Female student

Pooping along a pilgrim trail

I am studying religion. Of curiosity I joined a group walking a very popular pilgrim trail this summer. Most of the participants were much older than me. A lot of the talking on the trail concentrated on spiritual questions, and certainly also on practicalities, breaks, food, water etc. But I didn't hear a word mentioned about toilet issues. Sometimes we were able to visit facilities along the trail. But often the distance between them was considerable. In the written information material provided before the walking it was mentioned that we should bring toilet paper "because toilets were not always available". I think everyone occasionally had to pee, but I am not that sure if all of us went off to take a dump outside. I am a typical "lunch time" pooper. The strong urge usually appears about 1+ hr after lunch. At that time we mostly were walking. The challenge turned up already one of the first days. I knew that there should be no way around. I just had to go. I slowed down till I was the tail of the group. Then quickly went behind some bushes, pulled shorts down, squatted and fertilized the vegetation. We were walking for three weeks and I guess I used that strategy for around 10 days. Peeing was less complicated as everyone occasionally went behind some bushes to pee when we had breaks. But as days went on I got somewhat curious on the pooping habits for others. Was I the only one of the group pooping outside? Nobody talked about it. But when being somewhat observant it was quite easy to tell that others also did. Walking alone well away from the group was one sign. Not just behind a nearby bush as when to pee. Another sign was just as I did, slowing down to get a bit behind and then hide in the bushes, and so catching up with the group after a few minutes. Several days I walked much together with a mature couple. I saw both of them putting toilet paper in the pocket before. Once I walked in on one of the men in the group when he was squatting with short at the knees. Oh sorry I said and went away. When we met afterwards, he seemed to be a bit embarrassed and said that he had to excuse for what I had to see behind there. "Natural causes you know" he added and smiled a bit. "Don't bother, we all do", I answered. I don't think anyone saw me when actually squatting but once I met one of the men just as I went out of the bushes and he was walking in there. A bit later of curiosity, I went back in there and saw that he had left his wast at the same spot as me. A bit embarrassing. But still amusing to see that our waste was quite similar. Only the pattern of the toilet paper was different. Afterwards I can smile at it, thinking that pooping is the great "equalizer"! A decent grey haired man and a young student, just the same needs, the same activity to get things done and the same result. So why be embarrassed or ashamed?

Dear Victoria:

Thank you for sweet words! I think you are very kind friend to Robyn! I am happy she success! Maho has this problem sometimes. Recently she climb on loo and squat, she says her motion is easier to come out that way. But if Robyn does this, make sure she put off socks, if not, she slip and hurt herself!!

Dear Juliette:

Your story of diarrhoea on hill behind your school warmed my heart. But one thing I feel, you said, you destroy beautiful scene with your pee and poo. I don't think so. Pee and poo is a part of nature. You are in a harmony with nature when you do a huge diarrhoea in nature. No destroy!! Mix of your body function and moonlight and trees and forest and beautiful girl (Juliette) and owl who listen you maybe. You can write beautiful poem! Why you are at school in the night? Is it boarding school?

Love to everyone.

