Boys peeing survey (my answers)

I just realized I made this survey but didn't provide my own answers.

Boys peeing survey

Survey for boys and their peeing habits. Feel free to add details to your answers.

1 What is the weirdest place you've peed in?
The console of my grandfather's car (that compartment between the two front seats) got in big trouble for that one.

2 What is the oldest age where you felt comfortable peeing right in front of a friend with your penis in full view? Meaning not at a urinal, but in a regular toilet or out in the open.
In terms of someone my own age, me and my best friend when I was 7 used to freely take our penises out at the toilet when one of us had to go, or when we both did. All of my friends were circumcised and I had a foreskin, so I always knew who my best friends were when I felt comfortable with letting them see my "elephant trunk".

3 Do you remember seeing other boys peeing in preschool or daycare? How many? Any funny stories?
All the time, the toilets were open with no privacy, so I got to see all of the little boys peepees. I remember comparing penises with at least two boys, peeing in the same toilet with 3, and peeing together in the trash can with one.

4 Did you ever see any girls peeing in preschool or daycare? What did you think about it when you saw it?
I saw a few of them peeing, didnt think much except wonder why they didn't stand up to make peep.

5 Did you ever pee with another boy at the same time in the same toilet? Or in a urinal? Or in the woods? Did you make your peepee streams cross? Was it your friend, brother, cousin, etc. What was said?
Every chance I got with my best friends up until age 7. Toilets but not urinals. After that I did it quite a few times with younger cousins when they were learning to pee standing up.

6 Are you circumcised or uncircumcised?
Uncircumcised, most of my friends and all of my cousins are cut, felt a bit weird growing up, but I've learned to embrace the benefits of having a foreskin.

7 How old were you when you saw a penis that looked different from yours? (Circ or uncirc). Did you ever witness a friend's foreskin being pulled back or show your friend how you pulled yours back?
As far back as I remember seeing my dad naked since he was circumcised. When I was 3 I had gotten the chance to see my best friend's penis up close, also circumcised, before I started noticing all of my preschool friend's circumcised penises. I pulled my foreskin back for the first time just before turning 5, and I couldn't wait to show my friend what I could do; he thought it was so cool that I could make mine look like his.

8 When you peed, did you try to aim for the water to make louder peeing sounds or did you try to hide the sounds by aiming for the side of the bowl?
Up to age 9 I always aimed right for the water, because I thought my peepee sounds were so cool, and I liked to make the loudest ones.

9 How old were you when you learned to pee without pulling your pants all the way down?
I remember being laughed at sometime in late preschool for showing my butt while peeing, so it stopped right after that.

10 Did you get to teach another boy how to pee standing up? Was it your brother, cousin, friend, boy in preschool, etc?
I've taught so many boys to pee standing up, my younger cousins, some of my friends in preschool, lately I've taught the sons of some of my good friends how to be a "big boy".

Anna from Austria
Question for my fellow ladies.
What has been the worst walked in incident you ever experienced while sitting on the toilet?

I had a few close calls in the past where i also could react in time and block the door with my legs or arms to let the Person now that there is someone in there.

A few days ago I was cought off guard and that lead to an almost humilating experience.

It was on my day off and i went to mall for Cloth Shopping. While Looking around for some Dresses my morning coffee kicked in and I had to do my number 2 pretty urgent so I headed to ladies room.

Somehow I was day dreaming the whole time so i Forget to lock the door although I though i did.

While doing my bm all of the sudden the door opened forcefully and Young Girl in her late Teens or early Twenties was Standing in front of me. I was so busy with day dreaming that i did not hear her coming. I also could not react in time to c over my private parts. So she was Standing in front me with a clean view on my Vagina!!! She said sorry and closed the door. The whole Moment only lasted for a few seconds but it felt like an eternity . Luckily she could not see the turd that was protruding my behind at the time she walked in. She might have smelled something though..

As soon she left I closed the door and finished my poop. Then I stayed into stall until I was completly alone in the bathroom. Then I washed my Hands and left.

That is my Story for today. I hope you never experiencend something similar.

greetings from Austria



lots of wiping

I had a poo today that seemed normal, not runny etc but when I went to wipe it seemed to keep going... as in I wiped, and wiped, and wiped, but there was still poo on the paper. This happens every so often. Am I weird? Does this happen to anyone else?



Name clash

I've was reading a recent post from another girl who is also called Emma so I've decided to call myself Emma 2 to avoid any confusion in the future.

Righ now I don't have anything much to report. I haven't been for a poo since I had diarrhoea on Monday which was only yesterday so I'm not too worried at the moment. I'm a bit disappointed though because I love having a really good poo especially if I haven't been for a while. Maybe I'll be able to go tomorrow and hopefully it will be a nice big load.


Re: Do you?

