Clogging the mall toilet!

Hi guys! In my story about clogging Sophia's story I said in the end that I missed my pooping day and that I would have a huge load. And boy I was right.

After a week of not pooping me and Sophia were at the mall. We were just shopping and around 3 PM we ate some pizza. After eating I felt pressure building up in my ass, which is a sign that I have poop. I told Sophia that I had to poop and she also had to so we went to the ladies bathroom. Thankfully are stalls were empty when we got there so I took the stall next to entrance of the bathroom and Sophia the one beside me. I sat down at the same time as Sophia and the second I heard her sit down I heard small plops raining down from her ass. I counted about 14. I started pushing and felt the tip of my first log coming out but it was HUGE. Sophia asked 'Sarah are you okay?' 'Yeah, it's just that this log is huge and won't come out' I answered. I heard Sophia drop some logs which sounded medium big. My log was about halfway out after 5 minutes. Sophia flushed and continued pooping out more small plops. I was jealous that she could poop so easily. After 10 minutes of straining and grunting my log finally came out and I let out a loud moan. I swear it was at least 30 inches long and 4 inches thick. It seemed like this log opened up my ass because after that I started unloading log after log, it felt like a rope of poop was coming out of my ass which broke up every 8 - 10 inches. I let out a lot of loud moans. Sophia finished pooping and waited at the sinks. After 5 minutes the toilet was completely full. Pooping so much felt too good to be thinking about doing a midway flush. I still felt far from empty but the toilet was full. So I stood up, opened my stall and went into Sophia stall with my leggings and panties still around my ankles and sat down. I finally had a short break. Sophia bursted out laughing but stopped when she saw my poop in the toilet and asked 'Are you still not done after that much??' I answered 'Of course not, that much is about the size of my normal loads and I haven't gone in a week!' 'Sarah you poop way too much' she said 'No amount of poop is too mu- ah'. I got disrupted my another wave of logs. There was no end to it. I just kept pooping and pooping but it felt amazing. I unloaded for another 15 minutes and after 30 minutes in total I filled 2 toilets. I started wiping and complained 'My ass is sore from pooping so much' Sophia laughed and answered 'Well that's no surprise since your load is worth at least 4 people's poop if they also did a big load'. I washed my hands and we left the bathroom. As we were walking out, a girl who's about our age walked into the bathroom and we heard her gasp when she opened the first stall and after opening the second stall, seeing another full toilet, she was in complete shock. We bursted out laughing and went to the next clothing store to continue our shopping.

This was by farrr my biggest load! I think it was caused by the fact I went to out to eat two times that week, for my co-worker's birthday and for my mom's. It felt great to poop so much. This is it for now but me and Sophia are planning to take laxatives and explode in one toilet together so stay tuned!


Answers for Jenny
Jenny: would you rather poop very loudly with other people in a restroom and make no bad smell, or stick up a bathroom with other people but make no sounds (farting, plopping, grunting)

Me: as a teenager on in sports, especially cheer and dance, I was mortified to have other gals hear me poop. Through my 20's I never pooped in a restroom with other gals around, and if someone came in when I was pooping I would stop until they left, if they were peeing. An as I got older I never pooped with a boyfriend in earshot. Restrooms tended to smell in high school, so I never worried about the stink as they always smelt, and no one could blame me. Looking back though, other girls, especially in cheer, basketball and track would poop rather loudly and no one ever said a thing, let alone teased each other, so my fears were unjustified. Some guys would have been amused or grossed out to know that the "hottest" and most popular girls would let loose some loud poops, including farting, plops, crackling and an occasional moan or two with a push. Years later, I am more self conscious about the smell. Not because I am embarrassed , but just out of courtesy. When I pee in the restroom, and someone talks to me, I apologize if I am about to poop and warn them about a smell. No body has ever complained nor am I annoyed when others stink up a restroom, but I feel bad when I stink up a restroom, bathroom or locker room. This is the main reason I will pee if my boyfriend is in the bathroom but I will not poop around him. I will warn him if I do stink up a bathroom.

Jenny: Have you ever wiped with leaves and how well did it clean you?
I am a runner and I have utilized leaves when I have to poop in the middle of the run.

Me: I think leaves are no worse or better than toilet paper. I do have to admit, I often get skidmarks when I run and work out. So I did get skidmarks when I used leaves, but that is typical for me even if I poop in a restroom and use toilet paper. Of note, I never run in a thong, but I do wear thongs. I have lots of friends who like to workout and run in thongs, but I do not. Oddly enough I do get wedgies at least half the time which lead to worse skidmarks.


Living with Skidmarks

To Andy, Mathew and all with similar leanings: I've been accepting the reality of skidded briefs since grammar school. We lived just inside the "no school bus service" zone. Getting to school got down to carpool, foot, public bus, or bicycle. I rode my bike anytime the weather permitted including Winter. That bicycle seat guaranteed skids in my briefs. Where the toilet was didn't matter; if I had a bowel movement before leaving for school, the ride to school did the job. If I didn't have one at home, I could use and did use the boy's lavatory during recess to have a movement. Didn't matter, there'd be a skid at the end of the day. All during that time, my mother was anal (pun intended) when it came to my bathroom habits. Almost a daily ritual asking: Did I have a good movement that day. What kind of mother asks her kid that? Apparently, a few. A neighborhood playmate said his mother asked the same question. All my mother had to do was dig in the laundry basket to find the briefs I had buried at the bottom, full of evidence.

Coincidentally, I was with that neighborhood boy playing when I had an accidental movement in my pants. Needles to say, that didn't go over well at home since it happened in my backyard.

Happy to answer any questions and please do.

