A week of pooping, volume 2

In my last post, I discussed my poops on Wednesday and Monday, but that's just 2 of the poops I made, so here are the others!

Tuesday: During my second to last class, Mother Nature came knocking, except it wasn't just for a pee. I felt a log fall into my rectum, ready to be pushed out. I farted in class to relieve a bit of pressure, thankfully they weren't to smelly or loud. Besides, I'm sure no one suspected the cute blonde! That is, until I decided I needed to poop this log out and asked my teacher if I could go to the restroom. I quickly left the classroom and walked to the nearest bathroom. I walked in, took a stall, and closer the door. When I looked at the toilet though, it was full of another girl's bathroom visit, and clearly she needed that visit! The water was dark yellow, and filled with dirty toilet paper. In the middle, stretching from the back of the toilet, just in front of the hole, to the front, about 4 inches out of the water, and curling around the edge of the bowl, was a solid, rough log of poop. She must've eaten a lot over the weekend because this log was 3 inches thick and about 36 inches long. I had no doubt a girl entered the school this morning feeling weighed down and full, and was now sitting in class completely relieved and feeling much lighter, having gotten all that out of her system. I pressed the toilet handle, and heard the pipes and bowel fill with water, swirling the toilet paper, before the roar of the flush kicked in and pushed away the results of what must've been a long bathroom visit. Anyway, it was my turn to fill the toilet! I pulled down my black leggings and red panties, then relaxed and let my bladder empty itself. After 30 seconds, my pee stream finished. With 1 of 2 wastes expelled, it was time to get out my number 2. I relaxed my anus, and my log immediately poked its head out, before it continued inching it's way out. Slowly but surely, my bowels were emptied. After a minute, my first log went "plop" as the second log moved into the grips of my anus and also started falling out of my bowels. This one was softer than the first and slid right out with a bit of crackling. I didn't feel anything else, so I wiped, pulled up my pants, then took a look at what made me miss my class. The lost learning time was worth it though, as I had made two somewhat large logs. The first was 1.5 inches wide and 16 inches long, and the other was 1.5 inches wide and 12 inches long. Overall, it was a bit more than my average poop. I flushed, and watched my pee, my first log, and some toilet paper get sucked away. The second flush got rid of everything. Relieved of both wastes, I left the stall and returned to class.

Thursday: I peed at school at the end of lunch, and my new friend, Olivia, took a poop. She's joined my friend group (Jackie, Lauren, and a few other girls) so we were eating lunch together. I could feel my bladder was full, so after we were done eating, I said "I'm gonna go pee, be right back," and Olivia said "I'm gonna go to." As we were walking there, I heard Olivia's stomach grumble a bit, so I asked her "are you feeling ok?" She responded with "yeah, my stomach's really full though and hurts a lot, I shouldn't have gone back for seconds! My body really wants to make some space, so I am desperate for a poo." (I say poop, Olivia says poo) "Wow you've gotten really confident," I said. "Nope, I don't want to go, but this log is pressing as hard as it can against my butthole. I'm clenching as had as I can! It's gonna come out soon, and I'd rather it come out into a toilet bowl than my underwear." We walked into the bathroom and saw all the stalls were available. Olivia took the end stall, and I took the 4th stall (right next to her). We both closed our stall doors, and I pulled down my skinny jeans and white panties while Olivia pulled down her black leggings and panties. We sat down and started peeing at the same time. I sighed as my bladder contracted and my urine gushed through my urethra, splashing into the water below and leaving it with a yellow hue. After 20 seconds, my pee stream died down as Olivia's did the same. Then I heard her say "time to get this poo out" before I heard a quick grunt, lots of crackling for 3 seconds, then a loud "plop" followed by a loud sigh of relief. "That felt awesome!" she said as she started wiping. I tried pooping, but only let out a fart, so I wiped my vulva, pulled up my pants, and flushed the toilet before waiting outside Olivia's stall. Before she flushed, she let me see her poop: in the yellow water lay a long, smooth, brown log, probably 2.5 inches thick and 30 inches long. It was surprisingly not that smelly. "What did you eat!?" I asked. "That's probably the curry I had on Tuesday mixed with the large steak I had on Tuesday, no wonder I was so desperate!" She flushed, and all her waste was carried away, leaving a few skid marks in the toilet bowl. 7 hours later, after a dinner of chicken soup, I had my own poop to unload. I was browsing the internet when I felt an ache in my lower abdomen, so I went to the bathroom down the hall from my room and sat on the toilet. I peed for 15 seconds, then pushed. Out came a 12 inch long, 1.5 inch thick log. I pushed again to make sure I was empty, and out came 4 nuggets, each 3 inches long and 2 inches wide. It was just a normal dump for me: an average sit on the toilet to get rid of the food I don't need so I can keep filling my stomach.

Friday: When I got to school, I felt quite full. I didn't need to poop, but I knew I'd need to visit the bathroom to make some room if I wanted to eat anything. So I went to my first class, where th teacher gave all of us 2 donuts each. I didn't want to use the bathroom, and thought to myself "what difference will two donuts make?" After 3 bites, I thought differently. My stomach cramped, making me place my hand on it and grimace. I gave into my needs and asked my teacher for a bathroom pass. He gave me one, and I quickly walked to the nearest bathroom as the pressure in my abdomen continued to grow. I entered the bathroom, took the first stall, pulled down my gray sweatpants, then farted loudly. I knew then it would be smelly with lots of farts. I farted again, then one more time. My poop opened my butthole and started inching out with some crackling. I farted again, and the poop just rapidly accelerated out of my rear. I continued loudly farting as this soft log torpedoed into the toilet bowl, landing after two seconds with a splash. I was really making a stink in my stall, and the whole bathroom as well, but I still felt full, so I stayed on the toilet as my second log made it's way to my anus while I kept farting every 5 to 10 seconds. As I sat there, another girl came in. Immediately, I heard her gasp and go "whoa it stinks in here." I kept farting as she took the second stall, the stall right next to me, and pulled her blue leggings and white panties down. She started peeing, and 3 seconds later I farted loudly. "Are you ok?" she asked. "I'm fine, my stomach hurts so I'm pooping, sorry for the smell." "Oh ok, no worries," she said. She finished peeing then wiped and flushed and pulled up her pants. I felt my second log, but it didn't come out easily so I waited for her to leave before bearing down. Then I took a deep breath and pushed as hard as I could. The log emerged, then sped up before being launched into the toilet, with 3 others following. I grunted a bit before gasping and catching my breath. The 4 logs made the smell even worse. I farted a bit more, then looked at my smelly creation. The water was yellowish-brown with some small particles of poop. The first log started in the hole of the toilet, came up to the middle of the toilet, then looped back before going over itself, likely 18 inches long and 2 inches wide. The other 4 were normal size, 12 inches long and 2 inches thick. I flushed (thankfully it all went down), wiped, flushed again, then pulled up my pants, washed my hands, and returned to class.

Bye for now!

could hear a male coworker poop at all gender toilet

I visited a work related seminar last week at another company for work related further education.

After having lunch at the cafeteria of the company I felt the urge to go number 2. So headed to the restrooms.

The caferia itself was very modern and clean but the restroom layout was reall weird. They had just one restroom for all genders and the restroom only had 2 stalls. The restroom is way to small for eating place with so many people.

