Re: Peed in overnight diaper last night

This posting was most timely as I have cerebral palsy, I'm in my mid 70s, and every night, without fail, I need to pee at 3 AM and 6 AM. I am considering using an adult diaper overnight but I am rather conflicted about doing so.

Let me begin by saying that this is not a continence issue. If it were, the choice would be easy, obviously. The issue is partially a mobility issue, partially a convenience issue, and partially a laziness issue. The mobility and convenience issue is getting out of bed, getting to and on the toilet, and getting back to sleep. The laziness issue is simply being too comfortable in bed except for the increasing distress to use the toilet. This is especially the case at 6 AM and I rarely get back to sleep afterwards. Bedtime is typically 10 PM.

I sleep with my wife and I have dropped hints about using a diaper overnight. She's not enthusiastic about the idea but has said it's OK with her. My biggest fear is leakage. We purchased a very good mattress three years ago and I don't won't to damage it. So, I'm sure I would need to wear plastic pants over the diaper. I'm not even sure that I would be comfortable in bed in a wet diaper and I'd be anxious to get out of bed to change myself. My bowel habits have changed and I have a BM a few times a week during my middle of the night bathroom visit. Typically, I'm not aware of the need for a BM until I get on the toilet and begin to pee. Obviously, a bowel movement prolongs the time that I'm out of bed. Clearly, I don't want to soil myself in bed but I'm afraid that I might have a BM accident while peeing in bed. My middle of the night BM comes on very suddenly. I'm also concerned about diaper rash. Can being in a wet diaper for several hours a night produce a rash? I don't know. I went to school with children who were in diapers full time and one friend of mine always had an inflamed crotch and buttocks. I was also a bed wetter and in diapers at night until age seven.

I am in good health with respect to elimination. I had a colonoscopy early in 2022 and an annual prostate exam a few weeks ago and everything is good. So, I have no health-related issues with using the toilet. It's mostly just the annoyance of getting out of bed, going to and from the bathroom, and getting back to sleep. In 2019, I saw a sleep specialist after having difficulties while on vacation. I had forgotten my medication and the vacation was adversely affected by lack of sleep. However, I pointed out to the doctor that when I use the medication, I awaken with an urgent need to urinate, and I typically end up wetting myself before getting on the toilet. The doctor suggested wearing an adult diaper when I use the medication.

I'd be interested to hear others' experiences with this.


Biking and bathrooms

This was several years ago. I was 15 or 16 and our church had some donor who would fund any youth group member's tuition to summer camp if they could complete what I think was a 5 or 6 mile bike ride for his favorite charity. I was paired with Stu and Sean, both were my age, but I didn't know them that well because they went to a different school.

We had to ride our bikes about a mile to a large park where we had to turn some paper work in and sign off on some rules. Stu and Sean were joking about having to leave earlier than the others because of the bathroom breaks I would need and how far I would get before I wore down. I didn't see Melissa, our youth coordinator, there yet so I hurried to the toilets on the back side of the building. I figured doing a half pee couldn't hurt me. As I went bolting through the entrance I found a row of toilets, all out in the open with no privacy panels, nothing!

Melissa was on the first toilet. Shorts on the floor. I apologized about spooking her and violating her space. She said that was no problem and that she could use some company. I took the toilet next to her and did my pee. Melissa was waiting for her suppository to kick in. She said she had constipation troubles going way back. Then suddenly, she grabbed her stomach, stood an inch or so off the seat, widened her legs and plunked on down. Just then there was an explosion under her and she seemed very relieved. It was over so fast I was surprised. Then she reached behind her on the wall and found there was no toilet paper roll. I gave her three rings from mine and she was thankful.

By the time we got back outside we must have had about 40 or 50 riders waiting. She announced that everyone should go to the bathroom first. Of course, Stu and Sean continued their bathroom jokes while the others did what Melissa said. She also directed us to a nearby faucet for filling our water bottles.

Me stopped midway through the ride for a break. Me and Melissa went in and peed. Then others started taking the available toilets while or 15 minute break was in session. Both me and Melissa are certain that when Stu and Sean walked into some brush they were sneaking in their pees. Once we got back to home base several hours later, Stu dropped his bike and made a run for the boys room. Me and Melissa heard him slam a seat down and knew what he was up to. The better news was that we earned enough for four scholarships.

I dated Stu a couple of times during my senior year in high school. But that's another story for another time.

For Richard: Yes, my mom gave me bladder holding lessons, but they were not convincing. I'm down and going when using a toilet when I need it. That's also true of what I tell some of the kids I babysit. There is nothing wrong with using a public toilet ASAP; the bladder infections and other pains can be avoided that way.

Bus stop pee in an industrial area

The bus was late and I had to pee again although I went just before leaving the office. It was winter, cold, thankfully dark outside, and the wind was not reduced as the bus stop was in an industrial area without tall buildings. I told a colleague at the bus stop that I had to pee and he suggested that I just go over there. I went over a ways faced the road, made sure that my long parka covered me and squatted. I peed in the snow. I then returned to the bus stop and eventually when the bus arrived we all boarded to go home. I did not use toilet paper as I wear a pad to catch little leaks, thus there was no litter.


Long time lurker, first post!

I'm Andressa, a 16 year old Latina girl from The North Bay in California. I take pride in my appearance and boys often comment on my looks. When it comes to pooping, I usually spend around 50 minutes per session and go twice a day, once early in the morning and once after school. Unlike most people who prefer privacy when they use the toilet, I am more shameless about it; so much so that friends were surprised when they first experienced me stinking up their houses with the door wide open!

No matter who is over at my house, you can be sure that it will remain wide open as this makes me feel comfortable while taking care of business. In fact, sometimes I end up stinkin' up an entire hallway! To pass time while pooping away for what seems like forever, I do homework or facetime friends or watch soccer - anything to keep busy until nature's calls are answered!

My sister is one person who understands how important being able to have some entertainment during those long sessions on the pot really is. She often joins me in the bathroom and chooses to sit atop our countertop. This works out perfectly as we both get what we need - her company & support plus something interesting enough for us both talk about (or laugh at!)


Emma two

Girls accident

I was out shopping with Sarah this morning and I had to pee so I told her where I was going and left her to carry on with the shopping. When I got into the ladies I noticed a young woman of about nineteen or twenty I'd say washing her knickers out in the sink. Shed messed herself and she warned me not to use the end cubicle because it was a mess. All the other cubicles were occupied so I looked in the end one to see how bad it was. It wasn't that bad but the toilet was partly blocked. I figured it wouldn't do any harm if I just had a wee and I went which was a relief. I left it without flushing so I didn't cause a flood and left to join Sarah.


Two Potty Emergencies I saw in the past year

Today I was sitting on a bench eating candy cane flavored gelato. It was cold outside and when I sat down on the cold metal bench outside the restaurant I had the immediate urge to pee. I managed to hold it in but only with great difficulty. After about a minute I began to get used to sitting on the cold metal bench and the urge to urinate went away without incident.

While I was eating the gelato a mother and her six-year-old son were walking down the sidewalk. He stopped briefly and said hello to me. Then the wind picked up and he suddenly noticed that he needed to pee. He just started first grade this year but he is still very much "in training" since he is at least moderately on the autism spectrum. In the past year his social skills and vocabulary have come along a bit and he is better able to communicate hunger, thirst, and other basic needs. Today when he noticed his need to urinate he said "Potty, Mom!" followed by "Pee-Pee!" She asked him if he could wait until they get to their SUV. He didn't say anything, but he nodded. Then he looked at me and said "Bye!" followed by my first name just before his mother picked him up to carry him to the SUV. I stayed on the bench and finished my gelato so only they know for certain what happened next. His social skills are definitely improving because he made eye contact and said my first name when he talked to me both times today (without being reminded). Last year he didn't make eye contact at all without reminders.

