Big one

I just got back from a school overnight for the first time which was awesome. We ate lots and lots of food, which was great, but it did a number on my digestive system, as I'm not usually a huge eater. It was also hard for me to go to the bathroom while I was there, because we were staying in a summer camp style dorm situation which meant all of us girl had to share a bathroom with three stalls. I tried to find some alone time in the bathroom to do my business but I was unsuccessful during the first few days. On day four of our week long trip, I woke up with horrible stomach ache. In the morning, I had no luck getting any privacy in the bathroom, but I knew I wouldn't be able to hold out much longer. I made it to lunch time where we had sandwiches and chips. After a few bites I started to feel sweaty as my belly churned, growled and cramped. With everyone eating, I thought it would be a good time to sneak off to the restroom. I quickly finished up l, found my teacher and excused myself and headed to the cafeteria bathroom. Unfortunately for me, a group of my girl friends asked to join, so we all stopped at the bathroom together. I quickly took a seat in the first stall and two of my girl friends took the remaining stalls with two waiting in line. I peed a little bit and then without any control, I began to push out a thick log. While the log slowly squeezed out, my two friends finished their pees and were replaced by the others in line. My first log landed with a thud and my stomach quickly cramped up again. I grabbed my belly and leaned forward feeling sick. Another long, thick log slowly started to curl its way out. By the time that it landed in the toilet, all four of my friends were done and waiting by the sinks. My stomach was feeling awful still and I knew I would just need to take my time and get everything out. My friends chatted at the sinks, hardly noticing me while I laid a third log. I couldn't help but groan as my stomach cramped up yet again. I leaned back and began to massage my belly in circles. My friend Anna called out "hey Lucy, are you almost done?" I sighed and replied "I don't know. You guys don't have to wait for me", "Its okay, we don't mind", "I actually have a really bad stomach ache so I might be a while". My friends quickly wished me well and then headed back to the cafeteria. I massaged my stomach for about a minute when it gurgled again and I had to lean forward again suddenly. I curled off log after log after log for about five straight minutes, each one landed with a thud in the bowl. By this point I had been in the bathroom for about ten minutes and lunch was going to be ending soon. My teacher came into the bathroom and called out "Lucy, are you okay?" "Yes, I just have an upset stomach still" "Alright well you've been in here for a long time and we are going to be finishing lunch soon". I started to feel a bit anxious, but my stomach wasn't letting up. I sighed and started working on a long rope piece of poo that just seemed to keep coming. When it finally broke off, I was ready to squeeze out some smaller lumps of soft, sticky poop. I still didn't feel done, so I kept pushing, but nothing was coming. It had been fifteen minutes by this point and I knew everyone was about to head off to our next activity so I had to hurry up. After rubbing my belly some more and rocking back and forth to reposition myself, I was finally able to push out a decent sized log. I began to pee and I finally felt done. I stood up and looked into the bowl in absolute amazement, I had completely filled the toilet! Three huge dark logs stretched at the bottom. Each was about 4 inches thick and each was long enough to reach from one end of the bowl to the other, sticking several inches out of the water. About ten, light colored logs floated in the water. Each was about 3.5 inches thick and between 6 and 10 inches long. One long 3 inch wide poop wrapped around the bowl entirely and chunks of soft poop filled the rest of the bowl. I wiped carefully and tried to flush with absolutely no success. I eventually left my monster in the toilet, washed my hands and rejoined my class just in time for our next activity. "Feeling better?" Asked my teacher, I nodded "yes". I silently swore to myself that I would never eat that much ever again and prayed that whoever was left to deal with my stomach demon in the toilet would forgive me.

Monday, April 13, 2020


To Marie

A couple of things.
First, that's a naughty story about when you were a teenager. Too bad you didn't get to poop on the bed but I would've settled for the sink like you did.
Also, to answer your question. Once when I was 7 I put a big teddy bear I had in between my legs when I was sleeping. It just felt good and soft. I didn't wear panties to bed when I was a child and I hardly do as an adult. Well, one night, I went pee before I went to bed thinking I'd be good until the morning. Well, I woke up in the morning and my bear had pee all over it. It was weird but fortunately my mom was able to get the stain out and I didn't sleep with it in my legs again. Didn't want to take the chance again. That was one of the very few times I wet the bed as a kid.

Monika B.
So I have a really small bladder and I normally pee every 1-2 hours. I'm really trying to train myself to go less... if I'm working, I can hold it throughout a 5 hour shift and sometimes even 8 hours, but that requires a certain degree of dehydration and when I get home, I have to go so bad despite not drinking much, then have to pee like every hour after that. If I try to hold it while at home I have a lot of trouble and usually end up leaking, which is embarrassing (even though no one knows about it).

