Desperate supermarket worker

I was in town on Thursday picking up a few things ready for Christmas before the last minute rush, just some snacks, extra wrapping paper and tape. Before I went to the supermarket I stopped at a cafe and got myself something to eat and a large hot chocolate. Just what I need on a cold day! I took my time with it and spent another 30 minutes or so after finishing it in the cafe reading a magazine before I left a little tip and went to begin my shopping.

By the time I got to the supermarket the hot chocolate had worked its way through my system and I really needed to pee so I thought it would be best to do that first. So as I walked through the doors I went straight to the customer toilets. There was only two stalls and amazingly they were both empty so I took the one furthest from the door, pulled down my jeans and thong to my knees and sat on the warm seat. It had been used recently!

Before I even started peeing the door slammed open against the wall and I heard someone running in. "Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!" She ran into the stall next to me, slamming the door shut and I heard her butt crash down onto the seat. Less than a second later, she started the strongest stream I have ever heard. I've heard of gushers but she took it to a whole new level! I started peeing too, a much more gentle trickle and listened as the waterfall continued next door.

She went for about 15-20 seconds, a strong stream the whole time and I heard her mutter something under her breath. "Um, I'm really sorry but do you have any toilet paper please? I'm all out here" I pulled some off for her and passed it under the divider as my wee began to slow down and then got some for myself. "Thank you" I started wiping as she flushed and we both met at the sinks.

Stood next to me was a beautiful blonde in her mid 30's with a huge smile, and wearing her work uniform; she looked so relieved. "I hate it sometimes at Christmas, it's always too busy and I don't get time to go to the loo" I nodded in agreement and she wished me a happy christmas before returning back to work. I finished washing my hands and did my shopping, feeling happy for the rest of the day after this experience.

Saturday, December 22, 2018


To Melanie

BLACK motion? I didn't read carefully last time....

I agree Ferdi. If motion is black, tell doctor! He or she can cure you this problem. It IS problem, but modern medicine is wonderful, so don't be afraid. Tell doctor!!

We hope you are better soon and do brown motion. Or yellow one like I do.

Love from M H K M

Jasmin K

Big loads

As I have some time I thought I would post about the huge toilet blocking poo I did this morning, I was surprised as I also had a good poo befor bed yesterday evening.

Yesterday I was in work for 9'in the morning and hadn't had enough time have a decent poo just doing a few pebbles. At my work at this time of year everyone brings in tins of sweets, mince pies, cakes and such which we all share when not with clients but it wasn't that busy so we were snacking on this most of the day.. Anyway by sort of 2 PM I had got a ???? ache which I chose to ignore and carry on enjoying the festive food. By the time I left work it was really bad and also had that full of poo ache in my bum. I went to Mc D's with a male colleague from work who after getting cosy at his gave me a lift home. I guess all the ' exercise' I'd had had moved things along and thought I had better try to poo before bed especially as I kept having bad gut cramps..I checked to make sure my sister wasn't going to be wanting to use the toilet she said she had been on there for ages and was going to sleep. I went in the bathroom and the smell confirmed she had been as did the mess left in the toilet bowl. She had obviously been farting and spraying bum mucous around the bowl when she was straining.
I pulled down my leggings and removed them into the basket then sat and pushed, the pressure inside my bum made it really hurt and the poo felt huge, I strained hard and it moved down opening my bum up. I did another mega hard strain making a grnrrrrrrah noise to which my sis shouted Jas do it quietly I'm trying to sleep. I did several more noisy hard strains and my log was about half way out when my sis came in and said '"you gonna be much longer Jas"? I replied it sticking out but stuck, well you should ave made yourself go earlier instead of waiting till now and being noisy adding well don't just sit there and left. I did I bore down as hard as I could and my log dropped into the water. I pushed again and another 2 smaller logs dropped out. I wiped - there was just a yellowy mucous on the paper I stood and checked and wow one log must have been 8 inches long and really thick and dark brown- I couldn't believe I could do that sise no wonder it hurt coming out,many the 2 smaller ones were about 4'inches long and a bit thinner and lighter in colour nearly yellowy. I then went to bed.
This morning I got up showered dressed breakfast and then went for my habitual morning toilet visit where I sit there straining to try to make myself go poo. I wasn't expecting to do much if anything after yesterday, I didn't feel like there was any poo in me although I did have a poo belly which I can usually get rid of after a really good poo.I did a long pee and gave a slight push and did a pfffft, as my bum was still sore from yesterday's poo I thought I would build up to hard straining gradually, sort of pace myself, after ten minutes of gentle pushing nothing, so I decided to really go for it, straining hard I gave a very hard long push and did a loud fart and a tinkle of pee. Did this again and again really squeezing my stomach muscles and relaxing my bum muscle and pfrrt pfrrt with a load of jelly mucous, after another long strain It felt like something was coming so I kept straining and straining with mucous dripping from my bum I felt my bum swelling and a poo starting to emerge. With each push it hung further down, it was like a poo snake hanging from my swollen and bulging bum hole. The more I strained the more it kept coming. I was straining so hard and squeezing with my stomach muscles so hard I felt like I was going to be sick. Eventually after about 20 minutes it dropped off into the water. I felt like there was more so strained again making my bum bleed and bulge right down below my bum cheeks. I could feel some more coming so kept straining hard as I could but needed to get more pressure to get this other bit out. I took a deep breath and put my hands beneath my legs and as I squeezed and strained down into my bum I pulled up on my legs and another poo snake came out my bum growing with each push. I looked between my legs at the poo snake which was a light yellowy brown colour and had bright red blood down it. I strained hard again as before and it moved out more and dropped off on top of the other one. My bum was hurting so much I wanted to get off the toilet but thought imcouldmdo more so went for it again and this time it was softer poo that dropped in blobs into the toilet several of these later and 10 minutes of straining and no poo I decided I might have got it all out. I made a wad of paper and felt under me to wipe. I cleaned the tube thing sticking out under me which wasn't pooey and then eased it back In and wiped around my bum hole, stood and admired my load before flushing. I went to my room and checked and yes my belly was much flatter. I put 2 pairs of tight cotton knickers on to absorb any leaks and a cream in and on my bum to ease the throbbing pain.Now on the train to work and no doubt with the eats will repeat this several times over the next few days.
Happy Christmas


