Molly A.

To Callie (Finally!)

Hey Callie! So finally this last weekend, that woman i told you about did pee in my couch. When she came to pick up her daughter, who was over with my daughter, the two girls talked her into doing it, and of course i also told her she could do it if she wanted. And so she agreed to do it. I was so glad she did. I really liked the idea of her peeing in my couch. There was one downside to it, but it was something i can respect. The downside was that she didnt want anyone else to be in the room with her while she peed. She wanted privacy. I can understand that. Of course I was hoping that we were close enough friends that she wouldnt mind if i was in there with her. But i can understand her point of view too. She just wanted some privacy while she did her business. And so thats how it went. We all left the room and she sat on the couch and had her pee. She did make a nice puddle in the couch, right in the middle cushion. And so she had a nice pee right in my couch.

Ryan F. i liked your post! My son also pees in the bathroom the same way you did. He pees right up against the wall, right onto the tiles. The pee just flows down the wall and most of it actually goes into a gap between the tile at the bottom of the wall and the vinyl flooring. Our house is on a slab so it doesnt leak into a basement or anything, so i'm not worried about it. I just let him do his business there. There is also a small gap between the sink cabinet and one of the walls, and he also likes to pee there.

Take care!

I stayed at a Youth Hostel, and the mens toilet was 2 stalls together

The next stall was on a higher level than mine, and the two were seperated by a thin sheet ofplywood

Someone came in the next stall, and I could hear everything

My ear was on a level with his arse, and only a couple of inches

He was farting and the shit was crackling out of his bum hole

He was totally liberated, plopping away

Anna from Austria

Dear Mina, please tell your friends a big thank you from me for their nice words.

It is ok though. I am just amused by such a weird and inpolite behavior.

I will also answer your question about the toilet.

In Autrian homes both types are common. There are houses or flats where the toilet is in the same room as the bathtub, and there are some homes were the toilet and the bathub are in different rooms.

I have always lived in homes where the toilet was in separate room. I like this way best.

If everything was in the same room it might lead to some inconvenant situations.

Taking a bath/shower or brushing the teeth in the morning right after my morning Motion might be bit unpleasant.

So I am glad I can do Things in different rooms.

greetings from Austria


Kevin RZ
I have lots of poop stories. Sometimes I get an upset stomach, and I don't make it to the bathroom in time. One time I went out with some friends and it was pretty late. We decided to go to a restaurant and get something to eat. I had a chicken sandwich. I remember feeling my stomach feeling weird as I ate it, but ignored it. Before we went out, I parked my car in some store's parking lot. As we left the restaurant, I could tell my stomach was not feeling well and that there may be a possibility of diarrhea. I didn't want to make everyone wait, so I didn't say anything. After about 10 minutes, we arrived at my car and I definitely had to go. It was coming, and there was nothing I could do about it. I was talking with someone and saying goodbye when it tried to come out. I danced a little bit to keep it in. It worked. I just played it off, and acted as if nothing was wrong. I politely excused myself (I do that a lot) and went to my car. I discretely put newspaper on the seat before I got in. My house was a15 minute drive away. I didn't want to go to the Walmart nearby. I knew I'd have to find a parking space and walk in to the store. I was afraid I'd poop in my pants in front of everyone and make a public spectacle of myself. I just drove home. I tried to come out a few times, but I held it back. Finally, I just couldn't do it anymore and it all came out while I was driving. I was wearing some regular Hanes briefs. They were navy blue. During the rest of the ride home, my butt was slipping and sliding in my underwear. I got home and started cleaning up. I didn't bother wiping out my underwear. I just threw them away. My jeans were salvaged though. You couldn't even tell anything happened to them even though they were soaked through. Anymore, if I have to go that badly, I'll just let it go and not risk hurting myself.


Reply to Mina

Good to hear you are all well.
To answer your question, over here in Germany, at least in the area where I live, most apartments and smaller houses have the bath and toilet in the same room. It is normal for us so I never thought about it much, but it certainly is inconvenient at times.

weird guy


I'm all over the map. sometimes my crap is loose and watery. other times it's firm, and like yours about the thickness of 1-2 fingers.
yes I have had to shut off the pee flow before to get on the toilet. I often will stand to pee first if I have to do both, unless the poop pressure is too much. I have been "ambushed" in the past. luckily I live alone, so I have my toilet all to myself

weird guy

back after a hiatus

been crazy here in st Louis with the Stanley cup. not much going on bathroom wise lately. I did however have a turd a couple days ago that took about a minute to pass before it broke off. I looked in the mirror on my shower door next to my toilet. when I wiped, the toilet paper was nearly clean. catch you all later. thanks

Victoria B.

To Mina, Rose and Taylor

To Mina: It seems that bathrooms here in the US and Canada tend to have toilet, tub, and sink in the same room. I've honestly never seen a toilet in a separate room in all the bathrooms I've used in someone's apartment or house here. Do I prefer it this way? Completely different conversation. I'd much rather have a separate room for the toilet; it's more sanitary and it allows for someone to bathe, wash their face or brush their teeth while someone uses the toilet and goes as much as they need to without having to worry about hearing it from someone else about taking too long. At this point I'd settle for a washlet first though!

To Rose: Thank you for your kind words. I've always enjoyed your posts here and look forward to more of them!

To Taylor: Your last story was delightful and gave me a spirit of joie de vivre (and something that sounds both naughty and fun to do the next time I'm caught in the rain!)

Love and happy pooping to all,

Friday, June 21, 2019


Poop size

What is everyone's average poop size? I feel like mine are normally small, about one to two fingers wide.



I wet my pants super badly today. I had gone out for lunch with a friend and, as it was a hot and humid day, drank a lot of water without really giving it much thought. I had a few errands to run afterwards, and that's when I realized maybe I'd overdone it on the water. I shopped around some and in the dollar store, it really hit me. In the checkout line I began to wonder if I'd make it back to my car, let alone the 25 minute drive home.

I crossed my legs as subtly as possible and walked briskly out to my car. I knew at that point I wasn't going to make it home and I didn't really want to pee myself in the car, but as I looked around the parking lot there were way too many cars and people passing by that would notice if I had an accident right there. So I hopped in the driver's seat, drove over to an adjoining parking lot, and found a parking space that was secluded and covered by a row of waist-high bushes. There was another car parked relatively close with a man in it, but he was talking on the phone and I hoped he wouldn't witness what I was about to do. At this point it would have to do, because I was running out of time and bladder control. I stepped gingerly out of my car, opened the back door and pretended to search through items in the backseat. Simultaneously, I relaxed my pelvic muscles and released the floodgates. I was wearing looser shorts with no underwear, and was leaning forward a little, so a wet patch spread quickly through the crotch of my shorts and my pee splashed out of the leg holes, trickled down my legs, and formed a puddle on the asphalt. After a few seconds I panicked a little bit as the reality of what I was doing in public started to set in. I crossed my legs and regained control even though I still had to pee rather badly.

