TO:Mike,Thanks for the reply,,the farting contest probaly had alot more to do with the amount of beer and wine around here then anything else.Even though lots of females are not as hung up about farts and pooping as in the past make no mistake plenty still are.I have been in a stall here or at a store or other public place droping a load,hear the bathroom door open heard feet then a comment like oh gross as soon as they caught the odor,,,I even had some dumb b----say why dont you do that at home and storm out.Also be very careful when approaching the subject with a female unless your sure how shes going to take it,a friend of mine had this guy she liked and was kind of sure she would be going to have sex with him who broke it off after he made a comment about wanting to see her on the bowl.Otherwise things with us are the same farting and pooping wise,one of us has been constipated for the last two days and when she does poop i will let you know..I took a nice smelly one this morning while reading the school bulletin and had a nice talk with carol who was drying her hair at the sink across from the stall i said sorry about the smell and she replyed no problem and about a minute later she let a good one out of the back of her levis and said that felt good...then she went in to the next stall did a loud pee and a couple of more small farts and when she finished stood outside my stall and we talked as i cleaned by butt and vag.,That dosen't bother me at all since weve all got the same stuff in our panties anyway.I will try to post again soon but i have to be sure none of the girls in my room see it since i dont think they would want their potty habits posted . JILL

To Ella: I have just started to feel comfortable enough arond my gf donna to take a dump while she's in the room.we are both 19 and have been together 7 months.WE were at my house watching tv when i got up and said be back in a minute and headed to the bathroom, after i droped my jeans and white jockeys and sat on the toilet donna walked in and started to mess with her makeup.After a few seconds she said if it bothers you i'll leave and i said no it's ok i just hope i dont gas you out she replyed don't be silly mine smells too. so with that i just kept pooping away,a couple of good size logs and a few loud farts later i was about done and sort of hesitated to get up and she caught on and said ok i'll go so you can whipe in private'which was a good thing since i had a big errection that i didnt want her to see> THe next day i aked her if i could watch when she goes and she said i'll think about it and about an hour later she let me follow her to the bathroom i saw her sit her tiny little butt on the toilet and she started to piss and let out a small fart but after a few seconds asked me to please leave and i did.After i closed the door i heard a large fart and a lot of liquid pooping sounds,,Later she told me when she realized it was going to be bad she couldn't go thru with it,,maybe next time and by the way when she was finished the room really was very very smelly so i could understand it,,she also said the only person she ever did anything that be infront of was her sister.

Moira - further to your question about anyone messing their pants to avoid punishment, it did sort of happen to me a while back when in hospital. Following a minor operation, I had fallen over while trying to reach something, and had been warned by the nurse not to leave the bed until the anaesthetic had properly worn off. A while later, I was too embarrased to ask for help to go to the toilet and when I got there, I slipped and fell. I pulled the emergency cord and in the heat of the moment, knowing I was going to get told off again for disobeying instructions, decided that by doing a bit of poo in my pants I could say that it was so urgent that I couldn't wait for help to get from the bed. It certainly worked - the nurse was really kind and understanding. She sensed my obvious shame and told me not to worry. She brought clean pants from my locker and rinsed the soiled ones for me. She even offered to help me clean up, but I declined. I sometimes wish I had been brave enough ! to let her!

Hello All! Response to RYAN ... Regards to holding back gas. I read somewhere that it is more healthy to let out your gas, not hold it in. Obviously this is not the easiest thing to do always. Most of the time at work, and at home, I am able to fart as needed. In cases where I have had to hold it, it can hurt! The pressure can really build up. Eventually, all this rumbling usually creates the urge to take a shit. So when you are home, just passing gas freely, it probably makes it easier for you to take a dump.

Also, to ZACH, hope things are getting easier for you. You mentioned how you use the public bathrooms at school. Have you ever talked with the other guys or gone with a buddy? Sometimes, making the event more casual helps to overcome anxiety. I recall when I first went to college how bad I wanted a private bathroom. Then, over time, it was more exciting to take a dump in one of the public bathrooms. Eventually we did not have private bathrooms, so one had no choice. Alot of guys were real open about taking a shit, often leaving the stall door opened while they chatted with a buddy. One time, 2 guys were tossing a frisbee or something. I had finished taking a dump and was standing in the stall wiping my ass when one guy jumped in the stall next to me and hopped on the toilet so he could toss this thing at his buddy. He just looked at me casually and smiled. He must have been able to see it all! It was actually really cool!

