Swinging, Sliding & Bathroom Needs

Both me and my boyfriend from time to time see something or experience something that reminds us of bathroom experiences when we were kids. We're both in our 30s now. So we were walking his dog at the park. Bennett wanted to cut through the playground area because he knows I still like to take a swing or two at my age. And my diversion gives him a chance for a smoke. The swing sets there have been replaced several times since my best friend Maggie and I spent many a summer day there on the equipment. Both me and Maggie were about 7 or 8 when we were allowed to spent extended time there. Our parents agreed we had to stay together at all times, be home at 12 noon sharp for lunch and at 5:30 for dinner, and be home by sundown Then we had to stay in.

On many evenings both me and Maggie would have to take our first or second crap that day about an hour after dinner. If we went to one of our houses, we would be told it was getting late and that we should stay in. So like our needs to piss, we just did it at the park, although the toilets were kind of dirty and sometimes there would be limited or no toilet paper left. In this one old stone building, on each side there was a bathroom. The ladies room had 3 toilets. Out in the open. No cubicles, no doors. Two of the toilets were really old, with stained bowls and cracked black seats. The 3rd was larger, higher, more modern and with a white seat and one of those flushing sensors flashing away as you used it. It, of course, got more use and was often clogged when we walked in. Huge craps, on crap that would only go partially away. In times like that we noticed the sensor's light would stay red, rather than blinking.

Using one of the old toilets, Maggie suggested a lot of fun things that involved buddying up. An example: she was a bit taller so she would slide back on the toilet and I would sit between her legs. She called it synchronized peeing, although she would often trip over the word while saying it. She often would piss 30 seconds or longer than me, although I think she cheated by holding it before she left home. We also peed sitting on opposite sides of the seat and for some reason that I've never figured out, I was better (longer peeing) that way. Once with Maggie's longer legs she sat over the back with her arms on the flusher and with me against her back. I sat normally over the front and she still beat me on the length of her piss. What was different, though, is that mine fully hit the water while her's mostly hit the back of the bowl, behind the water.

We did crapping competitions, too, and while my small pieces made more splash and noise, she had the larger soft ones that were sometimes a foot or more long. We sometimes took turns wiping one another, although the results were kind of unfair because she didn't change every day. I would sometimes sweat more, especially if I had been riding my bike. Once it started to get a little dark Maggie and I sometimes peed from the swing or slides. But that's a story for another time. And Bennett doesn't at this point know about some of those experiences yet.


To Ash

I really liked your post and have had similar experiences with constipation and laxative use. I am a long time reader and first posted on page 90 in 1998. I first started having constipation problems as a kid and was given laxatives by my parents on an as-needed basis. By the time I was 15, my doctor had prescribed a combination stimulant laxative/stool softener to be taken on a nightly basis. That cured my chronic constipation but left my poor guts in an almost constant state of laxative-induced diarrhea. Gradually, the recommended dose of the laxative became ineffective and I had to take more.

I stopped taking oral laxatives regularly when I went to college. My constipation became awful again. On weekend nights I would take Dulcolax tablets so that I could get cleaned out the next morning. The massive soft poops were such a welcome relief and I used to look forward to them. But the oral laxatives were so inconvenient for a young university student who had a busy and active lifestyle. After Dulcolax tablets made me poop myself one day, I switched to Dulcolax suppositories. That gave me much more control over the timing of the results. Typically, they made me take one huge poop about thirty minutes after insertion. They caused burning and cramping but the bowel movements were huge and very relieving.

I still have chronic constipation today and still use both Dulcolax tablets and suppositories. I like the tablets best because they induce more complete emptying and cleansing diarrhea. When I have been backed up for five days, the relief is something that I actually enjoy, even if I get a stomach ache from the drug. I still use the suppositories when the tablets are inconvenient (like when traveling).

As I type this, I haven't pooped in 5 days. I took 3 Dulcolax tablets last night and am waiting for the explosion. I have had a few mild cramps and am hopeful that it won't be too much longer before I get that sweet relief.


Two Responses

Claire, I think boys have a natural curiosity about how women and girls bodily functions work. I know my husband does. We had a conversation about it, and he seemed to think that the reason women's poops are so interesting is that we can act so dainty that it's hard to imagine that we can take a dump. And so when it happens, he finds it arousing. For him, he says that the bigger and smellier the better. However, he also knows that he has to control his feelings. So, encouraging a boy going through puberty to act on his curiosity may lead to socially unacceptable and even criminal behavior in the future. Just my thoughts...

Sarah, I wondered if you were still reading the forum and how you were doing with your bathroom shyness. I hope you are well. If you have a minute, please take my survey.



Sunday, January 19, 2020


To Marie

I know how you feel. My husband has to deal with IBS so I have seen how that can affect someone. You'll have a solid soon :-). As for your sister, I say go for it.

Tyler Boi


Hi I'm a long time lurker and thought I'd say hi! I'm 14 and I found this site a year ago through Reddit.

My favorite posters on here are Sherryl, Marie, and Haylee. Oh and from going way back CarMom.

I kinda want to try going on the floor and stuff like that.

Anna from Austria

Brandy Survey

This time I want to answer the survey of brandy

Question 1
When you ladies use the toilet do your pants get pulled down to knee level, or do you go the ankle route?

In the past I used to pull them down until my ankles. But this behavior changed since my first visit to the states in 2019. Austrian public toilets do not have big gaps between the stalls if at all. So pulled. down my pants and panties completely. In the states I learned it the rather hard way that my old method would show my neighbors and the people in front waiting the stall my undies.due to the big gaps. So I changed my ways and pull down my pants and panties just to knee level I kept this habit even after coming back from America.

Question 2
When sitting do you place your hands in your lap or do you rest them on each hip?

Resting on my hip playing with me smart phone.