More Hard Times then Blessed Relief

The day before yesterday being Thursday I sat on the throne. Yes another rock hard turd so I got off the pot, pulled up my incontinence undies and stepped into the shower. I squatted and then got down on all fours and pushed and pushed and slowly with loud grunting and panting the turd made its way out into my undies. It took some minutes to push it out and I was in full scale asthma mode from the extertion and stress. I dropped my undies , after recovered sufficiently and there was one large hard compacted poo which was then assigned to the toilet and undies to the rubbish bin. It is times like this I need someone with me ! I had been taking my osmotic laxative and Metamucil. Despite this was still having toilet dramas . I continued with this and added 3 coloxyl and senna tablets that night. Next morning, yesterday being Friday I had a good poo first up. Off to work and about 1.30 pm got a desperate urge. I quickly went to the men's room. Nobody there , dropped my pants etc bum on toilet and out it flowed in one long snake of a poo. Just so easy, no effort and such sweet blessed relief. I almost floated off the toilet. What an exhilarating as opposed to what is often an exhausting experience. Wiping only took a couple of sheets. I am writing this in bed. Have not long woken up and the colon is a bit full. Will massage it fir a while and then have a sit on the pot


Peeing at concerts

Hi everyone!

I have a question for you: I'm going to a large outdoor concert with my friends and we are trying to get places at the front row. However I'm worried about dealing with needing to pee. I suppose we can't go to the bathroom without losing our places, and it's quite likely I can't hold it long enough.. What kind of strategies would you suggest for peeing in such situations? What have you done in similar situations? And how about if I need to poop and can't hold?

Love, Alice

In my apartment, we've started leaving the toilet unflushed after peeing if another person is going to go right after. I really enjoy this, because it means I get a little peek at my roommates' pees every once in a while.

I also enjoy sitting over their pee and unleashing my own stream down into theirs, sprinkling my waste down into theirs. If I'm lucky, I'll also need to poop.

The other day, I had just such an occurrence. One of my roommates was peeing, and I told them not to flush, as I felt a pressure building. As they left, I walked in, and took a look at what they'd left. The bowl was full of yellowish-clear pee, some bubbles still floating around along with a sodden was of used toilet paper. I sat and began adding my own urine to the bowl right away.

Almost effortlessly, a turd began to work its way out of me. It was soft, and I could feel rounded parts of it as it left my body. It soon slid right out and smoothly into the water below, and was followed by two smaller pieces. I wiped three or four times, dropping my paper to the side so I could see my work. I stood up, and observed a knobby main turd, with the two small ones to the side. The big poop had landed on my roommate's used toilet paper from their pee, and was pinning it down to the side of the hole at the bottom.

As I flushed, the turd was initially reluctant to move. As water filled the bowl, the trapped toilet paper begin to tear apart and disintegrate. Seconds later, with the same ease as when it slid out of me, the main piece of shit slid down the toilet, carried on a current of both my and my roommate's pee. The other two followed soon after, along with my own toilet paper, and soon it was all gone, flushed away down the toilet.

Hey all! So I thought I should share with you some more stories! I'll continue with the stories from vacation!

A few years ago, one night I had to go to the bathroom. I wear a shirt and pajama pants or shorts (depending on the weather) to sleep in, and I was on my period which was really heavy so, even with pads and panties on underneath my pajama pants, I had to change my panties and pants. So I told my mom that I needed new panties and pajama pants to get changed into since all my other ones were in the laundry. So I got into the bathroom, closed the door, and put my pajama pants and panties in the bathtub for the moment. I sat on the toilet with my legs splayed wide open, because I knew I had to poop too. I started to pee, and then I started pushing out a few logs, slowly but surely, but enough effort for me to grunt a little.

My mom came in while I was pushing, and handed me the fresh panties and pajama pants as well as a new pad. She gasped a little at first glance, but then said "oh-never mind." We laughed together and I told her "mom, the blood is coming from my vagina, not my butt!" And we laughed for a while. She jokingly said "well it smells in here so I'm gonna go, good night!" and hugged me (while I was still on the toilet, lol!) and I did the same. I wiped myself and got changed into my new pants and panties. Just thought that would be a funny story to tell.

Anyway, let's get back to my vacation stories!! I already told you the main ones, but I have some more!

When we got there, I had some diarrhea. I guess it was from the stress of traveling. I sat on the toilet, and farted. I pushed for what I thought would be a fully formed poop, but instead it made that loud diarrhea noise and it felt like I was peeing but out of my butt! So it was liquid diarrhea. I sat there for a while but was totally embarrassed about the noises that were coming out of me! Luckily it only lasted about an hour or so!

Also another thing from vacation! I had just taken a shower. I had to poop so I did that, and wiped myself. Well this happened quickly but after I flushed and while I was washing my hands, my butt started to hurt, the way it does when I don't wipe well enough. So, I walked out of the bathroom with my feet apart as if I was walking like a crab, holding my butt cheeks open with one hand and wiping thoroughly between my cheeks with a baby wipe with the other. I threw it out and washed my hands again. Has anyone else not wiped well enough and gotten pain?

I think that's all for today! Thanks for reading!

sarah your ride share driver

good poops at a diner and store

I'm Sarah and I drive for one of the ride share companies. I do this full time so I use public bathrooms almost everyday. I'm not shy about my bathroom habits. I often use the stalls near the front of the bathroom as they are cleaner. I have two stories to share.

I had been driving for a long time and it was three in the morning. I turned off the app and went to get a bite to eat. The only thing open this late are 24/7 diners. I went in and ate my food. Having a big meal in my stomach made my insides want to poop out what was in me to make some room. I got up and went to the bathroom. The bathroom had four stalls with the last being a handicapped stall. I took the first stall and pulled my jeans and white panties down to right below my knees. I let out some farts then did a long pee. After the pee subsided I relaxed my bowels and some more farts escaped me. I could feel my bowels begin to shift and poo push up against the exit. I gently pushed and long thing ropes of poo began to come out. I did a few of these snakes until I felt emptied. It was a messy wiping job and took a lot of paper. I got up and there was a pile of yellowish light brown snakes in the bowl with a pile of toilet paper. I flushed and the toilet paper wiped away any skidmarks the poo would have left behind. I left feeling satisfied and drove home.

