Wow! Thanks so much Rosalynne (and Juliet) and Catherine. I was worried that no one would reply to me! It's so nice to hear from you. Helps to make me feel connected.


Issue 1: Its smell, lighting, cleanliness, a whole mix of things. Often I can easily hold so I don't let mum know I need to go because she will make a bigger fuss than it's worth.
Issue 2: Everything except the seats because thats what the authorities seem to worry about. I had always heard you can't catch anything from a toilet seat so I have never minded sitting down. At those restrooms you didn't like what happened after you said "No way"? What date do you start back at school? Here in Australia in my State it is June 9th . Just a few days away.
Issue 3: Yes making changes to that extent tells me there really is something to be worried about. If I can easily hold it until I get home that seems the safest answer. Mum has been encouraging me to hold when we go shopping but thats not for the whole day! As I said in my 1st post she has totally changed her policy about public toilets. I am still getting used to it!


Thanks for the comments. But you wouldn't believe the number of people that write it as Sarah!
No I don't mind the toilet seat I just don't want to bring the virus home.


Welcome first poster. This is my 2nd post. I know what you mean about being pee and poo shy. I blame it on being an only child. I have always been good at holding on so I think that reduces the times I actually need to communicate about such things. I heard that anything from 3 times per day to once every 3 days is normal.
There is milk in latte (I had to look that up) so maybe that's the issue? Mum has got me trying lactose-free yoghurt. I find that if I have normal yoghurt every day with breakfast eventually I need an extra loose and windy poo during the day which is so, so inconvenient. I need to be careful not to mistake it for a big fart! So far I have been on the toilet for it at home. Hopefully the lactose-free version will fix that or I will stop having yoghurt.

Taylor T's survey

1: Have you ever been caught pooping in public by a friend or person in general? (School, Park, even at friends house)
No because I try my hardest to avoid pooing anywhere but home.
2: Have you ever been walked in on by someone unexpectedly? (friend, sibling, parent)
No. I would always lock the door when pooing.
3: Have you ever caught a friend pooping at your house or in a public place like school?
I have friends that go at my place. I can tell from the smell but we don't talk about it
4: Have you ever buddy dumped with a friend?
No. How would that work exactly?
5: Do you like pooping in public?
Absolutely hate it. My worst experience was at an airport and I could hear way too much for it to be pleasant. I only have to go each day after breakfast and we had that at the airport during a long flight.
6: Do you have a friend that you always love talking about pooping too?
No but everyone on here seems friendly!

Best Wishes to everyone,


elphaba, Jasmin, Katherine, Seraphina, Shannon and Consti...

elphaba, Jasmin, Katherine, Seraphina, Shannon and Constipated Girl:
elphaba - Huge respect, I am a pre-opp TGirl and love your stories and commend you for being you. :)
Katherine - Your stories are always so wonderful, and it's amazing to have you back again after your slight hiatus.
Seraphina - I too am in the UK, and with all these toilets being closed, as well as having a bladder problem, I solve the issue of toilets not being readily available by Waring the Always Boutique Plus pants (they truly are amazing, so discreet, and really do work. Obviously for you it may not necessarily be what you want to wear, however they may be useful when you have to go back to school and really don't want to use the toilets there).
Shannon - Fantastic accident stories, I myself enjoy poopy accidents and it's made even safer when wearing the Always product mentioned above; it protects from that pre or post poop wee that always catches me off guard. Also, kitchen towel or paper towel is good for cleaning up after an accident better than toilet paper; just don't flash it!
Constipated Girl - Constipation it's horrible and you should talk to your doctor about it. Ask him if it is safe for you to take Ducolax tablets every night before bed - I take two of these each night as I am currently dealing with very bad bowel problems and I can't go without them. You need to get your bowels into a routine of going every day, with or without a little bit of help from a laxative. If you do use Ducolax, it may be a good idea to wear a diaper or pull-up overnight and during the morning as it can sometimes make you go for a poo suddenly and farts shouldn't be relied on as just farts as they can be much more (a shart or a full poopy).
Take care all and to all of my fellow UK posters, keep posting and representing us! To everyone else, keep going to, it's great to hear from you all!


Dinner with my Uncle

My Uncle came for dinner on Friday night. He bought a bottle of wine for my parents and a bottle of coke for me. He is going on a rally in support of Aboriginal rights on Saturday and he hopes he doesn't get arrested. But then we won't see him again while he self-isolates for 2 weeks.