I mean honestly, it's not THAT big of a deal. But I'd like to not be married to the toilet and not to be preoccupied with my bladder all the time. I'm cutting down a lot on caffeine and am keeping track of when I go. Idk how much I go normally... 8-12 times a day? I want to cut down to 5 or 6, and which is more normal, and want to be able to cut THAT down to 4 times some days (not all the time, otherwise it'd be hard for me to be hydrated enough). I'm doing this to mostly save on resources like tp, soap, and water. I'm wondering how many other people are doing the same.

So I might keep a log on here if that's allowed. I'll do the last couple of days, which is when I got more serious about it. Also, my sleep schedule is weird right now, so I'm waking up at like noon. Also, the times are approximate. And every day I'm trying to drink a normal amount. Not trying to get dehydrated.

1:50 p.m.- I'd had to pee since 7 a.m. but didn't want to get out of bed (it was cold). I got up at 12:30 and had some coffee. I really felt it by 1 but wanted to hold it as long as I could. About half an hour later I really had to both piss and shit, and I waited about 20 more minutes.

4:30 p.m.- really had to go. Basically waiting until I really need to go each time

7 p.m.- again, really had to go. Had just had a cup of coffee

9 p.m.- really, REALLY had to go and was squirming like crazy trying to hold it. I wanted to make it until 10 but there was no way. I'd drink a bunch of water on top of the coffee. I actually left my room at 8:59 but took a little but to clean up and forced myself to wait just that extra bit.

12:50- I'd originally wanted to wait until midnight, but didn't get an urge until 11:30, so I decided to try to wait until 1 a.m. And I really did try, but couldn't. I was crossing my legs and fidgeting really bad by 12:30. I'm not trying to wet my pants... I'm trying to hold.

3:30 a.m.- I actually didn't need to go that badly, but did have to go, and I can't sleep when I need to pee.

1:20/30 p.m.- similarly, woke up at noon, had coffee, held for awhile, couldn't wait.

2:40 p.m.- embarrassingly had to go again, but I was having stomach problems so I excuse it.

5:40 p.m.- I wanted to wait until after I ate lunch and had coffee, but damn, when I got up and started trying to do stuff, I just couldn't hold it. Too painful.

7:40 p.m.- really had to go again, but this was after coffee, so it's fine

It's now 8:13 p.m. and I'm really hoping to wait until midnight for my next pee break. That's more than 4 hours, which is a long time for me, but I'll try. Just drinking water for the rest of the night, probably about 2 cups. Then I'm going just to go once more before going to bed. I guess about 6 times a day is normal, but really needing to go each time tells me I do have a small bladder. Who knew that I'd be spending quarantine training my bladder? Lol I'm so lame. I wonder if anyone else is doing the same. Also, I'd like to not be so preoccupied with my bladder if I'm doing stuff. Maybe I'm just a sensitive person. Oh well. I'm also planning on eventually cutting down to only 1 cup of coffee in the morning, so that should help a bit. I do drink beer occasionally as well, but it makes me piss like a race horse, so I'm going to wait to introduce it back sometime next week.

Kudos to anyone who read all this, like most things I'm obsessing over it and comparing myself to others too much.


To Bianca

Just a suggestion to break up the monotony of being stuck in your home, go for a drive and find somewhere to go to poop outside lol. I did it today and it was just what I needed. Let me know how it goes if you do it.


To Marie

Theres a stuffed animal story on page 383.

Emily H

First post

Hi! I've been reading here for awhile and decided to post. I'm 15 years old and love to read stories about other girls around my age. I especially enjoy Taylor T. Girl,I think we could be "poop buddies" because I make long turds too that snake around the bowl 🙂. Well I'll post more later after my next dump haha!

Lots of love
Emily H




I am now 72 and have always enjoyed pooping. It is especially more pleasant when I am sitting on a "proper" toilet seat. I absolute hate sitting on one of those smaller, round toilets where I can't get comfortable. That's why I have installed enlongated (oval) toilets with commercial, open front seats on them. These seats give me plenty of room to position my junk in such a way it does not touch the seat in front while doing my business. My stools are usually very large and firm and take several minutes to expel. So, if I am going to sit there doing my business over 15 minutes or more, I want to be comfortable. I usually have this bowel movement right after getting up in the morning. I will relocate to the toilet with my ipad and catch up on things during the process. Years ago, I had a bad case of hemorrhoids and my doctor said I was straining too much, so now, when I get the urge, I will just sit and let everything just slowly slide out. With each turd just slowing inching out of my butthole (I call this "hangtime!"). With these hanging turds, it CAN GET RATHER stinky, so I have some aerosol spray handy to neutralize the odor. After two or three turds have excaped, I feel really good and refreshed. I remain seated to wipe, which is usually very quick as I usually have little, if any, mess to clean up with my firm stools.