Sunday, March 19, 2023



This morning I was driving home on ????pulled in at layby one mile from ???? junction. puled luggage of of van . retrieved ADVENTURIDGE portta pottie from locker . opened and closed the slide put paper towel into bottom of bowl and one on back of bowl. lowered my jogging bottoms and pants sat on pottie .
Immediatley had a wee stronge flow for over a minute sat and relaxed
then pushed to poop ten seconds later pushed to poop twenty seconds later
pushed , started pooping loads then reached forward tore three sheets off ELSAN BLUE TOILET ROLL wiped ,tore off another three wiped , another two and wiped .I pulled up my jogging bottoms and pants ,the bowl was full half inch from the rim , lifted seat peeled away the paper on back of bowl , pulled slide closed lid ,wiped hands with wet wipes .
I sat in drivers seat poured tea into mug eat some biscuits , then
a whoose as poop dropped into lower tank .Half hour later sat on pottie
had a wee then pushed pottie into locker ,put luggage back into position
closed all doors and drove home
When I arrived home pulled out luggage pulled pottie from locker sat , had a wee.,then emptied in outside drain , put into locker . Took the THETFORD ELEGANCE from the garage , placed in van ready for a wee during the night


Bed accidents (and not just Number 1!)

It may sound embarassing, but back when we were in middle school, my Aunt, who's two years younger than me, began having poop accidents every night, one of them during a sleepover! While she was younger, it was still gross for us, our grandparents, and our Uncle (who's our age). We knew our mom was still a bedwetter due to her bladder, but this was a different thing! Yuck! But everyone remained cool, and without her poop problems every being found out, they disappeared eventually.
Did someone else experience that too, accidents at nighttime that were more than only pee?

We weren't taught anything about pooping in public, my grandma didn't like it! But me and my sister would do it still from my preschool days on, period :) But when I was 10 or so, it started feeling uncomfortable, so my times to poop in public became more rare, I just needed the privacy! Even when I was your age, I'd rarely do it, maybe cause at the time I already married and had a little girl!

Flashbacks of my seven year old self, back then it was just normal business. Business in a literal sense, if you will :)

-Sheena B:
Hard to imagine. Even if I have pressure, I just carry the waste until home!


Gaseous midday dump

As soon as noon struck, I felt like I wanted to poop. Strongly, as it seemed to me! So I ran to the toilet. I came in, pulled down my pants and briefs, and sat down on the toilet. I relaxed, and farted deafeningly. Then I farted loudly a couple of times, and only after that the poop crawled out and fell into the toilet. Then I farted again several times. Then I farted very loudly, and some big poop crawled out of me. When I was done, I wiped my ass with toilet paper, got dressed, flushed the water, washed my hands and left the toilet. I felt relieved...


Skidmark Survey replies

There's couple skidmark surveys floating around. I decided to go with the one from Skidmarked in Columbia.


1. when you do laundry. How bad must a poop stain be before it's not a skidmark anymore butt a real poop accident?

Only it's three dimensional or too dark to be mistaken for poor wiping.

2. Do you too throw out underwear? You know instead of putting them in the washer. How badly skid marked it has to be before you retire your underwear?

Some people will only throw them out if it looks like they had a major accident. Or maybe not even at that point. I recall that many of my mom's panties were obviously accident stained. A few of my dad's boxers looked rather nasty too. The sight of a childhood friend with a long brown streak on the backside of his briefs has stayed with me. And some of my roommate's underpants could stand to…look better. But personally I'm not as patient with gnarly looking underwear. Unless it's a faded mark that you have to look directly at to see, I generally won't hang onto it.

3. Do you use laundromat or home washer and dryer? Do you get self conscious about people seeing your skidmarks or pee stained underwear?

I currently do laundry at home. When I had to use a laundromat in the past, if there were any undies that bad, I'd pack carefully so strangers wouldn't see the incriminating evidence being moved from my bag to the washing machine.

4. For women only have you ever during your minstrel use a pad and when you take it out in the bathroom it has a bit of poop on it?

As a dude I'm skipping this.

5. Do you prairie dog?

It's unusual for me but I can't say never. One day at work last year I could feel something building and I knew I had to do number 2 soon. It wasn't an immediate issue, or so I thought. All of a sudden while I was walking from the desk to the copier it unexpectedly poked out and went back in. Yikes! Needless to say I went and took care of business.

6. When you were a teenager or kid or as an adult ever received a "chocolate wedgie? For those who don't know... It's when your underwear gets up your butt naturally or through a bully right after pooping!

Giving wedgies to each other really wasn't a thing when I was growing up. However, that's more than made up for with naturally occurring wedgies. Today I only wear briefs or panties and I don't fight wedgies. Instead I learned to embrace them as I was growing up and most of the time I don't even notice it when I have one. Call me weird but I enjoy the feeling of material in my butt. Yes, I LOVE it when underpants ride up! I only pull wedgies out if they get too tight or irritating. Anyway, the thought of looking for wedgie proof underwear has never crossed my mind. While many skidmarks do result from this, it doesn't happen as often as you'd think considering my undies spend about as much time between my buttcheeks as on them. And the skids I do get generally come out in the wash.

7. Do you ever wet yourself while sleeping... but not enough to wet the bed?

Oddly enough that describes the two times I wet the bed as a grown up. Why didn't the whole bladder empty out and soak everything? I don't know why but I'm curious, and thankful, that it happened that way. Only my briefs got wet and obviously so.

8. Have you ever had an exhausting day and looked at your underwear and noticed a pee stain and skidmark?

Yes! And the worst days are the ones where I was all hot and sweaty. This is the only time I get skidmarks as long as my buttcrack!


Pants Down Survey


1. Male or Female

2. When you poop in a public restroom with stalls, do you pull your pants down to your ankles, calves, knees, or even mid-thigh?
When I crap in a public bathroom I take my pants down a little bit past my knees but not much further. I don't want them touching the ground.

