i mentioned in my last post that my mum put me on a diet because i had become severely overweight and how it had made my poos easier, which was true, until last week we got pizza for dinner and i cheated on my diet and ate a whole bunch.
my mum and i jogged extra that night to try and burn it off but i didn't think about how it would affect my poos.
sure enough i didn't poo for eight days afterwards and i was VERY uncomfortable. none of my pants fit because my belly was so bloated with poo and gas and i kept farting all the time.
anyway, i was having a conversation with my mum in the kitchen about school and stuff when i told her that i had to go poo. she followed me to the bathroom so we could continue the conversation cause we're pretty open like that and she sat on the counter while i started trying to poo. she was doing most of the talking now because i was focused on trying to push my poo out but she didn't really notice for a while because she was so deep in thought until i grunted kinda loud.
she harshly lifted my feet up and pushed my squatty potty under them, nearly making me fall backwards. if i'd been smaller i probably would've fallen into the toilet LOL. mum always gets angry when i'm constipated. she sat back on the counter, looking all scowly.
i pushed for like half an hour with her just watching before she had me bend over and put some vaseline around the poo. when i sat back down she rubbed my belly until the huge poo came out after like another hour.


Responses and Follow-up to Virus

Victoria B: I LOL'ed on Robyn's "pinching the entire bakery" comment! While I really feel for your symptoms and hope that you find answers and normalcy soon, I'm glad you two could get a laugh out of it!

Tiny Nurse: Welcome to the forum! Yes, it is wonderful to find community around this natural bodily function that few dare to discuss openly! I'm glad you were able to make it home without anyone knowing you had an accident!

Deb: I'm so sorry! I hope you feel better!

Anna from Austria: I shared a few stories several years ago on the forum that were pretty embarrassing. I rarely use a public restroom to poop, but it seems that there's always an adventure. When we saw Star Wars several years ago, I had to take Zoe in the stall with me to poop. I was so worried about her that I forgot to flush and another woman entered and saw my bowel movement. Once I had to go at church and a preschooler commented on my pooping while in the women's restroom. Once I had diarrhea so bad in a stall that a lady actually vomited from the smell. Those are just a few. I'm sorry your privacy was invaded!

To all: I found it weird how the virus affected Zoe, Chloe and me so similarly that we all three had massive accidents. It's a good thing we had Depends, because I talked to the girls about it, and they all described the same feelings of waking up suddenly with severe cramping, just knowing they could not make it to the bathroom. The bug lasted 48 hours max for us all, but I've never had symptoms that intense.

In some ways, it really felt good! And, I've enjoyed watching the video. Oh well...




Messy Day

Hello Everyone! Yesterday's poops were messy, and loose. Once after eating McDonalds for dinner, I did an explosive fart on the toilet while passing mush into it. Good thing the bath was running, because the fart was quite audible. I even thought I'd gotten some poop/mucus on the trash can lid because it felt wet after throwing away my used wipe, but Mom didn't see anything. My poop was messy earlier that day, too. I enjoy everyone's continued contributions. In regards to farting, in New York (I believe) it's against the law to fart in an elevator. I guess so many people at one point found farting in that setting so offensive, that they went to lawmakers about it. Who knows, but I would be mad to get in trouble for farting if I ever developed a medical reason that would effect me such as a colostomy. As you may know, people with these can't feel it when they need to poop/fart, so they wear a bag to collect the waste. If I ever needed to get a colostomy, I'd be quick to explain myself for farting in an elevator if it's illegal in New York. Bye


Women With (Very) Prodigious Bladders

For a while I've enjoyed reading various stories about women who are abnormally gifted in the bladder department. These stories take a bit of searching as they are somewhat far and few between. I've scribbled down a couple of names, Ashley and Kari being the most recent contributors. At one point in the distant past there was some sort of large bladder contingent here called WWLB for Women With Large Bladders. Whoever these women are they've undoubtedly aged-out from further posting.

I consider both Ashley and Kari as urinary sisters in a secret sorority. Secret because what goes-on in the bathroom, the sights sounds and any discussion that goes-on as a result, usually stays in the bathroom. Usually.

When I was very young my parents got a divorce and my father began serial dating various women. For some ungodly reason, one day one of his long-term girlfriends (who took-up temporary residence with us) took extreme interest in my peeing ability and told my father. From the bathroom I could hear him brush it off by telling her that I was just like my mother, a "goddamn endless waterfall." My young mind didn't take it as a compliment. Apparently his answer didn't satisfy her either, because every time I went into the bathroom I could hear her prowling around near the door; a head case. I noted that she was a pathetic pee'er as well, so I became overly cautious not to let my stream flow too long within earshot of her.

Invariably that plan lasted until one weekend when I thought she was outside in the yard with my father and my bladder was full. Even then, at age 10 or 11, I knew that I peed abnormally large quantities for a very-very long time. At school I would always cut-off my pee, seemingly before I had even begun. My peeing was treated similar to what both Ashley and Kari wrote sometime back. But on that day, as I just let my bladder have free reign, that complete b***h just went insane. She pounded on the bathroom door and demanded to be let in. She actually thought I was slowly pouring a bucket of water into the toilet because nobody could possibly pee for that long or that much. Upon discovering it was just me upon the toilet, she raced outside and demanded I be taken to a medical specialist. Yes there are lunatics in the world like her.

