Did anyone go to summer camp?

This is something I've been curious about for a long time. When I was 12, our school took a day trip to a property used as a kids' summer camp to use the field and the woods for activities.

I was walking with my friend near some of the cabins (locked up for the season). We put our heads up to the window to look inside. It was a small wooden room with no plumbing or electricity, with a few sets of bunk "beds" (looked more like plastic mats to put a sleeping bag on, I guess).

My friend piped up to tell me that he had stayed at this summer camp before and told me a story about how in the middle of the night one of the other boys in his cabin got up, peed on an empty bunk, and went back to bed. It sounded so incredibly stupid that I scoffed and called him a liar.

But maybe he wasn't lying. I guess if you make a bunch of 8-12 year old boys sleep in cabins with no immediately accessible bathrooms, these kinds of shenanigans could happen once in a while.

Does anyone else have stories about this?


I Can't Poop

Hi everyone.

It's Kristi... and I'm constipated. And I hate being constipated.

I'm sitting here just wanting to go with no luck.

I have a bad cold... I've gotten dehydrated... and my poop cycle has been thrown off.

It's 2:45 on Friday. I last took a dump at 9:30 pm on Wednesday. So it's been over 41 hours which is REALLY long for me.

So I'm sitting with the Squatty Potty under my feet (knees are elevated). This usually helps any time I'm having trouble going, but not today.

I can't even fart (and I need to do that too. Serious gas in my ????.)

I've tried actually squatting over the toilet. I've tried light exercise. I've now tried just really hard pushing. NOTHING. I know it's in there. Steve tried giving me a nice shoulder rub before he went to work. Sometimes that gets things moving, but so far nothing.

If I can't go, the next step is a suppository. I hate laxatives and I hate enemas. I've taken several stool softeners already.

I have a bad feeling that when I finally go it's going to be painful and not soft. And my butthole will probably sting.

I know by the time this posts I'll probably have pooped, but SEND GOOD POOP VIBES my way, okay? I hope all of you take a nice big enjoyable dump today.

What are some ways you folks deal with constipation?

I'll post an update to this when I poop.



Steve A

Survey & Comments (Lena & Annie)


To Lena: My first "real" camping trip last summer didn't have any public toilet access as well (my friend's private campground) and even though he wanted to show us around his hometown, I only pooped once (in town) during the entire weekend, since I went before we all left and whenever we came home.

However, if we ever plan another camping trip in the future, then I may or may not have to poop outside, but I don't think I'd have any issues going since my options are limited.

To Annie: I'm glad that your medications don't interfere with your regularity, since I've heard that certain medications affect people differently, but your current diet and water intake seems to be working for you.

1. What did your parents/older siblings teach you about using bathrooms away from home?

Since I'm the oldest sibling, my parents always told (my 2 younger brothers and I) that whenever we have to go in public, then we should go no matter what, so we never had any issues going away from home.

2. What fears did you have when you first had to use a school bathroom?
How were they overcome?

My only fear was asking the teacher to use the bathroom during class, since I was slightly embarrassed because of my classmate's reactions to me having to poop when I was younger, even though I usually had time to go before my first class of the day & sometimes before lunch or gym class.

However, whenever there was time for me to go during class, I sometimes asked to go just because I didn't feel embarrassed (in that moment)

3. What did your teacher say or do that was positive or negative about using the bathrooms at school?

Some of my teachers let me go, but a couple teachers were strict on bathroom usage, since I usually had to go during the same time almost everyday (I was more regular during high school)

Looking back, I understand why some of my teachers wondered why I went at the same time almost everyday, but at the same time, I should've brought up my concerns to a guidance counselor or another teacher, since they may have been able to figure out to how solve my situation back then.

4. Did you ever get commended or disciplined when you used a school bathroom?

They either told me to shorten my bathroom breaks to a reasonable time or to use the bathroom during another time of the day.

Whenever I had to go poop at school, I usually anywhere between 10-15 minutes, depending on several factors...

5. Did your parents ask about how your bowel or bladder needs were being addressed at school?

One of my parents got involved after hearing about me using the bathroom almost everyday at school, even though nothing got resolved, but at least I don't have to deal with it anymore.

6. How old and under what conditions were you when you got over your fears about public bathrooms?

As I got older during my high school days and once I started college, I started to get more comfortable using public bathrooms whenever I had to go, and as of today, I don't feel uncomfortable anymore since I'll go whenever I have to go.

Gender: M

Age: 26



Woke this morning as alarm sounded,had a wee in bedroom pottie,went downstairs.I boiled kettle made tea then went to campervan put down tea pulled pottie from locker quik flush put paper towel on back of bowl
Sat on rear seat and drank two mugs of tea ,sat quiet for ten minutes the had t get on pottie ,immediately had a twenty second wee then pooped had another wee then pushed , the bowl was up to the two litre mark ,wiped with ELSAN BLUE toilet roll then dressed and pushed pottie back into locker


Remember me????

Hey everyone! It has been so long since I contributed anything here. I hate that I have missed so much. I am still a grad student in the Boston area and I still love pooping! This week I have had several good experiences, one on campus, one in a department store, one at Starbucks. The first (and only one I have time to share here) was on Monday at a typical 'big box' department store. I was looking for some new shoes and anticipated during my journey that day I would need to poop somewhere. I was very gassy that day and took advantage of the large restroom that the store had. There were 5 stalls and I took the one in the middle. For the whole time I was in there I was by myself. The seat was sort of old school open faced seat that was mostly flat. It felt good and provided a nice temporary home for my butt. The stall was roomy and I was able to open my legs comfortably. I truly had a lot to poop on Monday. I can best describe the experience as soft serve. My turds were soft but firm and smooth and they just kept coming and coming. It started out with several smaller turds (probably thumb sized) that soon filled up the lower drain hole. Several times I farted quite a bit. This was also one of those poops where you could hear the crackle and puffs of gas escape with the turds as they slid out. Toward the end I had to push a bit and was rewarded with a very long turd that I did not think was going to end. It was over an inch thick and ended up coiling around the toilet on top of my earlier dropped logs. I was kind of proud of my finished creation! I would say I had filled up 75% of the toilet and my butthole enjoyed that nice post poop stretched feeling. I hope to write more often in the coming weeks. I miss everyone!