Last year a similar series of events played out with him and his mother. It was very nearly a year ago. That time I was having gingerbread flavored gelato and I was sitting on a different bench around the corner from the one I was sitting on today. That time instead of telling his mother that he needed to go he just looked up at the clouds (after a very brief potty dance) for about a minute and then after a little shiver told his mother that he was "all done". She asked him what he was all done with and he said "Pee-Pee!". His clothes and the sidewalk were dry because he was wearing a Pampers Easy-Up.

Both times he and his mother were looking at some of the decorations at some local stores that were having after-Christmas sales before visiting his grandmother to say hello and pick up his younger sister (she recently (in late 2022) turned two). The six-year-old now wears size 5T-6T Easy Ups for occasions like this (he wore size 3T-4T Easy Ups last year) so even if he couldn't wait until he got to the grandmother's house he would only need a bath (if worst comes to worst) and he doesn't usually mind baths especially if he has a toy boat and/or a rubber ducky in the bath with him.

I was 10 the first time I pooped in my pants. I will never forget that isolated, exposed feeling in the seconds after my accident happened. I was at my desk in the middle of class, trying to hold back what I thought was only a fart and wait until we left for lunch to let it go in the hallway, but the pressure became too strong, and instead of farting I quietly filled my undies and shorts at my desk. I was in complete shock, and once I smelled the evidence of what I had done it turned into panic. Once kids started smelling it, it was over for me. The whole class quickly discovered that I pooped myself. I just cried. A teachers aid came to escort me to the nurse. She just made me throw out my messy underwear and called my parents to bring me clean ones, then I had to go back to class, where every kid just kept staring. I thought it was the worst thing that would ever happen, but then when I was in 7th grade, I pooped my pants at the bus stop one morning before school... those are hard times... nowadays im in my early 20s and still have the occasional accident Bm. But those two were the hardest to deal with as a kid. Its such a lonely feeling when you've soiled yourself in front of your peers and I don't wish it on anyone. Love to all.

Steve A

To HollyRae (Bathroom Times, Support, and My Experience)

Even though I've never dealt with supporting my friends in the bathroom at school, I believe it happens between friend groups, even though they obviously keep those moments to themselves.

I also understand why some teachers and students are strict and curious about how much time is spent in the bathroom since waiting in line may take awhile, even though you're just looking after your friend.

Furthermore, during my experience in middle/high school, I always had to deal with finding time to use the bathroom (#2) which was almost every morning before class since I usually had 10-15 minutes before my first class. This worked out well for me since that's all the time I usually needed for my craps.

However, if I didn't have time to go before my 1st class, then I had to wait until I had some time during my 2nd, 3rd, or 4th class of the day.

But since I never had a problem with using the bathroom at school, I would've gone anyway since I wasn't the type of person to "hold it in all day" at school.

On an extra note, I began posting on Toilet Stool since my high school days and some of my stories involved me dealing with having to use the bathroom at school and how my teachers felt about my regular bathroom schedule.

Mina Kazumi Hisae Maho

survey of Malika

Hi Everyone. Happy New Year (not so new now). We hope everyone is well and no corona.

We enjoyed posts of Avery and Marissa and SM. SM is not Sado-masochist meaning we hope. Mina translated last part of Marissa post for her three crushes. They said Aaaah and Uuuuuh many times and Kazu said, "it seems so beautiful scene, I want to see and admire!" Other posts are also lovely.

Today we do survey of Malika. We like survey!! We answer about same thing every time, so old timer of this site will be very bore, but newcomer will enjoy we hope.

1. How often you have to poop?
Answer: We are very regular. Once a day in morning. But sometimes we go twice (except Maho) and sometimes Maho or Mina skip a day (Maho more oftener than Mina).

2. How many turds you make? And small pieces?
Answer: We are hard to answer this one. How do we count? In one sitting we open our bottom 2 or 3 times. But our turd breaks into pieces, usually 2 to 4 big pieces. If that is 3 times, then 6 to 12 pieces. After we finish big turds, we do little pieces.
Maho's turd doesn't break and it is smaller, but she opens her bottom 7 or 8 times.

3. Do you need to press until first turd?

Maho: usually. Mina: Sometimes. Kazu and Hisae: Never.

4. Does it make a loud splash when hits water?
Answer: Often. Because we lean forward, so we raise bottom, and distance to water becomes to be more larger.

5. How long it takes?
Answer: usually about 10 to 15 minutes. Hisae a bit less, other three a bit more, sometimes much more.

6. Do we moan when we poop?
Answer: Sometimes; but Maho never. She is very quiet. However, we often cry quietly, tears but no noise.

7. Do you like to poop?
Answer: We love!! Especially we love when we can go together. Usually we can go together.

8. What is consistency of your turds?
Answer: Hard (Maho). Hard at first, then soft (Mina and Kazu). Soft (Hisae).

We hope you are happy these answers.

Robyn and Victoria, we hope you are OK. We are worry a bit.

Love to everyone.

Maho Hisae Kazumi Mina

P.S. In last post, it said "Online huge". Sorry. It was "Online hugs". Mina is very bad typist. Please spank to her bottom many times. Sorry sorry sorry.


Malika's questions

1. how often do you have to poop? Every day ? Every 2 days ?...
Usually every day, often after lunch

2. how many turds do you make? or are they small pieces?
Two pieces when sitting on a toilet. One long turd when squatting.

3. do you have to press until the first turd comes?

4. Does it make a loud splash when the turd falls into the water?

5. how long does it take you to poop?
Not long

6. Do you moan when you poop?

7. do you like to go poop?

8. what is the consistency of your turds and poop?


Answers to Malika

1. how often do you have to poop? Every day ? Every 2 days ?...
Every day, some days twice, especially when physically active (hiking, biking etc).

2. how many turds do you make? or are they small pieces?
One "snake", 15-25 cm long.

3. do you have to press until the first turd comes?
No need to press.

4. Does it make a loud splash when the turd falls into the water?

5. how long does it take you to poop?
Around 1 minute.

6. Do you moan when you poop?

7. do you like to go poop?
Yes, but not when going outdoor.

8. what is the consistency of your turds and poop?

