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Catherine's Flatulence Survey

1. How often do you fart?

Hrm, I'm not sure since I don't really keep track! Maybe 5 a day? That sounds about right. More if I have some high fiber foods or ????. Broccoli especially gives me bad gas!

2. Do your farts tend to be noisy or silent?

My farts aren't too loud, but rarely are they completely silent.

3. Do your farts smell?

Of course!

4. Have you every accidently farted out loud in a situation that it was not appropriate?

Has happened to me a few times unfortunately! It's happened several times at work and even happened once in high school. Sophomore year I was just sitting in class and I felt something big bubbling up in my stomach. I carefully unsqueezed my cheeks just a tiny bit, but it was still too much. The noise was so loud and obvious, everyone around me (it was an all-girls school) just stared. Mortifying!

5. Have you ever accidently farted a silent but deadly in a situation that was not appropriate?

This still makes me laugh! I was in a lecture and dropped something off those little desks you have in the lecture hall. When I bent down to pick it up, I farted! It wasn't loud, but it really smelled.

6. When you are alone, how do you manage to handle an attack of smelly gas? Do you leave the room and go to the restroom? Light a candle? Or, just let it rip?

I just deal with it! Never had to use a scented candle because my farts were so smelly, but will often have to open a window or two if my boyfriend is ripping them.

7. When you have a case of gas that causes loud farts, but relatively little to no smell, how do you handle that when you are with others? Do you excuse yourself to the restroom? Do you step outside or away from the group? When you are alone, how do you handle it?

Erm, I'm not sure. I always just assume my farts are going to smell so I try to excuse myself to an appropriate location (like a bathroom) if I can't contain them.

8. Do you ever take medicine to ease gas?

No, but one of my friends did buy some pills from the internet that were supposed to make your farts not smell. She said they didn't work.

9. Do you ever do anything naughty when you fart? (Sometimes I will sit on a hard chair or stool and force the fart out to see how loud I can do it. Others might fart in people's faces or something. What do you do?)

When I've been with a guy awhile, I will fart in front of him, and since my farts are usually pretty quiet, he doesn't know until he smells it. So it's fun to wait until he reacts and play all innocent like "wasn't me babe."

10. Do you enjoy farting?

If I'm alone fine! In front of others I don't enjoy being gassy :(

11. Have you ever farted but blamed someone else?

Not directly, but there have been times I've been in a public space with men and women and farted hoping most will just assume it was one of the guys (sorry guys!!).

12. Has farting ever made you cry or blush?

If I fart at work and someone hears/smells it, I will feel a little red in the face. There's another woman who works reception and we basically share a desk so she's usually the one who I'm passing gas around. At this point she's kind of used to my butt being very vocal throughout the day so it's a little less embarrassing though.

13. Women, when peeing, do you fart?

Yep! Feels good too ;)

14. When peeing in a public restroom, and you have to fart, do you just let it rip, or do you try to hold it and still empty your bladder?

If someone's in the stall like, right next to me I might try and hold it if it feels like it'll be a big loud one, but mostly I just let them go.

15. Do you fart when you poop or diarrhea?

Mostly when I have diarrhea.

16. Has anyone ever shamed you for farting?

Oh God, many times!! I feel like there's undue pressure on women NOT to fart sometimes! And most of the time it's other girls/women shaming me I feel. Even when I was a kid, like 10 years old, other girls would be so grossed out by it. So I started to hold it until I got to the bathroom, but even there it can be kind of noisy. The absolute WORST was when I was in high school, not old enough to drive so when we got taken to the mall we'd have to get our parents to drive us. One of my friends had this super uptight Mom who took us to the mall in her expensive-ass Jaguar and when she came back to pick us up, I was very gassy (we had McDonald's at the mall) so I rolled down the window and farted SO LOUD. My face immediately went a nuclear shade of red and her prissy Mom was like "Excuse YOU young lady! My car is not a public restroom." I felt so ashamed, it was awful!!