Mom's Farts And Accident

I come home from college from Thursday evening to Sunday afternoon. My mom and I are very close and spend a lot of time together whenever I'm home. When I got home last night(which was Thursday at the time of writing this), my mom warned me she had very bad gas, which I thought was funny. My mom had always been open about farting and burping and everything else in front of me, so this was nothing new. Or at least I thought.

When we were on the couch watching TV, my mom let out a loud, smelly fart. It smelled so bad! I laughed, but I was covering my nose afterward. What followed was two more loud, smelly farts from my mom. By the time she did the third one, she saw the look on my face and laughed. "I told you I had bad gas!"

She didn't fart again until an hour later when I heard a small wet-sounding fart come from her. It smelled even worse than the previous farts. I honestly felt like throwing up! Despite that, both my mom and I did find humor in her smelly farts.

And then thirty minutes passed. My mom chuckled and said, "I'm about to rip another one!" She lifted herself off the couch a bit and let out a fart that sounded super wet and explosive, it was basically explosive diarrhea in her pants. The smile that my mom had on her face quickly changed to horror. She let out a loud, "Oh shit!" and stood up from the couch, her face turning red and her glasses almost falling off.

Mom looked me dead in the eyes and said, "I shit my pants!" Her stomach gave a loud, ominous rumble, and she ran(or at least tried) off to the bathroom. I had to leave the living room because the smell was so bad. But once I was in fresh air, I laughed my head off. When I finally calmed down, I went to the bathroom and knocked on the door to check on her. I could hear her on the toilet, pooping more diarrhea. She now was laughing about it and requested me to bring her some new clothes while giggling from the toilet, which I did. Later on, she tried to get me to wash her soiled underwear and pants for her, but that was a big no from me!

That's the end of my story. Hope you enjoyed!


Finally Pooped


Well, after not being able to go for about 43 hours, I finally was able to poop.

It was, as expected, huge. Clogged the toilet which needed to be plunged.

It hurt coming out as I knew it would, but wow do I feel so much better after getting that out of me. I had a lot of gas backed up in me too that I am still letting go of here in bed with Steve.

Let's just hope that tomorrow I'm back to taking nice, easy poops.

Good night!


While I'm comfortable pooing in public bathrooms, I'm less comfortable with discussing my bodily functions with those closest to me. Recently though I've been trying to open up more.

The other week my best friend came to visit me for the weekend. For dinner we went out to Pizza Express and then we went back to my flat and were hanging out in my bedroom. As we were talking I was starting to feel like I needed a poo. I was waiting for a break in the conversation and then I was going to say that I was going to go to the bathroom. However, my best friend asked me who was going to go where to get changed into our pyjamas. I thought this was an ideal opportunity for me to say something but as soon as I started to reply with "um" I couldn't get the rest of the sentence out. After a pause I repeated the "um" and then went silent again. I knew that it was now or never so I said "um, I need a poo so if I go into the bathroom I can kill two birds with one stone". We then talked some more which included me saying that I've been trying to be more open about saying things like this. Shortly after my best friend said "well I won't keep you" to which I replied "yeah I actually getting really desperate" before picking up my pjs and going into the bathroom.

As soon as I sat on the loo, I let out a loud fart. My first thought was that I hoped my best friend hadn't heard but then said to myself that it didn't matter if he had. I then started to push and quickly after three logs had dropped into the bowl

After wiping and then flushing the loo, I took off my jeans and top I got changed into my PJ's. I then went out of my bathroom and knocked on my bedroom door and asked, "can I come in?". After my best friend called out "yes", I went into my bedroom and got into bed. From the camp bed my best friend asked if I was feeling better to which I replied that I was.


Big thick fairly soft poop

Got up this morning, had to grab my Walmart bag and went outside my room to put those flip flops on, went pee, brushed my teeth and went upstairs for breakfast. Had to microwave breakfast for 4 minutes (it was bananas in water. My caregiver was sleeping since she stays up all night cooking, cleaning and she's sick too). Ate slowly and about 20 minutes later I was done. Took my 9 AM medications, took my stuff and went downstairs to my room. Almost immediately after going to my room I got the urge to poop. Grabbed my Walmart bag, took my bedroom flip flops off at the door, opened the door, went outside my room, put those flip flops on, closed the door, turned off the light and walked to the washroom.

Turned on the light, closed the door, walked to the toilet, put the Walmart bag on the ground, pulled my pants and underwear down and sat on the toilet. Peed first quite a bit then pushed out a big fairly thick soft ish poop. There was a lot. Finally after about 30 seconds I was done. Took the toilet paper out of the Walmart bag, took some off the roll, put the roll back into the Walmart bag, put the Walmart bag on the floor and started wiping. Wiped my vagina front to back (period is almost over) then stood up and wiped my butt really well until there were no marks. Turned, tossed the toilet paper into the toilet and looked in the toilet. Wow! This poop was thick, long, partly solid and also soft. Flushed the toilet and it went down fine. Flushed again after to be sure. Yup. Pulled my pants and underwear up, grabbed my Walmart bag, went to the door, opened it, turned off the light and went upstairs to wash my hands. Whew! My body isn't 100% empty yet but with more healthy food later, more water and some stretches and exercises the rest should come out. I hope everyone is staying safe, healthy and happy and that you're all having a good Saturday so far.

Happy peeing and pooping!



School/Public Bathroom Survey

1. What did your parents/older siblings teach you about using bathrooms away from home?
My parents taught me to avoid using public bathrooms if possible. My dad said that I would get sick for using them, or that I would get bullied, or that I would get creeped on or assaulted. My dad was (and still is) a helicopter parent. As a result, I would "hold it" all day.

