First Post! I Was So Constipated My Mom Had To Help Me

Hi! I'm Talia! I've been reading this forum obsessively for the last few weeks and would like to start adding stories of my own experiences. First, here's some background on my poop history. I'm 20 years old and I always had perfectly normal poops until I started getting really badly constipated at age 16. My BMs became much less frequent and they were huge, dry, and painful to pass. I kept my struggles a secret for awhile until my mom found out. She took me to the doctor who recommended we try suppositories. They worked but I HATE HATE HATED them! They hurt and I was really embarrassing about my mom putting them in. Lucky for me, that phase of really bad constipation only lasted around 2 years. My BMs are still not what they used to be and I still get backed up with big painful poops sometimes but they've gotten a lot better. Ok on to the story.

I was 16 and I hadn't pooped for a week. My stomach hurt very bad so I went to my school's nurse. I didn't tell her I was constipated but I told her my stomach hurt. I think she guessed what was wrong bacause she asked if I needed to use the bathroom. I don't like pooping in public and I didn't want to clog her toilet so I said no. She let me lay down on one of the beds. After laying there for awhile I was curled into a ball and crying it hurt so bad. The nurse called my mom to come pick me up.

My stomach gurgled the entire ride home. I didn't want to tell my mom what was wrong because I was embarrassed and scared about it. Eventually she asked me when the last time I pooped was. I felt my face get red and I ended up telling her the truth.

When we got home she told me to go straight to the bathroom. She came in with me even though I asked her not to. She told me to sit on the toilet and try to go. I pushed for a long time while she rubbed my back but nothing came out. It felt like the boulder from Indiana Jones was sitting in my pelvis. It was right inside my butthole but it wouldn't come out. There was so much pressure pushing down on my butt and it really hurt. I wanted this thing out of me but I knew it was going to be painful coming out.

My mom asked me to get off the toilet and lean over the bath tub so she could see. I really didn't want her to look at my poop but I was getting desperate at this point so I did it. I felt her open my buttcheeks which stretched my hole even farther than it already was. She started poking at the poop with her finger. I was crying from both pain, fear, and embarrassment. She said she thinks she can get it out and before I could protest I felt her finger force its way into me. I squealed and squirmed as it wiggled around inside me. She told me to hold still and keep pushing but my body was already instinctively trying to push out her finger AND the poop. She managed to break off a small chunk and scoop it out of me. She went back in and tried to dig out more but she couldn't reach it. She had me squat on the floor over a towel and try pushing some more while she held my buttcheeks open. My fingers gripped the side of the tub and my knees buckled as I strained. I was pushing so hard that a few drops of pee came out onto the towel. I was in total agony.

The poop finally poked out of my butthole but went back in every time I stopped pushing. My mom told me to push as hard as I can for as long as I can. This time when the poop poked out she grabbed it. She said she was going to try pulling it out. She told me to relax and take some deep breaths but I was freaking out. She slowly started pulling and I whimpered in pain. The poop was so wide and bumpy and it hurt really bad. I yelped and gasped at each passing centimeter. I remember making noises I've never heard myself make before like uuurrrrrrmmmmmm and OOOHOOOOWWWWW! It took awhile for her to get the whole thing out. The poop ended up being a long dark brown log that was definitely longer than my foot. There was also a little bit of blood on it. After it was finally out a bunch of smaller logs came rushing out of me onto the towel. They probably wouldn't have hurt too bad but since my butthole had already been through a lot they were really painful. I was screaming and crying and my mom rubbed my back again. When it was all over I was exhausted. She ran me a bath and cleaned up my mess. I was so humiliated by the whole thing but my mom said it was nothing to be embarrassed about.

She ended up taking me to the doctor after that to check for any tears or anal fissures. That was also an uncomfortable and embarrassing experience. That was also when we started using suppositories.

Ok I hope you all enjoyed my first post! I have more stories where that came from. Good luck on the toilet to you all!



Just Random

Hi there fellow readers and it's now a week into the lockdown here in the UK.

So far I'm coping ok managing to get the most basic of basics every other day and going for a couple of miles walk over a half an hour period on a daily basis in splendid Isolation.

I question I would like to ask of you guys, men and women, if you're in isolation is do you poo at your usual time, f you were a creature of habit like me, or has it changed? As a creature of habit my usual poo time is between 0930-1000 and has been since retirement some four years ago with very few exceptions obviously and I'm maintaining that even in these times. Do you all manage to keep to your normal schedule or has it changed considerably?

Take care lovely people and above all keep well and safe!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kindest regards


Kung Poo
Hey HardOne,
That sounds nice regarding your girlfriend and her hard four-day old poop.
I had an ex called Jess that was exactly like that. We were 18 back in year 2001, and this was before we officially dated. She used to call me up and talk for hours. One time she told me she can't go poop for about 1 week, and she is feeling the urge to go. I said she should wait till the urge is strong, and she should down an entire litre of warm water. She did, and we kept talking about teenage stuff.
About half an hour after her major hydration, she said she needed to the loo, both for a pee, and maybe a poo.
"Keep talking, she said, I need company." It was about 12 midnight, and she was alone in her house. Her family has gone somewhere, I couldn't remember where.
"I'm putting the phone down," she said.
I heard rustling of clothes, a toilet seat going down gently, a creak of a toilet seat, and then the clicking of fingers on her phone as it is picked up and placed against her ear.
She pees, and I hear that, and she giggles, and I giggle.
Then we started talking about other teenage stuff, about how upset she was about something and as she talked, I hear a strain in her voice.
"Is it coming?" I asked.
", a week's worth of poop - it's, ow ow ow, haaaaard."