This time I was lucky though and the restroom was empty and the 2 stalls where empty. So I took one stall, locked the door and pulled down my pants and my thong and got seated.

Then suddenly the door of the toilet openend and guy talking on the phone entered the restroom. I could recognise the voice of the man.

It was one of co workers who was also at the seminar with me. His name was Peter. He ended the call pretty fast and took the only remaining stall next to me. When he entered the stall he pulled down his pants and his underwear an sat with a loud ompf on the toilet.

The toilet stalls itself looked massive but the walls must be really thin because I could hear everything. As soon as Peter got seated he did a loud boom typ fart and something big hit the toilet.

It must have been realy big because normaly you cannot hear the log hitting the plate of the toilet on the plate type toilets we have hear in Austria. Then he peed and started to wipe himself many times. Then he flushed and left the toilet.

I was buffled how fast he was. All my previous bfs took rather long on the toilet but this guy was really fast.

After he left i started my business. I did one big log and a smaller one and then I peed.

Afer leaving my stall I was hit with massiv poo smell.

Peter did not bother to close the door of his toilet or the toilet itself. The toilet iself was one of the toilets that are pratically a own small room with massive but thin walls between the stall.

The stench was massive considering the short time he took for his dump.

But mabye his stench was mixed with mine too. I cannot tell for sure.I closed the door right after I left the stall but maybe in the few seconds the door was openend my stench could have escaped as well.

That's my story for today.

greetings from Austria




These questions have absolute nothing to do with each other. Just random musings (I can't sleep.)

Feel free to answer the next time you're on the toilet, or whenever you're bored.

And feel free to only answer some of them.

1. Your age/gender.

2. Scenario: You're in a one-person bathroom, pooping. You've just sat down and haven't started going yet. There's a knock on the door and someone asks "Are you almost done?" What do you do? Do you answer the person? Do you hurry up and push your poop out as fast as possible? Or do you take your time?

3. You're camping. And you've gotta take a dump. You have two options: One is to use a bathroom that is absolutely filthy. We're talking smelly, messy, filthy seat, filthy everything. Three other option is to walk a short distance and poop outside. You will have complete privacy, and you have toilet paper with you.

4. You're in a new relationship with a guy/girl who you really like. You're at that person's house for the very first time. And that dinner has moved its way through you. Do you (a) hold it until you leave, (b) go poop, but be very discreet and try to hurry, or (c) tell the person exactly what you need to do and go do it?

5. When you're taking a crap, do you try to get your business done as quickly as possible, or do you like to take some time? Or does it vary?

6. You just went poop in a public restroom. You wipe and go to flush... and the toilet doesn't flush. Your load is sitting there for all to see, and there is someone waiting for the stall. Do you tell them the flusher doesn't work, or do you just leave? (This happened to me recently except that I was the one waiting for the stall!)

I saw it was her from between the cracks of the stall.
Her poop sounded firm. I think she farted at the beginning.

Thunder: My hubby and I own a bidet.

I don't always use it. A lot of my poops are in the morning. If I take a dump before I've showered, I don't even bother wiping. I just get in the shower and get clean that way.

And if I'm in a hurry, I'll just wipe.

Also... my husband kind of enjoys wiping me after I go. (I poop in front of him probably 4-5 times a week.) I let him do it.

So, the bidet does a great job of cleaning my urethra (my pee place).

It doesn't do the best job of cleaning my butt. It gets the surface of my hole clean, but I don't feel like I got a deep clean (TMI?)

And after you use it, you have to use a towel to get the water off of you, so it's not like you just get up and go.

Also, and this is more of a Kristi thing: Sitting on the bidet will sometimes make me have to poop more. So I'll poop on the toilet, use the bidet, and then have to get back to the toilet to crap some more.

I took a nice big dump at my friend Emily's house today. She kept me company while I went. She didn't have to go though.

Well, that's it for now!




Boy Bladders have to be strong

This is the first in a series of stories based on actual potty events during my Childhood. Some of it but not most of it has been exaggerated a little bit for entertainment. Feel free to let me know what you think and also feel free to leave a response story if you want. Anyway, here it is and I really hope you enjoy…

It was Sunday and my six year-old self had just woken up and needed to take my morning pee. Just as I was about to enter the bathroom my grandma walked towards me. " I'm so sorry baby" she said, "But where late for church, there's no time for you to go pee-pee in the potty." My heart sank , "But grandma it's morning pee-pee", I begged her, "I'm sorry baby, but sometimes boy gotta learn to be strong and hold it in." "Okay grandma I said sadly". "You can be at the church."
About fifteen minutes later we were in the car, on our way to the church. I was already doing a little bit of a feet swinging out of my need to pee. When we arrived at the church I told my grandma that I needed to go, in my words, "a little bad". But my heart began to sink even more when the very beginning of the mass began and she uttered the words, "I'm sorry baby, but your gonna have to pinch it in until the end of mass because it's already begun". It's was a catholic mass to so it always lasted an hour.

About a hafe hour later I was swinging my feet, grabbing my self, rocking back and forth a little. "Honey stop moving, that's disrespectful to god." I then groaned a little bit. When the mass was over, my grandma took my by the hand and we headed towards the bathroom. To my horror, the bathrooms were out of order. "Ooooffff, I'm so sorry honey." "You gotta keep it in until we get home." "But grandma can't I pee in a bush?" Then my grandma looked at me very sternly and said, "NO! Absolutely not that's disgusting little boy". "HOLD IT IN!" "But grandma I really gotta go!" Oh, you're exaggerating, you don't have to go that badly!" "Toughen up boy."

We were then in the free way wiii to h me clenching my toes, grabbing myself and bouncing up and down in my seat. My bladder felt so full and the worst part was that it wasn't done filling. "I don't care how bad IT needs to flow, your penis better hold that go!" Tears started flowing.

Just then, it happened. I started peeing my pants…..To be continued.



New girl slowing up toilets

At my middle school we have this new girl who just moved in from out of town. She's in one of my classes and seems really smart. But between classes, which we have 5 minutes for, there is now more tension. So many of us hurry into the toilets to sit for a quick pee and then we're up and out. Sorry moms, but most of us don't wait in line for a sink. It's everything we can do to run through the crowd for our next class.

Now with new girl, she's not considerate of us. She's usually one of the first waiting for what we call the second shift. A toilet is vacated, but instead of her going in and throwing herself onto the toilet, she starts taking these sheets of valuable toilet paper down off the holder. She carefully places these over the toilet seat. She might take like 1 minute doing this before she sits down on them. All for probably a 30 second pee. That can keep me and one of my friends from getting our pees done before we have to run to class, hoping to beat the bell.

If new girl were ever to try and crap during the break, that could create a small riot. Where does she get the idea that there's something evil about sitting skin-on a toilet?


A week of pooping

Hello! It's been a big since I last posted here, but the poop factory in me has not slowed down! I've been eating a lot of food, and I've been making lots of poop too. School resumed on Monday, as well, so I have some good stories from my first week of the new semester! For now, I'll post my notable stories.

