Hi I've been reading this site for a while cause I like bathroom stuff; this is my first post, though. A little about myself, I'm a 14 year old girl in the 8th grade somewhere in the eastern United States. Our class just came back from a one week camping trip out in the middle of nowhere. I shared a cabin with four other girls, Michelle, Stacey, Kelley, and Carolyn. This cabin had a small toilet in the corner; the "door" if you want to call it that was a curtain like a shower curtin. Anyway, there was a toilet, and a small sink outside. We had to walk down a path to shower, but at least we had our own toilet. The first night after we got there Carolyn went in and sat down on the toilet without shutting the curtain. Carolyn is the most outgoing of the group, not at all shy. The four others (including me) were surprised that she didn't shut the curtain. Michelle told Carolyn about the curtain. Carolyn said 'were all girls about the same age, have the same 'equipment', and all have to s***' I don't mind going with the curtain open. This began the domino effect of all of us eventually going in front of each other during the week without shutting the curtain. A couple of funny moments. A lot of toilet paper was used considering 5 girls were using a small bathroom. One evening, Kelley came out of the toilet, with her pants still down and everything showing, and yelled 'I need TP for my cornhoooooolio!' Stacey went over to another bunk and was able to get another roll. Kelley thanked Stacey and then wiped her vagina and butthole right in front of us. Stacey and I woke up at about the same time another morning and both had to s***. She sat down and peed and then got up to let me pee. We both took turns getting on and off letting each other poo. We then passed the roll between us and wiped and flushed. Now I know what people mean by buddy dumping Last but not least, Michelle, who was the shyest about 'opening up' and seemed surprised by Carolyn's openness, finally started going in the open. On the last night of camp, Michelle walked into the Cabin and pulled down her jeans and underwear while she walked toward the toilet and took a s*** without shutting the curtain. I noticed that each of us, even though we ate the same food, had a different 'smell' after going. Stacey and I are about the same height and weight, but her poopees were longer than mine while mine were wider than hers. We both had to wipe three times though. I'll tell you more about myself another time. Torie

To Tony(U.K.) and Others: Let's lighten up on the diarrhea bashing. Some of us like the stories and some don't, but the thing that makes this place great is you are perfectly free to skip over the stories you don't want to read. Let's keep an open mind so there's a little something for all tastes. To all diarrhea AND solid-motion posters, I say bravo and keep posting!

Thanks Tony (UK) and Suburbman for your interest in my story. Yes Tony, its a pity I didnt have lunch with you and your mum (although you are in your forties and old enough to be my father), but if we had been in the same time frame I would have quite happy to let you listen and then see what I had passed when I did a motion and even come in with me and watch. I had no problem letting David (Mrs Maxwell's lad), listen and see my big jobbies. Even when they were big but not so long as to get stuck I would leave the toilet unflushed and he would go in after me to have a look at the fat turds in the toilet pan. Once when his mum had gone out to the shops I let him come into the toilet with me and watch me doing a big fat jobbie and it sure turned him on.

I have enjoyed doing a nice solid motion since I was a kid, like a lot of the people who post here. Tony, I also agree with you, Poobear and others about diarrhea and mushy stools. Everyone suffers from these from time to time, I have sometimes but thankfully very rarely, but I find these a turn off big time. I wont be posting about such matters as I likewise would not post about heavy periods, nosebleeds, bad catarhal colds with a runny nose, vomiting, pus filled boils (zits), athlete's foot, thrush or other nasty pathological conditions . These all happen to most people as does diarrhea but are not enjoyable . In contrast passing a healthy formed stool is both satisfying and an enjoyable experience.

As I previously said I share a house with 3 other students. Joanne and Lynda, two girls in their late teens like me, and Gordon, a lad of 22 who is Joanne's partner. We are all very open and often one of the others will come into the bathroom while one of us is doing a wee wee or a motion and this doesn't bother any of us. Gordon and Joanne both drop some whoppers like mine, 12 inch turds are very common for all 3 of us and 15 inchers aren't unusual, Lynda is petite and slimmer and does harder smaller turds say 7 or 8 inch and a 4 or 5 incher after that. The "kersploonk!" sound effects when Lynda does a motion are quite something whereas the those done by Gordon, Joanne and myself are usually so long that they only make a "sloomp! type of sound as the start is already in the water while it is still coming out. Donny it sounds like your girlfriend does nice big ones like mine as does Sandra's friend Laura.

This morning I did a nice big easy curved jobbie of about 14 inches long. I had got up early this Sunday morning and went down to the garage to get the newspapers and some things for breakfast as we take turns to do the cooking etc (we have a nice little collective amongst the 4 of us and are great mates). Walking back I could feel it starting to gently come down into my rectum and gave a few silent but deadly farts. No urgency as I walked home, put the papers and food on the table and went into the toilet, pulled down my jeans and black panties (full briefs) did a wee wee then with a push passed out a nice big easy curved jobbie which just slid silently into the pan. It was a smooth one, very fat, light brown, rather smelly, and floated. Its still floating there for the others to admire when they get up. They were at a party last night but I had a project to finish for Monday so stayed in, so they are sleeping while I got up early.