I also like buddy dumping which I will discuss later. I had some great experiences with this when I was in school many years ago. I think my first post was on page 1106 (or so) where I described one of my dump buddies sitting across from me in opposite open stalls in 5th or 6th grade. If anyone has any good buddy dumping stories, I'd like to hear about them. I'll post more later.


Peeing and Pooping Surveys

There have been many surveys over the years and here is my general response. Peeing... I pee many times a day, do not know how many, sometimes too many to count . Depends also on how much I have drunk. It also depends on my bladder because of an enlarged prostate and neurological issues . I pee standing up . The time taken appears normal to me but it is probably slower than average . Yes, I wee in the shower and wee when shutting and can wee when others are around . I do not wipe after weeing . I wear incontenence undies and this well soaked up urine leaks of which is normal for me. Yes, I occasionally wet my pants due to sudden urgency but once again the undies save the day . I can fart when peeing but not that often. Peeing feels pretty good ! As to where I have done a pee , you could say almost everywhere. In the bushes, off a boat. In hospital in a bottle and so on. I pee as much when I am out as when home. Pooping occurs maybe every three days or even four times per day . It is all over the place with no real regularity, all due to neurological issues. The time of day I poop varies just as much . If I go too long without pooping or my stomach hurts or my poo is too hard I take laxatives which due work at some point..... often not the next morning. I do not take that long to go, maybe a few minutes or longer. I either shit or I do not !!! Very occasionally I can have a long session . Unless I load up with laxatives my poo is very hard and quite big. As to the smell I am a poor judge because I have a reduced sense of smell . The effort to move my bowels can be so exhausting that I almost black out ! As to wiping I use between one to five squares depending on scale of hardness and my neurological state . I cannot wipe from behind and can have trouble wiping generally . I rely on my undies. The brand is Depends and the government pays due to my condition. I do fart when pooping but not that often. ....yes I do grunt and strain and lean forward. If no one is at home and it is a big hard one I will get squatted on the floor for a less difficult evacuation . I do use suppositories and fleets enema , water enemas are by far the best but I need assistance and it takes quite some time . Yes, I have had manual disimpaction !!! I poop probably more out of home than at home . Public toilets can be great I poop anywhere within reason . I have done many bush poos, they are my favourite but have not done that for years . I poop often at work and at customers and restaurant s etc . I have pooped many tines in a bucket in a small boat but that was long ago . I have pooped with others around. I have pooped in a hospital with the nurse standing outside the opened door. I have also had to receive enemas etc and been in such a condition that the therapist had to be with me when I poop in case I black out and help me with wiping etc Yes, there is nothing better than a big satisfying dump!!!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2020


Took a drive just to poop

So since I've been cooped up in my house due to the coronavirus, I had to go for a drive just to avoid from snapping from cabin fever and go somewhere. I didn't care where I went, just as long as I got out of the house. Also, I had to poop and I knew it would be a squishy one so I brought extra babywipes. So I got out about 10 minutes from where I live and found a place to pull over when the urge got strong. There's still snow on the ground here so I knew to dress for the occasion. Thick boots and snow pants I wear when I go out riding on my sled(snow mobile for all you lower 48 hosers :D). So I went in to the woods, babywipes in hand. I knew this one was gonna be a bit of an assplosion so I made sure my feet were spread wide apart to reduce the chance of poo getting on my clothes. I found a good spot in a clearing. Pulled my pants down and I decide to take them off because it's a thick set of pants. I also took my boyshorts off instead of just pulling them down. So here I am, half naked, out in the middle of the woods and it's a crisp 39 degrees outside. I squatted and it almost instantly came out bbbbrrrrrrrffffftttt pffffftt. Oh man it felt sooooo good and a great relief on my ????. So I finished, wiped my butt which took quite a few wipes, got my clothes back on and went back for my drive for another 30 minutes. I pulled over on the side of the road as I had to pee since it didn't come out when I pooped. Pulled my pants and undies down to my knees, did a quick squat, peed for 10 seconds a powerful pisssssssssssss, took a babywipe, wiped up, got back in the car and drove back home. All in all, it was a good day. Hope everyone is doing ok during this what is now becoming evident a manufactured more than natural crisis. Things have gotten crazy and it's shown our world leaders just how easy it is to control our lives. Stay vigilant and happy pooping/peeing everyone.

