Final elementary school poop, part 2

With both me and Jackie in our swimsuits, and my goodbye to the school sewers given, our grade went to the neighborhood pool for the swim party. I noticed Jackie kept rubbing her stomach, so I asked her what was wrong. She said her stomach had been hurting all day, and that she felt very full and bloated and wanted to take a big poop to get it all out, but when she tried pooping earlier (see part 1) everything refused to move, so her bowels stayed clogged up. She said she was hoping some of the food and water rushing in and out of her butt would help her go. We swam around for a bit, ate the cookies, pizza, and fruit that was being served, and after an hour I needed to pee. I asked Jackie how she was doing regarding her bathroom-needs, and she said she was still waiting for an urge. So we kept eating and swimming. This exercise met with food made me realize that I hadn't pooped out everything earlier, and I felt like I could use a quick bathroom trip and take care of my potty. I asked Jackie again how she was doing, and she said she felt ready to get it all out. She asked me how I was and I said "I've gotta go too, but it's more than a short visit (both in time and size)." So, ready for our bathroom trips, we walked into the girls restroom, dripping wet, and took the second and third stalls. We both relaxed our bladders and peed. I peed for 20 seconds while Jackie peed for 15 seconds. Then, it was time to poop. I could feel my muscles relaxing as the log slithered through my bowels, out my butt, and into the toilet. With my pooped pass, I let out a relieved sigh as numerous logs were produced by Jackie. She really needed to go. I'd hear a grunt, then a crackle, then maybe a fart and another grunt, followed by a plop. I made sure I was empty by pushing again and sure enough my stomach emptier had finished off what my massive dump in part 1 had failed to take care of. I wiped, pulled up my pants, admired my load of yellow toilet water containing an 18 inch long brown, solid log of my poop. I flushed it down to join my potty from earlier. Jackie pooped for ages. After 5 minutes of dumping, there was quite a smell! I asked Jackie if she was ok and almost done. She said "I can feel the pressure reducing, and the toilet is really full, so I should be done soon!" Sure enough, there was a crackle and plop that was met with a loud sigh, then silence. "Ohhh that feels so much better now. I feel so light and relieved!" said Jackie. I heard her pull off some toilet paper, wipe, then repeat that process 6 times before standing up and pull up her swim pants. Then she said "whoa Avery check this out!" and opened the stall door. She filled the toilet with poop. The entire toilet was filled with a pile of poop logs. I counted 6 logs, each one 1.5 inches thick and 10 inches long. "Wow," I said, "you must've been really full!" Jackie responded with "yeah, I've been eating a lot but haven't pooped in about 4 days, so all that food was just sitting inside me as a giant poopy mess. It felt so good to push it all out!" Then, she flushed. The toilet roared to life, and as her potty got jostled around the bowl, the pressure of the toilet kicked in and pushed all the poop through the hole and into the sewers, leaving many skid marks in the bowl of the toilet. Relieved of all our potty, we washed our hands and got back to swimming.
Bye for now!


To Jocelyn

Dear condolences. Less than two months ago, my cousin died. She was only 20. May the LORD all give us power.

As for me, I think it's time for a crap. I don't feel as stuffed as I wish, but hey, what goes in must come out sooner or later :)


Clogging my friend's toilet

Hi! I'm new to this site and wanted to share a story about me clogging my friend's toilet last week.

So last week I was at my friend Sophia's house and we were just playing some games. After a while I felt the urge to poop so I told Sophia to pause the game so I could go poop. I hadn't pooped in like 4 days so I knew it was going to be a lot. I sat down and started to pee for about 30 seconds when I could feel the first log coming out. The 11 inch log slid out with ease and after that 4 more logs, about 7 - 10 inches each came out within 6 minutes, it felt so good to finally poop that I was moaning a lot. I looked down and saw that the bowl was getting pretty full so I did a courtesy flush. After the toilet flushed I grunted out another 14 inch log and started to work on another. Sophia had to poop too but there was no toilet paper in the bathroom upstairs so she came to me to get some. When I opened the door to pass her a roll my turd came out making a loud plopping sound and after that I exploded with a rush of small plops which made me moan and Sophia started laughing. I closed the door and Sophia went upstairs. When we are both pooping we like the call each other and talk about our poop. I was letting out a lot of small logs (3-5 inches each and I think it was like 10 of them) while Sophia was doing the same. We were both grunting and moaning a lot. After about 10 minutes I pooped about 18 small logs and Sophia was done and flushed. I didn't feel quite empty yet but the bowl was completely full again so I did another courtesy flush, but this time it clogged the toilet, I pooped too much and should've done the courtesy flush earlier. I called over Sophia to look. I hovered my ass above the toilet so she could see and she was shocked that I could still clog the toilet after a courtesy flush. She told me that she clogged the toilet too upstairs and that both toilets are clogged now. I joked about how we just poop too much for the toilets to handle and we both started laughing. Sophia asked me if I was done and I told her not yet but the toilet is clogged so she grabbed a bucket in which I could finish my big load. I got up from the toilet and hovered my ass above the bucket so Sophia could see. I started grunting and pushing out the longest log of this load, a whopping 16 inches! After that I grunted a lot more logs out and after 15 minutes I was finally done. Sophia threw my poop in some bushes behind her garden and when she got back she said that it seems like having a big butt like me comes with taking huge poops and I replied with that she clogged the toilet too even though her butt is smaller than mine, we both laughed and starting unclogging both toilets. After that we spend the rest of the afternoon playing games and sharing stories about clogging toilets.

If you guys like this story I might share those clogging stories me and Sophia talked about. But this is it for now.