Love and kisses from Eileen.

This one's for Jilly. I had a teacher in 2nd grade named Miss Hoffman. One day I was sitting on the 1st floor girls toilet and Miss Hoffman took the stall next to me. She raised her dress and slip, unhitched her girdle. In those days women wore those constricting devices. How times have changed. She put her ???? backside on the seat and pissed loudly for 30 seconds, followed by a piercing fart. She leaned off to one side and cocked open her legs to wipe. All the while, I was contemplating my 7 y/o life, as I sat. I then took a small amount of paper and wiped the gold water from my little black pussy and flushed. When we stepped out to wash our hands we smiled at each other and she asked me if I felt better. I said, "Yes, Miss Hoffman."

Does anyone know of any movies that show a woman peeing standing up?

There is this new boy at school and he joined my track and x-country team. He is Chinese. I am a senior. He is a junior. He runs fast. We met in the gym bathroom and in the hallway bathroom. We keep meeting there. Friday, I was sitting the boys gym toilet. My green nylon track shorts and and white FOL briefs were at my knees. I was taking a hard painful shit. In the bowl were two eight inch light brown sausages, floating on the water. My friend walked in. He had to use the only doorless stall, I was in. I told him I would be a while. He said he would wait. He was in his track uniform. As we talked, he was watching me and his dick was getting hard. So was mine as I sat waiting for more to come out. What I thought would be another piece was a silent, smelly fart. I reached for the hard paper roll given by the school district to wipe. It took me 5 times back and forth. My mother and I hate marks in my underwear. I flushed and the boy entered. He dropped his green shorts and white BVD briefs to his ankles and pissed and shit at the same time. He dropped about forty inches broken in many small logs to many to count. He had to hold down his rock hard johnson. We talked about our runs and our meets. He said how close we were and he was glad to have me as a friend. Even if we met in the bathroom.

Continuing saga of two way mirror- This is the first installement of my mirror peep stories. If a woman does not use the loo within the first 30 minutes of entering your pad, she ain't. no woman! Out of the many chicks I brought back home, 2 of them stayed 3 hrs. and never used the bathroom, unbelievable.Many of these women I meet through the personal ads and they were one night stands. Some of them, I dated for a while. Most were young negro women, but 1 was caucasian, and 1 was a white spanish lady. The 3 inch peep hole allowed me to see the whole bathroom, so there was no where for the hooties to hide. This provided me some real interesting insite to the bathroom habits of women. Loretta was the first I brought home after meeting her for an early afternoon first date. She was a 21 year old well built, 5'8, 180 lb. black girl. We meet after she responded to my personal ad. We had an early dinner and went to the park late in the afternoon after trying to get into a sold out movie theater. As we were getting into the car for the 20 minute trip back to my place she said "I gotta' go to the bathroom". At that point, I tried to get her to wait until we got back to my place, but it was no use. She used the shitty public bathroom in the park. She did not take long, so she most likely took a leak. Very dissapointed at the missed opportunity to peep, we heeded back. After picking up about 2 rental movies of 2 hrs. each we settled into my small cozy condo at 8:00 that evening. I tried to offer her as much to eat and drink as possible in hopes that she would have to go relieve herself. 4 long grueling hrs later right after the last movie finished, my prayers were answered. She was getting ready to leave when she went into the bathroom and closed the door. I dashed the 6 feet to the walkin closet and pressed my eye to the door. All the sudden, she was there, like magic, standing inches from my face, like a 4D movie, only live!! She pulled her jeans and panties down only to her knees and she proceeded to sqwatt or hover over the toilet. She then released a dam full of water as it flowed into the bowl. (Know wonder she did not hesitate to use that park bathroom, she HOVERS when she goes!)Unfortunately, I could not see as much as I had hoped because her sweater was covering her ???? and because of her upright position, I could not see her pussy. I was still getting a hard on none the less, looking at her nice large shapely thighs and dark chocolate skin. She had the black hair folical speckles on her skin that many black women have and that really turns me on. Well, on a scale of 1 to 5, I give this one a 2. At least she washed her hands as some of these chicks I saw did not. She did not do very much in the bathroom other than pee, but I knew there would be many more cuties to check out. On my way to heaven dudes!!

do any girls have stories about farting wet farts? that turns me on.