Just went to the bathroom and had 3 or 4 big poops. I pooped first which is unusual but when I peed I didn't hear it on the water, I just heard it hitting the poop. Does anyone else feel relieved and satisfied when your poop is pretty big? I've never had a poop that big where I pee on it and don't hear the water, only the pee going on it! Then again I usually pee first but I really had to poop


Naughty Thing I did as a teenager....Almost

So I was at my friend Hannah's house chilling after school one day, I was maybe 14. And we were watching tv in her basement. I felt that familiar feeling down in my booty, so I excused myself to go the restroom. Here's where the important part comes in she had just gotten a new puppy who wasn't really that house broken. So I had an idea, what if I just went on her bed. I mean a 1 year old Saint Bernard takes a big poo. So I went up to her room and closed the door. I pulled my pants and panties down and sat down on her bed. He sheets were really soft, I relaxed and got a toot out and a squirt of pee. But then I heard someone coming. So I quickly pulled up my pants and snuck my way to bathroom down the hall. I ended up doing my business in the bathroom sink.



Chia Seeds

Hi Friends!

Recently, I've heard a lot about Chia Seeds. I'm a big fan of Tulsi Gabbard and I saw that she was making a pudding with Chia Seeds. I understand that they are really high in fiber. Has anyone tried them?

Any diet changes can upset our stomachs at first, and I am a little leery of adding additional fiber to my diet - I already get 50 plus grams of fiber daily, which is twice the amount recommended for a woman and 50% more than the daily recommendation for a man. However, I've wondered if I can achieve a full third daily bowel movement. Even if not, as I approach my 40th birthday this October, I want to maintain a good, strong and healthy digestive system!

I hope that all of you are well. Prayers, love, and positive energy are with you all during this pandemic.




Question for All

This maybe weird, so please don't judge me. Does anyone have any stories about pooping or peeing on/into a stuffed animal of any sort? Just curious.



Hey Kelvin

Good to hear from you, Kelvin. The virus must not be bad where your convention was if some of you stayed at a hotel. They're closed where I live. I bet the toilets there were nice, and I hope you pooped/peed wonderfully, too. Secretly, I'm jealous of you, because my birthday was yesterday, and I really wanted some elevator fun Lol! Btw, I love your peeing on the stairwell story! If I was there, I'd hoist myself over the railing, and pee straight down the stairs. I bet all of you had fun peeing. Yesterday I emitted some loud gas during a solid poo that was a bit splatty. Also, my birthday wasn't a complete loss though, because I bought a big jar of slime. Feeling the jar made me think back to how my poops used to be big when I had regularity issues. My home was built in 1984, and what I meant on my last post about my original toilet is that I thought it was more like 36 years old now. I'm glad this ordeal isn't constipating me especially since I feel bored at times.

Taylor T

Dump at Work

Hey all I'm back again! Thank you to everyone who responded to my survey and I'll probably do more of those again soon. Today I wanted to share a story that happened two days ago on Friday. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak my grocery store is closing at 7 although employees stay for however long they were scheduled for. I was scheduled until 10 with a girl named Kaitlynn and another girl Ally who was staying until 9. Kaitlynn started two weeks ago during one of the best times lol. She's 14, brown hair, probably 5'4, and maybe 130 pounds and wore some nice black glasses and is actually kinda cute. The manager of our store left at 9 and we were told to clean almost everything until the guy who worked overnight came in. We cleaned throughout the deli and grocery section of the store and we went upstairs to clean the break room and bathrooms. We wiped down all the tables and lockers and countertops and I said "do you have to use the bathroom before we clean cause I have to" she said "I do too I didn't want to say anything but if you have to then I might as well go". We both went in and the bathroom had four stalls off to the right and two sinks on the left. She was about to take the first stall and said "eww look at this massive poop she clogged the toilet" She then took the third stall as I took the second stall. We both pushed our leggings to our ankles which I found really hot and Kaitlynn let out a quiet fart as her cheeks spread when she sat down. "I'm sorry this is gonna sound really weird but I have take a huge poop right now would you mind if I went or do you want me to wait until I get home" and I said "Hell no if you have to poop then poop that's what I'm doing". I pushed out a big turd and it splashed in splashing water on my cheeks. It felt amazing and she said "wow that sounded big" and I said "Between me and you my poops are always kinda big but Ally's are a whole new level haha". I heard a plunk sound in Kaitlynn's toilet as she sighed and I heard an even bigger plunk sound and a big fart and she said "excuse me sorry" "It's okay" and I let out a huge fart and we both laughed. Eventually we wiped and cleaned up the toilet and I drove Kaitlynn home and the entire time we talked about our experience pooping with each other.