2. What fears did you have when you first had to use a school bathroom?
How were they overcome?
I had the fears my dad instilled on me that I just mentioned. On top of that, I was afraid of being judged (especially for pooping). By high school I had gotten over my fear of peeing, I can't really explain why. I didn't poop at school the entire time I was there; I only started to poop in public during college, and even then I would go to the most isolated bathrooms I could find.

From elementary to high school, if I had to poop and I couldn't hold it I would call my parents and fake being sick so that they would check me out. I don't know how I sustained this for so long.

3. What did your teacher say or do that was positive or negative about using the bathrooms at school?
I can't remember anything.

4. Did you ever get commended or disciplined when you used a school bathroom?
Not that I can recall, no.

5. Did your parents ask about how your bowel or bladder needs were being addressed at school?
No, never.

6. How old and under what conditions were you when you got over your fears about public bathrooms?
I'm still getting over it, but to be honest not until I was 19 or 20.

Gender: F
Age: Mid 20's


To Zoe:

Hi, Zoe!
My name is Petro, I'm almost 41. I was born and I grew in Ukraine, but I already live in Germany constantly during 23 years, that's to say, since 2001. I'd like to ask you some questions, if you don't mind.
1. Is it easy or difficult for you to poop? Was it difficult for you to poop in your pre-school time?
2. As you're pooping, have you to strain a lot for pushing your poop out? Had you to strain a lot during pooping in your pre-school time?
3. Do you usually fart before you start pooping?
4. As you sit down on the toilet for poo-poo, have you to push a lot before your first turd comes out, or does everything fall out at once?
5. Do you always poop by yourself? Do you ever use enema or suppositories? And how was it with it in your pre-school time?
6. Do you usually go poo-poo as you feel you have to do it? Do you ever sit down on the toilet and try to poop without having an urge for it? Would you be able to poop in that case? Did you ever try to poop without an urge in your pre-school time?
7. Had you ever a situation as you sat down on the toilet for pooping and started pushing, but you couldn't push your poo-poo out? And had you situations as you had to push for a long time during pooping? If you had such situations, was it pleasant or unpleasant for you?
8. As you go poo-poo, do you usually push one big turd out, or do you more often poop several ones out? And how was it with it, as you were younger?
9. Did you ever push a huge poop out? If you did, did you make it often?
10. Do you like pooping? If you have to push a big poop out, do you take it for good? And did you like pooping in your pre-school time?
11. If you push a big poop out, are you proud of it? And if you pushed a big one in your pre-school time, were you proud of it? Did you show it to your mom in such cases?
12. To what age did you poop on your potty chair? How old were you as you began to go poo-poo on the toilet?
13. Did you make poo-poo in the presence of your mom, in your pre-school time? If you did, was it often? Or sometimes? And if you did it in her presence, did she often comment your pooping? Did she ever encourage you by doing it, if she saw it was difficult for you?
14. To what age did you poop in the presence of your mom?
15. As you were younger, did you ever see your mom doing her poo-poo? If you did, did you comment her pooping somehow in such cases? And did you ever poopoo together with her (that's to say, do a teamwork!)?
16. Do you ever try to poop after you pee? And did you ever try to poopoo after peeing as you were younger?
17. Do you go poo-poo every day or more rarely?
18. Do you go poo-poo at some certain time of the day as a rule or at different times?
19. Do you usually go poo-poo as you feel an urge for it? Did you also do it by feeling an urge in your pre-school time? Or were you more often put on your potty chair/on the toilet and told to try making poo-poo?
20. Had you ever a buddy dump with your siblings (if you have them) or with somebody of your friends or with your mom?
21. Did you ever poop outdoors?
22. Do you like peeing? Do you ever stand up for peeing?
23. Do you remember any poo-poo story from your pre-school or even from your toddler times? If you do, could you tell it? I already told such one just on Christmas on the page 3043, you can read it, if you want.
24. And I'd also like to ask you: in what state and in what city do you live, if it's not a secret?
I wish you happy pooping and peeing!



Woke this morning put on dressing gown went downstairs switched on the kettle then went to campervan put paper towel on rear of pottie bowl sat down had a long wee then a very good NUMBER TOO .
I wiped with eight sheets of ELSAN BLUE toilet paper pulled slide rinsed the pottie then went back in house made and drank tea then washed and dressed


Desperate for a Poo

Hey all I'm back again. Got something nasty brewing up in my guts, and thought I'd share with folks.

My last story was about how I was having really urgent, watery diarrhea not too long after a medical procedure. My doctor said it was just my body being sensitive to anesthesia and that probiotics and fiber would help. They did immediately. Almost too well.

Since then, my issues with chronic constipation have gotten worse. If I'm not blasting runny dumps into the pot, I'm locked up so bad that I can go nearly a week without a bowel movement at all, or at least a complete one. There's no in between.

Lately I've had the feeling that I'm full of shit and can't get it out. I'll go to the bathroom to open my bowls and barely anything comes out, but when I wipe my hole it's smeared with poo. I don't know why my body won't let out whatever this is inside me, but I got tired of it a couple days ago and decided to do something about it.

Two nights ago I had three fiber one bars hoping to loosen my bowels and help me go. They did absolutely nothing but make me bloated and make me pass really smelly, wet gas, so I had a dose of milk of magnesia last night to help it along. Still nothing. I had three urgent and ragged but solid movements today that were small and still incomplete, and my belly still felt so full and gassy and gurgly after pooping. So I took some more MOM and this time mixed it with warm prune juice and black, dark roast coffee.

My belly is really bloated and gassy and is gurgling lots, and I'm passing nasty farts that are kind of wet at the end. Every time I have to fart it feels like I shouldn't trust it, as I can feel a round of hot, mushy poo trying to gush out of me, and I don't think it would feel too good if it ended up in my panties.