Question 3
Do you pee before, during or after while having a poo?

It depends on the urgency my businesses. If I need to go both I pee at the same time the poo comes out. If I just come for a poo without feeling my bladder the poo comes out first then the wee.

Question 4
Is farting normal during a poo? Are they loud audible echoes or quiet airy hisses?

Absolutely normal. At first I do loud audible echoing farts as pre poop farts and then some airy hisses. Either the hisses come between my logs, or as post poo farts.

Question 5
Do you ladies wipe from the seated position, or do you stand and wipe?

I stand up when wiping.

Question 6
How many times a day to you poop? How many times do you pee?

1 to 2 times each day. One time in the morning and sometimes during or after dinner.

Question 7
Have you ever let your significant other watch while you were on the toilet?

Yes sometimes. Especially when we were on vocation and the toilet and the shower were in the same room. Sometimes I had to came in bursting for a poo when he was showering or shaving. So I did had to it in front of him. At home toilet and the bathtub or in different rooms so something like that never happened at home.

@Jess Thanks for your reply. I have to agree that some girls are extreme immature when commenting on bathroom noises and smell. As if they do not do the same.

The most funny thing is that just happened during high school. After that it never happend anymore. Not at university and not work. Pooping noises and smell were not commented on at all. Thanks for your reply.

@Victoria Thanks for your reply as well.

Greetings from Austria


Victoria B.

Brandy's survey

Thought I'd do another survey today so here goes!

Question 1
When you ladies use the toilet do your pants get pulled down to knee level, or do you go the ankle route?

Question 2
When sitting do you place your hands in your lap or do you rest them on each hip?

Question 3
Do you pee before, during or after while having a poo?

Question 4
Is farting normal during a poo? Are they loud audible echoes or quiet airy hisses?

Question 5
Do you ladies wipe from the seated position, or do you stand and wipe?

Question 6
How many times a day to you poop? How many times do you pee?

Question 7
Have you ever let your significant other watch while you were on the toilet?

My answers!

1)Knee-level for a public pee, calves for a public poop, ankles for both in private
2)Hands are mostly on my lap when I'm sat down on the toilet
3)Peeing starts before the first log crowns and mostly finishes by the time I've pooped it though sometimes it continues through a few turds depending on how badly I needed to go
4)Yes to both varieties
5)I used to stand up to wipe my behind but now I do front and back (and flushing!) while seated
6)Once or twice per day is normal for me. I'll sometimes miss a day and that's when my toilet-clogging loads come out. I pee 4-5 times per day on average
7)No, but I absolutely would!


End Stall Em

Picking Toilets Away From Home

I find the questions raised by Kristi B and Anna to be quite interesting. I too was punished by my high school administration, even as an honor student, for violating a school rule about what bathroom I could have my morning crap in. Now I'm finishing up college in a professional program, have a job, and have a lot more freedom the 4 or 5 times each day I need to relieve myself away from home.

For about 15 years now I've preferred one of the two end stalls. The way I see it I have about 50% more privacy, there's less of a line to rattle me if I'm having a difficult time producing, the seat has been sat on fewer times by fewer people and the accommodation is likely to be better from a flushed bowl to a better supply of toilet paper. While seated for a poo and with some study hall time to kill in high school, a 30-minute sit might see several of the other toilets used 5, 6 or even 7 times, in comparison.

My punishment with detention time came about 7 years ago one fall when my high school had just opened its new science wing. The new toilets which were the ones with contoured white seats, had bright modern lighting on top, privacy doors without the locks being taken off, and several full rolls of quality toilet paper, rather than the pre-cut squares that the older parts of the school had. The faucets and soap were far beyond anything else I had used in the 75 year old school building.

However, I was caught, my class schedule checked and a vice-principal gave me detention time for bypassing the closest toilet to my 1st hour classroom. Both of my parents were surprised how I stuck up for myself when the principal asked rhetorically what if the other 1200 or so girls in the school used an unauthorized bathroom too. Well I answered and she added another hour onto my detention time.

I think I got the end stall idea back in like 7th grade. There's nothing worse than to be seated, taking a leisurely crap at the end of your lunch period in a middle stall only to have a puking girl come running in, take the toilet to your right, collapse to her knees and then hurl not just into the toilet, but on the panels and floor, and with some of it running into my space and about an inch from my shoe.
Within 15 seconds the stench caused me to relocate and so fast that I didn't even think of wiping until I went upstairs to another bathroom to finish meeting my needs.

Yes, there's a drawback list to the end stalls. They tend to attract more vandalism and graffiti, although I've found some of the drawings to be quite intellectually stimulating. Anyone who spends two or three hours sitting and carving with a broad ink marker or knife a diagram of a person's anatomy deserves the admiration of us frustrated or semi-frustrated artists. I've also had classmates use the end stall beyond bodily needs for everything from a quick smoke or in the case of this one girl, a very profane set of phone calls made to a boy friend or parent who had upset her.

My boyfriend Spencer is much more particular than me in using public bathrooms. But he too will try to use the nicest bathroom, and if he has to crap, he will spread toilet paper liner over the seat before sitting down. He even does that at home and when we're visiting our parents and friends.

Friday, January 17, 2020


Relieving poop

Hi everyone!

I have another story for you. Some of the stories that I read on here have really blown me away. I sometimes wonder if some of my stories are boring in comparison. After reading the likes of Mina, Taylor, Victoria B who poop with their friends or watch them poop, Well that never happens to me. Often my poops are just on my own. I noticed that others talk about their own bowel movements anyway without anyone watching, so here goes.

Tonight I was out for dinner with a couple of friends. When I got home in through the front door, it hit me just how much I had to pee. It was still early-ish in the evening, around 7:45. I didn't pee immediately. I went outside first to say hello to my husband who'd arrived home and was watering our back lawn. As I was talking to him, I got that all too familiar feeling back behind, and it felt like it was going to be a really relieving bowel movement.