Q: If you have a get together or a dinner at your home (let's say a guest or 3 or more )and you suddenly feel the need to poop do you go poop or do you hold it?

A: I poop. Holding it in is only asking for problems.

Q: How do you handle it? Considering you will most likely need about 5 minutes before you are back at the table.

A: I get it over with and carry on as normal.

Q: What if other guests need to use the bathroom when you are on it?

A: I let them know that I am using it, without giving them specifics.

Q: what if if we reverse the roles, you are at a a dinner party at someone elses place and you need to poop, do you hold it or go right there? Who has been in this situation, did you find it embarrassing?What if the toilet is near to where you and the guests are seated?

A: I go. I've done this literally hundreds of times. The level of embarrassment depended upon the scenario. Pooping at someone's house with no drama and a loud fan running is the ideal and is less embarrassing than sitting in a stall in a public restroom with my pants on the floor with others able to hear my noises. I've pooped at a girlfriend's house on a first date after eating a meal she cooked, which triggered the need to defecate. That was only mildly embarrassing at first, until I couldn't find the toilet paper and had to ask her where it was, which became more embarrassing after she got grossed out upon learning that I pooped at her house on a first date. A few of those times that I pooped at others' homes, I even got intruded upon while seated, which was significantly embarrassing given that others saw me sitting on the toilet. I've also pooped in a toilet in a one-room apartment where the toilet was in the corner out in the open with no privacy, while there were three other people in the apartment, but since that was relatively recent in my life and I'd pooped in so many embarrassing situations by that time(doorless stalls and stall-less toilets in front of other people, being walked in on at people's homes, having to ask for toilet paper in one-occupant restrooms in a convenience store or on the back of a bus, ect.), I didn't even care.

These days, can poop anywhere.


Reading Old Posts

To Mina: Thank you for wishing me a happy birthday :-) It's a little early as it's not until the 29th May, when I will be "legs 11" according to Mummy2, Eleanor ! I was sorry to hear about the upset with Kazu. It reminded me of how bad I felt when I forgot about Louise's feelings when I was spending time with Mum reading the old posts. Glad to hear you're friends again. And what an interesting story about adults and children weeing and pooing in pits in the farmer's field so he could use it as fertiliser !
To Opal: Louise asked me to send you a big hug back for the one you sent her a little while ago :-)
To Centalia: I love your name ! And I enjoyed your stories of going to public places for your toilet times with Sasha and Taylor :-)
To Rochelle: Thank you for liking my story about Mum's wee and poo. I'm glad you were able to enjoy similar times with your Mum :-)
To Brandon T: And thank you for liking my story as well :- )=

Mum and Louise and I had a further big reading sesh of the old posts from when Mum was my age ! We took it in turns to read the posts out-loud to each other as we came across them. Well, Louise and I took it in turns to read Lawn Dogs Kid's posts while Mum read to us her own posts. So I'd like to summarise what we found out and what we read.
Page 388: I got to read out Andrew's story of helping Mum when she had a really bad attack of Diarrhoea and vomiting. He got a bucket so he could help pull Mum's knickers down over her feet because she had pooed in them. And then the bucket was needed for her to be sick in while she was also still pooing. Andrew even described how they had to share the bucket together while he was sick as well !! He then tells how their Mum's and Dad's came home and found them together in the toilet room. That was funny when he said "I can explain...." even though the bad smell and the bucket of sick was all the explanation needed. He then finished off by saying how Granny had taken Mum upstairs for a bath and when she came down after smelling all beautiful, she had gone to Andrew to hug him and thank him for looking after her so well and forgot that she was holding her towel around herself. So when she hugged him the towel fell open and showed off her bare bottom to everyone :-)=
P389: This made Mum cry when reading it to us, where she explains how Andrew and her don't have any brothers or sisters and no other cousins either, so they really only have each other and how much she loves Andrew calling her his precious little princess. But she also tells the story of how she planned to meet Andrew off his school bus and walk him home so that she can let him watch her having a poo !
P389: Andrew tells the same story, not knowing that Mum had planned this and had already written about her plan on this site ! Two lovely things in this post. How he tells about them holding hands walking back to his house and also how Mum wanted to hold hands on top of her legs as she had her poo.
P404: Nothing to do with Mum this one, but it is an amazing story Andrew tells about how he and Mum's best friend Chloe had a poo in a field !
P408: Chloe's two cousins, Kate and Alan come visiting her and Mum tells how all five of them went together in the bathroom. Kate was Andrew's age and Alan was a year older than Mum. Mum tells how Alan was sick in the sink while Mum sat on the toilet having a wee. His sister Kate said it was because he got too excited watching Mum wee ! But then when it was his turn to go, he was the only one who needed to poo ! Not sure Mum was too impressed with that, although she mentions it was exciting because he was only the second boy she had ever seen on the toilet (after Andrew). She then tells how on another day she tried to do a poo for Alan and they decided to become boyfriend and girlfriend. That brought a woohoo from both Louise and me !!
P413: By now Louise and I just want to kill Alan for how badly he treated Mum ! Mum went away ( a long way away ) to have a stop over weekend with him and his family (while Granny and Grandad had gone away somewhere else). Alan was nice to Mum to begin with, but when she wouldn't let him watch her on the toilet because she was afraid they might be discovered, he became horrible to her calling her all sorts of names. But the worst was he used a mirror under the door so he could peep at Mum on the toilet ! Then the knight in shining armour that was Andrew ( well it was his Mum really, who did the driving ) came to the rescue fetching her home from her trauma early. I love how Mum describes cuddling up to him on the back seat while he tried to make her feel better :- )=
P416: This was one of those touching misunderstandings. Andrew had walked Mum home only to discover an empty house. Granny had left a note to say she was shopping, so he stayed with Mum while Granny came home. Think this one is best explained by quoting Andrew's post.