"Haha, take your time." I said, trying to hide my excitement.
She started talking about the things she tried, from prunes, to loading on vegetables, and fibre. I know now those are things that must have made her constipation worse, and her poop harder and bigger.
"Erhhhhh," she breathed out hard. And then a hard intake of air, a pause, and then another "erhhhhh".
"The tip is out," she answered, her voice sounds weakened and tired.
"How big is it?"
"Hahahaha, lemme check." I imagine her lifting up her knees, spreading her legs, and bending over.

"WOW, HUGE! Okay gotta give it my all now.


Yea, memories.


Taylor T's survey

Here are my answers and comments to this...

Peeing Survey:

1: How long does it take you to pee? Two or three minutes. I have a streaming issue and usually sit on a toilet when peeing. It goes faster this way.
2: How many times a day do you pee? It varies-- usually a half dozen times
3: Do you wipe after you finish peeing? Not usually
4: Can you pee anywhere with a large group of people? Usually
5: Where do you pull your pants down to when you pee? Since I am sitting, I usually pull them to just below my knees.
6: How do you sit when you pee? (Ex. Squatting Sitting Hovering) I try to sit to the back of the toilet seat with my legs spread apart
7: Do you like peeing? Its OK
8: Do you fart when you pee? Sometimes. If I DO fart, it sometimes leads to pooping, too.
9: Can you pee with friends? Its usually not a problem
10: Can you pee at school or out of home? Yes.

Pooping Survey:

1: How long does it take you to poop? I like to enjoy a relaxing and COMFORTABLE pooping session...usually 10-20 minutes, sometimes more. I do NOT strain, but rather just let the turds slowly inch out.
2: How many times a day do you poop? Always in the morning and sometimes in the evening, too
3: Do you wipe after finish pooping? Absolutely
4: Can you poop anywhere with a large group of people? I have no problem pooping with others around...including in most open door stall situations.
5: Where do you pull your pants down to when you poop? Just below the knees.
6: How do you sit when you poop? I want to be comfortable and enjoy my pooping. As a result, I have installed elongated toilets in my home with open front toilet seats. I sit to the rear of the seat with my legs spread apart to give my junk plenty of room to drip while I am dropping my load.
7: Do you like pooping? Absolutely. I look forward to it every day.
8: Do you fart when you poop? Usually I'll deliver a pre-shit fart and sometimes more farting as the turds are slowly sliding out
9: Can you poop with friends? This is usually not a problem with friends, who often are pooping too.
10: Do you poop at school or out of home? Yes. I'm older now, but remember some excellent pooping sessions and "buddy dumps" when I was still in school.

Sonya Sue


I agree strongly with Constiguy and how a parent or anybody giving a negative view about using public toilets can be harmful to a child or younger person. The father not letting his daughters crap or cutting time short when they are away on a fun activity is rude just because they need to use the bathroom. As for my situation, I was very shy in primary school and didn't get enough confidence even in middle school to break from a group, interrupt an activity or draw attention to my need to use the toilet. Sometimes that meant constipation on weekends, suppositories and an occasional enema on weekends because I held my need often during classroom or other activities. Try being on a bus, afraid I'm going to burst and pee a river when 10 minutes earlier I should have used the toilet right outside my classroom. By high school and when I got my first part-time job in a convenience store/truck stop shop, often working odd hours, the first time I started to get the feeling it just made sense to get my butt onto the toilet ASAP. Last month over a college break at 2 a.m. one old trucker who was buying some smokes overheard me telling Vi, my boss, that I was going to the bathroom. It is one gender neutral bathroom. He said: "As usual, I'm going to be smelling what you left behind." I assured him though that I was going to have the seat up for him. Which I did. And I flushed right after each of the 3 sausages came out of me. He winked at us when he came out and told us to have a nice day.

Survey for everyone:

What is one positive and one negative you've encountered about using a public bathroom?


Poop in the Woods

Tommy here. I posted a few days ago about my late night pee in the backyard. With all that's going on with the coronavirus, I've been riding my motorcycle a lot because it's a good way for me to get out of the house without coming into contact with others and risking catching the virus. I'll often go out for the whole afternoon and I try not to go in any buildings because I don't want to be that close to people. That means no bathrooms all afternoon, but I still have to go! I use the woods because there's no virus there! I drink a ton of water so every time I have to pee I just pull over and spray a huge jet of pee all over the trees. I always pack toilet paper though in case the urge to poop hits while I'm out, and earlier this week it did! I had pulled over into the woods near a lake because I urgently needed a pee, but after releasing my pee I realized I also had a poop that needed to come out. I probably could have waited until I got home, but that's no fun! I decided to have my poop right there in the woods. I found a nice spot way off the trail behind a big tree. I lowered my pants and quickly squatted. The squatting position made it super easy to poop and a load of very soft poop came out of me with a gurgly fart. A little bit of left over pee also shot out. I grabbed the toilet paper I had packed, wiped 3 times, and stood up. I spent a minute admiring my pile and even took a picture of it sitting there for my own memories. I went back to my motorcycle and rode home. Has anyone else taken a nice outdoor poop like that recently? I love pooping outdoors. It's especially nice on a windy day because the wind carries the smell away so you can just let go of your load without much smell, enjoying nature all the while.

Jasmin K

Constipation and more

Hi it's been quite some time since I posted anything as I've been really busy up till recently with this awful lockdown and no working situation.
Firstly some comments on the posts I've been reading

Hard0ne - I have similar pooping experiences to those of your girlfriend - hard rock like poo that takes a lot of straining to come out and it feels like the rock hard pebbles and chunks wedge themselves into my bum and won't budge no matter how hard I strain. I to ignore the pain and spend ages on the toilet straining to get it out and I also eat way to much chocolate, sweets and crisps.

