Another "Aunt Arrielle" story. I was 11, and we were going from just north of Montgomery, Alabama, where we lived, down to Panama City, Florida, for a vacation. This was a drive of over 200 miles. We had gotten an early start with a big breakfast at a restaurant early. A couple of hours later, Aunt Arielle asked if we were going to be stopping. There weren't a lot of places during this leg of the trip. My dad asked why, and she said that she needed to "go to the bathroom." He said there wasn't anything coming up for another half hour to 45 minutes, but he could pull over if she really had to go. She was definitely preoccupied, and I would guess in some discomfort, and she smiled, and said, "yes, please, I really do have to go." My mom was asleep, and barely woke up when we pulled over, then put her head back again. Aunt Arielle went around to the passenger side fender, while my dad and I took a leak in front of the car. I got back in the car hurriedly, while my dad stood by the car, just stretching out a little and walking around. I looked out the window where Aunt Arielle was. She had her shorts pulled down to her knees, and was squatted down and forward, fingers laced and forearms resting on her thighs. I could see her thighs widened out by the pressure of her calves, and the beginning of the curve of her hips, leading into her buttocks; I could actually see the beginning of her crack. She was audibly grunting and sighing, trying to get done quickly, and after one really hard push, I could see the grass stir, and an immediate strong poop smell. She had taken a big wad of kleenex with her, and took some of it, wadded it up, and began wiping her bottom. She had come a little out of her squat to do this, and I could see the majority of her fantastic ass now. I noticed she inserted her hand between her crack and probed, almost like digging, with each wipe, rather than just dragging the toilet paper between her crack. I decided it must have been a really juicy one, and she didn't want to have "butt itch" an hour later from an incomplete wipe. She had wiped four times, when my dad got back in the car, and told me not to look, so I'm guessing she did at least two or three more times. A couple of minutes later, Aunt Arielle got back in the car, noticeably breezier in her tone of voice and manner. She said, "OK, all done, sorry, that's better now. It's hard going like this though. I'm a sitter," meaning she liked to sit on the toilet, often reading, which will be my next story. I had a hardon for an hour, thinking about her taking that killer shit, wiping her ass, and then not washing her hands (the contrast with her clean, elegant looks), and the knowledge that I had seen her, and she didn't know it. I remember thinking I might come without even touching my joint, as I looked her in the eyes, and talked, glancing down at her legs, and thinking about the scene back there by the road, and also the secret I now held about her about this day.

Hi guys. Great post these days. I took a dump about 10 minutes aog and I regret it becuase a was planning on saving it for a nice school dump but couldn't hold it any longer. So I let it out. It was 3-4 long logs. I finished and wiped. Then a few minutes later my stomach felt funny so I went into the bathroom to push it out a little to see if it was solid enough. Unfortunately it was a soggy dump. Like diareah. I still haven't flushed yet. This is an important question. When I go to school every 5 minutes I get the urge to fart. I don't fart at school so I hold the farts all day. Then when I get home I let it all out. Sometimes when I hold the farts it becomes to painful but I still hold it. Then when I'm I get the urge to take a dump. Why does this happen. Also if I have the day off I don't get these farting cramps. I get BM urges. Does anyone know why?

For Steph...ICQ is the name of a free (and very popular) instant communication program, that unlike email, you can chat instantly with someone else online, like a private chat room only quicker and you can save everything said if you like. It has many popular features and can be found by doing a search on "mirablis" I do believe thats the name of the company that will give it away free. If you cant find it, email me at . I still have it in a zip file that I can email you and you can set it up on your computer. For everyone...I had an accident the other day, when I had to fart it came out wet and messy. Not a total shit in the pants but more than just a tiny squirt. But It was busy and I was at work, the only one there, and customers were all about. I couldn't just leave the customers alone for the time it would take to clean up my underpants. So I stayed there and hoped it didn't start smelling so bad that people would notice. But some did! No one said anything but there were plenty of strange looks and twitching noses. Some small raggity looking kids (ages 3-7) were in with there parents and I was hoping that the customers might think the kids had did the dirty deed. Was that bad? Kinda like blaming a bad aroma you created on the dog...he he. I have done that before also. Poor dog...I crinkle my nose and say "Bad Dog" and she looks at me like "What did I do?". It's really funny. Anyways, I smelled bad like that for about 2 and a half hours until I got off. Whew! Was I happy to go home and take off that crusty peice of underwear. I washed it later.