"After she read the note out, and I replied, Kendal said "good. I'm pleased Mums out. I want you to come for a poo with me." Misunderstanding what she meant, I said "But Kendal, I don't want to go". She looked really unhappy, and turned to walk upstairs. I chased after her. "It's not that I don't want to poo for you, I don't need one, and I don't think I could do one for you if I tried". Kendal sniffed. She had begun to cry, but then she was laughing at the same time. "No...silly !", she said. "I meant I want to poo, and I want you to come with me". Then she sniffed again and added "I thought for a minute that you didn't want to watch me anymore", and she really began to cry then. We were now at the top of the stairs, and I picked her up, and gave her the biggest cuddle ever. I told her how much I loved her, and how daft I felt because I didn't realise what she meant. She stopped crying, but I kept on with the big hug. I wanted her to know that I meant every word I'd said ! to her, and I wasn't going to let go of her, or put her down again until she was ready. That actually wasn't very long, and she said it in such a quiet little voice "Andrew...., this is so lovely I don't want it to stop, but you're squeezing me so hard I nearly pooing my pants" !"

I'm so enjoying reading these old posts, trying to put myself in Mum's shoes. But her experiences are quite radically different to my own. I've never had a fivesome toilet gettogether like Andrew, Mum, Chloe, Kate and Alan. I suppose I have had a foursome with Mum, Eleanor and Louise in one of those motorway family toilet rooms :-) But that wasn't a "Let's go to the toilet and watch each other have a wee/poo" !

When we finished all this reading, Louise and I made our way back to our room. We both looked at the entrance to our bathroom and then at each other and then we both raced to get to the toilet first ! Louise won ! She pulled her pyjama bottoms down nearly to her knees and began a wee. As I stood in front of her, she opened her legs, well, as far as the elastic on her pyjama bottoms would allow, just to see my reaction I think ! When she realised I wasn't shocked and was actually fascinated to see what it looked like coming out, she stayed sat like that. Her wee was quite a thick stream, which didn't come out straight like mine does most of the time. Hers sort of veered to the left as I was looking at it, kind of running parallel with her right leg. It then tailed off to a much lighter stream that tinkled in the water and was much straighter. She then got the toilet roll and dabbed herself dry.

Then it was my turn. "I'm going to poo as usual, do you want to see that coming out ?" Louise sort of contemplated for a second or two before saying, "Not really, but I would like to see your wee coming out, just this once". So I lifted my nightshirt up and pulled my knickers down well below my knees so I wasn't so restricted opening my legs. As my wee began I could see that Louise was just as fascinated as I had been watching her. My wee is really quite straight and I try to let it out steadily so it makes a nice sound in the water rather than splattering on the front of the bowl. However, unusually for me, I realised my poo was going to come out while I was still weeing so given what Louise had said to me, I closed my legs ! Louise said "hang on a minute, I wanted to see all your wee coming out". I then had a very mischievous thought came into my head. Rather than tell Louise why I had closed my legs, I just opened them again. So she was greeted with my still steady trickle in front and a nice brown tail behind :-) The tail dropped with a really good plop and was quite quickly replaced with a new one ! Louise said "Honestly Tiana, you could have warned me!" All I could do was laugh !

Love from Tiana x x



I note the experience Tricky had and I have had it before a couple of times . When in public toilets do not invade a person's personal space . One can listen but actually going out of ones way by looking through the glory hole is creepy. If in a toilet where there is a gap between the privacy walk and the floor then from a normal seated position one can look but do not get on the floor or lean extremely forward . A long time ago I was just begun to rise off the toilet and a creep was on the floor with his head right under the gap . I gave him a good kick which just missed him. On a lessor but important subject remember that others will wish to use the toilet you have used. Men lift up the seat before having a pee. Men, where the toilet is unisex close the door. Ladies please be reasonable about the quantity of toilet paper used because others will need toilet paper too . I use between 3 to 7 squares only. . Thanks

Wednesday, May 12, 2021


Audrey, I'm sorry I keep getting your name wrong

I did some gardening today the way you do in a skirt without any undies on and it was really nice to just go as I pleased.