I agree with Moira: having an accident is in general far more embarrassing for a man than a woman. I once wet myself, wearing trousers, when I was a high school girl and it was embarrassing! For some years now, I consider it a trade off of embarrassment versus comfort. I.e. if I am desperate, the situation isn't embarrassing (wearing a skirt, being able to let go without people noticing, etc.) and the clean up work isn't too bad I'll just let go. This results into wetting more often than pooping (wetting probably a couple of times a year, pooping very seldom -this only happened a couple of times so far-). I started doing that after, one evening, my husband and I were walking back home from having some drinks. Sometimes after you have had some alcohol you have to pee very badly and it seems to get worse every second. We both were in that situation. Suddenly my husband said: "I wish I were in your body right now." When I asked why he said I could pee if I really wanted to. I said: "I cannot squat here in the street!" He said: "No, but since you are wearing a skirt you can spread your legs slightly and pee without almost any damage." "You mean I can wet myself?" After some talking about this I did just that. Since then I know it is no big deal. And you know what? Doing something naughty like that actually even feels good. Are there other (adult) women like me?

Hi guys! Thanks to the moderators for posting the survey tables and to all those who answered my ? about "ICQ." I've used the AOL chat rooms several times, but never on the web. Joanne, awesome post about pooping with your daughter and her friend. I can see how it's a bonding experience. Karen, I also enjoyed your post on going at camp. To both Joanne and Karen, I've never gone in front of my mother, or vice versa, since there was never an occasion where it was needed (barring when I was toilet trained, of course). Donna, it's great that you and Lauren are back on your walks and "buddy dumps." I will be going hiking with a couple of my girl friends in a couple of weeks; I'm sure there will a toilet story materializing from that :) To Jill, the one with 3 roommates, I have 2 roommates (were all females, 20-21); we always leave the door closed when going, although I did see one girl who's now my roommate on the toilet after she broke her ankle- I posted about this a while back. Although I'm pretty close to both of them, it feels awkward to bring up the subject of "open" potty. I do know that the 3 of us have very distinct "odors." To Lori, one of my closest friends, Jodi, and her sister went to the bathroom together when they were younger but "grew out of it." I'll see if she can post something on here about this. One pooping story for today. I'm back at school, and woke up this morning with an upset stomach and a very strong urge to go. I went into the bathroom and, as soon as I sat down, released about a 10 second stream of poop. I also had to pee, but had a hard time peeing since my intestines were so out of whack. Does anyone, when they have the runs, have a painful time in peeing- this ? is for both sexes, by the way. The jobbies weren't green, as with "regular" diahhrrea, but a very light brown, similar to coffee with cream. I'm back to normal now, having let out a couple of small, brown turds about an hour ago (it's Monday afternoon). Peace and love to all, Steph

Coolguy 3:16
To Katy FL:Yes, Unfortunately smoking for the first time or two leads to Diarrhea(SP. Somehow The body has to adjust to the toxins entering the body if too many go in at a certain tyme and u arent used to it, When I had my first smoke I had Diarrhea ALL week, but I think I did it wrong, you should start with only 1 a day, I have 3 my first day, also your friend may have been sick vomiting too, as I know I was, At the moment I am on Nicorette Gum, trying to stop, cuz smoking sux, Also cuz I get my dads camaro If i dont start again till im at least 21 (im 16 now, started at 13).Enough Smoke talk, I was at a resteraunt yesterday called Don Pablos, the toilts there suck! I began to "put out the fire" in the urinal and the small urinal at that, so I started and I got splash back cuz the urinal waz so small and I couldnt stop so I walked out wet!

