Michael W.

The Kids Next Door

Hi everyone, here is another story I'd like to share.

I was 15 years old and I was a Sophomore in High School. I spiked my hair up bcz of my Punk Rock phase. I was living in the duplex across the street from the High School. Anyways around October of 2003 a family moved in next door to me. My sisters Beth and Sam became friends with two of the girls who were Alexia, who was like 8 or 9, and Madison, who was 4 or 5 and she looks like Carol Anne from "Poltergeist" (1982 Version). They had two brothers, their names are Max, 11, who spiked his hair up just like me, and Dennis, 10. I became friends with these boys when I was asked to babysit these kids the night after Halloween. I would play video games with the boys while their sisters were next door hanging out with my sisters. I showed them tricks and cheat codes that I can do to unlock things in video games on my Game Boy Advance. In November, I got expelled from school for the rest of the Semester for fighting. When I came back after spending a week with my mom, me, Max, and Dennis went to the Gas station. We bought pop, candy, and junk food and sat at the tables and talked. Max said that he had to poop and he was going to use the bathroom but some guy who came in the gas station beats him to it. That guy was in there for like a half an hour. The whole time while waiting, Max was getting desperate. When the guy finally came out Max goes in there. He yelled doing the voice of Cartman from "South Park." He said "OH MY GOD! IT SMELLS LIKE CRAP IN THERE!" LOL! Me and Dennis laughed. Max was in there for like 20 minutes. Dennis said that whenever he farts or hears a fart he laughs and I said Me too. Dennis even told me that one time when he had diarrhea it was just like Jeff Daniels in "Dumb and Dumber." He said it was just like in the movie and it ended with a squeaky fart. Max told me that one time he got sick from eating Chinese food. He said that it gave him really bad diarrhea. He said that he was on the toilet for 6 hours. He said that his stomach hurt and his butthole burned, he was crying and that he pooped so much that he filled the toilet up. I was like Damn. When my sisters were having a sleep over with the girls, Samanatha told me that Alexia likes me. Alexia denies it and she blushes and her face turns red. Samantha even said "When you're not around Alexia goes Oh my God your brother is so HOT!" And Aleixa says "No I don't." Alexia is too young for me. One time Alexia says to me "Wanna see my pooping face?" I was too busy to care bcz I was doing chores. She makes her pooping face anyways. She told me to look. And her eyes are squeezed shut and she's grinning. Looking like she's pushing out a turd. I was like "Okay..." I remember one time Madison said she had diarrhea. In January 2004, I went to the mall to spend my money that I earned from Babysitting and the kids next door came along. Me and the boys had to poop so we used the bathrooms over by the food court. While we were in our stalls I said "Lets have a pooping contest. Whoever poops the most wins." Max said "You're on." Me, Dennis, and Max pushed our logs out. They both finished in 10 minutes. I still had to go. So I pushed so more out and I was done in 15 minutes. I leave the stall and check their progress and they looked at mine and I won the contest. Before we left my dad said to Max that he'd give him a dollar if he went in the Women's Restroom so he did. He said when he looked one woman was pooping and one was peeing. He got his dollar. One day on Sunday in February, Connie, their mom said she'd pay me $5 an hour to watch Max and Dennis while her and the girls went to church. While they were out we played video games in their room. 4 hours went by and their mom came back and she paid me $20. I stayed a while longer. Alexia stood outside the boys' bedroom door still in her flower church dress and smiles at me and says "Hi Michael." I said "Hi" while I was playing a video game. She goes into the bathroom which is right by the boys bedroom. Me and the boys continued playing. Alexia came out of the bathroom like 20 some minutes later. She smiles and says "Hi Michael" to me again. I said "Hi" back still focusing on the game. She goes back into the bathroom. A little while after that I felt like I had to pee so I excused myself and went to the bathroom which is right by Max and Dennis' room and I forgot that Alexia was still in there. I was going to head downstairs to use that bathroom but I heard the toilet flush and I stood and waited at the 2nd floor landing. Alexia comes out of the bathroom after being in there for almost an hour. Her underwear was around her ankles and I could see a brown stain on them. "I pooped" She said smiling about it. "That's nice" I said sarcastly. Then she let them fall to her feet. Then she took her socked foot and kicked her dirty underwear at me and laughed. The dirty underwear flew and hit my pant leg and fell to my shoe. "Ewww! Poop germs!" I said kicking the soiled clothing off my shoe to the floor. Alexia laughed. Connie, their mom yelled "ALEXIA (Her middle name and last name) YOU DON'T DO THAT WHEN WE HAVE GUESTS IN THIS HOUSE. DO YOU UNDERSTAND? THAT IS NASTY! YOU APOLOGIZE TO MICHAEL RIGHT NOW!" Alexia sighs and says "I'm sorry Michael." I said "It's okay, Please don't do that again." Alexia was such a BRAT at that age. Alexia goes to her room and I go straight to the bathroom that she just used. I peed in the toilet and I could smell her poop and I saw that she left skidmarks in the toilet but I didn't care about that. And that's my story. I'll post again later. Until next time, Happy Pooping.

