Sandra - how could you? You actually let people watch you dump in public? I did an outdoor one this week. I was driving from one office to another, along the M25, and I could feel the need, so I turned off at a place where I know there are some woods. (Not many service areas on the M25). I parked up, and walked a way into the woods before doing the deed. I always find I have to take care not to pee on my shoes or knickers, so I like to take my time - but I have to keep looking over my shoulder to check no one is about. I had just finished quite a decent pile, and was wiping when I heard noises, and a few seconds later a dog ran up! I moved on quickly to avoid meeting with the man who was not far behind his dog, which appeared to be very interested in what I had done. Felt good afterwards though :) Rick, I am surprised nobody else has said this, but I really hope that very soon you will be caught out. If I ever found someone doing that to me I would be straight round to the police.

Hey Rick, you may think your little peephole to the bathroom is clever, but I have some news for you. It's ILLEGAL, and it could lead to your prosection if anyone found out about it. It's also very unethical and immoral. It's one thing to watch someone go to the bathroom with their knowledge and consent; it's quite another thing to watch them go when they're not aware of it. That is a terrible invasion of privacy, and quite frankly, I have no respect for someone like you. If the adminisrators of this site had any ethics and values, they would ban commebts like yours, which only serve to encourage others to do what you're doing. If I were them, I'd turn your ip address over to the authorities. Consential bathroom sharing is a great thing, and most of the people who post here seem like honorable people, but what you're doing is despicable.

How did I get here? This is really stomach turning stuff? But faintly intruiging. Suppose I'd best contribute something. About ten years ago some friends and I were in France camping, in the Loire Valley, Summer time. After dinner we were getting ready to go to the bar and I went to the shower/ washroom block to get shaved and washed. The place was empty of people but full of steam...and there was an overpowering fetid stench. I thought this was just the normal smell. Lots of toilets on French camping sites smell quite aweful. So I'm shaving at the sink and the disembodied voice of my pal comes from the shower cubicles "Whose there?"... "Its me Al"... "Go and get me a stick, would you"... "What d'you want a stick for?" "I've had a shit in the shower and I can't get it down the plug-hole" That shower room stunk. There's plenty more stories like that, when I have time I'll post you some.

Daniel, my girlfriend and partner, Donna and I ,(we are Lesbians),often buddy dump out of doors. Last week we went for a nice walk, driving out to the country round Loch Lomond not far from Glasgow then walking through the woodlands and having a picnic. After we had eaten Donna told me she needed a motion, and we found a suitably secluded spot for her to do it. Donna, as long time readers of this site will know, is a tall ???? girl who looks a bit like a smaller version of the late Mama Cass Elliot of 1960s group The Mamas and Papas . Donna lifted her denim skirt showing off her lovely ???? buttocks and her rounded ???? covered in her big pair of pale blue briefs which she pulled down to her knees then squatted down,holding on to a tree. Her wee wee poured with a hiss onto the sandy soil and standing next to her I could smell her pheromones a great turn on, then I heard her take a deep breath. "Oh, its a big fat jobbie" she said and I smelt the odor of a healthy solid stool. As I watched from behind her I saw it slowly start to emerge between Donna's ???? buttocks a fat nobbly turd of about 2 and a half inches thick, firm, well formed, mid brown. Donna strained going "ah! ah! oh! OO!" as it slowly but surely exuded. "Oh Lauren, its a big whopper alright" she gasped as it grew in length. As it slid out it became smoother and a bit easier for her to pass as I gently rubbed and pushed her big ????. I looked at the jobbie, it was by now well over 12 inches long and still coming out of Donna, and another 4 inches or so were to come out before it tapered to a rounded end and dropped onto the earth. Donna was red in the face and sweating a bit and as she got her breath back I wiped her , vagina to anus as is the proper way. The motion had been nice and firm so only one piece of toilet paper was needed. She pulled up her panties and had a look at the lovely big jobbie she had done. It was a great fat sausage , about 16 inches long, gently curved, good and firm and well formed. Watching her had, as it often does, made me need a motion myself. Mine are usually smaller than Donna's, Im nothing like as ???? or tall as her, and I then undid my jeans, slipped my black panties down and did my rather hard carrot shaped jobbie which was about 2 inches fat and 10 long next to Donna's with her now encouraging me and wiping me clean afterwards. As we were both by now very aroused I will leave it for readers to muse on what we did next as that is outside the guidelines set by the moderator.

