So, no one is going to answer my question? If you forgot the question...I asked if anyone here have toilets that have a gurgle at the end of a flush? Or do you have those LOUD toilets that sound like they will suck the entire world down the drain when they flush? Mine flushes very quietly and barely makes any noise at all, but it does have a gurgle at the end when the material flushed goes down the hole. But I'm interested to hear about how you guys' toilets flush....

Hi, suburbman. Glad to answer any of your (or anyone else's) questions. I have never gone to the bathroom, either number 1 or 2, outdoors. Thanks for thinking I'm cute :-) I'll describe a s*** I took yesterday at school. I don't deliberately wait to go at school at school, as some do, nor do I avoid going at school, as some do. When I've gotta go, I go! I have 6 minutes between classes, so I went into the girls room and went into a stall. I pulled down my blue jeans and white underpants and sat down to do my duty. I peed for a few seconds and then let out a BIG push. I felt a soft log coming out of my a** and felt much better afterwards. I pushed again to see if there was anything else but there wasn't. I got up and looked into the toilet like many do. There was a foot long poopee about the size and color (red not brown) of a sausage. I gave a quick wipe to my vagina and then wiped my butt three times. I always keep wiping until there's no more s*** on the paper. I took about three minutes from start to finish. I washed my hands, made a quick fix to my hair and then walked quickly to my next class. I can s*** quickly when I need to such as when I'm at school or am rushing to get somewhere, but I prefer to take my time. When I'm home I like to sit down with a book or magazine and spend ten to twenty minutes on the toilet even though I usually let everything out in five minutes. I very rarely have diarrhea and like many on here find stories about it gross. But, I think that anyone who likes this stuff has the right to post and read about it. This is what freedom is about. I don't have many memories of potty training and I can't tell you how my interest in bathroom developed. I told you before that I've been constipated before. I've never had an enema I'd hate to have liquid shot up my a**. I have taken laxatives, both through the mouth and now put into my bum as I'll explain. Last summer when I was out of school I complained to my mom that I was not feeling that good. She asked me about the last time I did a number two she knows that I can get constipated. I told her almost four days and that I usually go every day. She asked me if I wanted to take a laxative but all she had was the kind you put into the bum. I told her yes anything to help me feel better. Though I almost never go to the bathroom in front of mom or anyone else (except for the time I was at camp) I don't mind her seeing me nude, we do change in front of each other like when were trying on clothes or stuff like that. I was wearing a pair of shorts and pink panties. We went into the bathroom and I pulled down my things and mom asked me to stand still. Mom took some toilet paper and then told me this might hurt a little. She bent down to the floor and then took the clear suposatory(spelling?) and shoved it into my butt. She told me to wait until I REALLY have to go and not sit on the toilet when I start feeling cramps. I felt some cramps about 15 minutes later but waited for another hour by then I really had to go bad. I told mom I was really ready to go number two felt like I was going to poop in my pants if I didn't sit on the toilet. She laughed and told me I'm now ready to go and good luck. I sat down and let out a couple of good sized and smelling poopees. I continued going for a while but not all at once. "How are you doing, honey?" asked my mom from the other side of the door about 15 or 20 minutes after I sat down. I told her I was going number two and already feeling better thanks but I'm still trying to let out more. I sat there for 10 more minutes by which time I didn't need to go anymore. I got up and the toilet was filled with red and brown logs of many sizes and shapes and the bathroom reeked. I flushed the toilet before I started to wipe. After I flushed there were icky red and brown streaks around the bottom of the bowl; I wiped my bum many times sorry I don't remember how many and then flushed again. I flushed again a third time to get rid of the skids on the toilet. I washed my hands for what must have been three minutes and then came out. I told my mom I felt a lot better but I hope nobody had to go for a couple of hours because it really stinks in the bathroom. Mom told me not to worry about it and that I looked a lot better and my face not as pale after going. That was the worst or best (depending on view) poop I took after a laxative in my life my number twos after taking laxatives through the mouth were not that intense. Sorry I hope this wasn't too long but I love reading everyone's stories and hope you'll like mine. I'll tell you more later if youd like, love Torie.