Sunday, January 08, 2023


Pooping Surveys

Here are some of my answers....I can poo up to four times a day and then maybe every few days...there is no real schedule.
I can poo any time from first thing in the morning to any other time of the day. I was talking to a therapist a while ago and she said that she wakes , has a large cup of hot water...then has a BM and that is it for the day...Oh to be that regular!
I often poo at my favourite public toilet or at the toilets at work , or anywhere else.
It usually takes me only a few minutes but if I decide just to sit and relax it can take 20 minutes.....sometimes a hard poo can take longer than a few minutes. There is of course what I call the "power dump" which happens rarely but when it does...Wow!
I can just sit there and it just keeps on coming out for quite a while and I feel so light I almost float off the toilet.
I regularly need to take laxatives....osmotic almost every day and sometimes other laxatives....sometimes a suppository.
My poos can be long and thin...bulky and soft or just mushy, or hard as rock and like rocks.
I almost never get diarrhoea fact when I do it is more of too much like a frequency than the runs.
I sometimes get urgencies but not that often....I wear Depends and I can get some small leakage from my butt hole. I do get a lot of bladder leakage. Due to my medical condition I have trouble wiping my bottom so at home I have a bidet, however, at other times I just rely on my Depends.
As I mentioned I have no problems with public toilets...I am not a clean freak. In fact there is nothing like sitting on a public toilet having a long enjoyable dump without being disturbed etc.
I do sometimes meditate on the toilet for just a few minutes or fact I do it quite often.
As I have a medical condition, and sometimes have very hard movements I really prefer to have someone with me for help, but as you can imagine this is rarely the case.
Yes , I do grunt and groan when on the throne...I do not fart a real lot...I always wee when I have a BM.
I like pooping outdoors but have not done that for some is freedom!
As to going in my pants it has happened due to my medical and related condition...not my most enjoyable activity....clean up is too much.
At hoe we have three toilets , on in the bathroom, a separate toilet with the bidet fitting and an outside outside dunny is real Australian.
I think that is about all.

Steve A

Question about being too busy/understaffed at work...

Has anyone ever dealt with not being able to use the restroom at work at your own convenience (besides breaks) depending on your job, how many people are working at the moment, and how busy it is at the moment?

Even though I haven't had any major issues with not being able to go when I needed to, I've seen some of my coworkers, especially in food service and retail, waiting for the right moment to go once they have some free time to spare.

Did anyone ever receive bladder holding sessions as a kid from their parents or any other adults ?


Something embarrassing happened

Hello I'm Lea and glad to find this website. Something happened of which I need to talk with others, but can not with my friends.
In the night from Thursday to Friday last week I happened to wet the bed. This is the first time since early in my childhood. I don't know why it happened. When I dream about toilets, that happens very regularly, there is never the need for me to visit acutely the toilet or if its the case I wake up. That night I did not dream about toilets and it was near the time I would have woken up. I felt warmth at first and then my panties and the sheets got wet. The I raised in panic and jumped out of the bed and ran to the bathroom. There I had the rest of my pee.
I let every thing dry and later in the evening before going to bed I changed the sheets and put them and my underwear in the washing machine. Luckily no one in my family noticed anything. Since then I fear I could wet the bed again.


Big Poop At Football Game

Hey everyone, wanted to share a story about a big load I dropped the other day at the Patriots game. So my babysitter Vanessa ended up winning 2 tickets to the Pats game, we're from Connecticut so it was a decent drive away. Her parents didn't want to go because they weren't big fans and I wanted to go so I could get out of going back to school on the 2nd so I went with her, she's 19 (about 7 or 8 years older than me) so she was able to drive us herself. It was pretty cold in Mass so luckily I brought gloves and a good hat just in case. I didn't have to go poop before leaving my house earlier so I thought I'd be good for the night but by halftime I was really dying to go as it was turtling out. I told Vanessa I was gonna go the bathroom as I went down the steps and to the nearest bathroom. When I walked in all the stalls were taken and there were two more guys in front of me, one about 18-20 and the other around 15ish. Eventually they both got their own stalls and started their poops as I was waiting and clenching my cheeks hard. A stall opened up and out came a boy around my age, I went in and smelt a faint poop aroma and his toilet paper still covering the seat, I threw it in the bowl turned around dropped my pants all the way and slapped my bum down on the seat as I farted and started peeing. At this point I had already been here close to 5 minutes so I was trying to speed it up. The monster started making its way out slowly, it was so big I had tears in my eyes, after about 10 seconds of it sliding out of my bum it slapped down in the water and I groaned, I looked between my legs and saw a big green turd, well over a foot long laying there out of the water. I started pushing more and another big turd slowly slid its way out when Vanessa texted me: "Everything going okay?" I responded with "Yes had to wait for a stall will be back soon" and Vanessa replied with "Wow you're taking a dump at Gillette you've got some guts lol" the turd fell out and splashed down. I pushed again and a 3" wide banana sized turd slid its way out and plopped in, and another short but wide turd fell out and splashed in. I stood up and saw what I consider to be my biggest poop ever, the two big turds we're completely different colors, one a military green and the other a very dark brown. I wiped my butt which took a lot of wiping and flushed and clogged the toilet. Behind me was another boy about my age and I tried not to make eye contact with him as I walked out of the stall. Thanks for listening! Wanted to share that awesome story!

To Tom and his girlfriend sorry that you had to go through that. Hope your feeling better now! I would definitely like to hear more of your ordeal


Second school poop

In my last post I talked about my first ever poop at school. That one trip to the restroom made me more willing to use them, and not just for my number ones! I started using the bathroom to pee everyday, sometimes with Jackie, sometimes without. I was still trying to avoid pooping, but I was less afraid of using the toilets at school to poop.
On the day of this story, it was a normal school day for me. I hadn't pooped in a few days, but wasn't feeling any real urge, so I assumed everything was fine. I remember I peed before lunch, then my class went to the cafeteria, where I got a tray of whatever the school was serving. Me and Jackie sat together, talked, and ate our food (she bought a homemade meal). After we were done eating, we were talking and Jackie put her hands on her stomach suddenly. She said "my stomach hurts, I'll be right back Avery, I think I need to take a really big poop" (Jackie has always been quite open). She left the table and went into the restrooms. She was in there for a while, but we were leaving to go back to class right as she came out, looking relieved. "Big poop?" I asked. "No, it was a normal one but I just had to fart a lot. It was so smelly!" We both giggled at that.
When we got back to class, we had free time. Me, Jackie, and some other friends played together for a while, but then my stomach started hurting. I felt pressure between my buttcheeks and let out a long, thankfully quiet and not smelly fart. Nothing changed, so I sat there for a few minutes hoping my stomach would feel better. It didn't though, and my stomach was cramping. Clearly something needed to be let out, so I decided to go to the bathroom and see if I could poop. I asked the teacher if I could go, and she said yes. I went into the empty bathroom, took the first stall, lifted by black skirt, pulled down my panties, and sat on the toilet. I let out a tiny bit of pee, but my bladder was still mostly empty from before lunch. I was full of poop though. My stomach was hurting a lot and cramping, and I could feel a big turd pressing against my butthole. I rubbed my stomach and relaxed as the piece of poop inched its way out. It came out slowly and stretched my butthole, but eventually, it landed with a plop into the water below. It was replaced by another poop, which was smaller and easier to push out. It landed, then one more came out. It landed on top of the other tw

Peed in overnight diaper last night

I am an older adult and need my sleep so I put on an adult super absorbent diaper on last night. I had to use it a 3 times last night to pee. If I turn the lights on I cannot get back to sleep for hours. I am going to price the various brands of these items to determine which ones are most suitable for my condition. Many older adults begin to pee on the way to the bathroom in the morning (if they can hold it at night) and diapers or at least pads can help to preserve carpeting or other flooring. I am interested in other people's stories especially age 40s or 50s and older or the stories of their parents or grandparents on how they manage bladder weakness. Tips can be shared on how to manage urgency, leakage, etc. It can take 1.5 hours to cross a city by public transit so adult absorbent products are very useful.

Kristi it's always good to see posts from you. Your posts are always interesting. So that girl who pooped next to you, how did you know who it was? Did she come in after you were done peeing or was she already in there and you recognized her shoes? What sounds did you hear from her? Was her poop ploppy or loose? Did you hear any farts? Have a great day!!