Sheena B
Hello all! I am enjoying everybody's stories here! I live in a Large Red Barn in the country. I have a habit of pushing out very large bowel movements and I absolutely love doing so! I have clogged up many a toilet with my logs! I sometimes push them out in the deep woods where there is Deer, Fox, Owl and Black Bear. There is also a big pond with Swan, Ducks, Frogs, Fish and Great Blue Heron, which is a large water bird.

Well anyway my best friend Mindy and I were walking through my woods one day when I had to take an enormous dump. I tore down my jeans and panties and crouched down. "OoooH!" I moaned in pleasure as I started to push, as a big, fat solid log started to come out of my ass. I pushed harder as my log grew larger and larger and anus expanded wider. I then closed my eyes and squeezed really hard, really letting it air out. And soon I had a thick, long log sticking out of my quivering butt. The pleasure of pushing this beast out was incredible. As I then gritted my teeth and exploded my log onto the forest floor. My friend Mindy then tore her pants and panties down and peed all over my monstrosity. After this we both laughed as we walked home relieved. Hoped you enjoyed my story.

To Jocelyn-Sorry to hear about your mothers passing.

To Centalia-I enjoyed your desperation story when there was a fire alarm.

To Mina-I love your stories in general with your friends, Hisae, Kazumi and Maho.

To Nina- I enjoyed your outside wooden toilet story.

Roommate has her morning Bm-I enjoyed your story with your college roommate. Good to see you two getting along bathroom wise too.

Curious guy returns
Note: not to be mistaken for Mr. Curious. I am getting a Ph.D. Maybe someday I will be Dr. Curious.

A couple curious questions and how I got to the questions after.


1. Male or Female
2. When you poop in a public restroom with stalls, do you pull you pants down to your ankles, calves, knees or even mid-thigh?
3. Is this different at home, or hotel bathrooms?
4. If you do pull you pants down to your ankles, do you separate your underwear i.e pants down to your ankles but underwear stays at your knees or do you keep you briefs, boxers, panties or thong with your pants?
5. Women: if you pee, do your pants and and underwear get pulled down to the same area of your legs as when you poop?
6. Men: do you ever sit down to pee at home or public restroom?
7. Women: IF you are wearing a skirt, do you pull your skirt down like pants to sit on the toilet or do you lift up your skirt and pull down your underwear? Is this the same or different with Number 1 and Number 2?

1. How often, if ever do you get skidmarks?
2. When was you last skidmark?
3. Do you get skidmarks more in cert types of underwear, i.e dark vs light, boxers vs briefs, thongs vs panties?
4. When you get skidmarks, do you wipe until the paper is clean of do or do you know you are going to get skidmarks when you are done wiping i.e you cannot get clean after wiping, or you run out of toilet paper or you don't even wipe?
5. When you get skidmarks in your underwear, did you leave skidmarks in the toilet as well?

So I pooped today a work Friday . For some reason I took the middle stall. my pants dropped down to my ankles, but I kept my white briefs at mu knees. I get kind of self-conscious of bring my white briefs to my ankles, even if they are clean, but I am more comfortable with my pants down to my ankles. If I keep my pants at my knees, they just drop down any way. I was a little more constipated that day, I was farting but the poop was not coming out on its own. I do not like to push too hard , so I was trying to let gravity, nature and time take its course. Over the next 5 minutes, the stalls to both sides of me where taken. To my right was a well dressed man in the suit based on my glance through the stall door, and his fancy shoes and pants. The funny thing to me is that his fancy pants dropped down to his ankles with his silk boxers visable under the stall. He was farting very noisy, which was also funny to me as this guy seemed like some high-powered lawyer or executive in my building. The guy on my left, wore more humble khakis, but his pants stayed at his knees, maybe mid thigh or knees . I never saw his bare calves nor underwear. I knew we were all pooping as a guy because if they did not have to poop, they would have used a urinal. This made me cuprous about the same situation in a women's bathroom. Do women pull their pants down to their ankles or panties if they are wearing a dress or skirt?

Any way the guy on my right had a loud and noisy poop, but was able to finish, wipe from what sounded like 4 times, wash his hands and leave before I was done. The man on my left was still sitting when I when to washed my hands and left he bathroom. When I flushed I had major skid marks in the bowls. I usually don't notice but I was very aware that day. At the end of the day I of course had skidmarks in my underwear despite wiping 6 times until the paper seemed clean.

So my friend that I talked about with the white bodysuit last time, without going into details, stayed over Saturday night at my house. We are not together, but we mutually trying to be there for each other physically and emotionally. Now, before we hung out Saturday, I dropped a very big and soft turd in the toilet. It came out much faster than my Friday turd at work. I was able to get clean after 3 wipes, but I wiped two times more just for good measure in case I got intimate with my friend and we were not able to get a shower first in the heat of the moment. I noticed after I flushed, I did not leave skidmarks in the toilet. Before we got naked with each other, I noticed my white briefs were still clean and stainless despite pooping before our date. Believe it or not, I only get skidmarks a couple times a week, which is one reason why I still wear white underwear. But since I did not leave skidmarks in the toilet after my poop on Saturday, but I did leave skidmarks in the toilet Friday, I wondered if that was a factor with my skidmarks. My hypothesis is if your poop leaves marks in the toilet, it is more likely, but not inevitable that you will have skidmarks in your underwear, pending other factors!

So thank you to all who want to participate in my survey above!

Epilogue. My friend also pooped at my house before our Saturday outing and our overnight ...session. Before we took off our clothes, I noticed she left major skidmarks in my toilet. Thankful she is not easily embarrassed. She was wearing a black thong that night so I could not test my skidmark bowl/underwear theory that time ...



Was driving along the highway a few weeks ago when i got the a sudden urge for the toilet. Saw a sign saying "restroom 1mile" so i put my foot down and drove!

I got to the restroom exit. I saw all there was a 2 wooden buildings marked Male and Female. I rushed into the mens, and was shocked when all i saw was 2 holes in a wooden plank, no dividers. I quickly put my arse on the hole, and let rip! I was desperate and it was flying out my arse, loudly!