After they had a few glasses of wine, talk got around to how inconvenient all the locked toilets are. He said the reason why we are only allowed to travel locally is to avoid public toilets. I hadn't thought of that. And he said he saw a large sign at a park saying "The toilets are locked for your own safety. If you need to go, go home". Mum gestured at me and asked him " What about Sena at school all day?"

There was a long pause while they drank some more wine. He said that Mum should phone the school and ask for more information. But I complained, saying I wanted to "Stay Unanimous" because I didn't want the teacher to know. And they all laughed at me. Dad explained the word I might be looking for was "Anonymous" OK but I didn't really see the joke. And it got worse: My uncle follows the manned space program a lot. He knows so much stuff. But then he said. "You know, the astronauts wear nappies on space walks." There was stunned silence. I did not like where this was leading. I stared at him and shook my head: "NO". "Just No. Not ever." and thankfully he changed the topic to something about the rally. But I could tell from the way my Mum was frowning that she was worried. It made me more determined to carry out my plan of holding all day because I thought Mum would agree with it and I thought it was going to be easy.

Then it was time for bed. But the conversation continued. The next morning Mum filled me in on what I had missed: "Just let her wet" he had suggested. He said my Aunties were always allowed to do that on trips overseas when third-world toilets were disgusting. It was either that or they would refuse to go with them. He also started telling stories about cockroaches running across the toilet floor that I really did not want to hear so I am pleased I went to bed when I did.

This was Dad's side of the family. I thought about it for a bit then realised he would have been with them when they were kids. He never mentioned anything about it. But he is the youngest in the family so maybe he doesn't remember. Anyway Mum is the boss in our family and I am sure she has never wet herself on purpose so she would have been a bit shocked. But my Uncle could have more stories about his childhood. I will try to raise the subject when I see him again.

Anyway, Mum asked how I would feel taking a spare pair of undies in my school bag in case I had an accident before I got home? But she didn't have an answer when I asked her where I would be able to change into them. So that's when I casually said "I will just hold it. Easy!".

Earlier that same day I pretended I was at school as a practice. I Needed to go at lunch time like I always do but put it off as long as I could. But I had to get some more school work done and I couldn't concentrate at all, I got to be bursting pretty quickly. So I gave in and went to the toilet. I hope to do better over the weekend. Then we have a public holiday on Monday and back to school on Tuesday. Wish me luck!


Tee's survey.

Hello all. Answers to Tee's questions:

1. Have you ever farted loud in class and was it intentional or not?
10th grade was the last time that's happened (26 years ago). Accident. Luckily only one girl heard it, and to my surprise she just said "ew I heard that, but it's ok because we all fart."

2. Are you a total shameless pooper and would poop anywhere?
Not totally shameless, but in many instances shame has little to do with where I'll poop... like i won't poop at a bar, stadium, etc.

3. How long was the biggest turd I ever did?
Hard to say. In my 42 years of pooping I can't say I remember the size of a shit as opposed to say the quantity of some of my most memorable ones.

4. Growing up did your Dad embrace farting with you, or was it a taboo thing in your house?
N/A - Papa wasn't there.

5. What foods send you straight to the bathroom for a dump?
Coffee/oatmeal, coffee/apple, or a few apples. All other high fiber foods I can think of will just have me farting dozens of times before a dump.

6. Have you ever left your dump in the toilet for someone else to see?
Last time I did that intentionally was back in 1999 at the Atlanta airport toilet. Can't remember my reason for it. Overall that's not cool to do in my opinion.

7. Do you enjoy farting and taking a dump and why?
I absolutely love farting and pooping. Why? A few reasons: 1, they both feel so good, especially when they're the result of good eating. 2, something about knowing my butt can create such a huge stink fascinates me. I actually find myself eating whatever it takes to give me the most stinky farts - the stinkier the better. 3, and this goes back to the first reason actually; the feeling of hot gas and/or soft brown stuff easing out my backside can sometimes be better than sex.

Good survey Tee. Take care and happy pooping to you and the rest of my fellow poopers.

Constipated girl: I agree with whoever suggested diapers, in the past when I have been badly constipated, I will take an enema or laxatives, and then go for a run outside wearing a diaper to loosen it up more, and then poo the diaper when I cannot hold anymore. Another thing is to take a bath to sooth the anus and then poo there.

