I'm back!!!!

Hey all!! So sorry it's been so long. The last few months have been amazing. Cate and I have moved in together and we've just been loving life. As much as I've wanted to be on here, building our relationship has been priority one. Fortunately...we've obviously become close enough to confide in each other, so one night recently I confided to Cate that I have a "thing" about pooping. She was so cool about it! Honestly didn't even bat an eye....Even better....a day or two later, I was in the bathroom starting to apply my makeup. Cate walked in, said good morning, dropped her pants, and sat down on the toilet. My heart raced a bit, I will admit! Moments later, a rather large morning fart blasted out, then I heard the familiar crackling sound. Plop after plop fell into the bowl. I could tell Cate was enjoying a good cleansing and I looked over at her and smiled. She stayed on the toilet for a good few minutes, occasionally farting, and dropping another turd or two.
Honestly I was a bit beside myself, and struggled to concentrate on finishing my makeup, but I didn't mind! At this point Cate was wiping, and she seemed to have made a bit of a mess. Sheet after sheet she pulled off, and at last she was finally done cleansing herself. She stood up and flushed, and smiled sweetly at me as she walked by. "Thank you" I mouthed, wishing mightily that I had to take a poop myself at that moment so I could return the "favor". Unfortunately I didn't have the urge, so I finished getting ready and went on my way.
As I drive to work, I noticed my stomach starting to grumble. We had enjoyed ourselves a bit at the bar the day before, and I could tell some spicey food was preparing to make its exit. I arrived at work and parked, and began to make my way in. I knew the bathroom was definitely going to be my first stop, and my mind was already starting to hope I'd have some company! As luck would have it, as I approached the main hall restroom, I noticed Laura, a cute HR girl, was heading towards the door. "Hey Becc!", she cheerily exclaimed. I greeted her and thanked her for holding the door. As we entered, it was immediately apparent that some of our coworkers were dropping their morning loads, based on the smell, and a few loud plops that I heard.
The first three doors were closed. Two were opened on the end. Laura proceeded to the fifth stall, and I took my place next to her in the fourth. As I lowered myself onto the bowl I heard a rather boisterous explosion and a moan from the stall next door. Wondering who it was, I heard Laura's butt hit the seat next door, and immediately a large airy fart burst forth, followed by a strong stream of pee. My gut was basically bursting at this point so I just bore down and started expelling the spicey food I'd had the night before. I heard two huge plops from Laura's stall, then some runny diarrhea like expulsions from the opposite side. Guess everyone has a rough night, I thought to myself and laughed. At this point the bathroom was stinking quite horribly, but hey, it's natural! I heard a flush from two stalls down, and then Laura was starting to work the paper next door. At this point I was still cooling a large log out of my butt, which felt so good! Finally, Laura and I both finished at around the same time and flushed and left our stalls.
As we were at the sinks, we flashed a knowing mischievous smile at each other, and finally the occupants of stall number 3 flushed and emerged. It was Jessica, one of the higher ups! Honestly she didn't seem fazed, and said "sorry girls, rough night last night!". No worries , I exclaimed. I'm sure you heard us! She laughed and made a comment about what the guys would think if they heard all of us exploding in here. Honestly gave all of us a good laugh! Anyway, glad to be back! I have a lot of catching up to do but I promise I'll read everyone's stories! Happy pooping!