I can tell I'll probably have the bubble guts all night long, just hoping I can pass more than gas because I'm so tired of feeling plugged up with poo. I'll be back with updates if and when I finally take a dump; hopefully it's soon from the way my guts are bubbling. It feels like it's going to be wet and nasty if it does happen, which is what I need. I have to blow this big, stubborn load out asap, so hopefully in my next post I'll have a story to tell.


3 day weekend

During the pandemic in senior year in the fall, me and 3 of my girl friends were planning a sleepover since my friend (and crush) Taylor moved to the beach during July and we really wanted to see her. We chose labor day weekend since it was a 3-day weekend and we were gonna sleep for 3 nights. Me, Elyse, and Ashley all met up at the train station early Saturday morning. While we were on the train, I asked Elyse and Ashley what they packed and they both said the same thing: water, clothes, 2 bikinis, a toothbrush, and their wallet. I asked Ashley why she had 2 bikinis and she told me "I'd expect to go in the water at minimum so I have 2 bikini bra and underwear sets that match in color. And I'm actually wearing a bikini under my clothes right now." I also asked Elyse if she's wearing a bikini right now and she said "yeah I am. Ashley and I prepared ahead of time so we have similar things but our bikinis have different colors." It took us 2 hours to get down there then we had to take a bus which was another 30 minutes. Then we got off at the closest stop to Taylor's place then walked 5 minutes. We then entered her house and we also got to see her younger brother, younger sister, and mom. Taylor took us straight to her room to get ready cause we were planning to go on a boat cruise with her family. Then I saw the 3 girls Taylor, Ashley, and Elyse all take off their shirt and shorts so I saw their bikinis. Taylor was in and blue + white striped underwear, Ashley was wearing blue underwear, and Elyse was wearing purple underwear. Once we exited Taylor's room, I saw her sister Ellie in a red bikini. Me and her brother Asher were shirtless. Once we were all ready, we walked out. The docks were a 2 minute walk from Taylor's house so we went there. Once we got on the boat, Taylor's mom was the conductor and she was taking us on a cruise. There weren't that many people since it was the middle of the pandemic, but the experience was great since I don't live by the beach. We then went back to her place and her mom was making hot dogs. The 3 girls put on their shirts and shorts once we got in Taylor's room. We then had lunch and afterwards, we chilled in Taylor's room while we were deciding what to do. Elyse said "Imma go take a poop." Taylor's bathroom was connected to her bedroom which was convenient. After 5 minutes, I looked under the bathroom door and saw Elyse's purple underwear and shorts down at her feet. Taylor and Ashley both moved towards me so we can continue talking about our plans. We shortly decided on going to the mall nearby. I heard Elyse poop 5 minutes later and she was still sitting there when I peaked under. 2 minutes after that, us 3 were quietly laughing cause we heard her drop a huge shit. Then I looked under and she stood up to wipe, flush, put on her underwear + shorts, and wash her hands. Once she started washing her hands, we moved away from the door. Once Elyse came out, Taylor teased her with "your poops are so big" and they were both messing around for a bit. Elyse said "I hadn't pooped in awhile and I'm not tryna shit in public." We then walked 10 minutes to the huge shopping mall and we spent the afternoon and evening there shopping. We ate dinner at this place called The Bungalow in the mall which had a great view of the sunset and water. We then went back to Taylor's place. We all had to take showers so Taylor first asked her siblings if we can use their showers and they both approved it. Ellie has a bathroom connected to her bedroom and Asher also has a bathroom connected to his bedroom. Taylor went upstairs since only her mom's bedroom is up there so she showered up there, I used Ellie's shower, Elyse used Asher's shower, and Ashley used Taylor's shower. After we all got back to Taylor's room, we said we would do the same for tomorrow night. Taylor then got 3 sleeping bags for me, Ashley, and, Elyse. We then just had a nice kickback in her room with music and alcohol so all of us got drunk and didn't fall asleep until around 2am. We then just had a nice kickback in her room with music and alcohol so all of us got drunk and didn't fall asleep until around 2am.