Victoria B.

Toilet Bowl and Seat Survey


I was sitting on the toilet and pushing out a few logs this morning when I thought of a new survey topic: toilet bowl and seat preferences! Here goes.

Do you prefer an elongated or round bowl?

Public toilets:
White seats or black seats?
Do you use toilet paper/seat covers on the seat or do you sit down bare butt?
Which do you prefer, a more flat seat or a contoured seat?

Private toilets:
Flat or contoured seat?
Bare butt or covered seat?
What's your preferred seat material among plastic, wood, or soft/padded?
Cover or no cover on the lid?

My answers!
I prefer an elongated bowl.
Love the retro black look.
Bare buns for both since potty training!
Give me a contoured seat over a flat one any day.
Plastic, but I don't mind a good wooden seat in an older bathroom. I can't stand the padded seats though!
I think lid covers are super tacky, especially the fuzzy ones!

What do you think?



For Kathleen

Hi Kathleen, I am a 12 year old girl and I can totally relate to your daughters! I would often come home from school after a busy day, and desperate for a poo. Do you have any other stories of your girls? What are your girls like?


School bathroom instruction

My daughter Darcee is in a gifted student program and was allowed to skip one grade; therefore, she's the youngest student in her middle school and in this large school there's little bathroom privacy (no privacy doors on the toilet cubicles and there's some really mean girls who are older and seek to intimidate the younger ones).

But my Darcee's learning and fighting back.

First, I put six dresses on my credit card and now she's got more privacy sitting on the toilet; jeans and shorts pulled down while she sat just invited trouble. Second, this 9th grader would stand right at the cubicle entryway, hear Darcee's urine splash into the bowl and when it stopped, expect her to immediately stand and vacate. But my sitting an extra minute or so Darcee is often able to have her bowel movement; its something she needs to do to prevent constipation. This aggressive girl called her a @itch and kicked at her. But as Darcee sat her ground, this girl turned and shoved another student into one of the sinks and as they were arguing, Darcee grabbed off the remaining squares of toilet paper, quickly placed them in her backpack and exited when the classroom warning bell rang. Third, I've taught Darcee to try and take her crap first and then do her urination, because when the mean girls hear splash of the pee end, they start getting more restless for a seat. Unfortunately there are only eight cubicles in the bathroom.

How are the others of you parents or students on this board dealing with their bathroom problems. Extra advice is always welcome.

Monday, October 14, 2019


Ideal Poop

I saw a recent post on the ideal poop. Mine would be an enema poo or multiple enema poos because that is the most effective way of cleaning my Colon. I would have a therapist assisting me. I would not want to be rushed and due to the situation I would have no clothes on. I would sit on the pot and chat whilst having my body rubbed. Feels so good after. Last time at the end I put my trousers back on and I thoughts they belonged to someone else.... seemed to big! I must have been carrying a pile of shit!!!!

Hospital worker

An ER Poop... and I want to hear more hospital stories!

I work as a nurse's aide at a hospital in a large college town. We get a lot of car accidents, alcohol poisoning, etc, but I was sent to triage a college aged girl and her friend and wasn't expecting to see two sober girls, one crying softly as she rocked back and forth, holding her stomach.

I was afraid she might have appendicitis and got her into a cubicle. As the poor girl curled up in a ball and cried as I tried to ask questions about her eating and bathroom habits, her friend whispered to me that she hadn't pooped in 2 weeks! She was a freshman and was putting on that Freshman 15 but couldn't bring herself to poop in the communal bathrooms in the dorms. I thanked her, took a few vitals, and updated the on-call doctor. It was a slow night so it didn't take long. After some bloodwork and an x-ray was determined that she was, in fact, full of shit.