Because of that head case I took an interest about my own bladder, it's unusual size and capacity, and my ability to pee. I subconsciously began to become a voyeur in the ladies room, noticing any woman who took an unusually long and voluminous urination. For about a year or more I was disappointed there weren't female pee'ers any in my category, something that lasted until my father began picking me up at school and I started hanging around his little office building. That's when I met Charlotte and Kelsie. As to how I got to know them is for a follow-up post.

On the floor my father's office was in there was a women's restroom at the end of the hallway. The restroom was fairly opulent too as there was a large sofa located to one side past the stall and sink area, along with some faux plants. I would enjoy curling-up on the couch in the restroom and playing with my early era iPhone I had gotten for my birthday. One day late in the afternoon these two women came-in and entered adjacent stalls. They were chatting about this and that when first one, and then the other start-up peeing. I didn't even notice what they looked like as I was concentrating on my iPhone. But they kept peeing as they talked and talking as they peed. And the peeing kept up. All of a sudden my consciousness shifted into the present!

I got-up and peeked around the corner. In the left stall were a pair of Navy blue high-heel pumps while to the right were a pair of black pumps. The restroom was filled with twin sounds of splashing urine. I could discern that one woman was voiding with a strong, diffuse splatter while the other had a more concentrated flow. Nevertheless they kept peeing and peeing as they periodically broke their silence to mention and comment about something at their place of business. What I found incredibly fascinating was that the woman with the stronger stream would periodically cut-off her flow, while the other would keep peeing. But ten seconds later she would initiate her stream anew-- as-if tapping into another source-- and her flow would initiate as strongly as before. Those two simply kept peeing and peeing while casually talking. And I'm not talking two or three minutes either. Eventually, incredibly, the one with the pee-spray stream began tapering off to a thin, but long steady flow while the other kept-up her peeing style, much as before. And they talked about another topic. At some point the second woman tapered-off as well, but neither were truly finished. They each had an encore!

I'm sorry for this play-by-play but I had never seen something like this in my young life. This was minutes and minutes into their pees as they sat in adjacent stalls, chatting away as their bladders summoned-forth more and more urine that splattered in periodic bursts of 5-10-15 seconds into the water below. I peeked around the corner again when one had not peed for nearly thirty seconds and the other was fast dribbling. What caused me to skip a heat beat was when that same woman began peeing a steady thin stream again! Moreover her friend even took notice and said something along the lines of "see Charlotte, you still have some left. Surely there's no need to hold anything back for me." There was a sexual chuckle between them but she was right. Charlotte tinkled and peed a full two-minutes longer than did her friend Kelsie. And as they emerged from the two stalls and went over to clean-up at the sink, Charlotte nudged her friend's arm and said "well I usually outlast you. Right?" Kelsie gave her a sarcastic look and replied "only occasionally. That wasn't what you said the other night when we went-out clubbing." More sexual laughter. "Oh god Kelsie, you were in there peeing for so long you nearly had the club management after you! Women in the restroom thought you were a complete circus freak!"


Thunder's recommendation

That's a good point--try to use 3 to 7 squares of toilet paper for wiping. The real waste is papering the seats. I've seen toilets with with sides of the seat papered, as well as a little over the front, plus another strip over the back. I remember one unisex toilet I used in a gas station where there was literally a nest of paper on and some hanging off the seat. Even with the smallest crap in the bowl, that's asking for a clog. Are the pre-cut toilet paper squares stacked in a holder a possible solution? I would think they would be tedious, at best, to use for a seat cover.


reply to Catherine and some ramblings

Catherine: Im sorry you and the rest of the family got the bug too! Its a good thing you got the depends, since you and your girls all wound up having accidents. And Catherine.. you're so fun and daring!! Way to take advantage of an unpleasant situation to create some lasting memories. I can't believe Alan was recording you when you had an accident in your depends! Its like he knew it was about to happen! But am i reading right that you said it overflowed the depend and got on the floor??? That worries me! Also, I totally get you being so embarrassed by Joey calling out your diaper.. they make you feel confident and secure until someone notices it lol. When brian pointed out my diaper last week i felt just as embarrassed as if I had pooped my pants in front of him again.

Last time i had a stomach bug, I definitely didn't have that good of a time with it. I dont remember if I wrote about it here. I most likely did, but ill quickly recap. I had diarrhea in my pants in my car coming home from work, and it ran down both my legs and ruined my shoes as i walked up to my apartment. Later that night, I leaned over in bed and threw up in the trash can, but while i threw up i also pooped in my underwear really bad. It was such a mess, it overflowed and got all over the bed too, and I felt too weak and sick to clean it up, it was awful. I wish I had my depends back then. again, good idea Catherine.

I haven't been bedwetting for long enough now that I decided to stop wearing diapers to bed. its nice to have a break from wearing one since I wear one all day, so it feels good to be able to change back into my regular underwear once I get home for the night. If ever I slip up and wet my undies in bed again I can just switch back so I'm not worried about it. The only problem is Alexis might disagree with me that its safe to go to bed without diapers because of a little misunderstanding from yesterday. Heres what happened...

