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To Abbie : Love the stories - keep them coming!

To Jasmin K: Love the stories - what's the biggest turd you've ever done?

I'm quite a big girl, 19.5 stone with curves and a big round bum. I had been constipated recently, and hadn't been for a poo in 3 days. Last night I was determined to get some relief. I left my boyfriend watching TV and went upstairs.

I took a book into the bathroom, lowered my red knickers and sat down. I peed a little and sat back on the toilet and read my book. Four or five minutes, nothing had happened. I was beginning to feel a little frustrated as I just wanted some relief so began to push slowly nnnnn nnnn nnnn. I sat back and continued to read.

At this point I heard the stairs creak and move a closer towards to the bathroom door. I knew then my boyfriend was listening to me!

I could feel the turd trying to come so after I while I increased my efforts nnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn bearing down slightly harder each time, but still this hard mass didn't move. I was trying to stay quiet as I knew he was outside and I felt a little embarrassed. I out my book down and placed my feet around the toilet and began to strain quietly again nnnnnnnn nnnn nnnn and slowly I felt the turd begin to move. I adjusted myself and kept pushing nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnnnn as this hard mass began to poke out of my hole.

Or so I thought-it then suddenly just stopped.

By now I just didn't care about my boyfriend and I just had to get this turd out of me. I began to strain harder and louder nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh pushing until I was red in the face as this faecal mass began to stretch my bum cheeks apart. Come On Come On I panted, and grunted harder again as finally the turd fell into the toilet with a splash.

Aggh!!!!! I muffled as I regained my composure. I had completely forgotten about my boyfriend being outside.

All of a sudden I cramped up a little as I farted and a mass of lighter, softer poo fell from my bum. I couldn't help but sigh aghh at my relief!

I wiped up and flushed, and as I did I heard steps move away from the bathroom.

I went back downstairs and asked about the TV programme, which my boyfriend did not answer very convincingly, little did I know about his escapade listening to my little one!!



A cigarette as a primer for a crap

My boyfriend and I just returned from a post-Christmas road trip across much of the country. He's kind of a fastidious guy from the U.S. south, who has some kind of different beliefs. One night, or should I say 1 a.m. in the morning, we stopped at this remote rest stop. I had to pee bad because his driving shift had started and I was more bored and downed quite a bit of soda. I could tell Toby needed to crap too because I could hear a few of his rumble farts over the radio. We both listen to classic rock, so draw your own conclusion.

We turned off into this state rest area and I was curious if he was going to lock the Jeep. That means he's anticipating a longer experience on the toilet. He did. So we walked about a quarter block uphill to the well-lit bathroom building. Strange situation. A 3/4 wall separated the two bathrooms. Each side could hear what was going on in the other, but there was total silence otherwise. On my side, there were 3 toilets, each with a half-size wall separating it from the other. No doors, for obvious abuse issues I guess. For no reason, I took the middle toilet. The seat was down and luckily I ripped my jeans down with no hesitation. My faucet opened full-throttle immediately. I was fully relaxed, even though the somewhat cold seat still had to be fully warmed under me.

As my activity tapered off, I could hear Toby rolling off toilet paper. Then more. Then more. I had learned when we started dating several months ago that he is a very fastidious southerner makes a nest of sorts on the seat before he sits down. My first reaction was OMG! but if it helps him feel better about dumping in a public place I guess that's good. He happened to take the toilet immediately behind mine. Then he said "Hey hon..." and told me about leaving his lighter in the Jeep. I told him he had F***** up big time because he has teased me about my toilet habits too, but I got off the toilet, turned around, reached in my jeans pocket, and tossed mine over to him. I didn't mean to overshoot him, but I heard it slide on the floor and stop against his wall.

Toby wasn't thrilled about having to get off his nest, pick the lighter up, and then redo his nest and re-seat himself but he did. I didn't want to harass him so I just retook my seat, heard him light his smoke, and then it engulfed the room for about 10 minutes while I just got on my phone and got caught up with messages. Then I heard splashes into the water, followed by an elongated sigh that he said was due to my sister Jodie's great cooking. I texted her about that immediately and she remembered a few days before when a few of us were getting drunk and he called himself the Ultimate Shitter. Jodie said once he shits his brains out we'll all be better off.