When I sat back down in my car, the pee started to soak through the seat immediately and began to feel cold and clammy against my thighs. I figured what was the point of holding it now, since my shorts and the seat were already wet, so as I was driving I let go again. It took a moment to start my stream at first but then I lifted my butt up slightly and pee hissed out, dripping through my shorts onto the car seat.I felt instant warmth spread across my butt and then pool up between my legs. The puddle grew faster than the car seat could soak it up, but I couldn't stop it now if I tried. When I braked at one red light the puddle almost spilled out onto the floor. Finally I made it home, cold and soaked, and had to run to my front door before any neighbors spotted my obviously wet shorts. A car drove by and I had to use the storm door to cover my butt, but I don't think anyone saw.


I was thinking....

When I read post, always bathroom includes bathtub, washbasin, toilet. I don't see so much post where toilet is separate room. I wonder what is reality? When I was Wales, my host family's house which rather old had 2 loos, one downstairs and one upstairs, and both were separate with bathroom which was upstairs. In Japan most of people hate that bathtub and toilet are same room. I also hate, and my friends too.

What do this site friends think about this? Which one you like better? And which one you have? We are interested very much.

Love from Mina and H M K

P.S. Our city is not city which had earthquake. My parents and Hisae's parents also very fine.


To S

S: sorry to hear your poops are difficult! As for pooping in school, I was never embarrassed by the act itself. Rather, I was embarrassed by the way my teachers approached my leakage. I had to wear pull ups, and even Depends because of my cerebral palsy as a child, but as stated to others on this site, I don't need that stuff anymore. Basically, my teachers thought this was on purpose. My poop today was rather boring since it was on the smallish side, and was somewhat smelly. As for what I said about my "birthday" bracelet, I'd like to correct that, and state it was actually bought on the day before my birthday. Welcome to the forum S, and I look forward to stories from you. Bye!


A pee turned into a poo

Do some guys ever stand at the urinal to pee and mid-stream, you feel a poo start to come on and you have to quickly finish peeing and take a cubicle to finish your business? It happened to a friend of mine yesterday before class.

Me and two other guys (Adam and Rhys) headed to the mens' room before a class. The uni toilet has two urinals and two stalls. Adam and Rhys took the two urinals, so I had to wait behind them for a few minutes (I won't use stalls for a pee unless I'm desperate, prefering to leave it for guys who need to poo). A few seconds later, Adam suddenly said, "Actually, I need to shit", quickly zipped up and headed for a stall. Stepping up next to Rhys to have my pee, Adam closed the stall door and took a seat. As Rhys and I peed, we heard a huge log drop into the toilet, followed by a huge fart. Rhys started laughing and said, "Damn, that bomb dropped!" Adam chuckled as he let out a few more logs. Rhys and I finished peeing and headed to class. Adam was a few minutes before he came in.

Ohio toiletstool fan

Ideal farts and poops.

Hi all. So about a week ago i posted absolute praise for Arianna's first two posts. For some reason my post hasn't shown up even though I submitted. So Arianna, I just read your last post. Since you like farting like i do, i hope you have plentiful gas and great stinky dumps on the regular.
So as i said, i love farting and shitting. They both feel great, especially when they're a product of healthy eating and digestion. Also, it seems the smellier the gas/shit are, the better they feel. So when i can, i try my best to induce tons of gas and monumental poops, without laxatives. Cereal, beans, apples, coffee, etc, i wish i could eat and drink as much of whatever gives me the most farts and poops. Another thing; i take the texture of my poop seriously. Meaning, i love soft poop, not runny, but soft. Pushing out with little effort is perfect for me. I also like gassy noisy dumps where there's lots of small sausage like turds in the toilet (forgive me if gross - what can i say,butt emissions is my 2nd favorite physical pleasure).
My questions for all is:
1. What's your ideal perfect poop - what texture, volume, strength of smell?
2. Do you try to eat or drink certain things, besides laxatives, to give you your perfect poop? Is so, what do you eat/drink for it?

Victoria B.

Morning mix-up


I farted my way up and out of bed this morning with the realization that there was fire to go with the smoke. The urge became so strong that I didn't even bother to find my glasses before making the way across the hall from my bedroom to my bathroom. I flipped the lights on, closed the door and strode over to my toilet before proceeding to sit down with a full and fully clothed bottom. My sweatpants and undies were still on! I bolted up and tore them down before taking a seat again. Three medium-sized logs rode a plume of gas out of my now-naked cheeks as my bladder drained about a liter of hot pee into the bowl below. It was all over within thirty seconds and the feeling of relief was tremendous! I then took a nice long shower and got started with my day!


This is second time I write today, but Maho asked me to write. She is tremble with a rage. This is message from her to Anna from Austria:

"Why she accuse you! No proof! Many cubicles in that loo! If I (Maho) am there, I duck her head in loo water for long time."

Maho is now little bit quieter. Hisae calm her, Hisae is very good at do that. We talked. Hisae said, maybe that woman is unhappy about other thing. Perhaps she fight with husband in car just before she enter loo? But we all agree, you (Anna) did best thing, go out of loo without shout to her. Then she go to loo and find out it refuse to flush. And she will be ashamed.

Maho just now said in little voice, "I want to do motion on that woman's face." Hisae now giving her massage because she still angry, it seems.

Now Maho crying. She said me, "I am bad to be angry, but I pity Anna so much! Please tell to her." So I tell.

And we think that woman is ashamed now because she said bad thing. If she is not ashamed, she is bad woman truly, and you are good, so you are better than her.

Love from Mina

weird guy

back after a hiatus

been crazy here in st Louis with the Stanley cup. not much going on bathroom wise lately. I did however have a turd a couple days ago that took about a minute to pass before it broke off. I looked in the mirror on my shower door next to my toilet. when I wiped, the toilet paper was nearly clean. catch you all later. thanks


Live hard poop + encouragement

Hello everyone! Hope all is well. Today I'm gonna try to do a live poop! I hope anyone out there who needs the encouragement will use this.