1: Have you ever been caught pooping in public by a friend or person in general? (School, Park, even at friends house) Yes
2: Have you ever been walked in on by someone unexpectedly? (friend, sibling, parent) Yes, one time I was at a park and there was only one Porta potty to use! I really had to pee and fortunately the door was unlocked. However,it turned out there was another girl about my age sitting there on the toilet. She squealed and I apologized and closed the door. I was jumping up and down outside and had started to pee my pants. I could hear her grunting inside and begged for her to let me have a turn. She said she still had to go but let me in anyway. It was remarkably clean,we were the first ones to use it. Explaining how bad I needed to pee,she removed her panties and squatted on top of the tank so that I could lean against the door and pee into the toilet. I let out a powerful jet of pee out into the toilet it then the intensity increased and I pissed on her shirt. I said I was sorry, we were both embarrassed being exposed like that and my pee triggered her to pee on me by accident. She was still pushing out almost a foot of shit at This
point. I decided that I would try to use the urinal box. I put a finger on either side of my pussy and aimed. It went surprisingly well, and we both laughed. I was very relieved to let out a two minute power wash out from between my legs, and using the urinal was very satisfying. She was straining at this point, and I asked if she was constipated. She said yes, and that it was about to stink. She turned around, still squatting, and strained. She pushed out a small knobbly poo. The toilet seat fell closed and she gasped. A waterfall of mushy brown diarrhea poured out of her anus. It splattered all over the tank and seat, some even got on my shoes. She was almost sobbing as wave after wave, each more intense than the last poured out. I managed to lift the toilet seat cover and she thanked me. "That must have felt great!" I said. She agreed. We managed to clean up a bit and Sophie and I are friends to this day!

3: Have you ever caught a friend pooping at your house or in a public place like school? Yes, a few times, I like to comment on it and they usually think it's funny.
4: Have you ever buddy dumped with a friend? See above.
5: Do you like pooping in public? Absolutely, I love it!
6: Do you have a friend that you always love talking about pooping too? Yes, but not usually as much as me.


The end of my constipation

First of all.
Thanks Brandon, glad you like the story.

I posted last week that I was constipated, I wanted to follow up with the ending. I haven't had so much time this week since I returned to work.
I was blocked up for 3 days! which is not normal for me. I normally don't have a tendency to be constipated. So the new thing is that I had to go in a public bathroom. I like pooping in public bathrooms, just not when I am constipated. Normally when I am constipated I like to sit at home and take my time. I have an idea why this happened, I have been so idle lately since I have been working at home due to this covid 19 shutdown. This was the first day back to work where I was on my feet all day, I feel like it maybe started my "system" back up. This is how it happened:
I went home from work, and went to the mall on my way to pick up some groceries. I just left the convenient store and walked through the mall. Suddenly I felt it, I had to poop. I thought that I'd better go when the urge was there, since after three days I really had to go. I went past the mall toilets because they are really small, with stalls, and I wanted a toilet where I could sit in peace for a while I knew it was going to be a struggle. I went back in to a store where I come often, I knew that the toilets there were big and separate. Its a medium sized store, so there is only one toilet for men and one for women. But each is in its own room, they are nice, clean and large. I went in, took my coat off pulled my legging down to my knees, I really had to go.
I had a small pee, while I slowly was opening up back there. I did not even have to push that hard, two small rock solid round pieces fell on their own. I then had to add a bit of pressure, and eight small hard pieces went out, I was still peeing in spurts. I then had to push some more, but not long after two medium sized round pieces went out. Then came the hard work, I pushed very hard twice. Nothing really happened, then I gave two more really hard pushes and the tip broke off and a big solid rounded block went in to the toilet. Two more hard pushed and I got rid of another block, it felt like the same size and the previous one. After that nothing more happened, but I was far from done it was stuck. But that was kind of the start of it.
Later that evening, I went at home, but it was almost a normal poop. I only had to get rid of the hard tip, when I was past that point, my poo was almost normal.



Response to Seraphina's questions

Welcome Sera!

Issue 1: your mom telling you to go when you want to hold it.
Are you talking about when your mom would make you use the toilet when you guys are away from home? What determined if a toilet was nice enough for you to use? My mom makes me use a seat paper if it is available; otherwise I have to paper the seat with TP.

Issue 2: grandparents fearing the virus from public toilets.
Are you talking about air in the restroom, faucet handles, doors, and/or toilet seat?
Yesterday a friend and I rode our bikes over to a park where there was huge human rights protest. The restroom had 6 toilets next to one another off one wall with no cubicles. Some users were peeing seated with masks on; others were squatting over the seat about an inch or two above it. Me and Juliet just looked at one another and said No way!