Adrian, I enjoyed your post several days ago when you mentioned about you and your Chinese friend taking a crap together in the locker room. It brought back memories. I remember when I was in boy scouts, I went to Summer camp for a week at Ransburg near Bloomington, Indiana. I remember the troop showers had 2 separate rooms for showers and a bathroom with the only flushable toilet that the boys can use in between the shower rooms. Since it was the only flushable toilet that kids can use, it was heavily used throughout the day. The rest of the toilets at the camp sites were holes in the ground. There were no doors for privacy and I remember walking in there while someone was on the shitter and using afterward and other times, I remember being walked in myself. There were always good conversations while at the toilet. I would love to relive the time again but you can't go back though. I do remember one thing was there were separate showers for the adults to use which I didn't understand at the time (early 1980's) but do now with sexual perversions between men and boys that goes on these days.

To answer the question of Nyad as an athletic, sports playing girl I eat a "healthy" diet and this , plus lots of exercise is what I attribute to doing nice big well formed turds. I have always done large jobbies mind you, even since childhood and I can remember doing fat turds as big as some of my adult relatives motions , say 8 or 9 inches long or so, from when I was only about 8 . Once I did one that size at my aunt's house when I was visiting when I was only that age and, as their toilet had a slow filling cistern it didnt flush away. My aunt thought that my 16 year old cousin Brian had done it and didnt believe him when he said it was mine saying, "a kid the age of Nicola wouldn't do something that big" I just kept quiet and my mum had a little laugh to herself well knowing the size of jobbies her little daughter passed. Mum also does big whoppers so I suppose its an inherited attribute. Tim, glygerine suppositories melt with body heat in the back passage and both lubricate it and slightly soften fecal matter which is too hard thus it is easier to get the motion started and once the first few hard inches are out the rest is usually easier being smooth while still solid and formed. These are just about the safest remedy to constipation along with Liquid Parafin (mineral oil) as both bring gentle relief being lubricants and do not cause distressing looseness or diarrhea if used in normal dosages, the motions, as you have found, remain nice and solid and formed.

Bryian>> To answer your question about anti-biotics, yes, it is common for people to come down with the "runs", as I prefer to call diarhea, because a lot of the time, the anti-biotics are too "good" for a person in that they kill off the beneficial bacteria that live in the lower part of the gut. One thing that I have done when I have been on anti-biotics is too eat yogurt as it seems to help to re-establish the beneficial bacteria in your system...Try it, you will most definitely see a difference.

Hi fellow posters! Wanted to share a wonderful experience I had on my latest vacation to California. My wife and I begain our vacation be visiting one of my aunts. While there, a daughter of hers that I hadn't seen in 20 years showed up. We began to chat and as the evening wore on, and more friends showed up, our chatting moved to the hallway. Finally I told her I had to use the toilet and as I worked my way into the bathroom, she continue to talk and held the door open. I dropped my short and set on the toilet. As I began to pee, she said maybe she should shut the door. She did, but did so with her in the bathroom! She stood with her back to the door and continued to chat while I did my pooping. There was three nice turds, solid in form which slide out farily quitely. They did stink but nothing was said. I wiped my butt just a few times and dropped the paper into the water. As I stood and turned to flush, she said she too had to poop and moved right over to the toilet. As she dropped her jeans, she was looking down at my poop! I turned and set on the side of the tub, which put me only about a foot from her. We again continued to talk as she pissed and pooped. The smell was outstanding and getting to watch her face was totally hot. As she wiped herself, she she would bring the shitty paper out in front of herself and fold it over. Because of this, I got to see her shit on the used toilet paper teach time. When she finished and stood up and also stood up. She smiled as she looked down and saw the tent in the front of my shorts! I invited her to visit us in Saint Louis any time she could.

I am pretty sure that if you investigate "Milorganite" you will find that it is not excrement as such, but secondary sludge from an aerobic or anaerobic sewage-treatment plant. This means that the organic matter in the turds has been transformed into the biomass of micro-organisms in the treatment plant. It will still smelll a little, but not like shit. Although shit is about 40% micro-organisms, they are quite different species from the ones that make up secondary sludge. So much for the lecture. Now an account of my second visit to the shit-house yesterday. It was the men's room in the local Sainsbury's supermarket. The minute I got my pants down and my arse on the toilet, there was a massive explosive fart, and when I stood up and looked into the pot, soft shit had been sprayed everywhere inside the bowl, including the rim behind me. Most of the shit seemed to be above the water level, suggesting that I had sat too far back. Flushing only partly removed it, and I had to wipe it away with TP, after I had finished wiping my anus.