Ok, messed up topic here, There is definately one thing better than hearing a Female wizz,almost even better than hearing one or hearing about one dump, that is hearing or knowing that one farted! Call me odd, but this is really miraculous to me, as most peoples gas stinks its just funny knowing cute girls that look so hot and innocent can rip em with the best of us!Story: Today in Algebra we were taking a test and about half way through it I looked over at my neighbor, Carly she isnt shy, real cute(even though I have a G/F already) I think she saw me looking at her, she prolly thought for answers even though I was done, her face turned red and I do believe she broke the most wind ive ever heard, she controlled it quietly so the whole class didnt hear, but all her neihbors heard it, a kinda whooooooooooosh, she blushed and I said "Good One" she said thats nothing!!!! I couldnt believe it! Well, I gotta go(Not like that u guyz) Keep the stories coming, ESPECIALY the gassy Females!

Ella>>>> Hi, I'm a 32 y/o male and I'd love to tell you about when I shit. I normally shit once a day in the morning but sometimes I get a bonus evening shit too. I do consider it a bonus when I have to dump twice a day as I really do love the way it feels when it slides out of my ass. I usually do two or three shits, one big one about 8-12 inches long and a few smaller ones. Last night however, I sat on the toilet and pushed out lots (like about two dozen) of little pebbly shits. I looked in the toilet when I was done and it looked like I'd filled the toilet with brown gravel!!!!! I do like doing those pebble shits as they do need a little effort to push out and feel good when they come out of me. They also give me a splash on the bum when each one hits the water, I really love a good splash on the bottom especially when it hits me right up the anus. My favourite type of shit though is the big logs that I usually do, I let them out slowly so I can feel every inch of them stretch my anus wide open. The toilets down here in Australia have a low level of water in them so it almost gaurantees a good splash for every shit I do!!!! After I've done big logs, my anus tingles for a few minutes afterwards. I really love that feeling too as it gets me quite aroused as does the feeling of my shits when they are sliding out of me. I don't fart much when I am on the toilet, mostly fart when I feel a shit start to push against the inside of my anus. I really do find great pleasure out of going potty and look forward to it every day!!! I would certainly have no hesitation with pooing in front of a female especially if she really liked to watch me. Hope you've enjoyed reading about my dumps and I would love to hear about yours and how it feels. Feel free to ask me anything if you want to know more!!!!!

mr. brown
Hello, Ella and Hello Moira: This post will go out to both of you. It's kinda crowded here in the library so I have to make it fast, but I'll do my best to describe the pleasure of pooping. I like to and usually let out massive ones, and usually fairly stinkin' ones and enjoy the stink. I usually have my pants down to mid thigh and stay fully-dressed. I like seeing women the same way but prefer to see a woman on the toilet with an upraised skirt or dress, panties rolled down under her pantyhose to mid-thigh and mid- or high heels. I really enjoy it if we're having a conversation and also like it if she's talking to me while I'm letting it out. As for accidents, Moira, you have my sympathy but remember, it certainly isn't the worst experience in the world. I enjoy it when it happens to me sometimes, and the wastes feel warm. The proximity of warm wastes to one's scrotum and prostate or one's vulva can be extremely stimulating. I only hope "it" happens to me and my significant other before we're too old to enjoy it!!!!

This evening I went to my local Wal-Mart to kill some time. I got a snack and then walked around the store and then I heard a girl say to her mommy "I have to potty real bad, I know where the bathroom Is"(she was probably 5 or 6).Then I had to take a crap. I went to the mens room and It was empty(no one In there).I looked at both stalls and picked the first one. The second stall(Handicaped),someone took a crap In with 5 pounds of toilet paper In It(Alot of paper, just estimating on lbs). I put a seat cover on the toilet and took my crap,I then noticed that someone wrote on the wall about taking a shit. I wiped 2 times and flushed. I then went to this local food store and some girl or baby? Farted and the mother said "Excuse you.

Hugh G.
I read a newspaper article about how suggestible people sometimes get, especially after drinking. This was in 1994, and the setting was a men's bathroom at the former Cleveland Municipal Stadium (I may have the name wrong), home of football's Cleveland Browns.