I had a full feeling in my stomach for a few hours. I wasn't getting many good rides so I turned off the app and went to find a bathroom. I stopped at a fast food restaurant and went in to use the bathroom. It was currently being cleaned so I left and went into a store that was nearby. I found the bathroom and went in. There were three stalls with the last being handicapped. Someone was peeing in the middle stall. I could see her pink sneakers and her dark jeans and pink panties around her ankles. I took the first stall and pulled down my black pants and panties to my ankles. I did a long pee that felt good. The other girl had stopped peeing and was staying seated. I blasted out some loud farts. I took a breath then did another fart that was long and loud. After a moment of silence I heard a small puff of gas from the other stall. I relaxed my bowels but did not push so I could take my time listening to my pooping partner. After another moment of silence she let out another puff of gas but this one sounded deeper. A quiet fart escaped from myself as my poo began pushing against the exit. I could hear a quiet grunt then a quiet crackle then a loud plop. My own poo was now crowning. The other girl grunted again and did three consecutive plops punctuated with a long airy fart. My poo was wide and was hurting a little but felt good coming out. I could feel it stretch my rectum as it slowly slid out. The other girl had began wiping. My poo then dropped into the water with a splat. I began wiping. The girl finished wiping but was staying in her stall. Maybe she was embarrassed and did not want her face to be seen. I finished wiping and looked in the bowl. I had done a thick dark brown sausage poop. I was surprised I got out something so wide and rough without pushing.


Answer to Paige's survey

Hi from Poland! I decided to answer Paige's survey, because it's interesting.

1) are you a guy or girl?

2) if you are out of toilet paper do you waddle with you panties/underwear down to search or pull up your pants/underwear?
Depends on circumstances. If we are talking about crowded bathroom, I would sacrify my underwear. If place was empty, I would risk.

3) have you ever not wiped after pooping in public and if so how long did you go without cleaning yourself or changing?
Happened to me last week! I had a upset stronach and needed to release some watery diarrhea at my grandma's place. Afterwards I saw there is no toilet paper. I looked for that around the restroom, but didn't want to make a deal of that, so decided just to put my briefs on. It didn't feel great, but didn't mess them much actually. When I had a shower some hours later, there was no much to clean.

4) how many times do you wipe?
2-3 times, even when it's really mushy it doesn't exceed 5.

5) do you have a hairy butt?
Yes and I'm proud of it, I love my hair :)

6) if you have a hairy bum, do you think it affects you ability to wipe completely with dry toilet paper?
Actually yes, poop likes to stick to my butt, but proper wiping solves the case.

7) do you know anyone who shaved or waxes their hole?

8) does waxing your hole help with hygiene?
Guess it would, but as I wrote in 6th answer.

Have a nice day all of you!


Me & grams & my concert crap

Recently me and Gabriel, this guy from my school who I kinda like, were at a country music concert at the arena. His parents drove us since we're not old enough. Me and him downed a 48 ouncer of Dr. Pepper while waiting for showtime. So about 15 minutes before that I went down to find a bathroom. I felt both a pee and crap coming on, although I had a pretty decent crap right after lunch at school.

In the bathroom I was emersed in reading my messages while in a crowd waiting for a toilet to be freed. Finally, an older lady behind me who had been giving me constant attitude shoved me forward while cursing and I found the toilet door in front of me had just been swung open. So as I walked in and was having trouble latching the bent door while juggling with my phone, grams called. She's totally non-tech and quit her job a year or so before retirement because she refused to learn email. So I sat on the toilet with my clothing still up while I took gram's call. That was a mistake and my first word to grams was a curseword because those auto-flush things spook me. Grams first words to me were "Kamdyn did I catch you at a bad time?"

She had heard the auto-flush but thought I was at home. She said she could wait for me to get next door to my bedroom, but as I was explaining to her where I was while holding the phone between my shoulder and ear while breaking a couple of nails trying to unbutton and drop my jeans, it was getting better as I kept telling myself not to move as I carefully seated myself. My pee started fast and noisily
as grams and I started our conversation. After a couple of minutes--my pees are sometimes longer--I could feel my bowels activating. I normally would start moving my legs to move things along, but I didn't dare with the auto-flush, so many other toilets flushing around me, and my difficulty in hearing grams over the noise. I was giving her a couple of my sizes while I was pushing on my thighs (very carefully) so as not to activate the flush.

Then I could start seeing the eyes of that lady waiting through the gap and the panel in front. I knew she was probably getting more pissed because she would think I was wasting time. In situations like that before, I would move my feet, pull off toilet paper and do other actions that I was working fast and hard on what I was seated for. She continued looking in on me. Then grams started giving me a lecture on thinking ahead, going to the bathroom before leaving home, and dumb stuff like that which couldn't make me feel any better.

The width of my crap was the largest in some time and luckily the bowl was shaped so I could look between my legs and see it without moving my body. It was about 5 inches long and it gave me such a satisfying feeling. Then I went to the metal tp dispenser to do my normal wipe that I knew would be messier this time. There was less than 1 inch of paper left glued to the roll. I think grams knew what I was up against and she asked me to call her the next day. I considered ways to deal with my problem. Standing and pounding on he panel between the toilets couldn't work for a couple of obvious reasons. Unfortunately I was wearing white underwear so I decided to just stand, pull up my clothing and just let my underwear due the wiping. By the time I got back to Gabriel I could feel my underwear doing its job and the mess being beyond repair.

After the concert, I went back to the same bathroom, took my seat and cleaned myself with a large amount of toilet paper. Then I took my underwear off, rolled it up and placed it in the trashcan by the sinks. Luckily when grams and I talked on Saturday she asked my underwear size, so I knew what I was getting for a present.


To New Guy

Hello! Yes, any stories you have would be great! Particularly if you have any about helping each other push out a hard poo or sitting together on the same toilet and having a poo! Thanks! Happy pooping.


To Melanie

Your idea is great idea!! I tell my friends and they say, wonderful! We image huge tent circle shape, many loos in circle, everyone sit on them and talk with emptying bottom slowly, stay there one hour, and no judge, that is most important. NO JUDGE. Very warm happy time I think. But it is only dream... (But there is nothing wrong with dream.) Only one worry is, maybe our legs very stiff after sit on loo one hour?

Love from Minappe and Chae and Maholin and Kazu (Mina and Hisae and Maho and Kazuko)

P.S. I hope you don't constipate any more. Maho says, do you drink milk a lot?

Thursday, December 20, 2018


Constipated with my brother

I've been pretty constipated (as usual) the past couple weeks and it's probably worse because I've been a lot more junk with the holidays. Even my brother who usually poops really quickly and does not get constipated the way I do had trouble recently. I heard him grunting and straining from outside the bathroom door. I decided not to bug him, but he later told me that it was the biggest one he had one in months. It sure sounded like it.