As for antibiotics and the digestive system: In addition to the things they are supposed to attack, they also attack the bacteria that live in our digestive system. When there aren't enough of them our digestive system doesn't work too well--the result is often loose stools or even diarrhea. The reaction varies from person to person. My wife takes Augmentin fairly often as she has a minor heart defect that poses some risk of a heart infection if bacteria get into the blood stream, thus she takes antibiotics before any medical procedure that can cause any bleeding. (This includes routine dental cleanings.) It often leaves her stomach not feeling too good, but never does anything to her bowels.

Lisa Anne
There's this new weight-loss drug on the market, I can't remember the name (I think it starts with X). My local newpaper printed an article about it and I thought some of you would be interested in the side effects. I seem to have lost the article, so I will try my best to paraphrase: "This drug may make your bowel movements 'oily', or they may be 'fatty'" (whatever they mean by that). There was also mention of problems holding it in or sudden urges. I know this my gross some of you non-diharrea people out, but I'm sure someone will find this of interest.

I haven't posted in a while, but I just had to say Thanks to Jason for that incredibly hot story about the bathroom at your university (4 stalls, 2 each face-to-face). Sounds like you found heaven! Just one question, have you ever actually taken a dump there yourself? Is there more thrill in watching other guys shit or being watched while you dump? Just curious - thanks again for a great story.

Can anyone tell me if it's normal to get an erection while geting an enema. A couple a days ago my wife gave me one at my request(i hadn't gone in 3 days)and as soon as it started to flow i got a full erection and when i thought about it the only other time that i had an enema was when i was about eleven and the same thing occured,my mother gave me that one and had coved my butt with a towel before i pulled down my underpants so not to embarrese me too much i guess.I was just wondering if it's sexual or not. Thanks Billy

Diarrhea Gal
Hey Diarrhea master! I have mostly been lurking, but I have many diarrhea stories to tell, but i didn't think anyone wanted to hear them. Don't have time to tell one now, but i will later today, perhaps.

Renee-Ann, thanks for the words of encouragement. Nick is pretty open when it comes to mentioning the need to shit and then remarking on what he actually did, the smell etc. He also will carry on a conversation from the bathroom, but goes out of his way to make sure you see or hear nothing! I used to be very embarrassed about the whole thing and a few years ago never would have dreamt of taking a dump with my best friend standing a couple of feet away, separated only by the stall partition and door. It took me a while to realize that everyone does it and it is normal. Let's hope Nick becomes as open in action as he is in words!

I have been noticing alot of boys posting about them taking dumps at school. I love those stories the best. Drew I read one of your posts about you and your friend that always waited outside. I would never do a stupid thing like that. If I ever got a chance to be in the restroom when another boy was taking a dump I would take it. But now these days no one ever takes a dump in the stall at my school. Only one time did I ever dee something in the toilet entered. It was just pee. WOW HOW EXCITING:( :(. Hopefully when I enter the JH next year I will be able to see another kid in the stall. Please keep those good ol school dumps comin.

Hi guys! Bridget and Blake, great to hear from some fellow 'old posters,' keep them coming... Renee-Anne, would I take a pill so I wouldn't have to poop. The answer from me is 'no," I enjoy taking dumps and watching a couple of my friends do the same. Suburbman, I vaguely remember being toilet trained about 18 years ago, when I was 3, but I don't remember having a strong *interest* in this stuff, as I do now. Torie, that was an awesome post about camping with your classmates, you sound like a really cool girl. I'd like to read more about your experiences with constipation. When you go, do you wipe your vagina first or your butt, and how many times do you consider "a lot?" Do you wipe from bottom to top, as I do (and is considered to be the "proper" way according to medical authorities)? Peace, Steph