Survey answers

Personal description: I'm a college student with dirty blond hair, 5'9 and about 130 pounds.

2) Age: 20

3) Gender: Female

4) Am I ok pooping in public? Yes! I poop a lot in public. I don't really enjoy it but I'm just comfortable with it! It's a thing everybody does and we shouldn't be embarrassed about it!

5) Have you recently pooped in a fast-food or sitdown place? Yes, I was at Chili's with some friends and as we were waiting for our food I felt like I need to poop. I then made my way to the bathrooms. I got in and the first 2 stalls were in use. The 4th was a handicapped stall so I left that open and took the 3rd. The two women were both peeing and one flushed as I sat down. I pulled down my jeans and panties to my knees and began to pee. It took about 15 seconds and then I pushed. I felt this long turd snake out and plop in the bowl. It was a fairly quiet plop but it sure did smell! The woman next to left and so I was alone. I kept on pushing and then I heard the door open. It was two middle school girls and they took the first two stalls the previous people had. They were talking and I heard one whisper "it smells so bad in here" and I was kinda embarrassed but I just had to go at this point. I felt another turd coming and this time it wasn't so quiet. I let out a a couple loose turds with some crackling and 3 rapid farts. It was kinda embarrassing and I heard the two girls giggle. They both wiped and flushed and left me alone again after and Then I felt done. I wiped (It was very messy) and returned to my table. My friend Peyton asked me if I was okay bc I had been gone for about 10 minutes and I told her I was my stomach wax just a little upset.

6) How many stalls? 4

7) Did I use a seat cover or hover? I actually sat down on the toilet. I sometimes put toilet paper if there's pee or looks dirty but most of the time I sit bare butt!

8) Did I use the toilet before or after my meal? It was before but I usually have to poop after. I hadn't gone all day and I think it just hit me then!

9. Was anyone else in the bathroom? Yes^^ see above

10. How long did it take me? About 8 minutes I would say. It took me a long time to wipe and get everything clean.

11. How many wipes? It was probably around 9 or 10. I had to flush twice bc I didn't want to clog it! .

12. Any other details you'd like to add? I left some major skid marks on the toilet so Im pretty sure I let the next occupant of the stall know stunk up the bathroom! Haha!
I'll try and post more!! It's just really hard with a busy schedule but bye for now!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Sonya Sue great story about your buddy dump it sounds like you both had pretty good poops.

To: Katie Kool great story it sounds like you really had to poop and a lot from the sound of it and I look forward to reading more of your stories thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great story about you and your friends pooping.

To: Mina as always another great story about you and your friends and that's good about your mom not making you guys feel ashamed about taking a long time in the bathroom.

To: Vicky great story about you and your friend pooping outside it sounds like you both had great poops as well.

To: Paige great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Giving this a shot
1. Describe yourself
177cm, (5'9), dark-skinned guy
2. How old are you
3 Gender?
3. Are you okay with pooping in public or are you shy?
I'm okay with it
4.Have you recently pooped in a restaurant fast food or sit down? If it's a national chain if so what's the name?
Starbucks, but it was attached to a Target

5.How many stalls did the bathroom have?
6.Did you use a toilet seat cover or did you hover?
I just wiped the seat and sat, there's no need to use a cover
7.Was it before or after your meal?
8.Was anyone else in the bathroom?
Another guy, he had work boots on.
9.How long did it take you?
About 10-15 minutes

10.How many wipes? Wiped a total of 5-6 times, was messy.

11.Any other details you'd like to add?
It was one long, nice log, it filled the toilet bowl and smelt pretty bad.


#1 and #2

It's always been a big fear of mine to have an accident in public. I was an accident prone child and wore diapers in kindergarten. I finally got it under control by first grade but I do remember wetting my pants in school in 1st or 2nd grade too. But the worst happened later.