After chatting for a couple minutes, the urge got really strong so I headed into the main bathroom. I set down and let nature take its course. I started to pee but not as forcefully as I normally do as I had a load waiting to be emptied. As I was peeing, I could feel my poo starting to come and oh my goodness, the sensations that followed! There is nothing quite like peeing and pooping at the same time. As I was peeing, the poo was just sliding out of me and the amazing thing about it was that my pee gained momentum as the poo was coming out, and then the poo gained momentum too. Believe it or not, it was one of those silent poos and so I could only hear my pee landing in the bowl below. Oh goodness, did I feel really good once it was done! Peeing and pooping at the same time just feels so cleansing, and I always feel completely empty. I wish I had one of those bowel movements everyday! I think I remember Victoria B can testify.

Anyway, I feel a million times lighter and more energetic.
Until next time,
Jess :)


Update and a Question

So I have two updates for y'all

First I haven't had a solid in few weeks but oh well this has happened before, IBS isn't fun to have but I've been giving my training potty the attention it deserves. But I've been neglecting my other places but oh well.

Here's my question, so as you know I've been working on potty training my now 4 year old sister and I've found that she has peed in her closet twice, so I'm wondering if I should introduce her to pottying in naughty places? What do you all think?



Re: Question for the ladies

Hi everyone!
In response to Anna's question, I can relate at times. If I'm only doing a wee, I don't mind at all if someone comes next to me, or if I set myself next door to someone. However, if I have to go number 2, I find myself gravitating to the last toilet on the end, particularly in a smaller bathroom with only 3 or 4 cubicles. I just find that it's a bit more private and sometimes I still feel a little self conscious. If it's a larger bathroom, I'll pick any random stall and do my business because lots of people are coming in and out anyway.

It used to annoy me so much during high school days, Anna. I can completely relate as the number of girls that would comment on the smell etc, was quite high. I find it extremely immature when people comment on sound and smell, as they poop too!!

Anyway, I hope that answers your question and it'll be interesting to hear what others say.
Take care,
Jess :)

Victoria B.

Anna from Austria's question and some responses


First some responses:

To Jess: Good to have you here! Hope you were able to stay safe from the fires.

To Taylor: I love a good poop on the run and there will be stories once it gets a little less cold around here. Promise!

To Anna from Austria:
There are three things that determine which stall I pick.
1) Is the seat clean? I sit bare-butt and don't want to find myself on top of some pee from someone before me who hovered and didn't bother cleaning up after themselves.
2) Is there enough toilet paper for what I need to do? This one is also self-explanatory after the lessons I've learned from past shuffles of shame when I've forgotten to check for paper!
3) Does the lock on the stall door work?

Those are the only things that matter when I need to go in public. I don't mind having neighbors; honestly I prefer it most of time.


To JW re: Squatting to poop

In my family home we have always had a stepping stool in the bathroom, which is in reach of you when you're sitting on the toilet. In my teenage years, I often found myself trying to poo in a public bathroom because I was badly constipated, and getting off the toilet to squat over the floor, just to get the poo to come out a little bit. To this day, I elevate my feet to aid in my pooing. It is a good technique and it's healthy as far as I know.


To Taylor

I loved your story of pooping on your run. It reminds me of similar times I've pooped outside and it looks like that is something that you enjoy. You and I have an opportunity to share a lot of stories to each other, if you are so inclined to do so. Your physical description is also somewhat similar to mine, I'm a little taller at 5'7" and I have a C cup and I'm kinda skinny but have a fairly good sized ass lol.


Brief survey for you ladies

Question 1
When you ladies use the toilet do your pants get pulled down to knee level, or do you go the ankle route?

Question 2
When sitting do you place your hands in your lap or do you rest them on each hip?

Question 3
Do you pee before, during or after while having a poo?

Question 4
Is farting normal during a poo? Are they loud audible echoes or quiet airy hisses?

Question 5
Do you ladies wipe from the seated position, or do you stand and wipe?

Question 6
How many times a day to you poop? How many times do you pee?

Question 7
Have you ever let your significant other watch while you were on the toilet?

Answers for me
1. Usually down at the knees never the ankles unless before a shower when I am not wearing pants
2. I usually rest my hands on my hips, sometimes place elbows on knees leaning with hand under my chin
3. I always pee right before pooping, and most the time will also pee during a poo
4. For me farting is normal for my poo time. Usually loud echoes to start with a couple of airy ones during my poo.
5.I am always seated when wiping
6.I poop twice a day, usually morning and evening, peeing varies from day to day but on average pee about 6 times a day not counting the times a pee while pooping.
7. I let my husband watch me often


Post-Holiday Disaster

My grandparents spent the holidays with us this year and it was great until the last morning. Then it was a disaster. My first day back at school my car wouldn't start. So grandpa said to get my backpack and they would drop me off at school in their rental car on their way to the airport. Of course I had to wait a couple of minutes while grandma went in for her final pee ("Don't leave home without going to the bathroom!") she always preaches. Like I've written about before, I'm much more liberal about using the bathrooms wherever I might me, unlike my boyfriend Kennard who will hurry home right after school for his daily crap (that he's been holding for hours) and then he's ready for other activities like spending time with me.