As well as buddy dumping outdoors we do the same at home in the toilet. Donna bought a large size toilet pan, (the type fitted to public toilets) many years ago to accomodate her big jobbies but even this pan and a powerful 3 gallon flush often needs 3 or more flushes before her big turds go away. This doesnt bother Donna or me but she has had some amusing experiences over the years when her panbusters have got stuck.

Sandra, we were both interested in you doing a nice big poo in the park. Are you British or American, ???? or slim? Donna has occasionally been seen doing one when out in the countryside, but usually tries to find somewhere more secluded. Just be careful you dont get caught and charged with indecent exposure or conduct liable to occasion a breach of the peace or creating a public nuisance. Doing a motion outdoors in the countryside is proably safe as you could fairly argue that there were no toilets nearby and anyone seeing you would have blundered onto you, but in a public park with people around and probably public toilets (even rather vile ones as these usually are) such a defence woud probably fail, so be careful. Lots of love and best wishes, and nice solid jobbies to all, from Lauren and Donna

Santa Barbara
Not the soap...the town. Do I have any neighbors here?

this is a very humiliating story but I will share it with you all.This morning when I was sitting at my dinning room table eating breakfast ,My stomach started to rumble and cramp a little.For some reason I had really bad gas and was passing gas all morning.No one else was at home [thank god] so I was letting them rip the whole time.the chair I was sitting in was wooden,so It reaaly was making quite a noise.I felt anouther comming so I released and an burst of warm liquid fanned out in my panties.I was getting ready for class[Im a ballet instructor] so I was really concerned about how my out fit had a big brown wet spot.I ran to the toilet and barely got my panties down while croutching over to sit and an explsion of diarrhea burst from me.The gush lasted about 2 minutes -pure liquid.I had to call in sick at the last minute as I was on the toilet off and on all day.I dont know what could have made my bowels this loose-This only happens to me maybe twice a year.I still feel that I still have the runs,for my last movement about an hour ago was still pure liquid.Id better not stay on for too long so I will go-thanks and sorry if I have grosed some of you out.I will post more stories later.

diarrhea pal
I would also enjoy these diarrhea stories. That's my preference if no one has a problem with it. thanx diarrhea gal and diarrhea master! ~diarrhea pal~

(Re: Anita) Anita- Thanks for responding to my question. But I still think some young female have that baby clean skin back there. But I guess my observation is biased because I am looking at young women of porn industry. Female models' anus look like they don't have BM.....especially Blondes

Some Guy
A- The toilets in my house are normal- loud with a glug-galoosh as the water hits its low point in the toilet. It doesn't seem that interesting to me, but then again, some women don't think that their bowel movements are interesting, so whatever floats your boat. RICK- I love your posts! The description, the whole voyeur act,and the rating system! Keep 'em coming, cause we're reading 'em. Thanks also to the great posts by Rebecca and Sandra. Sandra, I think I love you. And next time someone calls you rude, poop on the hood of their car. However, be careful of risking getting arrested.

Thanks for answering my question, you guys! Renee-Anne, I think I know what you mean about those scary hospital toilets! In my sister's the old apartment that she once lived in, her toilet made such an ugly and horrifying noise after being flushed that we all had to start laughing every single time someone flushed it! And to top it off, most of the toilets in that building sounded the same way because we would often hear this loud noise through the walls when others flushed their toilets. Now, she has moved into an apartment that still has a noisy toilet, but something must be different because the noise isn't nearly as bad. And the only time a gurgle can be heard at the end of the flush, by the way, is when the handle is not pushed down far enough to make a complete flush. Which I think is probably the case with most toilets...

Derek F
Hi posters, I have done a survey of my own at school today, an idea I got from a old post done by Nicky who did one at his school. My last lesson on a Friday is games, and today we were doing swimming but I couldn’t do it as I had sprained my ankle. I was told I could wait round the pool or in the changing rooms. To start with I watched the swimming but I got fed up and went back to the changing room where I thought well I had a one off chance I could compare the underwear. There were 24 pairs of underwear, 6 pairs of boxerbriefs, 7 pairs of boxers, 1 pair of y-fronts and 10 pairs of underpants. Everybody was of the age 15/16. The results were as followed No stains 1(were dark blue underpants) Light pee/skidmark stains 16 ( lightly visible) Medium pee/skidmark stains 5 ( quite dark stains) Heavy pee/skidmark stains 2( thick stains, actual poo ) The heavily stained underwear belonged to two guys named James and Matthew, James had red underpants but you could still see very heavy skidmarks and the red was discoloured at the front from pee stains. Matthew had white boxerbriefs and these showed up everything. There were only one pair that had no stains, this figure was a lot lower than Nicky’s results but his survey was done at the beginning of the day whilst my one was last thing on a Friday so that probably accounts for that.