Midway through i heard a car pull-up and 2 voices, one male and female get out. The male voice "i may be a few mins" she laughed.

A shirtless hairy man came in and saw me on one of the holes, and said "oh wow this is awkward, but im sorry for this" he quickly pulled his trousers and sat down, letting rip. His knees touching mine.

We both laughed, as my arse started firing more shit again. Both of us grunting, and farting was a amazing sight. Must have been on there 20mins, and had an amazing conversation with him!
It came to wiping, which was fun as there was only 1 roll, which we had to share. Both of us finished the same time, and stood up, revealing both of us had matching white briefs on. His wife had been waiting and heard the whole thing!

Heya folks.

I had Chili con carne for dinner. After I ate, I felt the urge for a shit. I sat on the toilet and as usually, it came out with little effort. The result was a solid log of a length of 8 inches and a diameter of 1.5 inches as well as some softer shit.



This morning I woke after sleeping in campervan parked in drive overnight .Three times I had a wee during night in ELEGANCE PORTTA POTTIE
When I woke @ 8 am had a wee got dressed, went in house washed brushed my teeth put tea bags in mug , boiled kettle. Suddenly I needed the toilet, went back to van put paper towel on back of bowl , lowered my jogging bottoms and pants sat down , immediately my bladder and bowels opened, six minutes of weeing and pooping , sat and relaxed a few minutes then tore seven sheets or FIAMMO toilet paper from holder mounted on window attached
to side door.
I went back to kitchen washed hands made and drank tea then emptied all potties in outside drain ready for tonight

Danny and Bryan-I laughed out loud ( and farted, looking around no one heard or saw..) when I saw both of you had some gender neutral stories pooping next to a girl. We all have to face our humanity. Maybe someday those gals will have to poop around you and we can all let our guards down and feel a little relief . I also laughed as the girl Danny pooped around , her name was Jenny ( it is my real name too) I would have done the same, but in a joking matter...then I would tell you to leave so I can fart out my turds...and you may not want to stay around for that. Sometime when I have to poop around my girlfriends, I wait for them to leave. I can poop really fast, but it can be noisy the faster I poop, the more crackling and farting there my be. If they take their time leaving , I joke I have to poop and they don't want to stay around. We share a laugh and they usually understand and leave me in peace. Sometimes they stay, but I am more relaxed to poop after joking around, and I do not feel guilty for pooping because I warned them!!

Danny' survey

1. How many times a day do you fart on average? I lose count. Scientifically we all fart 5-15 times a day. All of us..even the gals sitting on the beach with string bikinis butt exposed everyone

2. Are your farts ever loud? How often do they smell really strong or bad? I fart a home kind of loud but it doent smell. My silent farts do snick. I dont know which is more embarrassing

3. Are there any foods that make you really gassy and have to fart a lot? I have plant based diet, so everything

4. Has anyone ever accidentally or intentionally(like a bully or older sibling) farted right in your face or just farted on or around you in general? My brother have done stuff like this. Honestly my husband farts around me to make me feel better when I am embarrassed about farting or pooping around him. It is figuratively and literally a tension breaker

5. While taking a dump and being gassy have you ever done a courtesy flush? Was your gas ever so bad that someone asked you for a courtesy flush? No body has ever asked for a courtesy flush. But If I know I am pooping a lot, especially if I am at someone house, I will need flush at least before I wipe, if not part way though my poop so I don't clog the toilet after I wipe. Believe it or not, despite my "nickname" I use a lot of toilet paper if I poop at work or out with friends. I don't want my butt to smell ,even if I get a little skid. but my poops are soft and sometimes I cannot gamble to flush my toilet paper and poop at the same time

6. If you have a significant other do you fart in front of each other? If so do you both find it funny or just ignore it? We do fart around each other all the time. It's a little embarrassing, but its fun embarrassing if that makes sense. When you watch a scary movie, or ride a roller coaster, you want a scare, but not a panic attack. I'm embarrassed when I fart, poop or get a skidmark around my husband as he already pays a lot of attention to my rear. However he is very tactful and does not seem to be grossed out or become less interested in my butt when I let out a fart

7. What is your most embarrassing experience involving farting?(For Example: like farting in class or in front of a crush) Farting at the gym. I cannot tell sometimes if people can hear with everyone wearing headphones, and sometimes I let one out when I squat. but every now and then I see someone's expression whether they smelt my fart or heard it, they new it was my ass. I know a lot of people look at my rear at the gym, I have learned to admit that is it nice. But I get a lot of my skids at the gym with the bad toilet paper and rushed wipes. So farting at the gym attracting more attention to my probably dirty butt gets me blushing… but far from a panic attack

I appreciated your story about the gender-neutral bathroom. Most of the gender neural bathrooms in Seattle are just a single toilet room, not a row of stalls for everyone I had a friend who was asked how she would feel about pooping next to someone of the opposite sex she said " the same as I feel when I have to poop next to someone of the same sex... I hate it but if I have to go I have to my friend Jenny doesn't want to smell my poop and I don't want to hear or smell hers!"
Honestly it was years before I could poop with another woman in the public restroom. I would usually wait until she had to leave before I would start dropping my own bombs. I think I have seen some skits on the internet of two girls who need to poop but are waiting for the other to leave before they go. I think I have been through that and have even left without pooping because I was so shy to poop around another girl. Ironically because I was too shy to poop, I spend the rest of the day at school "crop dusting" at releasing pressure . I don't think anyone suspected it was me, but I know people were smelling it and probably blaming the guys in my class room . Anyway , I would bet the girl who you pooped with was waiting for you guys to leave before she emptied her bladder or bowels..or both . Don't be too embarrassed! But I would be a hypocrite to say I never got embarrassed poiong in the presence of another person , I just don't panic anymore. Having someone hear me drop a poop from my "cute" bottom and getting a skid in my pretty panties that most people will not see is better than losing control of my bowels in public.