Me and Taylor were the first 2 to wake up which was around 9am so we were on our phones and talking about school for a bit (our school didn't do residency verification cause of the pandemic [school was on zoom]) and what we were gonna do for today before she suddenly said "I'm gonna take a shit so just text me if you still wanna talk." Once she locked the door, I looked under the door and saw her pull down her pajamas & undies and sit on the toilet. She then took a minute long piss before she got on her phone. I saw her in yellow underwear which is my favorite color of underwear to see her in (I'm close friends with her and I've seen her underwear many times). Elyse got up 10 minutes later and asked me "where's Taytay?" so I told her that "Taylor is pooping right now." Elyse asked me "can I go next to the door to talk to her?" and I let her so Taylor said "I'm taking a shit and Imma be here for awhile so you can get some cereal if you'd like." Then me and Elyse went out to the kitchen and also Ashley shortly woke up. Ashley was just on her phone chilling cause she was waiting for Taylor. 7 minutes later, Taylor texted me that she pooped. Then, Taylor and Ashley came to join us for breakfast. Once we finished, we went back to her room to get ready and change. I saw Taylor in yellow underwear, Ashley in gray underwear, and Elyse in green underwear. We took the bus to a nature park & preserve which took about 15 minutes. We spent a few hours there, then we walked about 15 minutes to McDonalds to eat lunch. We took the bus back to Taylor's then Taylor asked Ellie and Asher if they wanted to come to the water with us and they said yes. We walked for about 5 minutes and once we got there, we laid a beach towel on the sand and put our bags on top. Then, the 4 girls took off their shirts and shorts so their bra and underwear are visible. All of them matched their bra color with their underwear color. I saw Ellie in a checkerboard (black & white squares) bra + underwear. Asher and I also took off our shirts. We went in the water, caught some waves, and chilled at the beach. After that, we put our clothes on and walked to Natura Bowls to have a snack. Taylor called for her mom to pick us up and take us all to a trailhead for a hike up to a viewpoint of the beach and sunset. We were all able to fit in her van since Ellie rode shotgun, the 3 girls were in the middle row, and Asher & I were in the 3rd row. We got some photos of the sunset and on the way back, we went through drive thru at in-n-out and took it back to eat at Taylor's place. After we ate Taylor, Anneliesse, Elyse, and I took showers in the same bathrooms as yesterday. 2 minutes after I entered the shower, I heard Ellie enter the bathroom since I didn't lock the door. I peaked toward the side of the shower curtains and I saw her pull down her shorts and underwear and sit on the toilet. I then stopped looking once she started peeing and got back to showing. 5 minutes later, I turned the shower off and I put a towel around myself. Once I got out of the shower, I saw Ellie's butt on the toilet, her shorts and black + white checkerboard underwear around her ankles, and her phone in her hands. I asked her "Are you taking a poop" and she said "yeah." I then put on some clean clothes so she saw me in my boxers for a bit which I didn't mind cause I've changed in front of many girls before. She then said not to leave cause she didn't want to leave the door unlocked while she was pooping. I asked her why she came in and Ellie said "I really have to poop and I was just lucky you didn't lock the door." I was secretly excited when she came in cause I've always wanted to see a girl poop in front of me. I was talking to Ellie about her sister & my crush on her. I also talked with her about her own pooping habits since she was pooping. She said that both her and Taylor both take a long time to poop and we usually take big dumps. We were talking for a good amount and a huge log slid out of her. I also talked to her about the beach and Ellie loves it cause she can go to the water at anytime and watch a perfect sunrise everyday. A few minutes later, Ellie was pushing out another huge shit and when it came out, it made a loud splash and some water got on her butt. She took a total of 23 minutes to poop since I tracked it on my watch from the moment she sat on the toilet. I then saw her wipe and wash her hands. Then I left her bathroom cause she was gonna shower. So I went back to Taylor's bedroom and we started playing a drinking game with cards. After awhile, Ashley said "I'm gonna shit so let's move to Taylor's bathroom" and Taylor said "are you sure? we can wait for you" and Ashley said "nah it's fine cause it's gonna take awhile" and Taylor was laughing saying "drunk poop!" We all followed Ashley into Taylor's bathroom. Ashley pulled down her shorts and lavender underwear then sat on the toilet. Elyse was the last one in the bathroom so she locked the door. We continued drinking and playing and during the game Ashley got a card that said "take off your pants or drink" so we were all laughing. Time was going by so quick cause we were having lots of fun but after 20 minutes, Ashley took a massive shit. She then wiped, flushed, put on her shorts & undies, and washed her hands. We decided to go to sleep at 1am cause we were really tired.

On Monday, we woke up at 7:45am by mistake cause Taylor has an alarm on weekdays that went off. when we woke up, Taylor said "Imma go poop before I eat", then I said "I gotta shit as well", then Elyse said "I also really needa poop", then Ashley said "Imma go take a fat shit too." Taylor said "Damn we're all hungover. Anyway we can play Crazy 8 (GamePigeon) while we poop." Luckily Taylor's mom, Asher, and Ellie were in the kitchen meaning that their bedroom and bathroom doors were open. We went to the same bathrooms that we showered in meaning that I went to Ellie's, Taylor went to her mom's, Ashley went to Taylor's, and Elyse went to Asher's. Taylor got on the toilet and made the group chat for Crazy 8 at 7:50am. She started by texting "lmk when y'all are done". At 8am Elyse texted "I blew that shit up". Taylor and Ashley were teasing her cause that didn't sound like anything she'd say. Elyse ate breakfast afterwards and was still playing Crazy 8 with us. At 8:05am, I texted "I took such a massive dump" then Taylor was messing with me for a bit cause I just won the round at the same time I said that. I went to go eat with Elyse afterwards and still played. At 8:11am, Ashley texted "so much shit just came outta my ass" and Taylor started messing with her cause they're best friends. Ashley came out to the kitchen to eat as well. Then at 8:15am, Taylor joking texted "finally done bombing up my mom's toilet". We stopped playing after Taylor finished. She then came out to eat. We then went back to Taylor's room to change so I saw Ashley in lavender underwear, Taylor was wearing black underwear, and Elyse was wearing teal underwear. Ashley, Elyse, and I were packing so we also had to get our bathroom supplies from the bathrooms we were using for that weekend. Taylor only had to bring her stuff back from her mom's bathroom. I walked into Ellie's room and she was changing and didn't seem to mind so I saw her in lime underwear. Once I got my stuff from her bathroom, Ellie told me "I'm gonna take a shit. I'll text Taylor when I'm done." After I got back and the 3 of us were done packing, we just chilled for a bit. Ellie only took 8 minutes and then we were ready to head to the aquarium. Elyse, Ashley, and I put our bags in the trunk so Taylor's mom took us 4, Ellie, and Asher to the aquarium. We spent about 2 hours in the place then we all had lunch. After lunch we went back to the car and Elyse, Ashley, and I gave Taylor a big hug, then we got our bags and said goodbye. Us 3 only had to walk 5 minutes cause the train station is very close to the aquarium. We then took the train back to our city which took 2 hours and it was 2:30pm by the time we got there. Elyse's mom picked us up at the station and dropped off Ashley first. Then she dropped me off 2nd. That was one of the best weekends in my life.



This morning I woke had a wee in bedroom pottie went downstairs washed ,dressed cleaned my teeth drank two mugs of tea climbed into campervan sat on ADVENTURIDGE pottie and went a NUMBER TOO ,wiped with eight sheets of ELSAN BLUE toilet roll then went to village store to buy a lottery ticket

Chris D.