So grandpa and I waited in the spacious rental car until grandma peed and then came running out. Under my normal daily schedule I would already have arrived at my school and probably would have been on the toilet doing a pee and sometimes a crap, too. Me and several of my friends meet up for such an activity before 1st hour each morning. But grandpa's a slow driver, he stops at the yellow lights, took one wrong turn and by the time we got two blocks from school there was a larger than usual traffic jam. My need to pee was hurting me more and my bowels were activating. I didn't want to say anything with grandma present because I would get a "how many times have it told you..." type of line. As I was putting my book bag on in the back seat for the run, I pointed grandpa to a little-used road that trucks use to get to the loading dock. I knew I was risking a detention going in there but that was OK with me knowing what would happen in my new designer jeans. And I was wearing the newest of the thongs I had bought with my Christmas money.

In taking an abrupt turn, grandpa partially missed the driveway, the right wheels threw me sideways and I asked him to please speedup because I was going to be late. I was already feeling a trickle between my legs when we hit a speedbump at about 30 MPH and I texted Kennard to meet me at a sidedoor that is for emergencies only. I had already felt two or maybe three spurts of pee come out and my crap felt like it was beyond knocking. I looked between my legs at the light blue car seat and what I felt was true. There was a horizontal puddle about the size of my phone there. Finally, grandpa braked hard to let me out and I was hopeful that he wouldn't see what I was leaving behind. Luckily their luggage was in the trunk and I was hopeful they would use a dark parking garage at the airport.

This time Kennard came through. Instead of making mistakes, he surprised me. He let me in the door. The janitors' room was totally vacant and both of the doors to the two bathrooms to my right were open. I gave him my bag and told him to wait for me out in the main hall. I pulled my clothing down and took a seat on this really weird looking toilet. As I burst with more pee and then 80 percent of my crap that hadn't come out, there was a knock on the black steel door.
I feared it was a custodian or principal because I knew there were security cameras, but it was my friend Tammie. Kennard had texted her and she had a pair of jeans from her locker. She had to wear a dress for a 1st hour picture for yearbook, but was going to change out later. I finished cleaning myself for about 10 minutes. I used every bit of toilet paper available and as I sat I rolled up my thong in my jeans. I was able to jam them into my book bag. Other than a strange coarse feeling between my legs caused by no underwear, I got through my first school day of 2020.

It was strange though just dropping the jeans and having nothing else to pull down for the three pees I did at school. I don't always wipe afterwards, but I did each time for obvious reasons. I gave Kennard a couple of extra kisses at lunch, but stopped before I embarrassed him.
My grandparents were fined $250 for the damage to the car.

Taylor T
Hey all I'm here to do Catherine's survey and have a story to share... I'll have more on the way soon!!
1. Physical description of yourself: 14 years old 5'4 Brown Hair I think about 109 pounds
2. How long does it take you to pee? About half a minute up to two minutes
3. How long does it take you to poo? At school a minute or two, at home 10-15 minutes
4. What things make you poo? Anything fiber which I eat a lot of since I'm involved in sports
5. What things make you pee? Propel Water mostly
6. Do you wash your hands after you pee (always, sometimes, or never)? Always
7. Do you wash your hands after you poo (always, sometimes, or never)? Always
8. If sometimes or never for 6 or 7, why? Just wondering
9. What kind of underwear do you prefer (thongs or briefs)? Why? I like thongs better because I don't get a wedgie as badly lol.

Like I said I also have a story to share. So the other day I was with my friend Briana walking through the state park near my house. It was a nice day so we decided to walk, her house is on the other side of the state park so we had to walk from my house through the park to get to her house. Her parents weren't home so we went inside and it was warm which felt nice. We were in her kitchen and she told me she was gonna go to her room and grab something. I didn't think anything of it until 2 minutes later and realized that she wasn't back yet. I decided to go upstairs to see what was taking so long. As I got up the stairs I heard a really loud fart, I peeked around the corner and saw the light and got a bit closer and I peeked inside and saw her sitting there pooping. I heard a plop plop and plunk. I left her alone and went back downstairs. She came back and I told her I had to use the bathroom and she said it was fine. I went upstairs to her bathroom which was the first time I had ever been in there and it smelled like poop and Febreeze. I pushed my leggings and underwear down to my ankles and sat down. A big turd immediately slid out of me and splashed in and it felt so good. I started to pee and another fat turd slid out and dropped in splashing water on my bum. And one more massive turd slid out of me and splashed in. It felt so amazing since it had been 4 days saved up and all three of the turds were about 12-15 inches long. Keep in mind this took me 20 seconds lol. I wiped my bum and flushed and clogged the toilet with the first big turd. I called Briana's name and asked her if she had a plunger. She went to the closet and gave it to me and said "Wow holy s-t now that's a BIG poop" and we both laughed.


To Jay Bee

Thank you for your kind words! I'm glad you enjoy my posts. Our family is doing very well but staying really busy! I wish I had more time to contribute. But, if you are interested, my posts go back to page 1817. I would love to hear more about you too!

All the best!


Steve A

Asked a Neighbor to use their bathroom

Since we had a small house fire in our basement this past week, all of our electricity and water was shut off to prevent any more accidents within the house.

Today, since our insurance company had to do some work, we had to be at the house. When we arrived their, I developed and urge to poop. I decided to knock on one of our neighbor's doors and they let me use their bathroom.

Even though I could've gone in the woods, I'd rather prefer an indoor bathroom only if it's available to me.


Constipation Relief

Hey you guys. Long time lurker, not a first time poster.

I went under an alias in the past but can't remember what I used. This is my permanent alias from now on.

I'm 25. I'm non-binary, and I live in the Midwest. I'm an artist and a political analyst. I go by they/them and he/him pronouns.

I suffer from IBS and have since I was a kid. I sometimes get diarrhea, but my IBS is mostly constipation dominant. I'm always in a lot of pain when I'm constipated, which is often. Since I was about 10 or 11, I've had issues with constipation and pain. I started abusing laxatives when I was 13. To be honest, I enjoy the sensation of purging as a general feeling, but especially diarrhea. I don't even know why, but since I was little, whenever I had diarrhea, I wouldn't feel sad or really even that sick. The urgency was sometimes a little overwhelming, but feeling I come out especially when it was a heavy load or if I'd been sick was relieving or especially if it was that kind of consistency where it's not quite solid but not liquid, more like mushy and runny.