Special shout out to Arianna, Lavah, Constiguy and Tammy for their stories about pooping struggles. It's good to read stories from kindred spirits!

Okay I just sat down on the toilet, I feel my poop pretty close to my hole. Since I've stopped taking my medication, my poops have been hard again, so its been 4 or 5 days since I've gone.

I'm peeing right now and I already feel like this is gonna be a hard one (wish me luck!)

Okay Im pushing lightly and my poop is not affected at all, this is gonna take some work.

nnnnggh! Im pushingg harder now (sorry about typos, its hard to push and text at the same time haha.) and it is slowly starting to move to my hole. deep breath

and im pushing again its getting very close to my hole, but feels much wider than it, so im still in for some struggle.

I'm already panting, so this is gonna be fun :/

immm pushing harder now its touching my hole but i have to force it out because its so wide. i dont know how much harder i can push, this feels like a massive turd. its about to poke out gggghhhH!

okay its barely poking out and i need to catch my breath, if your having a hard poo, just push with me

Okay 3...2...1..

Okay im pushing even harder now and its really starting to poke out, its painful and stretching me so widee nggghh keep pushing!

okay the heads out, but its only getting wider so im gonna push as hard as possible. Inhale...Exhale...

come on come out its barely movingggg. Im pushingg so hard and its trying to go back in my butt ngggh keep straining dont be afraid to grunt

Okay its now trying to come back in and im pushing to keep it out im exhausted but if i catch my breath itll get sucked back in.

okay im taking a quick deep breath and pushinnggg again it moved in a bit but im making progress. come on come out!

its hanging out now but still so thick im pushing so hard but it just wont move.

Okay i pushed it out enough so it wont go back in, im taking a deep breath, spreading my cheeks and getting this turd out

i think its coming! alllmost


whew! that was a work out. It looks almost 9 inches long. I hope you all had a successful poop if you went too. I have to go wipe now, talk to you all later!


Welcome back Victoria B! I'm looking forward to hearing more of your stories! I really enjoyed your story about flushing your underwear down.

I've never flushed my own underwear before. However, I remember a number of years ago I was in a washroom at a school, and I went into a stall and discovered a pair of panties in the toilet. There were a few pieces of toilet paper below them, and i could see some stains on them. I wasn't sure what to do, but all of the stalls were full and I quite desperately needed to pee, so I did. I sat down, and began filling the bowl with my pale yellow stream.

When I finished up and wiped myself, I didn't want people to think they were mine. So, down the toilet they went. I pushed the handle, and water flooded in to meet the pee, paper and panties. The last i saw of them was floral print swirling away

would like to stay a

Post Title (optional)IBS d diarrhea urgency

Ok so this happend today it was a bad experience but anyway yesterday was a family friends birthday we went out to eat and I got some curry I don't usually eat curry cause it's one of my triggers but I thought Uno what it's a special occasion so I ate it big mistake biggest mistake ever

So to the current day I woke up with abit of an uneasy stomach after breakfast I went the toilet and was popping for about 10 mins it felt like mushy lava I realised I had to leave the house for work or I'll be late so I got up off the toilet and ran to my car and drove off 10 mins away from work the same feeling came back but worse I really needed the toilet again as soon as I got to work I went to the toilet to proceed to poop for about 25 mins the same lava mush but bit less solid I knew this wasn't going to be a good day but at the end of the day that seemed to be it for my diarrhea I only had 2 bouts in the morning until I got the worst cramp ever as I was driving home and it just started gushing out I completely filled my pants I was so embbarassd it was so mushy and it was obvious when I got out my car that I popped myself


Awkward bathroom experience

I had an awkward visit to the toilet at home when i was in my early 20's.I would mention we never practiced nudity around the house.
My mum was downstairs,so assumed she was busy,and i was already upstairs,so i went into the toilet as i was starting to feel the urge to poop (the door has no lock).A few minutes later, i was still trying to pass a motion,when suddenly the door opened and my mum walked right in,and was stood facing me about 2 feet away ! She looked taken aback and said she was so sorry but she had no idea i was there.I guess some people reading this might think i am being a bit silly,but i felt embarrassed that she had now seen my penis as an adult.She asked me if i was doing my biz,so i told her yes,but i hadn't managed it yet.She said she had come up to do her biz as well,and also wanted a wee-wee.I asked if she wanted to go before me,but she said she would wait outside until i had finished.

I must admit i don't find it easy going to the toilet with anyone in close proximity,and after another 10 minutes passed with nothing happening,my mum asked if i was managing okay,so i just said to give me a bit longer.Shortly after.i succeeded in passing a 6-7 inch light brown log and a couple of smaller size logs.I finished off as quick as i could and then let my mum come in


Tammy I really liked your post and I hope you post again soon.

Sir Beaver on the Rocks

My experiences

I had a bathroom experience with my friend when we were both 10. It was pretty cool.

I've also had one with a cousin when I was 15 and she was 14. It's fascinsating how kids at that age are so open-minded about such things.

Last but not least, I enjoy taking a crap alone now and then, because it is both necessary and useful.

My wife poops too.

I really enjoy this site and hope that people will reply because I'm so lonely and all that.

P.S.: I like toilets but they are dirty, so I try to avoid them. Thank you very much.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019


First Post/Intro

Hello, everyone! I've been lurking this site for a very long time, and I figured I should finally post something, so here I am! I'm a 15 year old boy, with brown hair that is often rather messy and hard to keep where I want it. I'm the runt where I go to school, everyone else is so much taller and older looking than I am! Compared to them sometimes I think I look like I belong in middle school instead.

As for my poos, I'm not the most consistent by any means, so it could be 1-3 days between motions. They're usually rather difficult to push out as a result, but the masochist in me sort of takes this as a challenge. (It's never TOO hard) As a kid I used to be really embarassed about the thought of making noise, so when I would strain and push, I would usually be quiet about it. In recent times I've been starting to have to make a little bit of noise, but I still refuse to use school/public bathrooms. I find it nice to know that some of the other posters have similar problems to mine.

I feel like I've rambled long enough, so I will end my intro here. I may post a story later today, even if I don't I'm sure I'll get around to it sooner or later. I hope we can get along!

To S: Don't be embarrassed about making noise when you push your poop out! I usually have big, firm turds and need to grunt when I go. It's nothing to be ashamed of. My mom and sister do it too, you're not alone.