I had a medical mentor who saying I lifted. All people will soil themselves under a certain amount of stress. It's just if we are really young, really old, or really sick, that threshold of stress is much lower...but it can happen to us all.

-skidmarked in Seattle ( but not right now !)

Skidmarked from Columbia

just posting and replying to Jenny

You know I used to be constipated since forever. Butt (pun always intended ;) I was 24, I used to try epsom salt bath for I don't know I forgot! It caused me extreme diarrhea and caused my first poop accident... It felt strange, because I'm an adult! Butt I was home and didn't think much of it because it was a mistake.

My first pee accident as an adult happened when I was 21... I was a dishwasher and of course I had to bus tables and wash super difficult pots and pans like a mad man!!! I was walking home from work and suddenly I needed bathroom and because I had little to no energy I... desperately tried to hold it, but peed myself. I don't think anyone saw it. Again I didn't feel embarrassed. Don't worry if you get embarrassed if and when these accidents happen... I think differently. I believe having accidents and skid marks like many on here doesn't make you a sinner. If you judge people for accidents or skid marks in his or her underwear, just stop and wait for you to make a mistake and join us ;)

Reply to Skidmarked from Seattle Jenny- yeah you're post are my favorite. Keep in mind everyone reading this... this ain't a contest just be honest and good. Anyways you mentioned a teenage man looking at your butt at the gym... hehe I always thought yeah women are self conscious when men and other women give attention. anyways I have a question... why do so many women wear leggings in the gym? asking because I want to wear leggings under my shorts as underwear... because unfortunately my shorts kinda fall when I'm working out. butt the problem is it's so HOT here.


Answering some surveys!

I was bored so I thought I'd do some surveys :D. Some surveys were posted recently and some a while ago

First up is Kristi's:

1. Your age/gender.
17, female

2. Scenario: You're in a one-person bathroom, pooping. You've just sat down and haven't started going yet. There's a knock on the door and someone asks "Are you almost done?" What do you do? Do you answer the person? Do you hurry up and push your poop out as fast as possible? Or do you take your time?

I'm not shy about pooping at all so I would just say that I just sat down and I'm probably gonna take a while! I also wouldn't try to be quiet with grunting and stuff I just do what I have to do and enjoy it.

3. You're camping. And you've gotta take a dump. You have two options: One is to use a bathroom that is absolutely filthy. We're talking smelly, messy, filthy seat, filthy everything. Three other option is to walk a short distance and poop outside. You will have complete privacy, and you have toilet paper with you.

I would poop outside since I really like to!

4. You're in a new relationship with a guy/girl who you really like. You're at that person's house for the very first time. And that dinner has moved its way through you. Do you (a) hold it until you leave, (b) go poop, but be very discreet and try to hurry, or (c) tell the person exactly what you need to do and go do it?

I would just tell them I have to poop, it's completely normal and if my future boyfriend doesn't like that then I probably wouldn't have a relationship with the guy in the first place.

5. When you're taking a crap, do you try to get your business done as quickly as possible, or do you like to take some time? Or does it vary?

Unless I'm in a hurry I will always take my time since I enjoy pooping. I usually take 15 - 30 minutes to poop.

6. You just went poop in a public restroom. You wipe and go to flush... and the toilet doesn't flush. Your load is sitting there for all to see, and there is someone waiting for the stall. Do you tell them the flusher doesn't work, or do you just leave? (This happened to me recently except that I was the one waiting for the stall!)

I would just honestly tell the person 'Sorry, I clogged the toilet' because I don't really mind to and I will probably never encounter that person in my life ever again so why should I worry? I always take huge poops so I often clog toilets when I forget to flush midway, sometimes I already clogged the toilet before flushing midway hehe.

Next up is Malika's survey:

1. how often do you have to poop? Every day ? Every 2 days ?...

Usually every 3 or 4 days.

2. how many turds do you make? or are they small pieces?

I always poop a lot because I only poop every 3 or 4 days, so it's always at least 10 turds ranging from 3 to 6 inches with 1 or 2 10+ inch turds. I never really do soft poop unless I ate something spicy.

3. do you have to press until the first turd comes?

Depends, some slide out easily and some require some pushing.

4. Does it make a loud splash when the turd falls into the water?

Every turd I drop makes a 'plopping' sound but the long ones are usually quiet because before coming out completely they have already hit the water.

5. how long does it take you to poop?

15 - 30 minutes

6. Do you moan when you poop?

I moan a lot yeah, mostly out of reaction when it's coming out.

7. do you like to go poop?

A lot!!

8. what is the consistency of your turds and poop?

Almost always pretty solid.

Anon Pooper's survey:

1. When you poop, how long does it usually take?

15 - 30 minutes

2. Have you ever been in pain because a turd was too wide?

There have been a few times where this happened yeah, I had to push real hard and my ass was sore after.

3. If you get constipated, how often and what's your constipation like? Is it going days without pooping or is it just having trouble pushing it out or a mix of both?

So I poop every 3 or 4 days and on the day I get the urge, I usually get it like twice and if I don't go then I will almost always get constipated and make me go without pooping for about a week which makes my poop ever bigger.

4. If you get diarrhea, how often? Does it come in the form of loose stools or liquid?

I don't really remember getting diarrhea ever except for one time when I slept over at my friend Sophia's house and she spiked my drink with laxatives as a joke. The next day I woke up, ran to the toilet and exploded with very runny, almost liquid, diarrhea. I was on the toilet for over an hour and had to flush multiple times. I moaned real loud and my stomach felt like it was dying!

5. If you've pooped in public while constipated have you ever grunted so loud someone heard you and made comments or asked if you're ok?