17. Have you shamed someone else for farting?

Only one, my baby sister. I swear she has the worst-smelling farts I've ever come across! She's about two years younger than me so I constantly used to tease her about it.

18. Is there anything else that you would like to say about farting?

I actually farted while typing this!!

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Hey guys my name is Carleigh and I am 26 years old. It's great to meet you all! I am 5'4" with light brown hair and I'm pretty small. I married my husband a couple of years ago when I was 24. I JUST found out that I am pregnant 2 weeks ago, and I am over the moon. That said, I have had a lot of unexpected symptoms. I'm fact, I stumbled upon this forum while googling some of my pregnancy symptoms, specifically revolving around poo haha. Sorry I'm so embarrassed please don't laugh at me :) Anyway, before getting pregnant, I was a pretty regular pooer. Ever since I was a teenager, I have had about 1-3 fairly large healthy and soft poos each day. My momma used to panic a bit when I was 13 because I would clog the potty so often. But I always assured her that pooing felt good to me and that I was indeed feeling perfectly fine. She quickly learned and never really questioned when the potty would clog or when I would leave a very smelly bathroom haha.

Anywayyyy, the story I want to tell is from the week I almost *knew* I was for sure pregnant. I was running some errands alone on a Wednesday afternoon. When I walked into the second store, I felt a familiar full rumbling feeling in my belly. I am used to this feeling and often actually welcome it because I know it means I will soon have the relief of a good poo. After realizing I could not hold it until after my shopping trip, I put my cart to the side and went into the women's bathroom. There were 5 stalls when I walked in and I opted for the one farthest from the door. My belly gurgled and I knew that I would need release soon. I pulled my leggings down and sat on the seat. I began to lightly push (I like to let my body do most of the work) but as I pushed, nothing really happened. At this moment, an older woman (I could tell by her shoes and slacks) walked in and took the stall next to mine. She began to take a long pee and sighed in relief. She must have had to go. I typically don't mind going poo in public, so I began to push even though she was next to me. After some more pushing, I realized I was actually constipated. Actually very consitpated which is NOT like me at all. During this, the women next to me fell silent. I sat silent for a second too and heard her make a small grunt. I heard a couple of small pellets hit the water of her toilet. She then gave a little moan and I heard some crackling and a plop. She sighed again. My bum had began to hurt and my belly gurgled telling me it was time to push again. As I pushed, my bum finally began to open and a HUGE poo began to inch it's way out of my hole. I had no idea what could have been causing this constipation. I let out an involuntary and load MOAN as my belly pushed again. The huge log scraped my hole as it inches out. I breathed in and out rapidly and almost yelped as it raked my insides. Meanwhile, the old woman next to me pushed out a 3 rapid crackly poos which all hit the water one right after another. I groaned as another cramp hit my insides. The woman (bless her) said to me, "are you alright sweetheart? You sound like you're having trouble!" "Oh yes, ma'am" I said. "I'm just a little constipated. I'm never this backed up. I may just have to grunt this last part out of you don't mind". "Oh no dear" she said. "You do what you need to do honey. I've been there. Lucky for me this time, my stools were soft!" I thanked her just as a huge cramp hit and I lunged forward on the seat. UGHHHHHH I groaned as the huge log opened me up and tore at my insides. I looked back at my bum to see the huge tail of poo that was sticking firmly about 9 inches out of my bum. My body then gave one last giant heave and I MOANED as about 5 more inches of thick poo shot out of my bum with a huge splash. The old lady who was not finishing up washing her hands said "there you go sweetheart, o bet that feels much better doesn't it". I smiled when I came out and told her "I think I may be pregnant!"

Hi I read a lot but I've never posted. I would like to ask if anyone has ever had someone else pull or dig poop out of your butt before? Like when your constipated or it won't come out. Those stories are my favorites. I've done this before for my best friends and my sisters. They help me a lot of times too. I can tell some of those stories here if anyone is interested!


Roommate bathroom experiences

About 3 weeks ago my dad and my boyfriend Derek moved me into my campus dorm for my freshman year. I wrote about that on Page 2838.