Steph>>> I'm the one who did my own "sitting on the toilet survey".....something must have gone wrong with my post as my name was above someone elses name and not above my post. ICQ is a chat program a bit like mIRC but better. I'd post the URL where you can download it but URL's aren't allowed here!!! I have lots of fun with ICQ chatting with women all around the world about their toilet habits. Thank you for your info too, much obliged. It does seem to be a common thing for a woman to have her pee run back and wet her anus as she pees. I have seen that before with my ex girlfriend when she let me watch her pee but she would never let me watch her shit. She thought it was sick that I wanted to watch her shit.......oh well, there's other women out there who don't mind an audience :)

I was recently part of a presentation held on a campus in a room just off a dorm lounge. I was windblown when I got there and also needed a pee, so I headed for the john. As I got close to the door, a female student (I suppose) came out and watched me approach. As I went in, I saw a small sign on the door reading, "Unisex restroom. Please lock door behind you." (Unprogressive party poopers!) I was tempted to leave it unlocked, but decided to comply. The restroom had two toilet stalls with their doors open and an older, free-standing urinal with a large keyhole opening, the type a woman who likes to stand could conveniently use. I had to pass the two toilet stalls to get to the urinal, so I glanced into the pans. In the second one there was a whopper with some paper. I couldn't resist having a closer look. There was no odor in the stall, so I didn't know how recent it was. I wondered if it was stuck, so I pushed the flush. Down it went, no problem. When I came ou! t, the same woman was still standing there. Had she done the whopper? And had she left the door unlocked while she was in there? We'll never know. (What - You thought I'd ask a total stranger?) Paul, could the ache you experienced while using a squat toilet have come from not using that muscle group regularly? People who squat from childhood on seem to learn how to rest comfortably on the whole foot, with thighs and calves touching. I favor squatting for the health benefits you mentioned, so I think it's worth getting used to. It just seems more natural. (I rarely do it at home, though. Trying to balance on the rim of the bowl is pretty uncomfortable.) The Japanese have a narrow porcelain trough type squat toilet with flush, usually much cleaner than the footprint types. I'd like to have one at home. We're seeing practical things like handle-style doorknobs coming to the U.S. (vs. round knobs). Why not squat toilets for homes? Maybe this is a whole new market for the Japanese. The kinds of places that Mandy and Dee came across have given squatters a bad rep. I know, guys. I've been in those kinds of "facilities," too. In Peru some were unisex! Tiny Girl... Flush Therapy for stress relief. I love it! Relatively low cost, too. I'll try it next time I'm stressed and let you know. Steph, "ICQ" is a sort of instant chat program that let's you talk to fellow users who are on line. I haven't used it yet. I think it's shareware, downloadable off the net. Maybe the writer will explain more. What fun some of us here could have with ICQ and a laptop. Desmond, I'm not sure about this, but I think the origin of the word "poop" meaning the rear deck of a ship and its reference to defecation might be linked. My Webster's dictionary is silent on this. What about the Oxford? On old sailing ships, there were holes cut into the upper deck above the stern and that's where the crew pooped - ah, sorry, "poohed." My good British friends here have won me over from "movement" to "motion," so I'll go with "pooh" as well. Wishing regularity and good motions to all.

i have allways been shy about going to the bathroom when anyone else is around and only my mom and sister have seen me on the bowl,that was until last summer at camp,the bathroom had 4 toilets side by side and i was just to embaressed to use them so for the first few days i went off into the woods by day i was walking with my friednd kathy and she said she had to do go..and i just walked in with her,since i really had to go and figured sooner or later id have to use the toilet anyway.we both sat down and once i did it felt very natural,and i let out a fart an started to do #2,,kathy was letting it all out and was very gassy..we talked and laughed and saw each other at home im not embarresed to poop when by sister or mom is in the bathrom.. i wonder if any other girls nave felt the same way..or guys either