To Steve A: I usually need multiple flushes to get my loads down and it's not uncommon for me to clog the toilet, but I dunno if that is because the flush is weak or because my dumps are too big.

I only had one poop today, in the morning. I pushed out 3 big turds without too much trouble. It took about 5 minutes and felt amazing. I'm starting to get really gassy because I missed my evening poop. I enjoy farting but I don't want to get too backed up. I hope I can poop in the morning.

Anna fro Austria
Dear Mina thanks for your reply and the nice words. I also like to hear about your experiences and looking forward to read more about them in the future as well.

Earlier this day I had a very interesting and also embarrassing poo experience.

I was driving on the motorway when I felt the urge to poop quite badly. So i stopped at the next rest stop. The toilets at the rest stops were never the best, but this one was special. The toilets had no toilet seats and were not in the best condition anyway. Only one stall had toilet paper. The toilets were that bad, that I would have rather down my bm in the bushes than in the toilet but there were not many bushes around the rest stop era.

So I did something I have never down before. I could not sit on the toilet thanks to the missing toilet seat, so i just try to do poop while standing. I just floated my but over teh toilet seat and started to push.

Luckily I apparently judged the distance right, and my 2 logs and also my pee landed in the bowl. Then I wipped myself, and wanted to flush but the flush was not working. Quite bad but it even turned out worse. When I was washing my hands, another lady in her 40s entered to bathroom and went straight to my stall and then shouted me, can't you even flush.I just blusehd and left the toilet.

Had no time and was not in the mood to argue with such unfriendly people. I also wondered my she accused me out of the spot. She did not see me coming out of the toilet, i was at the sinks washing my hands when she entered the toilet and in theory the unflushed toilet could have been there quite for some time now... I really wonder how she figured it out that I must have to be the culprit.

So that is it for today

Hope you liked my story

greetings from Austria



To Lavah

Hello all! I am back. I've had a stressful last couple of weeks with my daughter and we have finally come to the conclusion and diagnosis of IBS. It's been a lot to process so I will give a detailed update when I'm ready.

Anyway, I wanted to specifically reach out to you, Lavah as I have had the pleasure of reading some of your past stories and most recent one this week. I too struggle with extreme constipation (IBS C) since I was very young. I've dealt with constant giant bowel movements, anal tears, crying on the toilet for hours at a time, bloated belly, and much more. I often have to enlist the help of others who I'm close with when it becomes too much. I really felt for you when you described your friends having to help you take a giant poopie on the side of the road. It brought tears to my eyes because I understand your pain. I can't remember the last time I had a healthy, soft poo but I wish I could. I'd like to share a similar story from about 2 years for you and anyone who'd like to read along. I support you, girl! Stay strong.

A couple years ago, my girlfriends Liz and Mia decided to take me on a road trip across two states for my birthday. I LOVE road trips, so I was thrilled. On the day we left, I was on day 4 of no BM's which was very common for me. I typically go about 4-7 days between poos. Anyway, I could feel a dull ache in my bum and belly as we packed up the car, but I really thought I'd honestly hold it the entire trip (4 days) or at least part because I was so used to being stuffed up. As we headed out onto the road, I began to get a similar feeling like you described, Lavah. My lower belly began to cramp subtley and my bum began to ache. I figured I could try for a poo at the next test stop or even just release a small bit to ease the pain. 20 minutes later, we reached the rest stop. Neither of my friends knew or suspected anything as the three of us went into the bathroom facilities. Both Liz and Mia took long wees probably from drinking so much water along the way. I too had a wee and it tapered off. I heard the girls begin to wipe and I just sat there hoping they'd leave and that I could quickly push out a small piece. I sat in silence as the girls washed their hands. Liz spoke first, "Hey Tam girl we're going to head back to the car after we grab some snacks, meet us there?". "Sure" I said a bit strained, "I'll be right there". As the two left, I began to get down to business. Nodbody else was in the large restroom so I felt okay getting loud. I started with some grunts and heavy breathing. I felt the monster poo scrape my insides as it moved slowly to my ring. I reached back to feel how far I'd come only to realize the poo was barely showing at the inference to my anus. I felt another cramp and moaned loudly and deeply as my ring stretched extremely widely. There was no going back now and no hope of only pooping a small bit. In my experience, when the monster log begins to peek out, it's going to come out no matter how long it takes. I checked my watch. It had already been 10 minutes and I was far from done. Another cramp hit and my insides twisted. I opened my legs wide and grasped the sides of the toilet. I pushed with all my might, my back lurching back in the process. I felt about an inch slip out and I jumped in pure agony. I began to cry and shake and hot tears ran down my cheeks. Just then the door to the restroom opened and I heard Mia's voice outside my stall. "Hey Tammy are you okay babe? It's been over 15 minutes." I responded through gritted teeth due to the searing pain in my bum. "No. I'm extremely backed up and I have a huge poop stuck in my bum" I said, defeated and no longer embarrassed. "Oh baby, it's okay. I wouldn't have left if I knew you were in pain. Can I help?" I decided to accept the help and I got up off the toilet and unlatched my stall. Mia saw my tear stained red blotchy face and immediately hugged me. "Oh Tam, I'm so sorry. How long has it been since you BMed?" "4 days" I replied. Just then, the restroom door opened again and I heard Liz's voice. Mia opened the stall for her and she came in (it was a handicapped stall because I like to have extra room). Liz looked at me with a concerned face and whipped the tears off my cheeks. Seconds later, an even bigger cramp hit and I lunges forward with my arms crossed over my belly. Mia kneeled down on my right side and began to massage my back. Liz got on my left side and pulled my bum cheeks apart with both hands. "It's okay, babes. It will be over soon" Mia comforted as I nearly screamed in pain. The poo inched our farther and got about 6 inches out. It was even wider now and I was seeing stars in my eyes. Liz told me to close my eyes and take a few deep breaths so I wouldn't pass out. Both girls stroked my back as we waited for the next cramp. Within seconds, my back arched again and I involuntarily grabbed the sides of the toilet. "Push baby!" Liz shouted. The poo only budged a little. Mia noticed that my anus had began to bleed which only made me cry more. I had experienced this before but the whole experience was making it worse. Mia calmly asked me if I'd be okay if she wrapped the poo with a tissue and pulled at it with her hands. I agreed because at this point I didn't care. I just wanted the monster out of me. She counted the three and I pushed. I moaned loudly and Liz pulled my cheeks apart. As she did, Mia pulled the huge poo with her hands. It felt like shards of glass. Within seconds, the largest part of the poo ripped past my anus as about 14 inches of hard rope like poo flew out behind it. It landed in the toilet with a solid plunk and I held my head in my hands, exauhsted. Surprisingly, another cramp hit and I had a wave of soft serve yet thick poos that must have been behind my blockage. The girls wiped my face and bum and helped my pull up my leggings and undies. I was shaking but at the same time felt so empty and free. I hugged the girls while we were still in the stall and thanked them for helping. This was fdefinitly a turning point in our relationship. I also had never told them that I suffer from IBS so I took the opportunity to tell them as we continued the drive.