This morning I had trouble getting poop out. I felt a small urge when I woke up, so I sat on the toilet for a while, pushing and straining but nothing was really happening. My anus did not want to open up. Later I tried a second time and this time I did manage to get the end of a turd to start to come out, but it would go back in before I could push it out any further. I was on the toilet long enough that my mom asked if I was okay, which was pretty embarrassing. But I kept trying. I tried a couple different positions, including standing with my hands on my thighs and my butt over the toilet. That's when my brother walked in. He had to pee but I told him to wait because I felt like I was about to finally get some poop out. I thought he was just going to leave, but my brother stayed and encouraged me. He was like "push, Dom, push!" several times and watching my butt to see if it was coming out. Finally after pushing really hard, turning my face red, while my brother encouraged me, finally a massive dark-brown turd came out and landed in the toilet (this was while I was standing and hovering over the toilet, so it made a huge splash).

Afterward my anus was really sore and I was panting a ton. But I was so glad to have it out and my brother congratulated me. lol

I'm sure this'll be an ongoing pattern for the rest of the holiday season.

Kara. Thanks for sharing your stories. Accidents happen and it's probably best not to get too stressed about them, however unfunny they were at the time. Probably my worst memory is of shitting myself at Alton Towers on a coach trip just after I'd turned 18. I'd been for a shit earlier in the day there and thought all was well. However just before we left for home I went to pee and, as I stood at the urinal farted - except it turned out to be more than a fart and I ended up with a quantity of shit in my underpants. Not good. Since then I've had several close calls for both numbers but usually just made it.

Paul S. I don't know whether pee or poo accidents are more common. Logic suggests to me that as most healthy people need to pee rather more often than they ever do to poo, that pee accidents were probably more common. However I don't think it's a topic into which anyone has done any serious research. At least if they have, I've not heard about it.

John H. I'm pleased to say that all is good as I hope it is with you. Like you I don't get to post as often as I'd wish since life gets in the way rather these days. However I try to drop by when I can.

Recently I've tended to be a little bit on the constipated side, or at least passing rather more wind than solids. However tonight I had some sprouts with my tea - along with other things - and a couple of hours later they got things moving when I had to make an urgent - and rather explosive - visit to the toilet!


To Melanie

Hi Melanie,

When you are getting black stool there is a possibility that you have got a stomach ulcer.

You need to call an ambulance or go to the emergency department when:
You have got sudden, severe stomach pain;
Have pain when you touch your stomach;
Are vomitting blood or groundlike coffee substance;
Have bloody or black, sticky poo.

Call in other cases your doctor and discuss it.


The Hard Times Continue

Continuing from my previous post the next day being Saturday morning I went to my poo therapist. She was arriving as I arrived. She took me into the toilet and asked if she could go first . She had not had time to go that morning . There was quite an amount of straining and grunting. .... not to mention the smell! Her shit was hard and lumpy. She said you wipe me so I did ... no problems. Then it was my turn and I sat way to the front leaning forward whist my anal area was massages and a finger inserted and the pushing began. Hard bits of poo were dropping. Plop plop plop. She told me to push and worry about nothing . I stopped even though there was more in me . The trouble was I sat back on the seat and there was poo on the seat and it got on the end of my T shirt. I was so exhausted and the effort triggered my asthma . She wiped me and I left . That same night I went to a friend home and later in the evening I had to do a poo there. The toilet room was very small .... I produced one hard turd and that was it. There was heaps more in me but at least it too the pressure off. Next day , Sunday I produced nothing. On Monday morning I awoke and massaged my colon for quite a while . I had breakfast of fruit only and then tried for a poo but it was stuck. Big and hard ! I then inserted two micro enemas. I have incontinence undies and after a while I had an urge. Rather than sit on the toilet I went into the shower and with undies on made myself comfortable in a squatting position resting towards the bath and went into pushing mode. It would not be that easy but I moved about a bit and got on all fours . My efforts started to reap rewards and slowly that stubborn turd left it's hone and took up residence in my undies. A lot more came out. At the end I removed my undies and put them in a plastic bag destined for the garbage. What a less stressful way to poo !!!! I will try it again tomorrow. To Nick from Canada I know exactly what you mean. To Melanie. Pushing if the shit is up high will do no good . The quickest best solution is multiple water enemas. Alternatively laxatives or massage. High fibre with lots of wAter and I mean lots of water will help or prune juice on an empty stomach and do not eat after prune juice and keep drinking prune juice till the desired result is reached

Hey guys, it's melanie again.
And once again, I'm reaaaaally constipated. I've been able to push out a couple of hard black lumps but I know that theres still so much up there making my belly hurt. The problem is that its up in my colon rather than down in my rectum, and it won't come down so that I can push it out. I'm not even getting urges.
Any advice? PLEASE?


Accidents from holding a bit too long!

Hey all, so I have two stories to tell about an accident of each kind, each was so embarrassing!

One time I was headed out for a night of clubbing and underestimated how long I could hold. I already had to go as we were all leaving my friend's house, but the Uber had arrived and I figured that I would just hold it until we got to the club - big mistake! Once we got there, the line was huge. I just crossed my legs and hoped for the best. About 30 minutes go by and the pre-game drinks were in full force at this point. I did literally everything I could to stop the inevitable (even so much as holding myself when I thought my friend's weren't looking), but it was just too much. I ended up pissing my panties while still in the line and everyone around could see! It didn't help that I already had their attention from the frantic potty dance that I was doing. I was wearing a dark short skirt though so I just let the panties dry and carried on with the night.

The other time was when I was working at the entrance of a theme park collecting admissions. I'm really good about eating a lot of fiber, so my poops are always very bulky and are easy to pass. I hate doing a number 2 in public toilets, so I try to be regular about going in the morning before work. This particular day I was late waking up, so I figured that I would just hold my morning poop until later after work. This definitely was not a good idea and led to the most embarrassing day of my life! By the afternoon, I was ready to pop. Being that I had to stand, it made it sooo much harder to hold! A bit before my shift was ready to end, my body just couldn't take it anymore and my butt totally cramped up and it all just filled my panties. Thankfully I was working the front gate alone, but I still had to deal with all of the guests!! Thankfully it was dry so there was no runny liquid or anything, but anyone could clearly see the bulge in my shorts if they saw me from behind. With 30 minutes left in my shift, I stood there is fully loaded panties praying that none of my coworkers would come around. Alas, my shift ended and I ran to my car as fast as I could! It felt really strange to sit down in it, but thankfully the only people saw me were complete strangers! Still, it was soo embarrassing and still makes me blush to this day!