I don't know why but having muddy, thick, urgent bowel movements has always made me feel more satisfied that's the typical solid bm.

So when I was younger I had to use laxatives for constipation, but I also used them to loosen my bowels to get them to be that consistency.

This started at 13. I started dealing with IBS at 10. Before 13, I'd only ever used one laxative under "parental" supervision (my mother's ex-husband who I specifically avoid calling my stepfather.) I remember getting really constipated and asking him for help and he purposefully gave me too much prune juice and laughed at me when I ended up getting really bad diarrhea. So after that I didn't want anyone to help me with my t*mmy troubles. In adolescence my IBS went into remission, but in college-especially after I stopped using laxatives cold turkey-it came back and so I've had to use laxatives for IBS while also healing from how I abused them as a teenager.

It sucks. I'm in pain often.

But last night I finally found a method that works for me. If I take two oral Dulcolax tablets with 16-20 oz of prune juice right before bed, 12 hours later I will have authentic stomach cramps like I'm having diarrhea (though I won't be in too much pain) and have messy but controllable diarrhea that's just the consistency that makes me feel like I had a satisfying dump, while also going often enough to feel purged but not so often it's painful.

I just had my fourth bowel movement in two hours and I feel not only really satisfied, but I still have cramps and can feel mush slushing around in my intestines and can tell I'll be back on the pot a few more times today. I feel really content and just thought I'd share that for other IBS-C patients and people who enjoy giving themselves diarrhea.

I appreciate this space. You guys have great posts.

I'll be back to post semi-regularly. I'll have good stories about pooping (mostly diarrhea) both from my past and my present. I'll talk about laxatives, enemas, and foods that loosen up stools as well as my experiences with them. I have IBS so I get upset stomachs a lot so you guys will here about it here. I don't really get the stomach flu or food poisoning, but if it happens I'll post about it here, especially if I have accidents. I don't enjoy pooping my pants on purpose, but a genuine accident always makes for good content. I enjoy surveys and will present them here and answer ones I see as I see them.

Peace and manifestations.


leg of zelda


Hey sherryl, first wanna say love your stories! I wish we were friends. Id love to partake in your adventures! Anyway heres your survey.
Age and Sex 28 male
2. Have you ever peed outside? Yes
3. Have you ever pooped outside? No
4. If you have peed outside, where did you do it and what were the circumstances for doing so? On a tree (mmhm just pooped some more) behind a car. Just out and no toilet around
5. Same as question 4 but for pooping. N/a
6. How long did it take you to pee/poop? Seconds maybe 30
7. What did you use as a toilet? Or did you squat? Tree, groundb bush
8. What did you use to wipe with? N/a
9. Would you ever do it again? Sure
10. Did you enjoy yourself? Sure great relife
11. Has anyone ever gone pee outside with you? No
12. Has anyone ever gone poop outside with you? No
13. How long did it take them to go? N/a
14. What did they use as a toilet? Did they squat? Na
15. What did they use to wipe with? Na

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Posting from the UK and you're not Adrian or Jasmine? Read this faq^^^^ Every addendum, clarification, everything.

For the amount of traffic from one small country, the number of rules violations, and failures to read/understand the FAQ is baffling. A number of you specifically make it your business to violate rules, spam, and or post as multiple people. Three women, in particular, the worst of the worst, have been at it so long, that entire parts of the FAQ are about each of them. The latest fad is thoroughly covered as well. It is all there, and as we have been saying with increasing frequency over the last few years, please read it. None of your questions are new. The answers are in a fixed location as It does not bear repeating the same things over and over in the forum to [those who read and understood]. We keep finding ourselves checking to make sure stuff was actually said, and clearly. Some days it is a trip down the rabbit hole. This last part will be added to the FAQ eventually, and that's it. For the thousands of you who get it right, thank you. We won't trouble you again.


Rise of Skywalker

Hello. First time finding this place. I'm 35, married, one kid, nomral life. Found this place after what happened to me recently. We went to watch Rise of Skywalker after Christmas. With the previews and all it is like 3 hours long. By the end I was really desperate to pee and tried to hurry my family to the bathrooms. We finally got down the elevator and around the corner and down the hall and of course there was a line for the ladies. I still had a few people in front of me when I felt a squirt of pee escape. I clenched my muscles harder and bounced in place a bit trying to hold it. When I was next in line a little more came out. My panties felt wet now. I hoped it didn't show on my jeans. Finally a stall opened and I hurried inside and got the door shut but before I could get my pants down I leaked again, a little longer than just a spurt. I stopped it, ripped my jeans and panties down and sat and had a huge long pee. The crotch of my panties was wet front to back and my jeans had a spot about the size of an egg on the crotch, but it wasn't visible while I was standing, only if I sat and opened my legs. I had a long coat from the cold weather so I kept it wrapped tight around me to help cover the wet spot just in case. We made it home after and nobody said anything so I got away with it. I just feel dumb for having an accident at my age. A minute longer and I'd have completely wet myself no doubt!


Synchronised peeing

Hi everyone!
Before I launch into a story, I have to say that this forum has been really beneficial for me. I discovered it by accident while I was looking up ways to deal with going number two in a public place. There's always been a lot of stigma and taboo about women and bowel movements and I often felt embarrassed going in a public place. I've always had a fascination with bodily functions and having read all of your stories I'm feeling a lot more confident while on the toilet out and about. So thankyou to all for enabling me to be free and comfortable in my own skin.