Hi Folks... Well...back to the usual for hint of a shit now for three days...Last time I went was Thursday. I just don't get it....I don't really feel full or anything...I feel completely normal...but I know that there's got to be a lot of crap inside of me's not at my hole...that's for sure. My friend James was over today....after lunch he told me that he needed to use my bathroom....and said that he hadn't shit in three days...and had to really go bad! I thought...finally! another kid like me who has problems going to the bathroom! Instead, James went in there...sat down...and in about thirty seconds had finished...I could smell I knew he had shit. He came out all smiles......and here I am still plugged up. Another Mom drives me crazy by asking me all the time how long it's beeen since I've had a B.M. (her words). When I was little...she'd press my belly to see how full I was....and until I was 10, I had to leave my turd in the bowl for her to look at; 'cause I had so much trouble. Even my little brother was doing it for a while...I'd get home from school and he would ask if I'd gone shit yet...I finally told him to f??k off! (he's 12). Thanks for my age (16 in June) please tell me what your life's like. Robbie

Sunday, May 16, 1999

Was listening to Dr. Laura radio show yesterday. During one of her rants, she said the word "SHIT" at least 3 times. Of course, it was in a context other than taking one (how Vietnam War veterans were sometimes treated, which was actually in reference to something else she was upset about), but it was still cool to hear her say shit on her live radio show. Appropriately enough, I think Dr. Laura is now the 'number 2' talk radio show in popularity, second only to Rush Limbaugh and his EIB (Excellence in Broadcasting) Network, which I have heard referred to by a critic as the EXCREMENT in Broadcasting Network . Also, one day a week or so ago, Dr. Laura made some remarks about her son's bowel habits when he was but a toddler.

Hi guys. School is out!!! :) [just kidding; I love learning, but the break is nice] Two of my friends, Steph and Laura, my brother Eric, and I all came home from college yesterday. Eric and I met Laura and Steph over at Steph's house to hang out. I felt the need to poop, so I waited until I got to Steph's because I wanted to "buddy dump." Steph and I went into the bathroom while I sat down to do my thing. Pretty ordinary, really, three small logs with a slight smell. I got up to wipe my vagina and then my butt, three times. Steph didn't have to go at that time, but I did watch her later on; I'll let her post about that... Pat, I don't mind close friends watching me go or wipe, but I can see how wiping could be more embarrassing. If one is seated on the toilet, they can cover their private parts with only a little skin showing. Wiping involves getting up, either standing or partially standing, off the toilet and exposing "private parts," since those are the areas that need to be wiped. Blake, great to hear from you again. I know what it's like to be busy with school- I do try to read every day (except during exams and such), but sometimes don't have the time to post. Looking forward to reading your stories. Later, everyone. Luv, Alex :)

Hi everyone. Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been busy with the end of the year business at school. No not finals. I'm in 7th grade and am 13 year old male. Just cleaning out my stuff. Well the other day I was getting ready to leave the classroom for lunch when I felt a very strong cramp. I had only been holding it a day. I knew this meant "GO TO THE TOILET" so I did. No one was in the stall (or nothing in the toilet) so I entered. Closed the door and sat down with my pants down to my ankles. I waited a min. and then my turd came out. It felt like a monster. And was I ever right. It was the biggest turd I ever let out in 3 years. It was hundreds of little turds put into one big turd. I felt much better. I wiped, pulled up my pants and left. BTW: You'll never guess who I got a visit from. Yes!!! My friend Brian. I told a story about me and him taking dumps together. Well I haven't seen him in a year. I've been waiting a long time for this moment. I told him about all my new experiences with pooping. He loved it. Like I said he's loves poop stories too. Maybe he can spend the night soon. Then he can tell you about his poop stories!!!!!!!

I think the reason most people turn away when someone wipes is that it seems the most personal,it's for sure that you are about to touch your anus and the sticky mess on it, that we if you are like me you may even involuntarily close your eyes and It often feels good and others sense you will be embaressed or they themselves would be.As a swimmer I've seen others on the pot as well as they have seen me and usually my poofing out my turds/excrement, the sounds and the smell and all are what everone else does too maybe not the same amount I guess, but for sure when for instance The senior instructor was talking to me about my timing and those of other girls ( I'm in training to become her major assistant)when she saw me about to wipe,lets face it my ass she said "I'll let you have some privacy" and I of course didn't object, and actually it was a relief because when I do wipe often I have to wipe copious amounts off to be clean and not tacky feeling even if i can take a shower later.I hope this isn't too much a grossout to others.

When I was in my early 20's, my friend Laura and I were walking in the woods. Laura said she needed to poo, so I expected her to go behind some bushes - I've pooed many times in those woods! I was amazed that right there in front of me she lifted up her dress, took off her panties and half-squatted. She kept on talking and at the same time I saw a turd emerge from her bottom. It was massive. When the turd was about 15" long she made a joke about how it must look like a tail - well it did! The turd fell to the ground with a soft thud. Laura wiped herself with leaves and we went on our way.

I love to read all these posts everybody leaves and can't believe there are so many people who are as fascinated with the daily deed as I am. I will have to post some stories my self like the one when I was 17 and at a summer camp/work facility way up north (canada eh) doing work in the bush with out even the most basic of moderin conveniences except T.P. I would hold my movements in all week until the weekend when we could get back to our base camp and sit on a toilet. Though I dont seem to recall, but they must have been huge dumps. Eileen, and others I would love to hear stories or correspond with people about going to the bathroom and how good it feels. Please email me or

My girlfriend was having a bit of a problem moving her bowels, so I massaged her ???? while we both sat around on the couch. I could feel that she was pretty full. I tried to move the load further down her abdomen, starting just under her ribs. She said that she was starting to get the urge after about twenty minutes of massage. I took her into the bathroom and lifted the toilet lid, and pulled down her shorts. She sat on the seat and tinkled. Leaning forward slightly, I reached around to feel her butt crack. It was bulging with the load which was working itself slowly down the chute. I felt for her asshole. It was just beginning to be pushed open by the tip of the turd. Great! Push! The turd started out and I helped it along by pushing gently on her butt crack. It came out slowly and evenly and plopped into the bowl. A 15 incher! I pulled off some toilet paper and wiped her butt.