Issue 3: if we go back to regular school full-day in the fall what are we going to do? Juliet's here as I'm writing this post. We don't really know. She's got a friend in another country attending summer school all day this year. Because of that social distancing stuff every other cubicle is out-of-use and every other sink has been turned off. Entrance and exit door handles have been taken off and replaced with a push pad to open it. A container of disinfectant wipes is next to the exit door.

We're looking forward to more of your posts!



Thanks Catherine for the suggestion. Do i have to eat like this all the time to stay regular? I like to eat what i want lol. When you eat what you want are you still regular? Btw how old are your girls now?

Shout outs to some old names if your still reading. Please come back!
Jane - love your stories from years ago.
Macy - great Halloween story
ALANA - how do you poop like that! Im amazed
Carmalita - love your stories! *read above line ^
Renee, Nu, Patsy - *read above line
Paula poo - great stories
Tammy - great vibes
And finally Big Booty Black Girl - great 1 off story waay back. Come back to all!

Eat well


Is it normal or an indicator of IBS?

Hey everyone,

I'm not really new to this forum, but it's my first post here.
Since I happen to be quite bladder shy (and "gut shy" too if you could call it such) I find it difficult to pee/poop with others next door. I am astonished by the openess with which and about which people on this platform write and it helps me cope with my own shyness.

Anyway, I have a question targettet to either those with diagnosed IBS or people who do their no. 2 daily.

I know you guys aren't doctors and I'm not looking for a diagnosis. I'm only interested in your experiences and opinions.


I wonder if the frequency in which my boyfriend empties his guts is still normal.
The least he does this is 3 times a day. Usually it's more like 4-5 times a day, sometimes even more.

Admittedly, he has a strong reaction to coffee.
But even before his first coffee, the first thing he'll do in the morning is a number 2. On some occassions even two number 2s. (Sometimes he'll wake up in the very early morning, heading to the loo under cursing mutters, do a short business, go back to bed and have another larger business 2 hours later when he gets up).

Next he always has his coffee. It's not strong coffee, only a latte.
But it's still enough to give him the runs 30-60 minutes later. It's only that one coffee.

Sometimes it won't be until afternoon when he has his next BM. Sometimes it won't be until midday. And even when he goes midday, he may still go another time in the afternoon. And usually once or twice in the evening.

From what I can gather his stools aren't hard to push out and he usually finishes quickly.
Despite going so often, he seems to relieve himself of quite a load most of the times. I don't want to sound like a stalker. But the bathroom is next to our living room, that's how I gather.
I also feel like he has diarrhea at least once every two weeks (+7 BMs per day).

I asked him if he had IBS. He asked me what it was. I tried to briefly explain it and he denied the possibility, saying that he felt healthy and that apparently it's the coffee which makes him go more often. I doubt that the effect of a latte usually lasts for more than 2 hours though. Or makes him jump at 5 am towards the bathroom.

In summary:

He doesn't feel unhealthy, which is a good thing.
He doesn't have any pain and he claims not to have any diarrhea.
He admits that more than 3 BMs a day are unusual/indicate diarrhea, despite often going 4-5 times himself.

My question to you guys:
Do you have any similiar experiences?

Do some of you have IBS and
* NOT have any of the negative side effects, i.e. stomach aches, gas, diarrhea/constipation (or least not that often)?
* Do some of you 'only' have multiple BMs per day?

Do some of you NOT have IBS and
*still frequent the loo more than 3 times a day for big business matters?

I always read on the internet that a maximum of 3 stools a day are still considered normal. I know every body functions differently and maybe so does his.

I usually go once a day. Sometimes 2 times a day, sometimes a day or 2 without any and I feel absolutely fine about it (something which he doesn't unterstand either).

As said before, I'm not looking for a diagnosis. I'm only curious about what you experienced and get a better picture of how 'normal' his bowel behaviour is.

Thanks in advance to everyone responding to this.
I really appreciate it.


Red Poop

Hi guys. I had beets the other day, and learned the dye in them makes your poop red. I'm sure my poop looked like the dye when I passed it today (solid, and semi smelly). It came out in peices, too. Yesterday's poop after brushing my teeth was a bit splatty, semi urgent, and felt nice as the other one today did. Since April, I've added some homemade jewelry to my collection which has helped me continue during this difficult time. That would be so cool if I pooped with one of my homemade peices on! For instance, if I pooped while wearing my star necklace, I would feel like I pooped under the stars. Anyway, bye!