Mina + 3


My niece

A few months ago my sister, her husband, and her kids came out to visit for about a week. They stayed in a hotel since I just had kind of a small apartment. But one day her and her husband also had some other friends in town that they wanted to see. My sister has 2 daughters, Samantha(12) and Jessica(10). Since I knew the area I said why don't I take them out for the day so they could go to visit their friends. There were a few places the girls wanted to go so I said sure and I took them around town. Everything started out fine. They seemed to be having fun and I liked being with them since I don't get to see them that much. I didn't notice at the time but looking back, Samantha looked kind of uncomfortable at times. I did ask her at one point if she was okay but then she smiled and said yes. Toward the end of the day we were about to go back to the hotel. It was a bit of a drive from there, like almost an hour. I asked if they wanted to stop anywhere before we go back. At first they said no but once we started going, Samantha said "sorry but I kind of do have to use the bathroom." I asked Jessica if she did and she said "yeah kind of". Since we were already on the road it took a little while to find something. All I could find was a gas station but there wasn't anything else nearby. That's when I noticed Samantha was kind of upset. She had a little trouble even getting out of the car and I realized she had to go pretty bad. The bathroom was right there so I thought it would be okay, but then suddenly her sister raced ahead of her to get the bathroom. It was just one of those one toilet bathrooms. Samantha yelled "wait!" but Jessica was acting like it was a game. I heard Samantha say "Jessica I have to go now. Please let me go first." But I didn't hear a response. She yelled again and told her sister it was an emergency. She was holding her stomach and crossing her legs so I was getting worried. I came over and also yelled in and asked Jessica if she was almost done. Samantha looked really worried now, like on the verge of tears. I was about to knock on the door to tell Jessica to hurry and then suddenly Samantha gasped and put her hands on her butt then whispered "No!" Then her face went bright red and she let out a big grunt. Then I heard a loud crackling sound coming from behind her. I couldn't believe what was happening. She stood there outside the bathroom pooping her pants. I was kind of in shock, all I could do was stare. A few seconds later after she had already pushed a lot of poop into her pants she squatted down and continued pushing. She put her head down because she had also started crying. Wow did she ever have to go bad. The seat of her pants had a giant bulge and it was still growing. Jessica finally came out but it was too late. Samantha just stayed squatting there pushing. I was still shocked and didn't know what to do. After like a minute when I thought she was done I said "Let's go in I'll help you clean up" but in tears she said she still had to go and then started grunting and I could hear a lot of noise coming from her pants again. She was wearing kind of tight jeans and I was actually worried if her pants would hold everything until she finished and we could get her cleaned up.

I thought I would take her sister back to the car, since she was not helping. When she came out of the bathroom she looked down at Samantha and after a few seconds she blurted out "Are you crapping your pants?" Then she was kind of giggling about her older sister, who was clearly devastated, having an accident right outside the bathroom. I was getting kind of mad at Jessica at that point. I told her to stop laughing and took her to the car to give Samantha some privacy since she was STILL going, then I'd come back and help her try to clean up. When I came back she was just standing there crying. I went to go comfort her and then when I got close I saw the bulge in her pants and I had to keep myself from yelling 'Whoa!". I couldn't believe how big the bulge in her pants was.

I didn't know what to do about a 12 year old who just had a GIANT accident. I didn't even know where to start. But I knew she felt terrible and I wanted to help. Her clothes were back at the hotel so all she could do for now was empty out the mess and then wear the same pants until we got back to the hotel. I thought maybe I could buy her new ones for at least the trip home but there was nothing really nearby and I think she just wanted to go back. I stood outside the bathroom while she tried to clean up and I offered to help if she needed anything but she didn't want me to come in with her. Which makes sense, she probably just wanted privacy at that point so I stood outside and kept an eye on Jessica and waited. When she finally came out of the bathroom she looked really miserable and was still crying. The bulge was at least gone, I think she had just thrown her underwear in the garbage (since by the time she was done her accident, it was way too big to flush) then just put her jeans back on. I got her back in the car so we could go back but she was very upset and still crying a little the whole way back. I guess it didn't help that she was still wearing her pants that she pooped in and were probably still pretty messy.

When we got back her mother knew something was wrong so I had to explain what happened. I tried to sugar coat it since I felt really bad for Samantha and didn't want to embarrass her even more, especially being the older sister and having her younger sister kind of teasing her for it. I said it was my fault because I couldn't find a bathroom. Which is kind of true but Samantha was acting like it wasn't very urgent. But still her mom went to question her.

Well after a long conversation she had with her mom asking what happened, Samantha finally confessed. And I was concerned so I asked later. What I found out is I guess she'd been trying to hold it the whole trip until she got back home, meaning she had been holding it for about a week by then! That explains why her accident was SO big. When I saw the bulge in her pants I didn't think that much could even fit inside her. She had to go pretty bad for a while but didn't say anything and right before we stopped, her stomach cramped up badly and finally she realized she couldn't hold it anymore so that's when she told me she needed a bathroom. But then her sister beat her to the bathroom. Anyway, she was very embarrassed for a long time and I get it. I think I would've died of embarrassment in her position. I'm actually still kind of mad at Jessica for the way she acted after her poor sister's accident. I mean she was so obviously devastated and embarrassed. I saw her again a couple months later and she seemed kind of shy toward me I guess because I witnessed her accident which I totally get too. But she seemed to come around after a while and I think she's doing okay now.