I hope this story helps you feel less along Lavah. We can be there for each other!


A babysitter's advice to "S"

After almost 10 years of babysitting dozens of children (sometimes up to 3 on a given weekend) I sympathize with "S" and I can think of 3 young boys I babysat with some regularity for more than 5 years that had an almost similar concern: didn't want to use a bathroom away from home. In each case they gained their confidence by starting at bathrooms with more privacy (service stations, car wash, one-stall bathrooms in restaurants) and worked their way up to the larger places such as school and even at civic arena when I would take them to a circus. This is what I did:
1) instead of using urinals, trough-types are worse, where everyone could see their junk and hear what's coming out, they would get a toilet stall and seat themselves for pees.
2) Within a few weeks, sitting for a crap wasn't that bad and they had confidence. They found my quick-wipe of the seat recommendation to be interesting, because it assured them that there was toilet paper at the end of their crap available.
3) Interestingly, two of them got to the final stage which served them well in both school and large public bathrooms. Taking a toilet without a door (the last to be used in many situations) saved their underwear and eventually helped them gain much needed confidence.

Hope this helps S and others out there. More later!


Caught short in the rain

Wow! What terrible weather we have been having in the UK at the moment! I was caught out in the rain today because my car was at the garage. I dropped it off and walked around town for a little while before beginning my 30 minute walk home. Just as I started heading home the heavens opened. I have no idea where it came from, it went from kinda nice to a downpour in minutes. I didn't have a coat on, only my jeans and t-shirt so I got absolutely soaked. I looked like a drowned rat!

I don't know about anyone else but being out in the rain makes me need to pee. Since I was already soaking wet, feeling miserable and wearing black jeans I decided to just let go. Maybe it would cheer me up a little. After about a minute I started peeing, it soaking my pink knickers and jeans but it felt SO nice. I carried on walking as I felt the warmth running down my legs and it put a big smile on my face. Normally I would be a little embarrassed about wetting myself in public but I was loving this. I'm not sure if it was because it was new to me, but I seemed to pee for ages too. My jeans were already wet from the rain but my knickers were definitely soaked now from my pee. I continued my walk home, with a huge smile on my face, not even bothered about the rain anymore and when I got home I got out of my wet clothes and had a very hot shower.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade ;)


A (not so) fond memory

After I had my accident on the way to a job interview last week, I couldn't stop replaying it in my head and having to try and block it out, I felt so embarassed even though no one saw- then it all made sense because a haunting memory came rushing back... it wasnt my first pants pooping accident. I had a bad one when I was younger and I successfully blocked it out after some time but the trauma surrounding my recent accident obviously was deeply rooted in the memory of this one I'm gonna confess now.

When I was in 6th grade, my first year of junior high, i really had to go one afternoon after lunch. I didnt wanna go at school because there were A LOT of mean girls at my school that would mock kids for pooping in the bathroom like they didnt do it too. Stupid middle school stuff. So I wanted to wait until I got home. I made it all the way to the end of the day but I remember feeling like my stomach had a rock sitting on top of it from how tense I was trying to hold it in. After we got dismissed from our last class we would all be sent to the cafeteria which had exits to the bus area, and everyone had to wait in the cafeteria until your bus number got called then you would go get on the bus. I remember letting out a few little farts while walking through the hallway on the way to the cafeteria to try and relieve the pressure.

Well, while I was waiting for my bus to be called, I suddenly realized there was no way I could hold it until I got home. I started to panic because now if i went to the bathroom i would miss my bus. I realized my only choice was to do my best to keep holding it in and try to make it, but clearly it didnt work out. While standing in the cafeteria, surrounded by kids, I lost control of myself and a big, firm load slowly pushed it's way into my undies and made a bulge in the back of my jeans. I felt terror and relief at the same time. I stood frozen praying no one noticed, and I moved toward the wall and stood with my back to it so no one could see the bulge in my pants. I tried to adjust my backpack straps so it would hang and cover my butt, which sort of worked. I did my best to remain calm because I knew if I started crying I would draw attention to myself. I kept it together and finally my bus got called. I took a deep breath and walked to the bus as normally as I could with poop in my pants and just prayed I'd make it home unnoticed.

When I got on the bus I sat down with one of my legs on the seat folded under me and had my butt half sitting on my leg so I wouldn't sit down in a pile of poop. I opened my window to control the smell, which was noticable to me but I hoped it was just because I was close to it, and hoped for the best. Things got more nerve wracking when this girl Emma sat in my seat with me, who was kind of ok and we got along, but she was known for being very straightforward and having no filter. So sure enough... like 5 minutes into the ride she turns and just stares at me. She was staring so hard that I could feel it. I finally made eye contact with her by mistake and when I did she said loud enough for people to hear, "Kara- you stink." My heart jumped into my throat and my face turned red, and I think I just mumbled "that's rude" or something. She kept staring then covered her nose and moved to the seat behind me. I stared at the ground and prayed that was the end of it, but I could hear her whispering to the girl sitting behind me. It felt like it was taking forever to get home and I just wanted to disappear. Then, it happened. Emma said "just ask her!" To the girl she was sitting with, a girl named Amanda, and then I felt her tap my shoulder over the seat. I just looked at her, and then she said "um. Did you poop your pants???"

I couldnt even respond. I was frozen. I couldn't speak or even look at her, then she said "Emma said you smell like you pooped your pants". I then tried to lie and say "I think I stepped in something...". By then kids all around my seat were staring at me, some smiling and some looking like they were in awe. Then Emma said "why are you sitting like that? You totally crapped your pants!" People started laughing. There was nothing I could do, I was caught. I just quietly cried and tried to ignore everyone and people kept talking about it, and asking me why I did it as if I had planned it. Only one girl was trying to tell people to leave me alone but they just kept teasing me. It was awful.