3. Is this different at home, or in hotel bathrooms?
Very different since I'm a morning proper. I usually poop before I shower so most of the time I'm naked when I sit on the toilet.

4. If you do pull your pants down to your ankles, do you separate your underwear i.e pants down to your ankles but underwear stays at your knees or do you keep your briefs, boxers, panties, or thong with your pants?
My boxers stay at the same place as my pants. However far my pants go down is how far my boxers go down.

5. Women: if you pee, do your pants and underwear get pulled down to the same area of your legs as when you
N/A for me. When my wife pees at home she take her pants down to around her calves, same with her panties. When she uses the toilet in a hotel and I assume a public bathroom as well she has her pants and panties at knee level. When she has to wipe she pulls everything a little bit past her knees so it's easier for her to wipe, whether it's her butt or vagina. She wipes her butt by reaching between her legs.

6. Men: do you ever sit down to pee at home or public restroom?
No but at home if I have to get up in the middle of the night to pee I kneel in front of the toilet because I always have an election when I wake up which makes it more difficult to pee.

7. Women: IF you are wearing a skirt, do you pull your skirt down like pants to sit on the toilet or do you lift your skirt and pull down your underwear? Is this the same or different from Number 1 and Number 2?
When my wife has a skirt on which isn't often she pulls it down just like pants and pretty much does the same thing whether it's pee or poo.


If you wish to check my mother's old posts

I did some research today and was only able to find two. The first one was on Page 124, there other one on 140. BTW, me and my sister had just turned 13 when the accident occured. We were really disguisted, but hey, weren't mad at our own mother, we had it happen before... I never been good at holding pee :)


To Thatguy

No, you're not alone! Has it always been that way for you? For me it wasn't in elementary school, back then I had little issues, like I said below, back then we barely pooped at home! We even pooped in the park sometimes, but while my (dizygotic) twin sister has no issue pooping to this day, somewhen in 5th grade I decided I want to go at home :)


Pants Down Survey

(Sorry, at first I posted it by sheer accident without filling anything out lol)

1. Male or Female

2. When you poop in a public restroom with stalls, do you pull your pants down to your ankles, calves, knees, or even mid-thigh?
That doesn't happen anymore, but the last time I did - in April 2021 - I had it only mid-thigh. My teen daughters have it to the knees, my adult niece mid-thigh, but my sister's really brave and always pulls down to the ankles wherever she poops - not sure who taught her that! Well, perhaps Pop Pop (our grandfather)... I remember back in school I'd pull it down to the knees, but never any further! :D

3. Is this different at home, or in hotel bathrooms?
Then I just pull it down to the knees, simple! :)

4. If you do pull your pants down to your ankles, do you separate your underwear i.e pants down to your ankles but underwear stays at your knees or do you keep your briefs, boxers, panties, or thong with your pants?
I pull both down the same usually.

5. Women: if you pee, do your pants and underwear get pulled down to the same area of your legs as when you pee?

6. Men: do you ever sit down to pee at home or public restroom?
Good luck getting my hubby to do that at son, let's pray my son won't learn from him lol.

7. Women: IF you are wearing a skirt, do you pull your skirt down like pants to sit on the toilet or do you lift your skirt and pull down your underwear? Is this the same or different from Number 1 and Number 2?
I wear a skirt more often than some others here do, and when I do, I just lift, regardless whether I pee or poop :)


No hesitation toilet decisions

I enjoy reading about everyones experiences in the bathroom. For me, a college student and heavily-scheduled babysitter, about 80% of my experiences are with public toilets. I don't do detours to go back to my dorm room or try to hold my needs for a while. An example, was this morning. I had my breakfast in the Student Union right afterwards, I told my study partner Rachel I was going to take my crap break and for her to find us a study room upstairs while I went around the corner and took my crap. She said she would get the study room, wait for me to return, and then walk like 6 blocks across campus to her dorm where she would use the bathroom. I was in awe! That would probably take just under an hour and I encouraged her to come with me and that we could crap next to one another.
She took off through the main entrance at a great waste of her time. For me, I only had to wait about 5 minutes for a toilet to open. I checked the TP and it was pretty close to what I felt I would need. The seat was nice and warm, compared to the one at the park at 2 a.m. after my boyfriend and I had done some drinking. There was about 3 or 4 seconds of farting and then I pushed my double log out. It felt so good but my hole was sore. My wipe was about 95% successful. With a line waiting for me, I was eager to stand, quickly wipe, and then head to the sink. The girl next in line thank me when I came out, but I told her I had exhausted the TP supply. She said she and her boyfriend had been drinking, too, and this was for for a ferocious pee. I told I liked that word, but my boyfriend had originally used it to describe what he wanted to do in bed. He didn't deliver. Finally, Rachel came back and we got two hours of studying in for our Ancient Greece test.

That circular trough was real. One of the boys I babysit told me about one at a carnival I took him too. Just before closing time, I went in with him and saw it with my own eyes. Interesting to say the least, although Patrick's size called for the lowest toilet in the room.

Several of the guys I tutored in high school had a fear of crapping in a school toilet. Some would run home right after school, do their dump while I patiently waited for them in the library. Sorry, but I didn't agree with what they were doing to their systems. To them the fear was very real.

Mr. Curious:
You've posed a good question. I would use the dirty toilet, sitting just long enough to complete the task and I would be reluctant to touch anything. It is easier and better than the alternatives you posed.