Paul S.

Pee or Poop?

Hi everyone. I was wondering something. Of all the Bathroom Accidents that people have either experienced or witnessed, Which one is more common? I have witnessed many more Poop accidents than Pee in my lifetime. But, being that I have Pooped in my pants multiple times I may just be more sensitive to (feel really bad for that person)and notice the Poop ones. Poop ones just seem to happen more in my opinion. Which one have you seen more while out in Public? Pee or Poop?

Nick from Canada

Back after a long absence

I used to be a regular reader and very occasional poster, but until the other day, I hadn't even logged onto the forum. I think the last time I read a post was late 2017. Life and a couple other things got in the way. But I'm back, I think.
Not wanting to just jump back in without knowing what some of the recent threads have been, I spent a couple of days reading thru posts from most recent to late August. A few posts caught my attention--those from ConstiGuy, Melanie, T and one or two others who have regular problems with constipation. You can add me to that ilĺustrious group. Mine's the result of pain meds I've been on since it bad work accident almost 20 years ago. Prior to the accident, I usually had to go two or three times a day. Now I consider myself lucky if I'm able to go once. Some days the Sennokot and another stool softener work their magic and I am able to go without much challenge. Other days, like the past three, have been akin to what I imagine birthing must be like--a lot of pushing, grunting and groaning. There on the throne with my legs as far apart as possible, bent over with my head almost between my knees. Having a 'coach' there on some of those days would be appreciated while on other occasions, I wouldn't want anyone within a mile radius. If it weren't for the excruciating nerve pain I have to battle, I would happily get rid of the pain meds. But so far no cures have been found for my condition so the only thing one can do is to target the Sennokot and stool softener to the amount of pain meds needed that day. Not enough and it could be two or three days before I will be able to have a dump; take even one stool softener or Senna tablet and I could be on the throne most of the following day. Not the life I signed up for, but the one I've been given nonetheless. In many ways, the accident and this resulting pain condition have been a blessing that has found me traveling roads I never imagined I would and doing things I hadn't envisioned myself doing. I have ended up being an advocate and activist. Prior to the accident, I would have been reporting on such people; now, I'm the one making news. But I have come to realize that although there may be many affected either by the actions/impediments that led to the accident or the pain condition, very few are willing--or able--to stand up and fight. So I stood up and have learned other things along the way. I may not have signed up for this Life, I'm not certain I would want to change it, including the pain.
Another post that caught my eye was one by SeaLion Man on p. 2733. One of his questions was, "Any other guys who sit down to per most of the time or is it just me?" SeaLion Man, you are definitely not alone. I have been for almost 5 years now since I broke my right arm. When I first used my left hand to hold my unit as I peed, I ended up getting more on the wall, floor and side of the toilet then in it. As I spent the next almost 45 minutes trying to clean up the mess with the one arm, I thought, 'Next time I'll sit down. Doesn't require any hands that way and makes much less mess.' Prior to this, the only times I really sat to per were first thing in the morning, middle of the night and the odd day when the pain I have developed in my back makes standing up painful. Even after the arm had healed, I didn't want to go back to standing. But if I encounter a disgusting public toilet, I will take a stand. I have a friend who has been sitting down since he was a teenager and I have met other guys over the years who seem to prefer taking a seat. I have never asked my friend why he sits (but always stands in a public washroom); there are some questions you don't ask a friend but you'll ask a stranger. One guy said it was because his mother had made him and his dad sit and he got used to it, plus he finds it keeps the bathroom cleaner. Another guy it was because his growth spurt didn't happen until his mid-teens. Before that, he was often too short to pee into a wall-mounted urinal or even the toilet at home. After his growth spurt between 15 and 16 he just continued sitting, even though he was now taller than many others. So I guess it became a habit. Unlike some other guys who look down at guys who sit down to pee, I never did. I just figured, que sarrah, sarrah. Now, I can see the advantages: more comfortable, cleaner toilet, no wet toilet seat to wipe up (at home anyway; if I encounter a wet seat in public, I use my foot to raise the seat and stand. I refuse to clean up after some rude Neanderthal. Why did you decide to sit, SeaLion Man?

New guy

To gracie: boyfriend/girlfriend pooping

Hey gracie, (and anyone else) ive got some stories about me and my gf pooping together, and helping each other go when we need it. Were both very open about pooping and do it in front of each other alot as we live together. Let me know what storie(s) you would like me to share!

Brittany B

Black Friday Blowout

Hi all! I've been sitting on this story for too long, but you know I gotta say hi to people first!

Mina - I was so glad to have a buddy dump with Jess and it was everything I had ever dreamed of! It's so fun!

Rochelle - Thank you! You're lucky you have some poop buddies! How many do you have? And have you ever pooped with more than one of them at a time? I echo your feelings about flushing still seated. If I want to look at my poop, I'll just look between my legs. I love the feeling of the rushing water under my butt! Using the toilet is an absolute delight!

Victoria B - I'm glad you enjoyed my buddy dump story! I'm sorry about what happened to you with that rude woman though. Being upset about hearing someone poop in a bathroom is just ridiculous. I've never had someone be rude to me, but I did post a story awhile back about a few girls going "EWWW!" and leaving the bathroom while was blowing up a stall with diarrhea, but that just made me laugh. I hope it doesn't happen again.

Becc - I'm so glad you're back! When I saw you posted it immediately made my day! Cate sounds so awesome! I'm so happy for you! Your poop at work with the cute HR girl and one of the bosses sounded awesome! I haven't had a dump in a crowded public toilet with other poopers in quite sometime. Wish I could have been there! There's a really cute HR girl where I work too, but I haven't gotten to see hear a poop from her. I'm just so happy you're back! I hope you enjoy all the writings you've missed out on while you were gone.

OK, onto my story. It's not technically a Black Friday story because it happened Thanksgiving night, but I was out shopping, so I think it counts haha. I don't usually go out shopping on Black Friday at all, but my 2 friends Sarah and Hannah go out all the time. I mentioned them in my DnD story.

So I ate a lot at Thanksgiving with my family. Maybe a little too much, I almost felt like I was gonna puke. I couldn't help myself though, I just love Thanksgiving! After I had gotten home about 8 in the evening, Sarah and Hannah called asking if I wanted to meet them at the local Best Buy at 10. I didn't feel like it at first, but then I remembered that my Xbox was making a weird noise the previous night, so I figured this might be a good opportunity to get a good deal on an upgrade, so I said I'd meet them there.