Monday: my first day back! I didn't poop on Sunday or Saturday, so I thought I'd likely need to unload then. I dressed cutely: green hoodie, blue tshirt, and tight black leggings that showed off my round bottom. I ate some cereal for breakfast and peed before I left home. I got through my first two classes just fine, but at the end my third class, I could feel an urge to poop growing. Lunch was next, so I decided to go then. The class released 10 minutes later, so I walked to the bathroom to take my first school poop of the new year! On the way, I let out a fart I'd been waiting to release (in case it was loud). I walked into the cafeteria and proceeded straight to the girls restroom. When I walked in, there was a line of about 3 in front of me, and based on the smell and sounds of plops and groans, the 5 girls currently in the stalls were making lots of space for their lunches. One by one, a toilet would flush away its contents, and a full girl would take the place of the now empty and relieved girl. Soon, it was just me and the girl in front of me. She clearly needed to go, as she was fidgeting quite a bit. I was also getting desperate: my stomach rumbled and my log pushed against my butt, which made me rub my stomach and whisper "I really need to poop." The girl in front me heard this, and after asked me what it was like pooping at school. I asked "it's nothing special, why do you ask?" She said "oh, this is my first day at this school and I've never pooped at school before. I wanted to go last night, but nothing came out, and I couldn't go for a few days before that, so I'm really desperate now." I felt bad for her, and explained "oh, that's unfortunate! Pooping here is easy, the toilets are clean and powerful, so you won't clog them. Just take a seat, relax, and get it all out! I haven't been for a few days either, so there's nothing to be embarrassed about!" She said thanks and introduced herself. Her name was Olivia (about 5' 3", brown hair), she was my age (15), and had moved here this semester having previously gone to a bad high school. I asked her why she didn't poop at school and she said "I was too scared, so I'd hold it until I got home. There were quite a few close calls though, and I'd frequently get constipated and clog the toilet, so it's time to overcome my fear." "That's a great idea!" I said. At that moment, a stall opened. I wished her luck and entered my own stall as the one next to Olivia became available. I heard Olivia pull her leggings and panties down, sit down, and start peeing as I did the same thing. Then, I rubbed my stomach and pushed. I strained a bit, but my poop opened my butt and started coming out with some crackling. I relaxed as the first log flowed out of me. After about 15 secs, I felt it plop into the water below. I heard Olivia grunting as she tried to start pooping. I reminded her to not be afraid, and then heard her gasp as I heard crackling from her stall. Olivia let out lots of poop while I felt a second log move into position. I pushed hard to get it out, and once again it crackled into the the bowl below. I felt empty and started wiping as Olivia kept pooping. She was really full! I wiped twice then looked at my two logs: they were both two inches thick and 15 inches long. It felt so nice to have gotten rid of that old food; I felt 5 pounds lighter! "Wait don't flush!" said Olivia. "Let's trade stalls so we can look at each other's poops." "That sounds good!" I replied. After 2 mins, Olivia said "right, time to wipe" and I heard her rip off toilet paper. Finally, we traded stalls: she made a lot of poop. She's a small girl, like me, but she filled the toilet with her poop. She had 4 logs, each 2 inches thick and 12 inches long. The rest was pebbles and sludge. We flushed our loads away, both feeling relieved, and then ate our lunches, laughing as we swallowed bites of our cafeteria food, knowing we'd see it again when we pooped in 2 days.

Wednesday: On Sunday night and Monday night, I ate a LOT. Like, I stuffed my stomach with food, then ate a bit more. On both nights, I felt my stomach working hard to digest all the food I put into it. For an out 4 hours, I watched and felt as my dinner and snacks got transformed into an unrecognizable sludge, so I could poop it out. On Wednesday, I peed in the morning, put on my cloths (same as Monday but no hoodies), and arrived at school. I was feeling very bloated and had been passing smelly, squeaky farts all morning (sorry for the smelly drive mom). I had gotten to school very early to chill, but as my gas kept leaking out, I knew I should go poop. So I walked into the bathroom and took a stall. I pulled down my black panties and leggings, then sat down. I didn't need to pee, so I just farted as a solid log dug into the inside of my butt. It hurt and felt a big, but I knew I needed to get this out of my system! I pushed as a super loud and smelly fart came out of my butt for 8 seconds and echoed around. How full was I!! That was answered a minutes later, when after getting rid of my few drops of pee in my bladder and bearing down, I felt my but open wide as my giant turd started coming out. I moaned as it just crept out of my butt, and also felt so satisfied. Coming out of my butt in the form of a big, solid, brown log was all the stuff I ate 2 days ago, squashed and digested and absorbed and dehydrated before I sat in my high school bathroom and pushed it out. As I felt the size of my first log come out, I thought I might be done, but there was still more to poop out. I set to work again, pushing more of my digested food remains out. I then pushed out one more log before feeling almost empty. I pushed as hard as I could and felt a thick log at the opening of my anus. I pushed as hard as I could to get it out, but it just slowly inched out. I was going red I can imagine, so I paused, caught my breath and got started again. It was so thick, but I knew the pain would be worth it to get out my poop. I felt my butt go as wide as it could stretch as the log inched out, before it sped up quickly and splashed into the bowel. I loudly moaned as I knew I was empty, and felt so amazing. I sat on the toilet for an extra min, just catching my breath and relaxing. I had made a really bad smell with my waste, so I wanted to get out of there! I wiped 8 times, my buttons hurting a bit, and admired my creation. This had to be one of my biggest poops, especially at school! There were 4 logs: 1 was 2.5 inches thick and 18 inches long and ran from the hole to the front of the toilet and out the water, the two others were 2 inches thick and 30 inches long and curled around the right side of the bowl from front to back, and the final one was 3 inches thick and 12 inches long. There was just so much poop; I couldn't believe I made that! I turned all that stomach filling food into toilet stuffing logs! I honestly thought I would clog the toilet, but nope, it all went down! I went off to class feeling so relieved.

That's all for now, see you next time!

Ellie M

First Post!

Hey, I've been a long time reader on this site! Love the stories from Megan, Leanne in the past, currently Emma Two & SM, you too are great!
I'm from the uk and I'm 21 & 5"4 with long brunette hair & a bit of the chubby side myself.
My first story is actually from today, I was in work which is an office type job, and after a pizza takeaway the night before I could start to feel in my gut that I was going to need to have a poo, it was getting close to lunchtime & I was already planning on going on a walk through the park during my lunch so I thought I would wait until then to avoid the awkwardness and embarrassment of using the office loos!
The time came for lunch and by then I was really starting to get desperate, so I swiftly walked through the park but making a beeline towards the cafe, I knew from the past that they had some toilets around the back. When I arrived there is was really quiet & I swiftly entered the ladies. There was thankfully nobody there & I managed to take a big relieving poo! After wiping I found the flush was a little bit weak and took a couple of tries but eventually it worked & I returned to work feeling much more relieved.

I was wondering if any other girls on here would go out of work to poo during a break? Or any stories of times when you have had to go in work on lunchtime (because that happens to me too often lol) ? Will post again soon when I'm back with another story :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2023



I discovered this site accidently while looking for a stool to rest my feet while sat on toilet .Three years ago I purchased a campervan and needed a porta potty which I purchased on E BAY Thirteen inches high to fit in the locker.
When I tried it out the following day I found it a pleasure.
As the days passed I used it every morning for a NUMBER TOO .During the recent bad weather I used a sixteen inch potty in the bed room for a NUMBER TOO as well as a wee during the night I was longer pooping .
When the weather improved I used the Thirteen inch potty in the van
my bowels moved easier , took less time pooping as I was in a squatt position .I have now been a NUMBER TOO over a Thousand Times in various potties . Every time I go a NUMBER TOO the potty gets four pounds heavier
so I empty alternate days before it gets to heavy.