Andrea - Yes my preference is for a wooden loo seat - this is the type we have at home and what we always had when my toilet habits were developing as a child. Wooden seats are warmer and much more comfortable for long sittings be it my routene after breakfast sits whether I need to poo or not when I sit there straining to make myself go for as long as it takes or I've got time to do or the constipation sits that can be for hours.

Ok so here are my answers to Taylor's survey

Peeing Survey:
1: How long does it take you to pee? A couple of minutes
2: How many times a day do you pee? 4 or 5 perhaps 6 if I go out on an evening
3: Do you wipe after you finish peeing?
4: Can you pee anywhere with a large group of people? Usually if I need to go badly
5: Where do you pull your pants down to when you pee? Just enough to pee like mid thigh
6: How do you sit when you pee? (Ex. Squatting Sitting Hovering) sit
7: Do you like peeing? Uum it's very relieving
8: Do you fart when you pee? Sometimes
9: Can you pee with friends? Often do in front of best friends and sister
10: Can you pee at school or out of home? Yes used to pee at school and when I need to elsewhere

Pooping Survey:
1: How long does it take you to poop? Ages
2: How many times a day do you poop? Try to poo once per day
3: Do you wipe after finish pooping? Yes but usually it's clean first wipe
4: Can you poop anywhere with a large group of people? No I always wait till I'm with my best frien or at home
5: Where do you pull your pants down to when you poop? Knees or off
6: How do you sit when you poop? Sitting and raise my legs if possible
7: Do you like pooping? Yes
8: Do you fart when you poop? Yes
9: Can you poop with friends? My best friend and sister can be present
10: Do you poop at school or out of home? Used to poo at school but not usually away from home now

Ok so this morning I waited for everyone else to finish in the bathroom as I really needed to do a decent poo as I hadn't managed to do much for the last few days even though I had sat there straining after breakfast and before bed for the last few days my poo was getting harder and harder. I had already put on my high heels to raise my legs, I had my phone, a bag of haribo and a can of coke, I was ready for a long sit. My belly was quite swollen from all the poo, I undid my now very tight stretchy shorts to my lower thigh and sat down, I pushed and farted a couple of times, I really needed to pee but i wasn't coming in more than a dribble. I relaxed my bum and strained really hard using my stomach muscles to push down whilst holding my breath, It took 20 minutes straining hard before the first pebble dropped into the water. I felt my really sore and swollen bum which when I strain bulges down below my bum cheeks which I support with 2 fingers when I strain hard as it helps the poo come out. I did a huge amount of pebbly poo chunks that came out like one or two at a time each time I strained, after an hour of doing this i could feel a log pushing against my bum which made it really hurt. When it like this I often make a vocal noise as I strain as it distracts me from the pain.Each time I strained it would move into my bum hole but when I relaxed it would go back inside, if I had been going to work I would have had to just leave it and hold it until tomorrow but as things are I just kept on fighting with it. It took another good 40 minutes for it to leave my bulging bum and splash into the water. I did a strong jet of pee which hissed into the bowl. I stood to check and it was 8 inches long and at one end possibly 2 inches thick and down to 1/2 and inch at the other and was on top of all the pebbles and chunks - I do get fatter ones when I'm constipated for ages sometimes it can be a week or more at a time. I wiped and pulled my shorts up which was not a good thing as they were pressing on my swollen and sore bum. I flushed twice to get everything to go and washed my hands, went to my room and took off my shorts and put knickers and a mini skirt on instead. I started with a really full feeling in my bum and ???? cramps so laid on my front on my bed. My bum felt like it was full again so I went back to the toilet pulled my knickers to mid thigh sat down and gave my bum what for with a massive hard strain and apart from my bum insides coming out nothing. I strained again and farted out some liquid stuff and eventually a couple of pieces of poo. I called my sister to come upstairs and asked her to help. She massaged my ???? whilst I strained making mucous like stuff come out and eventually some more softer poo. My sis made sure I was clean and pushed me back inside. I pulled my knickers up flushed and again washed my hands. We went downstairs and finished my haribo and watched a film..

Stay safe
Jasmin x

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Anna From Austria it sounds like you had a rough time with that bout of diarrhea.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Wooden Toilet Seats

Hi all,
Thanks for the welcome. Thanks for your feedback Victoria B. For me my preference for a wooden toilet seat is I find them more comfortable but plastic fine as well. My Bathroom has a reproduction Victorian suite with high level cistern and the toilet with wooden seat. Love my time in there. I love to really lean back and relax on the loo. I guess many on here do as well.


Staying in a dangerous abandoned motel, part 2

Sorry for the long hiatus! I got a new computer and forgot that my story was on the old hard drive. I'm back with the second part of this story, the first part of which can be found on page 2802.

. . . .

I realized I forgot to mention Eric much last time, one of Carrie's friends I didn't know previously, given that he left the next morning (too nervous to stay). Sorry about him seeming to appear and disappear; he didn't really seem part of our group due to his short time with us, so I kind of forgot to add mentions of him. Anyway...

We awoke the next morning and Carrie was the first out of her sleeping bag. She dressed at top speed and slipped quickly out of the room--as she passed me, I saw an urgent look on her face. Concerned, I dressed too and followed her. I entered the hallway in time to see her turn into the alcove that hid the makeshift toilet we'd used the night before.