When I was 19 I worked at a supermarket and I was the only cashier one night. I had drank a lot of iced coffee to try and stay awake but of.course it made me have to pee a lot. At one point I had to pee so badly during a rush of customers and I wound up peeing my pants at my register. I just remember feeling it rush down my legs and soak my shoes and socks like immediately and it felt so warm. It was such a relief but obviously I was mortified because I peed my pants at work. I didnt have a car at the time either so I had to wet outside the store in soaked pants for my dad to pick me up...

But that's nothing compared to what happened to me today... I was out running errands with my boyfriend. We were at the home depot and I felt like my stomach was getting really bubbly and crampy. I got a sharp pressure in my butt and I quickly told my boyfriend I wanted to go home. He could tell I had to go to the bathroom and he told me where the bathrooms were at home depot... I groaned and told him I wanted to go home and he just told me to hold it while he grabbed a few things. I told him he better hurry up or else we were gonna be in trouble. He looked at me like I was crazy and said "babe. Go to the bathroom" and again pointed me towards the customer restrooms. I felt my stomach cramping up and I wanted to fart, but was scared it would be more than that if I pushed. I held on tight and finally decided he was right, I better get to the bathroom. Except it was too late. I made it like 10 feet before I could no longer resist the urge to push, and I farted loudly just before a soft load erupted in my leggings. I felt like my heart stopped and I like everything was a bad dream! It was just this gross hot wet feeling on my butt and it stunk so much. I was afraid to move and I just stood there panicking. My boyfriend rushed over to me and IMMEDIATELY called me out. With a dumb smirk he was like "babe did you just poop yourself?" And I just cried lol. I chose to waddle out of the store in that condition and go home to clean myself up. I just threw my underwear away, took a very long shower then hid under my covers:(

She skunked herself

My friend Jenny and me have an inside joke about the time she "skunked herself". We have been friends since middle school and this happened when we were hanging out some time after high school when I was visiting from college. We somehow got into a conversation about having animal powers and she thought it would be cool to spray people like a skunk. She said she would do it all the time. I suggested she could just drop dust people. She agreed and later I dared her to try crop dusting people. She felt goofy and daring enough to try and we went into the supermarket. She kept walking by people and making funny faces then she would shake her head "no" and we'd move on. She said "it's hard to fart on command" to which I replied "push harder". She protested "I feel like I'm gonna pee when I start to push" and so she went to the bathroom first. When she returned she said "ok now I feel like I won't piss myself lol" but unfortunately for her that was the lesser of her concerns. The next aisle we walked down, she smiled mishcheviously at me again before making a little strained face as she pushed to make herself dart as two other customers passed behind us. Jenny's face instantly turned to a horrified expression and both hands went to her butt. She looked at me with panic in her eyes and shuffled towards me holding her butt. She turned bright red and told me "omg I pooped my pants!" We both just started dying! She turned around and there was a poop stain soaking through her jeans and a lump that looked like squished banana in her pants. It was the color of peanut butter and smelled so bad. She was so embarassed but we both couldnt stop laughing. We agreed that it had the same effect as skunking someone, even though she was the one who stunk. She sat on an old t shirt i found in the trunk on the way home. Needless to say every single one of our friends and family know that story of Jenny "skunking" herself in the grocery store and she has the misfortune of never being able to live it down. She said the one upside is now she's no longer terrified of having an accident which used to be a big time fear of hers lol. She said she crapped her pants in the car going home from work a few weeks ago and she didnt even get upset because she was so used to having to tell people the story of pooping her pants all the time anyway.


Story about pooping at Juliette's house

Brittany B - hey, Yeah I feel like the luckiest guy, as I've never seen someone poop and glad that Juliette was the first of hopefully more. I think whenever we feel like it me and Juliette will poop together it's not really a regular thing, well who knows maybe it will be haha.

After Juliette and I have seen each other doing our thing on the toilet, we decided we must go out for dinner, and I knew the perfect place a steak house near my home. I ordered a medium rare steak and Juliette had the well done one. After about 20 minutes our food arrived and i felt the instant urge to poop, but didn't want to leave Juliette by herself so I did the unthinkable and just let a silent fart pop out. Juliette began to sense something whilst eating and said to me someone let one out, I started to chuckle and said really 'I can't smell anything', we both giggled and carried on eating by this point my poop was poking and not forcefully but it was ready to be relased.