Hi , a woman who's a friend turned me on to this site. This happened to me last week. I had to to take a really big crap, and it would not wait, but when I got to the restroom I noticed that the doors were gone from all of the stalls. First of all, I like to poop, I like to think about it, feel it, and dream of others doing it. But,this is definitely a new thing. On the wall of the men's room was a real nasty notice that read: "If you have to write and draw on the doors, we have to take em off to clean em!" I got it. We were being punished! So I dropped my pants and sat anyway. I had at least a 10 minute dump built up. Just as I got sat down, 2 other guys came in, they saw the sign, one of them stayed and sat next to me to shit, while the other one just left. I didn't much care anyway. After I'd been in there for about 2 mintues, another kid came in and his girlfriend waited outside. She got a great shot of me, and instead of turning away, she looked really hard. She even stood on her toes, as if to get a good penis shot between my legs before the main door closed. The story gets really bad when one other guy started to come in, and he held the door open while he talked with his friend about basketball, not knowing, or seeing the new "doorless" change in the mens room. A really, really cute girl who I knew in passing, came through the hall, took a look in and saw me sitting on the can taking a big one, and just looked so shocked! She stared for a good few seconds, and held her folder close to her chest. The two morons at the door saw her, they looked in to see what she saw, and just then said, "Oh shit! Sorry man!" and they came in and closed the door. I was pretty pissed off since this girl was so cute, and I see her all the time at the lunch counter. Now, all she's only going to think of when she sees me, is my pants down, my dick between my legs, and taking a dump while she got to watch! This is what I know she was telling her girlfriends, one of whom is blonde and likes me, and has flirted with me quite a bit. I was so embarrassed I thought I was going to die!!! What makes matters worse, is that she saw me again later in the day at the lunch place, she was at a table with her blonde friend, they looked at me, and they were giggling. The girl whispered something to the other. When I walked past them, they tried to keep a straight face, but they laughed right when I walked by. Since this has happened, I've been really upset. the blonde girl, who I really liked and wanted to get to know, has since been ignoring me, and treating me like a disease. I smile at her, and she looks at me with disgust. This really sucks!!! I can take some guy's girlfriend trying to steal some peeks, but that beautiful girl from the 3rd floor, and her friend who I like alot is treating me horribly. This was damned humiliating!!!! She knows me by sight. She can ask her friends and find out who I am. I'll be the subject of great girl-drinking-after work-conversations, and once (they) describe me, they'll all say, "Oh yeah, I know that guy. I know where he works." Can anyone offer advice on how to get over this absolutely humiliating experience? I wake up a lot at night, and it still really bothers me. I'm a very regular guy, I still have to shit in this doorless room. I still have really long (10 minute) dumps, and I can't help it because I'm a big guy. My feet stick out of the stall, and my legs hit the walls. This room is open to a busy hallway, and now that "they" ( the 2 women) know, they'll tell their friends about it, and they'll most likely travel that hallway in hopes to get a peek. I've already complained to mgt. but they won't do anything.

Derek F
Long time no post, Hi, I havenít posted for a long time since my first one, but I had access to a computer and a bit of spare time so I thought I would. I have read some of the back posts, and noticed that nobody responded to my last post, I also noticed that Paul a friend, posted and said that I had dirty pants in my room and it looked like I had messed in them. Actually I hadnít, I had started going in them but made it to the toilet before the main event, but I guess it was a near miss. I was actually posting to tell you about an embarrassing accident I had. I have just come back from a 4 day trip to Manchester with my school. Anyway on the third day we went to Granada Studioís, and it was quite a long day, about 1/2hr before we were going to get on the coach, we were having a tour of something, I felt a slight need to have a poo, but didnít want to interrupt the tour and I thought I could wait until the end, but the tour ended up back at the exit, and before I thought about going to the toilet we were all back on the buses and ready to go back to the youth hostels where we were staying. As we were moving along I could feel the urge to go to the toilet getting stronger and stronger, and then, about five minutes away from the youth hostel my poo started moving, it felt very firm and hard and it started very slowly to move out of my butt and I could feel it resting against the back of my pants which were pressed on the seat, I moved a little bit and squeezed my butt and a bit broke off into my pants, but then I managed to gain control. My next problem occurred when I had to get off the bus, when I was coming down the steps at the front of the bus and it all started moving again and there was nothing I could do, I just stood there and messed my pants. I got back to my bed undetected and headed to the bathrooms and undressed and dropped the load from my pants into the toilet and I thought I had got away with it. Half an hour later when I got ready for bed just as I pulled my jeans down four people from school who I didnít really like rushed over and picked me up turned me over to expose my undies, and promptly shouted to everybody that I had dirty pants, so everybody came over to inspect, they must have noticed my accident. I was made fun of the rest of that night and all of the next day until I got home, hopefully when I go back to school on Monday it wonít get spread round, but I expect it will. Bye

i most enjoy the stories of hard, solid bm's. those are the most satisfying for me, cause i hate having diarehha. so messy!