The young girl, slightly ???? with dark hair, was sensitive so this news was given to her with sensitivity. We had very few beds available in the hospital so the doctor ordered soapy warm enemas until clear, with manual disimpaction as needed. Only then, if she hadn't improved, she'd be admitted for a surgical consult. This was explained to her as well and she was scared but determined that she didn't want a surgery. We'd only have access to a portable commode. We did have a couple of bathrooms proper, but they were public with stalls and what we were able to do so... well, it wasn't the place.

I got a coworker (slow night, remember?) Claire to help me out. As she prepared a large and soapy enema, I double-gloved and explained that I was going to lubricate her anus and rectum and try to clear any blockages. I asked her friend to step out of the room but the patient asked if she could stay. I told the friend it would be really messy and smelly and embarrassing, but she said they'd been friends since grade school and she wanted to stay and comfort her, since they were both far from family.

The patient had been in a backless gown but covered in blankets. I removed the blankets and revealed her large but smooth cheeks. "Ok, I'm going to slowly insert a finger with a lot of lube and see what we have, just try to breathe", I said. The friend stood by her head on the opposite side and held her hand. The patient squeezed her hand as I felt around the very large blockage in her anus. "I am going to use two fingers..." I began "NO!" she cried "It hurts". "I"m sorry, I know, but it's going to hurt a lot coming out, but we are all here to help". "Yes, and it's less painful than surgery", added her friend. I lubed a second finger and used a hooking motion to remove several large chunks of poo as the patient cried and was comforted by her friend.

Just about then, Claire came with the enema bag, already hung up, and a portable commode. "Ok," I said, "I've gotten a good amount of poo out of you but you have been backed up for weeks. You will need soapy water to clear out your bowels. You will probably need more than one. I know it might hurt but remember that poo is toxic and you will have to have surgery if we can't clear you out". The patient looked at the enema, the commode, cried even louder but nodded. She hid her head in her pillow as her friend comforted her.

We got her in a knee-chest position, which was painful for her (and showed HOW MUCH she was backed up) but high and hot works best for large blockages. I explained every step of the process as I used a larger tip with a balloon to help her retain (I figured she'd have issues with that) that we could slow down and take breaks if it hurt too much but she had to take it all and hold it in for at least 30 minutes. She was so upset at this point that I don't know how much she got from that but her friend nodded as she used tissues to wipe her friend's eyes. Claire had brought the portable commode but also placed a bedpan under the patient just in case.

Now's probably the time to mention that we were only separated from other patients and staff by curtains.

I slowly insert the tip of the tube, which she takes quietly. I turn the water on slowly and after a few minutes she starts to moan "I need a toilet!". "I'll take a break for now, but you will have to hold more than that ok. Just breathe through it. At this time I inflated the balloon so nothing would come out, which made her shriek. I apologized but explained again that she had to hold all the enema or have surgery. After a minute or two she said to try again.

I had to say I was impressed after that. She cried the whole time as her friend comforted her, but she only asked to stop two more times after that. Not bad for a hot and soapy enema given knee to chest.

But the waiting game started. Claire whispered the enema was done. I said cheerfully "You're all done with this one, but remember..." and before I was finished, the patient got up and plopped on the bedside toilet. "No, no, you have to hold it!"Claire said. The patient yelled "I CAN'T!" as she sobbed and her stomach contracted. She started to huff and strain hard. I immediately check her anus and see that the balloon is doing its' job, but I didn't want the poor girl to injure herself. I told her and the friend that she can hurt herself badly by trying to go then and she had to wait at least 30 minutes. "It gets easier", I lied. We managed to get her back to bed, writhing in pain. It took the three of us calming her, talking to her, distracting her, even holding her butt cheeks together to get her to 30 minutes. By that time she had moved around so much that her hospital gown managed to work its' way off, but we all had way bigger things on our minds. I walked her to the commode, deflated the tube, and pulled out the tip. She looked at the curtains desperately and whispered "They can all hear me" and I told her it was a slow night and almost everyone had heard much worse. She asked me to turn her commode to face a wall, so I did.

She grasped the sides of the commode and finally let loose of all the enema water and a good amount of fecal matter. The smell was... well, I've never smelled anything like it before or since. She gave lots of good hard pushes but was otherwise silent as her bowels started to empty.