Couldn't hold it at church

One Sunday at church when I was pretty young, I really had to go #2 in the middle of the service, so I tried to slip away. My mom instantly pulled me back and asked what I was doing. I told her I needed to use the bathroom but she told me to hold it, as if it was a sin to take a potty break in church. I held it for another hour until the end of the service. By this time, my urge was very strong. I had to spend a lot of energy to keep my body stiff and butt cheeks clenched. My mom and dad were talking to some people, so I slipped away to the basement where the bathroom was. It was incredibly hard to hold it as I was walking down the steps. I had to squeeze my butt a couple times on the way down, almost losing it at one point. The bathroom was a single occupancy bathroom, so I ran up to it and pulled the handle, but it didn't budge. It was occupied. I frantically squeezed my butt cheeks together with all my strength, determined to not poop my pants, as I was wearing white chinos and tighty whities. A few minutes passed by and it was still occupied. I could feel my anus starting to dilate as I desperately squeezed even harder, but to no avail. It all came rushing out. Thankfully, it wasn't as obvious as I thought, so I threw out my underwear and hoped no one noticed the little bit of brown on my pants, and thankfully no one did.

Emma two

Held it too long

I was desperate to for a poo when I got home from work last night and I ran to the bathroom holding my bottom trying my best not to poo myself. I just about made it in time and I ripped my knickers and leggings down together getting them all bunched up in my rush to get them down. I threw myself onto the toilet with a thump and relaxed my bottom. I felt the most intense relief I'd felt in a long time as I released a huge load into the once clean toilet and I peed a lot as well. When I finished I wiped my bottom thoroughly a flushed the toilet with a feeling euphoria after holding it all day.


To Brandon T

To Brandon T-Thank you, it did feel a lot better to get that beast out of my body. I've had constipation issues off and on since I was a baby (I used to stand or squat and grunt while going in my diaper and as I got older I used to clog the toilet on a regular basis because they were so big and thick). Now as a 37, turning 38 year old (in June) I eat very healthy, drink a lot of water and go to a once a week exercise program at a nearby community centre. All of that helps me poop a lot easier (and fairly big)

Sunday, March 24, 2024


Reply To Thunder

Hi Thunder! Woulddn't that be cool if they made reusable incontinence products? If that ever came into existence, you won't have to worry about the planet so much. Fibre isn't helping too much with my diarrhea, and having washable leakage undies would be great if needed. As far as accidents are concerned, I only worry about it when going on the Austin duck adventures tour. Btw, the busses used don't have toilets. However, restrooms are a listed optional feature, but don't come standard. I had a soft semi solid poop this morning, then had diarrhea. All for now. Bye e


Huge poop about half an hour after breakfast

Woke up feeling super bloated so I grabbed my Walmart bag, took my bedroom flip flops off, opened the door, stepped outside my room, put the flip flops outside my room on, closed the door and walked to the washroom. Went pee, brushed my teeth and went upstairs for breakfast. I had to microwave breakfast for 5 minutes. It was a cut up banana in chili pepper water. There was a small box of All Bran next to it. I poured it in, and slowly ate everything chewing well. After breakfast I took my 9 AM medications (have to take them at 9 AM, 5 PM-both of those after meals and 9 PM-those I take on an empty stomach). Put the napkin in the garbage, put my notebook and pen in my bag, grabbed my Walmart bag and water jar and went downstairs.

Finally a few minutes ago I got a major urge to poop so I changed my flip flops,grabbed my Walmart bag and went to the washroom. During the time that breakfast was microwaving I had grabbed toilet paper from the upstairs bathroom since I had none. Turned on the light, closed the door, walked to the toilet, pulled my baggy dark sweatpants and black underwear down (still on period) and sat on the toilet. Peed first quite a bit then pushed out an incredible amount of solid thick poop. Was done within about 30 seconds. That was a hell of a beast but much needed. Reached into the Walmart bag, grabbed the toilet paper, took some, put the roll back into the Walmart bag and put the Walmart bag on the floor. Wiped my vagina first then wiped my butt really well until there were no marks on the toilet paper. Tossed it into the toilet between my legs. Stood up, pulled my black boy shorts underwear and black baggy sweatpants up, turned around and looked in the toilet. WOW! This thing was massive, taking up most of the toilet, solid and thick! No wonder I have been feeling so uncomfortable. I'm not 100% empty yet but hopefully by the end of today I will be. Breakfast obviously did its job well! I flushed the toilet and it went down fine. Flushed again to be sure. Yup! Ding dong the shit is gone lol. Picked up the Walmart bag, turned off the light, went upstairs, washed my hands in the kitchen sink, dried them and went downstairs to my room. Took the flip flops off outside my room, turned on the light, closed the door, put my bedroom flip flops on and writing this now. I hope everyone is staying safe, healthy and happy. I also hope that after lunch and dinner will bring on more big poops!

Happy peeing and pooping!