i live in a dorm room with 3 other girls 18-20 years old and much to my surprise over the last few months our potty habits have gone from very private (closed door to pee to wide open when pooping..myself haveing grown up with 4 sisters and one bathromm it isnt a problem,seems someone was allways on the bowl peeing or pooping while someone else was at the sink or in the shower now at school the four of us are just so comfortsble with each other it just seems natural to see each other on the bowl takeing a healthy dump...but i dont know if i could ever do it infront of a guy..i dont know how you married women handle it..i dont even fart infront of guys...though some of my friends do,,,,my best friend and i have even compared the size of are loads just for a laugh..we even had a farting contest the other night after some chili for dinner.....please dont think that were discusting,,it was just between us girls and all for fun.i is interesting to see the different ways girls wipe after pooping a couple use half a roll of tp and some just a little..anyd the way we all smell about the same.

Tiny Girl
Paul, seems that you make a logical point about why you and your wife pee in the shower, but I just can't EVER imagine doing that! I guess that I might not have a problem with it, (just out of curiosity) if I totally lived alone and didn't have plans to take a bath or shower in this same tub! :-P

Ross G
Regarding poop emergencies among athletes, one of the most famous was Julie Moss, who became very dehydrated and disoriented during the 1982 Iron Man triathalon. She collapsed trying to finish her race, and the TV cameras showed very clearly that she had pooped in her pants, as her legs and the seat of her pants were smeared with crap. The TV announcer was Diane Nyad, who made a point of mentioning that Julie had lost control of her bowel and bladder functions. Then there was the amusing case of actress Christine Lahti, who was in the bathroom when her name was called during an award show last year. The presenter had to stall for several moments while someone went to get her from the bathroom. When she finally came on camera to accept the award, she looked rather dishelved and admitted that she had just had to go at the wrong time. Jack Nicholson later came on camera and told everyone that she had made "number two". I wonder how she felt about that? I'm really surprise! d these type of emergencies don't happen more often on live TV, with all the live news events, sporting events and award shows, etc. There must be lots of other examples. Sally Quinn wrote in her autobiography how she had been severely constipated during a morning show and had taken a laxative before the show and was afraid an on-air emergency might happen. But nothing happened (darn!). I have a related question. Has anyone ever heard a woman fart on TV? Men are sometimes shown farting in cartoons like the Simpsons and maybe even certain comedy shows, but I have never heard a woman fart on TV, either for real or as part of a show. Wouldn't you think that during a live athletic event, like say a tennis match, you would hear someone occasionally fart? Can anyone remember ever hearing a woman fart on TV?

Over the many years of listening to my mother and other women doing a motion I have heard the effect that Nicola and an unnamed poster mention of a woman's wee wee seeming to stop while her jobbie comes out. I first encoutered this phenomenon when I was about 8 or 9 years old. I had been listening to my mum when she did a poo for a few years and as I have previously written she did two types of motion. The most usual resulted in her doing a few small hard balls to begin with then two large jobbies and the sound effects would begin with the tinkle tinkle of her wee wee dying which there would be "OO! AH! PLUNK! AH! PLONK!" The wee wee would continue to tinkle as these balls were passed then with more "OO!s and AH!S and NNN!S" the usually two big turds would come out "KUR-SPULOONK! KER-SPLOONK!". Such a motion would usually flush away but occasionally as the cistern in our toilet took a while to fill properly and the flush wasn't all that powerful she wouldn't be able to flush the toilet and I would see what she had done, a couple of hard balls and two big fat jobbies say a 5 inche long one and a big 8 incher, both about 2 inches thick and knobbly. Every so often however she would do a really big one when, to quote her own words "It all came away in one big lump". It was listening to this type of motion that I discovered the silent wee wee effect. In this case she would start with her wee wee tinkling into the toilet but it would almost immediately diminish then the sound would cease and I would hear her straining "OO! OH! NNNN!" and sometimes she would talk to herself "Come out you fat beast" and expressions like that. There would be the crackling sound then eventually a quiet "FLOOMP!" as the big long fat jobbie slid into the pan. Then the wee wee would seem to start up again for a few moments tinkling away into the pan. When I visited the toilet after her after she had done one of these motions I was rewarded by seeing a single long fat jobbie of about 12 inches or so long which was too big to flush away until after several flushes or throwing a bucket or two of water down to shift it. Now at the time I didnt underst! and why her wee wee went silent. From my own experience I knew even then that a male could get an erection when passing a large firm turd and this would stop him peeing until it came out and this had happened to me but I also knew that women didnt have a cock. When I got older and saw some books showing the female vulva and anus I realised how close these two holes were and that, as Nicola has explained, in certain cases especially if the woman sits with her legs drawn up, as my mum did when passing a big difficult jobbie, the wee wee can run back and run down the turd rather like a flow of water can be directed down a rod or outside a length of wood etc. This would seem to stop it tinkling then when the turd had dropped into the pan it would start tinkling again.