Fred_LimpBizkit aka Coolguy 3:16
Hey all, whats up??? First a few notes, 1st, I have been gone for the last week to Detroit for our schools Honor Roll Trip(And Have I Got Stories) thus the lack of posts, 2nd, My name change is due to the fact that it sounds "Stuck Up" As my G/f says, so I changed it, BTW: She said she will post soon. Note: My real name is not Fred, he is "Limp Bizkit's" Lead Singer. Ok, A few stories now, like I said I was in Detroit this week, My g/f didnt go[sad, but good :(:)]and me and my friends that went were sitting in the back of the charter bus, along with most of the cute girls and TA-DA,the Toilet, so we all got to hear all the INTERESTING sounds from the back as chick after chick came our way, as there were no rest stops and the drive was about 800 miles, so my stories, about 25 minutes on our way Katie A Tall thin chick told us she had to crap, she said she wouldnt though, shed only go piss to relieve pressure, Wrong, right as soon as she sat down Niagra Falls shot out her ass! Gawd, It stunk, and Next up, about 15mins later Beth, Short, Skinny, Attractive, a real cutie, goes in we all hear the famous crackling, then she proudly showed her equipment and her turd at about 14inches long we snapped it also.Next up, Carly A real outgoing chick she went in only for A pee, but I did a solo bust in she thought it would be all of us, but since it was just me, she let me watch her crap and showed off her equipment also!With about 300 miles down Katie went back in, but we knew she was sick, so we decided not to bother her and leave her alone to be nice. While Katie was in Ashley came to the stall door, we knew If she crapped the bus might tip, shes TALL, but skinny, prolly about 6'1" ,We knew it would be BIG, I knew, cuz Ive seen her b4, shes and ex we just left her alone, and waited till she left then entered, It was funny as hell, Ashleys Whopper was sticking straight out of Katies Mud Mound! With about 300 miles left Mandy went In, then she let us watch Then she sat and Shat as we all watched. Now It is about 8:00P.M. I figure we outa settle down a little and get some rest, Only to be awoken by the loudest fart Id ever heard about a 1/2 hour later, I busted in solo, Beth was in the again, Crapping!! I asked her what shes been eating, she answers "Everything, Up front there is everything from Raisins, To Celery, to Prunes, To Twinkies and so forth, she said she craps often because shes so small that she cant hold everything she eats, I just got another shot or 2 of her then laid back down in my seat and fell asleep I woke up as we were about 20 mins away from Detroit, I looked over and Beth was sleeping in my seat with me!!! I was shocked, I put one arm around her and laid back down, I woke up in detroit with her ass in my face, she was still a sleep and I closed my eyes, but Then she ripped one right in my face!!!Man did that one smell! On the way back only a few girls went in to crap, and we got invited in, it was Ashely again!! So, we watched and went back out to sleep, Cya Well, Now I feel kinda bad, I may have to break up with my g/f to go with Beth, I mean she is the first ive ever slept with, (Sorta) Well, Ill tell ya what happens soon, Cya , on a closing note, god I love this town! Cya everyone!Note: My 1st post of this didnt make it, so I toned it down a little, Pleez post this, you have to read this to know some of my other Detroit experiences!

Saturday, May 22, 1999

Renee-Anne toilet is normal but the hospital toilet moans and sounds just like a ghost!!! Everytime it flushed everything down it would be silent and then the moan! Cool huh? Drew you should be glad that Nick at least tells you everything right? Even if I dont know you I know how much you want him to go in front of you so I hope he does!