Camping toilet

Septic full

Story from last summer.
One night we were coming back to our travel trailer when my wife started complaining about big cramps she have. And she will need to use toilet pretty soon.
So we get to our trailer and she when to toilet as soon she enter. I just when to the fire pit and start the fire for the night all of sudden she send me a text asking to empty the septic tank on the trailer. I was surprised cause i did that 2 day before.i said ok and i went back to empty it then a ear the toilet flush and she came outside she told me that she been filled the toilet up to the seat.
So i went back inside to verified the damage yes it was full of fecal never see that much in a single dump so i just fish the toilet brush in and push everything down with water.then i clean the bowl replaced the empty roll and start the ceiling fan .Brought a wine bottle and 2 glasses and when to fire pit to enjoy our night she when back later on for another round!


I embrace my skidmarks

This is directed at Hank and Matthew….I can definitely relate to both of you. I always wear white briefs and leave skids in them pretty much every day! No matter how many times I wipe they show up nice and dark. I've given up worrying about them and decided just to accept that they're always going to have brown in them. I'd love to share more stories with any guys who get skids.

Anna from Austria-Haha I love Europe, but I would rather have everyone hear my plops than stink up the bathroom more my poop hanging out on a "shelf". I am less embarrassed about the plopping and farting as the stink I make people smell. I do hate it when I drop a poop and it splashes, so I would rather and stink up the bathroom than that. Did you pack up some of your less favorite underwear for your states trip in preparation for the wiping issue?

All: would you rather poop very loudly with other people in a restroom and make no bad smell, or stick up a bathroom with other people but make no sounds (farting, plopping, grunting)

Wayne-How did the wiping go with the leaves?. They have done a surprisingly good job of cleaning my mid run poops, but maybe that's more the squatting position than the leaves

All: Have you ever wiped with leaves and how well did it clean you?

Nina -Do you get skidmarks more in thongs or other types of panties? I am realizing my thongs don't get as dirty as my boyshorts as there is more cloth up my crack than a thong, but the thong is more uncomfortable with a skid mark. I have never wore a thong and not at least tried to wipe at least twice. One time I didn't wipe wearing some boyshorts after a poop because I got paged for an emergency. My boyshorts got very dirty, but I was not uncomfortable. What kind of underwear did you and you family wear apple picking?


Pooping after lunch

After years of having no real schedule, my bowels have decided they need to be unloaded typically after lunch, and if they can't go then they'll try again after dinner. I'm typically pretty full after lunch though, so I've gotten quite used to taking dumps in the cafeteria bathroom. Today was no different. When I finished my lunch, I needed to take a big dump. I patted my bloated stomach then said to my friends "I feel really full, I'm gonna use the bathroom." Lauren and Olivia said they needed to go as well. We all walked into the girls bathroom to find only one stall taken by a pooping girl. She was grunting and gasping, so clearly she was pooping out a big turd. I took the stall between Olivia and Lauren, pulled down my tight black leggings and blue panties, and sat down to relieve myself as Olivia and Lauren pulled down their black leggings. We all started by peeing. I peed a light yellow stream that tinkled into the water below. It went on for about 40 seconds, I guess I drank a lot that morning. Olivia peed for 45 seconds, and Lauren peed for 25. They stayed sitting, so I realized they all needed to poop as well. I heard Lauren grunt, followed by a loud fart and some crackling. I was next; I inhaled then pushed. A solid, fat log opened my butthole wide and quietly inched it's way out. Olivia was breathing heavily, but soon after the tip of my log emerged, some crackling from her stall indicated her bowels were being emptied as well. Olivia's turd dropped first with a quiet "plop." She sighed then remarked "you weren't the only one feeling full Avery! I really need to get this out of me!" She then grunted again and started pushing out another, seemingly smaller log. The crackling from Lauren's stall quieted as she sighed, signaling her load was now in the toilet below. Lauren said "I ate a big dinner two nights ago, and last night I ate the same amount, and now I need to get all this crap out of me." Then, my first log dropped with a "plop" and I said "wow sounds like you two really need to go! I forgot to poop yesterday, so I need to dump two days of poop." Then I heard a groan from Lauren as she said "ohhh why did I eat so much! I tried to shit earlier when I left class to pee but I thought it would take too long. This crap is so big!" Then, she grunted and breathed heavily, I guess a giant log was coming out. Olivia kept letting out her turds. My second log dropped, but I felt like there was some extra poop inside me. I leaned forward and rubbed my stomach. I farted quite a bit, only adding to the bad smell that had been created by the several pounds of digested waste that was sitting in the toilets of this bathroom. At this point Olivia said "okay, I think all my potty is out of me, and my toilet is filled with poo. I think I'm done, what a relief!" Olivia pulled up her pants, then said "there's no way I can flush this, I don't want to clog the toilet. I'll wait for y'all outside, I wanna get away from this smell." And then washed her hands and left. The other girl flushed her toilet, but there was no sound of potty being sucked away. She left her stall, washed her hands, then left the bathroom, no doubt feeling relieved. It was just and Lauren now. I was now feeling some solid stuff at my back door, and Lauren had just dropped another turd. She was wiping, so I pushed again as a bunch of small logs plopped out of me and into the toilet. Lauren finished wiping, pulled up her leggings, washed her hands, and left. I wiped now that my potty was out. I wiped 6 times before my hurt was clean. I stood up, pulled up my pants, and took a look at my dump. I had made two big logs and seven smaller turds. The two big logs were 14 inches long and three inches thick. The seven smaller turds were mini logs, each about 3 inches long and 2 inches wide. I flushed the toilet, but only my pee made it down. All the solid stuff, my huge brown poop, wouldn't go down. I decided to leave the toilet clogged, so I left the stall. I decided to check out Olivia and Lauren's stalls to see what their bodies created. I went to Lauren's stall first. She made two giant logs. One started in the toilet hole and stretched the full length of the bowl and came 5 inches out of the water. It was over 36 inches long and 2 inches thick. Then, curling around the bowl from back to front was a 30 inch long, 3 inch wide log. She clearly ate a LOT and her stomach had been busy turning it all into poop. I couldn't believe she spent the entire day with all of that inside her. There was no way it would flush. So I went to Olivia's stall. She really had filled the toilet with poop. There were 5 logs. Each one was about 10 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. I thought her toilet my be able to handle all that poop, so I flushed it. All her pee, 2 logs, and some toilet paper were flushed away, but 3 logs were still there, so I flushed again. That was all that was needed to take away everything else. The 3 turds swirled around as the toilet roared to life, before all the water was sucked away, bringing all the poop with it. Before leaving, I decided to see what the other girl had produced. So I went into her stall. She must have been super constipated. The toilet was full of super big logs and nuggets. I couldn't even see water or pee, just a solid mound of excrement from a high school girl. There was quite a big smell coming from it as well. I backed out of the stall, washed my hands again, checked myself out in the mirror (I was wearing tight black leggings, a red tshirt, and a blue hoodie, so I looked quite cute, plus I always like how my butt looks in leggings).
I walked out of the bathroom to meet Lauren and Olivia, feeling significantly lighter and soooo relieved. "Feeling ok, Avery?" asked Lauren. I said "After what I just made in that toilet!? Absolutely! What about you?" Lauren said "I feel so relieved. I pooped so much, it was incredible. What about you, Olivia?" Olivia said "I've been full and bloated all day, but now I'm empty! I pooed everything I could poo, and peed until my bladder was dry. All my potty is gone!" I said "well girls, looks like that was a very productive bathroom break." Then, we all went back to our lunch table, having been gone for 12 minutes, feeling completely relieved.
By the way, I convinced Olivia to check out this site (she really likes pooping). Hopefully she'll post a few times! Bye for now!