Cleveland's stadium, built in the 1950's, was regarded as the worst venue in the NFL, both for players and for fans (supporters). The playing field had mounds and pits, like a minefield. The locker rooms had nails pounded into boards for hanging one's clothes (in leiu of modern innovations like coat hooks), the aluminum bleachers were frigid during a tyical Cleveland winter, the building was infested with rats and cockroaches, the plumbing was suspect, and the whole place smelled of old, sour urine. Immediately after a meaningless, late-season game, the usual parade of gents filed into the mens' toilets to drain the beer from their bladders. The bathrooms were equipped with old-fashoined trough style urinals, allowing three or four men to stand abreast and piss in a common urinal. These are about the worst urinal style. There is no privacy, and most users never flush, leaving a slug of piss in the trap, which stinks out the joint for hours. (This is called a P-Trap, leading to obvious puns.) Also, with a common drain in the middle, these tough urinals are easily clogged. That's what happened after today's game.

Often, a paper towel will be carelessly discarded in the urinal, and float over the top of the drain, stopping the flow of urine into the pipes. Hundreds of men paraded through the bathroom, and left their offerings in the trough, not caring that it wasn't draining properly. The trough kept filling, until eventually the amber wine spilled over the rim of the trough, soaking the shoes of whoever happened to be there. The splashing sound made it obvious what was happening to the gents who had yet to piddle. That urinal was no longer availible for service, and things seemed hopeless until some genius opened his fly and started pissing on the floor! After all, that's where the urine in the trough was heading, anyway, so why not? The dozens of men in the bathroom agreed that this was a fine idea, so they followed suit, until a river of urine flowed from the overflowing trough to the center of the floor (and everyone's shoes), then into a floor drain.

No reasonable person, even when drunk, would deliberately piss on a floor in front of dozens of stangers. Was it something like peer pressure, or just alcohol-induced revelry? This story might appear in psychology textbooks by now. Sometimes boys at school would piss on the floor, but does anyone out there have a "piss fountain" story involving lots of people? Rection.

Monday, March 29, 1999

I think not...
Hi the posts...I have a handful of interesting tidbids to put in-- I am a high-school student, and our school was originally built for elementary students, and, because of this, the bathroom fixtures are all very low to the ground. The toilets are included in this, but whoever designed the bathroom must not have measured the walls correctly, because if you look under the first stall wall, you can see the tops of all the toilets, and also any asses which might be sitting there! It's time, there was a 10th-grader in there, and he was taking a crap. He must have been really embarrased or something, because he went into the last stall in the row, and (here's the funny part) he then somehow managed to crap his heart out with his pants pulled just past his ass, and no further! He was probably scared of other people seeing the side of his ass, or, through the tiny crack between the edge of the toilet and the seat, seeing something all know what might be there...there's another guy who is frightened of peeing at the urinals, (god knows why...) so instead, he goes into the last stall, sits down, and proceeds to piss very loudly into the toilet bowl beneath him! You should see the expressions of the people who go in there while he is doing all this, because they can really hear it all!

Another absolutely outrageous thing is this shopping center here in town, in the men's bathroom, the stall doors are about the shortest I've ever seen! And the thing about it is that when you put the short doors together with the toilets which are set WAAAAAAAY back from the doors, there is almost no privacy at all! Plus, the latches are gone from the doors!!! I saw a little kid (11 or 12) in one once, after finishing a job, and, if this gives you an idea of how short the doors are, he was standing with his back against the door--here he was, about a 5'1" tall kid--and you could see all of his head, neck, and shoulders above the door, and you could see him pulling up his soiled underwear below the door. Wow, no privacy at all!

Just one more thing, and then I promise to leave you alone (for now--I should be back...): I was once visiting this small-town museum in Colorado when I was on vacation, and their men's restrooms were just incredible! One of them had two toilets with a dividing wall in between them, but no doors, and they were facing the wall with the urinals! All somebody would need to do would be to turn around after peeing, and they'd see it all! The other restroom was equally funny, because somebody had made plyboard doors for the stalls, but, when the toilet seats were about 15" off the ground, the bottom edge of the doors was about 21" off the ground! You could see everything, provided somebody was in there...what is the deal with public restrooms in Colorado, anyway? In that same TINY town, in the public park, there was an older men's restroom, with a row of about 5 or 6 toilets, with no doors on the stalls, and there was a newer men's outhouse, with a modern locking main door (the kind where you push the button on the handle to lock it), and it wouldn't lock, offering no more privacy than the other restroom! Also, it was the same way at a large public park in Colo. Springs, with all of the restrooms not having any doors!