When I was 13 I watched my best friend (also 13) do a number 2 and since then I've always kind of liked this. Paul and I were out walking in a wooded area near where we lived. Sometimes when were outside we would do great pisses together and enjoyed spraying the foliage, but that day Paul said "I can feel a big shit coming. I'm going to do it right here." Paul decided that he needed to find plenty of leaves and things to wipe himself with, so we collected stuff, then stumbled on some old newspaper. Paul decided that would do, so we found a slightly secluded spot where there was a small tree. "This is gonna feel good, I haven't gone for a couple of days!", Paul announced as he unbuckled his belt and slid his jeans and underpants down to just above his knees. "Too bad I can't read while I do this." Paul grabbed hold of the small tree with both hands and stuck his bum out. He gave a quick grimace as he did his first push. Suddenly I realised I really wanted to see it come out of him and here was my best friend doing it in front of me, so I asked him if I could have a closer look. "Sure, go ahead, but it's not coming out yet", he gasped. I told him to take as much time as he wanted. "Yeah, unngghh!" grunted Paul. I crouched down behind Paul and kept my eyes on his hole which I could see quite clearly. It pushed out and a fart came which made both of us laugh. Paul relaxed a moment. "It's a big one", he grunted as his hole started to pucker and then open a little. I think at this point Paul I started to get a little embarassed and we both grew quiet as he really began to strain. His face turned more red and after another grunt his hole opened very wide and I could hear his shit coming. A little ball of shit plopped out, then the tip of a dark brown log. I looked up at Paul's face and his eyes were shut and his face contorted with strain. "Here it comes", he grunted, as if I didn't know it! His log crackled slowly out as his hole stretched even wider. His turd stopped and hung out of him about 4 inches. It was very thick and was really many small turds clumped together. "Aahhh" sighed Paul as it fell into the grass. There was a big chunk still stuck in his hole and Paul pushed again and the rest of the log came crackling slowly out, thick, firm and dark brown. After 9 more inches of the stuff, it fell from his bum. "Aahhh" sighed Paul again and we waited a bit longer. Then Paul said "here comes the rest!" and he let out a snake of pale brown,looser shit which piled up on top of his firm logs. This ended with another fart and then Paul was done. I ripped off pieces of newspaper and handed them to him as he wiped his hole. He pulled his jeans and shorts up and finished it all off with a strong stream of piss, splattering right on top of his pile of shit. We covered up the mess with newspaper and went on our way.It was an amazing experience watching my friend dump, and I think it made our friendship even closer. Any of you guys ever buddy-dumped with a friend out in nature, or in the bathroom together? Nicky, you're so lucky to have mates like yours, all shitting together. Sounds fun!

Hi Steph. I've read about you and your best friend Alex and you two also sound really cool. It's great that you're close enough to share what is a private thing. I always pee when going number two (as you and I read most people of both sexes do) and when I'm finished, I wipe my vagina first and then my bum, like you do. When wiping my a**, I wipe from bottom to top. I have read that is the proper way since if you do it the other way there's a chance of getting s*** onto your vagina. I wipe my bum until there's no more poopee on the paper that can be between two and ten times depending on how soft my number two was. Like Alex I always scrub my butt when taking a shower which is every day either in the evening or first thing in the morning even so I do sometimes get little skid marks on my panties. Renee-Anne, I like going number two and I wouldn't take a pill to stop me from going if it was available; I wouldn't be reading and writing to this site if I hated pooping. I got a couple of magazines in the mail yesterday I will save them until I need to take a s*** since I love reading while sitting on the toilet. Love Torie

Did another public poo yesterday. It was a beautiful day so I spent lunchtime in the park. During this time I needed to poo. So I walked off the path to the grassy bit, hiked up my skirt and squatted trying not to show my naughty bits to passersby - my panties blocked a view of my vagina, but you could see my cheeks as my skirt was hiked to my waist. I made a little gassy fart and then I could feel a firm turd slowly coming out of my bottom. While I was squatting, a mother and her little boy passed by on the path. The boy said "look at the lady - she's doing a poo." The mother dragged him away saying "yes dear, she's a very rude lady." While this huge turd was coming out, several people passed by but nobody said anything. Most people looked and glanced away quickly pretending that they didn't see anything. When I finished, I wiped myself with a kleenex, stood up, adjusted my skirt and looked at the turd I produced. It was over a foot long and very thick. A man passed by and sa! w me looking at the turd. He said "good God, the dog that did that must be the size of a horse" and walked away! That's the fifth time I've pooed in public with people passing by - it feels great! And no, my husband doesn't know...he'd be disgusted!

A>> To answer your question about the sounds that toilets make after being flushed, the one in my household does to a degree with a gurgle...It does so only because of the way the plumbing is set up down below in the basement. The drain for the bathtub is hooked into the same pipe as the toilet, so after the toilet is flushed, some of the water enters the drain for the bathtub and you can hear it draining out after the toilet finishes the flush cycle...I used to live in another house in which the toilet flush was so quiet that on those occasions when I had passed a bunch of marble-size to golf ball sized turds, when I flushed after getting done, I could here the turds hitting the side of the passageway on their way to the sewer, as it kind of sounded like rocks going through a pipe...

Sure, A, I'll answer, now that my plumbing system is back on line (see my 5/20 post). My toilet is just of average loudness and flushes pretty well, but it has a definite gurgle at the end of the flush. You can see the water quickly rise and fall a few times at that point, I guess when it's level on both sides of the trap. Actually, I wish the water come would come back up evenly after the flush, but I guess as long as the waste goes down without problems, that's the thing. I was on U.S. train recently and took a pee in one of those vacuum toilets with a holding tank. I wish I'd had to pooh so I could watch it go down. That sucking action is really awesome! THHWWOOOP!! Torie, love your descriptive stories and your trademark s***. Anita, I'd be only too happy to be the man you talk to while doing a movement. Just out of curiosity, what do you consider to be "nearby"?