Anyway that's it for now, thanks for reading!

Georgie P
Georgie P back again. Had another buddy dump experience the other day I'd like to share. Just a note though: I'm a guy so please refer to me using male pronouns.

The other night I was chatting with my friend and thought I might have to poop. I asked if he wanted to watch and he said yes. Went into the bathroom and I assumed the normal position: pants and underwear off, one leg on one side of the toilet, the other foot on the wall next to the toilet for full view of my vulva and anus. I began to pee and my friend watched as it came out. Must've been at least a minute long stream! I looked down and saw that it was a pretty solid stream, and it was kind of going toward the front of the toilet bowl, so if the stream was even a little stronger I would've made a mess! He giggled and I did too. "Whoa" he said. "That's a lot."

Once I finished with that, I began pushing. He could see my anus contracting and opening and closing as I pushed, so he said "okay it's pushing time huh? You can do this, push!"

I pushed and I felt something coming out. I pushed again and he said "it's coming! It's right there, just keep pushing, you've got this" and a few pushes later it dropped into the toilet bowl and I sighed and he said "good job!" I must've pooped a good 5 or 6 turds.

I got my foot on the wall down and just kept my legs splayed on the toilet. Once again I let him wipe me. He got some toilet paper and wiped my vulva, which was easy since my legs were wide open. I watched as he did that. And then he went a little further back to wipe my butt. He wiped my butt and then before he dropped it into the toilet bowl he showed it to me. It took about 5 or 6 wipes.

He would reach back between my legs to wipe my butt, exactly how he wiped my vulva but just put his hand further back to wipe, so he had to go past my vulva again to show it to me. During one wipe, when he was about to show it to me, he accidentally touched my vulva with the poopy wipe. We know the importance of not letting feces get into the genitals, so once he was done wiping me he got a washcloth, wet it, put some mild soap on it and gently washed my vulva. He got a paper cup and put water in it and dumped it between my legs to wash away the soap. Then he dried me and I got up. We both admired my creation and flushed and washed our hands.

Sneezing pee

Thought this was a toiletstool-worthy story. So basically the other day I was at my boyfriends house. We've been together for a while. We were hanging out at his house. He was on the couch and I was in a big chair. It was one of those chairs that is kinda like a one person sofa because you can sink into it. It's made of leather.

We were joking around and stuff and I was laughing pretty hard....then out of nowhere I sneezed. My face turned bright bright bright red and I planned to wait for him to go out of the room for something and then I'd tell him I'd spilled water or something. But he caught on quickly.

"Did you just have an accident?" he asked nonchalantly.

"Yeah....." I said, my face probably redder than a tomato at this point.

"It's nothing to be ashamed of, we all do it," he reminded me. "Plus we've been together a long time. Nothing to be embarrassed about."

He came over and, since it was just him and I in the house at the time, while I was still laying in the chair he slipped my pants and panties off and took a look at them, and threw them in the washer so I wouldn't have to be in pee soaked pants and undies. Next he lifted my legs up and looked under to see the damage. "Oh that's not bad at all" he said. "You acted like you made a huge mess."

He went into the kitchen and got a wet paper towel and he began to wipe me with it (in between my legs, you know, my v, and my butt). Then he wiped me again once I stood up. I went and sat on the toilet just in case any more decided to come out, and it did but not without a bit of a struggle!

I knew I had to pee again, but for some reason I couldn't. I was pushing to pee but nothing would come out but I'd feel it. My boyfriend was sitting in front of me just a few feet away on the side of the bathtub. He joked "well your pee isn't great at what it's supposed to do: to come out and not stay in there!" After a few mins I kept trying to go and he said "babe, it's okay, obviously you don't have to do any more and that's okay!" But I said "no I definitely have to pee more" and he said "ok well try your hardest and if you can't then we can come back" and I said "yeah it's a little hard to pee when someone is staring at your p***y" and we both laughed. Eventually a few spurts of pee came out. Since it took hours for the washer and dryer, I was naked below the waist for hours. But my bf was very mature about it and he knew I was self conscious about those parts but he saw past that to help me. Another plus side of being bottomless is that you don't have to pull your pants down when getting on the toilet because you can just sit down because you're naked!