Simmee Survey

In response to the above at High School never in six years. Also I never really had the need...I would poop usually twice in the morning when I left home and sometimes after tea. At primary school I only went twice on two consecutive days that was it. Also I do not recall anyone having a BM. I haver a staff member who has been with us for 12 years and she is there two to four days a week and she has never had a BM at work , at least whilst I have been there. I was talking to a therapist and she said that she only goes once a day after waking up and that is it. My bowel situation is totally haphazard now!

Returning to the survey.... I do not shop very often but when needing the toilet I go> I use the public toilets near work from no times per week up to four times these days.
As to long lines we do not seem to get them much . They occur at music festivals but no problem.


boyfriend's accident

This just happened last week. Me and my boyfriend Jack went on a date. I picked him up after work and we went to a really nice restaurant.
We also had a really nice table and I quiet liked it there.
Jack on the other hand seemed a little off. He was shifting in his chair and it seemed like he couldn't really concentrate on the food.
"Excuse me", he stood up and went to the bathroom but was back very quickly. We continued to talk. I asked him about his day at work and he told me, that it was quiet stressful.
His stomache made a noise, I could hear clearly and he started to shift in his chair again, so he excused himself one more time to go to the bathroom. This time, he had his hand on his stomache and was walking really stiff, so I could already tell, he needed to go #2.
I had no problem with that of course, so I just sat there and waited and about ten minutes later Jack eventually got back to our table. But he didn't seem very happy nor did he seem reliefed.
"Are you okay?", I asked.
His face turnen red.
"Yes. Yes, of course.", he shifted in his chair again, then stood up quickly.
"I'll be right back.", he hurried to the bathroom a third time, but came back soon, like the first time.
This time he seemed even more nervous. He sat down and clenched his teeth.
"Come on, you're not okay.", I grabbed his hand.
"Let's not talk about it please.", Jack seemed more than a little stressed, so I dropped the topic for a moment.
Jack's food was nearly untouched and he was constantly grabbing his stomache.
It was maybe a few minutes later, that I heard a very audible noise. But this time, it wasn't his stomache gurgling. He farted.
"S-sorry, I...", he tensed up even more and got up again. His hand was on his butt and I heard another fart, he couldn't hold in.
"I need to go, but...there is only one stall and it's occupied since we got here."
He basiclly ran to the restroom again and I kind of didn't know what to do, so I just waited a few minutes and Jack got back.
"It's still occupied!"
He was doing a potty dance by now, crossed his legs, jumped up and down. One hand was on his butt.
Jack was basicly shaking. He pressed his hand to his butt harder, when he farted again. He could absolutly not keep his cool.
"Ohhhh I have to go!", he whined.
I put out some cash for our food and took Jack's arm.
"I'll come with you."
I had no idea what to do then, but I couldn't think of anything better.
So I followed him to the restroom, but Jack was right. There was only one stall and it was occupied by someone with bad diarrhea.
"Okay. I put the cash on our table. We can go and find you another toilet.", I promised and we left the restaurant.
Jacks nails dugged into my skin, while he held on to my arm.
We only made it a couple of steps out of the Restaurant, when he freezed.
"Stop!", he shouted. His legs were shakeing again.
"If I walk any further, I will poop my pants."
"Come on, I know you can do it!", I tried to encourage him, but I couldn't find a solution either.
He farted again. "I-I'm sorry, I just can't hold it."
"Are you sick? Is it diarrhea?", I asked him.
"N-no. I just..-", he grabbed his belt and opened it. He even opened the button and zipper on his pants. I could see, that his stomache was really bloated.
"I was late this morning and couldn't go at home and at work there was no time either."
"Okay, so let me see..."
In my head that meant we could have a little more time. Maybe he just had some stomache cramps and gas. It was not like he was gonna shit himself with diarrhea. But well...
Jack's face turned red. "Hnghhh", he made a sound and I turned to look at him again.
He pushed his butt out and holding on to his stomache at the same time.
"I told you, I can't hold it!", he shouted at me again.
His face turnen even more red and he held onto my arm tighter, while he lost the bastle against his body.
He farted and started pooping his pants. It took him about 5 minutes to regain controll. He just kept on shitting and I couldn't do anything but watch.
He was still shakeing.
"Are you feeling any better?", I asked him.
But well, he started crying and I tried to call him down. I brought him back to his apartment and helped him Göttingen cleanen up, but I still have to think about this incident.


My mom's influence

My mom's influence on my bathroom habits changed as I grew older. When I was like 4 or 5 and we were out I would tell her when I needed to poop or pee. There weren't always the follow-up questions like why didn't you go 10 minutes ago before we left grandmas, but many times there was. If I had to pee, she attached more urgency to that. The bathroom would be the nearest she could get me into. For a shit (she was critical of that word coming out of my mouth) she might walk around the mall to find me a better bathroom. We'd walk by the large mall restrooms, but she said too many others used them and they were too dirty. OK, but we were talking, he leading me, and I had my right hand on my crotch. We might walk another five or 10 minutes to an exclusive apparel store with a much smaller bathroom and there it was OK for me to sit on the toilet. She'd be wiping off the seat while I was trying to prevent an accident. I remember telling one of my babysitters about that. Kristy said 'F-that, I would have filled my underwear...' At home, my mom wouldn't take too much time on the toilet and if I needed to pee, the door was unlocked and she would let me sit in front of her as she went. Sometimes she would brush down my hair. Kristy, however, complained about the lack of time to take and clean up from a decent shit at school. One afternoon when she picked me up at school she was to take me to a circus matinee. But we had to stop at a store so she could get replacement underwear. A thorough wipe at school wasn't possible because some of her teachers only gave her 5 minutes on a restroom pass. Something my mom thought was inappropriate was Kristy telling me that her boyfriend was critical of dirty underwear.

For Andressa:

How often do you poop at your high school? What is it like with the time limits you have to do that during the school day? Do you poop when you're shopping or out with friends? Do long lines waiting to use the toilet frustrate you or cause you to change your routine?

I enjoy your posts so much, even though I'm a few years older than you.

MD Dan

Friend Poops At My House

I just remembered something I don't think I've shared yet. Back when I was around 21 or 22, I was having a party at my house and invited some friends over. The first person to arrive was a friend of mine named Alison. She's a year younger than me, about 5'8" and 140lbs. She had bleach blonde hair at the time and a very nice figure. Her butt was very shapely and she had a curvy body. Anyway, she showed up in tight blue jeans and a dark sweater. I answered the door and she said, "Hey! Am I the first one here?" I said she was and she smiled and said, "Cool! I need to go to the bathroom!" She barged right in and headed for the downstairs bathroom. She had been over many times and knew right where it was. She walked very quickly into the bathroom and shut the door. I was very curious and hurried over to the door to listen. I heard her pull her jeans down and sit with a thud on the toilet. Immediately her pee started and was very strong, lasting about 15 seconds. I thought that was probably it as it sounded like she had to pee pretty badly. But then I heard it. I could hear poop crackling out of her and plopping into the toilet very quickly. It sounded soft and it was a lot of poop. *crackle crackle plip* *crackle crackle plip* I heard at least 8 or 9 of these crackle out of her butt in no more than one minute. After the last one, she sighed heavily and said, "Wow, that was a lot of poop" very quietly. She sat for another minute, I guess to make sure that was all, then started wiping. She wiped at least 6 times. I walked away as she flushed and washed her hands. She came out and started talking to me, not mentioning anything about what she just did. Maybe 10 minutes later, I needed to pee and headed into the bathroom. I opened the toilet and wow, there were a dozen or so skid marks ALL OVER the bowel. I mean in the bottom and all over the sides. She must have filled the bowl up to the water line. It still smelled in the bathroom too. She probably didn't even know because she closed the lid before flushing. I didn't say anything to her because I didn't want to embarrass her at all. Anyway, that's all for now. Take care!