I pooped in my silhouettes again yesterday. Nothing crazy or different, I was just in the car after work like usual when I found myself turtle heading sitting at a traffic light. I wanted relief so bad that I almost just let go right then, but I knew I better do my best to make it. Well obviously I didn't, I got stuck behind a very slow driver entering my apartment complex and right after I parked my car and was still sitting there, I lost control and had a big soft accident in my diaper. It came out like soft serve ice cream and actual felt rather pleasant when it happened, and i pooped without stopping for several seconds. I sat in my car for a moment once I finished pooping my pants, and I answered a couple of texts I got while I was driving and just relaxed in my mess since now there was no rush to get upstairs, but the smell was pretty overwhelming even for me so I got out of the car quickly once I sent my texts.

When I got upstairs I immediately opened my notebook app to review my breakfast and update what I had eaten at work that day. In the morning I had honey bunches of oats with a banana and 1% dairy milk. At work throughout the day I had a pear, an apple crisp granola bar, and this little snack pack thing with like mixed nuts, dried fruits and little cheese cubes. For lunch I had a rice bowl with grilled chicken and vegetables. Nothing really jumps out at me as something I could be sensitive to, but I suppose dairy is a possibility because I don't eat cereal all the time and I don't eat cheese all the time, and i had cereal with milk and cheese yesterday. Still, I feel like I eat diary foods way more often than I face stomach issues so who knows?

Here is where the misunderstanding with Alexis came in. After I updated my log, I went and laid down on the couch, still in my very dirty diaper. I was just really exhausted and not ready to start the clean up so I just wanted to rest a minute before I went and got changed. But as I was laying there I fell asleep and took an unplanned nap. Well, I was woken up by Alexis. I was expecting her, but I definitely had meant to use the time before she came over to clean myself up. I felt panic wash over me as I saw her standing by the couch and I knew i still had my poopy diaper on. I kept the blanket over me and prayed she couldn't smell anything and started thinking of an excuse to be away for a few minutes to change, but she caught me... the first thing she said when I sat up was "baby did you have an accident?" as she crinkled her nose, because clearly I really smelled. I just looked at her confused and didn't respond at first. Then I figured it was better for her to think it had just happened there on the couch and not that I had been lounging around and napping in an already messed diaper. So I went with it and acted like I had just pooped my pants in my sleep.

Now Alexis thinks that I poop the bed too, and she is gonna say something when I try to stop wearing diapers to bed. LOL. I just laugh because of how silly this little problem can be just because of the feelings that come with it. The feelings of shame and embarrassment cause you to make silly decisions at times in an effort to save face... oh well. I'm sure in a little while ill confess that the accident happened in the car and I just fell asleep before changing out of my dirty diaper lol. It will save the conversation about not wearing one in bed. We don't spend every night together anyway so if it comes to it I'll still wear them just when I'm with her so she feels better.

Today at work I chalked up the nerve to ask Brian how he knew I had a diaper on. I just couldn't get it off my mind... I was embarrassed by how he found out though. Apparently my black leggings become see through if I bend down in the sunlight. He and I were outside doing something and I guess I was leaning over at one point and he looked at me and clearly saw my diaper through my leggings. So now I face the question- should I really even wear leggings with diapers? Probably not. But I hate jeans. And anything else is too dressy for my job. I guess I could wear khakis but they tend to be tight on me 1and would probably have a major visible diaper line worse than with black leggings.

Anyway we talked a little more about it, and he said if it made me feel more secure than he was "all about it" lol. I was like "I'm happy you approve". He asked me then if I'd had an accident in one yet, so I told him about my accident at target recently. He then shared with me that one time when he was at target he sharted, lol. So we bonded over messing ourselves at target. I also told him one of my worst shart stories, which I'll also share here. I was actually out on a date at dinner with someone when I was 27 or so, and I felt a little bloated. At one point my date left to go to the bathroom so I took the opportunity to sneakily fart. I farted softly on my chair a couple of times and had no problems, then all the sudden I went to fart again and I just felt my underwear get really warm and damp, right on my bottom. I realized I had sharted big time...I remember the feeling of terror as I waited for my date to come back to the table, and i felt like it took a million years. I just wanted him to return before I excused myself, and in my head every person in the restaurant knew I had pooped myself so I felt so awkward sitting there waiting with one of my butt cheeks slightly lifted off the chair. When he finally returned i excused myself and covered my butt with my purse subtly and headed to the bathroom. I could feel it squishing between my cheeks as I walked, but even worse, it was bad enough that I could smell it, so others would be able to also. I quickly took off my dirty underwear, inspected the damage which was bad, thoroughly wiped myself, washed my hands and went back to dinner. I was paranoid I smelled like poop for the rest of the date! Thankfully nothing stained through my skirt and showed on the outside.

I think that's enough for now lol. I have a million stories but I don't have to write them all in one post.