As I approached, I started hearing a steady drumming on the bottom of the trash bin. I rounded the corner and saw her sitting primly on the bin, her panties and jeans at her ankles. She was fiercely peeing, staring absently into her lap. She looked up as I entered the small space and smiled widely.

"Hey," she said.

"Hi," I replied. I looked around, noticing an urge to pee, and saw nothing I could use. Oh well. I decided to just go there, given it was already the designated bathroom. I unzipped and got ready to go, stepping into the far corner and facing the wall.

"Oh, are you peeing on the wall?" Carrie said, laughing. "Go ahead, then!"

My pee stream started then and began splashing against the peeling wallpaper, running down to form a puddle in the corner. I really needed to go. I let out a fart while peeing and Carrie giggled behind me. Finally, my bladder emptied completely and I stopped. I sighed and stepped back, zipping up again.

Carrie finished peeing too and then sat for a moment quietly. Then I heard a quiet fart from her and her expression changed to one of concentration. Her stomach flexed a few times as she silently pushed. A grunt escaped her. A louder fart echoed in the bin, but there was nothing else. Looking relieved, she pulled a pack of tissues out of her pocket and wiped before jumping down and pulling her pants up again.

Just then, we heard footsteps coming quickly down the hall, and then Kelly turned the corner and froze on seeing us. "Oh!" she said, blushing. "I'm, um, sorry. Are you...can I use the toilet? I really need to take a dump, my stomach hurts."

Carrie quickly stepped aside for her and Kelly hurried forward, grimacing as she did; she must have been experiencing serious turmoil down below, poor girl. She unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down to her ankles, before hopping up onto the bin with her butt over the hole. She looked very uncomfortable.

She deeply blushed as she looked at us. "Um...could you go away for a bit? I...uh, I kind of need to be alone for a bit...."

Carried smiled understandingly. "Sure! Do what you have to, hon. We'll tell the others to use somewhere else for a while."

Kelly was clearly holding back a major explosion while talking to us: her legs twitched nervously against the sides of the bin, she was grimacing a lot now, and she was beginning to sweat. Then her belly gave an ominously loud gurgle and she groaned--she wasn't going to last much longer. Frrrrrrt.... A low-pitched fart hissed audibly into the bin as Kelly grimaced again. Then something splattered lightly on the bottom of the bin and she gasped loudly.
Oh no! Her suddenly panicked eyes pleaded with us to leave her alone; the explosion was only moments away. I decided to quickly leave her in peace to relieve herself.

We headed back into the hallway and were halfway down the hall when...FRRRRT...FRRRRT-SPLOOSH! A massive turd dropped into the bin with a splash, and then we heard Kelly groan loudly again as a huge, wet splatter hit the bottom of the bin, followed by many more loud farts. Poor girl. The splashes of diarrhea and strained farting, punctuated with miserable moaning and grunting, followed us down the hall, audible for quite a distance. She was really letting it all go.

Carrie gave me an empathetic look as we walked away. "Goodness, she sounds horrible! I hope she's okay and didn't eat anything bad last night, or we'll all get it..."

We discreetly let the others know that Kelly was a bit ill and needed to use the bathroom in private for a while, which the others were fine with. It was a bit awkward, though, as we could clearly hear Kelly farting loudly down the hallway, even sometimes moaning loudly enough for us to hear her. Poor girl.

The rest of us ate breakfast out of the cooler and then waited for Kelly to rejoin us. She finally did after nearly half an hour, looking pale and clammy. She shakily warned us not to go near the trash bin for a while, calling it a "warzone". She didn't eat when offered food, but quickly shook her head, looking nauseous. Her arms were clamped tightly over her belly, so I guess it was still cramping badly even after pooping so much.

Eric announced he needed to go a while later and stepped over to the floor grate and opened it. He quickly unzipped and started peeing, making the long metal shaft rattle for nearly twenty seconds. Finally, he finished and stepped away. Then he turned to us and unexpectedly announced he was leaving, saying he was reluctant to stay in a place where there might be violent criminals or homeless people about. He actually didn't live all that far from the motel, so he said he'd walk home. Carried tried to convince him to stay, but he wasn't having it and refused.

We accompanied him to the side door with his stuff and watched him walk off with his backpack. Oh well. The rest of us were still having fun. Shortly after this, Kat blushed and told us she needed an urgent poop. She opted to brave the trash bin bathroom, saying she could go elsewhere if it was too gross. We followed her back to the alcove and stepped inside. The bin smelled really bad (obviously), but Kat seemed okay with it. She slid down the leggings she was wearing and hopped up on the bin.

Prrrt! She giggled as a fart buzzed into the bin. Then she leaned forward slightly, her elbows on her thighs, and grunted, her eyes staring absently over our heads. Prrrrt...splash! She sighed and relaxed for a moment after pooping. Pa-frrrrt! Crackle...sploosh! Frrrt! Splash! Splash!

A leisurely tinkling ensued as Kat began peeing. She farted twice while peeing and finished after about a minute. She had to be feeling good. She tensed up again, her stomach flexing as she pushed, but she only expelled a last, big fart, not poop. Finally done, she asked for some toilet paper and Carrie handed her the roll she'd brought along. Kat wiped herself and got off the bin, her nose wrinkling a bit, but she didn't say anything.

"Wow, I feel so much better!" she said, looking relieved. Carrie handed her some hand sanitizer to use.

Jessie glanced at the bin with interest. "Um, I kind of actually need a poop right now; I didn't go much yesterday. But I don't want to use the toilet we made, that's boring! Let's find somewhere!" With that, she headed off down the next hallway, away from our room and toward the lobby. We followed as she searched around for a while, growing a bit more anxious as time went on.