Second school poop

In my last post I talked about my first ever poop at school. That one trip to the restroom made me more willing to use them, and not just for my number ones! I started using the bathroom to pee everyday, sometimes with Jackie, sometimes without. I was still trying to avoid pooping, but I was less afraid of using the toilets at school to poop.
On the day of this story, it was a normal school day for me. I hadn't pooped in a few days, but wasn't feeling any real urge, so I assumed everything was fine. I remember I peed before lunch, then my class went to the cafeteria, where I got a tray of whatever the school was serving. Me and Jackie sat together, talked, and ate our food (she bought a homemade meal). After we were done eating, we were talking and Jackie put her hands on her stomach suddenly. She said "my stomach hurts, I'll be right back Avery, I think I need to take a really big poop" (Jackie has always been quite open). She left the table and went into the restrooms. She was in there for a while, but we were leaving to go back to class right as she came out, looking relieved. "Big poop?" I asked. "No, it was a normal one but I just had to fart a lot. It was so smelly!" We both giggled at that.
When we got back to class, we had free time. Me, Jackie, and some other friends played together for a while, but then my stomach started hurting. I felt pressure between my buttcheeks and let out a long, thankfully quiet and not smelly fart. Nothing changed, so I sat there for a few minutes hoping my stomach would feel better. It didn't though, and my stomach was cramping. Clearly something needed to be let out, so I decided to go to the bathroom and see if I could poop. I asked the teacher if I could go, and she said yes. I went into the empty bathroom, took the first stall, lifted by black skirt, pulled down my panties, and sat on the toilet. I let out a tiny bit of pee, but my bladder was still mostly empty from before lunch. I was full of poop though. My stomach was hurting a lot and cramping, and I could feel a big turd pressing against my butthole. I rubbed my stomach and relaxed as the piece of poop inched its way out. It came out slowly and stretched my butthole, but eventually, it landed with a plop into the water below. It was replaced by another poop, which was smaller and easier to push out. It landed, then one more came out. It landed on top of the other two with a thud. I pushed hard, and let out a big fart. I really wanted to get out because my poop was soooo smelly. With 5 wipes, I cleaned my butt of all the poop on it, and wiped my front as well. I pulled up my panties and let down my skirt, and took a look at my creation. I was shocked: three big logs. The biggest was 1.5 inches wide and 13 inches long, the second was an inch wide and 10 inches long, and the mall one was an inch wide and 9 inches long. I cold not believe I made all of that, I was a small child, where did all that poop come from?! Additionally, I was amazed that I could turn great smelling food into the rotten smell produced by the leftovers in my poop. The final step was flushing the giant pile of waste. I pushed the lever and watched the logs get forced against the hole and not go down. I sort of panicked and flushed again: same thing. I would either have to leave my poop in the toilet for the next girl needing a bathroom break to see, or I could break up the smelly, brown, compacted sludge that had been sitting in my gut for a few days. Neither was goof, but I tried breaking it up. I wrapped my hands in toilet paper and picked up the first log. It was quite heavy (I guess I did eat a lot). I pulled apart the log into two, then four pieces. I placed them back into the toilet, put the toilet paper in, and flushed, and watched as my waste was swirled around, broken up a bit, and flushed away through the pipes of the school. There were a lot of skidmarks, but I left them. I felt so relieved to have pooped out all that waste. I was amazed that my small body could make that much poop. I washed my hands and went back to class. My teacher asked me if I was ok, and I responded with "I'm fine!" When she asked why I took so long, I simply said "I made a big poop" then went back to my friends. Jackie asked "Did you just take a big poop?" I said "yup, nearly blocked the toilet, I feel so relieved though!" "Wow Avery that's great! Look how far you've come!" she said. I finished with "yup, I'm glad I'm not afraid to poop here!" The rest of the day was uneventful.
I start school again soon, so I should have some new stories soon! Bye for now!


Pooping with mom's friend

I am 17 years old girl and I have been reading posts on this site for about two years. I especially like stories about pooping because I have always been fascinated with pooping. I enjoy poop and I enjoy observing and listening other people's visits to the toilet. I want to share one of my experiences that happened about two months ago.

I was shopping with my mom and her friend Alice. We had been shopping for over an hour and wanted to take a little brake. We went to a nearby cafe to have coffee and snack. I felt a slight urge to pee but I felt also growing pressure in my bowels. It wasn't surprising because I usually poo at least once a day, quite often twice, and I haven't had a poo since yesterday morning. After we had finished our coffees, I thought it would be a good opportunity to go ladies room and empty my bladder and bowels. So, I told my mom and Alice that I would have to visit in the bathroom before we continued shopping. Alice immediately announced that she had to go too. My mom said that she would go in advance to the clothing store that was right around the corner and wait for us there.

Alice and I headed to the women's room which was at the back of cafe. Alice is brisk and cheerful person, about the same age as my mom (late 40's). She is quite short, a bit chubby but not fat and she has a wide butt. Ladies room was small, there were only two stalls and one sink opposite the stalls. Both stalls were vacant and Alice chose the second stall from the door and I went the first one. I heard rustle of toilet paper from Alice's stall. It sounded like she was covering the seat before sitting down. The toilet seat in my stall looked clean so I just unbuttoned my jeans and got my undies down and sat. Since we were there alone, we started chatting. As I was sitting and waiting my pee to start, I realized how narrow the stalls really were. There was less than 10 inches of free space between the seat and the partition wall. It felt a bit weird sitting so close to each other.

We had sat quietly, except for chatting, probably for almost a minute until I started to pee. Then Alice let out a silent "pffffft" fart and did a pee too, but just a short one. It was followed by another small "pfffft" fart and as we kept on talking her voice became slightly tensed. It made me wonder if she had to poop too. As I was end of my pee, I felt my asshole opening and tip of turd emerged. It felt rather soft but it was kinda thick so it didn't come out on its own. I leaned forward a little to help push out it. It started to come out slowly with audible crackling. Alice must easily hear the crackling sound of my pooing. My poo broke off in four pieces. All four were decent sized chunks and each of them made a loud splash as they broke off and hit the water below me within about 20 seconds of each other. As soon as my first piece had fallen, I noticed under the partition how Alice went up on her tip toes and almost instantly started plopping. I was amazed at how many plops she made in a relatively short time (maybe a minute and half). I didn't count them, but there must have been at least a dozen plops. Judging by the sound, most of them were quite small pieces, but there were also a few bigger ones among them. I was done and started to wipe. I thought Alice had also finished but after a short pause she pinched off two more little turds and started to wipe too. I had already washed my hands and I was drying them when Alice came out of her stall. She looked relieved but her face was still red. Well, I think mine was too.

I hope you liked my post. Happy pooping everyone for the year 2023!



Answers to Malika

1. how often do you have to poop? Every day ? Every 2 days ?...
Every day, some days twice, especially when physically active (hiking, biking etc).

2. how many turds do you make? or are they small pieces?
One "snake", 15-25 cm long.

3. do you have to press until the first turd comes?
No need to press.

4. Does it make a loud splash when the turd falls into the water?

5. how long does it take you to poop?
Around 1 minute.

6. Do you moan when you poop?

7. do you like to go poop?
Yes, but not when going outdoor.

8. what is the consistency of your turds and poop?


Winter Break Activities

My girlfriend D'Shannon and I are the oldest in our families. Outside of high school, we have a lot of responsibilities with babysitting since our single parents are always working. We spent a lot of time at the park sledding and also using gift cards to the movies, bowling, and food.