10pm rolled around and I met up with Sarah and Hannah in the parking lot. Sarah had also dragged her boyfriend Matt along. We went inside and started to browse around at all the stuff they had. I was feeling very full and started to get kinda gassy. We walked around a lot and I started to uncontrollably fart as we went around. They were kind of smelly, but hard to hear because of how loud it was in the store. I think I crop dusted the whole store haha! After about an hour, I knew I would need t go take a huge dump. Sarah and Hannah were looking at stereos and talking while Matt and I stood back with some light chatter, me silently farting, until one came out that wasn't so silent! It was deep and really vibrated my cheeks and smelled like poop. Matt looked at me and asked if I was alright. I told him I ate too much today and I had to take a dump. I told Hannah and Sarah that I was going to go to the bathroom. Hannah said to me, "Yeah go. I could smell you farting through the whole store." and we had a laugh.

I made my way to the toilets in the corner of the store. It had four stalls, surprisingly nobody was using them, but there were 2 girls at the sinks complaining that their boyfriends were taking too long. I took the second stall, dropped my jeans and panties to my knees and got settled on the bowl. I felt so full and knew I was about to blow it up! I peed, pushed a little and immediately exploded into the toilet with a gassy wave of about 8 messy plops and farted long and wet after. It felt so good to unload. I breathed a sigh of relief. I farted another wet raspy fart before more messy turds plopped into the bowl and I sighed again. One of the girls at the sinks asked if I was ok. I said yes, that I had just eaten a lot today and needed to unload haha. She said ok and that they would give me some privacy. I wouldn't have minded if they stayed though.

I was really stinking it up. I reached back and gave the toilet a flush. While it was flushing, I blew another couple loose turds out of my butt. After the flush was done, I sat for a few minutes letting out little puffs of gas. I knew I wasn't quite done yet. After a bit, my bowels churned and a wave plops came out, a little liquidy and lots of gas in between. I farted a really long fart and I finally felt done. Felt so much better after this dump too! I grabbed the toilet paper and wiped my messy butt 6 times. I reached back flushed one last time before redressing, washing my hands, and going to find my friends. I found them by the video game stuff. Sarah asked me if I felt better, which I told her I felt much better! Before we left, I did grab a new Xbox One S more myself too haha.

I hope you all enjoyed my Black Friday blowout! Just wish I would have had some company haha.


Victoria B.


To Becc: So glad to see you back! You've been missed and I'm so happy for you and Cate!

To Anna from Austria: She might have thought I was leaving after I flushed my first piece. Either way, she shouldn't have said anything or answered her phone. If it was an important call she could have just sent the person a text message saying that she was busy and she'd call back.

To Minappe and Maholin: She deserved a big fat turd in the seat of her panties to go with that pee. I feel the love and want to say that you four are with me in spirit each and every time I need to go.



Dear Victoria

I read again my post about your angry, I think, difficult to understand. So I try again.

Maho's mean is: She imagine 3 loos. You in one, woman with racehorse wee in one, Maho in one. And if racehorse woman say gross to you when you do a motion, Maho jump out from her loo and punch hole in racehorse's loo door and pull hair. She was angry so much! Actually when she think it, she angry again. But you don't need worry, Maho is a lot of bark, but not so much bite (but sometimes bite). I think she won't go to America to destroy loo door.

Actually one hour before Maho was on loo and had difficult time so Hisae massaged her. Now all her turds eaten by loo, so she is fine.

I am sorry my English writing not clear. My English is very bad and dreadful. But I make efforts.

Love from your very own Minappe


Craft Fair Crap

For the past 8 weeks or so Mom and I have been exhibiting her craft work at various craft fairs at schools and churches. This past Sunday afternoon I had a bad experience at our city auditorium, which was the last and largest of the fairs we exhibited at.

At about 8 a.m. after we got done hauling our stuff and setting up our tables, I went into the nearest bathroom for my crap. It wasn't quite ready but since we lose money when there is only one of us at the table, I wanted to give it a try. My last crap had been during 2nd hour at school on Friday. So I walked out of the exhibit hall and through one of two entrances into the bathroom. Several doors were open, so I walked into one, latched the door, dropped my jeans and underwear to knee level and took my place on the cool seat. I sat about 5 minutes and mom texted me that the hall was now open and I push, then double-pushed, and finally abruptly stood while pushing. All I got were two small balls of harder crap. I reseated, did a fast wipe that I found wasn't necessary, and then flushed. After washing my hands I rejoined mom. But I stopped and helped myself to a cup of the free coffee offered.

Twice over about 3 hours I returned to the bathroom for a pee. Now there was a crowd waiting for toilets to open, women complaining about the high admission charge to the show and the cost of the goods. I wanted to tell them that it was a fund-raiser for charity groups, but I didn't want to waste time since I needed a toilet bad and didn't want to lose business at our tables. I don't know what or if it means anything but both of my pees were as long as ever and brighter yellow than most. But it might have just been the lighting or my anger, I guess.

Later that afternoon I downed some junk food too fast, got gas and indigestion, and felt an explosive crap percolating in my gut. So I hurried to the bathroom. This time it was nearly jammed. I saw one opportunity right to the side. There were tennis shoes and jeans inside, a door partially open and a mother guarding it. I was convinced that was my best chance. As I looked more carefully I saw jeans bunched up against shoes and that a woman barking orders to her young son. I was farting more and the farts were becoming blasts and I was getting scared. The boy turned and walked to his mom in the doorway and she helped him zip up his jeans. I could see behind them that the seat was just dripping with pee--like a park bench well painted after a heavy rain.

When the lady turned toward me I pointed out the messed up seat that we being left. She got upset, looked me in the eye and said "Who gives a f###; nobody sits on a pubic toilet anyway." Also, the toilet had not been flushed. As soon as I latched the door I made two mitts of toilet paper, one for each hand, to wipe the seat with. Then I flushed it while seating myself. Sure I got some splashes from the flush, but my now-soft crap blasted out for more than a minute. As that was happening however the longer I sat, the more I felt the sting of that lady's attitude and what she was teaching her son. Even my hole hurt from the crap, but not as bad as I did for the little boy and what he is being taught.


Great gym experience!

