Shout-Outs to some Old-Timers

Realizing that I've been posting for over ten years now, I wanted to give a few shout-outs to some who were posting when I began. If you are still here reading, I would love to hear from you!

Gregg's shout outs to some old-time favorites from the early years of this forum inspired this post!

Amylee: Your office pooping stories were the best. If you are still reading, would love to hear how life is now!

Braidy: I'm always grateful when you drop in with a story! Hope you are well. When you began posting you were 6'3 in high school and I think the latest after college you said you had grown to be 6'7. Wow!

Laura Teacher: Always enjoyed your stories!

Brianna (The Real Estate Agent): I hope that you are well! Appreciated the dialogue we had.

Emily and Molly: I hope your teaching careers are well. I loved your back and forth dialogue as you shared your stories!

Becc: A house full of tall, plus size ladies! Wow! Loved your stories!

CeeJay, Iver and David: You all welcomed me when I first posted. I hope you are well!

And there are so many more! I hope that you are well!





So to any of you who wear goodnites/diapers my question is do any of you feel like you have to go more then you normally would?


Seraphina (Sera)

First Day Back At School

After doing my poo at breakfast time I sat for an extra few minutes tying to let more wees out but not much came out. I was as empty as could be.

Then Mum gave me a ride to school and my marathon day started.

The first hours went really well. It was so nice to be back with my friends and with the teacher!

At morning play I was still fine. I assumed that many of my class mates might want to avoid the toilet too, but I wasn't sure they were as serious about it as I was. We mainly talked about how horrible schooling at home was.

And then it was lunch time. Sure, I needed to go but I could easily hold it. Rumours started going around the playground that varied from "They have destroyed our toilets" to "They want everyone to be able to see us going" but I believed neither. Then Marie, Jasmine and I decided to go over for a look.

Outside on the concrete there were a series of red crosses and green ticks leading into the toilets. You could see inside because the door was tied open and I couldn't see any green ticks inside and the toilet doors you could see from the outside all had big "Closed" signs on them.

There were 5 green ticks and I counted 9 girls waiting. One on each tick plus the extras all trying to stand near the last green tick and talking together. Over here only adults are required to keep social distancing so they were not doing anything wrong.

There was also a small table outside with hand sanitiser on it. There was the same setup on the boys side but strangely no one was waiting in the line. We went back to the playground whispering to each other comparing "How badly we needed to go".

We also heard that all the wash basins were taped off so they couldn't be used and the door had been removed from one cubicle. This made me horrified. I always made sure my cubicle had a working lock before I would use it. I wondered how many others were putting off going during our lunch break. The rule in class was that we should attend to toilet needs in our own time but we could ask to go during class if it was an emergency.

So when afternoon classes started I did notice more fidgeting than usual. Or maybe I was just on the lookout more. One girl was even holding herself when the teacher wasn't looking.

I was definitely in a better situation than in recent days at home when I would often just give up and go to the toilet. I did feel I needed it to go but I just told myself there was no toilet here so really it was no problem to just put it off like I have done when out in public.

As our lessons continued in the afternoon some of my classmates would go and talk quietly to the teacher and then leave the room. The teacher was being nice about it saying she "Understood the new situation". I like my teacher.

As you can imagine, I was feeling pleased with myself so far. I knew Jasmine and Marie were also holding and I wasn't sure they would last but I sort of knew I could.

After school I saw Marie rush off to the toilet so that just left Jasmine and me as far as I know: we don't hang out with the boys much.

We whispered to each other again asking how bad we were and Jasmine admitted she was busting and saying "It's nearly coming out". I was still happy with the way I had held all day but tried my best to sympathise with her. I wanted to give her a big hug but we are not allowed to do that so I didn't.

I was very full and tight but my wee was kinda locked inside: for now at least. It was almost a pleasant feeling although I was a bit tender around my skirt waistline.

Certainly there was nothing horrible about it and I had no worries about wetting myself. I could let my inside muscles stay relaxed and nothing would try to come out. I guess I am lucky to have such a strong bladder. I waited for Mum at the car park, feeling sorry for Jasmine who had rushed away looking for her Mum.

The first thing she asked was "How are you managing?" and I proudly answered that "I was fine". (Only a slight exaggeration) So she told me how she had some shopping to do on the way home and would I be all right with that? And I said I was but I was starting to wonder how much longer I could last.