One evening D'Shannon and I took time off at a coffee house. We had gift cards to use. We did our six-block walk by taking another route. It was 90% dark out as we walked by an apartment building that was being remodeled and there was lot of junk and furniture laying out over the sidewalk. D'Shannon told me playfully that I should have reminded her to use the bathroom before we left her house. She's always complaining about her younger sisters and friends hogging the single bathroom. So as soon as we got to the coffee house she walked fast to the back where the bathrooms were.

When D'Shannon came out and joined me she put her phone in my face and showed me a picture of the hugest crap I had ever seen. It was wider than I can ever imagine coming out of a human and it would have hurt like hell. There was no blood or toilet paper, but I told D'Shannon that might be been the only part that flushed down. She decided to take her crap in the single-toilet guys room. She told me she has an uncle who owns a bar who has been charged several hundred dollars by a specialized plumber he calls for such situations. I told her I wasn't even sure that a specialized shovel or garden tool could be used to break the crap up.

Malika's survey:

Both me and D'Shannon are answering it together.

1. How often do you poop?
Me: once every day or two--usually at school, which I hate because the toilets are so dirty.
D: pretty much every day. Usually about the time I arrive at school.

2. How many turds do you make?
Me: 2 or 3, usually on the softer side.
D: Most of the time 1, although sometimes it breaks up.

3. Do you have to press until the first turd comes?
Me: not often
D: I have to push hard sometimes to get the big one out.

4. Does it make a loud splash when the turd falls into the water?
Me: it can depending whether I'm home or at school. The school toilets are higher so there's more a a splash.
D: I try to not get my underside wet, especially away from home.

5. How long does it take you to poop?
Me: No more than 5 minutes. I might linger a bit at home but I don't dare do that at school.
D: I've learned to sit forward on the toilet and that helps control the splashes. It seems that once or twice a week I use a toilet that is clogged and won't flush. I don't have much time to find a better toilet away from home, so I've learned to adapt.

6. Do you moan when you poop?
Me: Not usually
D: Only if I'm in pain getting it out.

7. Do you like to poop?
Me: at home yes, school I hate because of no privacy
D: Yes

8. What is the consistency of your turds and poop?
Me: much greater at my home or D'Shannon's than at school.
D: I'm really rushed at school so I don't always get a complete poop in.

Friday, January 06, 2023

Night time peeing, outdoor peeing, peeing in a vehicle

I am wondering if pregnant women wear adult diapers to bed to prevent having to get up at night to pee, especially if they are working outside the home. Decades ago many pregnant women were home makers and could have a cat nap at home in the afternoon if they had to get up multiple times per night to pee while pregnant and were suffering from fatigue. I am also wondering if older workers both men and women who tend to get up to pee more often also sometimes just decide to wear adult diapers at night in order to get undisturbed sleep. Do commuters wear adult diapers in case of a traffic jam? Do people tend to have more outdoor peeing due to the pandemic with locked bathrooms and questionable sanitation? Do people who take road trips tend to have a container of some sort in their car for older kids and adults in an emergency? Are these travel johns or janes, commodes, RV toilet (even in a car), a large gatorade bottle, etc? Do road trippers prefer to use the pee on the side of the highway with the car doors open for privacy solution?


Response to Kenna and other things

It has been a while since I posted and I note the constipation story from Kenna and josh....
The point I raise is that I wish I had someone to be with me when I have hard motions because I have to try so hard I nearly pass out.
A few weeks ago I got the urge and had not been for a few days and knew it would be hard....luckily I was near my therapist and was able to get there and she was available.....she sat me on the throne and gave me encouraging words and rubbed my back and held me as I strained and groaned and finally it came out slowly and hard lumps and then one very long turd and a few more smaller ones .....she then wiped my bottom and then had me sit there for a few minutes to recover.
My constipation is caused by a neurological condition and also is causes a bit of incontinence of urine and bowel leakages so I wear Depends.
Additionally I have difficulty wiping my bottom so at home I have a bidet but as I do the majority of my BM's away for home I have to put up with major skid marks etc. I am lucky because the government pays for my Depends and also paid for my bidet.
Apart from that not a lot has been happening in the toilet department, unfortunately .
I wish all readers a Happy New Year.

your name STEPHEN P

This morning I overslept farted when I woke up, slid the OAKLEAF BEDPAN under me sat up and immediately had a wee, lasting over a minute
then placed my hands behind and pushed to have to to have a poop .
My bowels opened , it was awesome as poop was now filling the bedpan three minutes pooping in four loads.I sat for five minutes before attempting to wipe with four sheets of Shades kitchen towel when done put on my dressing gown and carried a very heavy bedpan into garden and dropped it into bonfire.
As I walked through the garage back to house brought THETFORD 33 pottie into kitchen made some tea put mugs onto kitchen table sat on pottie while I drank tea and checked my e mails I made another two mugs of tea and again sat on pottie as I was drinking tea twice I had a silent fart and a had a wee .May be as I had ALL BRAN @ breakfast and
on the evening six cans of GIINNESS while watching a DVD it caused me
to oversleep and needing to have an emergency NUMBER TOO .
The past few days I have had my morning NUMBER TOO sat on pottie in campervan I hope this happens again tomorrow


Wasting time on public toilets?

Being in middle school, and a very large one where sometimes the bathroom crowds get almost out of control, I'm wondering if I should be supportive of my friends who will go in with me, take a neighboring stall, and want me to sit and be supportive of them while they take much more time to pee and crap.

I tend to be pretty fast in sitting down, and I want to get my pee or crap over ASAP. I get dirty looks from those waiting if I'm just sitting there and it has been 5 minutes or so, but I won't stand to wipe right away because I'm watching or listening for Nicole next door telling me how she is doing. Sometimes it is not that good of news. Her craps are big and sometimes they take time and extra effort to get out. Also, she doesn't check for toilet paper first so she needs to ask me to pass her some.

Sometimes Nicole also is too nervous when she sits down to start peeing immediately. Then as she catches her breath and calms down she can get her pee started. I know this frustrates her.

Classmates get upset if we take too long on the toilet and teachers do to and they check up on us and try to move things along. But that is not good for those who might not have the confidence and struggle under such pressures.

Peeing in store changing an absorbent brief

I was doing heavy shopping at an outlet mall where bathrooms were available but not instantly, which I urgently required. I was in the changing room trying on some clothes and my coffee had been processed and I had to pee urgently. I just stood still and peed in the absorbent brief. Unfortunately there was no trash can so I had to put on a new absorbent brief, and take out the used brief. I went to the cash and asked them if I could put it in the trash can. I said that I had to pee while trying on clothes and had to use an aborbant brief. Until I stated the part of the brief, the cashier looked a bit alarmed but after I mentioned having used a brief, she was obliging and I put it in the store trash can. I did not want to leave the used brief in the changing room as it could impact sales and shock the next customer. Next time I go shopping I will carry a small plastic trash bag. The best stores are the ones that have a bathroom in the changing room area. I call these absorbent briefs portable washrooms.


Pooping at a hippie beach

Over ten years back I visited a very popular beach in Ukraine together with some friends from the area. They invited me for a camping trip there for a couple of days. There were lots of tents along the entire beach. Mostly the campers were young people, many of them "hippies". The beach was a small brim between the sea and a steep hill. But at both ends, where we accessed the beach, the terrain was lower.