Desperate pee in woods

Hi, long term lurker, first time posting.
I thought I'd tell you about my walk last week with my friend, Emily. I'm normally very shy around going to the toilet but I'm trying to become more open about it - I very rarely pee outside for fear of being caught and have never pooped outside that I remember. But with the current lockdown measures (I live in the UK) having closed most public toilets it's a bit more difficult to avoid.
So I met up with Emily for a socially distant walk, she's far more open about her "tiny bladder" and so many times she's nearly wet herself while we've been somewhere with no bathroom. I remember being on a bus with her openly holding herself, bouncing up and down - luckily she made it to the loo. But I'm far more shy around my bathroom habits, and will do what I can to hide my need.
We started our walk, it's pretty warm so I've drank a lot of water and I felt an urge to pee coming on even though I went before I left. The walk we planned is only a couple of hours and I thought I could make it home. As we walked my need to pee got stronger and stronger and I begin to realise that I was unlikely to get home. I remembered there's a patch of woodland at about the halfway point that has good cover. As we got about 10 minutes from woods I was struggling to walk normally, I wanted to cross my legs and hold myself but knew it was better to carry on walking. I noticed Emily is walking a bit weirdly too so I wondered if she has the same problem. I told her I kind of needed to pee and she said she was dying for a wee too and was there anywhere more covered near by. I told her we were coming up to some woods and I thought I would have to go there. She said she might struggle but she thought she could make it. We got a few minutes from the woods and I was really struggling to hold on, I grabbed myself as subtley as possible a few times and I noticed her doing the same, and her legs are twisting as we were walking. As we enter the woods another couple of walkers are coming towards us along the path, Emily turned to me and said I really hope they hurry up and pass us or I'm going to wee myself, I said me too, I'm barely holding on. As soon as they passed us, we ducked into the trees, although I was barely holding on we found somewhere behind a clump of bushes where we couldn't be seen from the path. I felt a spurt of pee rush into my leggings and quickly pulled them down, peeing felt so good! I was so desperate. Emily did the same thing next to me, I looked over and could see her blue knickers were a bit darker where she obviously couldn't quite hold it either. We finished our wees and carried on walking.
When we got home I was surprised to find I was pretty desperate to pee again and so was Emily, unfortunately I couldn't invite her in as it's still against lockdown rules but she said she could make it home. I text her later asking if she got home ok and she said she just made it.
I'm trying to get more open about peeing especially with Emily as she's so open with me. I want to be more comfortable peeing (and pooing) outside in case there's a situation where I have no choice - I often go camping with my partner and want to try wild camping but I'm worried about not having a toilet nearby. At least this walk showed me that if I'm desperate, I can pee outside! Does anyone have any tips for becoming more confident peeing and pooing outside?



Carlie B. - I find it really amusing that you have turned your clogging ability into a game to see how thoroughly you can clog a toilet up. I also see it as a challenge to see how much damage i can do when i need to poop. Its a gift we should just enjoy.

LC - I enjoy your stories and would love to hear more. Both of you and the females you have had the fortune to hear about or witness. I think its great when people with this gift challenge themselves to see how much they can make the toilet suffer when they finally go. I have found myself trying to wait a few days before to see how big it can be when i finally go. It is also much more relieving when large quantities come out. Feeling the resistance when it runs out of room as it fills the bowl is incredibly satisfying and im sure many here would agree.

Keep up the great stories and i hope everybody keeps taking amazing dumps!



Taylor's survey

I think almost old-timers on this site know my answers, However for new people, I give detail a bit.

1. I am always caught by my friends. Every time. But for me, perhaps "caught" is not correct word. Once my colleague "caught" me when I did countless soft plops and burururururururu in office loo. She was worry a bit.

2. Same with 1. It is never unexpected. If I go to loo alone and make plop noise, and I am not alone in flat, there is a head, or 2 heads, or 3 heads at door only few seconds later. And they say with eyes, please make more plop sound.

3. It happen all the time.

4. Same with 3.

5. It's OK. If I need poop, I poop, place is not important. But I like clean, I don't want to poop in dirty loo.

6. I always talk about loo activity with 3 best friends.

I like survey!

I hope everybody is fine.

Mina xx

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