Then she started to grunt loudly. We all knew she was embarrassed (Claire had stepped out but the pt said the friend could stay). She grunted a few more times when her friend asked what was wrong. "It's stuck! It isn't working, it has to work, ow!!" she said. She started to grunt even more loudly, HNGGGGG. "I can help with that" I replied. More gloves, more lube. I look at her anus and see that there's a large piece of poo that was not moving on its' own. "I'm going to need to help you out with this one ok? Lots of lube and I'll tell you when to push." As I said that, the friend came over with an empty trash can and put her feet on it. "I do this when I'm backed up, is it ok if she tries it, nurse?" Since I could still access her behind, it was fine with me.

I slowly inserted one finger on the side of the huge turd. She moaned in pain as her friend rubbed her legs and stomach. I dug out what I could and then did the same with a second finger. The patient sobbed that she wanted to try to push it out. She pushed hard and strained loudly but this poo was HUGE. After at least 15-20 minutes (on this piece of stool ALONE!) I had to insert two fingers to hold her anus open as her friend wrapped her arm around her stomach and pushed hard. The patient was grunting and sobbing but finally, with a huge clunk, we saw he results. Even though she'd poo'd a lot before, this piece was at least as big around as a coke can. It must have been the main blockage, as the floodgates were now completely unleashed. She again grunted and strained but in much more 'ordinary way" until I realized that her portable toilet was filling up. I peeped out the curtain to find Claire only to notice a gaggle of frat boys, eyes bugging out of their heads. I asked them where they were supposed to be. They were waiting for a friend and sternly told them they needed to be in the patient waiting area. I see Claire and frantically waved her over. All this time we still hear the patient farting and grunting and sighing. "New commode, now", I said. "She filled that whole bucket up?" Claire said in amazement". "Just hurry, please! And bring the cleansing enema!". I go back into the room and see the patient's friend slowly rubbing her stomach as the poor, sweaty, naked patient continued to push out solid poops. Finally, Claire came with the second commode and second enema. We had to wait for a moment where the patient felt she could move without making a mess, then we got her on the second pot and got a hospital gown on her too. I closed the commode lid quickly.

"Why is there another enema?" the patient said, shakily. "We gave you an enema with soap. It can irritate your bowels if we don't wash it out. But believe me, the worst part is over. Claire stayed with the patient as I took the commode to empty.

OH MY GOD. I am talking a large portable commode, not a small bedpan, and it was full almost to the brim with enema water and enormous, solid turds. I could still see the huge coke can we had rid her of. It took me several flushes and a trash bag or two (marked hazardous waste, don't worry) to get it cleaned out.

By the time I got back to the room, the patient had finished a huge dump of soft serve, and I heard her farts and moans of relief as I came in. We gave her a few more minutes to rid herself of more poo and gas as her relief became more evident. She would push a bit (HNGGGGGG... I guess she wasn't shy anymore!) and then sigh with relief as the gas/poo was released. She had barely been able to speak before but she sighed and said "I think I can handle the dorm toilets after all this", which gave us all a laugh.

The second enema was not nearly as eventful, but it was still satisfying to fill his young college girl with water until she whimpered for mercy and watching and listening to her pant and groan until we allowed her on (a new) commode where she grasped the sides, gave a big "HNGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" as the clear water and gas shot out of her like a machine hose.

The whole ordeal from the Dr's order for an emema and the end of her cleansing enema was probably at least 2 hours. At the end she was barely able to walk, red faced, and covered in sweat. I reported back to the doctor, including the measurements of what ended up in the commodes (we have to chart this) and even he was surprised. "I thought for sure we'd have to do surgery. All four of you deserve a pat on the back.". I asked if the pt could stay another 30 minutes or so, have a juice and a bit of a rest, and he said yes.

The patient was almost a totally different person than when she left. She was embarrassed but grateful and we admonished her to use the toilet once a day or every other day at most, and to see her campus doctor for more advice and perhaps medication for chronic constipation.

I have a lot of stories like this (like the one when I was the patient and they couldn't keep up with the bedpans!, but I like to hear stories like these from you guys too. I really liked LuckyLady's story about having to shit on the side of the road and then filling up commodes in the hospital for days. Anyone else have a good hospital poo story?