Anyway, the other day I went into the gym to do a workout. I was going to do a quick pee before I got changed. When I went in there I happen to see my RPM instructor and so after hello was exchanged we both went into adjacent cubicles. She started to pee first and it sounded like a delicate tinkle. I wasn't holding out any hope for myself sounding anywhere near as dainty because mine often sounds like a big gush or as my mum would say 'Niagara Falls'

Well, My body had other plans because when I started to pee, it was a reasonable stream but it sounded very much like a tinkle and as I sat there listening to us both pee it sounded almost completely in sync. It actually gave me a lot of joy just sitting there listening to almost a melodious sound effect and put a huge smile on my face for the rest of the day. I wished I'd recorded it on my phone!

We obviously didn't discuss it when we were washing our hands at the sink and it was kind of fun being in her class immediately after while she was teaching knowing what had occurred side by side.

Anyway, that's all for now. Happy toilet adventures!
Take care,
Jess :)


Awkward public pooping session

Hi again,
I had a slightly awkward situation in my local shopping centre toilets a couple of years back. I was walking up to the shops to just grab a couple of things when on my way up there I just gradually then quickly got that really full feeling in my back door. Not wanting to chance it and wait until I got back home to use the loo, I thought it best to quickly pop into the toilets at the shopping centre. The toilets contain four cubicles And the one on the very end is a disabled one. As I entered, three of the toilets were in use but not the disabled one on the end. I noticed a lady standing at the entrance to the cubicles with her shopping trolley and I asked her if she was waiting for the loo. She said no she was just waiting for her little girl in one of the cubicles.

Therefore I headed into that end cubicle, shut the door and got down to business. Surprisingly I had to pee first but not a huge amount. At this stage of my session I noticed that a couple of the other people had flushed but the little girl was still remaining as she was singing away and her mum was talking to her. I always prefer pooping in a bathroom where there's more cubicles and more than one other person in with me. However the situation was beyond my control and I just couldn't hang on any more. Unfortunately the room had gone quiet then and the lady was waiting patiently for her daughter. I hoped and prayed that my poo would be silent but unfortunately it wasn't to be. It erupted with a loud crackle and heavy sounding plop. A couple more reasonable sounding plops followed and then a soft plop with a bit of a fart on the end.

This is where it gets a tiny bit awkward. I was just about to wipe when the lady waiting said "Are you doing a poo, little one?" to her daughter in the other cubicle. Oh my goodness! Then to add to the awkwardness the little girl replied "no mummy, that must be someone else" Oh dear, my face went flame red! I was also hoping I wasn't stinking up the bathroom too much! The little girl then mentioned to her mum that she was trying to poo but it was stuck and the lady said "that's ok sweetie, take your time". We were still the only ones in the bathroom.

I started to wipe and realised I wasn't going to really be able to avoid the walk of shame. After my initial embarrassment, I thought, well, that lady's a mum and she'd understand that everyone poops so I thought what the heck! I'll walk out with my head held high. I smiled sheepishly at her while washing my hands and tried to act casual. I told her I hoped that her little girl could get some relief soon. The lady was really friendly and thanked me very much but suspected she'd be waiting a while for her little girl.

Anyway, it all ended up ok, and I went to the shops feeling much better, despite a little bit of embarrassment.

Take care,
Jess :)


My butt: the human sponge

I started junior high at 11, a year before I should have because I was in an accelerated learning. So I was mostly smaller in size than the other boys and very definitely overly-awkward in using the bathroom.

For the first time in school, we were now changing classrooms every 40 minutes or so. The passing period was 4 minutes. In such a situation I knew early on that getting a crap in would be an embarrassment; actually quite futile. But taking a piss became an even bigger problem. My mom would wake me and then run out to work. I was petrified about not managing my time well and missing the bus. Walking up the steps onto the bus, seeing the driver take the red off my name on his lap top, that was great. Now I was less stressed, although I often forgot to piss before leaving home. So between 1st and 2nd hour I was more than willing and needing to piss.

I made sure I was one of the first to arrive in the bathroom, although within 30 seconds or so there would be a crowd, especially for the wall-mounted urinal trough. It was as long as a side wall of my bedroom. There was no partition to separate a awkward guy like me with less developed junk from being inspected by other users in each side with a lot more confidence, if you know what I mean.

A larger problem I had was that in dressing so fast in my dimly-lit bedroom, I often yanked my briefs out of the jam in my underwear drawer and jumped into them. Then I would jump into my jeans, although I felt I was making progress because there had not been a situation for a month or so when someone had to remind me to zip up. That happened a couple of times when my friend Nanci, who had become sensitive to my needs, would smile and give me the quick up-signal with her right thumb.

Now for three consecutive days of the first week of school I would get to the urinal, unzip, and grapple to get my penis out. I would use both hands to try to find the slot opening in my briefs. Within seconds, other guys were coming in and the older ones would verbally and non-verbally f*** with me. Thinking fast, I unbuckled and dropped my jeans and then yanked down my briefs. I just wanted them partially down, but the fact that they hit my shoes caused hooting and yelling. One guy behind me, a couple of years older and twice my size, shoved me out of the way just as my piss was starting to come out.

All I could think of was to back up and dive for the other side of the room where the toilets were. Luckily, directly behind me, there was an open toilet. The others had occupants and it was evident why this alternative was open. There was a piece of black crap floating on top of the yellow water. The large black toilet seat was dripping with piss. I didn't want to nor did I have time to think about how many guys had left such a mess for me. I threw my butt onto the seat, did a very successful draining without any privacy door, and with others waiting and calling me some pretty bad names.

I finished, bolted out of there and luckily had my jeans up and zipped when I reached the hallway and got to 2nd hour. I took the back seat right behind Nanci. Our teacher was late, too, and Nanci turned and asked me if I had taken a wrong turn in coming to class. She looked down and asked me to check my zipper. I gave her a fast thumb-up. It was about the only thing right I had done that day.

