Huge Pizza Poop

Hi. I took a huge poop this morning. I ate almost an entire large pizza last night. I stopped myself after 7 slices cuz I felt bad about eating the whole thing lol. After I finished eating I had some serious gas I needed to get out. I pushed out a long, bassy fart that stunk like sausage and peppers. I was farting constantly, I must have farted 50 times in an hour. After I got all my farts out my room reeked! I was tired so I went to bed.

When I woke up, the air in my room was still a little stinky. Maybe I was farting in my sleep. I definitely needed to fart some more though. I squeezed out a huge beefy fart. It was stinkier than the night before, I knew I'd have to poop soon. I was feeling lazy though so I just laid in bed, pushing out more big farts, proud of how stinky they were. After a while I felt a heavy load of poop wanting to come out so I got up and went to the bathroom. The door was closed. I knocked and heard my mother's voice, "I'm poopingggggg." I knew she could take some big poops too so I might be waiting a while. I heard a big splash and she moaned. Over the next 5 or so minutes I heard 4 more big splashes. Then I heard her flush and she opened the door. A strong meaty poop stench hit me in the face. "All yours," she said and left me to take my dump.

I closed the door and plopped my fat butt onto the toilet. I peed for about 2 minutes while I felt a massive turd pressing against my hole. After I finished peeing, I leaned forward and started to push. This was a really tough turd. I grunted and squeezed as it slowly inched out. By the time it plopped softly into the toilet 5 minutes later, it must have been 18 inches long. I moaned in relief and caught my breath. I felt more poop ready to come out. Over the next 10 minutes, I pushed out 4 more big turds, about 10-12 inches long. The earthy poop smell was so strong, I was grossed out and proud at the same time. This was one of the stinkiest dumps I'd ever taken. I'll never eat that much pizza again lmao. I gave my butt one quick wipe and pulled my pants up. It took 3 flushes to get the whole load down. I went back to pee an hour later and the bathroom was still super stinky!

Hi! I've been reading this site for a while now because I'm really interested in bathroom stuff lol! I'm a 19 year old girl. I'm quite big, about 200 pounds. I eat a lot and so I fart and poop a lot lmao. I've always been embarrassed about it but it feels so good and relaxing that I can't help enjoying it. I usually poop at home because it's embarrassing to take a big stinky dump at school lol, especially if I have to strain. Usually I poop in the morning and then again after school or after dinner.

Today I didn't have a morning poop, just lots of stinky farts while laying in bed, so it was a great relief when I got home and I could finally poop. I kicked off my vans and right away I could smell my feet. They're really stinky, and the smell is basically part of the pooping experience for me because I always poop after I take my shoes off. I could feel a big load of poop moving down towards the exit, but I was so backed up all I could go at first was fart. Every minute I'd push out a few loud, bassy farts. I was really stinking up the house, I'm glad nobody was home. After 20 or so farts, I felt a big turd waiting at my back door.

I walked to the bathroom, pulled my sweatpants down over my fat butt and sat down. I bent forward to push out my poop and I was really getting a good whiff of my feet now that they were only a few feet from my face. I started to push out the first turd, but it was tough. It was very firm and thick. I pushed hard and grunted, rrrmmmmmmph. I took a deep breath and pushed again. It was starting to move and it felt massive. It slowly slid out with each push. It was stretching me wide but it felt really good. After I'd say almost 10 minutes it finally reached the end and quietly slid into the toilet. I moaned in relief. I blasted a beefy fart and then relaxed and waited for the rest of my load, taking in the smell.

After a couple minutes I could feel another turd waiting. It was smaller but still fairly thick. I pushed gently and grunted, then it plopped into the toilet. I sighed. Over the next 5 minutes I pushed out 5 more turds. I let out a long sigh of relief when I was finally empty and sat back to take in the smell. The earthy smell of my poop and the cheesy smell of my feet was really overwhelming at this point. I love stinking up the bathroom, it's so satisfying. I stood up and looked in the toilet. It was a massive dump, but that's to be expected since it was really 2 dumps. Laying in the bottom of the bowl, sticking out of the water was a huge log, probably over a foot long and very thick. There were 6 short, 5-6 inch fat sausages piled on top of it. I gave my butt one lazy wipe because I was tired after pooping so much. I don't really mind having skidmarks or a stinky butt. Butts are supposed to stink lmao! I had to flush twice to get all my turds to go down. I turned on the fan so the bathroom didn't stink all afternoon and went to relax in my room.