Great letter Eileen, I hope you write about your adventures in the house with the other students. It was good to read a story from someone about doing a good solid motion. Im fed up with all the "mush merchants" and diarrhea pan splaterers who have been writing in recently Yeuch! Let's hear more from those who drop good solid "bombs", nice big logs, panbuster jobbies . If I was into diarrhea I'd watch cattle shitting as their stools are always watery and formless. Eileen, pity we didnt have a visitor like you when I was teenager. Occasionally aunts and girl cousins visted and I'd listen when they did a motion and sometimes see their jobbies if they stuck in the pan.

Buzzy>> I have read somewhere a few years ago that Arnold Schwarzenegger (sp?) while in his body-building competition days, used to have a high-calorie diet which included: 5 pounds of vegetables, 2 or 3 loaves of wheat bread, 2 dozen eggs, and about 3 pounds of meat a DAY!!! I can only imagine the size of the movements that he produced, but they must have been pretty massive and impressive to look at afterwards...

Yea! Blake is back! I missed her so much. I'm looking forward to the new stories!

Friday, May 14, 1999

I am British, 18 years old, blonde and a bit ????. I have just gone to university but recently left 4th Form College (senior high school). While there I used to have lunch with a family friend as my home was too far from the school and I didnt like school meals. I have always tended to do nice big solid turds and often had a good motion at Mrs Maxwell's house after my lunch. Usually this consisted of two good solid "bombs" say an 8 incher and a 7 incher making good "kur-sploonk!" Kersplonk" sounds. Every so often however it would all come out in a oner and get stuck in the toilet pan. The first time this happened at Mrs Maxwell's I felt the need and went to the toilet, hitched up my grey pleated skirt, pulled down my navy blue coton knickers , (briefs), to my knees and sat on the pan. I did my wee wee then with a "NNNN! AH!" pushed the big fat jobbie out. I felt that it was going to be a really big one and it sure was, just seemed to keep coming out of my bum and slid into the pan with no sound as it was so big that half of it was already in the water while it was still coming out of my back passage. I looked down between my legs at this big long fat jobbie in shape like a naval gun shell as it tapered to a point at the end. It was about 14 inches long and 2 and 1/4 inches fat. I wiped my bum , pulled up my knickers and pulled the flush but it stayed put. Two further flushes didnt move it. I then heard Mrs Maxwell call " Are you okey Eileen?" I came out of the toilet and told her that my motion had been too big to flush away. She just smiled and said, "Dont be worried, these things happen" as she went to have a look. "Wow! you sure did have a nice big one didnt you?" she exclaimed. At this her 13 year old son also went into the toilet and had a look down the pan as him mum said in a joking way "Naughty David, looking at Eileen's big jobbie" I could see that this had given him a buzz and I must say I was a bit proud of what I had done. Thereafter , whenever I did a motion at Mrs Maxwell's house and it stuck, he would have a look and he did hang about outside the toilet no doubt listening to me doing a jobbie. This didn't bother me to be honest but does show that being into such matters is not only of interest to the older generation. I now drop some whoppers in the toilet in the house I share with 3 other students ,( two other girls and a boy),who do likewise. If readers are interested I will relate some other stories and experiences.

Hey everyone...IT'S BLAKE! Sorry i haven't posted in a while, but I have been extremely busy with school! I have, however, been reading the posts almost daily and will be posting again soon! I have some great stories to tell! Keep the great posts coming...Blake!

Hey Drew, Congratulations on getting as far as you did with Nick the other day. He must be pretty shy if he would ask you to wait outside, but at least he stayed in the bathroom with you while you were in the stall taking a dump. Boy, you could stay in the bathroom with me while I was on the toilet. Was out with a friend yesterday and told him that I needed to hit the men's room. Was hoping he would follow in. There were no doors on the stalls and I sat in the first stall so that if he had come in he would have seen me. It took me a long time to take a dump and I kept hoping he would walk in and keep me company but it didn't happen. Oh well, next time. Take care all!

Robbie.....Hi Nathan P!
Thanks for replying to me...and thank you too Carlos and others who answered my post about being constipated. I was lucky! I was outside helping my dad when I felt that I needed to shit. I went in immediately and sat; feeling what I knew was going to be one of those huge monster shits slowly coming out of me. I started to push...but stopped 'cause it was hurting so bad. I would have sucked it back up...but I couldn' I had to continue to push it out. God it hurt...but at least I was my fourth day without going....and I'd only been going a couple of small lumps for a couple of days before that. Todays shit was huge....not very long...but w-i-d-e! I'm amazed that my butt can stretch that much...but it does. My asshole feels like it stays open for a minute or so after shitting like that...I've never gotten a mirror to look at it....but it feels like it doesn;t close (and stop hurting) for about that time. I appreciate what some of you have said about diet...I know the rules about fiber and water and stuff..and I try to pay attention to it...but I'm a kid and I eat kids food.....what can I do? Still; my friends don't have this problem...and they eat the same stuff as I do. At least today my shit came down to the hole...lots of times I go for a week or more...and never feel any shit ready to be pushed's like it gets stuck further up somewhere. Then I get sick and need an enema (the last enema I had was back in November) Once it gets to my hole...even if I have to stick my fingers up in there and break it up...I'll do it. Anyway...write back; especially you Nathan. I like being able to talk to someone my age (you're close enough!):) Thanks; Robbie P.S. Later on today I went again...this time a long soft poop.....I feel so good right now!