Well, I lied, there is one more: This summer, I can't wait to go to the state fair, because I noticed last year that in the grandstand (the biggest attraction at the fair), there is a men's restroom with about 8 toilet stalls, without any doors. I'm going to be first in line to take a look in there right after a big show or something, I'm telling you! Thanks for your patience, and I really hope I contributed well to the dialogue!

I see there is another Jill posting here. I am the one from the UK - with a capital "J". To join in the discussion, unless I am in a real hurry, I always pee first when I go for a poo. I am not sure if I could get the poo started without first peeing, although when pressed for time I can sometimes start the poo before the pee has finished. I have to report that I had a slightly embarrassing experience yesterday. It has happened before, but it is a question of timing. Our downstairs loo is next to the front door, and I was using that one because my husband was upstairs in the shower. I had just about finished when there was a ring on the door bell, so I quickly wiped and flushed. I opened the front door to be greeted by a courier with a parcel. The smell from my poos must have followed me because I noticed him wrinkle his nose (he was rather cute too!), and he made a comment like "did I interrupt something?". I think I probably blushed. One or two people have written recently about poos that don't smell. How does this happen? Mine always smell, and sometimes more so than at others. To Desmond: I see you refer to me as an expert in train toilets. Well I am not really - I just use them. The type you describe as being like "a normal toilet" is the type I prefer. I agree they sometimes have a weak flush, or even none at all, and I have certainly been caught out by that. I usually check the flush before I get down to business, and if it doesn't work I look for another loo - there are several along the train, normally in pairs (doors opposite each other). I have used the type with the suction effect, but they are less comfortable (more modern trains), and the loo door is the sort where you can't be certain if it is properly locked or not.

Hi everyone! I have been reading the posts on here and I think that this is a great site. I am particularly interested in males going number two. Please any male, I would love to hear all the details of your dumps, and how it feels when you defecate. My boyfriend has gone in front of me a couple of times, but we were both drunk at the time. I am embarassed to bring it up when we are sober, if only he liked to dump in front of me. Do any other females have experience with watching their man? I look forward to everybody's responses.

I just came across this site and think it is great. Let me tell you about when i was growing up and shareing a bedroom with my older sister.I guess around the time that i was 13 or 14 and she was 16 or 17 (both in our late 20s now) i would be in bed just starting to fall asleep when lisa would get back from a date,I remember thinking she must hold it in all the time she was with her boyfriend because as she would be undressing to put on her pj's she would start to fart,i would act like i was sleeping but let me tell you they were hard to ignore since she was standing and 2ft away with her bare ass pointed my way.she keep doing it of and on for awile evn after she was sleeping. once in the a.m. i remember her saying to me sorry i gassed you last night "italian food" i was allways to embarresed to reply and would just giggle.A few years later when our schedules had changed i would be the one comeing home from a date a would do the same to her as she was in bed,up untill i was about 16 i couldn't fart infront of anyone not even my sister.Like when we were in our beds and i had to fart i would reach down and spread my cheeks so it would make noise,but sometimes that would just result in a sbd and sis saying something like lori i didnt think you had it in you and my face turning red.i also remember being in the shower and hearing the door open and her voice "sorry gotta poop" and rhen all the sound effects and odors and grunting.once she didnt flush and left 2 big fat and long turds (i wonder if she just forgot or wanted me to see them...Whenever i went i hated it when she would come in while i pooped but didnt mind when doing a a women i wonder why that would be,i mean we saw each other naked many times and she even showed me (on her self)how to insert a tampon so you would think it wouldn't be a problem,would any other females please coment since i am to embarresd to talk to my sis about it,,thanks lori pointed

AAAugh i just wet my pants earlier today i was reading s comic book and going down the stairs to the bathrooms and i tripped on my sister's brush which was on the stairs and i whizzed in my pants by acident. Also I pooped in my pants the other day but luckily I am on spring break. i was playing the computer and i had to go but as soon as i got up to run to the bathroom i crapped in my pants.