Thursday, May 20, 1999

I found out that my GF told her friend that I help her in the bathroom. She now knows I get off on it and I'm pretty sure that she wants me to do the same for her. That would be cool. She is attractive and usually wears little white short shorts - short enough to see a little of her bottom and underwear. I think that is the most attractive attire a woman can wear - plus white sneakers and short socks. I love watching her bare legs. She came over the other day, we were sitting around watching a movie and she announced that she had to go to the bathroom. So, guessing at what my GF already told her, I got up also and followed her into the bathroom and asked: "Need any help?" She blushed and giggled but didn't really say anything. So I just stood in the doorway while she unzipped her little shorts and sat on the toilet. She could not stop giggling. Starting to hear her tinkle I became aroused and she knew it; she peed a strong stream and pulled off a few squares of toilet tissue to blow her nose. Sounded like she had a lot of snot in there, she looked at the tissue and then tossed it into the bowl between her legs. Her bladder continued to empty into the bowl, slowly it died down and I sensed that she pushed out the last little squirt. Pulling off a few more squares of toilet tissue, she wiped her vagina then stood up and the plastic toilet seat stuck to her bottom; the seat banged down and that made her giggle some more. I looked into the bowl and her piss was quite yellow and I enjoyed the slight odor. She went back to watching the movie while I placed my hands on the toilet seat to feel the warmth that her bottom transmitted to it. Maybe next time I can get up close and personal while she goes and possibly even wipe her.

Yo. Drew..I really hope that Nick lets you watch him do #2 one day. If he is embarassed about it then he should just remember that everyone does it and it is normal. Maybe he is planning on letting you watch. You never know.

To everyone..I want to know. What would yall do if there was a pill or something you could take to stop you from going poo and it wouldnt make you sick or anything?? Would you take it or would you rather keep going. Alot of youu peeps like Buzzy sound like you really love to poo but would you take the pill?? I know I would 100%! Then no one would ever have accidents and could go wherever they wanted without worrying about going poo!

Torie, thanks for responding. Wow! it sounds like you have a very active metabolism which is good. I think the younger a person is, like everything, the better things work. Did you describe how big your logs sometime get? I bet you produce some record breakers. Unlike your poo's (no insult intended, the bigger the better) you sound very petite and cute. I think its awesome to think of such a small person letting out such huge dumps.

Have you or anybody else done a lot of pooping out doors? Its funny, I have spent a good part of my life in the great outdoors as I live in Canada but have never seen anyone poop outdoors since I was a kid. When I was up at this camp sometimes we shared work trips with the girls camps but never once did I see them go to the bathroom. Now I think I would give my left you know what to go back in time and make more effort to see if these girls were heading to a certain spot to answer the call of nature.

Today were trying to improve everyone's timing,it's amazing the body types that seem to produce the best results for the sprints,butterfly,and relays.Usually females with well developed shoulders,arms,back,abdominals and less but still developed legs,gluts+hips do excellent butterflys,w/good muscle mass.I'm a sprinter my strength isin my legs,glutes and my shoulders,arms are trim but strong.When seen naked which can be a hoot we all look so different but equal to our type.Someone once asked if the size of the ass/glutes affected poop production,I think it does due to caloric consumption and exercise,bibi like me has a wide firm butt and excretes large turds whereas I shit lots of healthy firm excrement and our intake is equal.I donot believe the girls who have smaller butts do any less but is a matter of how often.I could be full of it but theres my thoughts.

Suburbman, I can certainly remember that from about the age of 4 or so, and I am now in my mid 40s, I have got a buzz from doing a number two, hearing other people doing one, especially women and girls, and seeing the solid turds that others particularly women and girls have done. I attribute this to my mother and , as I have detailed in earlier posts, (have a look back through them), she took me to the toilet as most mothers do when I was a kid and until I was able to go by my self without accidents. She would urge me to "try hard" and "do a nice big jobbie for mummy". I therefore associated doing a good solid motion with pleasure and also enjoyed the physical sensation. Over the years I have concluded that my mum also enjoyed defecation herself and she certainly discussed such matters quite freely in my presence although I am aware that Scottish and Northern women are more frank about such matters than their southern English counterparts and the working class are less inhibited than middle class people in this regard. As I grew up I found that I was also turned on if I listened to the sound effects of someone else doing a good solid motion and as my mum was the person I heard doing so most often, her doing a poo gave me a frequent buzz as I listened outside the toilet door to her going "NNN! AH! OO!" and the "PLOP! KUPLONK! and then the resounding "KUR-SPUL-LOONK!" and "KERSPLONK!" sounds as her big jobbies plunged into the toilet pan. Sometimes they didnt flush away and I had the added bonus of seeing her big fat turds. Since my teens I have done jobbies as big myself but in those days as a kid of Primary (Grade) School age these great long fat brown logs seemed enormous. Sometimes I buddy dumped my own smaller jobbies on top of them. Im now sure that she was aware of my interest in such matters and the effect it had on me and that she played along with this as far as she was happy with. Certainly she would never have let me accompany her into! the toilet to actually watch her doing a motion, this was the 1950s and 60s and she was strict about not being naked in my presence, the most I ever saw was her in bra and panties (full cotton briefs). She was however very open about her bowel movements often saying such things as " That's better, Ive just had a really good motion , two nice big jobbies" and as I had been listening to her doing it I already knew this and sure enough when I then went into the toilet I would often see her "two nice big jobbies" lying in the toilet pan. Nicky, the motions I pass and like arent so hard you could stand on them but are usually firm to easy, although sometimes I do pass a hard slightly constipated jobbie. I suppose it all depends on your diet, digestion etc and "if it feels good and harms none other do it" Personally, I'd far rather be constipated than have diarrhea, but luckily my motions are usually just about right, nice and solid and formed, long and fat, but not too difficult to pass. Andreas, Jobbie is a Scots word for a bowel motion but is now more common owing to the efforts of folk singer and comedian Billy Connolly. You will find it used a lot in the Old Posts. What words do you use in Germany apart from "mist"