Two days later I met my roommate. Her name is Shelia. She's a young 17 and from a small farm town four states away. I immediately told her I liked her really pretty name, it is so unique. And so is she. College now is the first time she's been away from home. No summer camps. No vacations with her parents. Just working the family farm that goes back to the late 1800s. There were just 9 in her high school graduating class. So a dorm room, sharing a bunk bed and the mixed dorm with huge bathrooms on each floor is really new and radical for Shelia.

I would think all the walking we do from building to building for our classes and perhaps more than a mile total some days would be good exercise. I know it is for me and my craps come pretty regularly, just like when I was in high school. Either at mid-morning or an hour or so after lunch. Most of my craps are in Arts & Sciences or the Student Union, because wherever I am, I find the nearest toilets. And as I've written about before, I'm not very picky about the toilets I use because a bladder infection and constipation are things I can live without.

So Shelia and I finished supper Friday evening in the dining hall and I told her I was going to stop for a pee before I messed up my best pair of new jeans. She hesitated for a while and said she didn't like such large bathrooms. I was surprised because while they were large and heavily used, they were not gender integrated like the dorm and why risk an accident during a half hour walk. We walked across the highway to an ice cream shop and while I waited in line, Shelia hurried into the bathroom. She came out with a smug look on her face so I figured she had the successful pee she had been holding. As we walked back to our dorm sharing a large ice cream cone she said she had used her kind of bathroom. She explained it was like in a gas station with one toilet, sink and not the distraction of 20 or so other people. I didn't know what to say. I have been using large, crowded and often unkempt bathrooms for most of my life.

We were watching TV in our dorm room when Shelia jumped up off the floor and hurried down to the bathroom. She came back after about 5 minutes looking to be in pain and frustration. She said her constipation was continuing. I asked her the same questions my mom used to ask me: how many days and to describe when and where I had my last one. She said it was at the field house when we had our freshmen orientation program. I looked it up on my phone calendar and found that was 9 days ago. I had her immediately take a double-dose of a laxative I carry in my bag. She was so cautious so I figured she had never had any before.

She and I shared a tank of ice tea that evening and went to bed about 1 a.m. A couple of hours later I heard her tip toe out of the room and I figured 3 a.m. would be a good crap time for her with almost no one else in the bathroom. She was gone close to 20 minutes when I went to check up on her. The bathroom on our floor was closed for cleaning. This was caused by too many residents coming back from parties and puking. So I went one floor up and found Shelia's pajamas pretty much covering her bare feet. I took the toilet next to her, peed a bit and started a conversation with her as to whether the laxative was working. She said it felt like a bowling ball was stuck in her anus and it hurt a lot. She had been crying and I told her to just sit there and I would be right back. I hurried back to our room and grabbed a suppository from the ones my mom had packed in my emergency kit. When I had Shelia stand and squat and follow my hand as I inserted it, it was obvious from what I could smell and her agony that she had a dumpster of shit to release. She sat and I stood next to her holding her hand until she said she could feel an explosion of gas coming on. I told her to slowly push while opening the angle of her legs and the explosion came so fiercely that even the back of the white seat was splashed in brown. She was holding her head between her knees as she released the last of the burden.

I took her to campus health on Monday where we picked up some literature on constipation and a couple of electronic addresses. The student assistant there said constipation can be a big problem during high stress weeks like finals. Shelia, however, had it earlier in the semester and I hope she's l

Jessica B.

Bike Ride Relief

Hello everyone!

I hope you're all doing well in these difficult times. I am sorry that I don't post that much anymore. Fist, I am quite stressed and don't have time to catch up with this forum and second, there's just not so much noteworthy happenings in my life anymore, especially since I have been working from home and not meeting up with friends that often.

I wanted to share a unusual pooping experience I had today. It actually starts three days ago, which is the last time I went number two before today. On that day, I left my home in a hurry because I remembered an early meeting as I woke. I brushed my teeth and left immediately, skipping my breakfast and daily morning poop. At the end of the work day, I went straight to my parents who had invited me. I indulged a large McDonald's menu on the go because it was already late.