Fund-raising fun

Back when I was a freshman at my high school our chess club (Geek, I know!) held a series of donut sales before school. The custodians set up our table outside the Activities Office. It was almost right across the hall from the girls bathroom. While I was waiting for my friend Meredith to arrive with the boxes of the five dozen donuts, the fourth girl already had pushed the old wooden door open. To the right of a small privacy wall you could see the cubicles, legs under the doors, as the users sat doing their thing. I saw one girl go into a toilet where there was legs already seated. Just then the assistant AD tapped me on the back and handed me a money bag and she showed me a couple rolls of change in it. That was embarrassing, but I don't think she knew where my attention was. Meredith arrived with the donuts which we started selling immediately as more students arrived. Her attention was on calling students over to see the selection while I kept at least one eye on the bathroom door and what I could see from the line of toilets. After a couple of shakes to my shoulder, I got back on track again after thinking about how great it would be for a couple of girls to have a conversation in the doorway. That didn't happen. The next best thing did. This girl in my afternoon geography class came running over, threw a $1 bill into the box and told us to hold the last two donuts for her, but she needed to use the bathroom first. The bathroom was clearing out. She hurried into the middle stall, the door slammed shut, and I could see her sitting with her jeans at floor level. It seemed to last 5 or 6 minutes, then she came hurrying out, grabbed her donuts and hurried to class. I would have had liked to ask her if she enjoyed her crap, but I could never be that embarrassing. While I threw the boxes away and turned the money bag in, Meredith excused herself. It was only for a couple of minutes and I tried to imagine her seated and peeing away. Then she came out while wiping her hands on her jeans. I asked her about it. She said both of the paper towel rolls were jammed up.


Dear Victoria

We are relief! "She" in last your post is not Robyn! We hope you stay together in love for ever. But we are sorry to hear your IBS-M. How you can cure it?

I don't understand well "pinching an entire bakery". What is its mean?

Love from Mina + 3

Saturday, May 15, 2021


My first dump at college

In two weeks, my college classes were going to start. As part of the process, students were required to attend an orientation to receive more info about their courses and required books/supplies. The orientation also involved staying the night in one of the dorms. The building my dorm was in was probably the tallest building on the campus. It even had a pool. Late that afternoon, I had witnessed 4 attractive girls in the pool having a farting contest and laughing as the bubbles popped up. I left them to it, a bit weird-ed out, and a bit amused. It would fail to be the most awkward moment of the night. I continued walking and took an interest to one specific female sitting outside of the pool near them. She was about 5'7", roughly 120 lbs, pale-skinned, supple but not oversized midsection, shoulder-length light blonde hair, green eyes, wearing a swim suit and sandals with red painted toenails. She looked over at me and smiled.

My room was to be shared with another male student on the 8th floor of this building. The floors alternated between male-only, and female only. On my floor, there existed only a Men's restroom, with a separate male-only shower area at the opposite end of the hall on the other side of the building, perhaps 100 feet away. The adjacent floors above and below were female only. In the early evening hours, there were students of both sexes walking around any floor they damned-well pleased though, because the floors weren't off limits to the opposite sex until 9 pm according to the rule book.

That night, I downed 4 chicken breasts and a lot of broccoli, hearing a male student remark "Jeez!" when looking at my plate. Two hours passed and my innards were now rumbling. I headed trough the crowded hallway towards the only restroom on my floor(the Mens' room) with a normal degree of urgency to drop a load.

There were two adjacent stalls. The one adjacent to the back wall was occupied, so I took the one by the door. I dropped my pants, sat down, and pushed out the log. The room stunk like ass due to the large number of people who had previously used it since its last cleaning and I wanted to get out of there, but I had to do what I had to do. My sound production mostly consisted of some muffled farts and crackling. The person in the adjacent stall was making some noise of their own. It wasn't enough noise to mimic a heated session of Battleshits, but it was certainly audible and I could hear an occasional fart with quiet plops hitting the water. As we were both making our noises, I noticed how odd it was that my stall-neighbor had sandals on and red-painted toenails, and their pants weren't on the floor as mine were, just bare hairless legs. My log was almost done sliding out, still making a quiet but audible clicking and crackling noise as my stall neighbor was wiping. My turd dropped in with a loud *fwoomp* that echoed about the room. By the time I started rolling the toilet paper for the first wipe, my stall-neighbor unlatched their door and started walking to the sinks. Curiously, I looked through the gap to see who it was, but the stalls were positioned in such a way that the sinks/mirror were not visible through the gap, and the occupant remained a mystery.

My wiping was quick, only needing one or two passes since the aftermath wasn't very messy, as I heard my former stall neighbor washing their hands. I pulled my pants up and opened my stall door about 20 seconds after and finally got a glimpse of my former stall neighbor washing their hands. To my surprise, it was a she, the very attractive she who I'd seen at the pool earlier, still in her swimming clothes, blonde hair still wet. I was a bit weirded out once again, this time moreso than when I was at the pool hours prior, wondering if I had walked into a Womens' restroom by mistake, only to be reminded that this was not my error upon observing the two urinals through the mirror as I exited the stall.

I didn't say anything, out of embarrassment, only for her to remark: "Hey handsome. Don't forget to wash your hands." She smiled at me and walked out. That embarrassment was then magnified, and I was kind of grossed out at what I heard this attractive young lady do, even though I did the same thing right next to her and she got to hear me do it as well.