When I finally got off the bus I took extra care to make sure my backpack covered my butt so no one would see the mess, but I was too obvious about it and sure enough they just talked about how I was trying to hide it. I cried the whole walk home from the bus stop, and stayed home from school for 2 days. Kids talked about it on the bus a lot for the rest of 6th grade, and even for the next few years people would still bring it up occassionally. One time that same idiot Emma came and sat down at my lunch table in 8th grade and said to a new girl that was at my table "did anyone tell you yet about when Kara pooped her pants on the bus in SIXTH grade?" totally the worst thing about my school experience. So many mean kids... anyway, it was traumatizing but since I'm in my 30s now I really buried it a long time ago. But after my accident last week and wondering why I felt so upset and ashamed even though no one knew, that terrible memory came back feeling like it was yesterday. In a way though it did make me feel less awful about the new one, because it's seriously no big deal compared to pooping my pants at school when I was 12. And by the way, I was able to reschedule my job interview and it went okay. Anyway thanks for letting me share.

To Victoria B

Welcome back! This is a better forum with you than without you!!



To Steeve: my toilets at home have what I'll call an average flush. Poop etc drain at a medium speed, versus my experience with a hotel toilet this weekend sounded more powerful/louder. In fact, this toilet seemed so good that I didn't hear the air succsion bubbly noise that mostly is associated with home loos, but can be heard elsewhere. The bathroom seemed nice Btw. When you entered, the toilet was straight ahead,, TP/counter on right, and tub on left. Mom found hair in the tub, but her loo visits were nice. None of us had to poo, but Mom used a small coffee machine in the bathroom to make coffee (she didn't like it). Making coffee in the bathroom sure seemed weird though, and I don't know where this idea in a hotel came from. The food was tasty, bed comfy, and the elevators were great! Lol, I loved the dinging noise! Happy pooping/peeing to all.


First Poo "story"

Hello again! I just had a poo which I found pretty satisfying! You all may find this uneventful, but I wanted to tell it anyway just since I don't really have anything else to do.

I had begun to feel a little bit of a weight in my colon, which had been sort of worsening as the day went by. It has been a few days since I had a good movement, so I figured "hey, why not?" and I decided to try to go. As I sat down on the toilet, I could almost instantly feel my poo starting to poke out, but as it usually does, it stopped, waiting for me to push. I gave a gentle shove, grunting quietly with a "Nn!..." As I did so. It did move a bit, and a little piece of it broke off, falling eith a plip into the water below me. I realized that this might take a little more effort than that. Yay for me, right? I bore down again, this time pushing harder as I clenched my fists and squeezed my legs together, my whole body shaking as I pushed. I'm sure anyone who was outside my bathroom could hear me straining; "Nnnnn!... Rnnn..." As the stubborn poo continued to reluctantly slide out. Enough of this struggling did lead to me passing my movement, of course, but it left me panting for breath as I cleaned up and headed out of the bathroom, not forgetting to flush as I left. At least I'm sure my stomach muscles got a good workout!

Ohio toiletstool fan

Very rare accident.

Before I get into a recent experience, just wanna say I'm looking forward to Arianna's next post. She's a natural lol.
So I recently had an accident. It was June 6th - i remember the date as it was game 3 of the NBA finals. My plan that day was to do what it takes to have a very big poop. I love having big, stinky, toilet-filling shits that last for at least 20 minutes. So that morning i ate a half a box of All Bran Buds with pieces of dried bananas. I figured by evening time I'd be on the toilet blowing it up in total bliss. I'd rather be at home, but i told my brother I'd watch the game at his place, in hopes that i could get home and have that monumental dump. Game ended, and after some SBDs i knew I'd better head home. BIG mistake; i should've sat my big butt on my brother's commode and relieved some of it. I left for home, but decided to stop at Walmart to pick up something for my wife. Also the new (and very necessary) plan was to shit at Walmart. Worst fear came true as at that point the poop was ready to jailbreak... PUBLIC BATHROOM CLOSED! So now as I'm walking like a robot to their other bathroom in the back of the store, i begin filling my pants. I then turn around to head back to my car while doing everything I can to not have poop come down my pants leg for all to see: thankfully at that time the store was mostly empty. Got to my car, got something out my trunk to sit on my seat. I drove home - 23 miles, sitting on a fresh bulge of warm shit. Even more, i still had more poop waiting to come out. So almost halfway home, i said screw it, and push out a bigger load of what was already there... so stinky. All windows rolled down. Here's the weird thing; it actually felt good getting that last load out, also felt kinda good riding like that. So glad i didn't get pulled over or get into a car accident lol. I made it home. Thankfully everyone was sleep and i was able to get cleaned up. Even better, the texture of my poop was rubbery, not muddy - therefore making it an easier cleanup than expected.
Accidents happen rarely to me, maybe a couple times a decade. But just a few days ago it was a big bad one! No more All Bran for me - I'll stick to good ol Raisin Bran & coffee or pinto beans for my big poops and tons of farts.

Monday, June 17, 2019


Boys vs Girls

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me ask you a silly question that popped up in my head: Who wets their pants more often? Girls or boys? How about messing? This is all speaking generally but I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

Steve A

Toilet Flush Power Level

I think 2 of our toilets at home are kind of weak because some of my loads without TP require plunging at times. I'm not sure why the flushing power isn't as strong, but we have two more toilets: one on the main floor & downstairs, even though they have a slightly stronger flush. I may only use those ones in the future, but I was just wondering if:

Your toilets at home have a strong or weak flushing system, depending on how much is in the toilet before you flush?


a constipated roadside poop

Hello all! Sorry for the hiatus! I'm back and I have a very interesting story to tell. I've had quite a few interesting poops in my lifetime but none quite like this.