The following day, I went for a hike with them and my sister. We left very early again because it was a rather long ride to the trail head. Breakfast consisted of cereal bars (all-bran!) we ate on the road. My routine was definitely not respected and I didn't feel the need to go before we left. Mid-morning, well into the hike, my bowls sent me the signal that it might be time for a session in the bathroom. However, I didn't feel like having everyone stopping and waiting for me (this stresses me out like nothing else), plus the surroundings provided very little coverage. I decided that I could easily hold it.
Later, we had a large picnic (we were all starved by the physical effort). The combination of having a full belly and altitude made me quite gassy - have you ever experienced it? However, The urge to go did not return. Back home, my mom fed us a large dinner, since we were super-hungry again. Later in the evening, I drove back home.

I woke rather early on Sunday morning and decided to go for a day-ride on my new gravel bike - a paradoxically, a lock-down investment. I had a large oatmeal breakfast and got ready. I expected a large bowel movement afterwards, but despite taking my time and the toilet and sipping a second cup of coffee, I appeared to be somewhat constipated. I thought nothing of it and left.

Three hours into the ride and five protein bars later, I could definitely feel the things shifting down there. I decided I would stop for a coffee in the next town and use the restroom. Ten minutes and many farts later, I reached the small town and started looking for a welcoming cafe. Unfortunately, the only place that was open was a take-away place without restroom. My urge was getting strong, so I decided to make it to the next town, 20 minutes away if I kept the same pace.

After ten minutes riding uncomfortably, I realized I was losing the battle and I had to go NOW. Luckily, there was a wooded area in sight that could provide some privacy. This is were I headed to. Five minutes later, I was riding a little trail in a surprisingly dense vegetation. I locked my bike and made my way through the bushes. Some pine trees provided excellent coverage, so I had a quick look around to me sure I was really alone, tediously jiggled my cycling shorts to my knees and squatted down. In no time, I felt a large turd emerging from my stretched hole. Damn, that was overdue! It grew until it touched the ground (I have a low squatting style, like the Asians do). I had to get somewhat higher to allow it to grow some more. The turd kept coming, so I assumed it had started coiling up on the ground. Thirty seconds later, it broke off. The relief was just amazing!

I peeked between my legs and was actually shocked by the size of the snake I had produced. That thing was huge! I swear it was more than a foot and a half long, but no hard feelings if you don't believe me, I wouldn't either! And the worse was that I event felt there was some more inside me! I squatted for more than three minutes without anything happening but some occasional pee squirts. As I was about to give up, things started moving again. First, a fart escaped, followed by a four-inch long thin log. Feeling done, I wiped with a tissue. As usual, this wouldn't have been necessary: I rarely have to when I squat. I had a last look at the monster I had given birth to: it was lighter and way smoother than I had expected for my being somewhat constipated.

I then resumed my ride, being probably a whole pound lighter and feeling like a feather. And I treated myself to a nice cup of coffee in the next town all the same. I came home feeling great.

I hope you all stay healthy and safe in there uncertain times.

Love & take care,

earned from the experience.



Hi everyone, I'd like to provide a survey for people to do! I'm very curious about it so I wanted to hear what others had to say and I'll give my answers at the end too! And no this isn't my real name, because I didn't wanna give that out, but I decided to go with Dennis since it's relatively uncommon and I didn't want there to be confusion on this board if I chose a more common name.

1. Do you use toilet paper or baby wipes to wipe your bottom? If applicable, do you also wipe your front with baby wipes?
2. Do you have a potty in your house? Tonight I had some diarrhea and thought it would be nice if I got a potty to put in my room so I could do my business without having to sit in the bathroom for such a long time! Has anyone else ever had this idea?
3. When in public, do you prefer the first stall, one of the middle stalls or the last stall? Or do you just prefer the family bathroom?
4. Have you ever overflowed a toilet in public or at someone else's house?
5. Are you self conscious about using the bathroom when strangers are in there?
6. What's the strangest place you've peed and or pooped?
7. Do you pee or poop at the moment you realize you need to go, or do you put it off?