Why she was in the Men's room, I can only guess. There was a Womens' room on the floors above and below. Upon exiting the Men's room, I saw her with two other girls in the hallway. The sign on the wall indicated it was a Mens' restroom and not unisex. Walking towards my dorm, I heard a female voice remark: "He could sue you for sexual harassment." I assumed she was referring to me and the fact that the other young lady used the wrong restroom next to me. Had I simply walked into a Women's room


Unscheduled Pooping

Thanks for those that responded regarding unscheduled pooping and having to go outdoors or at someone else's place in a difficult situation. None of this has happened to me yet but I have come awfully close . One situation that did occur last year was when I and my partner went bush walking and we wink call her Mary got desperate for a poo. There were toilets some distance away and I wanted her to squat in the bush.... there was total privacy but she would not . She did make the toilet but evacuated in her undies and all over the toilet and the floor and put that cubicle out of action and by the number of people around I would say that cubicle was needed. It also gave the cleaners some extra and unpleasant work. Mary should have gone into the bushes, dropped her trousers and pulled down her undies , squatted and released the brown diarrhoea and all would be better off ! in the same manner and used it, I don't think that things would have went over nearly as casually.


Re: Thunder

Sadly, that is not my only creepy experience when using a public restroom, or even my worst experience. I have other stories to tell.

I already told the trough urinal story. That was terrible.

I once got ogled at and propositioned by some gay junky who thought that I was an underage kid while sitting on a seatless steel toilet in a park restroom with nothing but a half-wall for privacy(no stall door), who wouldn't leave after I rejected his sexual advances. There wasn't much I could do as I was sitting there with my pants down and bare ass exposed with a massive impacted log of crap hanging halfway out my butt as this creeper stood there complimenting my looks and staring at me while I was trying to poop.

While I was sitting in a stall at a rest stop 10+ years ago, someone slipped a phone underneath the stall partition and pointed the camera at me and snapped some pictures.

On at least 3 occasions I can remember using a stall, someone went out of their way to stare at me through the gap between the stall door and stall wall.

I've also been intruded upon by cleaning ladies who entered without announcing themselves while I was either peeing or pooping on multiple occasions, who then started cleaning in spite of me visibly using a urinal or audibly using a stall. Albeit, their invasion of my personal space never went beyond entering the room to clean while I was in the process of relieving myself, which I'd classify as a much milder version of creepy, but still a bit creepy nonetheless.


Re: Boys peeing survey

Q1: What is the weirdest place you've peed in?

A: An Indian burial ground.

Q2: What is the oldest age where you felt comfortable peeing right in front of a friend with your penis in full view? Meaning not at a urinal, but in a regular toilet or out in the open.

A: I've never gotten comfortable with that. I'll pee when I have to, regardless.

Q3/Q4: Do you remember seeing other boys peeing in preschool or daycare? How many? Any funny stories? Did you ever see any girls peeing in preschool or daycare? What did you think about it when you saw it?

A: I never went to preschool or daycare, so no.

Q5: Did you ever pee with another boy at the same time in the same toilet? Or in a urinal? Or in the woods? Did you make your peepee streams cross? Was it your friend, brother, cousin, etc. What was said?

A: No to all of those questions.

Q6: Are you circumcised or uncircumcised?

A: Circumcised, unfortunately.

Q7: How old were you when you saw a penis that looked different from yours? (Circ or uncirc). Did you ever witness a friend's foreskin being pulled back or show your friend how you pulled yours back?

A: I was 6, in a locker room at a YMCA. The answer is no to the other questions.

Q8: When you peed, did you try to aim for the water to make louder peeing sounds or did you try to hide the sounds by aiming for the side of the bowl?

A: I always took the quiet approach and aimed for the side, unless it started splattering, in which case I'd switch my aim to the water and deal with the noise.

Q9: How old were you when you learned to pee without pulling your pants all the way down?

A: 6

Q10: Did you get to teach another boy how to pee standing up? Was it your brother, cousin, friend, boy in preschool, etc?

A: Nope.

Emma two

Finally able to poo

After having diarrhoea on Monday I hadn't had a poo until Saturday morning and boy did I make up for it. I woke up early this morning with a bit of a stomach ache and a very full feeling in my bowels so I got up and went to the toilet. As soon as I got my knickers down I felt my poo pushing against my bottom and I had to sit down quickly in case I had an accident on the floor. I was just in time and boy did I go. I thought it would never end and it was such a relief to finally get my bowels empty after holding it six days. I filled the toilet with a huge amount of poo so I flushed it before I wiped my bottom and luckily most it went down. I wiped and flushed again and everything went down which was a relief as I really hate it when I have to unblock the toilet.


Reply to Audrey

Yes of course.
So the last time I had to do it, it was at the parking lot in Walmart last Thanksgiving. I lost all control of myself and I had to shit. I knew I would never get inside in time so I parked on the outskirts of the parking lot and backed in. I got out and thankfully it was night time out. I grabbed my baby wipes and I quickly pulled my pants and panties down and squatted in between my car and the car next to me an just let loose. It came out quickly thankfully. I farted as it was coming out. I wiped and got back in to my car and drove home. I don't know if anyone saw me but I didn't care lol.

Tiny Nurse (TN)

One of several

I had an experience that led to some Google searching that brought me here. As strange as it is, I really like the sense of community and camaraderie in the varying bathroom (or lack of) experiences! I won't use my real name for reasons, but I'll go by Tiny Nurse of TN for short.

I guess as my entrance story I'll share one that happened last weekend. As with many other parts of the world l, most of my old activities and hang out spots are heavily impacted by the pandemic. So one of the activities I've taken up is some walking. Some days are short walks, and other days are longer ones.