Pooping at the bar

Wanted to share an old experience, but first off wanted to thank Brittany B for remembering me! It's been so long, but I still want to poop next to you, girl!
I've seen a lot of buddy dump stories on here recently, so thought I'd share one from way back when...
I was in high school, senior year, and we were working on a group project. My friend Ally was spending the night, and we were working together to get things done. At one point late in the evening Ally was fidgeting somewhat awkwardly and I asked what was up. She blushed slightly and informed me that she had to poop. Um, no worries! I replied. I got up to show her to the bathroom, and, with a bit of excitement, asked if I could accompany her so we could continue discussing our project. Happily, she said sure, and I entered our bathroom with her.
Ally dropped her bottoms, and placed her butt on the toilet. I took a seat on the edge of the tub across from her and waited with anticipation. At the moment I was feeling a bit of an urge myself and became a bit aroused at the possibilities...Surprisingly I quickly heard a crackle and poop started to fall from Ally's butt. Without being terribly obvious I glanced over at Ally's spread legs and could see a smooth, large log descending between them. I nonchalantly tried to talk about our project, but it was tough!
After a few minutes and a couple more plops Ally finished. She stood and flushed, and by this point I was ready so I moved to the toilet and sat down. I almost immediately started to push out my poop. Much to my delight, Ally turned and sat on the tub opposite me. I pushed out a few more logs, then wiped in front of Ally. After I finished I got up and flushed, then we went back to my room. Neither of us really commented on what had just happened. All in all a great bonding experience though!!


Dear Victoria

Maho said, if she is in loo and person next door does conversation and comments on Maho activity, Maho go out of loo at once and punch large hole in neighbour's door. Then put her hand through and pull neighbour's hair hard. Even her panties are still down, she doesn't care. She said, she wishes she was in that loo when you so angry. She loves you very much, she hates anyone who makes you angry.

I also angry. Very much. I hate when people say Ewww. It is horrible word!! Everyone do motion, so we don't make nasty comment about other person who is doing! We want to plunge that woman's face into her wee of racehorse.

Just now Maho said, if that woman monster doesn't like to hear poo of next door, it isn't need to go to loo! She can stay away and do wee of racehorse in her panties!!

We are angry angry angry. And we love you. Maho is crying now. Tears all over her beautiful face.

Mina and Maho


Bathroom stories from my vacation

Hey guys it's me Paige again coming back with another story! A few stories actually! Since I went on vacation, I have tons of public bathroom stories!!

Let's start with the first one. I was in the bathroom, taking my usual daily poop. I was just sitting there, finishing up my poop and then I heard a mother and son come into the bathroom. I heard a door open and the boy was talking about something, I don't know, I guess something little kids talk about, lol! He did seem a little fussy, though.

"Okay bud, pull your pants down" I heard the mom say. "Good job! I'm gonna put you on the potty now."

The boy continued to talk, and then suddenly stopped talking. I heard some tinkling.

"Good boy!" I heard the mom say. "Do you have to poop?"

"No, mommy," the boy said, seemingly embarrassed about the question.

The mom laughed a little and said "okay."

Then I heard the roll of toilet paper rolling and a piece of paper being torn off. "Now take this and wipe your peepee" the mom said.

"Why?" the boy said.

"Because you tinkled and now we have to wipe off your peepee to make sure it doesn't get your underpants wet," the mom explained.

"But I don't want to" the boy said kind of whining.

"Honey, it's so your underpants don't get all wet" the mom said. "Want me to do it?"

Then I heard a flush. "Now pull up your pants and go wash your hands really well. It's mommy's turn now" I heard the mom say.

I heard the faucet start running and then a few seconds later I heard a paper towel being ripped off. I heard peeing again and figured it was the mom this time. I heard some plops as well, and then heard some farting. "Mommy I'm back!" the boy said.

"Okay honey, just wait, mommy's going potty now too," she said.

I heard a few more plops and then the ripping of toilet paper. Just then, I heard the boy say with urgency "I have to go potty again!"

I heard the mom quickly pull up her pants and flush the toilet, and told him to pull down his pants again. I heard a fart.

"You have to poop?" the mom asked.

"No!" the boy said.

"It's okay to poop," the mom said. "Mommy just did! Don't be embarrassed. It's not good for you to hold it in."

I heard a few plops within the next minute. "Good job!" the mom said.

I heard the kid straining quite loudly and the mom shushed him. He was quiet for a second before I heard more grunting.

"Mommy it won't come out!" the boy said. He started crying. I felt so bad for him!

"Push, honey, push!" the mom said.