I havent posted for a while, but now that the nicer weather is here and we in the UK have put our clocks forward to British Summer Time (daylight saving) I have started my walks again.

Today Lauren and I went out to the countryside and of course both of us had a nice buddy dump in the woods. After we had eaten our picnic lunch Lauren did a nice big fat jobbie, a rather lumpy turd of about 10 inches long followed by a 5 inch "mick" as we call a small solid jobbie here in Scotland. Watching her made me feel my load come down and I then passed a big long fat easy but well formed sausage shaped curved turd on next to hers. Mine was about 15 inches long so both of us passed the same amount of poo but in different configurations. We left our offerings to "Cloacina" the Roman Godess of the sewers, toilets, etc for others to see and admire.

Watcher, why didn't you tell us what Aunt Arrielle's turd was like? Was it a big one or just average, hard or soft, fat or thin? Did she pass just one jobbie or a big one and some smaller turds? This is the detail I feel most of us who read this website want to know.

Nicola, your story of helping out your friend Anna by cleaning her up and loaning her your spare pair of knickers when she had a laxative induced diarrhea accident in her pants reminded me of a similar happening at school. One of the girls in my year was a bit of bully and had teased me about my being big and ????. She had a ???? upset and got taken short trying to make it to the Girls Toilet and filled her knickers. Now all her hard mates who had been such "loyal" friends deserted her in her moment of trial and indeed started to chant " Yeuch, Nancy shit her knicks". Now I felt sorry for her, standing there in tears and saw her to the toilet and helped her clean herself and also loaned her my spare pair of navy blue knickers as I had been playing netball previously, ( my height being an advantage in this sport). Her poo had been soft but not runny so she hadn't got into a terrible mess and her skirt had escaped being stained. My knickers were a couple of sizes too big for her and a bit baggy but the elastic held them up. Nancy was very grateful and from then on not only did she cease to tease me but stopped the others and indeed we became friends with myself now being an honorary "auntie" to her kids and grandchildren.

Dazz, I have also observed the wee wee running back to the anus effect and going down my turd as it slides out so the tinkle sound stops then starts again after it comes out.

Traveller, I really love your unisex toilets, although I would want a lockable door as I like to choose who watches. I imagine that the whopper you saw in the pan of one of the stalls was done by the woman you saw. Really, you ought to have left it for others to see. How big do you reckon it was? BTW, nice to see you use British terminology. I can get used to Movement = Motion and though I dont like it I can accept poop for poo, I quite like the US "Dump" but cant get a handle on "TAKE" a dump, or even stranger to my mind "MAKE" a "dump" , where, as others have previously said, we "do" or "pass" a motion , jobbie, poo, or whatever.

Katy FL friend was smoking cigarettes for the first time last night and then she got diarreah. She thinks it's from the cigrettes...but I'm tryin to tell her it was just a coincidence. Do you guys know anything about this?