Okay, now my answers!
1. I use both. I use baby wipes when they're available. If only toilet paper is available, I have no issue and if only baby wipes are available I have no issue with that either. I can wipe both front and back with it. I'm a transsexual male, so the second question does apply to me so yes I wipe both, just make sure I wipe the front first and always go front to back.
2. I don't have one in my house but maybe an old one from when I was little, who knows! Nowhere that's anywhere visible though.
3. I take whatever I can. One of the issues us men have (maybe women too, I'm not sure) is when we're looking for a stall there's almost always at least one stall with unflushed pee or poop or a bunch of toilet paper, or even toilet paper or pee on the floor! I make sure I check out the stall before I commit to using it because of this reason. A few times I had to settle for one of the messed up toilets because they all were so I just had to pick the least gross one and quickly do my business so I could get out of there quicker!
4. I have actually, but the time I remember the most is years ago when I was out for dinner I pooped and overflowed a toilet. There were others in there so when I came out they totally knew. I tried to pretend like nothing happened!
5. I am half and half. Depends where I am really. At college, yes. On vacation or some other place where they're all strangers and I'll likely never see them again, no. Tip: pee/poop when someone washes their hands or dries them if the restroom has a hand drier! It covers up the noise pretty well.
6. I think in the car but I don't remember. I'll try to think about it!
7. I put it off because I find it annoying. Sitting, wiping, standing, washing hands; it all seems so boring! And I hate having to wipe when I poop because it almost never all comes off in one wipe after I'm finished!
Looking forward to hearing (or seeing) your replies!



I originally posted the survey about coworkers and going around them at work. Lately the assistant director I mentioned had been very jokey with me. Today actually near the end of our work day, I had to go poop pretty urgently. I always drink high caffeine drinks and they make me poop. I tend to go in the afternoon between 4-5. I went into the stall and dropped my pants. It came out so effortlessly. 3 logs around 8 inches. Boy did it smell. I had to wipe around 8-9 times. It was just one of those poops that feels amazing coming out, you know? Anyone else have that moment? Random question, anyone ever wonder what it would be like if men and women pooped in the same bathroom with stalls next to each other?


hello and pee survey for females

Hi, I am new here but enjoy reading your posts. Thought I'd share my response to one of the surveys. Maybe I'll post one of my stories soon