I am very sick today. I ate a carton of ice cream and got diarrhea and now I am puking. Oh God! I just threw up again. I feel really awful. My stomach is yelling at me. Diarrhea is gushing through me. Barf is splashing around in my stomach. OH GOD!!!!

Hey Vickie, I was fascinated by the fact that when the girl watched you poop in the school rest room, she apparently wasn't bothered watching you until you started to wipe, then she turned away. I've read other comments here that said essentially the same thing: that watching someone else poop or being watched yourself isn't necessarily embarrassing until you start to wipe. I don't understand this. What is it about wiping that people find so embarrassing? Vickie, I would have thought that the actual pooping part, with the fart noises and the smells and the grunting etc. would be the most embarrassing part. Why do you suppose the wiping part make anyone self-conscious? Anyone have any theories on this?

Lady Deathstrike aka Julie
This story is about something that has happened to me very recently, in fact, it happened last night! I know that some of you hate stories about diarrhea but you're going to have to deal with it today. Anyway, yesterday evening my friend Kathy and I went out to play a little pool even though I completely suck at it. On the way home Kathy was hungry so we stopped at a fast food restaurant but I had already eaten a big dinner before we left so I just got a large drink because playing pool made me thirsty. Afterwards instead of going straight home I decided to stay at Kathy's house for a while. Around eleven I began having a full on stomachache which gave me the need to fart. I knew my gas was going to be warm, silent, and stink up the whole room so I just got up and walked into the other room to pass gas. By eleven thirty I was feeling awful so I told her I was going home. While I was putting my shoes and jacket on I could feel the inevitable occurring as a massive load of diarrhea built up right behind my anus. I had to go right then and there but I would have felt so embarrassed dropping that enormous load in her bathroom because I knew it would be loud and leave a terrible. And Kathy's the kind of person who makes jokes about that kind of thing. So I left anyway. Halfway to my car the urge got sooo bad that I was very seriously contemplating squatting in the bushes to dump, but I decided to keep going. When I got into the elevator at my apartment building I was already dancing around saying out loud to myself "Oh God I have to go, I can't hold it any longer." When I got to my door I could barely put the key into doorknob to unlock the door because my body was shaking. When I finally got inside I slammed the door and rushed into the bathroom throwing my jacket on my bed, I didn't even have time to take my shoes off. I undid my pants, pulled my pants and panties all the way down to my ankles, and even before my butt hit the seat I looked between my legs as I sat down and I could see the dumping begin. I sat on the toilet with a loud sigh of relief as my anus poured out liquid diarrhea along with soft chunks that hit the water with splooshing sounds. After about five minutes of on and off (mostly on) pooping I sat for a few more minutes to make sure I was finished. I stood up to wipe and saw the gooey brown mess I had made in the toilet and was proud of myself for not making that mess in my panties. It took about eight wads of toilet paper to wipe the stinking diarrhea from my anus and two flushes to clear my bowl of the mess. Later that night after I had gotten into my bedtime clothes and was laying on the couch waiting for my stomachache to pass I got hit by an even worse load of diarrhea which sent me running back to the toilet. I took my shorts and panties completely off this time and sat down. The chunks began immediately rushing out of my anus when this load was finished I knew I wasn't done yet so I remained seated. That was when I let out one of the weirdest farts I had ever heard, it was incredibly wet and I could tell from the sound that it was pushing its way out bit by bit and it was very long. The fart must have unstopped a blockage because I was immediately hit by another wave of chunky diarrhea. After this I felt emptied so I stood up to wipe, this time the chunks went to the bottom and the liquid had colored the water brown. Whereas the first time it all floated. It took ten wads of toilet paper to clean myself this time. The bathroom reeked of smelly diarrhea but I felt much better so I went to sleep. It had been a long time since I felt that sick so I just had to tell you all about it, sorry it was so long though but I wanted to include every detail. So to all of that say cute girls can't shit, I'm living proof!!

I am home sick with a slight flu. I drank senna pod tea and it flushed me out Wednesday morning. Hey, guys and girls. Don't pee or mess your selves. Find a toilet. You are adults. Don't stand for it. The last time I wet myself and that was in 7th grade. I was new in religious school and I thought the teacher would say no. My friends did not laugh at me. They and the teacher told me any time I have to go, just leave the room.