P.s. sorry about the name thing, I'm bad with names

Annie, I have had very similar experiences to yours, and they're all so awful! One involved some girls at school that picked on me, and one involved my younger cousin (who is male). In school sometimes the girls would look between the stall cracks. And during a family get together one holiday when I was about 8 or 9, my cousins and I were playing downstairs. I went up because I had to pee real bad. I rushed upstairs and hoped that nobody was in the bathroom. It was a large gathering so it wouldn't be surprising if someone was. Luckily for me there was not anyone in the bathroom. I made my way to the bathroom, closed the door, pulled my pants and panties down to my ankles and hopped up on the toilet and started to tinkle almost immediately. I heard some very loud noises all of a sudden and next thing you know the door was open with my younger cousin along with a few other cousins laughing their heads off! The one that opened my door pointed between my legs and taunted me "I see your vagina! You're peepeeing!" I have no idea how he learned that word as he was only about 5 or 6. I figured maybe he could've picked it up somewhere else, or maybe his parents always used proper anatomical terms. Either way, incredibly humiliating for me. They were practically hopping over each other to get a look at my girlhood. And I couldn't stop my tinkling despite how much I tried so it added extra embarrassment. I stayed on the toilet and cried for a while then wiped myself. I went right to my mom to ask her when we were going home because I was so embarrassed and couldn't face my cousins. I'm telling you this story to remind you that you're definitely not alone in that experience. Nowadays I'm quite open and don't really care if someone sees my vagina, but I still prefer if people don't see it!

Not just that, but I also wanted to post to ask if any women here have ever used a urination device where you can pee and stand. I wanted to try out one of them but my stream is rather unpredictable at times. I wanted to get some input from ladies especially those who don't have straight down streams!

End Stall Em

Mistee's survey

These are my answers to Mistee's questions.

When multiple toilets are available, how do you select the toilet you will use?

One of the two end toilets--preferably the farthest one. For my job and my college classes I use public bathrooms quite a bit. I don't like being trapped on a toilet and one one or both sides of me somebody comes running in, drops to their knees in front of the toilet and pukes into it. And my freshman year at college, my floor of the dorm was co-educational. I was taking a crap at 2:30 a.m. in my bare feet and this drunken guy crashes into the stall next to mine, drunk, and apparently had a hard time controlling his unit into the toilet. Some of his pee hit the cubicle panel separating us, but I got a good amount on my left foot. As I was starting my wipe, he started hurling.

What did your mother teach you? Have you continued it as you get older?

She still prefers the end stalls too. So do I. I like the increased privacy, especially if I'm in the mood to sit for a few minutes for peace and quiet.

If your only choice is a jammed up bowl and no toilet paper, will you still us it for a pee?

Yes, that's how I got out of high school with only a couple of tardy detentions. One of those times it involved me walking into the brand new wing of the building to use the cleaner and better-lit toilets for my morning crap. Rule was that we had to use the nearest toilets to our classroom.

If you are leaving a toilet with no toilet paper, do you tell the person hurrying for it about the problem?

Yes, most of the time. Some have thanked me. Others just say they are going to only piss.

How do you handle a few specks of water or pee on the seat as you enter such a stall?

While I was in K-12 classes and everything was timed, I would just sit down. Now in college and elsewhere the seats sometimes aren't totally dry but some of the splashes are from the auto-flushes, which I hate!

Have you ever rejected several of the toilets? What was your reason? What did you do to meet your needs?

Too dirty, crap in the bowls, no toilet paper, doors that didn't lock and in a couple of cases no doors. The one time in elementary school when I was too lazy to go to another bathroom, I took a downstairs bathroom for a crap. There was a severe weather alarm called and designated classes from the top floor were herded into the bathroom with me on the toilet and with no privacy door.

Has your butt, even for a moment, stuck to a toilet seat? What do you think is the reason for that?

It has happened a couple of times. I've assumed it is because I've sometimes been a little overweight and have larger thighs. This happened once at our apartment with my boyfriend Spencer looking through the mirror. He's an extreme clean-freak who lines our home toilet seat with toilet paper before sitting down. I think that is a waste of paper, but he, like me, are set in our ways, I guess.

Victoria, we hope you are better soon and treatment works well. "she" is Robyn?? We hope it is not....

I and 3 crushes send to you many kisses.


Mina + 3

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