Hello, I'm Olivia. I'm a friend of Avery, she's already posted about me a few times. I've always loved pooing, even though (until recently) I've been quite shy about pooing in public. I may have been shy, but I still have quite a few stories about making a poo in public. My stomach likes to make big poos, and sometimes the poo gets too big and I just need to get to a bathroom and make a huge poo.
I guess I should describe myself: I'm 15, 5 foot 3 inches, quite athletic (I'm a cheerleader), and have brown hair.
Anyway, to finish my introduction, I just got home from school, and my lunch is fully digested, so join me for a live poo! I can feel pressure at my butt, so I'm heading to the bathroom now. I did a massive poo after lunch at school today, so this will likely be a small poo. Oh yeah my bladder is quite full as well, so I definitely need to pee regardless of how much poo I make. That's always the case though: I drink a lot at school, so I pee quite a bit, often that includes when I get home. My poo schedule is a bit unpredictable. I poo one to three times a day, depending on how much I eat and how long since I last made a poo. If I'm on the toilet for a pee though and feel a need to poo, I won't hold back my poo. Anyway, I pulled down my tights and panties. I'm peeing now, still peeing, my pee is just trickling into the toilet, and it's dying down, done! I peed for about 25 seconds. Ok, poopoo time! I'm pushing, just let out a big fart, pushing again, oh something's moving, my anus is opening, I'm pooing! It is quite small, it's just making its way out of my bowels, and plop! It's out. I'm pushing to make sure I'm empty, yeah I'm all done. Alright time to wipe, first wipe is a bit dirty, second is cleaner, third is clean. Ah that felt good. I made one 9 inch long 1.5 inch wide poo. It's just sitting at the bottom of the toilet bowl, under a piece of toilet paper and in all my pee. I flushed the toilet, and all my potty went away.
I'll post some more stories later. Bye!


Fasting and BM's?

Are there some who fast for religious reasons? I plan to fast but have been to hungry to go there lol. Did it affect your bowel movements? We know even the most pious person defecates, there even are Bible verses about defecation lol.

"Thou shalt have a place also without the camp, whither thou shalt go forth abroad: and thou shalt have a paddle upon thy weapon; and it shall be, when thou wilt ease thyself abroad, thou shalt dig therewith, and shalt turn back and cover that which cometh from thee: for the Lord thy God walketh in the midst of thy camp, to deliver thee, and to give up thine enemies before thee; therefore shall thy camp be holy: that he see no unclean thing in thee, and turn away from thee." Deuteronomy 23:12-14

Wednesday, March 15, 2023


Poop before breakfast

I woke up, stretched in bed, and suddenly realized that I wanted to poop. So I got up and hurried to the toilet. I went to the toilet, opened the door, and went to my white toilet. I didn't close the door, I was alone. I pulled down my pants and briefs, and sat down on the toilet seat. I relaxed, and I felt the poop begin to quickly get out into the toilet. Splashes were heard. Large poop slowly crawled out and fell into the toilet. After pooping, I wiped my ass with toilet paper, then got up, threw the paper in the bucket, got dressed, and flushed it in the toilet. The water swirled, and quickly flush my poop. After washing my hands, I went to get breakfast.


To PM - Circular Urinal Trough

To PM: Yes! Absolutely I have seen such a urinal trough, and I wish I could see it again, but it was many years ago, and I don't even know where it was. I was probably a teenager, maybe even a little younger. It was at some kind of recreational type place, a park or something. I know they had a pool somewhere. I remember going into the restroom, and the first thing I noticed was a slight sulfur smell, which could have been poop or it could have just been the water in that area. I didn't mind the smell, I actually like when a restroom has a slight smell to it. It was actually a pretty nice restroom for a place like that. And they had one of those circular urinals in the middle of the room. I know it was a urinal because not only were there sinks on the wall, but there were also two guys using it when I came in. At first I actually did think they were using it as a sink, but then I clearly saw their pee streams. I also saw a few little pink urinal cakes in the bottom of the trough. The guys were probably in their teens, a little older than me. Neither of them said anything, they just kept peeing. And so I went over and I too began to pee. As I peed, I was able to see the two guys peeing out of the corner of my eye. I noticed that for some reason their shorts were wet. I didn't really think anything of it, I just figured they must have been in the pool or something. I also noticed the sulfur smell was a little stronger by the trough, and there was also a nice pee smell there too. It was actually a nice experience.