The weather in N.Y. has been real nice the last few days and i went out biking and had to poop.I rode for a bit until the cramps got pretty strong. Then i went into the woods and found a clearing not for from the RR tracks and ther was a pile of RR ties and old stuff piled up around.So i took off my shorts and shirt(i love to poo nude outdoors!)I found this 5 gal. can and i decided to poo in that.So i sat down on this can and farted a loud one and my anus opened up and a few balls came out and plopped in the bottom of the pail.It sounded kinda funny,like a muffled plop-plop.This pail was totally empty except for my 2 balls in the bottom.I decided to get up and walk around and wait for the rest of the poop to fill my rectum.It didn't take long,i had to sit on the pail and as soon as i sat down,i spread my legs to see what was happening.This long--- poop came out my asshole and went all the way to the bottom of the pail and was still coming out my open asshole.So i let it hang there for a bit as i looked at it.It was real long and soft with hardly any smell.As i'm looking at it, i got another cramp and pushed this monster out and it was followed by this soft mush and farts.That felt really fine!!I was really filling this pail up!!Then, i leaned forward and pissed for a bit.As i was pissing more poop flew out my puckered,open anus.Then i felt done.I looked in the pail and saw quite a potporri of poo.The pail was about one third to half full of poop.WOWLatly, i've been eating like a vegitarian to see what it does to my digestive system.I read somewhere on this forum that this kind of diet promotes big,soft, easy to do poops and so far that's the way it's been,but when i gotta go i really can't hold it for too long and the smell is almost absent, which is great.I too would love to hear the results of these athletes that injest 5,000 cal. a day( esp. the women athletes) If i ate that much,i'd be on the bowl all the time doing 3 foot poos stuffing up the bowl!!I love being a vegitarian.Besides the great poos, i trully feel better!I just have to go 2-3 times a day now, and they are all healthy dumps!! More to come!BYE

This has probably been asked before, but I just started posting here, so I thought I'd ask. Does anyone know any movies or TV series that have shown a woman pooping? I only know of one TV show that did it -- a MAD TV earlier this year had a bit called "Come to Canada" where a woman pooped in front of her daughter. It was very explicit, complete with grunting and wiping. That's the only real poop scene I can remember on TV involving a woman. There was a Saturday Night Live commercial called the "Love Toilet" where Victoria Jackson is shown sitting on a toilet, but it was very tame, with no sound effects or wiping or anything, and the effect was clearly ruined by the fact that Jackson is clearly shown with her panties on (not down). As for movies, I don't know of any where a woman is actually shown on the toilet clearly shitting. In the movie "Senseless", you can tell from the sounds and words that the woman is pooping, but she is inside a stall and you don't actually see her on the pot. There have been movies like "Twenty-One", "Denise Calls Up", "Empire records" and "Something Wild" where you can actually see the woman sitting on the toilet and a few of these actually show some wiping, but it's not really clear in any of them if the woman was actually supposed to have pooped or not. For all we know, she might have just sat there for a long time, peed, and then not done anything else. I'd like to know if there are any movies where a woman is actually shown sitting on the toilet and it is very clear from her words or actions (such as grunting or making comments about the smell) that she is pooping. I'd really like to know about this, so if anyone can help I would appreciate it!

Thursday, May 13, 1999

I was at conference today. I feel like I'm coming down with something. I am drinking senna pod tea. That will wash me out overnight. Good night, guys and girls. Happy posting. See me in 24-48 hours.

To Lop: There was nothing wrong with the pizza. My cousin and I ate a whole pie, with everything on it, between the two of us. Four slices each. That will do it.

At school the other day i had to shit like real bad and when i walked in to the bathroom this girl i know named dotty was brushinh her hair by the sinks which are across from the stalls "no doors",i felt a little hesitant to shit in front of her but didn't have a choice so i said a quick hi and backed into the stall and started to un snap my pants and put some tp on the seat and just as my butt hit the seat i let out a lound fart that echoed in the bowl but thank goodness didn't smell to bad,dotty started to talk with me as i was bending over and straining trying to let out a hard one that got stuck half way out of my butt hole and a few seconds later it made a big plop noise when it hit the water and i felt so much better.Dotty said she had just finished takeing a dump a few minutes before and said she felt better too.By now my shit stunk kind of bad and i kept droping my load for another few minutes with some more farts,i noticed when i started to wipe that she turned away a! nd said i'll wait for you outside. When i looked in the bowl their was a big "S" shaped poop and a couple of short ones.

To Statistics Lover: Thank you for the compliment. I am glad you enjoy my posts. Believe me, I am just telling what happened. I can't really give any more details because I don't actually study my no.2s like some people seem to. I suppose there must have been at least six poos, whereas usually I do two or three longer ones. As for record books - what is normal to me may seem big to you, we are all different. I am a fit, active woman, with a healthy appetite, and good regular bowels - my husband can testify to that! On occasions when the toilet at home got blocked, he has accused me of having "elephant dumps"!