I once pooped in a mall next to a girl my age, I had this really wide turd stuck in my ass and was grunting really loud to get it out, the girl was grunting too but said to me 'Looks like you're having a hard time' on which I replied while grunting 'Yup but it doesn't seem like I'm the only one.

6. Do you like or dislike pooping and why?

Ever since I was a kid I always really LOVED pooping. The feeling I get when my turds comes out of my ass just feels really good! It's also very relaxing. Buddy dumping makes pooping feel even better, like when I talk to Sophia on the phone while we are both pooping.

7. Do you always pee when you poop? If so do you pee or poop first?

I always pee first.

8. Do you use toilet paper or baby wipes?

Toilet paper

9. How long have you gone without pooping?

I think about 10 days. When I finally got to poop in a mall my pile was so big it reached above the toilet seat so I had to hover my ass above the toilet while pooping, I forgot about flushing midway because I was enjoying it a lot. When I washed my hands after someone walked into the stall and I heard them gasp in shock hehe.

10. How long have you gone without peeing?

A few hours I think?

11. Have you had any accidents as an adult?


12. Have you ever had to have someone else manually remove your poop because of constipation?

Thankfully not.

And lastly, Steve's survey about clogging toilets (my specialty hehe)

1. Have you ever clogged at a toilet before? Where did it happen?

Literally every time I forget to flush midway. At home, at a friend's house, school, work, public toilets, you name it!

2. Why did it clog? Too much TP, size of your load, or weak flush?

Because my loads are wayyy too big to flush in one go hehe.

3. Did you feel embarrassed when you clogged it?

Not at all, I really like the fact that I can clog toilets whenever I want to be honest. In public I just leave my load and when I'm at my or someone else's home I just unclog it.

4. Does your house toilet have a stong, average, or weak flush?

I'd say it's about average.

5. What methods do you use to prevent toilet clogging?

I always do 2 or 3 flushes while pooping and flush for the toilet paper separately.

6. Do you have a story about toilet clogging with yourself or other people?

I recently posted the one at Sophia home but I can tell another one! One time when I missed my pooping day while on vacation I finally had to poop after about 8 days. We went to Indonesia where all public toilets are squat toilets and I knew from experience that those are hard to clog (because they're pretty big and have strong flushes). I went to a public bathroom and challenged myself to clog the toilet which requires a huuuge load. I squatted down at started my dump. My first log was the biggest I have ever, I'd say about 26 inches. After that I had 3 15 - 17 inches logs. By that time I was already pooping for like 15 minutes but felt far from done. I grunted out another 19 inch log and rapidly pooped like 5 logs that were each about 5 inches. Then I had a lot of small logs, I think maybe 25 - 30, all ranging from 3 - 5 inches. I was moving my ass around above the toilet to fill it completely. After 40 minutes I was finally done and when I looked at my load I couldn't even see the white bottom anymore. I was sure I clogged it and I was right because when I flushed, all my logs moved to the drain and formed like a wall that blocked the hole leading down the pips. I was real proud of that loud!

This is it for now! I missed my pooping day yesterday and hadn't had the urge to go today so I've got a huuuge load coming up soon!



Worsening condition of bathrooms

Me and Lisa spend a lot of time together. We're winding down our senior year in high school, we're taking most of the same classes together, so we do most of our studying together. Also we've been dating for several months. We like to study together for several hours and then take a walk before we go to our respective homes. For two years during the pandemic we did virtual learning from our homes and we doubled up for that too. Then last year we went back to our large high school for our junior year and we couldn't believe the way things had deteriorated at the school. The way the students treated the bathrooms was atrocious. There was a lot of deliberate vandalism and messes left in and outside the bathrooms that can't be printed here.

Lisa's complaints about the girls rooms, and on all three floors by the way, is that some of the toilet seats have been removed. She finds it very uncomfortable to sit in the edge of the bowl when she craps; she'll tolerate it for a simple pee, especially instead of getting written up for tardiness. There's often not enough time for her to get in another line. Students let the sinks overflow and and the toilet paper roll is
often gone, sometimes with even the holder busted off. More than anything else, she is grossed out by the crap that is built up in the toilets, clogging them, and with little attention from custodians to plunge them out.

The guys fill the urinal bowls with towels and the user gets a splash back. I was personally in line when two guys in front of me got into a fight over the splash back sabotage. The front guy had light shorts on when he got his shower. For every 10 toilets, half of them have had their seats partially or fully broken off. Guys will pee directly over the seat and without any thought of who will be taking the seat next. The toilets are usually fully plugged with crap by late morning and I've seen crapping on crap as high as the seat level. One toilet had a full box of school newspapers dumped in it.

Whenever possible, Lisa and I will hold our bathroom needs until we walk off campus and to a gas station or park. Then when we go to either her family or mine for dinner, we're pretty much refreshed. What Lisa finds most reprehensible is having had to sit in someone else's pee in order to take a quick crap and then not being able to wash her hands because of all the vandalism. Just last week we walked over to her house right after school and I got started on my AP paper while she went in and bathed. She ended up throwing out yet another pair of her soiled underwear before she rejoined me.

She and I wrote the survey below. Thank you for filling it out!

1) Why are people today so intent on messing up public bathrooms?

2) Is it anger about the pandemic or something else?

3) Why aren't school administrators, police or others better handling the deliberate vandalism?

Lisa and I don't know what the answers are, but we are experiencing the results big time.

Anna from Austria
Reply to Jenny

Thanks my trip to the states went well. I just came back yesterday.

Using the American toilets was a funny experience. Despite the fact I though I got used to it at the end of my first US trip I took some time again to get used to the open stalls and the hole-type toilet with makes pooping much louder thanks to the plopping sound. The tray-type toilets we have here in Austria prevent the plopping. At the end of my trip, I got used to it again and felt just normal and not embarrassed pooping in another open space compared to Austrian toilets which have no gaps between the toilets very often.