On this particular day it a little chilly but sunny, the perfect day for a walk. So I put on my favorite green spring jacket and made my way for a longer walk to a childhood friend's house. The great thing about my neighbourhood are the construction bylaws that ensured there are lots of greenspaces, and not too many residential and commercial buildings.

I felt some small pressure building but thought nothing of it. The walk to my friend's house was pleasant and perfect! It's about 25 min one way. We chatted on her driveway, with masks and socially distanced (I try to be careful since I work at the hospital). Kept the chat super brief and I made my way home.

As I turned the corner towards the paved trail back to my neighbourhood I felt a little twinge from my bladder again, but also with some pressure from the backside. I thought about turning back to ask her to use the washroom, but I'm a little cautious with this whole thing so I thought it was better not to. About halfway home the pressure got bad, and I mean BAD. Like... It jumped from a 5 to a 9.99 out of 10.

I looked around and there were a few people walking out and about. I looked for a bush, or hidden spot but the trees left plenty of spaces in between with no hiding spot you know? I was desperate and I had to figure out a plan quick, or I'd fill my leggings with a lot of unpleasant things. I walked off the paved walkway and made my way towards a space behind some trees that gave the best coverage, and something is better than nothing.

My plan is to wait for there to be no people, and quickly do my feed as sneakily as possible. But as soon as one person leaves my view, another comes along. This went on for another minute or two. I was dribbling little spurts of pee the whole time, so I decided the smart thing was just squat with my pants on and pee through my leggings to alleviate the pressure until I get home. I've soaked my legs before and wet shoes are no fun to walk in. So at least the accident will be contained to my butt, and my jacket is long enough to cover it.

I started peeing before I even went into my squat and made sure my jacket wasn't in the way. I did my best to just pee but when you gotta go you gotta go, and my poop just came out when I squatted. And it was so fast and mushy, now quite diarrhea but pretty soft and it smelled so gross. Luckily people were far away enough to not get assaulted by my smells. I had my tight black athletic leggings on, and underneath I luckily had my comfy home granny panties on (I've been too lazy to care about VPLs and boy did it save me). I felt it squish all over my butt and move forward, so I used my had to stop it from moving forward, door started slowly making its way up the back. It stopped before it got to the waistband (thank god for high waisted pants).

This all happened so fast, maybe 5/10 seconds, but it felt like forever. I was still peeing in the meantime and looked around. And luckily it doesn't look like anyone noticed or anything. After I finished peeing I kept my squat behind the tiny tree until the coast was clear. Still feeling like I need to go number 2 more I wanted to make sure I made it home for that.

The walk home felt gross, I could feel the mess squishing and mushing with the steps. I tried to walk as normally as possible too, to avoid any suspicion. When I got to the clearing from the paved trail I stopped to see if there were lots of people on my street and it was thankfully empty. That brief stop let the smell catch up to me and I am so sorry to anyone who I walked past that had to smell it (in case you're on here).

I still felt the need to go so I made the 100 meter fast walk to my house and hoped no one was home early or making a surprise visit. I unlocked the door and and noticed no shoes, so I was in the clear. I made my way to the downstairs toilet to finish my deed but then realised I had no idea how to not make an absolute disaster of a mess on the tiny bathroom and toilet so I just gave up and let go of the rest I was holding back since my pants were already a disaster. I squatted slightly and pushed the rest into my pants and panties.

I went out of that washroom to go up to my personal one upstairs to clean, when I heard the lock click, and I ran like no tomorrow up the stairs and into the washroom. I took off my jacket to inspect and it was clean (but I'm washed it later anyway since I was paranoid and kept thinking it smelled). I turned around to check the damage and it didn't look anywhere near as big as it smelled. It just looked like I had an overnight pad under a loose pair of leggings. But you can definitely see the wet marks staining through. I walked to the tub to slowly peel my leggings off and my panties were just a disaster. They were more brown than they were white, and were so caked from the leggings and walking.

I'll spare details of the cleanup but it was not fun. The leggings were saved, but I threw the panties away discretely the night before garbage day to avoid suspicion or being discovered.

So that's the story of my mishap this past week, unfortunately it wasn't the first, but hoping it's the last!

-Tiny Nurse (TN)

Victoria B.



I'm about five days into a constipation cycle. Gas, bloating, stomach pain and the two times I have needed to go have been huge horse piles. On Monday Robyn kidded me about pinching an entire bakery and not just a loaf when I clogged my toilet without flushing any paper in that load. We are still together and she says hi to everyone!

It's nice to be back

Victoria and Robyn


To Maddy

Hi Maddy, I love your posts. Could you please post your stories about the times when you ate 2 bars of chocolate and the time when you took a whole pack of Imodium tablets? They sound so interesting and I really want to know what happened.

Look forward to reading your stories!


Mosquito invasion

When I was about 6 or 7 my parents were gone for a week and me and my best friend Josie stayed with our babysitter, Jordan. Jordan was nice to the kids she babysat, accept since she was in high school, if she had an opportunity to do some things with the guys she knew from school, me and Josie were often neglected.