Carrie suggested just popping a squat and pooping on the floor in a corner, but Jessie said no, she wanted to go somewhere interesting. As she walked, a soft, long "pooot" was heard as she quietly farted, sending Kat into giggles. Finally, she stopped by the double doors into the indoor pool and glanced through the glassless windows in the doors (which had been shattered). There was no one inside.

She pushed open the left door and we walked inside. Jessie looked around and then headed straight for the old deck chairs, several of which were still there. She stopped by a lounge chair and giggled, as it was missing several straps (being one of those cheap chairs made of multiple wide rubber strips on a metal frame). She glanced at us and then quickly unbuttoned her pants and slid them down to her knees. Then she slid onto the chair and laid back, covering her crotch with both hands. Her bare butt rested right in one of the gaps in the straps, creating a nice hole to use.

Kat removed the light jacket she was wearing (in case it ever got cold, and it was a bit chilly that morning) and handed it to Jessie, who gratefully draped it over herself. Then she laid back and closed her eyes, going still and quiet for a few moments.

Psssss.... A hard pee stream hit the floor and continued for nearly a minute. A large puddle began to spread from under her chair, making Carrie laugh out loud. Kat looked worried and cleared her throat pointedly, and Jessie gasped and hitched up the jacket, the sleeves of which were in danger of being peed on.

Her pee stream slowly tapered off and stopped. She lay there quietly, her eyes firmly closed. She took a shaky breath and then grunted softly as her exposed stomach tensed a few times. I heard a slow crackling start under her and a noticeable smell began to fill the air. Jessie was pooping!

Thud. Her first turd dropped onto the pool deck with a little thud and she sighed, before grunting softly as she started pushing once again. Prrrrt! A high-pitched fart cut the air and Carrie laughed, making Jessie giggle again as well. Prrrt! Frrrt! Crackle...thud. Her second turd dropped to the floor as she pushed silently. Crackle...thud. A third joined it. She sucked in a breath and grunted louder, pushing on her belly lightly with her fingers.

PRRRRT! That obviously unblocked some excess gas, which burst out of her loudly. She sighed in relief. She relaxed for a while, her eyes closed, ignoring the smell under her bottom. Prrrrt. Prrrrt. Hnnngg...PRRRRRT! Jessie let out a massive fart. She sighed again. Two last, soft "toot"s squeaked out of her bottom, making her giggle again. Then she opened her eyes again and smiled up at us.

"All done!" she said happily. Then her nose wrinkled. "Yuck! Let's get out of here. Can I have something to wipe with?"

"Nope, you have to go around with a poopy butt forever!" Kat said playfully, making us laugh. She handed Jessie the toilet roll. Jessie sat up finally and then actually stood up to wipe herself, dropping the dirty paper on her poop under the chair. She pulled up her pants and cleaned her hands.

We left the room and headed back into the hallway, shutting the open door behind us. For the rest of the morning, we stayed in our room, reading or playing games we'd brought. Around one o'clock, Ryan said she was beginning to need a poop. She held it for another hour, not wanting to get up, but finally she couldn't wait any longer and stood up to head out of the room. We followed.

Ryan wandered around for a while, letting off several silent but very stinky farts as she walked. Finally, she pushed open the door to what looked like a janitor's closet. There was a mop bucket on wheels, with a mop inside. We watched as Ryan took the mop out of the bucket and then pulled down her pants to her ankles. She chose to squat over the bucket rather than sit on the rim.

Pssss...rattle... A long stream gushed into the mop bucket as she started to pee. She smiled at us as she squatted there, hands on her knees. Finally, her pee tapered off and stopped and she stayed squatting. She sucked in a deep breath and grunted, her face slowly beginning to turn red. She pushed for several seconds.

PLOP. Her first turd fell into the mop bucket with a loud plop. Prrrt! She farted loudly. Another turd slowly slid out of her butt, hanging down over the bucket as she grimaced and pushed, and finally it dropped into the bucket with a hefty splash. She yelped and jumped a little.

"Yuck! It splashed me!" she complained, sending the other girls into giggles. She squatted lower, and then apparently decided to sit after all, and sat on the rim of the mop bucket. Another splash of pee suddenly fell into the bucket. She let out a huff after it stopped, as she'd been pushing to get it out. A soft fart exited her bottom soon afterward.

Ryan pushed for a while longer, her face scrunching up as she strained, but nothing else came out except a last, long fart right at the end. PRRRRRrrrrrrt... After that, she sighed and relaxed. "I'm done," she told us. She reached for a nearby roll of paper towels and tore off a few sheets, with which she wiped herself, dropping them in the bucket after she was done. She then stood up and pulled up her clothes.

As Ryan cleaned her hands with the sanitizer Carrie gave her, Carrie mentioned her own need to use the bathroom. She led us back down the hallway to the pool, pushing open the doors with purpose. We could see Jessie's poop piled under the distant lounge chair. Carrie didn't go there, instead heading for the edge of the empty pool itself. Reaching it, she turned to me.

"Hold me. I'm gonna squat," she said. She unbuttoned her pants and slid them down; they dropped to her ankles as she reached out for me. I held onto her arms as she slowly squatted over the edge of the pool.

Prrrt! A short fart cut the air and she and the other girls giggled. "Oopsie, excuse me!" she said. She took a breath and shut her eyes, going still for a few seconds. I saw a stream of pee begin to fall into the pool, splattering loudly on the bottom far below. Carrie's breath rushed out in a relieved huff.