I think that I never was the only pooper when pooping outside my hotel room also made it less embarrassing. The only thing I absolutely dislike about American toilets is the thin toilet paper they have in the public toilets. It is so thin that I can tear it rather easily. It happened to me a few times actually and then I had some poop on my fingers. It was not pleasant.

Greetings from Austria


Mina Kazumi Hisae Maho

Dear Blake

"Comments and questions appreciated" you said. We enjoyed to read your story! (Actually Mina enjoyed to read, and three crushes enjoyed to hear Mina's translation into Japanese.)

Kazumi said, "sit on bench of outhouse thirty minutes and poo and poo and poo ten kilos is Paradise!" She wants to visit your grandfather's house after eating huge meals and not doing a motion for a whole week. She will be happy to leave door open, we four don't have habit of close door to do motions. Maho and Hisae and Mina also think, you were in a Paradise.

Nina, Japanese outhouse type loo always have paper. But it is not roll. It is basket with many squares of paper, paper is soft very much.

Avery, we all four can tell you that we are not big size but even time we were in elementary school, we often did very huge motion. Kazu did calculate, 16 x 3 is 48, so your motion was 48 inches that is 120 centimetres. We think, our motion was same size. Sometimes bigger, perhaps.

And we love all your stories. You are so sweet girl. We felt very warm to know you did so huge motion with wearing only bikini. In Japanese hot summer, we often take off all clothes to do, because toilet has no air condition. And like Blake, we stay on loo very long time to do 48 inches or more than it.

We want to write many more things but we are all sleepy so we write next time.

Little question to writer of post with title "Vacation" and you ate big burger but without finish. Are you a girl or a boy?

Love to everyone.

Maho Hisae Kazumi Mina

Monday, March 06, 2023


To Nina and the rural toilets

Gotta say, I'd love to try out one of those toilets :) They weren't luxurious, but certainly lots of fun


I guess I wasn't tactful

This happened about 25 years ago when I had just started high school. My bowels were messed up by the kind of bathrooms I had to adjust to, two thousand students who didn't always get along with one another, and my inner fears of getting my teachers upset by being tardy to their class or needing to use the bathroom during class time. The first time I had to ask was in 3rd hour math. When I was called on I faintly said that I needed a pass to the bathroom. The teacher went dramatic on me in front of the class. She faked surprise, said we were just into the first 10 minutes of class, and that I should have used the facilities during passing break. She said a couple of other things under her breath that got a couple of laughs, and then she quoted some old guy I had never heard of about the "virtues of waiting." All I could do was to smile and not piss her off any more.

We had just started to work math problems when all of a sudden the fire alarm went off. First fire drill of the year and the teacher started losing it again. We dropped everything and followed the flashing lights in the hallway to the exits. By the time we got outside and were pushed as a group into each of the far parking lots well away from the building, my need for a crap became more apparent. I didn't know the school well enough to try and find a bathroom to sneak into when we went back in. I also knew my bowels were getting more upset with the sirens I was hearing. This was no fire drill. There were several engines and an ambulance that I could see driving up. There were a couple of girls around me who were dancing around saying they had to pee. One had been taking a shit and a administrator came in and practically pulled her off the toilet. The lady got upset when a couple of the others were slow moving. I don't think that would have happened if it had been at my mom's office building downtown.

My plan was to be one of the first to get back into the building. Then I would be one of the first to get on the toilet, take my crap, and hopefully benefit from the confusion of the fire. When the alarm stopped ringing, I was one of the first to enter back into the building. I took a short cut up the stairs and through a large loading dock to get back inside and ran as fast as I could to where I figured there had to be a bathroom. I went into a 4-staller. The first three had doors that were closed and with legs and feet under them. I hurried to the very end of the row. This toilet had no privacy door and the older girl looked rather surprised when I walked up to her, with her clothing at her knees, and asked her if she was almost done. She swore at me and seemed particularly offended by my question.

In a really snotty way she quickly stood up and yanked her body to the right, as if she was going to wipe. Instead she aimed and let go of a soft foot long of shit that splattered square onto the right side of the white seat. "Enjoy," she said, as she was pulling up her clothing and walking away. She walked out of there fast, as if she had set the fire, and she was cursing me.

In the meantime, one of the other toilets opened. The girl hurried out, while still pulling up her jeans, and luckily there was a traffic jam at the door, because she was still working with her jeans in the crowd. I quickly ducked into the toilet. The bowl was unflushed and gross with a wicked mixture of crap and pee. I pulled my clothing down and sat on the warm seat hoping for the best. It was nice to have a wooden privacy door between me and the crowded bathroom. I spread my legs, pushed with all might might, and a nice splattering of crap splashed out of me. I stood, did a couple of quick wipes and figured I was no better than 50% clean. Still, I was better off than before. That odd feeling that I was going to explode was gone

I quickly pulled my clothing up and waited for my break into the congested hallway. The confusion in the hallway built my confidence that the schedule was way off and everyone was going to be late in getting back to class. It was like a two block walk through the hallways but I was one of the first back to math class. Our teacher was more angry than ever, but now it wasn't at me.

When I got home I headed straight to my bathroom to finish cleaning my rear up. I had sweat through much of the day and my 15 minute bath really felt refreshing. I set my undies aside to specially wash before my mom came home. There were a few stains that didn't come out, but I knew it could have been worse. Then I laid down and started to think on how I could avoid the embarrassment and frustration of using school bathrooms.

