Potty Training Success!

Maybe those of you who are mothers can relate, but "Joey" pooped in the potty last weekend for the first time! Joey is a little over two years old now, and just out of the blue wanted to use his potty. Joey is a big eater like his parents and his diapers the past couple of months have been massive. So, when he wanted to use the potty, of course I cried!

He's "dooing" well with it. He's only used his training pants twice and I think that it was because he waited too long to get to the toilet. Again, in my adult accidents, that's been the case.

But it's the little victories in life that bring joy!

So proud of my little man!

Love to all!



Carin's Survey


I know that you left this a while back, but I thought I would contribute. I would love for you to take my survey! Blessings!

Your Name: Catherine
Gender: Female
Age: 39

1) Do you poop and/or pee regularly more at work than at home? I poop at home just about all the time. However, pooping away from home is always and adventure! I have to pee at work, church, ballgames, shopping malls, etc.
2) Under what conditions, if any, do you try to hold it? If I have to pee, I will pee when I can break away. When I need to poop, I actually am more comfortable in a public place where the people do not know me. I find it more embarrassing when I am with friends. But, if I have to choose between an accident or pooping in public, I will do the latter and just suck up any embarrassment.
3) Are ass-gasket seat papers available? If yes, do you use them? If the seat does not look clean, I will use toilet paper or a cover.
4) How often does straddle pissing go on? Why do you think it is done? I always sit to pee. I've never tried that.
5) Are the seats usually OK for you to sit on when you need to? At work and church they are. At ball games, women can be so gross.
6) Do you know of anyone who has an unusual attitude toward using public toilets? No.
7) What has been done to, if anything, accommodate these people? NA
8) When waiting for your turn on a toilet have you ever been critical of the person vacating it and the condition being left for you? No.




Dear Anna from Austria

I hope you don't angry about my answer for your question, but I don't really care which loo I use in office or shopping mall and etc. I take any loo which empty if it is clean. I look at loo seat and floor mostly.

Girls (and boys) who make comment about smell and noise we do in loo are STUPID. I hate! I am sad that you Anna had to suffer in loo. Loo should be comfortable relax place.

Love from Mina

I do survey.

1. I usually put panties at my knees. But if I do motion, I often take off completely and put on shelf.
Especially I do that in summer.

2. When I sitting, I put hands on knees usually, but if someone is in loo with me, I put hands on her and caress her.

3. Some times I pee first, sometimes I poo first. Depends. But Hisae usually poos first, then pees, then poos again.

4. Farting into loo is normal! We all do. We make many different noises. In my house, person who farts most is Kazuko. We all enjoy to see her smiling face and hear many various noise under her bottom same time. When her bottom gives very fantastic performance, we do applause.

5. I wipe sitting down. I think most Japanese do that.

6. I poo once a day but sometimes I skip a day. Maho often skips a day. For wee, maybe 5 or 6 times, but more in winter than in summer.

7. If my significant other is my best friends, we always see each other on loo! Old timers of this site know well.


Bladder Endowments

There are a few stories here about women who are endowed with unusually or abnormally large bladders. What I find almost absurd is you never read about it anywhere but here and the last post I could find on the subject was over a year ago by someone named Kari. Like her, I was born with an enormous bladder capacity and it made me terribly pee-shy as a child.

Even before puberty my bladder was so large I seldom found the need to urinate during the day. But when I did pee it was a symphonic performance that would go on and on and on. My mother, bless her heart, tried to act calm and nonchalant as I sat on the toilet shooting a stream noisily into the water below. Eventually the accumulation of time would pass until her nerves became frayed and she was beside herself; I couldn't help it if it took me forever to pee. Poor mother probably couldn't fathom how her child could effortlessly out-pee either herself or my father on a good day. Fortunately I was home-schooled until we moved to another state and I was enrolled in the ninth grade. I had just turned fourteen.