Tim (US)
To George. Thanks for explaining what is causing my wife's diarrhea. It is the most sensible thing anyone has ever said about it. Her doctors only answer has been that "well sometimes this happens following gall bladder surgery." He did suggest that she take calcium pills as a means of tghtning up her stool. Which to a certain point does work. (Other George, take note).

I also liked your explanation of how various laxatives work. How do glycerine suppositories work? I have the opposite problem that my wife has. In that I suffer from occasional constipation. The most effective treatment we found for it is to a glycerine suppository. Usually within 15-30 minutes of her inserting one well up my rectum I have a real good movment. Usually nice solid well formed turds. Feels great to get it all out. Especially if I havent had a movement for a few days. Or if I've been straining to get out a few hard balls.

Its clear that many people here prefer solid motions to diarrhea, but I'm still at a loss as to why they don't just skip the diarrhea stories. After all, many many people find shit, whether solid or not, to be disgusting and distasteful. Far be it, therefore, for any of us here to judge each other's tastes. We have a nice forum so let's just enjoy it and live by the motto "to each his own". Let's have ALL shit stories and leave it to the reader to decide which ones to enjoy! Personally, I find diarrhea stories to be sorta "spicey" because of the gaseous sound-effects, but that's just me.

When I was in high school we had one large, main bathroom with 8 urinals and 4 toilets. It was always pretty clean. Many guys used the urinals 5-6 times a day. You would go with the same guys every day. We always had conversations while going and some of us compared how much we peed, how yellow it was, the smell, etc. Some girls overheard us and then talked about it; we ended up inviting them into our restroom and they were quite impressed with our setup. They sat on our toilets too while we listened to their tinkle sounds. I miss those days.

The unexpected today! There was a huge backup in the sewer line where I live. Everyone on the block was asked not to flush, empty the sink or tub, etc., until repairs were made. Well, for dinner last night I ate some pasta with a spicy olive oil sauce and by this morning it had really lubricated my lower-GI tract!! I had to pooh in the worst way and wasn't sure I could walk the 6 or 7 blocks to a convenience store or wait until I got to work. Instead, I went over to the house of three female friends on the next block. Up to now, we've exchanged greetings and even done some favors like letting our guests use each other's driveways, loaning snow shovels in winter, etc. Lindsay, one of the roomies, answered my knock. She was just about to lock the door and leave on a trip. When I explained my problem and asked to use the bathroom, she said, "Oh, sure, please do come in and use it. Take your time. I can wait." I said, "Don't worry, I think this one is going to be really quick." As I entered the bathroom, I noticed that there was no toilet paper on the rack. Grinning to myself, I left the door unlocked, sat down, and had a really good, somewhat loose motion. It was really stinky, too, much more so than mine usually are. Then I called, "Lindsay - sorry to trouble you, but there isn't any paper." "Hang on, I'll bring you some," she replied. She gave a light knock on the door, a little hesitant, and I told her to come on in. Their bathroom is long and narrow with a small entryway, then the wash sink, and then the toilet, so there was no way she could have handed the roll to me from the door. She tried to act pretty matter-of-fact about it, but I saw her shoot a few fertive glances at my bare behind planted on the can. Then she surprised me by flashing a big smile, feigning a turned-up nose, and saying: "Ewwww!! I'd hate to think what might have happened if I hadn't let you use my bathroom!" After that, I could hear her working in the kitchen again. Their bathroom has no ventilation and I didn't want to open the window because Lindsay was leaving. So I left the door open a crack when I finished. Just as soon as I came out, Lindsay cmae quickly to the hall right outside the bath and struck up a conversation. My stink was starting to drift out. I know I could smell it, so I'm sure she could, too. She offered to leave the back door open for me after she left so I could use the bath again if I needed to, but I told her not to take that risk. She asked if I'd be all right and I told her I'd soon be leaving for work. She told me that one of her roomies would be home by four. "She wouldn't have any problem at all with yourcoming over here t use the bathroom," said Lindsay. I think she got a little buzz from the whole thing. I know I certainly enjoyed "being seen."