There was no toilet, and we peed behind the tent or in the sea. In the evening after dinner I felt a strong urge to take a dump. I asked one of my friends if I would have to drive to the nearest village, but she said that I rather should take some toilet tissue and walk to the end of the beach. She guess that it would be possible to find a spot to get it done there.

I so did. At the end of the beach I went down a small slope and behind a low sand dune. Obviously this spot was frequently used for campers needing to poop because there was toilet paper as well as old and fresh turds. I looked around and could not see anyone else before I pulled shorts down and squatted. In the moment I squatted I spotted a woman rising up from behind the next dune some 20 meters away. She had obviously pooped as she wiped with lots of paper before she pulled up and walked away. I don't think she noticed me because she just walked away without looking back.

This incident made me less aware about the surroundings. Therefore i didn't notice a girl coming before she suddenly stood just in front of me. I think she also became a bit surprised. She said oy, vybaschte! which I later learnt means oh, sorry! She smiled and went away immediately. I managed to finish my duty. When walking back I made a short cut between two paths and then I spotted my unexpected visitor when she was squatting at the other side of the path.

Later I experienced that the first woman was Dutch and staying there with her husband. The second girl turned out to be the girl friend of one in our group. That was somewhat embarrassing to learn.

One of the next mornings I accidentally walked in on an American girl I had spoken with at the beach, squatting with her bare bum. I think we both found it somewhat embarrassing, but we just waved to one another with a slight smile. On my way back I saw that she had made a huge "pyramid" too.


My Survey

1. how often do you have to poop? Every day ? Every 2 days ?...

2. how many turds do you make? or are they small pieces?

3. do you have to press until the first turd comes?

4. Does it make a loud splash when the turd falls into the water?

5. how long does it take you to poop?

6. Do you moan when you poop?

7. do you like to go poop?

8. what is the consistency of your turds and poop?

My answer:

1. Every day or every other day
2. Mostly 2 turds or 3-4 Little chunks
3. yes for the First turd i Need to push. I always Need to push My poop out.
4. yes its Splash Loud haha
5. Mostly 5-10 minutes sometimes only 3 minutes
6. yes i moan while push
7. yes i love pooping
8. Mostly Hard is My poop


Massive runny poo after a huge breakfast

Hi everyone. Just finished a huge breakfast. 2 pieces of homemade pizza made on waffles
(with olives etc) and a bunch of fruit (avocado, banana, apple slices and grapes). Also had 2 jars of warm water, one with breakfast and one after and black coffee in my travel mug. Only a few minutes ago I felt a major urge to poop.

Went to the washroom, closed the door, walked over to the toilet, pulled down my dark blueish-black sweatpants and black underwear and sat on the toilet. Relaxed and splat! A bunch of runny crap came out into the toilet. It felt good to let go of all of that. Was done within about 20 seconds. Reached over for some toilet paper and wiped really well. Tossed it into the toilet, pulled up my pants and underwear and flushed the mess down the toilet. The water was completely brown! Damn. Wasn't everything in my body but I feel better now. Washed my hands, got more warm water and that's that. I hope I go more later, maybe after lunch.

Happy pooping!



Poop time

Hi all you amazing people. It's me.

I just sat down for what I hope will be a nice relieving poop. I went pee as soon as I sat down.

I took a dump this morning but am definitely ready to go again. Stomach has that warm, full feeling that usually comes a few hours after dinner.

Hold on...

Yeah, I'm gonna be pooping real soon.

I really don't have any interesting bathroom stories for you unfortunately. A girl pooped in the stall next to me at the office (very attractive blonde receptionist named Amber. I was only in there to pee but I heard her relieving both functions.

POOPING time for me.

I think I got it all out with one little push. This girl needed to go.

Little more peepee at the end.

Well that was fast.

Standing up...

2 nice brown logs and a little chunk. They just slid out really easily.

I guess that's all from me! Gotta wipe!

Love you all!


PS I'll try to be a little more interesting next time. Tonight was just a nice quick dump.

Young College Guy

Very Desperate Dump With Little Privacy At Public Rest Stop

I have been reading this site for a while but have never posted before, so I will give a basic description of myself. I am a tall skinny white guy in my early 20s that has a somewhat nice round butt for a skinny guy. I go to college in the United States. My college is over an hour drive away, so I often need to take a dump in one of the rest stops on the way, usually the first one on the drive there, especially if I have morning classes.

This happened a few months ago, but I can remember a lot of details because it was one of the biggest dumps I had ever taken in my life and I had some bad luck during it.

I had not taken a dump in a couple of days even though I usually poop everyday. Also, I had eaten a variety of food and drinks the previous day, such as beans, tacos, some nachos, and cranberry juice. I had morning classes, so I left especially early to try and miss morning rush traffic. I left and got onto the interstate after a few minutes.

Unfortunately, there was a car accident on the interstate that delayed me by about an hour. Once I got to the point where I could see the accident, it didn't look like anything very major, it was a bunch of cars in a line that seemed to be following too closely to each other. Because of the time wasted at the accident, I was now in morning rush hour traffic.

After that, I passed the rest stop that I usually take a dump in because I did not need to go that badly this time, and it was very busy now, probably with people needing to take their morning dumps, so I kept driving. As time went on, my urge to poop was getting stronger and stronger very quickly. I thought I could hold it until I got to college, but it was becoming obvious that I would need to stop at a public restroom or go on the side of the road VERY soon. It felt like I was holding the full force of my built up poop from the last couple of days combined with the laxative effect of the foods I ate the previous day. I remembered that there was another rest stop down the interstate that I never used before because I usually pooped in the previous rest stop, the next rest stop after it (there are a total of 3 rest stops on the way), or at college. It took about 15 minutes to get to the second rest stop and it felt like forever. There were gas stations that I saw at the 2 exits on the way between me and the rest stop, but they were very busy and gas stations usually only have 2 toilets, one for men and one for women. I thought that the rest stop would have at least a couple of guaranteed open toilets. I was trying so hard to hold my dump in and not poop myself on the interstate and I was thankfully able to make it to the rest stop.

When I got there, it was very busy with many cars parked. This was probably because this rest stop was where the interstate and another road crossed and it was morning rush hour, so there were A LOT of people there. The parking lot was pretty big, so I was able to park quickly without waiting for a spot. I walked pretty fast towards the men's public restroom, and hoped that there was still an open stall in the men's room. I was surprised that I could hear guys pooping, grunting, and talking in there through an echo while I was outside. The restroom had no door, just a bent passageway, and had openings along the tops of the walls probably for ventilation. However, this did mean that if anyone had a loud dump or grunted, people on the outside could hear it somewhat. The restroom had a total of 10 stalls with little privacy in a line, 6 urinals next to that, and sinks on the opposite side. When I was walking out later after my dump, the women's restroom building looked the same as the men's, so I assumed it looked similar inside, just with more stalls and no urinals.

Unfortunately for me, when I entered the restroom, all 10 stalls were taken and there was a line of 3 guys in front of me waiting. To make things worse, this restroom seemed to be somewhat old, the stalls had large gaps between the doors and walls, at least 2 inches, there was a large gap from where the stall walls attached to the back wall, and the stall walls and doors were VERY high off the ground. The walls were about 3 inches higher than the toilet seat. I could see almost everything below the shirts of everyone taking their dumps if I bent over, especially for the first stall that was next to the urinals. With how little privacy the stalls provided, I at-least hoped that I did not have to use the first one. It also did not help that it smelled pretty bad from everyone pooping, even with the open top walls and vents.