So that's my first story, I hope everyone enjoyed it and doesn't think I'm too gross!!


Pooping with Rachel

On page 2757 I told the story of meeting up with an ex teacher of mine and having the luxury of sharing a bathroom with her. We exchanged details so we could meet up for a coffee and we finally did it on Monday! I had the day off work so we arranged to meet at the school when she finished at 5pm and then we headed to a local cafe, one of our favourite places to relax. Before we go any further please let me describe Rachel as I failed to do it in my last post. She's about 5'5 with longish blonde hair and a slim but athletic figure. I suppose the closest I could describe her as is kinda like Phoebe from Friends. She was still wearing her work uniform, a white blouse, black knee length pencil skirt, but looked great wearing it. She could rock that outfit any time of the day.

We arrived at the cafe and sat down, drinking a coffee each and chatting to each other, catching up. Nothing really happened toilet wise for a while but whenever we finished our drink we would almost immediately get another, moving on to hot chocolates. After about an hour I was starting to get desperate for a wee but I didn't want to say anything just yet, and surely Rachel would have needed to go too? I put it to the back of my mind but two drinks later I knew I was going to have to say something. My bladder was screaming at me and I hadn't pooped all day. "Umm Rachel? I need the loo, are you coming with me?" She grabbed her handbag and we went to the toilets at the back.

There was only two stalls but they were both empty so we took one each. I quickly pulled my jeans and thong to my calves and started peeing immediately. I heard Rachel unzipping her skirt as my poop crowned and stretched me open. The double relief was phenomenal! I just relaxed and enjoyed the wonderful sensation of my poop effortlessly coming out while I emptied my bladder, listening as Rachel began peeing. Her stream is always more gentle and feminine than mine, hitting the water with a delicate tinkle. My poop broke off with a quiet splash and I continued emptying my bladder while I waited for the rest to come naturally. She peed for a little while and seconds later there was a splash and she exhaled loudly. My wee tapered off to drips and I heard another splash as my backdoor opened again. Like before I heard her exhale after the splash, was she pushing? My second piece was nice and wide but slid out of me at a slow pace with no effort at all. There was two splashes in unison as we dropped a piece each and I heard her getting some toilet paper. I still had more to come so I waited, taking my time. I never like rushing these things.

Rachel wiped, only needing a few pieces and left her stall to wash her hands as I opened up for a third time. Like the others, it came out on its own and I just relaxed, making the most of the feeling. It soon fell in the bowl and thinking I was done, I got myself some toilet paper to wipe with. I was pleasantly surprised when yet another piece started making its way out of me. It was short and quick but still very enjoyable. I started wiping, using three pieces for my behind and one for my front before flushing, happy that everything went down, and washed my hands. We shared a smile at the sinks and then went back to the cafe to enjoy ourselves a little more before going home.


Slightly upset stomach

I've had a slight upset stomach for a few days now. I was on my way home last week after going out for dinner with some friends and walking down my street I was desperate for a poo. I got to the toilet with not even seconds to spare and had actually leaked a little bit, embarrassingly.

Then a couple of days later I was going out and only got to the end of my road before having to rush back and explode in the loo.

Hopefully it'll clear up soon.


Getting my undies to flush

This happened to me at Wal-Mart. It was one of those half days of school due to teacher meetings so my friend Sheena and I were going to be looked after by her sister AJ. Me and Sheena were in 3rd grade together and AJ, who had just learned to drive picked us up a school. She took us to Wal-Mart for lunch and to just hang out. We we naive, of course because she was there to meet boys. The teachers pushed the students out of school before I could get to the bathroom and get rid of the crap I had been holding for a couple of hours.