Roommate has her morning BM

I have not much to tell since things have been pretty uneventful. We are happy with our new warning sign "Do not feed me things that make me sick" hanging over the toilet. Our guests think it's hilarious as well. We have to tell them the whole story for them to understand why we had to put it up.
This morning, I was washing my face when Kelly got out of bed. She said good morning and told me that she needs to use the toilet. That was no surprise to me since that's what she does every morning. She sat down on our toilet and started blowing it up immediately. I then took care of my hair and my make up. After about fifteen minutes she was done and wiped her bum. Her BM was quite smelly. She flushed and had to use the brush to clean the remains! Then she washed her hands. I asked her if she had a good clearout. She blushed and answered yes indeed. We brushed our teeth simultaneously and left just in time for class.

Nina, can you describe pooping in the abandoned houses?


Danny's survey

Farting Survey

1. How many times a day do you fart on average?

Not sure, probably anywhere from 4-12 times

2. Are your farts ever loud? How often do they smell really strong or bad?

Sometimes audible, sometimes silent. Usually I wouldn't say super loud or long. Usually don't smell that strongly, but occasionally they do.

3. Are there any foods that make you really gassy and have to fart a lot?

I haven't noticed anything that reliably makes me gassy. Beans sometimes do, but not always.

4. Has anyone ever accidentally or intentionally(like a bully or older sibling) farted right in your face or just farted on or around you in general?

Not that I remember. In high school a few other kids tried to do the "pull my finger" trick, but I never took the bait.

5. While taking a dump and being gassy have you ever done a courtesy flush? Was your gas ever so bad that someone asked you for a courtesy flush?


6. If you have a significant other do you fart in front of each other? If so do you both find it funny or just ignore it?

When I last had a significant other, we did fart in front of each other, although even after we had been living together for a long time I was always a little bit shy and usually tried to avoid it when possible. Mostly we both laughed about it.

7. What is your most embarrassing experience involving farting?(For Example: like farting in class or in front of a crush)

Probably when I was in high school, which was a long time ago. I was very easily embarrassed then in general. One day I was in study hall in a fairly quiet room sitting at a table right next to this girl I had a crush on and I farted audibly despite trying not to. I was so embarrassed I started giggling uncontrollably. A little bit later she farted too (which I secretly found hot), and then said "excuse me" calmly. She handled it with a lot more composure than I did.


Apprentice Dump

I work as a millwright at a steel mill, doing mechanical repair work on the machinery. Back when I was starting out I was an apprentice to an older guy named Ralph - typical seasoned blue collar worker, wore flannels tucked into jeans, had a mustache and a bit of a beer gut, cussed a lot, and was not shy about ripping farts on the job or stinking up the john. It helped me be less shy about such things, as I was generally squeamish about pooping in public at that point in life, at least leading up until then. Oftentimes when I was still real green I wouldn't be able to proceed on a given repair job without his instruction, so when he had to take a dump we'd have to drop everything. Because of that, I ended up following him to the john more often than not, either to take a piss or sit down beside him in one of the doorless stalls so I could shit too. There were small wooden partitions between the toilets, so we could see each other from the shoulder up, so many times we ended up chatting or he'd continue his explanation of what he was showing me before the urge to shit hit him. It was such a regular occurrence that he'd even joke about it in the mornings sometimes - I remember one day he came in and the first thing he said to me as he was opening up his toolbox was "I hope you don't expect to get through this bearing replacement quickly, cause the chili my wife made last night had me burning the seat of my truck on the way in." We both chuckled, and sure enough, soon after we started the job he had to trot off to the toilet and I followed and listened to him describe the proper procedures as he loaded the bowl with paint-peeling chili shits.

Anyone else ever have a mentor figure in their life who taught them a thing or two about taking a dump?


Danny's Farting and Gas Survey

Farting Survey (My favorite topic)

1. How many times a day do you fart on average?

Never counted. Many. I'm just a very farty person without unfortunate causes like IBS or LI.

2. Are your farts ever loud? How often do they smell really strong or bad?

Yes, can be loud. If no one's around and can give a good "push" without having an accident, I can rip a long, loud one. Most, like I'm at my computer or reading, just silently "leak" out into the seat I'm sitting on. Or I lift an ass cheek and let a little noisy one out.

I don't believe this! As I'm writing this, I'm listening to a PBS radio Classical music station. I believe the announcer just farted. There was a noise, like a fart, and the announcer apologized on air saying, "I have no idea what that was." It wasn't a belch. Broadcast stations usually have at least a 5 second delay, wonder why they didn't edit it out?

Aroma depends on my diet and/or time of day. Morning ones are less odoriferous, until it's getting close to needing to have a BM. Those can get stinky. If I can, I try to hold those in until I'm sitting on the toilet.

3. Are there any foods that make you really gassy and have to fart a lot?

Yes. Spicy food like Mexican or hot Sichuan or Thai. Anything with beans, like Chili. Sometimes really fast like still in the restaurant.

4. Has anyone ever accidentally or intentionally (like a bully or older sibling) farted right in your face or just farted on or around you in general?

No. But in college, my fraternity dormmates would get together and farting contests soon began. Some tried to light them, not recommended. My significant other said I farted in bed too much.

5. While taking a dump and being gassy have you ever done a courtesy flush? Was your gas ever so bad that someone asked you for a courtesy flush?

No. I'm usually very farty while having a bowel movement. At home no problem, but If I'm having a movement in a public men's room, I try to get it over with as soon as possible, hoping to minimize the stench. Alas, once it's out, it's out.

6. If you have a significant other do you fart in front of each other? If so do you both find it funny or just ignore it?

We were comfortable with each other's biological needs. If there was a particularly smelly fart, one might get a stare down. Certain sounding farts might get a laugh or a "what was that?"