Has anyone else observed this phenomenon or does it happen to other women?

Lou the Suzy Quatro doing it in her pants on stage tale makes me think, this was one time I bet she wished she had "Canned the can!" rather than in her panties. More fool her for taking laxatives. I sympathise with anyone who gets the runs from illness, bad food , nerves etc and has a bad accident in their underwear but not from the self inflicted wound of taking purgatives.

Mike (USA)
To CoolGuy3:16, your post regarding your buddy dump with your girlfriend was THE SHIT!!!! (no pun intended)

Billy Boy
I had diarrhea while taking a shower it was nasty and then i couldnt stop and i just kept crapping in the shower, doubled over, for at least 20 min. It was Horrible

I can relate to Judy.After awhile of being in the locker room,it's like us girl's form this non-verbal pack.In which we do laugh occassionaly,but ultimately ignore when we fart in the locker room.And they are always loud.Then we'll have conversations about how we've been holding those in all day.Or anything not to do it in front of a boyfrriend.And I'm sure Judy know's we can release some lethally loud farts in the safety of that locker room.A panty clad fart has no jeans as a filter,so the smell isn't as diluted.And the bare ass one's,like that used to occur,for the select few who weren't afraid to shower after track meets,are the worst.

The mention of Suzy Quatro having a number 2 accident in her panties after taking a laxative reminds me of what happened to Anna, a friend of mine when we were both 16.

Anna had told me that she was constipated. I knew that she was on her period and said that this happened to me too and to just let things sort themselves out. She would have none of this and said she was going to take some Sennokot as it said on the packet "brings gentle relief". I did warn her that it might not be as gentle as she expected and that she would be better to take some Liquid parafin (mineral oil) as this was gentle and merely lubricated the bowel and didnt alter the consistancy of the stools.

Next day when I met up with Anna to walk to school together she said that she had indeed taken the Sennokot tablets and had had a motion that morning that had consisted of some hard balls then a large easy formed turd and that my dread predictions of having the shits run out of her had been wrong. I didnt say anything but did think that she wold have done this motion anyway without taking laxatives. We had got about half way to school when she suddenly gasped and said that she had a gripeing pain in her ???? and felt the urgent need to have a poo. There was a public toilet nearby and she tried to get to it but suddenly stopped and went "OH NO!" and I heard a sound that I can only describe as "qwech!" and a spluttering as she filled her panties with a loose mushy load of diarrhea. I got her into the toilet which had a disabled cubicle and carefully lifted her skirt. Luckily we were both in school uniform and wore pleated knee length skirts and she also had on a pair of thick white cotton interlock school knickers, briefs with tight elastics through the leg openings and a double gusset. These had absorbed the worst of her accident and the elastics kept the mess from running down her legs. I helped her gingerly step out of her shitty panties and as she felt another wave come on she sat on the pan and discharged another load of watery diarrhea. Once she had finished I used the toilet paper wetted in the handbasin to clean her buttocks and as luckily I was playing Field Hockey that day I slipped off my own pair of white cotton knickers for her to wear and wore my navy blue pair instead. Anna's knickers were so badly soiled that we had to dump them in the container for used sanitary towels, not down the toilet of course. I have to say that while I have always been turned on by watching others doing a good SOLID motion I was revolted by having to be present while Anna had diarrhea, but I couldn't leave a friend in the lurch. We got to school slightly late but with no trouble. Anna did tell me that she had to go to the toilet with diarrhea twice afterwards that morning but had no more accidents. This unhappy event did however cure her from taking laxatives again. I am always sorry for anyone who shits their pants when they are sick, but if you do so after knowingly taking laxatives then that's your problem.