Thursday, April 09, 2020


Downward. Dog

Several days ago I had a go at yoga and when I did the Downward Dog I got really short of breath . It turned out a couple of days later I saw the respiratory physiotherapist and told him . He said it was a combination of a week diaphragm and probably constipation. That is in Downward Dog the abdomen is higher thank the lungs so all the contents of my colon etc push down on my lungs thus impeding my breathing. . The day I did the yoga I had not been to the toilet for a few days and then I had a very hard big rock like movement , that was in the evening and the next morning, first thing, another hard movement and then a couple of hours later a large but easier to pass poo and soon later I had another poo . That was it until the night before yesterday when I had not been for I while . I got the urge but it was too hard. . Took a laxative which was a stimulant and not a stool softener. Next morning nothing happened so I took another tablet . Mid morning at work I got a bit of a feeling so had a sit and passed hard big turds that thundered into the bowl . What a result!!! At around noon and early afternoon I had three trips to the toilet with watery loose stools and at the end of the day I got hit with the urge again and did a poo in my pants so sudden it hit . Fortunately I wear incontenence undies so I was easily able to deal with it. Last night I went again and had a pain in my colon which I gave a long massage to . I have not had a sit yet this morning. One thing that had prevailed is my poo smells stronger and a bit different. I do not know why because nothing has changed. The acquisition of toilet paper is still an issue . Some stores they have security guards. I heard in the news that in some countries people are queuing up to buy guns but in Australia it is toilet paper !!!! To an Aussie toilet paper is so important whereas hardly any of us own guns. I wish you all joy and relief in your bodily functions.



TOM I really enjoy your enthusiasm of pooping and your posts. I would love to hear more stories and entries from you.


living in the covid shrotage world

Hey, what's with the serious lack of bog roll lately are you buggers eating it or something. The local market's had an empty shelf for weeks now. First the bog rolls then the tissues, paper towels, wet wipes. rice, pasta, flour. The missus is not happy. Course I made it worse. The other morning I'm shaving , she sitting on the can playing her own game of battle ship gassing and dropping her bombs.
Her facial expressions are priceless. The wince - load - the slight grunt of the launch - the sigh and the sploonk , it not a plonk its a sploonk . and the giggle of the splash back.
When she gets to the end the last one out the tube was a misfire and slid down the side leaving her in a pickle. With only a few turns of the roll left she transformed into this origami master. She carefully rolled off one turn reached into the bomb bay and slowly slid the paper around. Inspected the grease mark and folded it in half. She reached into the bomb bay for another wipe and brought the paper back for inspection more grease, she carefully folded again and went in. Another inspection and this time only a light smear, she folded again and went in for the final wipe. further inspection and she was satisfied, she stood up and admired the devastation below. (at lest 6 500lb ers) she flushed, then gets in the shower !
I couldn't help it, I had to ask, "ya know honey bog rolls hard to come by?" "tell me about it," she says. "I was just wondering seeing as you were getting in the shower any way, why didn't you just wash it off ?" I must have grown an extra head of something cause the look I got. I washed the shave cream off and walked over to the can for a pee. I swear I could hear the gears grinding. she sticks her head out and says "you know that's not a bad idea I'm glad I thought of it"
ever heard of shit, shower n shave
Think my neighbour is loosing it too, I saw her outside in the yard today collecting leaves

the market is starting to get a stock of bog roll today finally! guess the horders finally got there fill.
my missus is happy she can roll off a decent amount to wipe with. She really is beautiful on the can and she drops some real bombs, massive balls of poo. I think she enjoys it, she often sits when I shave and empties out, I like it when she shows off opens her legs wide and makes comments when she's about to drop one so I look, she gets this cheeky look she kind of rolls her eyes in a look down motion then this little poo ball appears under her.
stay safe


Latest story

Hi everyone, I realise I haven't posted in absolutely ages!! I'll get on to my latest news in a sec!
Jasmin K- great to hear from you again and glad you were finally able to have a relieving poo, I know all to well the feeling of a massive log starting to come out but then being sucked back up when you stop pushing. To be honest I get the same thing whenever I'm constipated and its really annoying! I hope your next poo is easier and I look forward to your next post.
Response to Taylor's survey now-
Peeing Survey:
1: How long does it take you to pee? About a minute
2: How many times a day do you pee? 4 or 5
3: Do you wipe after you finish peeing? Yes
4: Can you pee anywhere with a large group of people? Yes
5: Where do you pull your pants down to when you pee? I pull my trousers and knickers to my thighs
6: How do you sit when you pee? (Ex. Squatting Sitting Hovering) sit
7: Do you like peeing? Yeah it feels great to let it gush out when I'm desperate
8: Do you fart when you pee? Sometimes
9: Can you pee with friends? Yes, my friends and I often use the loo together
10: Can you pee at school or out of home? Yeah I was happy to have a wee at school or now at work/ at the shops etc