AJ was very bright, but also profane and quite sarcastic. If my parents had caught me talking to others the way AJ talked to me and her sister, they would never have accepted her as a babysitter. But they didn't know. AJ bought us a nice big lunch, but then spent most of the time hanging out with this group of high school guys. So me and Sheena hurried to the back of the store to the bathrooms. We got there and the room was full, with a waiting line. Sheena had her hand on her crotch and her face was getting red. I didn't dare fart because that would easily fill my undies. One of the ladies waiting said there was another bathroom at the front of the store and me and Sheena didn't waste any time getting there.

There were five stalls. Only the middle one was open so me and Sheena quickly moved in, and I latched the door while she pulled her jeans down and slid herself onto the seat. My crap was knocking hard, but Sheena wasn't very fast in getting her plumbing running. When I told her to get up and let me have the toilet, she reached over to the side panel and pulled off one of those seat tissues. She started clowning with it, put it over her head and played like it was a bib. I got desperate and as I yanked my clothing down and tried to force her to share the seat with me, there was this smell, hot feeling and my tears started. It was mean, I know, but I stood right above her lap, pulled my panties fully open and showed her the soft, smelly mess she had caused. Surprised, she immediately got up but the damage was already done. I seated myself. Out of anger I tore the stupid seat tissue off from around her neck, wadded it up and slapped her with it.

She became apologetic as I called her a bunch of bad names. I put out my legs as I sat, pulled off my jeans and carefully slid off my ruined panties. Sheena started to cry, but I didn't care. I shouldn't have done it, but I pushed my panties, carefully rolled up so the soft crap wouldn't drop onto me, right against her face. Dumb move, I found, because I got my thumb and three fingers into the soft poo. Sheena continued to say she was sorry and I tossed my panties between my legs into the toilet bowl.

It must have been because we were taking so long, but AJ came in after I had made two attempts at getting my panties to flush. The flush cycle would start, but then abruptly stop and the water running and rising in the bowl scared us. "Couldn't wait to mess yourself?" AJ asked me. But Sheena wouldn't fess up. That surprised me, I guess. AJ just told me to wipe, wipe and wipe which if had done any more of, I would have damaged my arse. AJ swore at me, said I needed to be more responsible for myself and told me to "watch." Instead of using her arm, AJ took a deep swipe at the flusher with what she called her "fast, f*****' foot flush." Then she stared at me as if I was dumb.

AJ then walked out and bought me a package of three pairs of new underwear. AJ had Sheena bring them in to me as I sat waiting for about 10 minutes. AJ had gone into the entertainment department with her male friends. Even today, when I have large craps away from home, AJ's foot-flush is something I've learned to do even better.


Pooped myself in the car

While I was on my way to a job interview... It was super awful! I was feeling very nervous about my interview and I tend to need to poop when I get really nervous. To make matters worse I had coffee that morning. In the car on the highway, in morning traffic, my stomach really started to hurt. I got even more nervous because I didnt know if I'd even have time to go to the bathroom before my interview. It didnt matter though because I needed to go so bad that I couldnt even hold it in, and I made a substantial mess in my pants in the car. I felt so ashamed of myself! It was so warm and soft under my butt and I could tell by the wetness that it would stain through my khaki colored pants. I just cried and turned around to go home, having to skip the interview. I wrote an email asking to reschedule but I haven't heard back :( worst accident ever

Victoria B.

Welcome back!

I've just gotten back from five of the most difficult months of my life. A heavier course load my second semester of grad school and a painful breakup kept me away for so long. I ended up with good grades and an ex flushed down the pot for cheating like the big turd he was. Your girl is back!

I've got stories of literal turds being flushed, a confession of an accident, and several close calls that almost cost me the no-clog streak. Today though I wanted to ask a question addressed to other pet owners on here: does your animal follow you to the bathroom? My cat insists on watching me both bathe and use the toilet and I was wondering if anybody else dealt with that on the reg?

I've missed all of you so much! There's one shout-out I have to get in right away and it's to Mina: I've been away even longer than you so I hope you're ready to return that spanking.


Wednesday, June 12, 2019

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