On a happier note my husband and I both did a couple of whoppers when we went for a country walk today. We got the train out to the countryside and after a pub lunch we continued the walk to eventually get another train on a different line back home. I felt I needed a jobbie and we both went into the bushes where I passed a nice big fat firm 12 incher. Once I had finished the other half undid his jeans, dropped his panties (white Sloggi briefs just like mine) and did his equally long but slightly thinner jobbie on top of mine. Both satisfied we continued on our walk.

Paul, both of us always pee in the shower, it would be bloody silly to get out all wet and sit on the toilet oan as the flow of water washes the urine away quickly and with great dilution. Urine is also quite safe if passed by a healthy person and besides the drain from the shower, bath and washbasin usually joins up with that from the toilet pan in the British system so its all going into the same common foul sewer anyway.

Saturday, March 27, 1999

Someone mentioned peeing in the shower. For me, and my wife, it is the most convenient place to do it first thing in the morning. I know plenty of others who have confessed to the same thing. It's especially convenient for guys with the early morning erection - saves the hurt of trying to bend it down to hit the toilet. I also have a shower before bed and pee then too. Thats two flushes of the toilet I have saved so I am doing my bit for water conservation. Read a small article in the weird and wonderful section of local tv guide about the pros of squatting to take a dump. It is very graphic and explains how it benefits the flow of turds from the rectum and out the anus. I will try to remember to copy it here. The only problem I have with squatting is the ache in the thigh muscles which tends to mean you can't stay like it for long. I also have trouble getting my pants in the right place so I don't accidently pee on them at the same time. It does come out quicker though and is meant to be better for your back. I once used a toilet cubicle in Changi Airport, Singapore, and the seat had foot prints on it. Of the squat type toilets around Europe and Asia, I found them okay but tended to use the raised version as they appeared to be cleaner. Any comments?

about a week ago in school my class was in the locker room after p.e. i had just taken a shower when i felt like i was going to fart so i let it out (most of the other girls do any way so it wasnt like embarasing(no guys around )i felt something running down my leg..and made a 30 second dash to the potty in my birthday suit..just barley squated and let out a lotof liquid poop and smelled kind of bad..this in the past would really been embaresing but ive come to relize that all us females do it and it all smells about the same anyway..and id rather sit on the bowl and let it out (no stall door by the way) then have an accident like one girl did recently,,, so it just dosent embarass me any more

When I was a senior in high school, there was an odd yet great story I heard about a girl who was suspended for a few days for peeing in the waste basket. This girl was not a popular girl. She was what some would call from the wrong side of the tracks. She was a bad girl, but in a good way. I noticed her a lot becuase she had a nice body and always wore these tight jeans. The story was that she had to pee real bad and the substitute wouldn't let her have a hall pass. So she marched over to the waste basket in the corner of the room, dropped her pants and let loose. I would have loved to had seen this if it were true.

Had Surgery
I recently had a major surgery involving the stomach area. Boy does it hurt to cough or laugh or sneeze or do a motion! It was a no brainer that I should not get constipated so I began taking a fiber laxative. Well that gives me gas! The fiber gave me diarrhea. The surgery seemed to activate the irritable bowel syndrome of old. When I cough or sneeze I usually mess my pants. I finally summoned up enough courage to purchase some Depend undergarments. It's a good thing too, on the way home from the doctor's office I coughed and filled my Depend with liquid poop. I was very relieved(pun?) that I was on the way back. It was a very large runny load and the Depends saved the upholstery. I was lucky my roomate wasn't home when I got there. I think I would have died with embarrasment if someone knew what happened. Why is it that we are (most of us) so stressed by such an event?

Tiny Girl
Hi you guys! I read on the net recently that flushing the toilet can be an excellent stress reliever. It sounded a bit strange to me, but this psychiatrist suggested that if someone is highly tense and stressed out, that person should come home and flush the toilet (even if it is empty) and just watching the water swirl down the hole would automatically help them release their pressures as if the stress is going down the drain. Can anyone say that this is really true? Either way, I'd love to hear you guys opinions on the subject.

I have IBS...Irritable Bowel Syndrome. When I am excited/nervous I have to poop. I've even had to stop the car (on the interstate) and open the passenger side door and poop. My worst experience though, was when I was about 12 and I had to pee. My father pulled into a old gas station and by the time I got to the restroom (shared by men/women) I had my peter in my hand squeezing it until I could pee. I burst into the restroom and there was a girl sitting on the toilet! I went over to the sink and peed in it and got out very quickly.