After eating our steaks, Juliette decided that we should get dessert, so we ordered a cheese cake (DEAR GOD I NEED TO POOP) i was saying in my head, so we ate a nice cherry cheesecake which was so nice. After paying I finally told Juliette 'hey i need to poo poo' and she said 'are you kid? Poo poo, well come to my house and you can do poo poo' then we both laughed, Juliette said 'if you need to fart just do it dude', so whilst driving to Juliette's house i let 3 long farts out and Juliette looked looked gobsmacked, and once we got to her house she held her nose and said 'damn dude how long you been keeping your poop in' I said 'just 2 days', she opened the door and said 'wait i want to see this'.

So we went to her bathroom she planted herself to the side of the door which is next to the toilet, I quickly dropped my jeans to knee level and sat on the toilet and began peeing for a bit, then it stopped and then i let a fart out and Juliette said 'jesus boy this looks like it's gonna be a massacre' then i felt my first turd approaching and it was a massive chunk that made a loud splash, Juliette wanted to see it and said 'my god that's a massive log' i said 'yeah maybe there will be another' i began pushing again and with a small fart a smaller turd made its way into the bowl, the smell was unbearable and Juliette whilst giggling and holding her nose said 'damn boy what did you eat?', i said ' a lot and this is 2 days worth' my third piece is coming and it took forever coming out but eventually plopped and it was a loud splash and another fat turd, Juliette saw it and said 'you filled it' I asked whether I should flush or not, she said 'just carry on dude'. At this point 4-5 small pieces flew out, and my god was it an awful stench, i looked directly at Juliette and she looked really surprised. She said 'wow what a stinky poop ' i then farted a couple more times with no poop in return, I waited a bit and my final turd came out and it was long one and I laid on top of the pile, Juliette asked to see the final product and said out loud 'DAMN DUDE THIS IS A LOT OF SHIT, LETS SEE IF IT DOESN'T OVERFLOW ' she flushes the toilet and thankfully it didn't overflow but took 3 flushes for it all to escape.

I sat back down on the toilet, and realised theres no tp, so Juliette went to her cupboard and handed me the tp, i wiped 10 times and got up, Juliette flushed the toilet again and I washed my hands, whilst Juliette sprayed her perfume around the room whilst saying 'DAMN MAN THIS IS THE FIRST TIME SOMEONE HAS POOPED IN MY HOUSE, Juliette just recently moved house. I said 'yeah I'm not going to be the only one' we both laughed. I left after we had some tea whilst talking about work and stuff.

This was a good experience for me and first time i pooped at a friends house, Juliette didn't recognise it was me that did the silent fart at the restaurant or she probably did who knows lol. Well that's all from me folks, until next time...

Happy pooping


Maho is passionate girl!

Last week I was in green flat with Maho (this week green flat with Hisae).

Thursday morning while I do makeup, Maho is sitting on loo. I had one thought. People often say, and sometimes I read this site, beautiful woman never go to loo, loo is vulgar and beautiful woman cannot have connection with loo.

Of course that is big fibs. I look at Maho in mirror. She is very beautiful woman. My mother says she look like Princess Kako, she is granddaughter of Japanese emperor. I also think she look like her. But now this beautiful woman sitting on loo with serious face and bare bottom, and I know what she is going to do.

And she do. Plop, I hear. And again. After little time, she said, "Minappe please come to sit near me." So I go to loo. There is funny expression in Maho's voice, I hope she is OK.

She move forward little bit and I can see 3 large logs in loo. Then her bottom began to dome out again, and she stretch hand and took my hand and began squeeze. Large turd appear in middle of her beautiful bottom and come out slowly. When it is nearly out, Maho squeeze my hand harder, and when motion land in loo water, Plop, she squeeze very hard. Then she keeps to hold my hand.

Few minutes after, her bottom domed out again, and she squeezed my hand harder and harder. And I hear her voice very small. "Mina.Mina. Mina." Sometimes "Minappe". So I whisper to her, "Maholin" and squeeze her hand same as she do to me. And give her little kiss on her back of neck. At that time 5th motion appear and increase speed and Plop big noise into loo.