And there my bladder and peeing promptly became the focus of interest, attention and amazement to my female classmates and even teachers. I was the girl in the stall who wouldn't stop peeing. I've read a lot of similar stories at this website similar to what I went through so I won't elaborate-- other than to say a voyeuristic teacher was in the restroom one day and heard me peeing like a water faucet. When I finally finished she was standing over by the sink area with a ridiculous look of astonishment on her face. She ended-up writing a note to my mother advising her to take me to a urologist because nobody should be able to urinate that long and that much. She and some other incidents drove me to become intensely pee-shy.

Afterward, my new peeing routine was to hold it in until I came home whereupon I would spend an eternity peeing away in the privacy of my bathroom. And it worked until my parents demanded I become cultured in the arts and signed me up for piano lessons with a woman in our neighborhood. Mother would pick me up at school and deposit me at this piano teacher's home two blocks away from our house. I found her to be a very nice, attractive woman, honed in the classics and around thirty-five years of age. Here name was Kathleen and little did I realize her talents lay far beyond playing the piano. And because my wonderful mother drove my straight to my first lesson my bladder was full, it was uncomfortable enough that I couldn't concentrate on the 88 keys before me on the Yamaha piano.

No sooner than my piano lesson began than Kathleen asked me why I was squirming, and I had to tell her that I hadn't peed since going to bed the night before. She sat bolt upright and said "oh my" leading me down the hall to the nearest bathroom in her home. I followed her and went in, and wasting minimal time sitting down and starting-up, splashing noisily into the water of the bowl. In fact, for a period of time I must have subconsciously thought I was in my own home because I closed my eyes, opened-up my urethral tap and peed...and peed. I'm not exaggerating, it had to have been several minutes into my pee that a frightening thought raced across my mind; I was peeing away in a complete stranger's home. Moreover, I was nowhere close to running dry! My muscles clamped-down abruptly closing the torrent of urine that was pouring out. I sheepishly cleaned-up, washed my hands and walked back to her living room/studio and her piano.

Here is where things got really "interesting" if that's the right word. Kathleen inquired if I was through peeing because she must have surmised by the abrupt cut-off of my flow it didn't sound as if I had completed voiding. I sheepishly lied and told her I was O.K. She continued that she had worked in a urologists office for years-- music was her advocation-- and was well aware about the wide variations of female biology. I think I started to blush, recalling that I had peed strongly for the better part of five minutes only to have her encourage me to return to the bathroom and resume peeing. She knew! We completed our piano lesson and I gathered my belongings for the walk home.

The next week things became really interesting. Although my bladder was equally, if not more full that day as the previous week I was determined to keep quiet about it and concentrate on my piano lesson. But shortly after my piano lesson began Kathleen inquired if I had to use her bathroom and I mumbled "no." She almost flamboyantly rose from the piano stool and directed me to practice the scales and then the little composition we had practiced. "Good, in that case I'll be indisposed for awhile. I can't remember when I peed last?" She went down the hall and into her bathroom, only partially closing the door. As I started my scales I heard her start-up, a stream that built into a loud rumble in the water of the bowl. She peed differently than I, a long strong gushing sound that alternately let-up and resumed whereas I pee in a strong steady uniformed jet. As I practiced my lesson she peed and she peed, right past the time I had spent urinating the previous week and kept on going. Meanwhile I replayed the same little ditty on the piano again and again.

"Ashley? Oh Ashley!" I heard a voice pleasantly calling from the bathroom above the loud din of splashing urine. "Could you please come here with your composition book?" I meekly went down the hall to the open bathroom door. She was seated on the toilet, unselfconsciously pouring a strong, gushing flow into the water below as if she were seated at a dinner table. "Here give me your lesson book" she said as she began marking the next pages and instructing me all while continuing to pee and pee. My face was flushed and I was a bundle of emotions as she rattled-off some music acronyms even as her flow gave no indication it was anywhere near completion. "Practice those two pages and I'll follow-up when I'm done peeing."

I can personally vouch that all those stories of unbelievable female urinations I read here over two-thousand-plus pages are true! My piano teacher Kathleen took the longest pee I had ever witnessed. What was especially memorable was that as I was fumbling around the piano keys, she gave-out little words of instruction as her flow gradually tapered-off to a lengthly succession of starts and stops. Her entire peeing process took FOREVER!!! When she returned to the studio I sat silently, my legs trembling slightly with emotion. She sighed "oh that feels much better. I left the light-on for you; your turn."