I've only recently discovered this site and have spent a week reading the old posts. I'm a young English guy who's just left university and settled in the south of England (more on that below!) I'll post more about my shit experiences soon, but I was really pleased to hear from Bridget again. Your stories were great; please tell more about your experiences. And I'm really glad to hear from Nicky again. I couldn't believe it when I read that you live near W,in Hampshire. Well, I live in "W" too! (the city centre, not the outskirts). You and your friends sound cool and I hope we'll meet one day. OK, one more thing. I remember some discussion some months ago about Prince William's underwear. Well, I've just checked with a very good mate who's just left Eton, and the name tag sewn in William's undies is: "Wales, HRH Prince William of". Apparently when William arrived at Eton there was quite a racket for awhile with guys stealing his undies from the laundry just for a royal souvenir. His replacement underwear budget must have been huge! Nicky, are you a Wykehamist? I'm not, but just wondered if you are. OK, I'll write more later and tell some of my experiences. See you all later.

Diarrhea master
does anyone have any stories about diarrhea accidents/expieriences. I just love to hear them. Keep them coming please. Right on

Tiny Girl
Donny, You sound like a very nice boyfriend. Your girlfriend should definitely marry you.:-) As I mentioned, my fiance has no problem doing those things for me either...and I must say that is a part of the reason that I am going to marry him.;-)

Hi Everyone...I think I have a long post ahead...I haven't posted In a while. So any way Im a teenager who is 18(just turned 18 last week, Im a junior in h.s.). So any way, I have an after school job. Im a cook and so any way last night I went to work planing to work the late shift and I was fixing a sub for an order and accidently cut my finger. I told my boss and she tried to stop it from bleeding...she called my parents to tell what happened...During that time I said down and I felt like I could faint or even get sick or even have to poop...I did none of that. I was taken to the doctors and every thing seemed ok. I took the rest of the night off with pay. I was given a antibotic called Augmentin(amoxicillin). It did a number on my system..Just this afternoon I thought I had an effect on antibodic, I went to the store and had to shit bad. I must have sat on the toilet 30 minutes. Then this other guy came in and I was surprised what he did, he took a shit, but first he put toilet paper down on the seat and he was there just aslong as I was. I heard him pee sitting down. I think we both wiped at the same time. My poop was pretty soft just like I had taken an antibotic, which i did take. Any one on here ever taken this antibodic? Does everyone on here seem to have loose stools when taken an antibodic? Well thats all for my post today........Bryian

Hi people......haven't posted lately as my recent toilet experiences have been quite boring and uneventful. What I mean by that is that my shits have been simply falling out of me when I go to the toilet. They come out without any pushing, too quickly so I don't get a chance to enjoy feeling them slide out of my bum. From a medical point of view this is very good and healthy, but I'd rather have a little bit of effort needed so I can enjoy it!!!! Oh well, at least I can still read everyone elses posts, as always lots of good ones. Keep it up people!!!!!

Big B
Boy did I have 2 take a dump 2day. I was on my computer when all of the sudden I felt I needed to poo bad. I got in the bath room pulled down my long bagy pants and a humungus turd came out of my butt wich took about 40 seconds just 4 that 1 turd! I started 2 whipe when I felt a small piece of dump comming out. I pushed that one out finished whiping and flushed the toilet. I wish I had some air freashiner cause dam did I need it!