1) Have you ever had to pee outside? Yes, twice as a child (aged 8 and 12) and once as an adult
2) If you have, where have you peed outside before (woods, park, beach, layby, alleyway etc Park aged 8, layby aged 12 and behind a community building as an adult
3) How do you pee outside (full squat, half squat, leaning on a tree/building, sitting on a log, holding onto a tree or friend and leaning back etc)? full squat
4) Do you get embarrassed if you have to pee outside or don't you mind? I dont mind. I get super embarrassed. I've only done it when the alternative was to pee in my pants which would be much more embarrassing
5) Has a friend or member of your family ever seen you peeing outside? When I was 8, my babysitter saw me, 12, my mother and as an adult I was fortunately alone
6) Has a stranger ever seen you peeing outside? No
7) How old were you when you first had to pee outside? 8, although I am sure as a little kid, I did but I don't really remember
8) Why was it necessary for you to pee outside on this occasion? I was at the park with my babysitter who I thought was really cool. I got really embarrassed about having to use the bathroom as a kid so I didn't want to tell her I had to pee. Eventually I was about to burst and I knew I couldn't hold on so I told her. She said, she had to go too so we headed to the bathrooms but they were closed. She said we'd go home but it was a 20 minute walk and I was on the verge of peeing my pants. I had to confess that I couldn't hold on so she told me to go behind a tree. I was really embarrassed to go in front of her but was about to have an accident. I remember peeing really hard into the ground and it running everywhere. I think I peed close to a minute and a half. It felt like it was never going to end. I remember being so embarrassed but the relief of letting go felt amazing
9) How did you pee outside that time? I squatted and hoped it didn't go on me. It didn't
10) How many times a day do you normally pee? 4 to 6
11) Have you always peed that often or do you pee more/less often now than you have at some point in the past? Sometimes as a kid, I could go only 3 times a day but that was cos I didn't want to tell anyone I had to go. My after school pee was always a mega urgent one as I'd hold it all day
12) Roughly how long do you normally go between peeing in hours? 4-5 hours
13) Do you always wait until you are desperate before you pee or do you prefer to pee when you first feel the urge to go? It depends. I never go when I first need, I'll wait until it's bothering me a bit usually. Sometimes if I am not near a bathroom or am doing something I hold on until I am desperate (probably a lot more often than I should)
14) How long are you sitting on the toilet for before you start peeing? about 8-10 seconds unless it's a desperate pee, then it starts straight away usually
15) How long does your pee normally last for? Average 40 - 45 seconds but if I have been holding on or its my first pee of the day I can go just over a minute and if I am desperate to the point my bladder is full it usually takes me around 75 - 90 seconds to fully release it all
16) Is this time similar every time or does it vary a lot, so longer if you are bursting but you normally have a shorter pee? Longer if bursting
17) Does the pee come out quickly or slowly? Depends how much I need it. Usually average speed but if I have been holding on I can pee crazy fast
18) Do you ever hiss when you pee? I'm a noisy pee'er so yes
19) Does your pee ever trickle loudly into the toilet? yes
20) Does your pee stop quickly or does it gradually slow to a trickle or dribble before it stops? Usually it'll slow to a trickle then I'll have a few spurts to get the last of it out. If I am desperate I'll usually have a really long pee that abruptly stops but I know there's more in there so I'll trickle for a bit then have a second release of more pee
21) Do you wipe after you pee? Yes.
22) Do you dribble in your panties a bit if you are bursting to go or can you hold it all in even if you are very desperate? Usually I can hold it all in but I have had a couple of times where I haven't managed to hold it all. Maybe I'll write about those times one day. They vary from a little dribble to some sizeable leaks. When it happens I'll usually have a spurt that I can get under control again (few times, I've had multiple spurts before I have made it to a toilet though which is embarrassing). As a kid I used to sometimes have a little trickle on my way home from school as I'd been holding on all day . . .
23) Do you need to cross your legs, fidget or hold yourself when you are desperate or can you hold it just fine without? I need to cross my legs or move from one leg to the other when I am really desperate. Usually I will cross and uncross my legs over and over. I cannot sit or stand still or I feel my pee about to come out. I don't hold myself in public but if no one can see and I'm really struggling to hold it in, I will hold myself
24) Do you tell people that you need to pee or do you prefer if no one knows? If it's my friends or family I tell but in certain situations eg work etc I try not to but this just results in me holding on to the last minute usually. As a kid I was always super embarrassed to tell anyone I had to pee
25) How much pee can your bladder normally hold in ml? (If you don't know, do you think your pees are normally small, medium or large?) I actually measured mine once after holding till I was full and it was nearly 850ml but I don't know if that's normal or it would always be that. That was after 10 hours
26) Do you/ did you pee at school or do you/did you hold it until you got home? Mix of both. I went through a stage of holding all day unless I absolutely couldn't as I hated peeing at school or telling anyone I had to go. I think that stopped when I started my period and would have to use the bathroom during that time. I always had a pee emergency by the time I got home though and was pretty uncomfortable and fidgeting like mad during the last part of the day at school. For someone who didn't like to tell that I need a pee, I am sure it was really obvious to anyone in class near me that I had to go badly as I'd be bouncing about in my seat or frantically crossing and uncrossing my legs
27) Do you pee at work? Yes
28) Do you pee in public toilets? Yes but only if I really have to
29) Have you ever had to pee in a strange place, such as in car? What happened? Only the outdoor pees I've had.
30) Can you pee standing up? I've only ever peed standing up if I have to hover over a public toilet if the seat is broken or disgusting. I noticed my pee was especially loud when I stood up!

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