Princess Toadstool Peach

Answer to Zoe's question about the Process of Poo Pooing

Hello everyone I am Princess Toadstool Peach and today I am showing the process of the digestive system to Zoe. Because she wants to know how does all her food turn into a big smelly poo-poo and why doesn't the leftover food just come out? Well the leftover food becomes energy for the entire body. As for food part well it goes down the what is called the esophagus where it mushes all the food up then it goes to the stomach into a soupy liquid stage and then it reaches the small intestine and then it goes down into the large intestine kinda like a rollercoaster. And then what your body doesn't need anymore is made into poopoo. (TOOT!!) Sounds like I need to make a nice big one myself as well as a wee. I can tell when I need a wee when my bladder tingles or my bottom doors start knocking that's I always have one before bed, when I wake up or have a shower. So I head over to the bathroom, walk over to the toilet, lift up my dress, pull down my royal panties to my ankles, give my bottom a little wiggle and then I sit down on the toilet adjusting myself and then I read the newspaper waiting for my wees and my poos to come out. Sometimes it's hard to push them out of your anus or as I call it the bottom poo hole! But it's always good to keep a footstool with you to adjust your feet and legs into the shape of a squat so it can come out easier and enter the pot. I then feel my bladder tingling, I relax and then I let it all flow out of my vagina "TSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSsssssshhhhh dripdrip!!" Then I push, grunt and squeeze my bowels all out after tinkling. Oop it's coming out, It's coming out! I feel it's nice big head poking and oozing through my bottom poo hole as I pinch my loaf AKA having a big dump. (TOOT…PAAAARRRPP PLUNK PLUNK PLUNK SPLUNK PLOOP PLOP SPLASH!!) Then it happened I finally pooed and emptied all my thick heavy 5 inch bowels out. I might of left a little skidmark too while I was pooing. But doesn't matter. Time to wipe! Or as Portia calls it…"taking care of the paperwork". I grab myself about two squares of toilet paper (Or flushable wipes in case I ran out of TP) for my vagina bladder to clean myself up and three squares for my bottom. I wipe both front and back and then I throw away the paper into the toilet and then I get off the toilet, pull my panties up, lift down my dress and then I flush the toilet not before I peer into the toilet briefly to check for any skidmarks. Oops… just kidding! Anyway time for my business a royal but a big swim in the toilet swimming pool flush fume. (FLUUUUSSSSSSSssshhhh!!) Enjoy your trip. Now I better wash my hands don't want any germs or that disgusting virus everyone is talking about on me. Well I hope you enjoyed learning about the digestive system and how it works getting down to business and emptying your bowels and bladder out. Until then this is Princess Toadstool Peach signing off. Bye bye bowel I mean now!


2 dumps

had to take a shit. stopped at a gas station and took the single unisex bathroom. dropped my panties and lifted my skirt and sat on the seat. did a very strong piss. after i pushed. nothing. i pushed harder and a few chunks of poo came out. they plopped loudly in the water and splashed my butt. i wiped the water off of me. farted. then finished wiping. quick bathroom visit. less than 5 minutes.

really had to take a piss while at a mall. found the bathroom. was a big bathroom with many stalls. very busy with lots of families. a stall near the back opened up so i took it. i sat on the still warm seat. i unleashed a long torrent of piss. i then felt the need to do a number 2. i relaxed and farted twice. i stayed seated occasionally farting. my shit started to emerge. a chunk plopped out loudly. i pushed out the rest with a splash. was dry so an easy wipe. in the bathroom for 6 minutes.

Cathy in PA

A Sympathetic Teacher

It is so disheartening to read on these pages the stories of those who were mistreated or downright abused by teachers or other adults over accidents and other toilet issues. Sometimes people have to go to the bathroom at inopportune times - especially girls with their menstrual issues - and it's really terrible that some teachers would deny them the opportunity to go when they need to. And especially when someone does have an accident. She feels bad enough and embarrassed enough already with a teacher making her feel even worse about it. And then sometimes to even punish a girl for having an accident makes it even worse.

I suppose the good thing about reading those stories, though, is that it makes me appreciate the teachers that I had - teachers that always let me go to the bathroom when I needed to and were nothing but sympathetic to girls who had toilet-related issues. And that was especially true with accidents. Fortunately, I never had an accident in school myself but other girls did and the teachers were nothing but sympathetic and understanding when it happened.

One time my freshman year, I had a Saturday Detention. Four hours of sitting there doing homework with only a 10-minute group bathroom break in the middle. We weren't supposed to be out of our seats at any other time for the whole four hours. School bathrooms had never been a particular problem for me. I certainly was not like some girls who would simply hold it in and wait rather than go at school. But this was a bit different. This was a group bathroom break with 8 other girls in a tiny, rundown, 3-stall girls' room. And on this particular occasion I had to go #2 as well as #1. This was suddenly a problem for me. When the bathroom break came, I did pee. But I decided to just hold the other in.

No sooner was I back in my seat in detention, however, when I started to realize that that was a mistake. The urge to go - that is, the urge to go #2 - was suddenly a whole lot stronger. It really started to feel like I wasn't going to be able to make it to the end of the detention without having an accident. At this point, I felt about ready to panic. Obviously, I knew that having an accident in my pants IN HIGH SCHOOL would make me the laughingstock of the whole school.

Desperate, all I could do was ask the teacher for permission to go. I, of course, knew the rules - I knew that using the bathroom was only allowed during the break - but at that point what else could I do. When I did ask the teacher, she at first said "no" and asked me why I didn't go at the break. I just said that I was sorry about that but I really had to go NOW! I think a lot of teachers would have been suspicious. But somehow she knew that I really did have to go. And I'm pretty sure she realized that it was #2, as well. I think she probably figured out that I didn't want to go #2 with all those other girls in the bathroom. She then asked me if I could hold it in until detention was over. I told her that I didn't think I could. "Well, I certainly don't want you to have an accident," she then told me.

So, to make a long story short, she let me go. And this time - in the girls' room by myself - I was able to do what I needed to do. I went a lot and I still cringe thinking about what would have happened if she hadn't let me go. And it all would have been my fault because I didn't go at the break when I was supposed to. But she let me go anyway and saved me from perhaps the worst embarrassment that a girl could suffer - that of messing in her pants in high school. But, as I said, she let me go and do what I needed to do. I then, of course, wiped myself, washed my hands and returned to my seat in detention - feeling greatly relieved and eternally grateful to her for letting me go. I thought for a moment that she was going to keep me behind at the end to serve extra detention for the time I used to go to the bathroom. I would have gladly done that in consideration of what may have happened had she not let me go to the bathroom. But she didn't even make do that. She just asked me if everything was alright now when I got back from the girls' room. I told her "yes" and thanked her for letting me go.

And it's because of this wonderful teacher, I suppose, that feel so bad that other teachers can be so mean and cruel.