Pooping Survey:
1: How long does it take you to poop? About 10-20 minutes, sometimes longer
2: How many times a day do you poop? Every other day when I'm not constipated, can be every 4 or 5 days when I am!
3: Do you wipe after finish pooping? Yes
4: Can you poop anywhere with a large group of people? Yes unless I'm really constipated then I prefer to be at home
5: Where do you pull your pants down to when you poop? Knees
6: How do you sit when you poop? I go up on tiptoes or use something under my feet to help
7: Do you like pooping? Yes
8: Do you fart when you poop? Most of the time
9: Can you poop with friends? Yes, close friends and I often have a poo together
10: Do you poop at school or out of home? I would go for a poo at school once I got to Year 10 as there were some decent loos to use, but not now I'm at work as everyone in my office would be able to hear!!
Anyway, now to my latest story. Its really weird at the moment being in lockdown and basically not seeing anyone apart from my friend Lucy who also lives with me, my parents were away visiting my grandparents when this all kicked off so they have decided to stay there to avoid unnecessary travel. Having gone through a pretty good patch constipation-wise where I was beginning to think I had finally beaten it, it has returned with avengeance this last couple of weeks, I think because of the stress of the lockdown and also I know I haven't been eating as well and exercising as much as I should.
This morning I woke up late with a tight feeling in my belly, I thought back over the last few days and realised I hadn't been for a poo for 3 days so I knew I really needed to try and make myself go before I got even more constipated. I turned over and realised Lucy was already out of bed, just then I heard a grunt coming from the ensuite and realised I wasn't the only one who was constipated, actually a couple of days ago Lucy was complaining that she was struggling to go for a poo as well! After some more straining noises I heard the loo flush and Lucy came back in rather red in the face and just wearing some pink flowery knickers, she said, "Before you ask, no, I didn't manage to have a poo, at the rate I'm going its gonna be stuck up my bum forever!!" I kicked back the duvet and got out of bed, like Lucy I was just in my knickers but we've seen each other topless and even naked loads so I wasn't even slightly bothered. I said, "Well I'm gonna try and have a poo now, you might as well come on in so we can keep chatting, I don't think it'll be a quick process!"
"Hang on a sec, I'm just gonna put a t-shirt on, I've gone a bit cold now I've stopped straining!" Lucy said. I went into the ensuite, dropped my white knickers and sat on the toilet, as I started to wee Lucy appeared at the door in a plain white t-shirt and sat on the floor. After my wee stream died away I started to push, I could feel a hard lump slowly moving down inside me and after a couple of minutes the tip of a really dry and massive poo was starting to come out of my bum. It came so far out but when I stopped pushing it started to get sucked back up my bum, I said, "Sorry, its going back up my bum when I stop pushing, I'm gonna have to really grunt this one out!" "No worries, I think I'll have to do the same in a minute when I try again!" replied Lucy. I carried on pushing as hard as I could, I couldn't help making some really loud grunts but luckily that did the trick and I finally managed to get the widest part through. Then of course it ended up getting stuck, so I had to give a few massive pushes, I was making all sorts of noises but Lucy's used to it fortunately!! Finally I felt the poo moving again and a minute or so later it dropped into the loo with a massive splash. Lucy smiled and asked me if I'd finished, I told her I still had to do a bit more but I knew the next log would be a lot easier to get out. A couple of logs later I was done, I quickly wiped my bum, pulled my knickers back up and then flushed, luckily somehow it all went away. I swopped places with Lucy, she said "Actually I'm gonna take this t-shirt off again, having a poo will definitely warm me up!!" She took off her t-shirt, pulled down her knickers and then sat. She took a deep breath and started to push straight away, with each push some wee spurted down into the loo. After a few minutes she was starting to go quite red but nothing seemed to be happening. I tried to take her mind off it by chatting about all sorts. After about 10 minutes of her straining and grunting I was just about to ask her if she was OK when she suddenly gasped and a massive plop rang around the room. She stayed to finish off with a few more bits and then wiped her bum, pulled up her knickers and flushed. Hope you enjoyed this story, will try to post again soon, bye for now!!



