seemed to be kidding me. I find that a constipated guy, like your friend, is really the best to listen to whe! n he takes a dump. They are even better to watch. You can see exactly from the facial contortions and grimaces, the stage a large, hard log has reached in passing out of the guy's asshole.
DM: You are right. Its really too bad about how toilets are being built these days for guys with our pastime. Often I go back to places after a few months and, as you say, new toilet stalls are up without gaps or formerly doorless stalls have doors. Some older toilets are still great, but they are getting harder to find.

To Penny - I just loved your story of being watched by the teenager while you pooped in the gully. I feel really jealous of him. Have you any other similar experiences to share with us?
To Chris - Glad you liked my account of being watched pooping in the woods. I don't know if I'm allowed to tell you where, but I see some others have identified actual restrooms in the States so here goes - it was off the exit road from J47 services where a narrow road leads to a Forestry car park. I think its a bit too cold and wet this time of year for me and the car park barrier is locked at 5 in winter. I expect I shall go back later in the spring as there are some pleasant walks through the forest (and lots of space for outdoor pooping!)
As I take every opportunity I can to poop outdoors I've been surprised while pooping outdoors a few times over the years most often by horsewomen, not all of whom looked the other way. You think theres no-one around and twenty seconds later a horse and rider appear out of nowhere. More details another time perhaps.

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