So one morning Jordan walked us to the park to play in this huge recreation area while she laid over an old picnic table. She said she was just relaxing, but when we got off the equipment after an hour so, we noticed Jordan had attracted a couple of guys. We were both surprised when we saw her accept a cigarette from them and the three of them laid on the table and benches talking. After a few minutes, Jordan was first to go into the bathroom building. Then she yelled out to me to come in. I did and there she was with her shorts and underwear on the floor. She said she had taken a 'dump,' a word I had never heard before, and she swore at me because there was no toilet paper on the roll mounted on this dumb wall that was only half as high as it should be. She told me to go onto the other side of this really scarred up brick wall and get some out of the guys' toilets.

I remember being cautious as I waited in the guys' entryway to listen for noise. Hearing none, I called out once, then walked in. There was a urinal halfway falling off the wall and leaking. Next to it was a single toilet with the seat dripping of someones' pee. No toilet paper available there either. No paper towels atop the one sink either. So I want back to Jordan and gave her the bad news. She swore with some words I had never heard before. Then she pointed to the corner of the room to two handbills that the wind has blown in. Then Josie came in to see what was happening. Jordan stood, tore each piece of paper into fourths and started a wipe and drop routine. Before she would drop the paper between her legs and into the toilet, she would look at how much dump was on it.

Each of us used the bathroom there a couple of times both before and after lunch. My last time on the toilet was about 7 that evening, after we had eaten, with Jordan's boys at the picnic tables. They were messing around on the jungle gym while Jordan was tickling them in various places. I didn't want to interrupt them, so I went into the toilets again with the pee I had been holding. Now it seemed that the room was swarming with mosquitoes. This was especially true around the toilet and a trashcan over in the corner. Since Josie and I had been running around, I was was sweating badly. And attracting them all over my body. My hands had to work extra hard from my face to my arms and then my exposed body as it sat. The pee came slowly as I was doing a lot of swatting and especially moving around while on the toilet more than usual.

Later I told Josie I couldn't believe the number of bugs that attacked me in my sweaty, 5 minute sit. The next morning I showed Jordan the bite marks on my face, arms and hands, and thighs. She said she would spray me next time before we left home for there. Being attacked my that many insects really hurt me and a couple of the bites became infected. Mom said Jordan lacked judgment and leadership as well as another word I didn't understand. Neither of my or Josie's moms hired Jordan again after that.


The Stomach Virus Continues

I'm feeling much better today (Wednesday) and had a really nice, soft, bowel movement this morning, as I really began to regain my appetite yesterday afternoon. We all try to eat and drink our way through a stomach bug, with bland foods and Pedialyte. If we continue to have diarrhea, we just let it run its course, as our bodies are fighting the illness. Even with diarrhea, the gut is still absorbing some nutrients.

So, Alan and "Joey" were sick yesterday. Alan did have the explosive diarrhea, but never vomited. Joey threw up twice, and had a really big diarrhea episode, but after that, was fine. Children seem the most resilient!

I was struck on Sunday - Mother's Day. There was no celebrating Mother's Day for me. I actually woke up sick, around 4:30 AM and just made it to the bathroom in time to vomit. I threw up so much. But like the girls, it was one big, violent episode and I never threw up again. I still felt a little queezy, but not bad. It actually wasn't a bad vomiting spell, mainly because it was so productive.

But then I began to feel the cramps. Now, before I go further, I knew that I was going to get sick, so I made sure that I ate a lot on Friday evening and Saturday - just good, wholesome, fiber-rich foods. I figured the fiber might prevent the diarrhea from being runny and give it some substance.

Too, I was going to have a little fun with it. I mean, I do enjoy any kind of massive bowel movement, with a massive diarrhea being no exception.

So, after I was sick, I took a shower and decided to get ready for the day even though I wasn't feeling good. Like the girls, I seemed to get a burst of energy after vomiting that allowed me to go through the process of showering, make up, rolling my hair and getting dressed for the day. I went ahead a suited up with a Depends, even though I had no intention of needing it.

I sipped on Pedialyte, and as the morning wore on, the sick feeling returned. My stomach was cramping and the nausea was back, though not near the point of vomiting, but just enough to make me feel bad.

I told Alan that I was sick. He had been up helping the girls with a Mother's Day surprise gift basket, cards and everything. He knew I had the bug, but they wanted to surprise me anyway. I got dressed for two reasons - pictures with the family and for the surprise I had for Alan.

After we did Mother's Day, I told the kids that I needed to go back to bed and rest. Joey heard my depends squeak and asked if I was wearing a diaper. I was SOOOO embarrassed. The girls giggled and told him that it wasn't funny. I asked Alan to come with me.

By this time my guts were bloated and the cramps were pretty intense. I felt like I needed to go to the toilet, but I was going to let this build. I told Alan that I wanted him to make a video of me using the toilet with diarrhea. My stomach was gurgling, churning and making all kinds of noises. I was wearing a floral dress that went to my knees, but was nice and form fitting around my bust.

I went to the toilet and stood over it when Alan began to film.

I sat down and had the loudest diarrhea explosion I've ever had in my life. I tried to look really feminine, like a model or something, while all this was happening. I was on the toilet for a good twenty minutes before I cleaned with the Washlet and some Charmin.

We went back and watched the video on his phone. I've actually watched the first part at least a dozen times. I was amazed at how I looked and the impending initial explosion.