This morning I woke at 05;30 sat on pottie in bedroom , had a wee,went downstairs washed my hands brushed my teeth ,put on kettle ,put tea bags into mugs, as I poured hot water into mugs ,felt a NUMBER TOO brewing.
I went into garage and collected large bedpan,which I have not used for a number of years and brought it into kitchen and put by corner of sink, tore off four sheets placing one in pan and three beside , placed two mugs of tea at other corner of sink.As I took off my dressing gown and pants, I felt a reminder to go a NUMBER TOO . sat down on bed pan.
Immediately had a wee a strong flow lasting thirty seconds then pooped
the mushy poo slowly emerging so I pushed , after two minutes pooping stopped spurts of wee continued I reached for the tea and drank before wiping.Afew minutes later raised myself and wiped with three sheets of shades kitchen towel .The rain stopped got dressed carried bedpan to bonfire emptied and left in wheel barrow of water.this pan is six inches deep uncomfortable , hopefully tomorrow I will have a NUMBER TOO on pottie in campervan .


Depends etc

As I have said before I wear Depends...cannot live without it!
I do not use them to wee in because they would quickly fill up and leak. They are useful in absorbing a few squirts due to urgency etc or dribbles after urinating.
At nights I can be up and down a bit to the toilet due to bladder issues, however, for quite a while I have been much better...I do not know why but I am thankful.
One thing Depends could be useful for is that if you need a shit and rather clench your bum just relax and the undies will contain it.
I note the post from Andressa...two hours is too long on the throne...who has that time available but more so it could give you piles. If it takes time to get going wear Depends and do your pushing in a standing position or sitting on the lounge etc and when things happen head to the toilet.


Nocturia is night time urination. This is common in older adults, menopausal women, pregnant women,those with illnesses including overactive bladder. I have been using adult super absorbent briefs as I cannot get up multiple times per night to pee and still function the next day. This is especially difficult for older workers who cannot take a cat nap in the afternoon to make up for disturbed sleep. I drink my coffee during the morning and do not have caffeine after a certain hour. I am researching the best overnight brief for my needs.


Dump at Work

First, I want to say that there have been some great stories shared here recently and I appreciate people's time and efforts to do that.

Second, I've had a few adventures at work recently that I wanted to relate and have one to share now.

Last week, I felt a strong urge begin to build during a broader team meeting first thing in the morning. After the meeting, I had a couple direct reports stop by my office to review some deliverables assigned to our team. By now, it had been over 90 minutes and the urge turned into a dull, constant ache pressing for release.

For those that don't remember, I work in a renovated historic building with common area bathrooms on each floor. Law firms comprise most of the other tenants in the building, though, there's been some turnover since the start of the pandemic. I made my way to the bathrooms on our floor and found that both stalls were in use along with a man at the urinal. There was another gentleman in line. I didn't recognize the man at the urinal or the one in line and figured they must have been from the new large law firm that moved in across the hall. The crowded bathroom was a far cry from the pandemic days when no one was around.

Sharp pains strafed my rectum and I knew that waiting around wasn't going to be an option. I decided to take the back stairs down a floor to the bathroom there. This was a bit of a risk since that bathroom is only a single stall, despite the fact it's the same area, shape, and directly below the bathroom on our floor. Luckily, I found that this bathroom was not only empty, but hadn't been used by anyone for the day.

I took the single stall, which is notably bigger than even a typical accessible stall. For comparison, the bathroom on my floor has two stalls including one accessible stall that sit in the same area. The toilet is the same high-end, low flow model, which I invariably struggled with every time I use the toilets on my floor.

I locked the stall door behind me, pulled up my slacks and sat. I felt myself quickly dilate and begin to dome. I did not even need to push as long thick pieces of well formed, soft poop descended with whispers of gas and a loud, continuous crackling. Almost immediately a powerful smell emerged from beneath me and invaded the rest of the modest size bathroom. I continued for another 20 or so seconds and at one point, I felt an especially girthy piece pass. I sat for another minute and then felt satisfied that I was totally done. By now, my stench had turned the bathroom into a complete wasteland and certainly would have been unbearable for most.

I filled the toilet with medium and long coiling pieces. The water area was nearly displaced and many of the thick, long, uniformly brown pieces were only partially submerged either due to length, girth, or both. Still, a considerable amount that had made its way up the porcelain on the side or front of the bowl, which undoubtedly contributed to the intensifying stink.

As usual, I gave the toilet a flush before I dared cast any paper into the bowl. The toilet choked as it struggled to take down part of the load. Some of the poo farther up now slide down into the water and left considerable marks. The toilet didn't refill all the way, but I felt that its efforts were sufficient to begin to clean up. I flushed again once the tank refilled and it became evident that I had overestimated the capabilities of this low flow model. It barely mustered an effort and the water level rose. Thankfully, the stall came equipped with the classic wooden handle, red cup plunger.

I plunged about ten times before the water cleared, though the bowl still had a consider amount of contents. Resigned to my fate, I wiped some more as the tank refilled. I flushed again and it was clear the toilet needed more assistance to help break up and force down a couple thick pieces. It ended up having to flush twice and plunge once more after that before everything was gone. The once pristine toilet was in ruins, and I flushed a couple more times after that to try to clean as best I could for the next user.

I left the stall and went to the sink to clean up. Thankfully, no one had entered the bathroom in that whole time. It must have been 10 to 15 minutes in total. With my toilet woes behind me, it again became clear just how bad the bathroom stunk and I wondered if it had penetrated the seal of the heavy wooden bathroom door.

I finished washing and self-consciously checked my stall once more. It was clear that someone had just taken a major dump in there, but it was still lightyears better than what it was. I decided my best course of action was to take a walk to the café a few blocks over, to clear my head and air out my clothes.


Friday, January 13, 2023


To Emma two

Hi good story about your big constipation poo after 4 days I'm sure it felt great to drop a nice big load luckily the toilet managed to cope with it i was backed up just after Christmas and had a big one although mine was big firm pieces which took quite a bit of effort to get moving resulting in big plops as they fell

Was yours more of a soft avalanche
Or big logs plopping?
Speak soon xx


My mom's poops, and a story

I'm pretty sure I can thank my mom for my pooping habits. She was totally open about it and would often leave the door open while she was on the shitter as well. She'd take around 90 minutes to do her business and every time, her legs were spread wide. As a toddler, I'd sometimes sit on her lap while she was going and ask questions. She'd be pooping for hours and it stank like hell, but the best part was the look on her face. She was so content and serene, as if she was in her own little world. She also didn't make any noise while pooping, no plops or farts, just the smell of her earthy aroma that lingered for hours.