We did the shopping and I had this amazing tightness that seemed to be increasing and becoming uncomfortable but still I was no where close to wetting. I couldn't believe how full I had become. But I was getting worried my wees would start to push it's way out by itself so I asked "Could we please go home now" and Mum was fine with that.

Finally we get home and I get onto the toilet while Mum gets a change of clothes for after my shower. And I relax. And nothing happens. I sit there just as tight as ever. I try pushing. The smallest stream of wees tinkles into the water. I had been expecting such a huge gush!

I push again and the same thing happens. Then a small stream that just keeps on going, but just a trickle, no gush like I usually do. But it did finally stop and then right at the end of going my bladder was suddenly uncomfortable. I was worried that I had hurt myself but soon forgot about that when I had my shower.

I reflected on the days events. My clothes were still dry! I had climbed Mt Everest! Yes! I can do this I thought to myself, proudly. I was hope full that this would be the pattern every day at school until the virus goes away. And with the doors removed I now had a totally new reason to avoid the school toilets all day.



I agree with Catherine

I agree with Catherine. We were both raised by Southern moms who were a little older than the mothers of our friends. My mom was 38 when she had me and she had been raised with that strict Southern Belle upbringing that was very oriented toward taking care of your bathroom needs at home, and definitely not at school, playing in the park, out with others shopping or at the movies. This was in direct conflict with one of my best friends Ariele, whose mom was almost 15 years younger than mine.

Ariele was so free thinking. On summer days she'd come over the play at about 8 just as I was waking up. Since we were such good friends she would just go into our bathroom, flip the lid up and immediately when she sat there was the burping sound from her rear. Mom would hear that sound in the kitchen and would later ask me the same thing: why Ari didn't use her own bathroom 5 minutes ago before leaving home. And she would always say Ari had no modesty. I remember looking that word up in the dictionary and telling mom that Ari was also the first to go to the bathroom at school each morning. Hurrying like crazy when we got off the bus because our teacher was older and strict and would have called her out for not taking care of her person needs "prior to class." That's a phrase I remember well from I think 3rd grade.

Unlike Ariele, my mom would wake me two hours before the bus was due.
She required that my first stop was the toilet. I was required to sit for 5 minutes because a crap was pretty close to an expectation. I'd still be sleepy and sometimes she'd say I was "rushing it" when she heard the flush too soon. Then she'd question me about size and other characteristics. In most cases, she could see me fumble to make something up. She read the principal's newsletter religiously and knew what the lunch and snack menus were for each day. She would say things like too much starch and french fries weren't good for my system and said we should be eating more fresh ???? and fruits. I only half way listened. Eventually I gave in and accompanied Ariele to the bathroom each morning. I usually had to do a partial pee because I was drinking more liquid at breakfast. I also started saving my craps for that session.

I never thought about how proficient Ariele with her morning crap so sometimes I was caught with my panties and jeans at floor level when the warning bell rang. Ariele would be finishing up at the sink but I would not have time to flush, wash my hands, and sometimes even make a clean swipe for a wipe. We had a student teacher and after getting my first lesson work in, I was regularly given permission to use the bathroom. Even if I had crapped an hour earlier, now often I was getting rid of a second piece, sometimes more, at my 10 a.m. session.
Mom said I needed to sit longer and wipe and re-wipe with greater arm pressure because she was seeing some streaking in my panties. She was threatening to wake me up even earlier which I thought would be so unfair. What was even more "unfair" was that our student teacher was running a software program that recorded each bathroom pass used. So at parent-teacher conferences mom was given an attendance print-out that showed I had used 20-some bathroom passes during a 9-week quarter.

I tried to explain it away that our new bus driver was going faster and that the bumping was causing me gas and an additional bowel movement. Although my grades were very good she talked about bathroom needs being taken care of at home. Then she told me several stories about how she been raised to avoid public bathrooms, except when she was sick. Her family moved from rental house to rental house a lot in three southern states, but bodily needs were strictly expected of each member of the family. They were to be done at home. She peed at noon after having her lunch at school, but only had a couple of bowel movements at school during her 13 years of education. One time in junior high she had just started peeing when the fire bell went off and since she was still in there when a principal came in, she got after school time. One winter, when there was a lot of flu going around, she was constipated for several days. Not being able to go at home after she had been woken up, that night grandma began giving her a laxative at bed time. But it didn't always work before school started. So grandma upped the dose of laxative and would excuse her from the first few minutes of school until the laxative worked at home.