More loud grunting and straining. "Shhh, try to be quiet honey."

"It's stuck!" the boy said through sobs.

"Let me see," the mom said. A few seconds later, I hear her coach him, "push push push push push push push push!!!!" and so on. He kept bawling.

"Are you pushing?" she asked.

"Yes!" the boy said still crying.

"Well just keep going buddy, you're doing a great job. It's coming out, I see it. Don't worry. Just keep pushing."

All of a sudden, I hear the mom gasp and say, "yayyy!!!! Ohh you did such a good job! It's out buddy! You did great. I bet you're tired now huh? That was a big one! Phew! Just for that, you're getting extra ice cream tonight! You all done?"

I heard the boy go silent for a second and then he said "yay!" But then he went silent again before he started to cry and make a big fuss again.

"Oops! There's more coming but you can do it! You can do it! You can do it!" the mom said and she kept chanting that. She made a grunting noise too I guess to encourage him.

The boy kept crying and grunting and the mom kept shushing him and started singing songs to him like twinkle twinkle little star and the ABCs and other nursery rhymes along with saying "keep pushing" and "you're doing a good job" and "it's okay" every once in a while. She encouraged him to sing with her but he just kept crying.

By that time I was done with my own poop, so I got up, wiped, pulled up my pants, flushed the toilet, unlocked the door and walked out of the stall to wash my hands. Now, the bathroom, like most bathrooms, has the stalls right across from the mirrors. So when I walked out, I saw the boy next door to my stall on the toilet. His mom was kneeling in front of him and rubbing one of his parted legs with one hand and rubbing his back with the other. I didn't mean to look, but the mirrors were kind of large, so I did accidentally get a look at what he was doing. There was indeed a very long piece of poop hanging from him! I nearly gagged when I saw all that, and I wanted to ask them to close the door but didn't want to be rude. So I just tried to wash my hands quickly and get out of there. My face was pretty red though because even I was embarrassed to see that!

Okay onto my next story. I took more poops in public bathrooms over the past week that I can even count! Well I had bad luck about 5 TIMES with faulty locks, when several different people have accidentally opened the door on me! I was pooping, and on several different occasions, someone opened the door, looked at me on the toilet, and usually quickly looked away and said "excuse me" and closed it. But one woman accidentally walked in on me and she laughed and said sorry, and I laughed with her. But she kept the door all the way open for like 30 seconds (30 seconds isn't usually long but when you're sitting on the toilet with your pants to your ankles, pooping, your private parts fully exposed, 30 seconds feels like 30 minutes!) and kept eye contact with me for whatever reason, which was beyond awkward. She finally closed it though. My face at this point must've been redder than a hot pepper! I just wanted to poop in peace!

Of course, some kids came in the bathroom after that and the mom told each of them to find their own stall. One of the kids pushed my door open and started laughing really hard and told his sisters and brother and mom to come and look. The mom quickly rushed over, said "I'm so sorry" and closed the door. But it wouldn't STAY closed for some reason. I guess they thought it was funny to keep doing it because it happened quite a few more times! And I couldn't hold the door closed because it was out of my reach! When I went in, before I sat down I thought the lock was okay but I guess not! I at least tried. Pretty embarrassing! I wouldn't say these incidents ruined my vacation, but I will say they definitely weren't the highlight, especially when the little boys who were in there with their mom kept swinging the door open on me!

I have more stories, but I think I'll make that another post. And I wanna answer more surveys. These stories are different from my usual ones, but I thought this would be the right place to share them! See you guys next time!

John H


@Bianca Hi and thanks for answering my questions. I imagine that using disposable underware all the time would be more costly than using sanitary pads. My ex girlfriend used much the same system as you described when it came to changing pads during her time of the month.