A question to everyone with a vagina: does your pee stream go weird? Mine seems to split up, go in different directions. I've seen others pee but haven't seen that except maybe once or twice!


bad curry desperation

Hi all,

ive been reading on the board for many years and I thought I should start to recount some of my poo desperation stories.

A couple weeks ago I had a double close call while driving. After having lunch at a rest stop I started feeling a bit odd and before too long my bowel started to churn making me think something wasnt right with my curry. I had to drive for a bit to reach another rest area with toilets and quickly parked and hurried off in search of them holding my ????.

Unfortunately when I burst into the ladies both stalls were in use and a college-age girl was hunched over waiting. I joined her and asked if shed been here long and she answered a few minutes. Despite her desp look I was about to ask to cut since I had really bad diarrhea when both stalls flushed within moments of each other allowing us to both hurry in. I heard her rip her pants down as I lifted my skirt.

She gasped Oh god as I sighed and we both exploded with the runs, both of us squirting into the toilets side by side. Suddenly a couple minutes in the door flew open and a lady in heels rushed in, trying both our stalls and shouting "oh no please somebody get out im desperate!"

The girl just groaned and I said sorry we dont feel well to which she said she was about to erupt too and to hurry. She was running up and down in front of my stall and begged to hurry every few moments. After maybe 7 minutes I felt a bit better and thought I could make the short drive home - big mistake! - to finish there while the girl in the other stall was still erupting.

I flushed and opened the stall when the lady, about 25 in a business suit rushed in almost running me over, her skirt already up and a big stain on her panties. Before I was fully out of the stall she was squatting and just exploded. I grimaced and left quickly, still feeling queasy leaving them to squirt. Going out into the parking lot I passed another university student hurrying the other way clutching her stomach! Shell be in trouble I thought and hurried to my car when it hit me again. Oh shit, I thought, shouldve stayed on the can! I instantly turned and ran after the girl knowing id never make it home. I tried to beat her but she reached the ladies first with me right behind. Seeing both stalls taken she yelled "Anna arent you done! I got it too and gotta go NOW!"

"Not yet im trying!" was the reply as the girl took position in front of her friends stall, one hand on her behind.

I hobbled past her to the other stall id just given up and knocked "Are you almost done? I really gotta go again" I said, clenching my butt hard. "Im sorry Im not nearly done" the lady replied between splatters of poo. I groaned and started poo dancing in front of the stall listening to both stalls squirting and watching the other girl poo dance too. She kept knocking and begging Anna to let her poo, finally sobbing "its coming out let me in!" I guess Anna took pity on her cause she opened the door pulling up her pants "im not done just goa minute" she started but the other girl pushed her out the stall and slammed the door, sobbing and cursing as she dropped her pants and started her runs.

Anna blushed and stared at me poo dancing, standing a bit off as I tried not to crap myself with the lady still going on and off until only 2 or 3 minutes later she got a weird look and grabbed her stomach. "round 2 for you too?" I asked and she nodded, coming behind me "hurry up I still have to finish" she shouted "me too" I added holding my rear.

Finally, after almost 15 minutes and literally a minute from me filling up my panties the lady flushed "finally hurry up!" I shouted hiking up my skirt in preparation. "are you done too I cant wait" Anna said pounding on the other stall "no way" her friend replied. "let me in we can share" she gasped, hand flying to her bum as she started loosing it.

I hurried into my stall and barely got my panties away as I exploded for the second time, moaning in relief. I stayed on there for a good 15 minutes as Anna and her friend finished their poos together, I guess bum-on-bum as I sometimes too with desperate friends.

Was quite an experience, Im guessing all 4 of us had the same curry!

That happen to others that you thought you could let somebody else take the loo just to have to hurry back and wait with round 2?

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