7. What is your most embarrassing experience involving farting?(For Example: like farting in class or in front of a crush)

Yeah, in a crowded New York City subway or bus. For four years I commuted on bus and subway one hour each way to my mid-town Manhattan job and the Bronx. Crowded subway cars standing room only were notorious. Too noisy to hear a fart, but still smell it. Interesting watching faces looking around for the hapless person as the aroma spread through the car. But if I was that hapless person, and it did happen, I was immediately identifiable through my red face of self-incrimination the moment I noticed it had an aroma.

Mr Curious


If you had the choice, would you prefer to poo in a dirty public toilet, or take a risk and poo outside behind a bush or by the side of your car?
I will not use public toilets to poo, they are often dirty and without any paper. I would rather squat in the woods or somewhere quiet and out of the way. It's obviously easier in the country than in a town or city, although I have pooed in a big London park, it was early morning though. Only the other day I saw someone pooing on the side of a busy motorway near London, they could easily found a petrol station open, but obviously were either bursting, or liked to do it in the open like me

Skidmarked in Columbia-Thank you for the kind words. Like I mention a lot, I still get a little anxious and embarrassed about my skid marks and pooping in public sometimes, but the femotion passes much faster than it did before I was on this forum! Last week I had a little laugh when I noticed a young guy at the gym checking out my rear in the mirror with my new pair of yoga pants, knowing I was probably brewing some nice skid marks on my light pink thong as 5 minutes before, I was having an amazing dump in the locker room! I wiped as well as I could, but my buns were a little sticky...and the 20 something guy will probably never know,..unless he's on this forum...hahaha. I also had a good laugh in the locker room when I pulled down my thong to shower and my hypothesis was confirmed . I wonder if anyone saw me laughing at my panties now that I think about it!

Nina-When you wash you family's laundry, do you notice if some people get more skidmarks than others? or if some people never seem to get them? Do you or anyone else think adult, even very clean adults (I consider my self very clean know) wipe minimally or skip the wipe because they know the cleaning will be futile? I have to admit I rarely not wipe after pooping at the gym (that's another post) but sometimes I will wipe just once or twice know a shower and underwear change is coming..and nobody who doesn't have access to the locker will know!

Matthew-I use stain sprays on my skidmarks and my underwear will last about three years before they get permanent stains. In college I used stain sticks, and they did not seem to work as well. SOmetimes the stains will stick around after the wash for me if I dont pre treat before putting my underwear in the laundry

Anna in Austria- I hope your trip to the states went or is going well. How was using our American stalls? I think there are a lot more options for single toilet/ gender neutral bathrooms than there used to be!! I

Nicole How did that house party/garage wipe go since you were prepared to wipe for a pee and hand to wipe for a poop? Wow, I remember house parties in my late teens and 20's and going out to bars in my 20's and early early 30's. I rarely had to poop, but when I did for whatever reason, I got worse than average skidmarks, perhaps the typee of underwear I wore, the rushed wipes, sometimes no toilet paper and of course the intoxication haha ( right Anna from Austra?) I noticed (how is another story) a lot of ladies skip the wipe after a pee (I admit I think I did that from). Why, who knows, maybe we wanted to get back to partying and get out of the filthy bathrooms or if we were peeing ( or more) outside, we wanted to cover up as soon as possible. Kind of awkard thinking about also how many times I went home with a date after these events with skidmarks on my lace panties and thongs, I guess the alcohol mellowed me out. If any guys complained..I don't remember but I knew I always had a ball!

Take care all,
-Skidmarkes in Seattle

Curious guy
Hello I found this site years ago because I was self-conscious and shy when I either had to poop outside my home or I had to poop at school, work or the gym and I would get skidmarks in my white briefs despite wiping 10 times. I would become really shy round everyone, even though I know 99.99% of people would never know I had skidmarked underwear. I love all the posts here about both.

I noticed bodysuits are becoming more and more popular. I think they are kind of like leotards, but they are mean to snap between the legs so a woman's shirt stays tucked in. I have only seen one in person intimately, but I noticed a lot of these body suits are thongs.

I hung out with a friend who wore a pretty long sleeve white top tucked into her jeans. I overheard another conversation mentioned that she was wearing a body suit. We both took a break to use the bathroom. I blushed slightly after I got out of the bathroom because I had to number two. It didn't take me long, but let's just say the toilet paper felt like newspaper. Funny enough, my friend came out 5 minutes after me. I kind of gave her an out and asked if there was a long line, and she smiled at stated , no she said sje was by herself but coffee does an effect on her. She blushed but that was honest. She could have just said there was a line!

Anyway, I went home later that night. As I thought, I had a skidmark from my poop wiping job. But I wondered, did my friend wearing the white body suit get skidmarks too? We both pooped and had to use really bad mall toilet paper. and she was wearing a white body suit, possibly a thong.

Do ladies wear underwear under body suits or does the shirt act as underwear. If the later, anybody ever get a skidmark on their body suit ?

PS I tried wearing boxers but I like briefs better. I guess I could buy some dark pairs though.

Thank you Jocelyn. I'm better now. I hope you are doing well and hanging in there during a difficult time.
That was a rough day for me. I was going to the toilet a couple times an hour for most of the day. My butt was on fire to say the least!
I'm sitting on the toilet now having my regular morning poo after my coffee. I sat down and farted and then a couple of big plops. Still a bit more to get out. My wife is upstairs in our master bathroom taking a big poop also. Hope everyone has a great day. I'm going to read more posts. Such a great thing to help pass the time when I need to be on the toilet.

To Annie

Annie sounds like u had a good poop hope it came out smoothly. I had good poop today had to push a little to get it started then slid right out. Do you poop in public? If so what is your most memorable poop in public. Looking forward to hearing your story!



Hey girls, is it just me or do we often face constipation? As kids, me and our sister often used to hold our shit intentionally! 😁 even today - I'm 38 - I only go twice a week.
Constipation is a female thing in our family, see my teen daughters. Only my niece never had that - but her pregnancy changed that…

Saturday, March 04, 2023

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