Her pee lasted for nearly a minute, leaving a large puddle in the empty pool below her. Then she squatted quietly for a few minutes, chatting with the girls about stuff. Her voice grew strained after a while and she stopped talking, and I knew she was starting to try to poop. She grunted, pushing hard, and a huge turd slid out of her butt and dropped to the bottom of the pool with a loud smack. She sighed and relaxed.

Tensing again, she forced out another huge one, followed by a second. Prrrt! She farted. After this, she squatted there quietly, waiting. Prrrt! Hnng...THUD. She sighed in relief after pushing it out. I noticed her legs starting to shake from squatting over the edge for so long; I hoped she was done soon.

Carrie farted loudly three more times in a row and then said she was finally done. I helped her stand up and she took a few steps away from the edge...only to quickly drop into a squat again as a sudden flood of pee soaked the ground! It was over in seconds, but left a sizable puddle. She let out a very quiet fart while peeing, but everyone could hear it in the quiet room. Carrie blushed. Oops.

"Oh gosh! I didn't realize that was still in me!"

She shook her butt a few times and stood up again. She grabbed some toilet paper and wiped herself standing up, tossing the paper into the pool behind her. She used some sanitizer and we left the room behind. As we walked down the hallway, Kat let out a LOUD fart and laughed. Carrie quickly stepped to the side, as she was directly behind her!

It was several hours later that my own need to poop became apparent. I informed the group and headed for one of the rooms, intending to use one of the toilets. My mind changed when we came across a small, cylindrical trash bin along the side of a hallway. The thought of going publicly in the middle of the hallway excited me and Carrie enthusiastically encouraged me.

Nervously, I unbuttoned my pants and slid them down, followed by my underwear, and then sat down on the round trash can. Funnily, it was the exact height of a toilet. My butt settled right over the hole, making a pppffft noise as it formed a seal, which sent Carrie and the girls into giggles. The urge to go hit me and I first started to pee, the stream drumming loudly on the side and bottom of the can as I released a day's worth into it. The drumming built into a gentle splashing as it started filling the bottom of the can.

Prrrt! A real, short fart echoed in the can, making the girls laugh again. Then I felt a long turd slide out and drop with a loud thud, followed by a second and third in quick succession, splashing loudly at the bottom. Another fell out, followed by a long fart. I pushed a few more times, but finally felt empty. I took the toilet paper from Carrie and wiped, then I stood up and pulled up my pants.

Kat suddenly let out a loud fart and squealed, blushing deeply. "Oopsie, that was an accident," she said, her face bright red. She bit her lip, eyeing the can. "Um...can I go in there real quick? I need to poop again."

She stepped over to the can and quickly pulled down her pants, glancing nervously up and down the otherwise empty hallway as she did so. Her pants at her ankles, she sat on the trash can and took a deep breath. She tried to tug her shirt down a few times to hide her bare bottom as she sat there, but it wasn't long enough, so she was exposed while she pooped. We waited: and...nothing. She sat there quietly for several seconds, looking at us and smiling in an embarrassed fashion.

"Um...I can feel I need to go, but--"

"Poop-shy?" Carrie asked. Kat nodded, glancing uncertainly up and down the hallway again. Her legs shook a bit.

...Pssss! Her breath rushed out in relief as a long, hard tinkling started in the can as she began to pee. After it finally ended, she hunched over a little and grunted, her eyes squinting at the wall behind us. A crackling started for a several seconds and then she sighed in relief as a loud splash was heard in the bucket as her first turd dropped.

Prrrrt! A loud, metallic-sounding fart burst into the can and she blushed a little. Kelly burst out laughing, earning her a fantastic glare from her best friend. Kat grunted again, pushing hard, her arms folded across her belly as she leaned forward. Splash! Prrrt! She sighed and relaxed a bit. Then she grunted loudly, blushing a little at the noise she made, and strained hard, her eyes shutting. SPLASH. A large turd dropped into the can and she grunted in relief, letting out a long, soft fart immediately afterward.

A tiny, last trickle of pee hit the bottom of the can and she finally said she was finished going to the bathroom. She used some toilet paper to wipe herself and stood up, glancing into the can as she did. We headed back to our room as it was getting late now and we were tired. As we were all getting ready for bed, Jessie let out a loud fart and stopped moving. "Uh...hang on, I'll be right back!"

Carrie stepped over to the grate we'd used before and opened the cover. "Go here!"

Jessie hesitated but then went over to the small hole in the floor, unbuttoning her pajama bottoms and sliding them down. She carefully squatted over the hole and suddenly the metal shaft was rattling loudly as she peed hard into it. She sighed in relief. I noticed that the other girls were watching Jessie pee with slightly anxious looks on their faces. Watching her relieve herself must have made them realize they needed a nighttime pee too.

Jessie finally finished her pee and then loudly farted, blushing slightly. "Oopsie, excuse me!" She stood up and pulled up her pants. After she was done, Carrie and Kelly both had pees in the hole as well, each farting a few times. Kelly looked like she was almost about to start pooping, but then she finished and stood up. We went to bed and that was that.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020



Mina: Happy belated birthday! I hope that you and your roommates are all healthy and well in Japan!

MyFakeName: I hate that happened to you in Target! I've pooped myself a few times and it's an interesting experience, to say the least! I hope you and your family are all well!

Jess from Australia: If you are still visiting the forum, I hope you are well! I enjoyed your stories and look forward to hearing from you soon!

Love to all!