A killer combination

So this is my first time posting here after lurking around and reading everyone's posts for ages!

I'm sitting on the toilet now taking what is arguably the biggest dump of my life. Yesterday we had some friends over and decided we'd get some fried chicken for lunch, which always upsets my stomach the next morning for some reason. And I als had quite a few beers, which again give me huge dumps. So the combination is absolutely killer. The poop started with a big thick log that felt very relieving to let out and is being followed by waves of little logs and soft serve poop. It's not painful but it is very very relieving. In between the poops I'm letting out these absolutely monstrous farts haha. I've been gassy all morning and I'm pretty sure that will continue throughout the day.

Well that was my first post, glad I can say I finally contributed here.

Keep doing what you're doing, you're all great!


Would you go behind a tree in a park?

Today after work I was in the English Garden, and saw some kids play, also witnessing how a 7 year old girl went to urinate behind a tree. Before she did that, she also revealed she had even pooped there before.



Yeah, I know those feelings. I NEVER used the bathrooms at school, not even for a pee.


Public pooping

Is it just me or does anyone else absolutely dread having to poop in public bathrooms?

It's always been an issue for me and the fact that I'm not great at pooping quietly doesn't help matters.

How do you handle it and do you have any advice for getting over it?


Response to survey


1. Male or Female

2. When you poop in a public restroom with stalls, do you pull your pants down to your ankles, calves, knees, or even mid-thigh?
When I crap in a public bathroom I take my pants down a little bit past my knees but not much further. I don't want them touching the ground.

3. Is this different at home, or in hotel bathrooms?
Very different since I'm a morning proper. I usually poop before I shower so most of the time I'm naked when I sit on the toilet.

4. If you do pull your pants down to your ankles, do you separate your underwear i.e pants down to your ankles but underwear stays at your knees or do you keep your briefs, boxers, panties, or thong with your pants?
My boxers stay at the same place as my pants. However far my pants go down is how far my boxers go down.

5. Women: if you pee, do your pants and underwear get pulled down to the same area of your legs as when you
N/A for me. When my wife pees at home she take her pants down to around her calves, same with her panties. When she uses the toilet in a hotel and I assume a public bathroom as well she has her pants and panties at knee level. When she has to wipe she pulls everything a little bit past her knees so it's easier for her to wipe, whether it's her butt or vagina. She wipes her butt by reaching between her legs.

6. Men: do you ever sit down to pee at home or public restroom?
No but at home if I have to get up in the middle of the night to pee I kneel in front of the toilet because I always have an election when I wake up which makes it more difficult to pee.

7. Women: IF you are wearing a skirt, do you pull your skirt down like pants to sit on the toilet or do you lift your skirt and pull down your underwear? Is this the same or different from Number 1 and Number 2?
When my wife has a skirt on which isn't often she pulls it down just like pants and pretty much does the same thing whether it's pee or poo.


Wal-Mart piss and sit

Darsolea had been on me for a couple of days to go with her on a major shopping trip to Wal-Mart. On Friday, I didn't have any college classes, so I got six hours in at my warehouse job, and then met Darsolea at our apartment where I helped her write out the to-buy list.

It had been about three hours since I shitted at the warehouse and when we got to Wal-Mart I excused myself to the bathroom. Our drinks are free at the warehouse, so I like to get my high number of pop consumed in on each shift. I can't 100% prove it, but I think my long-time friend Shannon is right that a large amount of Dr. Pepper helps you shit.

I walked through a lot of traffic to get to the restrooms at the very back of Wal-Mart. I was worried about my bladder control if there was a crowd in the bathroom. When I see a crowd, I get a higher anxiety level, and a couple of times a year, I don't make it without peed underwear.

This was obviously my day. All five toilets and urinals were available.
I have been pretty consistent in bypassing urinals for about 10 years. Middle school sucked and I was bullied at the urinals pretty regularly by guys next to me who could see my vulnerability. The urinals didn't have privacy panels separating them and even if I bunched myself against the front, guys on either side of me could see my small @@@@, the fear on my face when they pointed and snickered, and often when the auto-flush would go off and my @@@@ and often my jeans or shorts would get splashed.

At one time, I think it was 8th grade, I was threatened with detentions because I would bypass the heavily used bathroom on each floor for the lesser used one on the other end of the building. That's when I made the decision, something my dad and Shannon recommended, that I pee sitting down on a toilet. It worked better, although sometimes the seats were waterlogged with you-know-what.

So at Wal-Mart I quickly (routines are hard to break!) ducked into the middle toilet in a row of five. I closed the door, latched it with ease, backed up to the toilet, dropped my underwear and jeans to my knees and took my seat. As I started my piss, I had to slide myself back about two inches on the seat so my @@@@ wouldn't be laying over the cut-out front on the toilet seat.

Within probably 15 seconds four shoppers of various ages came into the four vacant toilets, crashed the doors shut, and within 15 seconds or so they were seated and crapping. They seemed to be giving this guy right next to me a hard time. They called him Jammer and gave him several put downs as crapping activity increased. The guy on the end toilet yelled out a profanity when he discovered that he didn't have any toilet paper.