Grandma has told me that southerners are stuck in there ways but that there's a certain pride in that. As you regular readers may know, I've become more rebellious of that in my 30 years on earth. And when I had some drinks with Ariele two years ago at our 20th class reunion, she was so drunk that she took her first pee that evening in the guys' room. They hassled her a bit but for safe keeping Diver and I took her home with us to sleep it off. She filled our toilet at 7 a.m. and took a second crap at the airport.


Wife's Explosions

I heard my wife EXPLODE twice in the bathroom the other day. The first time I was on the other side of the house in the morning, and I heard her run into the bathroom, slam the door, and immediately I heard a five second long, loud, incredibly painful sounding shart. It was one of the loudest farts I've ever heard. She came out muttering about "gas or diarrhea" or something. A few minutes later, I went into the bathroom and checked the bottom of the toilet seat. I saw some splatters of poop there from the force of her explosion.

The second time, we were sitting on the couch after dinner, and I heard a massive gurgle from her stomach. She said something about needing to go to the bathroom, and got up and briskly walked to the bathroom with her hand on her butt. As soon as she sat down, I hard a spluttery fart, and then two of the loudest, wettest most explosive farts I've ever heard. She came out muttering that it was just gas, but it sounded like a giant diarrhea explosion. Anyway, she doesn't always shit like that, but when she does, she's up there with the best of them.


Barracks poop

Years and years ago when I was in the army I was stationed for eight weeks on a fort that still had World War II barracks. As an only child I always pooped at home and alone. I would never poop in a public rest room. You can imagine my horror when I walked into the latrine and saw a row of ten toilets. You could literally shake the hand of the guy next to you. So I'm trying with all my might to poop while there were a half dozen other guys all farting, pooping and wiping their asses without paying any attention to all the guys around them. It took me several days to finally be able to go. I let out the loudest, longest fart and looked around figuring they would all be staring at me but know one paid any attention. Then I dropped a huge, hard turd that I'd been trying to get out for three days. It made a big splash. I followed up with a few more farts. When I figured I was done, I wiped my ass, washed my hands and left. It became easier and easier to take a crap as the days went on. Then strange as it may seem I began to enjoy farting and pooping in the presence of others. Now years later I don't even close the door when taking a dump if just my wife is around. After many years of marriage and the kids gone from the house neither one of us closes the door when taking a dump or a pee.


Some replies

Hi everyone, hope you are all well, just a few replies to some recet posts that I wanted to share.
Jenny- Hopefully now you've managed to go for a wee outside and everything was OK it will be easier the next time. I would suggest sharing with Emily that you'd like to be more open about your toilet needs, this might feel embarrassing to start with but I'm sure she'll understand and support you. It might be an idea then to ask her to come with you on another walk with the intention of having a wee during the walk at some point and trying not to wait until your too desperate and have no choice, that way you can make sure you can find somewhere really private if your feeling embarrassed about being caught. Once you've tried that a few times and are feeling more confident you could maybe move on to having a poo. I got confident going to the loo outside mainly through necessity due to revolting school loos when I started secondary school. I have always got the urge for a poo mid morning which was fine at primary school as I would just wait until the start of lunchtime and go and use the loo then, the toilets were always clean and there were a couple of other girls who would always have a poo at the same time as me which made it less awkward. But when I got to secondary school the loos were really gross and pooing didn't seem to be the done thing so I only ever went for a wee and only then if I was bursting. So as a result some days on the way home I was so desperate for the loo I knew I wouldn't make it home without going in my knickers so on those occasions I had no choice but to go into a wooded area I walked past and have a wee and/ or a poo there. Although this situation resulted in a lot of problems, notably I have been constipated on and off ever since, in a way I was glad that it forced me into being more relaxed about going to the loo outside as now I can go on a long walk or go camping without worrying about finding a toilet which does make life alot easier. Sorry its a long reply but I hope this helps, Jenny and it would be great to hear how you get on.
Sera- I guess you will have started back at school by now so I hope all went well for you and you came up with a solution. I hope for your health that you didn't have to hold it all day but I understand if you felt that was the only solution, as I have done that in the past too! At least its good that you always need a poo after breakfast so you can do that at home, if you read my comments above to Jenny my body clock is different so I used to struggle with needing both when I was at school!
Take care and bye for now!