All the recent posts about people having accidents in their underpants makes me pose the question that such accidents are far worse for a man than a woman. If a woman is wearing a skirt and (obviously) isnt sitting down at the time usually she will escape with only soiling her panties or knickers unless the motion was diarrhea or very loose and watery as the elastics in the leg openings of her underwear will retain the squashed up poo if it was a solid one in the seat of her pants, (full briefs are far better than thongs or TIs in this respect and "French Knickers" are useless), and save her legs and skirt from being soiled. Likewise if she wets her panties she can stand with her legs apart if wearing a skirt and it will dribble through the gusset soaking it but not her skirt unless it is a tight butt hugging style. In contrast a man will soak the front of his trousers if he pees himself and a solid accident in his underpants will often stain the seat of his trousers through contact and the additional resistance of the trousers will cause more squashing of the turd. In the old days when I was in my teens boys underpants didnt have elastic through the leg openings so any poo would leak out and slide down their legs. Nowadays boys and mens underpants are virtually identical to girls and womens but if the bloke is wearing those dreadful boxer shorts then he has absolutely no protection if he has an accident in them. A womans toilet also is all WC pans and cubicles (stalls) as we need to sit to do either excretory function whereas some male toilets have only one WC and urinals so if a bloke needs a number two he could be waiting in urgency outside an occupied WC and the urinals of no comfort to him at all. Another good reason for abolishing these disgusting smelly items and replacing them with WCs in mens toilets. The greater availability of WCs in womens toilets means she has more chance to do a motion and it is impossible for her to have a follow through accident as happens to men (described by Nicola as happening to her husband) if standing to pee at a urinal when a soft stool is forced out into the underpants by the pressure of peeing. If a female starts to do an unexpected motion while she is peeing, it will just drop into the pan in the normal manner with no problem and I have often had the experience of going for a wee wee an hour or so after having passed a big jobbie and finding that as I sit there a smaller turd which I have not passed earlier comes down and is passed with a loud "KUPLOONK!" I also feel that females are treated far more sympathetically both by men and other women if they have an accident in their panties. Girls will feel sorry for another girl in such a state whereas boys will mock another lad who shits his pants.

I did a while ago promise to post about having an accident myself and as we are on this subject I will do so. It was about two years or so ago and I had gone for a meal and drink with some collegues. I wasnt drunk by any means but over the limit for driving and as a solicitor would never drink and drive. It was a relatively mild night and as George was away on a computer installation at a customer site I walked home. As I was about half way home I felt I needed a motion. The only ladies toilet en route was in a shopping mall but was closed. Soon I realised that I wouldnt make it and thought, "What the hell. Im not going anywhere but home anyway" so I stood still with my legs apart and did the jobbie in my knickers. Now as described above I was wearing a pleated skirt with an overcoat on top and my panties were a nice thick pair of white cotton interlock full briefs with tight elastics through the leg openings. The motion was the usual large fat solid long turd I normally pass and I could feel it come out and at first push away the seat of my panties then start to buckle up and fold over. The increased resistance made me feel as if I was rather constipated as it was a lot more difficult to do a jobbie into my underpants than into a toilet pan. I also peed though the gusset of my knickers soaking this area. Finished I walked home. My long overcoat hid any evidence but nothing leaked out of my panties and as I wear stockings and suspenders (garter belt) not tights (pantyhose) there was nothing else to get messed. I must say I was glad I didnt meet anyone as the smell was strong, (squashed poo always smells a lot worse than a normally passed turd). I must say the cold mass of poo in the seat of my knickers felt uncomfortable by the time I got home. I went straight to our large master bathroom,and took off my outer clothing. My skirt had escaped soiling and I could see the huge drooping bulge in the seat of my knickers. I got into the bath and gingerly stepped out of my knickers observing the flattened lumpy mass in the seat. I emptied this mess into the toilet pan, rinsed my knickers out in the bidet, washed my buttocks and vulva in clean water in the bidet afterward , then had a long soothing warm shower and, changing into clean panties and night dress went to bed having put my dirty knickers into the washing machine with my stockings, Next morning these were clean and dry to wear again. In all I didnt feel too bad about this accident but had it happened on the way to work I would have felt a lot worse. I do feel sorry for anyone who is taken short in embarrasing circumstances such as happened to a very nervous witness in court one time when he had obviously needed the toilet but got called to the stand and subjected to harsh cross examination by defence counsel. I felt very sorry for this man as when he asked to allowed to step down to go to the toilet the judge refused and shortly afterwards there was a fart a squelching sound and he shit his pants. He was then allowed to retire but too late and I did feel that nerves had given him the runs. I have also seen the accused taken short, hardly surprising if a heavy fine or jail is at stake. I did however know a woman who was a habitual petty criminal, (shoplifting, petty theft etc), who used having an accident to her advantage. She was up before the Magistrates Court and could have got 6 months in prison but while in the dock she shit her pants and acted very distressed. The chairman of the bench (an elderly man) obviously felt sorry for her and when giving sentence awarded a heavy fine and a suspended rather than custodial punishment. I commented to her afterwards when away from the Court that she had been lucky. She laughed and said, "worth a pair of shitty knickers wasn't it! That trick often works, gets you sympathy" and she told me that she had deliberately held it in so as to be able to deliberately do a number two in her knickers when in Court. Has anyone else ever got out of punishment or an unpleasant scenario by deliberately shitting their underpants or had gentler punishement than expected if they accidentally did this at the time?