I don't know why but as I was finishing my piss I looked down at my underwear hoping I had used better wiping technique that morning. No can do. I had about a two-inch streak of dark brown right in the middle. Like Shannon before her, Darsolea is very understanding about my skid marks, especially since she has a permanent quarter-sized burn scar on her under butt. That happened two summers ago when she sat in cigarette ashes left on the toilet seat in the park. Ouch! is what my dad said when I told him about it.

After I do my sit-down pee, I enjoy taking about five minutes just to listen and observe what's going on around me. Someone was trying to talk the guy stuck with no toilet paper into pulling off one of the seat tissues from the container on the side of him. They told him he could tear it up and wipe with it. They exchanged insults and jokes and as I listened I found some humor in it. Only one of them flushed when they left and that guy also stopped to wash his hands. I remember in an article Shannon did in our high school newspaper, she found less than 50% of the guys and 60% of the girls flushed the toilets and washed their hands.

After Darsolea and I went through the check out and I was loading the order into our truck Darsolea excused herself back into the store to use the bathroom. She's trying to prevent bathroom emergencies when we're stuck in heavy traffic.

A couple of quick questions for everyone:

1. Where were you the last 3 times you needed to use a public bathroom?

2. Did you remember to flush and thoroughly wash your hands?



To Derek and Hollyrae

You tried holding your poop? I remember doing it a lot when I was little! My sister joined too, maybe it's because our mom only pooped once a month! I just loved the feeling of having something in me that wanted to come out. And when it came out, it would rather be at school, a friend's house or at our great grandmother's outhouse at great grandpa's farm in Indiana, often in company with our uncle and aunt, which both were around our ages. Therefore, for many years barely any poop landed in our home toilet, it may have been the cleanest in the world! It did often cause pain tho and today, after three pregnancies, I attempt to go daily but it doesn't always work that way :)

To Erin

Your accident reminds me of one my mother had 24-25 years ago. Not sure if I should post it tho due to her death. I believed she posted it back in the forum's early days tho.



1. How often, if ever do you get skidmarks?
Sometimes every day, not necessarily from not wiping sufficiently, but just sweat like getting in a car hot from the sun. Since I'm at home most of the time, brown skids don't happen that often, but if I've needed to have a BM in a public restroom where the quality and quantity of toilet paper is questionable and with trying to get the whole experience done as quickly as possible, most definitely a brown skidmark in white briefs.

2. When was you last skidmark?
Today. On the toilet having my second movement today, sweats and briefs at my ankles, a noticeable brown skid about 3 inches long.

3. Do you get skidmarks more in cert types of underwear, i.e dark vs light, boxers vs briefs, thongs vs panties?
Have always worn white briefs, some color. I tried boxers for a while, but found them to be anatomically uncomfortable. Boxer briefs were a little better, stayed with briefs.

4. When you get skidmarks, do you wipe until the paper is clean of do or do you know you are going to get skidmarks when you are done wiping i.e you cannot get clean after wiping, or you run out of toilet paper or you don't even wipe?
Ha ha… I wipe, only rare occasions not wiping. Still get skids even after "thorough" wipe. Have a damp fart, all bets are off. Can almost count on them after working my exercycle just after having a movement and "thorough" wipe.

5. When you get skidmarks in your underwear, did you leave skidmarks in the toilet as well?
If my dump produced three or four firm movements in the toilet, the flush can leave skidmarks. Firm movement, less wiping. Floaters seem to skidmark the toilet more.

Stephen P - Awesome. I must update my knowledge of portapotties. I just found a site on the web selling these. In the promo photo, folks are gathered in the backyard milling around a picnic table having sandwiches and beverages and there sits their product, on the lawn in the middle of the yard in plain view! Too bad I can't upload it. Hilarious.

Sheena B - Thanks for the comp. I have more stories, one about the skid mentioned in my survey answers. Another on the mistake of leaving the stall door open while on the toilet having a BM.

Ellie M

Replies & Questions :)

Hey, It's me again! Thanks to everyone who answered my questions before about squatting in public! Glad to know it's not just me that's happened too lol!

Elphaba- I loved your recent story about your trip to london! I'm from the uk too and it is very relatable having to try and plan your toilet breaks around train journeys. There is certainly nothing worse than being desperate for a wee or a poo and having to fumble and find change to pay for the loo.

I wonder if anyone else from the uk has any other train/travel stories?


Doorless Squat

Another Chinese Roadside Toilet story.

We was travelling from Shanghai on another bus when it pulled into a service station. This time i need a dump while my mate only need a pee. We walked into the mens room, and was greeted with a row of urinals, and then further in doorless squat toilets. 6 on one side and 6 opposite. I took a squat. There was a bloke already in the one opposite. I could see the poo dropping from him and hearing grunt. I started to poo as well.

As i was using the squat, suddenly a father and son came in. The dad took a squat on the opposite side to me, and the son took the one next to me. I could see his face as the partitions only short. Both started blowing it up, and talking to each other. I realised i didnt have any toilet paper, so had to text my mate to bring me some of our supply. He appeared with some and decided he needed to use the squat as well. We stood to wipe this time, as well as the others in the room


Homeless Portaloo

So i was waiting for my bus at my local shopping centre when my stomach literally did a backflip and i need a dump now! I panicked as i knew the centre didnt open till 6am and it was only 5am. I remembered i had passed a portaloo in the building area next to the bus stop. The area was empty so i knew i could sneak without anyone seeing.