To Lorenz

Thank you for answering my survey. So can you tell more about your dad farting proudly?

Sunday, June 14, 2020


Stinkiest Poo

Hi guys. It seems I've done the stinkiest poo this week just before checking in. I was watching a rainbo milk challenge video. I felt the need while people on the video threw up milk all over. Btw, there was no attempt for a toilet since the challenge was outside. I did 2 chunky poops today, but this latest one was so bad that the smell entered my bedroom! Hotels are starting to go back into regular business now, so I guess I'm excited about my "me day" from the inside out. Of course me being me, I'll ask to be on an upper floor. Hopefully I won't stink up the elevator with a gross fart, but if I do, I'll just laugh about it. Bye!


To J

Hi again J!
Sorry that I forgot to ask, but what is your friend's sister (aka your future girlfriend) like? Is she pretty? Are you taller than her? And what grade is she in at your school? I would love to hear more about her :)
Thanks and please keep us updated.

Maddie M

First post!

Hello this is my first post. I've always been fascinated by my poops because of their size. I found this site from a Google. Only my mom and BFF knows that I have big dumps because I'm kinda self-conscious about it. My bff Abby says I'm a "super pooper" LOL. So is she btw (haha). We're both 15 and spend lots of time together. My dumps are almost always 10-15 inches long and usually either coil up or stick up out of the water.

It's good to know after reading some here I'm not alone with my pooping habits amongst other girls my age.

Maddie M


Respone to Jenny

To Jenny - To be more comfortable peeing outside, everyone has likely had to do so at one time or another. Just find a secluded spot, and if by chance someone sees you, don't worry about it, especially with the current situation. Just a few weeks ago, I was walking in the woods by myself, came around a corner, and just off the path, there were two women in mid-pee. We all said oops, sorry and that was that. Also, it's easier to do it outside after the first time anyway. Wasn't that better than peeing your pants? (Well, technically you and Emily did pee a little in your pants.) For camping, there are small portable camping toilets the may be better suited for pooping outside.

weird guy

story and a question

So I work at a grocery store and we've been really busy since the pandemic took hold in about March here in the USA. Myself and many of the stickers were moved to the overnight shift to limit exposure to people since we are closed at that time. anyway, this has affected many things, including my bathroom schedule. I used to go first thing after waking in the morning before work. However, I now am usually sleeping during the day. So I am going at different times and places. For example, I got a haircut a few days ago. it was in the afternoon and I woke up with just enough time for a quick shower and had to head out the door. By the time I got there, I had to poop. However they only let you in after the person before you is finished getting their haircut. So I waited for my turn. I needed to go the whole time, but I just sat and got my haircut. I should have asked afterwards, but they seemed to usher you to the door to leave. My question is has anyone had a similar experience during this pandemic with feeling awkward about using a bathroom at a place.


Beach-side Bathroom

From time to time, we vacation in a small beach town on the west coast. There's a café that we enjoy and we go there many mornings before heading to the beach for the day. The café is one of these progressive and sustainable food places. So that means, there are many familiar dishes but often with healthy and sustainable ingredient replacements. On this particular trip, they had a cornucopia of baked goods, made with different kinds of non-wheat flour. I probably over indulged over the first couple days before I realized that one of the key ingredients was psyllium husk. I guess psyllium provides the baked goods with the light, airy texture when combined with some of the other denser nut flours. Some of you might know that psyllium husk is quite high in fiber.

Ironically, I did not need the bathroom the first day but felt quite bloated by the time I made this discovery on the morning of the second day. I continued to sip my coffee as we made our way to the beach. Soon, I could feel my belly distend farther with every step and I felt like I was carrying a food baby by the time we reached the sand. I told my company I needed to find a bathroom. They said they would pick out an area of sand and pointed towards the direction.