Taylor T's survey

Peeing Survey:
1: How long does it take you to pee? about a minute
2: How many times a day do you pee? varies-- maybe about 5-6
3: Do you wipe after you finish peeing? not always, sometimes just shake
4: Can you pee anywhere with a large group of people? usually not-- I at least need to be shielded from view a bit
5: Where do you pull your pants down to when you pee? Just enough to expose my penis if standing, otherwise about to the knees.
6: How do you sit when you pee? (Ex. Squatting Sitting Hovering) Sitting if I'm at home, usually standing if away from home.
7: Do you like peeing? Sometimes. Especially outdoors
8: Do you fart when you pee? very rarely
9: Can you pee with friends? no, unless out of view
10: Can you pee at school or out of home? yes

Pooping Survey:
1: How long does it take you to poop? usually between 3-10 minutes
2: How many times a day do you poop? Once or twice usually
3: Do you wipe after finish pooping? yes
4: Can you poop anywhere with a large group of people? Probably not.
5: Where do you pull your pants down to when you poop? Just below the knees, or to the ankles if at home
6: How do you sit when you poop? on the seat
7: Do you like pooping? yes
8: Do you fart when you poop? Usually just a smallish pre-poop fart, but more sometimes if I have diarrhea.
9: Can you poop with friends? Not usually
10: Do you poop at school or out of home? Yes, although I somewhat prefer being at home.


Been Awhile

So hi it's been awhile sense I've posted on here, I hope y'all remember me. So this is a story about me and my childhood friend Sofie. As you may know I hate using the big girl potty and always have. So I was over at her house about maybe 10ish. She and her older brother had set up a little movie watching area in her closet. It had a video player, a really comfy chair/couch thing, some blankets against the wall so it wouldn't have echo, etc it was really cosy. And if y'all are also into going in naughty/special places know that cosy places are the best. So as we were watching a movie in her closet I began to feel the need to go pee. I began to squirm a little bit. And my friend Sofie asked what was wrong and I said I had to pee", so she said 'then go to the bathroom'. So I replied "what if I just umm peed right here" of course said no at first. But after some convincing and smooth talking she let me do it. She got up and said "I'll stand guard" so I closed the closet doors pulled my pants and panties down relaxed and began to pee on the chair thingy. It was so soft it was great. I tried to push out a poo but I couldn't. So after i finished up I used a sock to wipe and then we played outside.



Peeing urinals for women?

One night back last semester me and my Bio lab partner Seth had worked a couple hours after school. Other than a janitor or two there was nobody else on our floor of our wing of the school. I had to pee bad and didn't want to walk all the way to the other side of the floor so Seth suggested I use the boys room with him. He didn't surprise me when he said he had to take a shit; I could smell it for the last hour we had our lab materials strung out on our table.

I faked that I had never been in a men's room before. Seth has a surprisingly vivid memory of his mom taking him shopping and other places and him having to adapt to the ladies room at age 3 or 4. Amazing, when my dad and I were out together I had similar such experiences. But those are stories for another time. They are kind of interesting though now 12 or 13 years later.

We walked by about 10 cubicles. None had a door for privacy. Several had large shits staring out at you. A couple had shit on shit from several users. One had its seat down, but had been pissed on it looked like by several users. Seth tried to humor me my noting that all had their seat down! I caught the humor but was waiting for Seth to decide on one so I could take the one next to him. Both he and me like to have someone to talk to under such circumstances. He almost bumped into me as he tore his jeans and briefs down and plopped himself onto the toilet closest to me. There was a volcanic noise just before he pushed in pain to get what he calls the 'header' of his shit out. I was in pain but a little slower in hiking up my skirt, dropping my underwear and sitting on a rather smelly toilet right next to his. It took me a minute or two to get my stream going but I was sitting far enough back on the seat that I knew Seth could easily hear the pounding of the water under me.

Then I came up with this nice topic for a conversation. Starring at the line of urinals along the wall directly in front of us, I asked Seth why the wall units couldn't be added to the ladies rooms to offer a fast pissing opportunity instead of waiting in a lengthy line while the shitters sat for their much more time-consuming function. I told Seth about how long the wait are for a 30-second piss in some of the subway terminals I use. He likened it to a fast-lube or oil change door in some large car repair shops. Why wait for 15 or 20 minutes for a toilet you're only going to use for 30 or 45 seconds?

How would such an alternative be received? Help Seth and I wish this. Do you think it would work to have a wall-mounted urinal option for women just needing a fast piss?

Below are my answers to Taylor T's questions.


1. Usually just under a minute.
2. Depends on the fluids I drink; sometimes 6 or 7.
3. Depends on situation. Easy decision: no toilet paper left.
4. Yes in the subway with lines and the lines at school--open stalls.
5. Away from home--mid-thigh level; home--to floor.
6. Sitting legs together in public; much more casual at home.
7. Yes--its a great feeling to get rid of the pain.
8. I didn't intend it, but with 3 friends hanging out with me at school it was not a good laugh.
9. I often do it at home and school.
10. Now, yes. I resisted doing it in non-school public places until I got urinary track infections in like 7th grade. 'Lesson learned and a $500 doctor bill' as mom said.


1. Once it clears and if its not too large or hard: 1-2 minutes.
2. Once, sometimes twice if I'm interrupted by the tardy bell at school.
3. Most of the time, yes, but those pre-cut squares of TP are hard to hold onto and use. In public,I wipe from my seat--and several times I've dropped the TP into the stool before I could wipe with it.
4. Yes, espeiclaly if its like in the subway with people I'm probably not going to see again.
5. In public, just enough to clear the toilet seat; at home, to the floor.
6. If there's a privacy door--legs are V-shaped.
7. I like the relief it brings BUT cleaning myself with others closely scrutinizing me sucks.
8. Sometimes, but usually right after seat myself.
9. With my closest friends, I do. Sometimes our posse' will take adjacent toilets at school for our morning poops.
10. Most of my poops are away from home. When I was in grade school, my best friend and I had 'buddy' poops at school and at our houses. Eventually we got caught at school, 4th grade I think, our parents were called and we both got detention time.