Last week, I went away for the weekend with my friends Amanda and Jaz. We went to a city about 6 hours away from where we live to explore it and be tourists for a few days. I was already constipated when we left on Friday and didn't poop the entire trip. On Sunday after a great trip, we made our 6 hour drive back home. Amanda drove the whole way with Jaz riding shotgun and me in the backseat behind Amanda. 2 hours into the drive, I started having a weird feeling in my stomach. We stopped at a convenience store a few minutes later to get gas and some snacks so I decided to head to the restroom to see if I could poop. After gently pushing on the toilet for 10 minutes, Amanda came in to check on me. She asked me if I was able to poop. I told her no and decided to give up. We paid for our snacks and got back in the car to continue our drive home. My stomach was still hurting a bit but I could manage it. Around an hour later, I started getting sharp cramps in my lower gut. I asked Amanda if she could stop soon because I might need to poop. She informed me that we were in the middle of nowhere and there wouldn't be a restroom for another 45 minutes at best. She asked me if I wanted her to stop on the side of the road. I said no, not yet. I unbuttoned my jeans and rubbed my ???? to help ease the cramps but it wasn't really helping. The pain was quickly becoming too much and I found myself breaking into a sweat and moaning. Jaz asked me again if we should pull over. I said no. Jaz offered to come to the backseat and be with me. I accepted her offer so she removed her seat belt and climbed into the backseat next to me while Amanda kept driving. Jaz held my hand while I squeezed my eyes shut in pain. Suddenly, I felt something shift in my lower intestine and my body automatically started to push. I yelled for Amanda to pull over. I could feel a turd already starting to come out of my butthole about an inch or two and into my undies. I told Jaz it was already coming out and she massaged my ???? while I propped my butt off of the seat with my hands. The turd got stuck half way and wouldn't go back in. My body pushed furiously while I cried. At about that time, Amanda had finally gotten the car pulled over to the side of the road next to a wooded area. Jaz helped me out of the vehicle and lead me to the grass a little ways away from the car. She helped me bend into a squatting position and bent down next to me. I tried as hard as I could to get the poop out but it wouldn't budge. I was sobbing in pure agony. Amanda came over to rub my ???? while Jaz held my butt open with her hands. I grunted and groaned for ages but it was still stuck. Amanda walked behind me and gave me a big bear hug, pressing her arms firmly into my abdomen while Jaz kept pulling my buttcheeks apart. The turd finally started painfully sliding out. I screamed and cried as it grew about 10 inches before finally falling to the ground. I pushed out 4 or 5 more logs that were rock solid with Jaz rubbing my ???? and Amanda holding my hands and encouraging me. After that I felt empty so I wiped with a tissue I found in my pocket and we headed back to the car. I thanked my friends for their help and fell asleep during the rest of the car journey. I hope this was a good story! I haven't pooped again since, so I may have another story for you soon!

Victoria B.

Flushing my panties

Someone asked about flushing underwear in which an accident had taken place. I once did that and lived to tell the tale. First of all, thank you to Ellison for also writing on the same topic and helping me feel better about myself.

I was in fifth grade, my last year of elementary school and one day I found myself needing to poop in the middle of class. My teacher, or, I should say my permanent substitute teacher (the real one had started the year six months pregnant and was out for the rest of the year on maternity leave) had a strict one-bathroom-pass-at-a-time policy. This was no doubt to prepare us for the exacting rigors of junior high school or something but today seems equally stupid and silly in retrospect. This meant that it was no surprise that an exception wasn't made for a girl -me- who'd forgotten to go during lunch and had her behind clenched as hard as she could because a boy in her class had already been given the pass and the privilege of not having to worry about the deep shame and embarrassment of a public accident because his bladder and bum had had the foresight to fill up first it granted its user.

So there I was, doing the best I could to hold everything in and not make how badly I needed the toilet too obvious. Minutes eked by but the holder of the pass wasn't cooperating and I was at the point of sitting on one cheek and trying to dissuade myself from reaching behind to hold both closed as our teacher went on about the difference between adjectives and adverbs. Those were ten of the longest minutes of my life. He finally returned and I grabbed the pass from him like he'd stolen it and took off for the nearest bathroom. Disappointment greeted me again as two of its three stalls were occupied and the third had an out-of-order sign taped to its door. I should've tried to wait but I took off again, heading towards what many considered to be the oldest bathroom in a building that would be torn down within two years of my leaving its august halls. This was not the time for facts and logic-this was desperation central.

I made it to the other bathroom and even remembered to lock the stall before I lost it. A large, medium-firmness turd deposited itself into the seat of my purple girls' Hanes Her Way hi-cut panties and I hadn't even been able to finish unbuttoning and unzipping my jeans. The hot lump in my throat meant that tears were on their way but not before I gave the log in my undies a nice topping of soft serve. I felt disgusting and started sobbing as I ripped my jeans and now-totally destroyed panties down to my ankles before thrusting my dirty butt onto the black seat for what was left of my number two. I needed time to cry some more and then recover before I even considered what I might do to get myself out of this situation. My favorite pair of undies was ruined, I had about an entire roll of wiping ahead of me, and I still needed to get back to class without it being too obvious that I'd had an accident.

I took my shoes off before getting out of my jeans and gingerly using the white waistband of my ex-favorite undies to guide them past my feet. I silently said a few words before throwing them between my thighs and into the bowl below. Next on the agenda was wiping myself raw with the terrible paper on offer; an experience that to this day makes my poor butthole shudder. I resigned myself to going commando until I'd gotten home as I got dressed again and stood up before flushing. My elementary school had been built in the '70s and had some horribly inefficient toilets but on that day the gallons of water they wasted did so in my favor because the entire load -panties, poop and paper- got sucked down the bowl on my first try.

I washed my hands and went not back to class but to the nurses' office where they mercifully understood what had happened when I said that I'd gotten sick. I stayed there the rest of the day before the bell rang. I got on my bike and rode home happy that my accident and the evidence thereof were never seen by anyone in my class. To this day I'm pretty sure that nobody, with the exception of my mom when she asked why I was missing a pair of undies, found out.

To answer the anonymous asker, yes I did flush my panties, and yes they did go all the way down. It's not something I'd ever do again though!



Shirelle's standing peeing

I'm spending my mornings as a summer school tutor. Its a thing a few of us honor students are doing to earn service learning experience. One of the students I'm working with is Shirelle, a girl whose family just moved to our city about four months ago. I learned years ago that school bathrooms aren't as nice as we have at home but that toilets that are old, busted up and dirty are kinda like the norm. Oh, yes, a good number of the toilet stalls are without a door. That's the result of vandalism, gang graffiti and some other illegal activities. Sometimes I get a little self-conscious of taking a crap without privacy, but I seat myself and aim to get it over as fast as possible. A male friend of mine has diarrhea frequently, and said from his perspective--none of the guys' toilets have doors--that's diarrhea's advantage. I agree with Austin on that.