I hoped I could use of one of other restaurants next to the beach but it was barely passed 8am at this point and none were open. My only choice was the public beach bathrooms. I tried to avoid these if at all possible because they usually weren't too clean. These bathrooms were comprised of two rows of ten rooms, one side for men and the opposite from women. Two, parallel, large concrete walls both separated the two rows (men and women), so they weren't exactly back to back and also served at the main support that held up the slanted roof that came down over both sides. The walls were some kind of brown masonry and ran to the floor, so there were no gaps at the bottom. Inside, they had concrete floors with a floor drain, stainless steel toilets, and concrete block walls that reached up eight or ten feet, but didn't meet the bottom of the roof. The overall area was enough to turn around and for the toilet itself.

I made my way over and things began to feel desperate. I opened the first door and someone had left it unflushed. I closed the door and moved to the next one. Someone had peed all over the seat so I closed the door and tried door number three. This unit looked like it had not been used since it was cleaned. I snuck inside and locked the door.
The tip had just breached and things commenced with a roaring cracking as soon as I sat. It felt wide, much wider than normal, but soft and smooth. It wasn't painful despite its girth. I expected it to break-off at some point, but it continued to rush and roar along and at the same time, I could feel the pressure within my lower abdominal diminish. I could tell this was an enormous movement. Finally, it came to an end after what seemed like five seconds.

I immediately noticed the strength of my aroma. I wasn't sure if I was glad these stalls were open air at the top or if someone would be able to easily identify the source. Soon, another wave hit me. This felt nearly as wide as the first. Loud crackles and hissing farts accompany a continuous expulsion of short to medium length segments. It was hard to tell, but I probably passed six or seven such pieces.

I could practically taste my cologne at this point and could seemingly detect different notes within it. Incredibly, I still felt more to come. I peeked between my legs to try to assess the situation, but the dark stall provided no light other than the thin rays of morning sun that snuck between the top of the partitions and bottom of the roof. I didn't dare try to shine my phone fearing that the worst could occur.
I decided to give myself time to allow the rest to move into position. It was quiet in the stall. I could hear the waves crash and ocean birds squawk. Then, I heard people coming and going from nearby stalls. I couldn't tell if it was from the men's or women's side.

A couple minutes passed, during which I peed, then things seemed ready again. I released more gas as my intestines tightened and squeezed. A long rush of unformed hot lava piled up beneath me. It seemed to accelerate before it ceased. This was the strongest my aroma had smelled in some time. I pushed out a few more after shocks and then prepared to wipe.

I stood and peered into the bowl. Everything that had room to float did, probably from all the extra fiber, and it covered the entire surface area of the water. Other pieces were buried under their floating neighbors. I could also see that a heap had formed in the center and had piled up just above the water, covered in the final round of lava. A large log, probably every bit of eighteen inches long and nearly three inches across encircled the much of perimeter of the bowl. It was quite a bit thicker than normal. I knew that it would have taken a perfect flush to clear that one by itself.

I decided that I ought to flush before wiping. This was one of those high strength commercial toilets. I pressed the lever and the toilet seemed to force everything away from the trap before it tried to suck it down. The strategy seemed to have some promise, as the bowl filled with a quick rush of water and forced everything out of the trap. In that moment, I noticed part of the large heap in the middle had reformed and cooled into a rotund asymmetric mass. The mass appeared to have dimensions in excess of the trap.

The toilet suction then kicked in and pulled down several thick segments, as the contents appeared ready to exit to the toilet's rank and file orders. Then, the large mass met the trap and the powerful suction hemmed the dimensions of the mass, with the excess shaved off into the water with a puff of brown murkiness. Things then stopped, literally as soon as I thought that the toilet might have a chance. I pressed the flusher again and the toilet could muster no such response this time.

There were still an array of thick segments floating about with the massive log, which barely moved from its initial resting place even in all the commotion. The water had many bits of light brown to match the contents and streaks adorned the trap on all sides. I tried the flusher again and still no luck.

It took about eight or ten passes to clean everything away and then threw paper into the toilet. The cheap, thin paper did little to hide my substantial offering once wetted by the toilet's water. I redressed and prepared to exit. The concentration of my aroma was immense and it would have been impossible to miss what laid waiting in the bowl. I only hoped no one waited outside for this stall. I opened the door and there was nary a soul around other than a few seabirds searching for their morning meal.