Public Toilets.

I note the post from Just Jerika . I strongly encourage the use of public toilets. It is logical that when the needs arises . The discomfort and negative health aspects of not attending to bodily functions is noted. I was once reluctant to use public toilets but have got over that many years ago . A situation occurred a few years ago when I was in a unisex toilet block and I heard a couple of young sounding girls enter. A voice was also heard which would have been their father asking what they were doing . They replied that they were going for poo. The father said nit to and go home to do that. My viewpoint is that they delayed having a poo and interrupted or concluded their time at the park . What is worse they were given a negative view on public toilets which might be unhealthy.


Taylor T Survey Answers

1 - 2 minutes
2- Six times
3- yes
4- No
5- Just below knee
6- Sitting on seat
7- Yes
8- No
9- No
10- Home
1- Always really take my time 1- 4 hours
2- one
3- Yes
4- No
5- Just below knee
6- Sitting on seat and leaning right back to the cistern with legs pulled under pan and going tip toe and thighs just touching lovely and great tingle feeling which is awesome when taking a long seat.I could sit al day sometimes.
7- Yes
8- No
9- No
10- Home - privacy for me when on the loo essential - I love my poo time.When on the loo I ignore phone and door bell as I dislike interruptions during my poo time. I just cannot have my toilet enjoyment disturbed.

Traveler - thanks for sharing all the stories about you peeing in your pants at school, while shopping, and on a duck boat tour. At least the last one you lucked out being the only one on the tour. Has your urgency to pee in the past caused you to pee your pants any other times?

Victoria B.

Responses to Taylor T and Andrea

Thought I'd answer some questions and a survey today. I'm pooping as I write this so there may be a few interruptions lol

To answer Taylor T's question yes I have FaceTimed on the toilet. My rule is that if I'm comfortable enough with someone to allow them to see me sitting on the pot (two farts and a couple small plops) in person I'll let them do it over FaceTime too. (I just farted again. It was followed by a crackle and two more small plops).

Survey time (squirt of pee, another plop)

Peeing Survey:
1: How long does it take you to pee?
2: How many times a day do you pee?
3: Do you wipe after you finish peeing?
4: Can you pee anywhere with a large group of people?
5: Where do you pull your pants down to when you pee?
6: How do you sit when you pee? (Ex. Squatting Sitting Hovering)
7: Do you like peeing?
8: Do you fart when you pee?
9: Can you pee with friends?
10: Can you pee at school or out of home?

Pooping Survey:
1: How long does it take you to poop?
2: How many times a day do you poop?
3: Do you wipe after finish pooping?
4: Can you poop anywhere with a large group of people?
5: Where do you pull your pants down to when you poop?
6: How do you sit when you poop?
7: Do you like pooping?
8: Do you fart when you poop?
9: Can you poop with friends?
10: Do you poop at school or out of home?

1: Not long if I just sit down, go and wipe. It's over in about two minutes depending on how badly I need to go. (bigger plop followed by a fart)
2: Five or six
3: Yep. Cottonelle Ultra is the only toilet paper I'll buy
4: Yes
5: Public bathroom to my calves; private bathroom to ankles
6: I sit bare butt as far back on the seat as I can
7: Yes
8: Mhm
9: For sure
10: Yep

1: Ten minutes on average (nice load of mushy stuff just now)
2: Twice every day
3: At home I use my bidet and then dry off
4: Yes
5: To my ankles
6: Also as far back as possible, adjusting and opening my cheeks if need be, always bare butt on seat
7: I love it
8: Literally ten seconds ago
9: Absolutely, that was how I ended up getting a toilet plunger as a birthday present
10: Yes

(I still feel a little full but nothing's coming at the moment)

Andrea (Welcome!) asked about toilet seats and I have to say I prefer an elongated contoured plastic seat over a wooden toilet seat. I was potty trained on a toilet with a wooden seat (huge, wet load followed by a fart and a flush) so they have that element of nostalgia but tbh I haven't seen too many around since then. My big issue is that they're flat and don't have the butt cupping and opening feel of a contoured seat (one more piece and a squirt of pee). What do you like about wooden seats?

I'm washing my butt with my bidet now. It feels amazing and there went another poop ball.
Time to unroll some toilet paper to dry off. Okay, three pieces and I'm dry and flushed again. Time to return to my day!



Survey answers

Nothing interesting to report so I'll answer a survey.

Peeing Survey:
1: How long does it take you to pee?
About a minute
2: How many times a day do you pee?
5 or 6
3: Do you wipe after you finish peeing?
4: Can you pee anywhere with a large group of people?
5: Where do you pull your pants down to when you pee?
To my knees
6: How do you sit when you pee? (Ex. Squatting Sitting Hovering)
I sit
7: Do you like peeing?
I love it
8: Do you fart when you pee?
9: Can you pee with friends?
10: Can you pee at school or out of home?

Pooping Survey:
1: How long does it take you to poop?
5 to 10 minutes
2: How many times a day do you poop?
3: Do you wipe after finish pooping?
4: Can you poop anywhere with a large group of people?
5: Where do you pull your pants down to when you poop?
To my calves
6: How do you sit when you poop?
I sit
7: Do you like pooping?
I love it
8: Do you fart when you poop?
9: Can you poop with friends?
10: Do you poop at school or out of home?

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