As far as my own shits go, this morning's dump was a real treat! I sat down on the toilet at around 5:30 in the morning and didn't finish up until a whopping 7:30. I was definitely in there for a while, but it was so worth it - once I was done, I felt a huge sense of relief and a newfound energy. I was late for school, but I don't regret it because I was taking care of my body and making sure I was feeling my best. The contents of the bowl were numerous - there were five separate turds, all of which were a medium-brown color and quite firm. The smell of the poops was pungent and filled the bathroom with a strong scent that was practically impossible to ignore. In addition, they were all quite big - the smallest one was about six inches, and the longest was almost eleven inches! All in all, it was a great morning experience.


to Lee

Lee -

I am an adult with high functioning autism which causes wetting and messing accidents as well, usually when I get overstimulated but also like you when I get absorbed in something and don't feel the need until it's already coming out. One thing I do to keep my diaper as dry as possible is keep a portable urinal nearby and empty my bladder into it when I feel the slightest urge. Obviously this is easier for me as a male but they make funnel shaped urinal bottles for women as well.


Absolutely loaded the toilet

Hi everyone. Had a big breakfast (pita/tortilla with cheese and I think avocado, part of a sandwich with I think ground beef and cheese, plenty of fruit. Had a jar of warm/hot water before breakfast and after and a big 600 mL bottle of water after too. Also 2 small cups of black coffee). Also had a big lunch (noodles, ground beef, mixed vegetables, taro I think and some kind of fried tortilla thing. Also 2 jars of warm water and a bottle of water after lunch).

Soon after lunch I felt the urge big time. Went to the washroom downstairs, closed the door, walked to the toilet, pulled down my dark blueish-black sweatpants and black underwear and sat. Gave a gentle push and absolutely loaded the toilet. Only took about 20 seconds. Damn. After I was done, I took some TP and started wiping sitting down. Was pretty messy so I stood up. What a beast in the toilet! It took up most of the toilet! I finished wiping, tossed the paper in, pulled up my pants and underwear and flushed the toilet. Bye bye beast. Not even close to everything but it was a hell of a good shit. Washed my hands and that was that. I hope I can go again after dinner.

Happy pooping!



Working the night shift with an upset stomach

Hi there, Blake again.
I'm sitting on the pot right now letting out a lot and I mean a lot of soft serve. This is my third trip to the toilet tonight, my shift started two hours ago. I won't bore you all with the details of the first trip, I made it, barely. But on the second trip I didn't quite make it, well I made it into the restroom stall and got my skirt hiked up but I absolutely loaded my panties, loaded them so bad that my boss had to go across the street to the dollar general to buy me a new pair. My boss was very understanding, he said it happens to his daughters a lot. Anyways I better get back to focusing on pooping, I tend to hover over public toilets when there aren't any seat covers, and I want to make sure I don't get any on the seat.

I will respond to any questions y'all have, anyways, back to pooping!


three girls and a clogged park toilet

i was out doing rides and i got the sudden urge to take a shit. it wasnt to strong and i was getting a streak of good rides so i held it. my urge died down and i forgot about it but it came back a few hours later. i was picking up a passenger when the urge hit again but it was just a 10 minute drive. after i dropped them off i went in search for a bathroom. i saw a park so i stopped there. the girls bathroom was occupied so i waited. i decided to do a timer dump again. i started the timer on my phone and i had to wait a long time. after a few minutes a girl joined the line after me. she was blonde and in exercise clothes. she asked me if i had been waiting long and i said its been a few minutes. she said she hoped they would hurry up because running stimulated her bowels. i laughed and said i need to take a dump to. we kept waiting and the timer was approaching 10 minutes now. my urge was getting desperate now and the other girl looked desperate now to. after around 12 minutes the bathroom finally opened. a very petite girl dressed in a black hoodie and jeans came out and quickly walked away. i told the other girl i wont take as long as she did and quickly entered the bathroom. after i shut the door i started my timer. i was instantly hit with a strong shit smell that was very earthy. the all metal toilet was a few feet from the door. i walked over to it and saw that the girl clogged it with an enormous shit. i was surprised such a small girl took such a dump. it was very dark brown and about 10 or 11 inches long and completely plugged the hole. half of it was out of the water and stunk really bad. there was some pee in the bowl and some toilet paper. it didnt look like she tried to flush it but it obviously clogged so i didnt blame her. i still needed to shit though so i dropped my pants and turned around. there havent been many times where i pooped in a clogged toilet but it always gives me excitement. her shit wasnt high enough to touch me so i sat normally on the still warm seat. at this point i had been in the bathroom for 45 seconds. i sat for 8 seconds and did a small fart while i waited for my pee to start. i did a 17 second piss that was a steady stream. it sounded different landing on this girls huge log. i sat for 44 seconds waiting for my shit to start but despite my desperation it needed some help. i gave a firm push and it got moving. a nice shit slowly slid out for 45 seconds. it felt really good and i heard it land on the other girls shit and roll off into the water. i didnt feel done so for the next minute and 9 seconds i pushed. a few small pieces of shit and farts came out. at the end was a small amount of mushy poo and then i was done. it took a minute and 25 seconds to wipe. after i was done i looked in the toilet and next to her enormous shit was my lighter yellowish brown log. my shit was 7 inches around. there was some mushy shit on her shit. i went and washed my hands. the total time in the bathroom was around 6 and a half minutes. the other girl was still waiting. i told her the situation and she swore under her breath but went in anyways. i was curious so i took a small walk and came back when i felt the other girl was done. i peeked in the bathroom and she left a long medium brown snake which made a large s shape over everything. the bathroom smelled horrible her shit made it much worse.

Army Girl

Quick Story and A Survey

Hey everyone! Sorry it's been so long since I last posted but I'm back again with a quick story, I'm at work and was super bored so I'm writing this quickly, but first I want to describe my dump this morning!

Tell everyone about your poop today:
a) Where: At Target picking up some lunch food for my break later at work

b) Date/Time: This morning 1/11 7:55am

c) What you read if anything: On my phone going through apps

d) How long you took: 12-15 minutes

e) Were you shameful: Not at all, I really had to go

f) Did it smell: Didn't smell too bad, did smell in the stall but outside was fine.

g) Did you enjoy it? Yes very. Wasn't going to make it any longer

h) How far did you pull down your pants and
underwear when you poop today? Pulled jeans and underwear down to my ankles (I always do really)

i) Any other interesting: Very big load with a lot of farts, at least 7 separate 10-12" long turds and a pile of medium sized turds, was very shocked I didn't clog the toilet, my butt was on fire by the time I was finished

Christmas Poop
So obviously we all have a Christmas turd story every year either on the 25th or the 26th. So on the 24th my boyfriend and his family celebrated and I was invited over, and I ate a ton, I ate so much I can't even remember what exactly I ate. Then I woke up Christmas morning and only peed and went right to my moms house for Christmas, we ate breakfast and then most of my family came over. I did kinda have to poop but didn't want to do it in front of my family so I held it. Then we cleaned once they left and I left really late and went back to my place and right to sleep. So I woke up the morning of the 26th really having to take a mega dump, my boyfriend woke up to me putting on some clothes since it was so cold and he asked where I was going, I responded with "might not want to use the bathroom I have to take a fat dookie so badly". I sat on the toilet and farted really loudly as a mega turd opened me wide and slowly crackled down into the bowl, I looked between my legs and saw it spiraling in the bowl and the end plooshed down in the bowl, I let out a big wet fart as three mini turds consecutively splashed in the bowl, I quickly wiped and saw the massive poop load in the bowl, I told my boyfriend to come in the bathroom and he was extremely shocked when he saw the load in there.