A forest poop

Two sundays, my husband and I had planned a forest poop. I had held my saturday poop just for that.
We went to a forest nearby in the early afternoon with a pack on my husband's back containing a roll of biodegradable toilet paper and a botlle of soaped water. Once we found a spot my husband, behind me, undid my belt and took my pants and panties down to my knees. Then he picked me up by the inside of my knees. My kidneys were in contact with his belt bucke. I was above the ground with my knees spread by my husband, my thighs folded back on my belly while my legs were vertical. My naked ass well positioned to release poop.
I gave a push that sightly opened my anus. Another put the head of the turd out. The third one made the turd race. It felt fast running but endless. Finally, my anus closed back and I starded a powerful pee. At the end of this pee, I pushed again and, surprisingly, another fast but endless turd came out. When my anus closed again I pushed but nothing more seemed to come. I said to my husband "I'm done"
He stepped a meter back while still holding me. Then he put my feet back on the ground. I leaned forward while he took the paper out of his backpack so he could wipe me. While he was doing so and throwing the sheets of paper, I was amased by my own performance. Each turd was about 50cm! He tapped gently my ass saying "You're clean". I set myself upright and he put my panties and pants back up. I took the botlle of soaped water out of his backpack and put the water on his hand so he wash them.
He looked at my turds and said "I can't get used to it. I'm always dazzled by what you do when I pick you above the ground. Even after holding for a day" I enjoyed so much this first poop in a forest after the quarantine.


Socially Acceptable Ways to Use the Bathroom

Hi Friends,

I was trying to think of some conversation topics since I really do not have stories to share. I'm still quite regular - two large bowel movements daily, and there has not been much variance in texture, shape, color or urge to go. I would say my doodies are larger than average, but have not varied much. When they doo I am sure to share with you, like the one last week where I had to have an emotional moment on the toilet.

So, I was thinking about my southern (United States) heritage quite a bit, because of the Black Lives Matter movement, which I support. I'm trying to learn, listen and be an ally.

But there's a prudishness with Southern Culture. I think it was Victoria who referred to me as a "Southern Belle of the Bathroom" at one time! Most white women are uncomfortable talking about their bowel habits, especially older women who were raised in different times. I'm 39 and my parents both turn 70 this year. So, I have a foot in the door with that culture. (I don't agree with it, but I'm there).

I realize that much of our female audience is younger than I am, but I wondered if any of you had stories about being taught to be "lady-like" with regards to anything bowel related. I would love to hear your stories!

The only thing that my mother would say is that I should always try to poop at home and, of course, not to burp or fart around others. And, for the most part, I complied. However, I think that lessons like this create the "Girls Don't Poop" culture, which is just wrong.

I would love to hear your thoughts!



Thursday, June 11, 2020


The Osmotic Laxative Flush

Try this all those that are constipated! I take osmotic laxatives, but increase the dose and keep taking it till the desired result is achieved !!!!


The Softies

Hi to all! My poops were soft, gassy, and a little frequent (I did 3 of them). It wasn't exactly diarrhea, but not real firm either. To Ohio TSF: I know you said it's not cool to leave your poop in the toilet for people to see, but if someone (such as I who doesn't have sight) were to think one day that something has changed about it that's alarming, they could get it looked at for medical reasons. Btw, the bristal stool chart is amazing. So is other things such as being able to hear on an electronic device that a speaker is on. On my sound machine, if I listen closely, I hear this sort of tiny static with a slight hum. Listening to the different pitches of my farts is another thing I like to do sometimes. I've had the squeaky kind on occasion that sneak out during a poop. I also don't mind the urgent farts during a poop since they can be loud, and sometimes fun if I'm extra giggly.

As you can tell by my previous posts, my mom is very open. She is open about every body function and never gets embarrassed. My mom is the type of person who will laugh about having an accident. Now I'm very open to, but I could never be ever to laugh about having an accident, at least not until after I get cleaned up. But my mom can shart(fart + shit) herself and just laugh. She has done it before and has never once been embarrassed. The other reaction she has besides laughing is annoyance, but it is rare. She will sometimes say something like "Damn it. I just ruined my underwear".

Speaking of my mom, we had a cookout on Memorial Day and the Tuesday after, she had diarrhea. So our morning routine was a little different since I got out of the shower before she got done pooping. We had a normal conversation the whole time while also laughing at her horrible diarrhea farts and sharts.