Last night I had to use a technique to suppress my bowel movement temporarily. I take the three middle fingers of my right hand and press them firmly into my butt crack, right above my asshole. I had taken metamucil the day before and drank a lot of beer in the evening and suddenly found myself with a strong urge to shit. I mention this technique for the benefit of people who find themselves in the same predicament and want to avoid doing it in their pants. It really works!

Mike (USA)
To Jill: Actually, I don't find your description of your bathroom habits "disgusting" at all. In fact, I am quite turned on your description of your "farting contest". If you're embarrassed, you don't have to, but I would love to hear some details about your shared bathroom experiences with your roommates. Also, describe your own bathroom habits as well (i.e. frequency/size of your motions, etc.) I really liked your post, please tell more! -Mike

I had a nice bonding experience with my daughter last weekend and thought i would share it with you all. we went on a 2 days camping trip with a neighbor girl that my daughter pam knows well from HS but i barely knew,pam is 16 and suszanne is 15. Well after our first night in a small tent we felt much more relaxed and that was good since the toilet facility was just 6 toilets sitting next to each other with no walls between them and i assume the mens was just the same and since observing this i wonderd how the 2 girls would handle it since my daughter is kind of shy about going infront of anyone even me...its not like we haven't seen each other before but i know she wasnt comfortable with the idea..Well of course the next morning when i got up i felt my routine b.m. ready to come out so off i went to the potty and the girls were both there sitting on the bowls doing their business and also a young mother pooping while trying to keep an eye on a 4-5 yo girl standing in the corner by the sink,the smell was kind of bad and when the girls saw me she sort of hesitate to drop my pants she said its cool mom so their i sat as the 2 teens talked and pooped and farted and laughed and it felt very nice even the young mother got in on the conversation as she stood up to wipe her self and pull up her shorts.I was still in mid poop when suzanne stood to wipe and pam reached back to do the was the first time i had seen my daughters bare bottom since she was a small child and was happy to see that she was well adjusted about her bodily functions and relaxed with the situation

A few days ago I witnessed a most peculiar accident. I was on a shopping spree with my friend Claire. We are both attractive36 year old females, attached but always looking, dreaming of something excitingly romantic to happen in our lives. In the shopping arcade there is one of those fortune telling machines in which you can put a 50p coin and place your hand, palm open, in a little opening until a printout appears to tell you about your future. Just a bit of fun really said Claire who insisted on giving this gadget a try. As she said, "No harm in trying anything just for 50 pence. Anyway the printed paper just said "Try be prepared for a real shock, one of the greatest surprises of you life will happen within half an hour. All you need do is wait in anticipation". We both had a good laugh about that as we made our way home via the bus, about 28 minutes ride and a five minute walk to Claireís house, I live in the next street. As we walked together from the bus, Claire was unusually quiet so to try to break the ice, I mentioned to her that nothing exiting had happened yet, perhaps a knight in shinning armour will jump right out at her very soon. He most certainly did not but suddenly and without any warning Claire stopped with a most surprised look of profound shock on her face she clutched the back of her skirt and blurted out, "Oh god, I canít believe this, please donít laugh at me, I have just shit myself".

Hello Nicky, I haven't posted for some time as I have been busy and have also been ill. I read the survey you did on skidmarks, I thought that was quit interesting, it must have been quit difficult carrying out that survey. At the momment I haven't really got any interesting to write. All I have seen is some teenage boy, I guess, wet himself outside the window of my house. I was looking out the window and these group of teenagers were walking up the road in school uniforms. One boy was holding himself and you could see a small trail forming as he walked, as he got to my house is stopped and wet through his trousers and then walked off with his friends. Look forward to reading some more of your posts and anybody else who wants to share any embarrising underwear momments and accidents.

Sunday, March 28, 1999

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