There was a gap between the building and the temp fencing that i was able to squeeze through and walked to the toilet. It was unlocked! I opened the door and was shocked to see a homeless man sitting on there. He didnt seem shocked at all. He just said oh sorry. He was sitting there with a ragged shirt and some ragged briefs round his ankle. He said i could wait if i wanted with the door open. We kept talking, with the occasional grunt and fart from him, He told me he was homeless and had been eating food from a bin which was agreeing with him. He eventually stood up wiping, not caring his cock and balls on show to me. He pulled up his briefs and let me use the toilet. He hadn't flushed so it was full inside, but i just sat down. He stood with the door open and carried on talking. Was rather distracting as his briefs didnt really cover everything! I was farting away and he just laughed. I also stood to wipe. I pulled up my briefs and trousers and walked out, to my shock he went back in and said " time for round 2″ I laughed. I did stand and talk with him for a few more mins. He was telling me how he got homeless and where he was staying. He said if this portaloo wasnt open he would have had to carry on digging a hole and using leaves as paper


Allergies strike again

Hey everyone, hadn't realized I haven't posted since January. Hope all my SPAS are doing well!

This new event is similar to my last story, actually, looking back. It's early Spring here and everything is blooming, which sets off my allergies pretty badly even taking allergy pills.

Yesterday I had been out grocery shopping all morning and while I had to pee for the last while I kept holding it anyway so I could finish, and because I enjoy the sensation of a full bladder...

Anyway, when I got home I was putting away all my groceries and was then going to go to the bathroom, but I suddenly got a sneezing fit out of nowhere from all the pollen. When I get a sneezing fit it can be like 15 sneezes in fairly short succession, and this one was no different. I stood there in my kitchen sneezing for a while and in the middle of it realized I felt warmth and wetness in my crotch and upper thighs and realized I was fully peeing my jeans. I just let it continue as I kept sneezing, watching the dark patches spread down my legs and into my shoes. Not like I could stop it anyway what with the continued sneezing and all.

I finally stopped sneezing (I had long since stopped peeing), blew my nose, wiped up the floor, finished putting away the groceries, and went to change into dry pants, etc.



Big library poop

Hi everyone, thanks for all for the amazing responses to my first post. Glad to see some of you enjoyed my story.

To Hollyrae:
The bathrooms in my high school were your ordinary stalls found in any other American high school. I never used the washrooms in my high school as I was very poop shy and I usually have pretty loud poops, which I was embarrassed about. To answer your other question, it was my mom who taught me to line the toilet seat with toilet paper and I usually always do so in public bathrooms. I only make exceptions when I need to poop badly, like the time at the mall.

To Sheena B:
I'm hoping to be able to do a buddy dump with someone soon!! Out of curiosity, did you let them see the poop as it comes out or just once your all done?

I have a bit of time now that midterms are done and I thought I'd share a story that happened to me while studying at the library last week. I had three exams coming up and I was trying to get as much studying done as possible so I decided to head to the college library. I planned to stay there the whole day since I was a bit behind on my studies. I woke up that morning, went to Starbucks to grab a coffee and headed straight to the library. The library I go to is pretty quite and there aren't many people who go there to socialize or do group projects. After about four hours of studying I felt my stomach start to gurgle and I knew I was going to have to poop soon. Drinking a coffee in the morning often gets my bowels moving and this time was no different, but I decided to continue studying for a bit longer since I was nearly finished revising all my notes. Every 10 minutes I was releasing silent farts but luckily no one was close enough to smell them. Thirty minutes later my urge to poop had grown out of control and I knew I'd have to poop. I went over to the washroom, which is a single occupancy toilet, and of course it was occupied. I decided to wait outside since I was getting desperate. As I was waiting I noticed that the sound from within the bathroom was very audible from outside and it was situated in a fairly crowded area. I heard a man pee into the bowl for about thirty seconds and then flush. After he opened the door I quickly ran inside, pulled out a seat cover, and unzipped my jeans. I immediately sat on the toilet and began a strong stream of pee that lasted for 20 seconds. As I was peeing I could hear the sounds that were coming from outside the bathroom. People walking outside, typing on their laptops, and shuffling through pages in their notebooks. All of these sounds echoed throughout the bathroom, which made me a bit nervous to begin my poop considering they'd surely be able to hear me. However I had no choice as my butt hole was about to explode if I held it in any longer. I slowly relaxed my butt hole and within a second a let out a loud echoing fart. I didn't feel any poop coming out yet, but had a strong cramping feeling in my stomach. For the next few minutes I was letting out farts. At first they sounded very loud and airy, but soon they began sounding wet. I began to think that I didn't have to poop at all and that I was just very gassy. The sounds coming from my bathroom were definitely being heard outside and although I hadn't pooped at all it probably sounded like I was filling up the bowl. At this point it's been about ten minutes since I've been in the bathroom and I hear a knock on the door. "occupied" I say in response, as a female voice reply's with "sorry, I'll wait." Unfortunately I wasn't close to being finished. Trying to get my poop out I take a deep breathe and push really hard. Another loud fart erupts but still no poop. I continue pushing and after about a minute I feel the head of a log stick out of my butt. This was definitely a very wide piece of poop as i felt my anus getting stretched. Slowly the log slid out of my butt and into the water. The relief felt amazing. After the first log was out my stomach was still hurting. I pushed again and with almost no effort and succession of wet farts followed by liquid like poop was coming out of me. While I was farting and pooping I hear a knock on the door again and the girl asks "if I'm doing okay." Feeling a bit embarrassed, I tell her "that I'm okay, and that I might need a few more minutes and that I was sorry for making her wait." She told me not to worry, to take my time, and that she would come back to give me some privacy. I continue blasting poop into the toilet for another ten minutes until I'm finished. I wipe my butt around 15 times to clean up my messy poop. When I leave the washroom I notice everyone slightly turn to see who had been taking such a loud shit. As they all looked shock to see it is a skinny asian girl. I go back to my study area and ended up getting lots of studying done now that my stomach is feeling better.

Thanks for reading everyone!!

P.S. I met someone who is also interested in pooping and I think I may experience my first buddy dump this week!

Byeeee for now

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