Constipation History

I have read various post about the getting and managing constipation. Here is my history . As a school boy I did not have a constipation problem, regular however, at the end of my schooling my father died. I started working and studying part time. There was quite an amount of work place bullying which made news very many years later. When I started work I was regular but very tired. I noticed I had a niggling pain in my right side. Doctor said it was nothing . Then one day I did not poo and the next day and the next and then I could only pass rabbit pellets. Friday night came and I took a laxative and the next day it gradually worked. I battled regular constipation and the pain in my side got worse. I could now feel my bloated colon. Easter came and so backed up. I ate a heap and of prunes and took a laxative that night. Next day in the morning had two average motions . That afternoon I had to go out in the car . I was by myself and the urge hit so suddenly. There was a MacDonalds close by. I made a dash for the men's room. Both cubicles were unoccupied. I was so desperate I had no time to close and latch the door..... just tore down my pants and threw my arse on the pot. There was an uncontrolled explosion. I was like an upside down fire hydrant. It all came out in one unbelievable gush. The colour was dark brown and the consistency diarrhoea. I felt so much better I closed the door, wiped and left. Over time my bowels improves. . I took on a high fibre diet with unprocessed brand. . I got a bit more rest. Went to university full time. All was good for very many years and the constipation came back and it was the for runner of my neurological condition. Back to square minus one but my management is so much better.

Michael W.


Hi everyone, Thank you ALL for taking my survey. I'm back with another story. But first...

To Ohio fan: My Ideal Dump is: 1. At home by myself with the door wide open. 2. Shoes: Off-When I'm pooping. I'll take off my pants and boxers if I have to. 3. Soft and/or mushy poop: Noisy or gassy, soft thick logs followed by several smaller and softer pieces that float. 4. Very very smelly. 5. A book to read or my phone. 6. Smoking a cigarette. 7. Taking as long as I need; I'm used to sitting on the toilet for long periods of time.

Now my story. It was April of 2013. I had been working at The Roadhouse for a month. I was still 24 years old. I wouldn't be 25 until the next month. I started college a few months before. Anyways, it was Saturday afternoon and I was getting ready for work-I was scheduled to clock in at 4 pm and I was texting Colleen (The girl from one of my other posts). I put on my work clothes which was a black T-shirt, blue jeans, black dress belt, white crew socks, and black non-slip dress shoes. I didn't feel like putting my shoes on at that moment. I was in the bathroom. I recently got a hair cut and I felt like spiking up my dirty blonde hair so I did. I only spike up my bangs. And then I felt like I had to poop so I undid my belt, pulled my blue jeans and boxers down to my ankles and sat on the toilet. I felt something coming out. I pushed and then Pfffrrrrttt! I farted and no poop. And then I pushed more and more Pffffrrrrrrtttt! Pffffrrrrttttttt! Pffffffrrrrrrrrrtttttttt! I sighed in relief and still didn't feel any poop come out of my butt. My stomach started hurting so I started to give myself a colonic massage. I massaged the right side gently and then made my way to massage the left side. Then I pushed going "Mhmmmmm!" Pfffffrrrrrrttttt! I sighed in relief. I pushed again and then I farted a LOUD one. PFFFFRRRRRRTTTTTT!!! *sigh* Still no poop. My stomach was moaning and groaning. I had one arm around my stomach. I pushed again, again, and again and I farted like 10 LOUD PFFFFRRRRTTTTT!!! farts and sighed in relief each time. Just then Colleen texted me. She said that she was going shopping and buying a new pair of boots. "I've been walking around the store in my socks the whole time I was there trying on different pairs of boots" she texted. "Oohh That's HOT!" I texted. And she texted "Dork." I texted "What do your boots look like?" She sent me a pic of her new boots. And then I texted "They look like Duck Hunting Boots." I told her that I spiked up my hair bcz I felt like it. I took a selfie and sent it to her. She texted "You like one of those guys from 'Grease." Just then I farted a LOUD squeaky fart. BRRRRRRRRPPPP!!! Then a couple of more loud squeaky BRRRRRRPPPPPPP!!!! farts which was like no more than five times. Then I moment of silence. I texted Colleen again and told her that my stomach hurts. She texted "Try Peppermint tea that's what I do with an upset stomach." I texted "I would go out and buy some but I'm stuck in the bathroom at the moment." She texted "You're on the crapper?" I texted "Yes." She texted "Ok just stay seated unitl your stomach stops hurting." I texted "I am." And I continued to text Colleen some more when another loud squeaky BRRRRRRPPPPPPPP!!! fart exploded out of my butt. I texted "What the hell did I eat?" Colleen texted "Maybe your Brother-in-law put Metimucil in your drink. Lol!"And then another loud squeaky BRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!! fart followed by another one, another one, and another one. I pushed and soft Pfffrrrttt! farts shot out of my butt right along with little bits of poop. Pfffrrrtttt! *sigh* Pfffrrrttt! *sigh* Pfffrrrttt! *sigh* Pfffrrrttt! *sigh* Pfffrrrttt! *sigh* Pfffrrrttt! *sigh* And then a moment of silence that lasted for a minute or two. And then the silence got broken when I pushed again and another loud BRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!! fart and then another one followed by 7 more loud sqeaky farts. 5 loud PFFFRRRRRTTTT!!! farts. And then like 10 more soft Pfffrrrrtttt! farts. Then my stomach wasn't hurting anymore. I grabbed the toilet paper and Colleen texted again but I couldn't text back right away. I wiped my butt no more than 10 times. I pulled up my blue jeans and boxers as I stood up, buckled my belt, flushed the toilet, washed my hands, and I put my shoes on. Colleen's text said "Are you OK?" I texted "I am now." She texted "Yay!" All in all, I was on the toilet for 40 minutes. I didn't tell anyone that I stunk up the bathroom. LOL! Then I put my hoodie and black leather jacket on and had my brother-in-law drive me to work. I didn't have time to wash out my hair so I went to work with my hair spiked up. And that's my story. I will post again later, unitl then Happy Pooping.