I began to understand, though, what Zoe and Chloe felt. After the diarrhea explosion, I began to feel groggy and dizzy. All I wanted to do was shut my eyes. So, I changed back into a comfortable night gown and laid down in the bed. At some point, Alan laid down beside me and held me. I was in and out of sleep.

I awoke suddenly to this most intense need to use the bathroom that I have ever felt, compounded with severe stomach cramps. They were almost as intense as labor pains. As I stumbled to get out of bed, there was one, loud gurgle that sounded like a rush of water running through my colon, followed by an increase in the intensity to defecate. Then, there was another cramp that felt on par with a labor pain and I just glanced at Alan, who was RECORDING THIS ON HIS CELL PHONE!!!

And then I exploded with another super explosive diarrhea wave in which the ENTIRE contents of my stomach emptied into the Depends.

At first it felt like a massive poop, but then everything poured out of me onto the floor. It was such a mess. It smelled so bad. I was humiliated. I felt so bad that I wasn't even mad at Alan for recording this. Let's just say the clean up was a mess.

I actually got a good laugh at watching the video and told Alan he could keep them both, as long as we were the only ones who could see them.

So, there's that. I continued to have diarrhea, through Monday, but the explosiveness really ended after that one. It was the worst stomach bug ever as far as the initial intensity of the symptoms! But, I'm glad we could get some laughs out of it!




Mother's Day Weekend

Hello, my name is Deb. I'm back with another story, once again about my unpredictable bowels and my unpredictable period.

Mother's Day weekend was really nice. My husband and daughter treated me amazingly well.

On Saturday morning, after we had our breakfast we decided to go out to this huge Home Depot across town for some gardening stuff. I wanted to get some flowers and my husband was looking for grass seed and fertilizer.

My period was moderately heavy so I wore an overnight ultra thin pad in my pink hipster panties. It was warm out so I wore a pair of faded navy shorts and a white t-shirt.

As we were walking around the garden centre at Home Depot, I felt a couple small gushes soak into my pad. I was also starting to cramp up really badly and I knew that I only had moments before I would need a toilet. I said to my husband, "I need to find a toilet." He said, "Okay. Are you going to be alright?" I said, "I don't know", and then my bowels bubbled and I let out a wet fart into my maxi pad.

I shuffled through the gardening centre towards the store entrance, however it was closed due to this pandemic thing we are in. One of the Home Depot workers came up to me and said, "I'm sorry, but the store is closed to the public right now. You can order anything online and pick it up later." I said, "Actually, I was wondering if I could please use the Ladies room." The lady said, "I'm really sorry, but I can't let you into the store." I cramped up and had to clench my butt cheeks with all I had in order to not completely mess my pants right there. I moaned and said, "Ohh please. I'm having an emergency." She sighed and said, "Okay, hang on... I'll find my manager and explain the situation."

My husband came over with our daughter and asked, "Hey, is everything okay?" I said, "No! I really need to get to a toilet but they won't let me in to use their washroom. I can't hold on much longer." I started pooping a bit more into my pad. He then said, "Let's go then. Walmart is just across the street." I said okay and shuffled out to our car.

Sitting down helped a bit but once we got to Walmart and I stepped out of our car, I knew that my fate was already decided.

I didn't make it to the toilet. Not even close. I didn't even make it into the store before I exploded a wet load of diarrhea into my pants. I kept shuffling into the store and found the washrooms. I got into a stall and carefully pulled down my shorts. Some diarrhea had already leaked out of my panties and pad, and was leaking through in the back and down the insides of my legs. I then carefully pulled down my hipsters and they were a total mess. My maxi pad was completely covered, which did actually help with quite a bit of the mess. Some of the mess did leak out the back of the pad towards the waist band. Cleaning up took a while and all I wanted to do was go home to clean up properly. So I cleaned up as best I cold and out on a new pad.

After I thoroughly washed my hands, I went back out to our car. My husband asked if I was okay. I told him that I just wanted to go home.

When we got home, I had a shower while my husband went back out to get our gardening stuff at a smaller Home Depot not far from where we live. Our daughter played with her toys in her room.

My period was getting heavy again so I put on an Extra Heavy Overnight ultra thin pad.

We were sitting outside on Sunday afternoon and my pad leaked. I didn't notice right away and had a really bad accident through my pink shorts.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading.


Re: Tricky

How the hell did you end up pooping next to a girl pooping in another stall? You have to tell us that story, I love your stories!

I have once as a kid pooped at a large party with family and friends attending. Back then as a kid I had the habit of not closing doors. As i sat there pooping, an adult lady entered and stood waiting at the entrance to when I was finished.
I thought well she would leave and wait outside but no she stood there waiting and watching. After a couple of minutes she got nervous and asked me how long it was going to take.
I was a shy boy and didn't answer, after some time longer someone pointed out there was another toilet and that she could go there.

It was the last time I ever pooped with an open door, i felt very embarrassed and I remember it clearly 3 decades later.

Sherryl: Great story!
Marie: I don't think I'm going to be able to potty in a car anytime soon. It great to hear from you, do you have any tips for pottying not in the toilet? I love to hear them. Have you considered getting Sophie to join you in some of your exploits?
Also, I was looking through the old posts and one time I think you said you would tell a story about meeting your friend Reese. I would love to hear it!

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