@Adrian thanks for the shout out. Hope all is well. I don't have as much time to post but I always do keep up to date with the latest posts.
@Tlana hi I do enjoy to draw out a poo. I never rush it as I love the process of releasing a load and spending some quiet time on the toilet.
That's all for now
Take care all
John H

Nick from Canada

Back after a long absence

I used to be a regular reader and very occasional poster, but until the other day, I hadn't even logged onto the forum. I think the last time I read a post was late 2017. Life and a couple other things got in the way. But I'm back, I think.
Not wanting to just jump back in without knowing what some of the recent threads have been, I spent a couple of days reading thru posts from most recent to late August. A few posts caught my attention--those from ConstiGuy, Melanie, T and one or two others who have regular problems with constipation. You can add me to that ilĺustrious group. Mine's the result of pain meds I've been on since it bad work accident almost 20 years ago. Prior to the accident, I usually had to go two or three times a day. Now I consider myself lucky if I'm able to go once. Some days the Sennokot and another stool softener work their magic and I am able to go without much challenge. Other days, like the past three, have been akin to what I imagine birthing must be like--a lot of pushing, grunting and groaning. There on the throne with my legs as far apart as possible, bent over with my head almost between my knees. Having a 'coach' there on some of those days would be appreciated while on other occasions, I wouldn't want anyone within a mile radius. If it weren't for the excruciating nerve pain I have to battle, I would happily get rid of the pain meds. But so far no cures have been found for my condition so the only thing one can do is to target the Sennokot and stool softener to the amount of pain meds needed that day. Not enough and it could be two or three days before I will be able to have a dump; take even one stool softener or Senna tablet and I could be on the throne most of the following day. Not the life I signed up for, but the one I've been given nonetheless. In many ways, the accident and this resulting pain condition have been a blessing that has found me traveling roads I never imagined I would and doing things I hadn't envisioned myself doing. I have ended up being an advocate and activist. Prior to the accident, I would have been reporting on such people; now, I'm the one making news. But I have come to realize that although there may be many affected either by the actions/impediments that led to the accident or the pain condition, very few are willing--or able--to stand up and fight. So I stood up and have learned other things along the way. I may not have signed up for this Life, I'm not certain I would want to change it, including the pain.
Another post that caught my eye was one by SeaLion Man on p. 2733. One of his questions was, "Any other guys who sit down to per most of the time or is it just me?" SeaLion Man, you are definitely not alone. I have been for almost 5 years now since I broke my right arm. When I first used my left hand to hold my unit as I peed, I ended up getting more on the wall, floor and side of the toilet then in it. As I spent the next almost 45 minutes trying to clean up the mess with the one arm, I thought, 'Next time I'll sit down. Doesn't require any hands that way and makes much less mess.' Prior to this, the only times I really sat to per were first thing in the morning, middle of the night and the odd day when the pain I have developed in my back makes standing up painful. Even after the arm had healed, I didn't want to go back to standing. But if I encounter a disgusting public toilet, I will take a stand. I have a friend who has been sitting down since he was a teenager and I have met other guys over the years who seem to prefer taking a seat. I have never asked my friend why he sits (but always stands in a public washroom); there are some questions you don't ask a friend but you'll ask a stranger. One guy said it was because his mother had made him and his dad sit and he got used to it, plus he finds it keeps the bathroom cleaner. Another guy it was because his growth spurt didn't happen until his mid-teens. Before that, he was often too short to pee into a wall-mounted urinal or even the toilet at home. After his growth spurt between 15 and 16 he just continued sitting, even though he was now taller than many others. So I guess it became a habit. Unlike some other guys who look down at guys who sit down to pee, I never did. I just figured, que sarrah, sarrah. Now, I can see the advantages: more comfortable, cleaner toilet, no wet toilet seat to wipe up (at home anyway; if I encounter a wet seat in public, I use my foot to raise the seat and stand. I refuse to clean up after some rude Neanderthal. Why did you decide to sit, SeaLion Man?

Michael W.

Buddy Dump with Devon

Hey Everybody. Its been a while since I posted on here. I've been reading everybody's stories and I enjoyed reading them. I have another story to share from back in the day. Here it goes.