Hey all! I'm back once again....First off I just wanted to correct a little typo from my last post. I must have been a little tipsy when I submitted it, as when I saw it posted this morning I noticed I had titled it "pooping at the bar", then went on to tell a story from high school, lol!
Anyways, on to today's festivities! I hit the gym very early this morning to make sure I got a good workout in before work. When I finished up on the treadmill there were very few other people at the gym, but I held out hope that there would be some company in the locker room as at this point I could definitely feel my bowels beginning to work! I went to my locker and stripped off my sweaty clothes, and wrapped my towel around myself. The shower room is actually through the bathroom so I planned to stop and poop on my way.
As I entered, I noticed the first two of the five stalls were open. The third and fifth doors were closed. Perfect, I thought! I'll take the one in between. As I walked past the third I nonchalantly glanced thru the rather large cracks in the stall and saw a cute, slightly chubby girl I had seen on the elipticals. She was sitting spread eagled on the toilet pooping loudly at the moment, while unleashing some satisfied sounding grunts. She seemed to be enjoying herself! I entered the fourth stall and hung my towel on the hook, and placed myself down on the cool seat. It felt invigorating sitting there totally nude on the pot! The neighbor to my left continued to crackle out large, splooshing plops. At this point I had not heard anything from my right. I glanced under the stall and noticed her bare feet were up on her tip toes, which she were scrunching rather furiously. I noticed a couple pained sounding grunts. Poor thing, constipation I thought...
At this point I relaxed my butthole and let a cascade of soft poop start snaking out. It made a really nice crackle, but was all one long piece so there was really no plop. My left hand neighbor was finally starting to wipe at this point. Suddenly I heard a loud pained grunt from next door, and then what must have been a huge poop launching out with a blast and splooshng loudly! She moaned in what sounded like half pain, half relief, and I saw her feet relax. At the time another wave came over me, and released in a flurry of small plops. A few farts emanated from my right, as the girl to my left flushed and left. I began my wipe as did my right neighbor. We both finished up right about on cue and exited our stalls. I realized at that point that my poop partner had been Courtney, one of the Spin instructors and a beautiful girl. She smiled sheepishly and said "sorry you had to hear that! I've been blocked up for two days!". It's all good I assured her as we headed towards the shower room. All in all what a great morning!



Hey just a quick perusing some old posts that I missed in my months away, I noticed there is another Becc who has been avoid any confusion. I am the Becc that references my girlfriend Cate, and that recently posted the gym story. .I'll post as "Becc M." from here on to avoid confusion!

Sunday, December 16, 2018

John H


@Bianca Hi and thanks for answering my questions. I imagine that using disposable underware all the time would be more costly than using sanitary pads. My ex girlfriend used much the same system as you described when it came to changing pads during her time of the month.

@Adrian thanks for the shout out. Hope all is well. I don't have as much time to post but I always do keep up to date with the latest posts.
@Tlana hi I do enjoy to draw out a poo. I never rush it as I love the process of releasing a load and spending some quiet time on the toilet.
That's all for now
Take care all
John H


weird thoughts??

I was sitting at home the other day, browsing this forum, specifically posts of those with constipation and I was thinking about what it would be like if we all hung out together. Silly I know, but just imagine the conversations we'd have. People who hadn't had a bowel movement in days. Everybody bloated and backed up, able to discuss the struggle with people who would actually understand and not judge them. I don't know. I thought it was a fun thought.

Anyway, it's been days between poos for me again and my belly is getting bloated again. I'm just now starting to feel the cramps however.

Jasmin K

Christmas Logs and Childhood memories

Been so busy lately with work and social life that as I had this time free thought I would post about a sort of buddy dump with my best friend yesterday.

We have been best friends since being about 7 yrs old, went to same schools etc, have often helped each other to poo, so you get that we are close and 2 months ago both of us ended up working for the same employer. Anyway we both got this weekend off and decided to go shopping together in Oxford street and spend the afternoon and evening out and about.
After several shops and lighter bank accounts we decided on Mc D's and tucked into a nice snack. I mentioned I had bad ???? ache, Chloe asked did you poo this morning? Tried but it wouldn't come out - it's a solid hard one that is actually poking out of my bum I havn't had a decent poo for the last week. Chloe said she was also constipated. We decided to tackle more shops and fuelled with junk food we went back to shopping. As late afternoon approached we went for food and again my rather stuffed and swollen insides complained. I said I really need to go to the toilet and suggested we went to one of the hotels where I had worked that had a function room in the basement with its own toilets that you could access without passing through reception iChloe said she should have a poo and suggested we had a poo competition - who could do the most in shortest time. We agreed no wiping untill we had checked how much each had done. The function room was not set up and the toilets were deserted so I didn't think we would be disturbed. We took cubicals opposite each other and left the doors open. I lifted my short pleated mini skirt and pulled my purposefully chosen skin tight black latex shorts down and noticed they were caked in poo , I sat in time to see Chloe removing her jeans and what looked like tena lady knickers and then she sat and pulled some clean ones from her bag and pulled them to her knees and put her jeans on again. I said are you ready We both started straining as hard as we could, Chloe with each push was dropping pebbles, it sounded like she was chucking stones into a deep puddle as each one splashed. As I strained my poo moved out but as soon as I stopped it retracted with just the tip sticking out. I strained and strained but as the log poked out the fatter bit inside would not come out. My ???? ache was really bad and this poo was coming out no matter what. Chloe asked if I'd done any - no not yet but I will if it takes all evening. Chloe chuckled and said like old times then. ( Chloe like me was used to spending hours on the toilet being made to stay there straining untill you did it when younger and used to having Mum or older sibling check what you had done. Her mum used to call it number 2 - sometimes when I would call at their house for her her mum would say you can come in and wait Chloe is on the toilet untill she does a number 2, thing was Chloe didn't get that if she didn't manage to number 2 at home before school doing it at school didn't count and was still made to sit on the toilet untill she went again after dinner. Me on the other hand would try to hold untill I got home and then have a decent chance of doing it when required although often couldn't. I remember I used to get really severely constipated all the time around ages 8 - 10 ish. Often not pooing for 4 or 5 days even though I had to sit on toilet every morning after breakfast for 30 minutes straining as hard as I could before school and again in the evening when I got in from school for 1 hour and if nothing then again for at least an hour after dinner and again before bed. When not constipated 1/2 hour in the morning and an hour in the evening were my normal toilet times When it was bad like this I used to wet the bed a lot in fact I used to wet the bed even when I wasn't constipated too. Often poo used to come out in my knickers during the night when constipated or withholding, my mum would come in and check for poo in my knickers and / or a wet bed when she got up. If either of these had happened she would wake me up I had to shower, get dressed for school eat breakfast then have an extra punishment 1/2 hour on the toilet in addition to my usuall 1/2 hour. I used to do it in my knickers at school quite often during lessons when I was withholding, sometimes it would really suddenly really hurt and come out, sometimes when I had ???? ache from prolonged constipation I would push little pebbles out in my knickers to ease my belly ache)
Both of us were making straining and grunting noises and doing the pfffft fart, I put my hands round behind me and pulled my bum cheeks apart and pushed hard I then moved to putting 2'fingers from each hand inside and pulling my bum hole open and straining. After about 10 minutes of doing this this hard knobbly log was beyond the point of no return and tearing my already sore bleeding and swollen bum hole. I had tears in my eyes from the stinging and before doing a really long hard strain that made me go dizzy I said to Chloe - here it comes then Grrrrrrrrrrrump nnnnnnngh etc and thud splash it dropped. Chloe dropped several more pebbles and asked if I'd finished I replied no I think there is more, how bout you, Chloe replied with listen Jaz and strained hard and plip plip plip plip as pebbles dropped. She then leaned right forward and strained and there was a thud followed by plop and a forceful jet of pee. She did a couple more plops and said she was empty. Meanwhile I was pushing another hard log out which splashed into the water. I said I'm finished for now but will probably get the urge in 20 mins or so. Chloe said ok but shall we take what we done now as the final amount as you often get a second urge but can't do anymore - ok I agreed. Chloe came over and check in my toilet and agreed that it was a huge log with 2 smaller ones on top butbthatbshe couldn't see the pebbles I had done first as the logs were on top. I waddled over to hers and checked the mountain of pebbles was actually sticking out of the water with a lumpy log and a large poo chunk. Being friends we agreed a draw. We decided to leave what we had done visible so both wiped in a different cubical. I said I now feel full again and sat down in a different cubical and strained and strained producing a massive amount of mucous which splattered into the bowl, Chloe squatted down and looked under me as I strained telling me my pink tube was protruding with mucous dripping out, I said it feels so full there is something else to come out and strained and strained and suddenly a couple of bits of poo fired noisily into the bowl. I pushed my tube back in and cleaned myself, I actually felt empty now, pulled up my shorts putting a wad o toilet paper in the right place to soak and leaking mucous.
We had been there 1 and 1/2 hours.
We decided to treat ourselves to coffee in the hotel bar, we talked about who might find our dumps there - if you do and you read this site tell us what you think.
Jaz K