1. how often do you have to poop? Every day ? Every 2 days ?...
I usually go every day during my break at work or after I get home from work.

2. how many turds do you make? or are they small pieces?
Typically I let out one or two big piles of small and medium sized turds and one to three big logs

3. do you have to press until the first turd comes?
Not really, most of the time I make it to the toilet at the last minute

4. Does it make a loud splash when the turd falls into the water?
Yeah usually the sounds are "plop" "ploop" "ploosh" and "kafloomph"

5. how long does it take you to poop?
Typically 10-15 minutes

6. Do you moan when you poop?
Depending on how big the poop is sometimes I do

7. do you like to go poop?
All the time, favorite part of my day

8. what is the consistency of your turds and poop?
Usually it's soft and tender, or very hard

Emma two

Huge poop at work

I was desperate for a poo on my way to work this morning and while I got off the bus I was nearly pooing myself. I just about made a to work without pooing my knickers and as soon as I got the toilets I took the farthest cubicle from the door as it felt more private and closed the door and locked it. I then pulled down my jeans and knickers together and sat down with a thump. As soon as my bottom touched the toilet seat I relaxed and immediately felt relief as my bowels pushed without my control. I was so glad I was safely sitting on the toilet because it would've made a big mess in my knickers. It took a while to get everything out and I filled the toilet with a load of semi solid poo and it stank. I had to wipe a lot and I was worried I might block the toilet but it cleared nicely which was a relief. I pulled my clothes up and washed my hands before starting work feeling four pounds lighter.


Me and my Bidet

I really love a good firm, large BM.
I sit on my bidet and turn on the enema function which squirts high pressure water on my hole and I get to work pushing. The enema function is not really is a misrepresentation as it is does not give me an enema. Has anyone had any experience in this area?
I would also appreciate any bidet stories.

Michael W.

To Andressa from California

Hello. Welcome to the forum. Im from Indiana. Your post was awesome and it was hilarious when you said you stink up the hallway when you have the door opened. LOL. I post on here when I can. I also take a while when I poop and I enjoy it. My pooping sessions are usually from 20 minutes to an hour whether Im constipated or have diarrhea. I like to read a book when I go or be on my phone. I used to be a regular poster but I got busy with other things. I became an illustrator. I've already done 4 novels and I'm working on my 5th project. We'll it was fun catching up while I'm in the john writing this post. I've been sitting here for a good 10 minutes. I'm gonna stay for 10 minutes more. Happy Pooping everyone.


World Market

Hey everyone! I am new here. Before starting my story, a little information about me, I am male. I am 26 years old. Brown hair and blue eyes. Muscular and about 6ft. So anyways I was in World Market this week and really had to poo bad. The feeling had been growing but I was trying to ignore it. This time it came back to the point I knew I couldn't hold it much longer. I went to the restrooms and as I was heading there, a beautiful blonde 20 year old named Anna who worked there was heading there as well. She went into the women's bathroom. I went into the men's. There was one stall. I walked over to the stall and saw it was clogged. I contemplated what to do. I walked out and stood by the bathroom area in fear I was near a major pooping accident in World Market. About 5 minutes later Anna walked out of the women's bathroom. I stopped her and asked if they had another bathroom because the mens was clogged. I told her it was an emergency. She said hold, walked into the employee only area. She came back quickly and said that I could use the women's restroom. I said thank you and darted in there. When I went in, it smelled of a strong earthy poo smell. I went into the stall and there was at least a two inch long skidmark in the bowl. Definitely could tell Anna pooped in that bathroom right before. I sat down on a warm seat and finally relaxed my clinched butt. A long log exited my butt. Then another. What a relief! I started pulling off paper and wiped 9 times. All told 2 long logs. 1 14" and 1 10". I flushed. Washed my hands and exited. I moved the closed bathroom sign Anna I'd put up and went back to shopped. As I was walking back around the store, I saw Anna. I thanked her for being so understanding. She turned a little red and don't mention it. Thanks for listening to my story guy!


Wednesday, January 11, 2023


More Regarding Bidet

Now for more bidet and bottom wiping experiences.
As stated I have trouble wiping my bottom...reaching behind is a thing of the past and going between my legs I have lack of precise control over my hands and fingers which means sometimes, rather than wipe the poo of I spread it everywhere.
I find the bidet is good to a degree in cleaning me, If my motions are soft then the clean is good...if they are hard for some reason the result is truly sub optimal. I seem to retain turds in my rectum if it is hard. the consequence is even after a bidet session I still get large skid marks on my Depends which really does not matter as they are disposed of.
Now I have a bit more information in this area....some weeks ago I had a hard and large movement with my therapist and she wiped my bottom thoroughly yet I still got substantial skid marks. I do have a number of hemorrhoids which makes my hole lumpy and bumpy. and that may make cleaning more difficult.
The next issue with the bidet is almost the majority of my BMs are away from home...fortunately my manual limitations improve as the day goes on.
A sales pitch for selling bidets is the saving on toilet paper and this is true , but you can buy a real of of TP for the cost of a bidet.
Also saving paper is good for the planet but there is a lot of green hose gases in making a bidet and they do not last forever so will make up land fill.
Also the process of cleaning and air drying takes a total of six minutes,
The air dryer does not get you totally dry either but the Depends takes care of that.
I still would not be without the bidet due to my circumstances and whether they are worth the money really depends on ones circumstances.
This morning I sat on the bidet...started the enema function at full blast and and shitted a storm,,,,felt really , really nice.

Thank you Lee and MikeyPee for your stories

More information should be shared regarding use of adult diapers or pullups for a variety of reasons. I used to think these were only for older people and I have had over-active bladder since my teens. I pee in these absorbent products for convenience and have peed discreetly in bushes since my teens, but squatting is becoming very difficult and takes far longer than it used to. I use a cane now and worry about falls and it is more convenient often to just remain standing up to pee in the absorbent garment, even for a female. I also worry about falls at night. Mattress protectors are great options and can assist even if one just spills a cup of coffee on the mattress. Today I just purchased another package of absorbent briefs. Young people especially need to hear stories about other young people with these issues as it will reduce embarrassment. Now there are period panties which look like diapers and this may be a conversation starter as they are geared towards young women and the young generation. There is less stigma with older people are the incidence of incontinence rises with age. Last week I saw a senior woman with grey hair casually walk to the cash with a large box of Depends. My retired neighbors wear Depends while travelling as do many pregnant women.