To Joe. A women's anus is no cleaner or dirtier than a man's is. It's whether you clean it well after shitting. Last year's dump doesn't make your anus cleaner or dirtier as the rectum is self-cleaning when you do a load. I don't know about the men's bathroom, but if you ever smelled the women's, it would not be pleasant. I would still like to do a movement while talking to a man nearby. That's exciting. Where is Mr. Brown? He must have fallen in! Good bowel movements to one and all!

Wednesday, May 19, 1999

A few days ago I got home from school and was very tired and went to sleep. I woke up after having been asleep for about 3 hours with the WORST stomach ache ever. Exactly like the time I woke up in the middle of the night wioth killer diarrhea, (I believe I posted about that under the name 'No SHit!). Well, my stomach hurt incredibly bad, but I couldn;t shit! I finally pushed out a little lump of poop, and I wenmt to the toilet 7 mor etimes, diarrheaing, until finally it was just that nasty diarrhea dust stuff. Each time I had to poush with all my might, for the shit would NOT come out in spite of that awful stomach ache! I was praying the whole time that i wouldn't die and that it wasn't a ruptured colon or something, (I already ruptured my appendix a few months ago, almost died, and this hit hurt worse than that did!!!!!!). I have NEVER been in such pain my whole life! Maybe I was constipated. I am small for my age and shit only every 3 or 4 days but I am not consti! pated, but i don't know if I was this time

Nathan P.
Wow! I was finally able to take a shit yesterday after about 4 days! At first, I just had to piss really bad so I went to the toilet. By the time I got there, I realized I had to shit really bad too, so I sat down to shit and piss. It was one hell of a big shit for me, with two six inch logs. Usually I'm so constipated that I can't get that much out at once! I felt better afterward, but I still have a lot of shit in me that doesn't show any signs of going anywhere fast. I've been enjoying the posts lately. Robbie, hope you can shit again soon. Later!

2-way mirror (episode 2) My magical mirror passed the test with flying colors with my first subject, Loretta. None the less, I made some adjustments, which included brighter lighting in the bathroom to enhance the details, and caulking around the peephole on the closet side of the door. The next chick to inter my domain was Becky, a second generation, 21 year old, blue collar, beer drinkin' Italian girl. She was white, 5'2, very shapely, nice legs, well proportioned, with an attractive beer belly. She looked real fine in that white mini dress. Becky held nothin' back, she said what was on her mind and when I discribed my pad to her, she was ready to crash there. After a dinner of barbecue ribs, french fries, and beer, we arrived home at about 8:00 p.m. As I allways do when I bring a honey home, I went back into the closet to make sure everything was set for viewing. We turned on the basketball games and I offered her some Jamacan rum and coke, knowing that would help things along. After a few hours of! watching the game, and smooching on the couch, man this babe had such soft skin, Becky got up and went in the bathroom. I leaped into position with my eye to the hole and I could see her standing infront of the sink taking the clips out of her hair and pulling off her top. Then, holy smokes! She was suddenly infront of me with a pair of large tits floppin' in my face! Damn, it was all I could do to restrain myself, as I watched her slowly pull her skirt down just below her knees. She flooped her pretty ???? butt down on my soft padded toilet seat as I could see her whole velvety smooth body (the naked Monalisa did not compare) right before my eyes. Her pussy looked like a small closely shaven, well groomed citty cat sitting between her legs, with not a blimish on her French vanilla light skin. All the sudden, I heard the fire hydrant turn one, all of that beer started to pour out of her and all of that flow sounded like one of those water fountains you see in the lobby of a ! nice hotel. Ahh, such a soothing sound. All the sudden, the flow was interupted by a grunt, no farts, just grunts. I could see her face contorting, as she strained louder and louder. "Shit", she said loudly, "those f??kin' cheese pizzas yesterday", as poop balls began to ploop into the water. Plop, kerplunk, plow. "Eeerr, ahhh, damn" she said, her face now somewhat red from sqweezin' out so many rock hard shit balls. She got up off the toilet, pulled a good amount of paer off of the roll, ran cool water on the paper, and proceeded to wipe her ass. She moved away from infront of the toilet and I could catch a glimps of the small rock pile in the bowl. Slipping on her shirt, she came out of the bathroom and said, "sorry about the noise in the can man, you know how it is, laxitives make me sleepy". With a big fat grin on my face, I hugged her and said your ok with me babe. p.s.-she washed her hands. Score - 4 - Lost 1 point because of the lack of farting and the poop was not smelly enough.

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