Its funny hearing all these stories about constipation becaue its something I never seem to have a problem with. I am about as regular as the 5 oclock train and will touch wood as to not jinx myself. Torie, great story about the suppository and the oncoming rush that followed it. I can only imagine the size of the load after not pooping for 4 days. I like to hear the description of your poops, they sound so big and you leave a very good visual for the mind. Would love te be able to disucss this with you in more detail. Ever visit Biancas? I keep hearing about people that enjoy their movements more then the average person by either pleasuring themselves or having somebody pleasure them. How many people out their get themselves off while taking a dump or how many people have received oral while taking a dump? I have heard there is a name for this function but I am not sure.

I am 28 years old and since my early teens i have found that i enjoy and become sexualy stimulated by seeing others both men and women going to the bathroom or passing gas in my presents.I also enjoy being seen by others while on the bowl.My husband likes to watch me poop and pee and i've let him wipe my butt once and awile.Last weekend i had a special treat of seeing my 23 yearold sister-inlaw Helen on the bowl going poop,We were shoping and on the way home she rolled down the car window and looking kind of ashamed said sorry,i farted and a second later i got a little wiff of a rank SBD and suggested we find a bathroom since i had to go anyway.We pulled into a service station and i got the key from the attendent and we both went in to the small one person bathroom and helen said go ahead i can wait so i lifted my skirt and tugged down my panties and with my ass exposed i placed the seat protector sat down a took a long loud piss and passed a fart or two,i tried to poop but co! uldn't,did a quick wipe of my vagina got up and let helen have my place.As she pulled down her tight jeans and black briefs all in one movement i said i guess you have to poop,do you want me to go? And she said no it's ok and i heard a long hissing fart and she started to shit hard as her face became strained and then i heard a plop and she said thank god!did another big fart and strained again and said this one's stuck,helen is kind of shy and i never thought she would br so discriptive of her BM but she was and a few seconds later another louder plop and some pee and all the time i was looking at her even as she stood to wipe her tiny butt and it didn't seem to bother her at all and to top it off as she turned to flush she looked in the toilet and said YOU GOTTA SEE THIS! and in the bowl were two turds one about 4in long brown normal looking like the kind i do but next to it was one that had to be 9-10 in long and very thick around,i said girl i know your ass hole is sore! and we both just craked up,she flushed and all that was left was the smell of rotten eggs.I hope to be able to poop in front of her soon,i'll let you know.

Joe B.
Billy, Itsperfectly normal to get an errection from an enema. Enjoy

As for the new weight loss drug, what it does is keeps your system from absorbing about 1/3 of the fat going through. Now, mineral (sp?) oil is used as a laxative because it goes through unabsorbed. Any unabsorbed oil would have the same effect.

A. asked about flush noises. Well, there are hundreds of different toilet designs now. The low flush toilets work all right, unless you try to flush a huge load or half a roll of paper at a time. They are pretty quiet. The one I have at home is a Kohler elongated, blue toilet that has a quiet gurgle at the end. The ones at the schools where I work are wall mounted, American Standard toilets that are LOUD with the usual flush valve and will suck down almost everything but they do get stopped up regularly.

Hey, I have many more stories about my detroit trip, Before I post them, though I wanna make sure the one I posted yesterday makes it in, if not I'll snip it up a little. As I explained in my yesterdays post I changed my name from Coolguy3:16 to this, hope ya like it, keep the ladies posts coming, Torie sounds pretty kewl, just about right!Cya

I really hate the toilets in France. I was on an exchange visit to a village just south of Bordeaux the other year. The toilet in the house I was staying in had a little plate in the bottom, which your turds fell on to when they came out of your anus. To flush it, you had first to press a button which got a really pathetic flush going, and then you had to pull a lever which made the plate in the bottom of the toilet come out, so the poo would go down into the cesspit. If you got a little bit of poo on the side of the bowl it was almost impossible to get it off with the flush like you can on British loos. That was bad enough, but in another part of France where I went they had the same system but without the plate in the bottom. This meant you didn't even have the pleasure of seeing and admiring your turd in the toilet when you got up. To top it all, some queer had bored a hole about an inch across in the side of the cubicle so they could look at people when they were going. I was so disgusted at this that I bunged it up with some toilet paper.

Friday, May 21, 1999

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