Just Jerika

From stay overs to school toilets

The other day while I was killing some time punching 'em out between my college classes I got to thinking about how I probably wasn't the most adventurous grade school student in going to the bathroom away from home. There were some things wrong with me. 1) I was much shorter than most of the others in my class. My feet would hang several inches from the floor when I used the toilet. 2) More than anything I was put down as being nervous during my sits. Even when I had teacher permission to use the bathroom, the lack of privacy doors and others waiting caused me to feel on display and guilty of taking up too much time. 3) if others looked mad and focused their attention on me, I would get down, get out and give up on using the bathroom. Now I'm mature enough to admit that some of the girls, especially older ones, frightened me to yield to them. A couple of times I would be on the toilet, thinking I was the only person in the room, and some girl would come out of a far end stall, walk by the sinks and turning each faucet follow on, and yell some slur at me.

Despite some pain and a couple of accidents, I was able to avoid crapping at school. This worked until the 5th grade. My mom had me get up extra early so I could have breakfast and then time for a crap at home. Then in 5th grade I became more social with Gopi, a girl who had moved in from India. One weekend my parents were out of town so I stayed at Gopis. Her family got up later that Monday and I didn't get my pre-school crap in. So during recess, I was feeling sick and I went in to crap. My mistake was I didn't look at the time correctly. I had just seated myself when the bell rang and the bathroom filled up for the mid-morning toilet break. I gave up, pulled up my jeans and returned to the classroom. I tried but knew I didn't stand a chance at lunch. Too many students waiting, too much fooling around and some bullying. Why try to go and ask for it! Gopi and I hurried home after school, but the bus driver missed a couple of turns and we had to stop for a car accident. She wouldn't let Gopi and I off so we could use the bathroom at a gas station. So I sat for 10 minutes in pain feeling like I was going to explode.

Finally we reached the drop off point. It was a two block walk to our houses and Gopi suggested we run right into a McDonalds a few feet away. It was a perfect choice. Two toilets. Precious privacy doors. I took the first one, yanked my jeans down and crawled up on the seat. Gopi could hear my bowel explosion next door as she was peeing. She was so calm and proper. I had some mess in my underwear. Gopi told me to throw it in the trash rather than risking another stern lecture from my mom. Later that week we had a day off school and Priya, Gopi's older sister, drove us to the zoo for the day. I gained more confidence in going to the bathroom three times there. Gopi and Priya were really encouraging of my progress.

They suggested I keep a list of the bathrooms I successfully used. I did and it gave me encouragement. Whether it was a 30 second pee or a full bowel opening, I was getting over my fears.

Princess Opal

Hi SM, Avery, Rose, and Andressa

Hi, so all of you are new here??? Hi!!!!! I'm a girl, almost 18, and have occasionally posted for almost 2 years now. I especially like Avery's stories and I don't have much time right now but wanted to say I'm glad to meet girls my age who love to poop! However I will tell a brief story. The other night after dinner I pooped and I felt really hungry all of a sudden! My dad said I could eat an apple and I did, but I felt a little hungry until breakfast the next morning. Have any of you ever pooped soon after a meal and felt very hungry again?
Bye for now,
Princess Opal


Re: Overnight diaper

I'm not an older adult- I'm 22- but I have an overactive bladder, nerve issues, autism, and other disabilities that effect my continence. I wear pull-up style diapers, the Because brand, the overnight ones. You can get them online. I switched to them from Goodnites recently, since those were getting too small on me and leaked a lot. These are a little big on me, so there's still some leaks, but they hold a lot more than Goodnites and store brands. They're a lot thicker, but the lower absorbancy ones probably are thinner. I have little leaks a lot, which usually means a flood in my pull-up if I don't go potty quickly, and sometimes just soak or mess myself without warning. And sometimes I'm too absorbed in what I'm doing to want to get up and I'll just go in my pants. I'm not a huge fan of public bathrooms (noisy and overwhelming and gross a lot of the time, and it can be a hassle to deal with my mobility aids in a stall), so if I go out, I usually come home in a wet diaper, or make it into the elevator or through the door and have an accident. If you don't want to wear diapers and you haven't tried these yet, pelvic physical therapy (it's better if you do it with a therapist, but if you can't, you can find exercises online) is an option, as is having a urologist put botox into your bladder to make it spasm less. Good luck!

Monday, January 09, 2023

Peed in overnight diaper last night

I am an older adult and need my sleep so I put on an adult super absorbent diaper on last night. I had to use it a 3 times last night to pee. If I turn the lights on I cannot get back to sleep for hours. I am going to price the various brands of these items to determine which ones are most suitable for my condition. Many older adults begin to pee on the way to the bathroom in the morning (if they can hold it at night) and diapers or at least pads can help to preserve carpeting or other flooring. I am interested in other people's stories especially age 40s or 50s and older or the stories of their parents or grandparents on how they manage bladder weakness. Tips can be shared on how to manage urgency, leakage, etc. It can take 1.5 hours to cross a city by public transit so adult absorbent products are very useful.

Kristi it's always good to see posts from you. Your posts are always interesting. So that girl who pooped next to you, how did you know who it was? Did she come in after you were done peeing or was she already in there and you recognized her shoes? What sounds did you hear from her? Was her poop ploppy or loose? Did you hear any farts? Have a great day!!

Emma two

Epic poo

I've been constipated for about four days and I took a laxative just before I went to bed last night. I also drank a pint of orange juice to help me go even more. When I got up this morning I was desperate for a poo and a wee and Sarah was having a shower. The door was open and I told her I really had to go and I ran into the bathroom holding my bottom trying my best not to poo and wet myself. I ripped my pyjama shorts and knickers down together and threw myself on the toilet. I relaxed and immediately felt relief as my pee gushed out of me. I pushed gently until I felt my poo coming out and I felt like a ton of poo was exiting my body. It was a relief but I knew it would block the toilet if did it all in one go so I clenched tightly and just about to stop mid way. I stood up and looked in the toilet and saw it was full of poo. I prayed it would flush because I still had to go really badly. I pushed the lever and the water rose up to the rim of the to and my heart sank. I watched it go down slowly and luckily it cleared. I flushed it again to make sure it was clear and and sat down to finish my epic poo. I pushed the and I did about half the amount of poo this time and what a relief it was. I gave one final push and did the last six inches and my relief was complete. I wipe my bottom and flushed the toilet for the final time and it went down OK but there was no lot of thicker brown streaks below the water line. I cleaned it with the brush and flushed again feeling four pounds lighter. Sarah couldn't believe it took three flushes to get rid of all my poo and even I was surprised.


Had a semi big poop

Hi everyone. I've been eating fairly big meals today, had 2 small cups of black coffee this morning and just finished most of a jar of water about an hour and a half or so after dinner. I felt bloating and uncomfortable so went to the washroom.

Went in, closed the door, walked to the toilet, pulled down my dark blueish-black sweatpants and black underwear and sat. Relaxed and gave a gentle push and a semi big poop started coming out. It wasn't exactly soft but wasn't really hard either, it was somewhere in the middle. Within about 30 seconds or so I was done and the beast was out. Reached for some toilet paper and wiped as well as I could. Pulled up my pants and underwear and looked in the toilet. There was a turd sitting in the bowl about 1 1/2 or 2 feet long and firm. It's not even close to everything in my body but it was a good shit. Just need to keep up with eating healthy, drinking plenty of water and asking to be taken for exercise. Flushed the toilet, washed my hands and that was that. Hopefully I can poop everything else out within the next day or two.

Happy pooping and stay safe!


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