CHRIS: Its definitely more humliating for me to take a dump in front of a girl. I guess its a little easier for me to go with a guy, cause I'm more used to it, but I can't say I would find that real comfortable either. I mean I do go at school, but the bathrooms have doors, so the most that happens is that maybe you hear the guy next to you. I don't think I'd really like to have a guy watch me take a crap, though. I remember once I was on a camping trip, maybe when I was 10 and we had to use communal bathrooms with no doors and I thought it was weird seeing your friends taking a crap or taking a dump in front of your friends. But that's been about my only experience with openly taking a dump.

Hi guys! To the person who did his own "Sitting on the Toilet Survey," I'll answer some of your questions. I'm a 21 year old female. I almost always have to pee when taking a dump, and usually pee before moving my bowels (unless I have diahrrea, in which case anything goes, literally). The pee does sometimes hit my lower butt-cheek [this is when I both only have to pee and when doing both]; I often let out hard logs, so yes, I have felt "splashing" against my butt. As for wiping, when only peeing, I usually lift myself slightly to wipe my vagina and lower extremities and then flush. When taking a dump, I stand up to wipe my vagina (first), then my butt. Another question, who are you and what is "ICQ?" I've nothing extraordinary to write about this time; enjoy reading the posts, as usual. Peace and love to all, Steph

someone posted a message saying that they telephone each other when on the can taking a dump. i have taken that further - i have a webcam attached to my computer and i have a few friends that i contact regularly so that we can SEE eachother on the can!!!! Now thats fun!!!!

George, I remember Thatcher filling her pants being shown on the TV. Also when ex President George Bush (the elder) was sick and vomited all over the Jap PM did he also go from the other end and shit his pants? Anyone able to fill in on this ? I also remember watching a Women's international Field Hockey match when one of the women players was suddenly taken off. By the way she was walking I reckoned that she had been taken short in her navy blue knickers. As this has happened to me, (see old posts), I felt a lot of sympathy. By the way, has anyone any knowledge of tennis players especially women being taken short either wee wees or the big one in their panties. I always watch Wimbledon and other tennis on the TV but have never seen Hingis or Graff or Viacario having to leave the court or taking a longer than usual break nor the tell tale stains in their panties.

At the Sports Centre where I am now an Assistant Manager I was talking to the swimming pool attendants. Obviously nearly everyone pees in the pool and this really does no great harm as the great volume of water dilutes a few fluid ounces of urine, which is bacteriologically clean from a healthy person when fresh, and the chrorine kills the bugs. What is a bit of a pest is if someone does a number two in the pool . This sometimes happens during the mother and child only sessions that they hold when nude swimming is permitted. I said that kids sometimes couldn't help it. The attendant replied that it was the big torpedoes that some of the mums let go that were the problem. He went on to say that they used a net on a long pole to get such items out and that they then had to get everyone out of the pool while they ran the filter and cleaning cycle to refresh the water. Swimming in warm water often relaxes the bowels and is a good cure for constipation. I have often needed a previously obstinate motion after a good swim.

Poop Loggy Log yes if there is any strange formation in the rectum this can show up in the shape of the motion passed. A polyp can make a line down the side of the turd and this is a useful diagnostic aid to the doctor so when he or a nurse asks if your stools have strange a shape they aren't being funny. Usually firm jobbies are circular or oval in cross section.

As to women pissing while doing a motion I also find that sometimes my wee wee runs down the crack and onto my anus and that it can then run down the jobbie as it slowly comes out of my back passage, giving an interesting sound effect as the tinkling changes in sound and sometimes stops until the jobbie has dropped into the pan with a Kur-spool-loomp!" then the tinkle starts up again until I have emptied my bladder. When this happens my husband says he finds it most amusing and seemingly his mother also did this sometimes as he listened to her doing a motion when he was a kid. Has any other woman found this happening whe she has a motion or any man heard this from his girlfriend, mum, sister or other female he has listened to doing a jobbie?