I wonder if she finish, I ask her, she shake head strongly and fast and squeeze my hand more harder. I wait few minutes and hold her hand. Suddenly her bottom domed out fast and large shower of brown chunks rush out. Not bururururu. But plop sounds very fast and many many, about 10. Few seconds later, same thing happened again, and same size. Then she rest for few minutes, but still squeeze my hand.

Then she do a few little ones, with saying "Mina. Mina. Minappe." And then cover loo with her bottom so I push washlet button, Maho move her bottom to clean well with water spray. Then she do same with dry botton, then she move forward lots so I can dry her with paper. I dry her well, but she said "motto. motto." it means "more". So I dry her long time and she squeezed my hand hard.

But we have to get ready to go work, so she get up. She ask, "Mina, you want to do motion?" But I shake my head, and she showed sad face. I said her, "tomorrow I do big one maybe, you can stay by me." So Maho smiled. Her eyes became to very big. She kiss me on my top of head, and then point her mouth to my mouth, so I let her kiss me on mouth, it is first time and I kiss her too, but not inside mouth. Only surface.

We finish makeup and dress and go to station. Kazuko and Hisae with us. Maho's eyes still very big, but when she look at Hisae and Kazuko, also big.

In evening we all four have dinner together but after, Kazuko and Hisae go to beige flat for bath and bed, and I am alone with Maho. In bathtub I say to her, "Maho are you OK? This morning you had strange style." Maho said with smile, "I am OK! But Mina, why you are so lovely lovely lovely??"

I say to her, "I am not lovely, But you are. You are most lovely woman in world! with Kazu and Chae."

Maho's eyes became big again. "Kazu. Chae." I touch Maho on shoulder. "Maholin I love you." (I say this words in English.) Maho is really passionate woman. I think she is most passionate of us four, but when I say her, she said big voice, "No! Most passionate is Mina."

When we get into the bed, I said to Maho, "tomorrow I know I am going to do big motion, so you stay by me." I caress her bottom little bit, only few seconds, and she do same to me.

By the way after Thursday dinner in green flat Hisae went to loo for motions and I looked at Maho and moved my head, Maho understand and squatted beside Hisae in loo and I notice she dried Hisae very warm style. I feel very happy inside.

We are getting warmer and warmer every day. Maho says I am passionate and it is true maybe because I always feel my heart burn and burn, and when one of us do motion (include me) my heart burn more. Why my heart gets hotter when I do motion with my friend or she do with me??

This story too long now, so I tell you Part 2 later, and I think there is also a part 3. If you think "boring, boring" then I......

Love to all of you.

Mina and M K H.

I've been continuing to dump used tea leaves and coffee grounds in the toilet, before doing my business into the bowl. I've enjoyed peeing and pooping on the leftover waste, especially when I get to take a big pee, and empty out the remains of my tea onto the leaves that made it in the first place!

A question for all who wipe with to, front or back: do you sit to wipe, or stand? Either way, what's your reasoning for that choice?

Friday, January 18, 2019


Laxative has " kicked in "

Had some hard motions so took my laxative being Colyxl & Senna. And I am sitting on the pot at work stinking and shitting like there is no tomorrow. It feels just so good ! Been here for some minutes .... just now having a relaxing wee. Might finish up. I think I will be back again soon.


Cinema trip

So I went to the cinema recently and decided to go to the toilet beforehand. The cinema toilets were quite large, with a row of urinals and cubicles at one end. I took a stall and sat down. I was alone in the toilet until the door opened and somebody rushed into the cubicle next to me - it sounded like a younger person or boy. There was a loud fart as they rushed to get their trousers down and sat down. I could hear him weeing into the pan before what sounded like several pebbles dropping. He stood up and seemed to spend several minutes pulling up his trousers before quickly exiting. I finished up and out of curiosity took a look at the stall next to me. There was a pair of soiled white Calvin Klein boxer briefs with a huge steaming poo in the middle of them. It was one massive log and didn't look squashed or anything - the boy must have been desperate and voided his bowels at the wrong time! The poo was very stinky and I left the toilet in a hurry as I did not want anyone to think I had produced such an accident!

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