It was late November 2000 and it was the night before Thanksgiving. I was in 7th Grade and I was 12 years old at the time. Me and my friend Devon went to Walmart with my step mom Kim. Me and my friend Devon just walked around the store looking at a bunch of stuff like CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, Video Games, and we even played a demo on the PlayStation. I think we were there for a good 3 hours bcz my step mom had to buy a lot of stuff for Thanksgiving. My step mom was almost done with her shopping and I felt a poo brewing in my stomach. So I said to Devon "I have to take a shit." He said "Me too." So me and Devon made out way through the front check out line to go and use the bathroom. When we made it to the bathroom there were two stalls I took the one closest to the urinal and Devon took one that was closest to the wall. I just locked the door undid my belt and pulled down my blue jeans and boxers down around my ankles. Every time me and Devon hung out when one of us would have to poo we would go to the nearest bathroom and do our business while one of us was outside the door talking. Most of the time when we did go the bathroom we took our time and it felt like we were in there for ages. So I just sat there and relaxed my butt and let a poop fall out of my butt and into the toilet. It was a banana poop. It was like 12 inches long and 2 and half inches in diameter. I pushed and then I farted. It was like PFFRRRTTT! And then I laughed. "That felt good" I said. And then Devon pushed out a fart too. It was like BRRRAAAPP! I laughed. And then I let more poop fall out of my butt and into the toilet. Each piece I pushed out the poo it got smaller and smaller. I then pushed out one more piece and then I wiped with a couple of sheets of toilet paper and then I pulled my pants and boxers back up to my waist and then I flushed the toilet. I looked into the toilet bowl and saw that I left skid marks. Devon finished his business too. We both washed out hands and left the bathroom. I would say we were in there for 20 minutes. And that's it for today. I'll share another story of me and Devon later. Until then Happy Pooping to everyone.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

That's good to know, thanks for the heads-up!
I also loved hearing about your flushes while seated! It's a very interesting feeling indeed! I'd love to hear about more of your recent flushes, either sitting or standing.

I rarely end up flushing mid-poop, but when I do I keep going through it. I like the idea of a turd dropping into an already flushing toilet, and whoosh, it's sucked instantly down.

I have used a kid-sized toilet once before, it was fun to use such a different position to push out my waste. It filled up the bowl pretty easily, and I peed on my poop, wiped myself, flushed, and watched it all successfully spin round in the bowl and then crumple in on itself down the drain.

This morning I made coffee, then took the grounds into the bathroom. I sat down on the toilet and had my morning pee into the toilet. Then I opened my legs up and poured the grounds into the bowl. I wiped myself with some toilet paper, then dropped it in between my legs too. I flushed without getting up, feeling it all leave below me.