New here

I just discovered this site, and I'm overjoyed to find other people love the act of relieving themselves as much as I do. I'm 17 and a former cheerleader. I figured I'd take this survey.

1: Have you ever been caught pooping in public by a friend or person in general? (School, Park, even at friends house)

Yes. On several occasions, I've needed to shit while at a friend's and it became a sort of running joke because I was known to grunt out massive BMs in their toilets and clog them, and they'd barge in and keep an eye on me to make sure I didn't do it again lol.

2: Have you ever been walked in on by someone unexpectedly? (friend, sibling, parent)

By my mom and sister, several times. It wasn't a big deal though-we've all seen each other pee and shit.

3: Have you ever caught a friend pooping at your house or in a public place like school?

Once, I was at school and needed to take a serious piss. As I sat on the toilet, my friend Leanne burst in, took the stall right next to mine, and dropped what sounded like a huge log.

4: Have you ever buddy dumped with a friend?

Yes. On a camping trip I took with friends last year, we'd regularly venture a short distance into the woods to drop trou and shit together. We'd compare the size of our dumps. We still poop with each other in public restrooms.

5: Do you like pooping in public?

I love it. I get a rush knowing other girls in the restroom are likely doing the same, and the feeling I get from taking a huge shit is positively orgasmic.

6: Do you have a friend that you always love talking about pooping too?

Yes, Leanne. We enjoy taking our shits together and we often compare dump sizes-we both tend to have large bowel movements and she's beaten me on several occasions when we have contests.



Gregg: Unfortunately, I think you do have to be consistent with your diet. Too, you will feel amazing! It takes discipline and planning, but it has been worth it for me. My mood is good, my energy levels are high, my weight is consistent and, as a bonus, I'm enjoying some amazing bowel movements! It's not that I don't have a few things that I enjoy. I love a good burger, Mexican dishes, Italian and Greek/Mediterranean dishes. But its the consistency! You'll thank yourself!

Charlotte: Glad you were able to find some relief from your constipation!

Love to all!



Answers to Tee's survey

1. Have I ever farted in class and was it intentional or not?
Yes, several times, but it was muffled. However, once in 8th grade I had a lot of gas as the result of multi-day constipation. I let a fart out and it echoed badly from the slick wooden floor. I quickly jumped up and slid my four legged desk forward. That only halfway diverted attention from my fart. About 15 minutes later when our teacher was out in the hallway talking to another teacher, this girl that sat behind me walked up to my side, leaned over and called me a 'f*****' degenerate'.

2. Am I a totally shameless pooper who will poop anywhere?
I became more bold as I got older. In junior high, our toilets didn't have doors. I would get a pass from a teacher because I would have more privacy that way. In high school I would sometimes check out three restrooms to find a dry seat and toilet paper. My girlfriend has convinced me its just easier to go into a stall, drop 'em and take your seat. Even a sloppy seat from aimless pee-ers no longer deters me. Relief is my main goal. Any semblance of privacy is something I've done away with even in places like stadiums and auditoriums.

3. The length of the biggest turd I ever laid.
16 inches and it hurt like hell. I was 5 days constipated and on a portable potty at the state fair. The picture I quickly took of it with my phone didn't come out that good but it is the best evidence I have.

4. Growing up was your dad one who embraced farting with me or was it taboo?
He embraced it, especially after he'd have a couple of beers. At some games in the stands he'd let some 5 or 10 seconds long off and them blame it on the 'woodchucks'. My sister Sara and myself would just look at one another and snicker.

5. What foods send me straight to the toilet for a dump?
Five soft shell tacos and a soft drink.

6. Have you ever left your dump in the toilet for someone else to see?
Yes, a few times at the park because the bathroom was so filthy I shouldn't probably have used it. I don't like standing to wipe with my butt skin glued to the seat.

7. Do you enjoy farting and taking a dump and why?
At airports with time on my hands it is something to occupy me. And why would I want to become more constipated by holding it in at places like school. Back when during my grade school years I had this babysitter Mandy who seemed so repulsed when we had been away from home for just 5 minutes and I announced that I had to crap. She always talked about the importance of 'regulating yourself.' I guess it was my way of rebelling and watching her get pissed.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

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