I'm glad I found this site. I'm 20 now, but when I was in 7th grade there was this girl that had 2 accidents(that I know of). The first one I still can't figure out. I don't know how bad she had to go but it seemed like she just kind of gave up. She went up to the teacher's desk to ask for the bathroom a second time and when she was denied she just backed up a few steps, stood there, and peed her pants. She did pee like a gallon so yeah she probably had to go really bad. But up until then she was also one of the more popular girls in the class. The weird thing is she also didn't seem all that embarrassed. She WAS embarrassed, but nothing compared to what I would feel. First of all I would've just walked out of the classroom before having an accident. And if I did have an accident I probably would've been on suicide watch if I did that, especially at that age. She just went to the teacher and said "I peed my pants," It was almost like she did it out of anger that she wasn't allowed to go. I've always wondered what was going through her head. Later that year she had another accident. I also went home on the same bus as her and well… she didn't make it home. I think that was the one that really hurt her reputation. There were older kids on the bus that witnessed that one and that spread around school quickly. I moved away the next year so I don't know what happened later, but ever since then that subject always kind of intrigued me.

Anna from Austria

Question for the ladies

Have got a new question for my fellow ladies.

Do you go by certain criteria when choosing a toilet stall in public ladies rooms?

I am bit weird in that regard I guess. Besides the basics, the toilet has to be rather clean and there has to enough toilete paper I also try to avoid company intentionally when I need to poo.

If one or 2 stalls are taken and there plenty empty stalls left I try to chose the stalls that are far away the taken ones.

This habit is remain of my high schools days. At school pooping at school was considered uncool by many girls, and if some of them were in the stall next to mine in the girls bathroom they tend to comment on the sounds I made. I was so annoyed by that I tried to avoid neighbors as much as possible.

I tended to keep this habit, although the problem ended after I graduated. Haven't heard any mean comments on my pooping sounds after school.

As far I as I have noticed so far I am alone with that habit. Other ladies seem to be less picky than me when choosing their stall.

On the contrary they seem to like having company when doing their business subconsciously at least.

The reason why I am saying this is because I have noticed many times that some ladies took the stall next to me, although their were many empty stalls left. It could also be that they were just lazy and the stall next to me seemed to be the closed for them. I do not know.

How do you ladies handle this? Do like company or do you prefer using a stall that is far away other taken stalls if you have the choice?

Greetings from Austria



Bad diarrhea

So the other day I had a really bad strain of diarrhea. The night before I had a couple of polish sausages with hot mustard and sauerkraut and onions. They were a little on the greasy side but I didn't think much of it. Well, the next morning I woke up and farted and I was hit with that " you better get to the toilet or you're gonna shit yourself" feeling. So I rushed to the potty, through my PJs and panties off and sat on the toilet and two lumps of wet poop slid out followed by a rush of liquid poop. I felt so relieved. I also had a really loud fart that stunk something awful. So I wiped my butt and got ready for work.
I thought I was done with it but when I got to work it hit again but this time it was all liquid and it just shot out of me as I sat down and just pooooped. It took me a while to get cleaned up n make sure that was the last of it. Thankfully it was the end of it.



So this is a survey for pooping and peeing outside.

1. Age and Sex
2. Have you ever peed outside?
3. Have you ever pooped outside?
4. If you have peed outside, where did you do it and what were the circumstances for doing so?
5. Same as question 4 but for pooping.
6. How long did it take you to pee/poop?
7. What did you use as a toilet? Or did you squat?
8. What did you use to wipe with?
9. Would you ever do it again?
10. Did you enjoy yourself?
11. Has anyone ever gone pee outside with you?
12. Has anyone ever gone poop outside with you?
13. How long did it take them to go?
14. What did they use as a toilet? Did they squat?
15. What did they use to wipe with?


Severe Desperation on Road Trip

This story occurred about ten years ago.

I dated a woman at the time who grew it in a major city about six hours away from where we lived. Every so often we would drive up to her mom's house for the weekend. She had grown up with her mom and her sister in a quaint red brick and mortar four-plex in one of the City's older districts where mature trees lined the streets. Their flat had two bedrooms and one small bathroom where everything was in arm's reach and crowded with two occupants. The bathroom had no fan but a big, double hung window. Ironically, the window didn't offer great ventilation for the bathroom and my GF warned that they often left the bathroom door open to air out. The bathroom also opened into the eating area, so it was less than ideal to go number two if people were using that space.

We left early Friday morning on this particular trip. I didn't have the urge to go before we left and figured I would go at some point during the drive. However, that urge never came. To complicate bathroom matters, her sister's family was there, too. They lived down the street but it was customary for everyone to hang out at Mom's place, so there wasn't much privacy with all of the people. I figured I would use the bathroom while out in a public place over the weekend.

In typical fashion, it was a weekend of indulgences. We went to some of their favorite restaurants and also had a number of large meals at their house. Sunday morning came and I still had not had the urge to go since the trip began. We had a big brunch before I set out to return home by myself. My GF decided to stay for the week as she wanted to spend more time with her niece and nephew. We took some photos just before departure, but I could feel that the coffee made things percolate in a familiar way. I ignored the feeling and soon it went away.

I filled the car with gas the night before so I immediately set out on the drive back. Things were quiet for a while but the feeling returned about two hours in. I tried to ignore it again, but my belly felt distended, which meant there was no denying the inevitable. For some reason, I thought I could hold it the whole way, so I passed up a number of exits with either gas stations or rest areas. It was probably an hour later before my body decided it had enough with my stubborn mindset. Suddenly, things began to become extremely urgent. I fought back cramps several times and was afraid to even let gas escape at this point, which caused even more discomfort. My palms began to sweat and I had to shift positions to help hold it in. Unfortunately, I found myself in one of the more remote stretches of the drive with no immediate place to stop. Signs indicated that gas was far off in the distance, though, there would be a rest area a bit sooner.