To Rose Y: When I flushed roaches down the toilet, I would find them by chance. Luckily, they were dead, so I'd pick them up, and simply flush them down the toilet followed by washing my hands of course. I hope this answers your question. Bye!

Cali Guy

To Victoria B:

Loved your story about Robyn and your ability to coach her through her difficult time on the toilet. Does she maintain a decent diet in general? You are a true friend. She clearly trusts you. An experience like that will only strengthen your bond and lead to future shared bathroom activities. Perhaps she will return the favor one day. I think you got cut off mid-story, though. What was the final outcome of that experience? Cheers!


Victoria B.



Just a couple of responses today.

To Anna from Austria: I'm in your camp. I can hide a need to pee pretty well but when it's time for number two I've got what has been called a poop sigh. My eyes get bigger and I let out a big sigh. I had no idea that I did this until it was pointed out to me.

To Rose Y.: I call that a phantom clog and it has happened to me before. You don't have a custom-painted plunger given to you as a birthday gift without having been a serial menace to plumbing!



Rude People in Bathrooms

If I hear someone having a bowel explosion then I think they are fortunate and getting relief . For me constipation is the problem and you hear grunts from me. A couple of times, or should I say a few times fellas have wished me good luck but I do not think anybody has been deliberately rude.

How is everyone? I'm just posting here cuz I really enjoy reading this site and find some of the posts to be oddly relaxing for some reason!

There's some discussion going on about broken locks. I've had experiences with this too but I'm a lot less concerned with it nowadays. In fact sometimes I don't even lock the door because it closes by itself. I've been walked in on plenty of times before. I've even peed/pooped with the door open! It doesn't bother me much anymore. It's just business; and after all, we all do it!

Victoria, what you did for your friend was really nice! Wish I could have a friend like that who would help me through such a thing! Just today I was on the toilet and my stomach got this bad pain while pushing and I started breathing as if I was in labor and just kept pushing and it came out. Really wish I had a hand to hold then though!

I also saw something about girls bullying other girls for pooping. This has happened to me. When I was growing up I was bullied more frequently. Around first grade I'd be going to the bathroom and a group of girls would come and open the door on me and laugh at me. At one point I had just had enough and wanted to gross them out really bad, so I pushed until a long log began hanging from my behind and then I stood up and began walking out of the stall toward them and they looked and saw it hanging out and said ewwwwww and they left me alone after that. It was funny.

My older brother and I are close, and we joke around with each other a lot. When we were younger and I was about 8 and he was around 12, I accidentally walked in on him taking a shower. I started laughing at him and he unexpectedly pointed his penis at the glass shower door and began peeing! I was pretty surprised to see that but was grossed out so I left after that!


to person with IBS who hate when people laugh

I also hate!! Hate hate hate. My friends are same. Maho said, if person laugh when you do a diarrhoea, God send that person to the Hell for ever. We think God is correct very much.

Love from Mina + 3

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