After her epic endless pee, my bladder was throbbing. I immediately sat-up and walked briskly down to the bathroom and went-in without closing the door. My teenage bladder needed no urging. I almost exhibitionistically spread my legs slightly further apart and leaned forward aiming my stream into the center or the water. Without embarrassment or hesitation I began to try to emulate Kathleen's unbelievable marathon peeing performance. I felt a sense of pride as my flow continued on, my throbbing bladder giving no signs its volume having begun to be tapped. I peed on, past the duration I had gone the previous week, my stream striking the water with a loud splash. By my teenage standards mine was becoming a very long pee.

"Hi there." I looked-up slightly started towards the bathroom door toward an auburn-haired admirer. "Don't mind me. I'm just taking-in the performance." She smirked slightly. "Remember I worked in a urologists office. I can confirm we saw very-very few in your league. And I should know being one 'those.'" My flow involuntarily cut-off. "No, remember what I said last week? I want you to relax and void until every last drop is done." I had more to pee but when I did returned to the piano studio she glanced at her watch as said "how old are Ashley? Fourteen? In that case it yours was an unbelievably impressive performance." I could have returned the compliment to her and then some.

Over the time I spent taking piano lessons I never succeeded in anything more complex than a few measures of Pachelbel's Canon, but I think my bladder grew several (or more) sizes during those fun, impromptu after-school peeing contests with Kathleen. I came in second place-- but then I've never heard anyone who could out-pee her.


Pregnancy is hard on the bladder

I'm 27 weeks today and officially in my 3rd trimester! I've been having a lot of issues with bladder leaks and accidents so I started wearing some bladder leak pads. I like these pads even though they are super thick because they are quick and easy to change when I need to. The other day my husband and I were on our way home from shopping and doing errands when traffic came to complete stop because of a bad accident. We had been sitting for about 20 min and I got the urge to pee. I looked at him and said "oh no I have to pee" and fidgeted a little. He said "are you wearing the pads like you have been?" And I told him yes of course so then he said " just go if you want to. It's better than holding it and being miserable" I said "what if it leaks? I might be able to hold it" He said "then we'll clean it up or even better I'll give you a plastic bag to sit on if that makes you feel better." I fought the idea for a little while 10 more minutes went by, the baby was moving a lot and I was in agony, soon I was going to lose control whether I liked it or not so might as well go on my own terms. I sat on the plastic bag and tried to relax and I just couldn't go at first. He looked at me and said "did you go yet?" I said "I'm trying I have to go so bad but my body knows this isn't a toilet" he turned the radio up a little to relax me, I re adjusted in my seat, spread my legs a little, closed my eyes, took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Finally I started letting go, I felt warmth and wetness around me, but it was quickly being absorbed by the pad. It felt so good to finally go I let out an audible sigh of relief. He said "are you finally going?" I didn't open my eyes or turn and look at him I just nodded. He then said "when you're done if we aren't moving go ahead and change your pad so you don't have to sit in the wet one anymore. I don't think I peed a record amount or anything and I think it felt like I was going a lot more than I did, but the pad didn't leak at all which was great! Traffic still wasn't going anywhere. I put a spare jacket from the back seat in my lap just so no one could see private area. I took my seat belt off and pulled down my pants and undies and removed the wet pad. It did it's job well. I rolled it up and put it in the grocery bag I was sitting on so I could throw it away when we got home. I also put on another one from my purse just in case because who knows how long we were going to be stuck. Another 30 minutes and traffic was finally moving again. A couple minutes from home I said I'm glad we are almost there because I have to pee again! He said me too "I have to go pretty bad now" we only have one bathroom so we raced in the door and pulled my pants down and sat on the toilet (made with no leaks!) and he stood in front of the sink and pulled out his penis and let go. I had peed and wiped and he was still going, but it was tapering of as I was pulling up my pants. He can hold it a long time but I could tell he had to go bad. He rinsed out the sink and wiped it down with a disinfectant wipe.

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