With everything being shut down except the hiking trails in our area my wife and I decided to hike today. We had a big breakfast at home this morning and I finished and had a soft crap. My wife tried to go before we left to go hiking but the mail wouldn't come. We drove to the trailhead and she was going to pee before we took off only to discover the State had closed the restrooms. At that point there was a large rock nearby that we saw a lady in her forties come out from behind. Assuming that she was peeing as well my wife decided to go over there and wanted me to go as her lookout. We walked behind the rock and found a pair of purple panties with a huge pile of loose poop still steaming. The lady must have pooped and wiped with her panties. My wife peed and we were off on our hike.
About 2 miles into our hike we took a break and sat and had a snack. We then continued on the trail for about 3 more miles when my wife said uh-oh. I asked her what was wrong and she said that she needed a toilet fast. I looked around and there wasn't much cover with the leaves being off here in the North. We found a tree with a bush at the base and she ripped her pants and panties down and exploded loose poop all over. I found some leaves and she wiped with them.
We started back to our car at that point. She said that she wasn't feeling well and we had to stop 2 more times for her to crap. It was creamy and not liquid but there was large amounts each time. We finally got back to the trailhead and she had to go again so we headed behind the rock where we started. There was a couple back there and both of them were pooping so we waited and then my wife said lets just go home. We were on the road and she lifted a cheek to pass gas and you guessed it. Filled her panties with runny poop.
We got home and I helped her clean up and she felt a lot better.


Shelter-in-Place Treat

Alan and I have both been working long hours due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Our Pharmacy is open, and we are working long hours to provide curbside service. However, the gift shop and restaurant portion of the store is closed. Our Mayor and I have contributed from our own pockets to pay furloughed employees. Alan has moved his classes online and is still working with his athletes to stay in shape, plus making sure that Chloe and Zoe get outside activity. Our parents have been taking turns with little Joey so that he is not in the way at home.

It's been a little stressful. However, I gave Alan a little treat on Wednesday. I ate some extra fiber throughout the day on Tuesday, along with a spicy dinner on Tuesday evening, in hopes that it would give me an explosive concoction. Wednesday, I got up early, showered, and put on a very feminine looking dress, rolled my hair and fixed my makeup. Normally, I wear my hair in a ponytail or up for work, and have more business-like attire.

After eating breakfast, I felt extra gassy and a little crampy. I told Alan that I needed to talk to him about something important. So, we went into the bedroom. I winked at him and led him to the bathroom. I kissed him pretty passionately and led him to the toilet. By this time I was ready to explode, but I was trying not to look desperate.

I lowered my panties, flicked my curled hair behind me and told Alan that he could get his phone and video or take pictures. I was holding my pose as best I could, trying not to drop the load until the moment was right. I tried my best to look like a prim, proper, dainty southern woman. When Alan was ready, I got in my defecating pose and then let go.

It was memorable.


On the bus!

Hi. I have not been around much recently, but I thought that you might enjoy hearing about what happened after a professional convention I attended recently, with some colleagues. The convention was in a town called Derby, in the Midlands of England. Those of us who were based in my office were staying in a nearby hotel, but some of our colleagues from the nearby Nottingham office were not. After day 2 of the convention we headed to a nearby pub as its not often we get to see our Nottingham colleagues in person, although we obviously speak on the phone and by message frequently.

After a few pints some of us made a decision to continue the evening in Nottingham which was a short coach ride away. One of the Nottingham lads said this coach was due shortly called the "Red Arrow" which ran into Nottingham non stop in 30 mins so we all dashed out the pub to catch the coach! As we got on the coach I was kind of thinking I could do with draining my python, but the bus was ready to go and it was only 30 minutes, right?

Anyway 30 minutes became more like an hour as there was a problem on some bridge in Nottingham and the whole city was pretty much gridlocked. I was in quite a bit of pain by this time and so were some of the others! We had all been drinking pints of lager and what goes in must come out! So anyway as we got off the bus we were all absolutely bursting to piss.

One of the Nottingham lads told us he knew where we could go near the bus stop, so we all followed him. He led us into a local multi-storey car park and up the stairs. I had kind of assumed he was leading us to some public toilets but as he approached a corner on the stairwell landing and started unbuckling his belt we realised that was not what he had in mind! The rest of us all were busting and I think were of the same opinion as me, where when you have to go you have to go! We all lined up along the wall of the stairs in a row, unzipped, flopped out our hosepipes and opened the floodgates! As soon as we started pissing it seemed to become a really busy stairway, and several people walked up behind us. We must have looked quite a sight 8 lads in smart grey suits pissing against a filthy wall on a car park staircase!