Another sign indicated that the rest stop was ten miles up the road and I hoped I would make it. My body wasn't going to cooperate. I suffered severe cramps minutes later. I sincerely thought I was going to poop my pants, but warded off disaster once more. There was no way I would make it to the rest stop if this kept up. By some divine mercy, I came upon an exit that was not previously mentioned on other signs. Its sign indicated that two gas stations sat a short distance away. I took the exit and saw the first gas station on the right about 500 feet up the road. It had a semi gravel lot but otherwise looked like it had just undergone renovations. I noticed a sign in the window that said bathrooms for customers only, as I pulled in. I wheeled around to the pumps. I still had more than half a tank but figured I needed to fill up to justify the use of the bathroom. I awkwardly exited the car so as not to trigger another involuntary release attempt. Anyone could have figured out my situation if they paid attention. I slid my credit card, selected the gas, opened the gas cap, and began to pump. I went to set the switch on the handle to let it self pump when I was hit with a massive cramp. I doubled over. The poop almost forced itself out but I managed to reign it in. I wasn't sure if it permanently breached, as I had full body sweats at this point and everything back there felt swampy. I regained my composure, set the latch for auto pump, and gingerly headed inside.

The bathroom was down a corridor immediately off to the left of the store entry. I nodded hello to the clerk and proceeded to the bathroom. I hadn't noticed at first but there was a single small restaurant style booth in the corner to the left, opposite the bathroom door, which was on the right side of the corridor. There was a young woman seated there, maybe late teens or early twenties. She said something as I walked by but it just sounded like a mumble and I wasn't even sure if she was talking to me or her phone. My salvation was a single occupancy, unisex bathroom and the latch read unoccupied.

I opened the door. It was reasonably clean, had both a urinal and high powered, elongated commercial toilet. I noticed the buzz of the fan and the bright lights, but it was an other standard gas station restroom. I quickly locked the door behind me. Suddenly, I was hit with another strong cramp and shooting pains at my rectum. I clenched once more, contorted my body, and shuffled as fast as I could to the toilet while I remained clenched and undid my pants. It was an odd dance but it was all I could manage to hold it back.

I had finally made it. I double over again as I sat. My body contracted and expelled in the same way as urgent diarrhea, but this wasn't diarrhea. It felt soft but well formed, probably between a 3 or a 4 on the Bristol stool chart. I honestly cannot remember anything else in those initial moments other than relief and surrender. The crackling of the rapid evacuation probably carried on for the several second before I felt it touch the back of the bowl. It didn't break off but bowed, which caused the exiting part to brush up against one of my cheeks. I had to shift to the opposite side and partially lift my bum to give it free pass and it roared out for another few seconds. I immediately noticed the powerful smell emanating from below my undercarriage and was so glad I avoided going at my GF's mom's house. Silent gas escaped at the end of the first release as I reoriented back to normal posture. Moments later another thick column moved into position. It felt thick and soft like the first and crackled out. I could feel it break into segments every so often, which is more customary for me. The smell continued to intensify.
I aimed myself for what ended up being a horse piss. I hadn't peeked in the bowl yet but could tell it was a lot because the pee just sounded like it struck against poo instead of water. I finished peeing but still had a heavy feeling in my bowels. I shifted a bit and flexed my core to try to induced some movement. It worked, as moments later my body expelled an array of long, thin snakes with some silent gas in between each piece. There were maybe five total. I finally felt done.

I rose to inspect the damage and wipe. This was a bowl filler even for this big basin toilet. The first piece was easy to identify. It partially floated along the edge of the water and reached around the bowl from 6 o'clock to 3:30 positions in clockwise fashion. It was probably close to 24" given the dimensions of the bowl. It was an even dark brown and looked the thicker than a toilet paper tube. The segments from the second round ranged in size from 1" to 5" or so and there were probably six or seven of them with the same girth as the first. It filled in most of the rest of the water and down into the trap. The snakes sat right in the middle, eclipsed the water line at it's highest point and seemed to force some segments down into the hole. The water began to turn brown where my pee had struck a piece.

The industrial fan and heavy, well fitting door probably kept the smell inside the bathroom, but it was definitely 9 out of 10 on the stink meter. It had the familiar notes but I could practically taste it. Most anyone not into these types of things would have been wholly offended. I figured I better flush before what promised to be a messy wipe. I pressed the lever but nothing happened. I pressed it again and nothing happened. The words of the woman outside the bathroom suddenly registered, "The bathroom is out of order". I couldn't believe it. I had just taken this monstrous dump and had to leave it for some poor plumber. I pressed the lever again to confirm the reality of the situation and again nothing happened. I began to wipe and realized just how close I was to messing myself. Some had gotten out and I had clenched it before it reached my underwear. I made a couple passes with the regular paper to clear off what I could. I threw those in the toilet to hide some of the contents. It was the least I could do to prevent someone else from getting an unpleasant face full. I then wetted and soaped up the heavier duty paper towels for the hands and used them as wet wipes. I threw those in the trash. I felt completely clean and redressed.

I took one more peek at the toilet and knew that this had to rank up some place on the all time list. It became especially memorable because I had to leave it unflushed, which is something I would never consider if I could help it. I composed myself expecting that I'd receive stares from the woman and clerk upon my exit. I pulled the bathroom door open and noticed a poorly written sign on the door that read "out of order". How did I miss that, too? The woman was still there. We locked eyes for a moment as I excited. She had to know I did something in there, the whole ordeal took 5 - 7 minutes. I walked out to the car, which was filled by now and got back on the road.


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