A Hard Hard Time

I had not done a poo for 3 days and got the urge but expecting it to be a difficult one went to my therapist. It was like Paige's story where the mother was encourages her son It was the therapist encouraging me. There was rectal insertion and the instruction to push push push. I was leaning forward holding on to her tightly as I did a rather long poo. I just about passed out then sitting on the toilet so exhausted she wiped me. Later that day I got the urge again. I was home so thought I would try an enema in the shower . It is not easy given my limitations so I had to stand with the tube in my bum because the tubing was not long enough from where the enema bag was hanging I also had the shower running. I started to expel it shot out everywhere however at my feet I dropped a few turds. I felt then with my toes and they were like rock. I directed them down the drain. After finishing up I got another sudden urge. I had my incontenance undies on so I went with it and gave a push. A whole lots of water but nothing solid like I hoped for. My ???? is rumbling so I will be going to the therapist for some help For those that have good easy shits you are so lucky

Hey guys, it's melanie again.
And once again, I'm reaaaaally constipated. I've been able to push out a couple of hard black lumps but I know that theres still so much up there making my belly hurt. The problem is that its up in my colon rather than down in my rectum, and it won't come down so that I can push it out. I'm not even getting urges.
Any advice? PLEASE?


New student tours/bathroom concern

I got appointed to student council this year and I'm now one of the students who helps orient new students who move into our building. Last week I gave a tour to Jacob, who moved into our snowy city after living most of his life in a resort city. I took him around to his classes for the first two days and he is appalled at what he saw in our bathrooms. Among the things that are different:
1) passing periods of only 5 minutes which aren't the easiest to piss or shit in.
2) almost all the guys toilets have the doors removed--students have trashed the bathrooms and our principals have cracked down on huffing by taking away the privacy of those of us who don't.
3) the toilet paper squares are usually gone after the first few hours of the day and many of the hand blowers don't work. One I saw was hanging from one screw on the wall.
4) some of the bathrooms closest to the cafeteria are locked before and after school and sometimes during lunch periods due to misuse.
5) teachers are pretty much held responsible if their students are out of class, waste time, or in any way mess up the bathrooms.

On the first morning I took him down to the gym and he said he had to take a shit. No problem. There is a large restroom with about a dozen toilets right across the hall. I think about five were in use and I suggested to Jacob that he take the one on the far end because he would have more privacy. He took the seat and was starting to punch them out, but then noticed there was no toilet paper. I walked down the row to find him some and all the guys were getting the same surprise. All of the tp had been used at the varsity game the previous night. Across the hall I saw a girl I knew coming out of the bathroom and I asked her to grab toilet paper for us. She did, but she said they were short too. On the second morning, I took Jacob up to the library and into the activity center. At about 7:30, he needed to use the bathroom and I told him the rule that he had to go to the closest one. But that was the same one he had the problem in the previous day.
I stood in the entry way of the bathroom as he sat for his shit and he said he had toilet paper. A great improvement over the day before. The only problem was the bell rang to 1st hour class before he was finished, but I tried to stay positive with him as I hurried with him up to class. You don't want the security guards to see you in the hallways without a hall pass once the final bell rings. But for many students using the bathrooms at school is something they must do and it is not a very pleasant experience.

Anna from Austria

rude people in the bathroom

@Victoria B. I can undestand that you were so angry about the Lady you met at the bathroom.

I have some similar experiences, Ladies that are complaining about Things that just happen in a public bathroom ( smell and pooping sounds)

I am not a very silent pooper, when I need to go my surroundings would notice what I am up too and yes it obviously smells quite bad.

I will never understand why some women have a Problem with that.

The first complaints I heard about that where at the Girls room at my high School and I think that's normal that some Girls want to me mean. Typical behavior for some Teenagers I suppose.

I find mit more schocking that this happened at somep public bathrooms with women, in their 20s, 30s or even olde involved.

These women should now better, that such Things just happen at bathrooms, and that it does not Sound or smell better when then need to go Number 2 by themselves.

greetings from Austria


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