Another student I work with is Shirelle. Her family just moved to our city earlier this year. Each of the computer modules I work with her on is on a timer. Each day she and I take our morning bathroom break together. We try for a five minute limit which is a school rule. On most days, I sit, take my crap and wipe, but in the stall next to mine Shirelle takes a longer time rather than just sitting and peeing. Its kinda strange. She takes the toilet next to me. Standing, she drops her jeans and underwear to her feet. Then she takes a wider stance over the seat, goes into a squat which she holds for a few minutes. Then I hear a loud stream of piss go into the bowl. It might stop for a few seconds, than it starts up again and the stop and go continues. Finally, there's a sigh or two, she pulls her clothing up without pulling off any paper for a wipe, and she walks out without flushing.
When I'm washing my hands and looking into the mirror, I see splashes on both sides of the seat. Somedays it is worse than others. Shirelle was sent to tutoring with a bad attitude and I want to say something to her, but I know I'm holding off for what I think is a good reason.

Zoe taking a Poo

It was an exciting day for Zoe today because she was getting braces on her teeth. We were at her house doing homework before her appointment at 2:30. She was telling me she was nervous about how her teeth will look. I told her not to worry they will look great. Suddenly she gets up off her bed and walks to the her ensuite bathroom and says she has to do a nervous poo. Im in full vision of her as she pulls down her pants and ????s her bum on the seat and instantly farting. After a lengthy wee it goes quiet. She then looks up at me and smiles. I'd never seen a girl on the toilet before and zoe looked very cute. Suddenly her face changed and she let out a big dump that plopped loudly with an umfff.


Most embarrassing moment of my life

Hey guys! I'm here today with quite a story!! Sorry I haven't been posting lately I've just been really busy with work and school letting out! But today will make up for it!

So this plays week I moved into an apartment in the city where I go to college. I had been staying with my parents since school let out and had set up a couple job opportunities where I go to school as well. So I had to pick up my apartment keys and sign paper work in a city a couple from where my parents are so I had to make a drive up there in an afternoon. I decided to bring a boy I've been talking to recently and he really seemed like he wanted to come with me just for fun! He did and we had such a great time driving up there! We picked up the keys and signed the paperwork and then drove back after lunch! For lunch I had a grilled cheese and salad from Panera and I didn't even think it would come back to bite me. So we drive home and about an hour in I start to feel like I need to fart. Of course I don't wanna fart or poop around this guy so I hold it. Another hour goes by and it just gets worse. I really need to poop. I mention about stopping for a drink or something at a McDonald's or gas station and he agreed. I knew I couldn't hold it much longer and that I was gonna have to poop. So we stop at a burger place and I say "hey I'm gonna head to the bathroom real quick" as I walked straight to bathroom door. I rush in and find it's a two stall bathroom with private stalls were you can only see the feet at the bottom and each toilet gets there own little room. The first one was taken so I go to the second one and find it CLOGGED with poo and paper all in it. I had to go so bad I didn't even care. I pull down my Nike shorts and thong to my knees and release all of this loose watery poop. It was semi diarrhea but very messy. I didn't really fart it just all came out with one SPLOOSH. I sighed with relief and pushed some more. I began to pee and more loose chunks came out. My stall really stunk. I felt very relieved and now began to wipe. I look down and the entire bowl is filled with brown water and I had to use a lot of toilet paper bc my butt was really messy. So I get all clean and then decide to open the stall door. The woman to my left had left and it was just me. I open the door and as I'm walking out another woman comes in. About 30, wearing black yoga pants and sandals. She goes for the stall I was in and she knew I was in it since she saw me walk out and SEES THE COMPLETE MESS I HELPED MAKE. The woman glares at me just as I finish washing up and I immediately tell the boy I was with that I just wanted to leave.

I don't think he realized I pooped bc I was only in there for like 2 minutes tops so i think I'm good there but it was so embarrassing to just have that woman glare at me the way she did. I poop in public a lot but this was different.
Anyways that's my story! Anyone else have any similar experiences? This was definitely a first for me. Thanks for reading my posts! Until next time!

publi poops

Adriana, welcome. You are a great storyteller. I like the part where you had to poop but your mom beat you to it. Good stuff!
I have been poopinh in public alot, and its been interesting... Question; i heard the toilet flush alot from the mens side of the gym toilet, but the flushes were coming from the women side... Ladies! How often are the flushes on the women side do you think are from poops and how many from pees? I know every flush from the mens is from POOP.

Single guy life

Workplace pooping

I work at office. Sometimes i really need to take a shit at work. We have 3 toilets. 1 For men, 1 for women and one "undefined". I really like to use this undefined, because toilet for men isn't at very peaceful spot and it is sometimes dirty. This undefined toilet isn't used a lot and I feel like I can really relax in there.

Couple days ago around 10am i decided To take a shit. It was a quiet day at office. Almost nobody else in there expect this pretty about 35 year old woman. She is quite friendly, but im littlebit shy myself. Anyways: I closed the toilet door behind and locked the door. Lowered my pants and sat on throne. Grabbed my phone and started reading daily news. Slowly my brown eye started to open. This massive amount of solid poop just started to make its way out. It was very satisfying, I was actually grunting littlebit. Finally I was able to have a good BM. Few minutes later someone tried to open the locked door. I sat there and assumed the person outside is going to use one of the other toilets. I pushed last of my shit out and was browsing the internet almost 10 minutes more. After wiping and washing my hands I left the toilet. Left some skidmarks in the toilet bowl also.

This woman I mentioned before was waiting outside. She actually waited all this time at hallway! I awkwardly tried to tell her that there is other toilet also. She just laughed and said that this is "her toilet" and she wanted To wait, but I can use it aswell. I embarassingly said that it could smell in there, but she said she was expecting it and went In.

I wonder if she was going poop as well.


First Post/Intro

Hello, everyone! I've been lurking this site for a very long time, and I figured I should finally post something, so here I am! I'm a 15 year old boy, with brown hair that is often rather messy and hard to keep where I want it. I'm the runt where I go to school, everyone else is so much taller and older looking than I am! Compared to them sometimes I think I look like I belong in middle school instead.

As for my poos, I'm not the most consistent by any means, so it could be 1-3 days between motions. They're usually rather difficult to push out as a result, but the masochist in me sort of takes this as a challenge. (It's never TOO hard) As a kid I used to be really embarassed about the thought of making noise, so when I would strain and push, I would usually be quiet about it. In recent times I've been starting to have to make a little bit of noise, but I still refuse to use school/public bathrooms. I find it nice to know that some of the other posters have similar problems to mine.

I feel like I've rambled long enough, so I will end my intro here. I may post a story later today, even if I don't I'm sure I'll get around to it sooner or later. I hope we can get along!

Friday, June 14, 2019

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