It was one of the longest and most satisfying pees of my life, I think we were probably all peeing for a good 2 minutes! You would be amazed how much pee 8 guys can produce. As we finished (and made a fast exit) it was dripping over the edges of the stairs and pouring between the stairs - which made a right racket as it landed on the concrete floor below!


Christopher - chamber pots

Hi everyone

Just to say hello to Christopher. I have enjoyed the few posts you have made recently.

When I was at the big school they were building a lot of new houses nearby. Unlike on your paper round they were locked up once the bathrooms were installed but I did go into a new house when it was just a shell. The joists that floorboards are attached to were there but no floorboards. I did a pants down with one foot on one joist and one on the joist next to it. That made it easy for me to do a big poo which landed on the concrete foundations.

I also had an outside toilet when I was a kid so I'm cool about chamber pots and buckets. Even in winter we normally just used the big toilet but not always if I was already upstairs in my bedroom. Once I told my mum, "I need to do a poo". I expected her to take me downstairs but she brought the old enamel pail to my room and I pulled my pyjama bottoms down and squatted on it to do a poo and a wee.

When you used your chamber pot was it solid enough for you to sit on it properly, like put your weight on it?

I agree we should always remember what out mums did for us.

We eventually had the alterations done to have an indoor toilet installed when I was sixteen.


Squatting in the woods

Those of us who go farther in the backcountry are used to that anyway. Just remember to bury solids, or pack them out in a WAG bag if burial isn't feasible or isn't permitted where you are (areas that see too much traffic, or hikes too close to water courses.)

Gals, pack your paper out! I've found too much of it trailside.

Saturday, April 04, 2020


Welcome back, Marie.

Hey good to see you back on here. That was a good story. Do you think she would have been mad if you had successfully pushed out your poo? Did you get the chance to push out your poo in a naughty place afterwards? Should've tried to do it while you were outside playing. Glad to see you back on here. How are you enjoying your time home from school?

Due to the fear of spreading the corona virus all toilets at the parking lots for popular recreational areas in the woods and mountains in this area are temporarily closed. But the number of hikers, bikers and runners are much higher than usual especially on week days. When in need the only option is to go in the bushes or behind a boulder. Now I think lots of people do so. I was out there for a couple of hours this morning and on my short hike I spotted two persons trying to hide when squatting with a bare bum. Not easy to maintain privacy when people hiking all over.


Survey and Responses

Dear Victoria B: I loved your post from the bathroom. It sounds like you had a really relieving session! I hope you are well and I enjoy your posts always! Here are the answers to your questions:

I've never been in restroom where, to my knowledge, that I had to warn someone else that the one of the toilets was not working. When I poop in public, which is rare, I tend to remain quiet. I guess I would not be the Good Samaritan in that situation, and just allow the other to discover it for herself.

As for the bidet, I have a Washlet and do enjoy it, but I usually am finished pooping before using it. I still like my Charmin, though!

Taylor T's Survey (I hope you are well!)

Peeing Survey:
1: How long does it take you to pee? 1-2 minutes, including anything that I need to do to prepare and clean up.
2: How many times a day do you pee? 5-6 times, I think. I don't keep count, and I do have a pretty strong bladder.
3: Do you wipe after you finish peeing? Always!
4: Can you pee anywhere with a large group of people? Yes
5: Where do you pull your pants down to when you pee? Ankles at home, knees in public.
6: How do you sit when you pee? (Ex. Squatting Sitting Hovering): Sitting. I only hover if the toilet is dirty.
7: Do you like peeing? Not really. It's part of life. It's not the same as pooping.
8: Do you fart when you pee? It used to be rare. Now, I do when I have at least with one trip to the toilet per day.
9: Can you pee with friends? Yes
10: Can you pee at school or out of home? I can at work or home.

Pooping Survey:
1: How long does it take you to poop? 5-7 minutes
2: How many times a day do you poop? Twice every day
3: Do you wipe after finish pooping? I have a Washlet, but I still do 3-4 times before using it.
4: Can you poop anywhere with a large group of people? Yes.
5: Where do you pull your pants down to when you poop? Ankles
6: How do you sit when you poop? Hunched over, hips and thighs spread, but legs almost together.
7: Do you like pooping? I love to poop!
8: Do you fart when you poop? Sometimes, but my dumps are usually not gassy.
9: Can you poop with friends? I prefer not to, but will if necessary. I will go with Alan in the bathroom.
10: Do you poop at school or out of home? Almost always at home, but I have a few times at work.

I may have submitted this survey already, but I did not see it posted. Thanks to the Moderator for keeping this forum alive!

I hope everyone is well. Love, prayers, and positive energy to and for you all!


Saturday, March 28, 2020

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