After a couple minutes, one of the stalls towards the end opened and the first guy in line, a young looking black guy, probably also a college student, went in. He didn't seem to make much noise, but it was hard to tell with how many plopping and dumping sounds there were. Right after that, another stall opened, and the next guy in the front, a young-ish looking guy in athletic wear, probably from using one of the bikes I saw outside, went in. He immediately let out a couple of farts and started letting out soft sounding poop. I think he grunted a little bit and sighed after his first wave of poop. A few minutes later, the second stall opened and the guy in front of me, another young looking white guy, went into it. As soon as he sat down, he exploded diarrhea into the toilet and sighed in relief. He exploded again soon after and noticeably moaned. Another guy asked if he was alright and he responded with "Yeah, I just really had to go."

After all of that, I was finally in the front. I had to wait there for probably about 5 minutes longer, listening to everyone else take their dumps and trying not to poop my pants. The guy in the second stall was definitely the loudest with his farting and diarrhea. There was now a line of about 7 guys behind me. The restroom was now even more crowded and busy than when I got there.

In a stroke of bad luck, the first stall closest to the entrance opened. This stall was also right next to the guy that was in front of me in the line. I had wanted to use any of the other stalls for at-least some privacy from the line, urinals, and anyone entering the restroom, but my dump was coming fast whether I liked it or not. For another stroke of bad luck, after entering the stall and locking the door, I immediately noticed that the flat white restroom toilet did not have a seat, so I had to sit on the rim. I pulled my pants and underwear to my knees, and slowly sat on the toilet rim.

I would usually use my phone while on the toilet, but I was just really focused on the huge load I was about to release. I tried to wait to poop until everyone that was behind me in line left so they wouldn't know it was me pooping, and because anyone at the urinals or entering the restroom could partially see the side of my butt and legs due to the high stall walls and also could see me through the gaps of the stall. However, I was extremely desperate now and another urge hit me, so I leaned forward on the toilet rim and let go.

A massive cascade of diarrhea, farts, and soft poop exploded into the bowl for about 5 seconds and I moaned somewhat loudly immediately after. Right after that, I farted loudly and splattered poop in the bowl. I sighed in relief and someone in the restroom said "Damn, someone blew it up." This was already a decent load, but there was much more. At this point, everyone inside and probably outside the restroom had heard me explode and moan, and the guys at the urinals and entrance basically saw me do it, so I thought I may as well hold nothing back anymore and go completely shameless for the rest of my dump. I further dropped my pants and underwear down to my ankles and grunted kinda loudly. More soft poop exploded out. I farted again with another soft turd behind that. I grunted again and farted almost continuously while some more poop splattered out. I felt another huge wave coming, leaned forward, and exploded out another cascade of diarrhea and farts. I moaned in relief again.

Another guy in the restroom asked me "Dang man, you ok?" I farted loudly and said "Yep, I'm fine. I was about to crap my pants." Right after this, the guy next to me exploded and sighed again. He was no longer the loudest dumper in the room due to my extremely loud

Then, a third cascade of diarrhea and farts came out. It was really starting to smell bad in my stall. Someone even said "Whew, it smells in here" when walking in. It already smelled pretty bad before, but I was making it much worse, especially because I was in the closest stall to the entrance. I probably would have courtesy flushed, but I was still leaning forward and was just concerned with the massive load coming out of me.

A fourth explosion of diarrhea came out and I sighed pretty loudly right before I heard some more diarrhea squirt out of my stall neighbor. I spent probably the next 15 minutes pooping diarrhea, farting loudly, grunting, and moaning right next to this guy doing the same thing. Towards the end, it was just loud farts. Towards the end of my dump, I looked in the toilet bowl and it was a huge mess. The water was completely brown and there were splatters of hard poop, soft poop, and diarrhea all over the bowl. There was even a little poop splattered on the top of the rear of the flat toilet and the metal pole for the flushing handle, probably because I was leaning forward the entire time. My butt felt like it had soft poop covering the entirety of my buttcrack and even some on my cheeks from splashing back due to the force of it coming out.

My neighbor started to wipe and I thought I was finally done and should do the same, so I leaned back and looked toward the toilet paper holder. In my last stroke of bad luck, it was completely empty and was just the cardboard roll with nothing on it. I asked my neighbor for some toilet paper, but he was only able to give the 6 last sheets under the stall of this cheap single ply toilet paper because he had already used the rest of the small amount on the roll in his stall. I used 2 of the sheets to clean the poop splatters on the rear top of the toilet and the chrome metal pole. I used 2 more to clean my cheeks. That left only 2 sheets. I tried to fully use both sheets, but they were simply not nearly enough for my very messy buttcrack and anus. I simply just had to deal with it.

I stood up, put my underwear and pants back on, and flushed the toilet. I left quite a lot of poop streaks in the toilet bowl. I exited the stall and went to the sinks to wash my hands right next to the guy that was in the stall next to me. Someone took the stall I was in immediately after I left and exploded diarrhea into it. He would also have to deal with the lack of toilet paper. I was definitely not the only one that was desperate to crap that day, but I believe I probably took the biggest and loudest dump out of everyone in the restroom while I was there.

I left the restroom trying to not get poop on my underwear, and went to my car. I had napkins in the car, so I went into the car, closed the door, pulled out the napkins, and carefully pulled my underwear and pants down to my knees. I hovered over the seat and very carefully wiped my butt and stuck all of the used napkins into a paper cup. I then got out and threw the paper cup away in a trash can at the rest stop. I got back into the car, used hand sanitizer, and then looked at the time. I had spent a total of 45 minutes at the rest stop and was pooping for probably 30 minutes of it. I felt VERY relieved to have that huge load out of me. I also still made it to class on time because of how early I initially left.

That was the story of one of the biggest dumps I had ever taken in my life. I also have taken some other gigantic and desperate dumps in various places over the last few years, if anyone else wants to hear about those, but that was the most recent one. I have not taken as big of a dump in the last few months since, but I most certainly will sometime in the future.

Anna from Austria

Pooping on a toilet with a broken lock

Been a while since my last post because I had nothing interesting to report.

Have been ice skating in our local ice skating hall with my friend Sarah and her little sister last Sunday. We went in the morning hours already and during the skating, my morning coffee did its usual thing and "activated my bowels. I went to the nearest toilet where you can keep your ice skating shoes on. The funny thing was that hall itself was not very crowded but the lady's room was. It had 5 stalls and all 4 were taken. So I went to the remaining stalls put my pants and panties down and wanted to look at the door. Unfortunately, the lock was broken. I wanted to pull up my pants and panties again and wait for another stall when I let out a loud fart which signalized to me that waiting is not a good idea. So I sat down on the toilet and was holding the door handle with one hand. I did loud hissing pee and mid pee another prfft type fart and my turd started to crackle out. Then another fart and a smaller one. They were rather soft just like usual. So I had to clean myself quite a lot. Wiping with one hand at the door handle was not possible so had to let the handle go. I den tried to wipe myself being seated while blocking the door with my feet. I had my ice skating shoes till one so blocking the doors with the sharp blades of the door was not the smartest idea and I left some marks on the door. I am not proud of that but it was an emergency. I am also too embarrassed to clean my skidmarks in the toilet which I normally do. I just left the stall after wiping and washing my hands and went back to the ice skating area.

I also did not check out if the other stalls were still taken when I left or not.

That's all from me for now.

Greetings from Austria


Hey everyone, I'm 27 years old, female with blonde hair and blue eyes. I guess I'm average weight, maybes a little curvy in the chest and bum areas.