The story of my childhood

I'm from China. I used a machine to translate my true story.
It's just me and her again.
She always comes to my house, because her parents and I have to work, so we are often alone at home.
We play everything together, from all kinds of toys to playing house, all kinds of roles, and we jump up and down the house, and anyway, we can turn the house upside down, because our parents asked us not to go out. After all, we were only six years old.
Six-year-olds, they don't know anything, so we 've played a lot of sick games, like sniffing socks, sniffing butts, and, of course, just for fun. We had a good relationship, so at the time, just to tell the other side not to look, but of course, we don't close the door when we go to the bathroom, were used to each other suddenly appearing in front of the toilet and watching each other urinate. Because it happens all the time.
That day, we were playing with our toys and sitting face to face on the ground. Suddenly, I heard a fart, short and clear.
"Did you fart? " she asked suddenly.
` No! "
` You! " she said, speaking with dignity.
It's not the first time I 've ever met this kind of thing. We always play together, she's younger than me, so almost everything is trying to compete with me, and I have to (let her go)(this is chinese grammar,it was meant to be humble with her). That's what mom reminds me of.
I didn't say anything and went on with my "work". She farted, but it didn't smell.
Then, not much longer, I heard another fart, this time long and dull.
"Why do you fart again? Ha ha ha ha. ' she said, laughing.
I'm a little speechless. She always does. I'm used to it.
A few seconds later, a clear smell came through.
We both seem a little embarrassed.
After a while, she stopped laughing and we started playing again.
But apparently, she wasn't just vivacious at the moment.
It wasn't much longer, but she told me out of the blue.
"I want to shit. "
"Ah? "I pretended not to heared.
She just did that to me, and I have to hold her back.
She nodded.
Turns out, her second fart is shit is will coming out, fart sound is not so loud.
But she's obviously getting impatient.
"I can't hold it any longer. "
Give her a break.
"Well," I agreed.
I got up, and I was gon na follow her to the bathroom.
She came to the toilet, did not close the door, went straight in, and then, seeing me coming, did not take off her trousers.
"What? ' she asked.
"Nothing. ' I replied, as she always did, when she went to the toilet and asked why I had to follow her.
` get out! ' said she, coming to pull the door.
The door was closed, but it was unlocked. She took off her trousers and squatted down.
But she didn't pull it out.
I opened the door gently and found that she was looking at the door. When I opened the door, her eyes moved to me.
I asked, " I 've seen it before. "(go to the toilet)
At that moment, she said, "I can't pull out if you are here. "
"Ah? "I'm a little strange.
"Really, I didn't lie to you this time. "
I don't believe her. I 've been lied to so many times.
"Why not? ' I asked.
"If you don't look, I 'll pull. "
"Good. "What's so hard about it?
I turned around and then, after a few seconds, turned back again. She didn't budge. I smiled and turned back.
She seemed to give up, because I felt something different.
Turn around. She lowered her head, and the brown stool gradually peeped out, mixed with tiny blasting sounds. The first one was about ten centimeters long, and then a small one was pulled.
I entered the room with satisfaction.
When she came out, her face seemed red, and she didn't talk to me for half an hour.
Of course, the consequence of this time is that from now on, whenever I come to my house, she goes with me every time I go to the toilet.

Victoria B.

Nosy neighbor


I have two bathroom-related things that drive me crazy. One of them is the way the toilet paper is oriented. Top-down is the only way to go. Don't @ me and yes I do take rolls off of holders to fix them. The other, well, the other thing happened yesterday.

The other happened to me at a small café yesterday. I was studying for finals when the need arose. It wasn't shy either; I'd missed a day and knew this was going to be a two-flusher. My suspicions were justified because the first piece was a thick, firm plug that looked to be at least a foot long from my glance downward into the bowl. I couldn't help but release a contented moan as it silently broke off below the water line. There was more to come and I flushed just as I was receiving company in the other stall. I heard the sound of unbuckling and jeans and panties being taken down as I got back to work.

The woman next to me started peeing as soon as she'd gotten situated on her toilet and it was a stream a racehorse could've been proud of, a real gusher. Things in my stall were getting moving again when I heard my stallmate fumbling in the back pocket of her jeans for a ringing phone. My expectation that she was just trying to see who was calling was denied when she answered the phone and started talking! How disrespectful! Her conversation, as could be expected for anyone talking on the phone in a public bathroom, was punctuated by a series of farts and plops from next door as I continued on with my number two. "Ew. How rude!" was the response from my neighbor and that was when I lost it. Answering the phone was bad enough but this just crossed the line. I'd officially had enough of her shit.

"Excuse me?? This is a public bathroom. There was no reason for you to answer your phone. You violate my privacy and then complain about bathroom sounds happening while you're literally sitting on the pot yourself?? Take a nice look at a mirror and find out more about what is and isn't rude because you don't seem to know the difference."

I was so angry that I tuned out her response in order to wipe, flush, and get dressed again as quickly as possible. I washed my hands, gathered my things, paid and left. This was my second bathroom pet peeve and she scored a bulls-eye. I was still steaming as I walked home and I hope none of you ever have to deal with someone like her.


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