Hi guys! A special 'hi' to Philippe; I'm flattered that you enjoy the posts from our "quartet" (Alex, Jodi, Laura, and me). Alex, Laura, and I are in the middle of finals, at different schools. Jodi has been studying in Belgium for the last few months and will be home in a couple of weeks. All of us can't wait to see each other again, buddy dumping and otherwise :). I took a MAJOR pee yesterday, the longest in quite a while. I must have released an incessant 45 seconds' worth of piss into the toilet- I sweated with relief after that!!! Nothing else of interest to report at this time. I'll post more about myself (and my friends) and reply to others once I have more time. Peace and love to all, and "good luck" to all my fellow students on their finals. Steph

What happened to Blake?

Tuesday, May 11, 1999

Hi there, I have just been reading some of the back posts, as I had missed quite a few and I needed to catch up. Amy, I found your post most interesting, pooing in your winnie the pooh knickers which do not have elastic, if I were you I would buy some knickers with elastic to keep it all in. I know a thirteen year old girl who poo's her knickers quite a lot, as does a close friend, she is nineteen, but she doesn't have regular accidents but she does stain her knickers quite badly. What do your parents say about you pooing in your knickers, you will have to write about more accidents. I have noticed a lot of posts about skidmarks from Brad, Jason, Matt, Robby and Hamperman. I always had skidmarks when I was younger that were quite bad, but now they are not too bad, I hold the view that the underwear is there to protect your outer clothing althought I know that dirty underwear can be a bit embarrising at times. Bryan, you are not alone with your wet patches on the front of your shorts from wetting them, one of my friends younger brothers almost always had a wet patch on the front of his trousers from wetting them becuase he needs the toilet but doesn't go in time. HAMPERMAN, I to have a bit of a panty fetish and like to check the seat of panties for stains on the odd occasion. That is how I know my friend Claire has bad stains in her panties most of the time, you can even see the stains from the outside when she gets changed. I usually seem to find that it is the people you least expect to have stains that have them. One of my ex-girl friends had really bad panties. She is normally really tidy, but once I went over her house and she was just getting up, so I waited in her bedroom whilst she went to the bathroom when I noticed in a pile in the corner of her room two pairs of knickers, one white cotton pair and one creamy colour silk pair. I ceased the momemt and went over and picked up the silk pair and looked at the seat, it was complety covered in skidmarks, I was quite shocked as she seems really clean, she was a tall attractive blonde, anyway, I looked at the cotton pair and they were also stained, they were worse with crusty st! ains, but then I heard the bathroom door so I quickly dropped them and went back to the bed where I was sitting. Unfortunately I don't get many opportunities to inspect panties but I would like to hear more of your stories or any body elses. It is quite amazing by the amount of girls who really do have very dirty panties. I remember once on a sleepover that I went to, a few girls slept in a t-shirt and knickers, when they came out of the toilet you could see damp patches in there knickers, they were quite happy laying on there sleeping bags showing there knickers and farting all night, one of them farted and said, oh, that was a wet fart, you could see the stain showing throught her knickers from that but the next day she wore that same panties again as did most of them so I couldn't inspect further. Must go, I'll look forward to hearing about more stories and info on the above topics.

To ALTHEA-I love your posts,keep 'em coming!!I noticed lately, more women are posting and the stories are great.I love them all.Keep up the great stories! Speaking of stories, i got one .When i was about 11,i was in the hospital for a hernia.( weren't all of us guys when we were young!)I hadn't pooped in 3 days and i couln't get out of bed because back then, they wouldn't let you up cause of the stitches or something like that.Anyway,one morning i had to go bad and i told the nurse and she got the dreaded bedpan and told me to use that and call her when i was done.It was one of those regulation bedpans,but the nurse warmed it up for me ( thank god)So i propped myself up and sat on the pan and started pooping and farting.It sounds strange farting into a bedpan and the nurse stood about 10 feet away as i was pooping.I thought that was weird but i had to poop bad and i didn't care.Anyway,after the first wave of poop, i was filling up the bedpan pretty good,and i knew i wasn't done so i told the nurse"this looks pretty full and i'm not done yet" So she came over to take a look and was going to take it away and get another one and i had another cramp and told her to wait a second and i pooped a bunch of mushy poop into the pan and it was a lot!I felt the poop up against my ass and i was still feeling like i wanted to go more,The nurse looked at the pan and said "wow,and you still have to pass more stools?" i said yes ,and she took the pan from under me and i had poo all over my butt.I was embarassed,but she cleaned me up and got me another pan and i sat on that and exploded into the pan and the nurse just stood there and watched,She was behind me and as i was pooping,she said"looks like you have soft stools,are you irritated back there?"So she must have seen it coming out my asshole( maybe that's why a have a thing for nurses. that's where it started-Check my older posts) Then,when i was done she wiped my sore anus and gave me a bed-bath and she seemed to really enjoy it and in a way,so did I.I hate getting poop on my butt or on my hands.I love to poop and i love the feeling of it as it exits my assho! le and i love to watch girls poop,but i will have nothing to do with it otherwise,including the smell( yes,even my own)It's strictly audio-visual for me. Some years later, with this nurse playmate of mine, she made me go in a bedpan,but that's another story for another time-Enjoy- gotta poop now--as usual see ya!!

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