On Christmas Eve, me and my boyfriend Tom went to an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet in our local town and absolutely stuffed ourselves with prawn toast, chicken curry, sweet and sour chicken, prawn satay and spring rolls. It was delicious but I honestly felt pregnant afterwards I was so full.

When we got home, Tom put a movie on and we snuggled up on the couch. After about an hour, the initial bloating had passed but a wave of nausea swept over me and my stomach felt a little unsettled. I drank some water hoping it would pass but the feeling continued to worsen.

As I was trying to figure out what was wrong, Tom spoke to me, he sounded nervous 'um babe are you feeling alright?'. I looked up, he was holding his stomach. 'Not great actually, you?' I asked. 'I don't feel well at all, my stomach feels really weird' he groaned.

'Do you think the Chinese was off?' he looked at me, horrified. 'I mean, maybe, Let's see what happens tonight' I gently began to rub his aching stomach as more waves of nausea swept through me. About 15 minutes later I suddenly felt a huge amount of bile come up. I jumped off the sofa and rushed into the bathroom - as soon as I got my head over the toilet I started spewing up creamy vomit in huge waves. I felt slightly better after the first time I vomited but I knew I wasn't done being sick.

As I prepared for the second round, I glanced up and saw Tom stood there, he was clutching his stomach and looked really uncomfortable. 'Babe I really hope you're okay and I'm so sorry but can I please use the toilet now, I feel like I'm about to have an accident in my pants' he cried.

I shuffled across to the bath, 'I'm sorry but I need to stay, I think I'm going to vomit some more' I apologised. Tom hadn't even waited for me to speak before he rushed over to the toilet, he was already unbuckling his trousers. He ripped his boxers down and threw himself onto the toilet seat.

'Darling I'm sorry for what you're about to witness, if I had any option whatsoever, you would not be here whilst this was taking place' he groaned, still holding his stomach. 'It's okay baby, let it all out, you'll feel better' I insisted.

I heard a deep runny shart splatter into the toilet bowl , followed by an avalanche of sloppy semi-solid mush. Tom groaned loudly as he emptied his painful bowels. 'Aw darling push a little bit more, you can do it' I called gently. 'I really didn't want you to see me like this so soon in our relationship' he worried.

'Aw darling don't worry, I think Ill be having diarrhoea soon enough, my cramps are moving south' I told him. He was crouched forward, clearly having stomach cramps as he had another wave of really runny poo. 'Ugh this is so embarrassing' he moaned, wave after wave of watery poo leaving his bum forcefully.

Confident I wasn't going to be sick for a few minutes I went over to the toilet and gently began to rub my boyfriend's aching stomach. 'Ohh that feels so good, my stomach isn't well at all' he stated the obvious.

A couple of minutes later, after more squirty poo from Tom, he said he felt well enough to get off the toilet. My own urge to have a poo was starting to bother me more suddenly so I gently helped him wipe his messy bum.

I laid a wad of toilet roll in his boxers, flushed away his mess and took him to lay down. He was shivering and weak after his ordeal. Once he was settled watching a film, I slipped back to the bathroom, my urge to have a poo getting really desperate.

I knew before I even sat down that I had diarrhoea; it was those lower abdominal cramps that gave the game away. I gave a tiny push and runny poo immediately shot from my bum, followed by a splattering of major diarrhoea. I spent 15 minutes doubled over on the toilet before I cleaned up and went back to lay next to Tom.

'Are you okay?' he sounded concerned. 'Yeah I've just started having the same problem as you' I smiled. 'Aww no you've got diarrhoea too, poor you' he sounded sympathetic. 'Yeah I've just had about six rounds on the toilet, my bum is sore already' Uhh yeah mine is really uncomfortable too' he admitted.

We lay chatting and cuddling for half an hour before Tom shot up again, 'Ohh no, I feel like it's about to come out' he swore and grabbed his aching bum as he dashed to the bathroom. It sounded like he got there with seconds to spare.

My stomach rumbled and I was suddenly really desperate too. I hurried to the bathroom 'Tom I really have to shit badly' I moaned, rubbing my belly. 'Um I can't really move' he admitted, I knew this was true because his bum sounded like a fire hydrant.

'You'll have to go between my legs' he suggested. I was literally on the verge of filling my thong so I quickly ripped my clothes off and settled myself against Tom. Immediately three squirts of diarrhoea poured into the toilet, he was rubbing my stomach gently as it happened.

We both had diarrhoea the whole of Christmas Day and Boxing Day if anyone wants to hear more :)

AI Runner

Running and not making it

I had been feeling a little sluggish all day and decided to go for a run to boost my energy levels. As I jogged through the neighborhood, I felt my body starting to loosen up and I was feeling great.

But as I turned around to head back home, I started to feel a familiar pressure in my lower stomach. I had eaten a lot of fiber that morning and I knew what it meant. I was going to need to go to the bathroom soon.

I tried to hold it in as long as I could, but as I got closer to home, the pressure became too much to bear. I knew I had to let it go, but I was still a few blocks away from home and there were no public restrooms in sight.

I decided to take a risk and let go of a small turd in my knickers. It was a gross and embarrassing move, but I figured it was better than having a full-blown accident on the side of the road.

As I ran the rest of the way home, I could feel the turd squishing around in my knickers, making me feel even more uncomfortable. When I finally saw the front door in the distance, I couldn't take it anymore. I let go of it all, relieved to be home at last.

It was a traumatic and embarrassing experience, but at least I was able to make it home without any major mishaps. I vowed to always be better prepared on my future runs.

Steve A

Outdoorsy Girl's Survey

Even though I've never been on a "real" camping trip before, I'll answer these questions if I ever go on an actual trip someday.

My "only" camping trip was 1 night and a church was located nearby within walking distance for bathroom usage, even though the small camping ground was located near a woodsy area.

1. Do you feel any embarrassment or anxiety when realizing that you have to poop outside?

I'd feel "indifferent" about this situation, but from what I was taught, I'd obviously find some privacy and a good place for me to go (without leaving any trace behind) if there's no outhouses or camp ground bathrooms.

2. Do you tell your friends when you have to go away to poop?

I'd let them know about my situation so that they know where I am so that we don't get lost/separated from each other.

3. How often and when do you mostly poop outside?

I've never pooped outside, but since I took some outdoor adventure classes in college, I've learned some skills and the basics about several outdoor activities.

4. Do you practice LNT partly or fully?

I'd make sure to follow the rules within reason, depending on the situation and what outdoor activity I'm doing to avoid any negative consequences from my actions.

5. How is your posture when pooping (squatting, bending forward, standing etc.)?

I'd like to feel comfortable and make sure that I'm in a safe spot when I decide to go so that I don't feel uncomfortable or put myself in any risky situations.

6. Do you discuss your poop with friends afterwards?

Only if my friends would feel comfortable doing so, even though going outside may lead to a small conversation about it between our group.

7. Have you spotted (none, some, many of) your friends or family when pooping?

I haven't yet

8. Did they discover you?


9. Have you seen anyone when pooping outside?

I haven't yet

10. What type of poop do you mainly do when outside (size, form, color)?

It would depend on what I ate and how long I went in between poops.

11. Have you seen the poop of anyone you know outside.

Not outside, but I've seen some unflushed toilets in public before.

12. Have you seen people you do not know when pooping outside?

I haven't yet

13. (Gender and age, not necessary but if you want to share.)


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