At 36 years I like to present my figure at itís best but once my vanity ventured a little bit too far which proved to be my undoing. I have always believed a girl should feel as well as look firm in the right places and to assist this I wear some kind of light control girdle, usually in the form of a panty girdle. Although I nearly always where a pair of knickers underneath or, these days I use panty liner which is stuck on to the gusset of the panty girdle. Any woman will realise the propose of this with such a tight fitting garment. Last year I was invited to attend a business conference for my company and decided to go the whole hog with regard to my figure and obtained on of those all in one panty corselet garments sometimes called a full control girdle or body shaper. This is a bra, corset or bodice and panty all in one piece. The one I had was a pretty white with reinforced panels front and back and a fastening at the front of the gusset which enables a toilet visit without having to totally undress - although that is the idea. I wore this thing, I have to call it that now, under a light blue dress suite with a tight skirt just above the knees and as the all-one girdle was fitted with suspenders, stockings and pair of very high heeled white fashion shoes. I had decided not to wear knickers under the panty girdle and had fitted instead a panty-liner of a sort called Always Alldays. I must say I really felt the part and know that I certainly looked it. Smart business woman, a high flier. About mid morning, in the between lectures I felt the need for the lavatory. I had not been for my usual visit before leaving home as this was very early. I tend to be very punctual with my toilet habits, one minute it is far too early and not long afterwards I am dying to go. I am talking about more than just a wee. Anyway I though I would have enough time to make my visit which was not too urgent then. However, once in the cubical I could not find the way to undo the flap fastening to the panty girdle part. I could not remember if this was done with hooks and eyes or press type studs. I did not have much time so decided to put off the necessary until the coffee break when there would be at least half an hour. By the time that break had arrived my slight urge had turned into a matter of immediate need. As I hurried along the corridor to the girls rooms the clickty clack of my high heeled shoes must have given away my urgency. Actually, by the time I had entered the cubical I was shacking in desperation as I realised that I needed to do something very big and right then. I obviously did not want to have an accident and mess myself and certainly not there in that hotel. But try as I might I just could not find the secret of those fastenings. I began to curse that bloody garment and wish that I had the convenience of an ordinary panty which could have been pulled down without delay. I would not have the time to take my skirt, top, stockings and that dam body girdle off by then but was unable to open my legs wide enough to get at the panty girdle gusset catch. Each time I tried another purge hit me and I almost shat myself. I began to panic wondering what would happen if I did shit myself. I thought oh god donít let me do it in all my clothes. I had a plan. I was sure this was not diarrhoea and if I could relieve a bit of pressure by carefully dirtying just my panty liner I would be able get my legs apart to undo the gusset opening of my girdle and do the big load in the toilet, ditch the mucked up liner and would need only a small cleanup to restore order. So remembering my mother always told me if you know you are going to do it in your knickers, stand up straight, donít lean against anything and do it slowly. I did, as the first bit came out I thought, well girl now you have messed yourself you have dirtied your underwear. But it would not stop, it just started coming as one huge soft pancake. I stood there shaking, doing it and doing it. I did not believe I was totally shitting myself. I put my hand up the back of my skirt to explore the damage. I nearly fainted, thatís a tight girdle for you, it had gone up my back, between my legs, all over my bottom and even the top of one of my stockings were mucked. I had to walk very carefully to keep it in one place, with my knees pressed tight together to go to the reception to tell the girls I had an accident and needed an understanding taxi driver home. One of the girls got me a lady driver who put some plastic on the seat. But the way I was walking it was obvious what I had done and I had to sit down in it in the taxi, I was so embarrassed. I never wore that panty corselett again it went in the bin and I made sure that all my undies could be pulled down in a hurry if needs be.

Someone wanted info on celeb accidents or BM on stage Here's a repost from anyonther site; The singer and bass player Suzi Quattro (she also played Leather Tuskadero on Happy days) had an accident on stage, which she described in her autobio, only it wasn't wet exactly. She hadn't gone #2 in 5 days, and took a laxitive shortly before a concert. She wasn't familiar with laxitives, she didn't usually need them, and she misjudged the timing. It came out right on stage, and she yelled and ran off stage. She didn't return to the stage that night. She's no trooper.

Huge Bladder
Does anyone have any stories they could share about having to pee or poop trying to hold it back but then sneezing?

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