Somewhat big thick poop and soft poop

Woke up this morning, grabbed my Walmart bag, went pee, brushed my teeth and went upstairs for breakfast. My caregiver was sleeping so I took my breakfast (cooked bananas in water), microwaved it for 5 minutes (she wants meals to be very hot), took it to the table wearing oven mitts, took the oven mitts back to the kitchen afterwards, sat down and slowly ate breakfast (including drinking the water which tasted syrupy). At the end of breakfast I took my 9 AM medications, put my notebook and pen in my Walmart bag (remember I need to write everything in my notebook since the brain surgery and stroke from 2013 caused memory loss), took my water jar and went downstairs to my room.

Felt pretty full until a few minutes ago. I got the urge to poop a few minutes ago so I grabbed my Walmart bag, took my bedroom flip flops off, opened the door, went outside my room, put the flip flops on out there, turned off the light, closed the door and walked to the washroom. Went into the washroom, turned on the light, closed the door, walked to the toilet, pulled my pants and underwear (both black) down and sat on the toilet. Peed first then pushed out a fairly big, semi-soft, semi-solid poop. On top of that I pushed out some soft poop that really stunk. When I was done I reached into the Walmart bag for the toilet paper. Took some off the roll, wiped my vagina first (period is still there but accidentally got poop in there. I wiped front to back to clean it up) then wiped my butt until there were no brown marks on the toilet paper. Tossed the toilet paper into the toilet between my legs, stood up, pulled my pants and underwear up and turned to look in the toilet. Wow! There was a somewhat big thick poop in the toilet (probably about 1 1/2 feet long) and a small pile of soft mushy poop on top. The bathroom stunk. Flushed the toilet and it went down fine. Flushed the toilet again to be sure. Yup. Grabbed my Walmart bag, went to the door, turned off the light, opened the door and walked upstairs to wash my hands. I hope everyone is staying safe, healthy and happy and that you're all having a good week.

Happy peeing and pooping!


Brandon T

Comments & Stuff

To: Sarah great story about your huge poop, it sounds like you were a bit desperate, and I bet you felt good afterwards as well and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Annie as always another great story it sounds like your poop was pretty good.

To: Portia Sometimes Poops great story.

To: Princess Toadstool Peach another great story from you.

To: Mina great stories as always about you and your friends.

Did something happen to last few pages of posts for this month, I get an error and it says 3058 is the most recent page after this new set of stories.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site.

Additional questions for Zoe and everyone else

I legally became an adult last week. While my mom and I were going through some stuff in my room to trash, we came upon a certificate signed by my grade school principal and teacher. See in 5th grade I was a bathroom monitor. There was one of us for each of the 3 floors of our school. When my class had their schedule bathroom break at 9:45 and 2 p.m., and when I had permission to leave class to use the facilities, I had the responsibilities to making sure each of the toilets was flushed, there was at least 1/2 roll of toilet paper for each user, hand towels in the holders above each sink, a soap dispenser that worked, and hot water available in each sink. If there were any needs I had to let my teacher know and she would email or text a custodian. The biggest problem, and practically every day, was users who didn't flush. Why crap on top of someone else's? Why pee into a toilet bowl that is already dark yellow? What about the smell?

Questions for everyone!

1. What did your parents/older siblings teach you about using bathrooms away from home?
2. What fears did you have when you first had to use a school bathroom?
How were they overcome?
3. What did your teacher say or do that was positive or negative about using the bathrooms at school?
4. Did you ever get commended or disciplined when you used a school bathroom?
5. Did your parents ask about how your bowel or bladder needs were being addressed at school?
6. How old and under what conditions were you when you got over your fears about public bathrooms?
Gender: F
Age: 21

My answers:
1. Both my parents and sister (older) said that I would grow into having more confidence.
2. During potty breaks the seats got warm and the stench from non-flushing was bad. That's how I built my bathroom monitor expertise. Obviously, I was the final person to leave the room because I had to flush sometimes 7 of the 12 toilets.
3. She was in her 20s, getting pressured to get test grades up, so she wasn't too interested in about writing passes for us to get out of class to pee or poop.
4. I was yelled at 3 or 4 times during lunch when paras were potty patrolling the bathrooms. The I got the message.
5. Several times in 1st or 2nd grade I was constipated for holding it in. I also got f****d with by a few boys in 5th grade who were at the drinking fountain outside the bathrooms and could hear me do my loud pee. My mom threatened to take that incident and another one to the administration. She also looked at putting me in a private school.
6. When I got into middle school I got toughened up and didn't let the bullying continue. I also started using the far end stall.

I have memories of adjusting to use the toilets at my grade school.
1) I didn't have much confidence and raising my hand, even when I had been promoted to 4th grade was hard for me. Our regular teacher was out a lot that year and we had a sub often. She had this timer that she ran while I was out of the room.
2) I know that timer running made me less confident in being able to sit and start my wee. Sometimes I just got frustrated and when I couldn't get my wee to start, I simply got off the toilet and left back for class.
3) My pediatrician told my mom I needed to relax more on the toilet. He suggested that I flush it each time I got off it to make my sit seem normal to the others in the bathroom.
4) I think I batted about 50 percent success when we had one of our classroom toilet breaks. I was really conscious that others were waiting for me and that I was standing out and holding them up too.
5) Sometimes I would leave the cafeteria line, sacrifice my space, and hurry down to the toilet because I was afraid of having an accident. I stood out always leaving and then being at the end of the lunch line. I hated that.
6) I remember being in great distress one Friday morning. I had held in my crap the previous day and it wouldn't come out when I got home the previous afternoon. Now it was coming out and I had to stand three deep in a line for a toilet. There was some smear in my panties, but otherwise I made it.
7) I sooo hated my classmates who calm and collected could wait their turn, get themselves on and off the toilet sometimes in less than a minute.
8) When I was in 1st grade and mom came with me to open house she need to wee just before our principal started the program. I went out with her and she hurried into a toilet with a half-high door, dropped herself onto the seat and weed for what seemed to be forever. It was quite loud, too, probably because we were the only ones in the bathroom. She didn't wait to wash her hands. I didn't say nothin'

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